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  1. To speak of highway bandits the reference is primarily to those that are dressed up in a uniform as were they representing the law, while in fact they are violating and scorning the law.  This single incident herein is not something one tosses over his shoulders as being once and rarely to happen, since quite in fact it is widespread, and a well known fact by most all people.

  2. Yet rarely does anyone truly oppose it since quite frankly there is no justice in the courts, and as such no recourse for anyone in his rights.  It may read; "Innocent until proven guilty," but the facts are; "Always guilty unless you are well able to prove your innocence / if and when innocence is even accepted by the courts.

  3. If to anyone these words seems incorrect, that person has yet a lot to learn about man's courts and how they operate.  It now is not for me to toss away this case, but rather I am bound to expose it, even as I am bound to utilize it in my defense, being fully innocent of the charge. 

  4. If I pleaded; "Guilty," and not record the truth, I would be held as a liar, while it simply is not possible for me to pronounce falsehood, it being the farthest thing from my mind, and contrary to my nature.  And since all of my words are bound to go into the annals of history, let this record be for a warning and for a teaching to all that are, and as yet to be born.

  5. If any man is to be sworn in as an officer of the law, let the reading hereof be mandatory before anyone is sworn in as an officer of the law, judges inclusive. This is to the end that they might preserve their life, to serve as a weight upon them, to keep truth and justice to themselves, lest they die a death that is indeed horrible, and not worthy of a single injustice.


  1. With my wife we  were on our way to Three Rivers near Sequoia Park. Ca.  And as we turned off from the 99 freeway onto the 44 heading for highway 65 towards Porterville, for the whole distance there was no one on the road but a pickup going for his work on the farms.  And with no visible speed limit signs I drove at between 45 to 55 mph, intentionally driving slowly since we had too much time on our hand.

  2. Then coming to highway 65 - for all the distance on it - we were indeed the only vehicle going northwards, there being no one as far as the eye could see into our direction, with only a truck in the far distance behind us.  Essentially we were alone on the road, and from the size and condition of that highway with no visible speed limit signs I estimated the legal speed at between 55 to 65 mph.

  3. I then graduated up to 60 mph setting the speed control accordingly.  Having traveled about 60 to 70 percent of our distance on that highway, very nearby there was a police car coming towards us, and passing us he turned around then turned on his lights, at which point I stopped on the side of the road, to see what it could possible be that for any reason he wished to stop us.

  4. That officer had the unmitigated gall to tell us that we were traveling at 73 mph, to which both me and my wife strongly objected that his claim was impossible, reiterating to him where we came from and what our speed had been all the way from the 99 freeway, and there is no way to have exceeded 65 mph.

  5. It was however to no avail since he seemed to take great delight in his falsehood, and wrote us a citation. When therefore I was to sign his citation I wrote across it: "False," then signed it.   This however made him angry, and now so he said;  "You are going to jail, because you defaced my ticket."  And he demanded that I give him the keys from the ignition, which I did.

  6. He then walked to his car, apparently to call for backup, for now he had a car to tow and two persons to deal with.  Then being by his car for a while, me paying no attention to what he was doing, he came back and said; "Here are your keys and your license, and registration."  

  7. I thus took them and said to him; "You know that I am going to contest this." At which he replied' "I know."  Foolish as the man was he did not realize that it was the Lord my God who would not allow him to hold me hostage nor to oppress me in that way.  Yet the Lord allowed this to happen, so that by it I might record still another page for the education of mankind.

  8. The part where he encircled that his reading was by radar, is clear nonsense.  Due to the un-coming traffic I was not able to observe that police car until he was driving very near in front of me.  In order then for him to get an accurate radar reading he would have to deduct his own velocity from the total reading.

  9. I however from observing the officer, and his replies - do not for a single moment believe he took any reading, which is also judging from the fact that he first passed me and afterwards turned around, in his mind deciding;  "O here is a sucker I can satisfy my ego on, there are after all no witnesses around to prove differently."


  1. When that officer Mr: Rodriguez, said; "I know," he in his mind figured; "You don't stand a chance anyway for I have the judge of the court in my pocket to uphold the falsehood that I am perpetrating upon you."  "We in effect don't give a damn about you as long as we can practice our greed to extract money from you."

  2. For this man in his heart knew very well that he was practicing falsehood upon us, that in fact he is nothing more than a thief, and a criminal taking upon his falsehood with great delight.  For it is so with these persons, and this Mr. Rodriguez in particular, that unless they can cause someone to fall, or commit some evil upon someone - they can not sleep at night, it being their nature and their pleasure to commit falsehood.

  3. These persons however have no idea as to what it is that awaits them, how in blatantly disgracing the uniform which they wear, there is a severe torment to come upon them.  And I wish to bring out the reality of this matter by even this single incident that it may serve for teaching and as a warning for all people that are as yet to come. 

  4. What is it that this Mr. Rodriguez should have done before he stopped me on the road?  He should have driven his cruiser over a cliff, or jumped off of a seven story building, or as the Lord Himself said; "It were better for him to have hung a millstone around his neck and drowned himself in the sea, rather than to offend me."

  5. We are speaking of the very life of a person, are we not?  Our very words here indeed hold in a matter of life or death.  If a person is found hurt, we go to all the trouble of taking him to a hospital so that his temporal body life may be spared.  Our words here then are of far greater importance since these effect a matter of true life or death.

  6. It is indeed far more blessed for any such officer to commit suicide than to write out a single false citation, since the retribution upon it is far more painful than they could possibly imagine. 

  7. The Lord in His great mercy having taught me so many things also showed me what is to become of all these wicked persons, and I say to all of them; "Commit suicide O man, for that will indeed be far better for you than to practice a single falsehood on anyone."

  8. You O you stupid man, you have no idea as to how much hurt you done to me in practicing this falsehood.  If you had practiced it upon another person that is like unto you, also wicked as you are in your nature, these do not take it so hard, but simply look for a way to get back at you in any right or wrong way that they can.

  9. But by me, and all those like me, there is no falsehood, nor will any lie proceed from our lips, because God is our Father, and we, like I, would sooner cut our own throat than to pronounce lies to anyone for anything.  But even as much our love is for truth and for right dealings, so is our hatred and disgust for any falsehood.

  10. You indeed Mr. Rodriguez with you blatant falsehood brought much pain and vexation upon me, it being the blatant falsehood that is so unlike unto me, and which I despise. My only consolation being that the Lord whispered into my ear; "Do not fret yourself my son, for I am your justification, and I will deal with all that oppress you."

  11. And so I say; O you foolish, foolish persons, if a man commits falsehood he will be rewarded, but for one to pretend that he is an officer of the law - to commit such falsehood, to scorn the very law for which he wears a uniform - your reward in great pain will be sevenfold.

  12. You will indeed receive upon your soul a torment seven times as severe as any other since you portrayed yourself as an officer to uphold the law, and to abide by it, while you with delight in your soul scorned it, and you did so blatantly.

  13. In his great ignorance this officer was going to hold me hostage, to take me to jail because so he said: "I defaced his ticket."  If then for me to write the truth upon a ticket is a crime worthy to be jailed, - how much jail time shall be awarded to that officer for deliberately and with malice to write out false information on it?

  14. The greatness of my crime is, to have spoken and written down what was truthful with God and His angels as witness to it, for there was indeed no one else upon the road at that time.  And if this officer in his desire for greed or falsehood was to pick on anyone, I was the only one available.

  15. If then the callous people shrug it off that I just happened to be at the wrong time in the wrong place, that does not go well with me, since an officer sworn to uphold the law, has no right nor business to flagrantly flaunt the law simply for the wicked desire of his soul.  I for all practical purposes could be parked on the side of the road and be cited for going 80 mph.

  16. No, not so, it is not unwarranted to say this, for no matter what I was doing, or how slow I might have been going, the whole object of that officer - unfit for the uniform - was to commit highway robbery. And with no one else as witness - who is to know the truth since he for his part carries the judge of the court in his pocket.

  17. By common knowledge who is to take the word of any person over that of an officer of the law.  This of course insinuates that no person is of any quality except officers, these all being such good hearted people that would never violate any law.  We of course from the media and from every day experience, we know better.

  18. Or like my daughter who works for a city hall, and the police department said; "A police officer can dream up any falsehood by which to put you in jail, and there is no recourse against it."  It is for that reason that few if any ever fight city hall, or the courts. 

  19. This world after all is in the hands of the wicked to do as they please, all because these are extremely ignorant and blind, not wanting to believe that there is a day of retribution for everything said and done upon the earth.  The Germans during World War Two did not think there was going to be any retribution for their acts, yet it came.

  20. And while that retribution afterwards enacted upon the few is but a grain, like a single grain of sand upon the seashore, so the whole of the seashore will be brought upon them in a day shortly to come.  The wicked are at all times very stupid, thinking that when they die, there is nothing more, not realizing that God made everything to last into forever.

  21. Allow me then to reveal that the place of death is not upon this earth, that only man's body is placed in it, while his spirit, the person himself is taken to a holding place guarded by mean looking angels, so that on the day of judgment God will reinstate them into their bodies, that just they had died they will be reinstated to face the rewards of all their acts and their ill spoken words.

  22. Since then that hour of judgment will last for a period of seven years, all these blind ones will have ample opportunity to behold the glory in which the righteous souls are placed, with opposite thereto the place of torment, in which they at the end of those years will be transported into, to serve in pain and regret for all the stupidity of their minds which they practiced in this earth.

  23. Then as this Mr. Rodriguez for example will behold me justified of God, and in great glory, he will recall the evil that he did to me and to many others, and he will melt away with great fear, and regret.  For so he will say in himself;  

  24. "Those with whom I dealt falsely, and which I oppressed are now judges and rulers over me, and how shall I expect any mercy from them, seeing how I pained them?"

  25. Shall I provide you with an answer Mr. Rodriguez and all those like unto you?  The Almighty Judge said: "I will give you an iron rod into your hand, and you shall cut off their heads, and dash them to pieces, and you shall rejoice over them that now these are receiving the just reward of all their evil doings."


  1. Some people will say, But why Leonard are you making such a fuss over this citation, it is only money. But herein these are very wrong, since for me the money has nothing to do with it.   It is the act of injustice, and how that officer is throwing away his life and well-being.  I am talking about life or death, and of that only.

  2. God in His good pleasure anointed me to be a teacher of His word, and to caution men against any falsehood by which their lives will be in great jeopardy.  As such therefore it is my duty to speak as I have spoken, and to act as I am acting.  If then any man will say; "But this is hardly any kind of response that the judge of the court will accept or look upon."

  3. That mind you for me is their problem, or his problem, for I will speak as it is given me of above, and no man can bring me to do differently.  I for me am not judged of any man, God only is my judge since my spirit proceeded from Him.  My justification is of Him.  It is neither here nor there how any man will judge me.

  4. But what does concern me - is the life of the judge and his well-being, as it is of that officer to so callously bring themselves into harms way.  It is for the love of God in me, whereby I love all men that my soul yearns for their well-being.  I can not help myself not to feel pain for them, even as for the wicked their love is for what is wicked.

  5. If thus I did not present the case to that judge in just this way, I would be guilty before the Lord my God who taught me differently, in which case I would be like unto them, false and callous, not having any love for them as it is commanded me, and all of us, of our Creator.

  6. Howsoever therefore that judge will judge, be he tucked away in the pockets of such officers as are unfit for their uniform, or if indeed he has a mind of his own to judge rightly - is to his demise or his welfare as the case may be.  As for me, there is no guilt, as God is witness, neither in the incident nor in my defense, or record as I drew up for the sake of all that may read the same, and be warned by it.

  7. For it is to that end that I came into this world, this hell unto me, that even as the Psalms of David are for a testimony and a warning, so my words for all time - are for those wise enough to read and take it to heart.

  8. Widespread, as I said, that these kind of crimes are widespread, as indeed they are from the lips of many persons, and many indeed have suffered under it.  But fret not yourself too long over it, since the day of retribution for all is not far off.

  9. As then corruption can be found at any level, so can the goodness in man be found at any level. Once upon highway 101 in California, an officer stopped me for going 76 mph in a 65 mile speed limit.   He said to me; "You were going one mile over the limit."  

  10. How then is it of him to say that I was exceeding the limit by only one mile while in fact I was driving 11 miles over the posted limit?.   For many officers they know that the limits are usually set lower than what the true conditions of the road allow, and that people in generally exceed the posted limit by some speed without any harm to anyone or anything.

  11. Therefore most of these officers do not bother with anyone lest they exceed the limit by more than ten miles, which is both a good and lawful thing, morally as well as otherwise. As then for a mere technicality they are empowered to cite anyone for any infraction of the written law, the immoral and corrupt ones not only do so, but up the anti as well, if not cite someone who is not in any violation of the written law, like this Mr. Rodriguez did.

  12. And I call him, a mister rather than an officer, since that person, as so many others - are completely unfit for the uniform they put on, and should by all means be stripped of it, with no pension or nothing left to them, for the heinous crimes they are committing upon the people traveling the highways.

  13. Heinous in this way that these are nothing more than bandits robbing the people under the disguise of the law.  If I park my car and someone steal my tires from it, he is a thief, and if caught by men will accordingly be prosecuted.   But who is to prosecute such thieves that call themselves officers of the law, the kind of thieves that are sevenfold greater than any other thief?

  14. They indeed have a great way to practice their thievery by citing the judges of the courts to rest within their pockets, whom therefore, - so they erroneously figure  - is to condemn us, or call us to justice?

  15. Therefore also this report, to certify to all that have an ear to hear, that there is a Judge of judges, and a higher court before whom all men are to appear. and woe unto him or her that will be found guilty before it.   It were indeed far better to hang a millstone around their necks whereby to drown themselves.

  16. Let it be crystal clear to whoever reads this, that I am not speaking of merely a law, or some incident, but of life and death.  Consider this; that if I had shot this Mr. Rodriguez dead on the road, it would have been a blessing for him.  And so why did I not commence a blessing upon him, to instead let him rot in his wicked ways? 

  17. Because he did not threaten me with physical harm, except for putting me in jail. But more so because the Lord has said: "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay."  And my love is to keep His word, now and forever.  

  18. Therefore also I was unable to commence a blessing upon him, other than perhaps the Lord may grant him remorse, to apologize, and repent of his crimes against God and man, in which case that would be the greater blessing.

  19. The Lord gave His Apostles the right to carry a sword with which to defend themselves against highway bandits.  But such is to be understood to defend themselves from physical harm.  If thus the officer had manhandled me, like attempting to put me in jail, I would be in my right to kill him. 

  20. My right then would be before God and His angels since only these were witness, there not being any other witness to certify to my right before men.  But it is not in me to insist upon my right, nor to take the life of any man however much evil they may do to me, or even to kill me.  It is in my love for all mankind that my heart is so conditioned, and my justice being of the Most High Judge.

  21. If then one will say; "But how is the judge to know that you are right, and that officer false, since it is only your word against his?"  My reply is; "If the Lord is with that judge in judgment he will know that my word is of a truth, and he will take action against that officer to duly reprimand him."

  22. For in reprimanding him there is this possibility that he may leave off of his falsehood, and so save his life by it, or in the least save himself from the severity of the torment to come upon him.  But if the judge is equally guilty, resting in the pockets of his officers, an even more severe judgment will fall upon that judge.

  23. The fact that I am fully innocent of the charge is absolute and indisputable.  If this were not so I would not have said so.


  1. My words here - if any man has any knowledge at all - ought to realize how indeed I am speaking of life and/or of death, rather than a mere citation.

  2. Do not think that even this incident is mere coincidental, but quite by design - like that so called accident which I had in Phoenix Arizona, that turned into a four year lawsuit in the course of which I summoned four judges into a Federal court to answer for their obstruction to justice.

  3. Only these wicked ones claimed themselves to be above the law, at which I deemed it sufficient having pronounced an everlasting curse upon them, as recorded in my other pages.  A curse to rest upon all judges and counselors past, present, and future for all time to come, so severe indeed is that word to rest upon them. 

  4. Yet if there is a judge that does indeed honor God above himself, he may slide out from under that curse, for that curse itself can not be annulled nor revoked, once spoken it must remain into forever, for it was in that way that I spoke it, and recorded the same.

  5. As now it is written; "They hate him who reproves in the gate."  To all such my word of truth is as a judgment upon them, which they hate and me along with it. These would like nothing better than to kill me, or to bring as much harm upon me as they can.  But my fear is of the Lord and not of any man. 

  6. The Lord has said "I will destroy those that speak lies."  For the Lord abhors all that are bloodthirsty and deceitful men.  And I speak with David as he said;  "There is no truth in their mouth, their heart is set on destruction, their throat is an open grave, they flatter with their tongue. 

  7. Make them bear their guilt O God, let them fall by their own counsels.  Because of their many transgressions cast them out, for they have rebelled against Thee."

  8. And so the Lord said:  "Your hand will find out all your enemies; your right hand will find out those who hate you.  You will make them as a blazing oven when you appear. The Lord will swallow them up in His wrath; and fire will consume them."

  9. See then how it is, where the Lord said; "When you appear." Meaning, when my day has come, and the Lord hands them into my hand body and soul to bring their reward upon them.   But for all the wicked this word has no meaning, since they are stupid, not willing to believe that they will indeed be punished by the very ones that they oppressed.

  10. As then David said:  "Let them be like chaff before the wind, with the angel of the Lord driving them on!  Let their way be dark and slippery, with the angel of the Lord pursuing them!  For without cause they hid their net for me; without cause they dug a pit for my life.  

  11. Let ruin come upon them unawares! And let the net which they hid to ensnare them; let they themselves fall therein to ruin!  Then my soul shall rejoice in the Lord, exulting in His deliverance."

  12. And while I expect no justice from man, so is my prayer:  "Be not silent, O God of my praise!  For wicked and deceitful mouths are opened against me, speaking against me with lying tongues.   They beset me with words of hate, and attack me without cause.   In return for my love they accuse me, even as I make prayer for them.

  13. So they reward me evil for good, and hatred for my love.  Add to them punishment upon punishment; may they have no acquittal from Thee. Let them be blotted out of the book of the living; let them not be enrolled among the righteous." 

  14. How very stupid of the sons of men to think; "No one will bring me to justice, my deeds are in secret."  O you most dull of the people, when will you be wise?  He who made the ear, does He not hear?  He who formed the eye, does He not see?  The Lord, knows the thoughts of man, that they are but a breath."

Copy of introduction to the court.

October 29 2011

Tulare County Superior Court

Porterville Ca 93257

Case PTR639032  Citation number  24848NT

  1. I hereby declare before God and all men that I am completely innocent of the charges against me in this case, and that the same is without question or reservation.

  2. Attached is an 8 page written explanation and defense that I make before this court, and before all the world of man of all nations here now and for all time to come.

  3. Since it is evident that as an anointed servant of God Almighty, the Most High Judge, I am duty bound to at all times present the truth and nothing but the truth before anyone and everyone that looks upon me.

  4. Wherefore also this defense is made public on the internet for all the world to see, so these may likewise judge the case, and me bound within it.

December 30 2011

Verdict of the Court of Tulare County;   ------   Guilty.

Obviously; Porterville California is not a safe place for travelers.

  1. As then I proclaimed to them Godís truth, a truth that is irrevocable, they saw fit to mock the Most High Judge.  Now however the Most High Judge will deal with them according to their wickedness.


  1. What is it for a man to have wisdom, for the sons of men to know what is in a word? How is it for me to know and understand when even the wisest in the earth have no apprehension?  How will they understand where it is written;  "Thou did with Thy arm redeem Thy people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph."

  2. Why is it written of Jacob and of Joseph, when Joseph was also a son of Jacob?  Are there any wise in the earth to answer me?  For all the wise in the earth none have understood, nor commented upon in truth.  And yet David placed that mystery in the semblance of but four words.

  3. And no, I will not reveal that mystery since my word is before the eyes of all the people, a wisdom that is reserved but for the sons of God, that these only may understand the mysteries of the Most High. See then how you are shortchanging yourselves O you blind in the earth by not taking heed to the words of wisdom.

  4. My words are words of life. Did you not know that by taking heed to my word one is able to save his soul from destruction?  Do you suppose that I am boasting in myself?  Hardly so!  For it is the voice of Wisdom that raises herself, and it is by wisdom that I speak.  For it is not I to speak but Her voice by me.

  5. Did not my friend also speak on this wise: "Does not wisdom call, does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way, in the paths she takes her stand;  beside the gates in front of the town, at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud:  "To you, O men, I call, and my cry is to the sons of men."

  6. Even so I likewise cry out to you:  "O foolish men, pay attention.  Listen, for I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right;  for my mouth will utter truth; wickedness is an abomination to my lips.  All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.   They are all straight to him who understands, and right to those who find knowledge."

  7. Why do you people always look for gain, that greed or money is the first thing on your mind?  When there is a conversation about some right or wrong, how often is it said: "O but that could cost you!"  Or, "Hey, you can make good money that way!"  And many such comments.

  8. But did you not know that greed is vanity, even as riches are vanity?  When one wins a lottery he is out of himself for joy, while instead he should weep for the dead weight placed upon him.  And yes, "a dead weight," so I said, since all the wealth of men will be taken from them.

  9. If it be greed to motivate you, do not rejoice.  For we will bestow upon you no more than food, clothing, and a roof over your head, as well as a bed to rest upon.  And yet for all these things we will cause you to labor, while at no time will any of it be yours to claim upon. And why then do you seek for riches, when none of it is yours to take?

  10. No I am not speaking in a tongue of men, but with knowledge and with understanding by a lofty Spirit, by Wisdom it is that I speak, knowing the end from the beginning, and the beginning from the end.

  11. Have you not heard how the Lord said; "This world for many, but the world to come for few?" As then this world may be owned by many, in the world to come no properties will be sold nor purchased, since everything will be in the ownership of but these few.

  12. If then you refuse to labor you will not eat as well, like the Lord my Lord said; "If a man will not work - let him not eat as well." Nor will a single person be without work for him, unemployment as such will be none existent.

  13. I know that the multitudes are not versed in the Scriptures, even if these memorized every word of them.  For what good are words when they are not understood?   How is a closed book of any use to a man, or an open book when its figures do not register upon him?

  14. When you speak of anything, the foremost reply is:  "O we could make a lot of money," as if money could bring happiness to any soul.  For that soul does not realize, how the more the money the greater the corruption, and the more one acquires the more he will have to account for..

  15. Monetary riches is not a sign of good health, since it will ooze out from under all of them.  For them that are rich there shall hardly be any salvation, as the Lord Himself said that:  "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven."

  16. Riches is vanity, sheer vanity, and while for all reality I may be the richest fellow on the face of the earth, it is not in monetary funds, since I disdained all of it.  Nor therefore do I have the love of money, and for all my needs I need but ask, and my heavenly Father will not refuse me.

  17. Nor therefore will I ask of Him to furnish me with the downfall and the stupidity of man.  That which the Father has given me exceeds all that can be asked for by any man, nor can I possibly fathom all the riches He has already bestowed on me, such riches as I cannot begin to comprehend.

  18. But am I now speaking of that which the blind seek, the temporal wealth of this earth?  Hardly so, since the whole world will be given into our hands along with its inhabitants. If thus any man is to pay me, he is dipping his hands into my treasury.

  19. And yes I am speaking in wisdom, and in the knowledge of what will be, how it will be in the day of tomorrow, of which the sons of this earth have not an inkling, but I am furnishing them with a bit of insight - if so these will take it to heart.

  20. Seek humility, and be contend with what the Lord has given you, for that accounts to riches.  He is rich that is content, he that is content in what is bestowed upon him is rich indeed.  All such as seek for riches beyond themselves will never be content, nor therefore rich.  

  21. For though they may for this moment in time be seen to have much wealth, it is but for a moment when it will be taken from them, and never again returned to them.  Seek therefore humility in the recesses of your heart so that in the day to come you may find joy and gladness.

  22. It is written:  "Thy way was through the sea, Thy path through the great waters; yet Thy footprints were unseen."  How does one interprets this?  It is the Almighty God, your very Creator speaking to you each and every day, to turn you to His statutes, to turn you to life, and living.

  23. But all the while you did not see Him, He remained unseen, yet spoke to you.  So it is O my children, my heritage of the Lord.  Take heed to the words of wisdom for it will be for life unto you.

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