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  1.   There are many treasures, and each one of us has its own. Good health ranks over jewels and gold, yet knowledge and understanding is still more desirable.  For with knowledge is life, and with understanding great riches.   With knowledge there is a difference, and yet with it even princes are known to have fallen. 

  2. Thus I commend wisdom, for understanding in wisdom exceeds all knowledge. But who is to find her? I pained and strained to find her ways, for so long have I looked and yet to find her, until I was found of her.

  3. This I have learned, that Gods word is just for the condemned, and they will come to know it. God's word is plain to all that love Him, to them it is life.

Abrahams children 

  1. Who are Abrahamís children, Gentiles, or Jews? Both are, for all who are in the Spirit of God are children unto Him. Those that say that it is a bad thing to be chosen since that inevitably leads to superiority - are the least that should be concerned about being chosen. For being chosen leads to humility, while their pride of superiority leads to defeat.

  2.   There are those, which concede the heritage of Israel in the mother instead of in the father. And while I am only 50 years old perhaps I am still too young, but for what I have seen, it is the man who implants seed into the woman, not the reverse. And I distinctly recall the Lord saying, "The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob". I did not hear Him say, of Sara, Rebecca, and Lea and Rachel.

  3.   But all this aside I still do not perceive your problem.  For if your father was a Gentile, and your mother a Jew, and you wish to be a Jew, what is to prevent you from being so? And as to the children of Abraham, this is in Gentiles as well. But I have yet to find Abraham in the name of a woman, since he was male.

Understanding man's enemy

  1.   "Never under-estimate your enemy." So the saying goes. But then the same can be said for friends. My word here however pertains to the greatest enemy, which we all have, the unseen enemy. The one that whispers in our ears to take control of our thoughts, and of our emotions, who plays upon our vocal cords to speak false things, the master of deceit, who said to Adam.

  2. "I made you to fall as I fell and for as much as you listened and transgressed against God, there will be no deliverance from my hands until the day promised you by your God. And since neither of us know just when that is, I will multiply war upon you and your seed after you. For this is our good pleasure, that we may not leave one of the sons of men to inherit our orders in heaven, nor will we cease our evil doings, no not for a day, nor for one hour".

  3.   This was no idle threat, which he made, and he has kept his word, and even though he is the father of the lie, he nonetheless spoke the truth in these words as he said; "It is our good pleasure to do evil."   

  4. And how true he spoke, for the same is seen upon a multitude of men who delight in doing evil, who delight in cheating and in stealing, to whom lies are like a tasty morsel. These, do not do evil by accident, nor even by compulsion, but out of sheer pleasure. Is it any wonder therefore that the Lord spoke of the heart as desperately corrupt?

  5.   Man however, throughout the years has under-estimated this enemy, for which reason he was able to deceive so many.  One "key" factor, which he held, is spelled "ignorance".  The roman papacy is his chief captain to that effect, keep the masses "ignorant" of God, "ignorant" of the Scriptures.  For since the penalty of "ignorance" is death accordingly he obtains what he desires.

  6.   This little trick by having the Jewish heritage in the woman is but a small thing, which will not work too well for him.  But the mind of Satan is not what I deem most logical, not at all as my own thinking.  For while I cannot see any sense in pursuing a losing battle, the Satan thinks otherwise.

  7. Or perhaps he thinks, since he has nothing to lose, and all his battles are to be lost, he might as well fight any losing battle.  He did so in the last world war attempting to exterminate the children of Jacob.  His mind is illogic; I would rather not have any existence than to fight losing battles.

  8. It really surprises me that the Satan was so unaware of the fact that Christ Jesus was the Son of God.  He argued with the head-warden of Hades, to get a good hold of this Jesus of Nazareth, since He had done him much harm in the world below.  

  9. But the Lord had come in stealth, and gave Himself to be born of a virgin so no-one of the evil powers would recognize Him, till He had destroyed their power.

  10. The head-warden of Hades himself did not believe that it was the Christ whom the devil had brought to the cross, as he said so to the devil; "that the Son of God was not to come until six thousand years had passed."   Still he was afraid of this mighty Prophet as he said to the devil: 

  11. "But if this One can do all such things as you have said, how will I hold him? Instead I fear that I may be robbed of all that are entrusted to me from the beginning of time."

  12. But the Sun of glory came, and broke the bands of brass, and the gates, and took the hordes of treasures from the dark places, just as Isaiah had prophesied. For not of Cyrus of Persia was it that Isaiah had spoken, but of the Christ, the "Sun" taking Hades by surprise. And the Lord led forth all the righteous and the elect.

  13. And so I forewarn you my beloved, watch out for this devil. For soon he will be losing his war in heaven, and he will be cast down upon the earth with his helpers. (the star falling from heaven.) The master of deceit himself is coming to the earth, and you can be sure that he will be full of wrath having lost his war and all, and being thrown down here with us.

  14. For he is a master deceiver, and will deceive all the people of the world. He will go forth exterminating and torturing those who worship the Lord, those who determine to keep His law and testimonies. Everyone who does not conform to his wishes will be fair game for him.

  15. The world now lies in ignorance, for they as yet have no idea that indeed the master himself is coming, or how powerful and how deceptive he is, and how they in their ignorance will be taken in by him.   

  16. Then afterwards, when they begin to realize that they have been deceived, when all things come to nothing for them, the Satan will blame it on Gods elect, telling the people that these are the evil ones, and calling for the people to go after them. But at end they will answer him: "Go after them yourself, if you can catch them".

  17. The Satan will cause the sun to go black, and the moon to turn red. He will heal the sick, walk on water and many other such things as Jesus also did. He will say that he is the Christ, and that there is no other god besides him, all in his frantic effort to deceive men, and if at all possible, the elect of God.

  18. But now that you know these things in advance, how he is to come and what he will do, you will ask; "How can anyone be deceived?" And yes how can they? It shall be that although I speak, and forewarn them, they do not believe me, nor pay heed to my word, my words go in one ear and out the other. Nor will they bother to educate themselves from the word of any other man.

  19. But you that are wise, though you be few, be not deceived. And I know that many of you will not fall for his deception, but I fear for your endurance, to stand up under the tortures, which he will inflict upon them that believe. For he is cruel that devil, cruel indeed, wherefore then also the Lord said; "Like gold tried in the furnace, so will I purify them, and receive them unto Me".

  20. And so my beloved these words I wish you to keep forward in your mind, forgetting the rest. "Receive unto me." Just look forward to being received, and don't think about the heat of the oven. The oven and the heat will come all by itself; you need not furnish it, nor worry about it.

  21. But this, "to be received", lies in you, in your endurance. And like a good athlete who trains himself to win the gold medal, so you train yourself, firm your muscles for the day that you will be called to pass through that oven to exit as purified gold in the arms of the Lord. It is but a short while, and well worth the effort.

  22. The devil understood his condemnation that he had been changed into darkness. And testifying to his lack of faith, he said. "I never even thought of obtaining that, which I asked for," so there is no restoration for him. 

  23. And we, in the ignorance of our nature, and yet of our own free will, in Adam, we fell by his cunning just as he made many heavenly creatures to fall promising them divinity and kingdoms none of which he could or ever intended to fulfill.

  24. Yet God did not turn man into darkness, nor did He curse man as such. And thus there is a return for man, but not for this Satan, wherefore he has nothing to lose. And the evils, which he multiplies upon us are evidence thereof.

  25. It is nonetheless "senseless" so as I gave this devil to know in his attempts to overcome me, as I said to him; "He in whom I am bound is greater than you, and has already taken victory, why then O Satan do you yet try?" 

  26. But it is like talking to a wall, he tries nonetheless, and continues just as relentless. And so I learned how not to under-estimate him, and what to expect of him.


  1. Today in this century there are billions of people for the Satan to contend with. But there are key factors by which billions may be made as few as one person.

  2. His attempt on exterminating Israel would have gained him victory over the entire world past present and future. We must realize that the devil knows what is written in the Scriptures. Wherefore he knows that for man's ability to discover the foundations of the Earth, the Lord would have no choice but to cut off Israel, and the whole world in Jacob.

  3.   But how will the devil accomplish such a feat? For in himself he does not know the foundations, and yet they are to be understood. Wherefore when this comes to pass, if he can just relate the revelation thereof unto man, any man, he shall have what he desires. For then the billions would perish. He shall in fact have defeated Christ the Savior of the world.

  4. And so I have become a key to these countless many. The devil failed in uprooting that lofty Cedar which God had planted, (Christ Jesus) and now there is a little twig of that Cedar, (me) if by all means he can prevent it from becoming a full-grown Cedar. 

  5. His defeat however is imminent since I have these foundations of the world by the revelation of God, and not in myself. But I do not discount the fact that he will rouse means to either prevent them from coming forth, or if and when they do come, to place them in me.

  6. And so I said, "One to question", since it was I who received these foundations. And the Lord made as were it a bargain with Jeremiah, that if I were able in myself to know what I know, Israel would not live, nor therefore the entire human race.

  7. And so where do we go from here? Am I what I claim I am? If my speech is not the truth to you, all your nuclear bombs would be less than peanuts compared to my fall upon you. 

  8. You should consider the word of God, in the facts as He has presented them. He has indeed placed me as a key, as a stumbling block to those who are careless. Will you be crushed or will you live?

  9. The devil may figure that he does not have to work on all of us, since he has me as a key to us all. But then I am not so sure if he truly realizes that I am indeed so. Perhaps he has his doubt about me as he had on Jesus of Nazareth, whom he did not recognize as truly the Son of God.

  10. And what about me, I am only a poor peasant, not educated in the science of man, and of no repute among them, so who am I that he should give me a second thought? 

  11. Just between you and me, we of course know that my key is perfectly safe, since I did come by the power of God, and have my anointing in Him. But I am beginning to believe that whether or not the devil knows this, he battles nonetheless.

  12. And once it does come to the ears of men, I fully expect him to overthrow the idea that my knowledge is of God. I agree with him in this respect, that what better way than to mar the key. If he could get me to see myself as a failure, or to become proud in myself, or cowardice, how then shall I roar and come to call upon the name of the Lord?

  13. No I cannot give up, nor give in; no matter how hard he presses - he shall not mar the key, for my Lord and yours upholds me.

Quest for knowledge

  1. It is a marvelous thing, which the Lord brought into this 20th century. For while man increased in knowledge, the Lord made "knowledge" a point for life or death. For where the Lord said; "If you can discover My secret, knowing the foundations of the earth, I will let you perish in your sins."

  2. Does that seem like a word that could come of God? For is not the Lord merciful and just? And thus why should He punish the people for a thing as noble as knowledge?

  3. For an answer to this question, we might look at this in another way, namely; that if we become conceited to "claim" to have the knowledge "of our own," we will have committed a very great sin, and for that conceit of ours the Lord will cast us off.

  4. Or in still another way, the Lord saying: "All this is Mine, I granted you your knowledge, and gave you understanding in what is right and useful; acknowledge therefore your knowledge in Me, or I shall let you perish in your own conceit and for your ignorance."

  5. Nebuchadnez'zar built the great city of Babylon, a marvelous city for its time. And what did he allow to slip over his lips one day when he was overlooking the city? He said; "Look at this great city that I have built". 

  6. And no sooner had he spoken it, or a voice came to him saying, that his power and his kingdom was taken from him, and he became like the beast of the field, eating grass like an ox. And the people of the city came out to see that strange sight, how he had become deformed like an animal without speech, and yet weeping, and they made fun of him.

  7. This king then spoke "one" word amiss, instead of acknowledging God to have built the city; he took the glory away from God and clothed himself with it. 

  8. In other words, he was a thief, he stole, and he was conceited taking something to himself that was not in him, nor of him. And he mocked with the glory of his Creator, the very One who had given him his kingdom, and who had subdued all his people to his rule.

  9. Likewise would it be with me if I became conceited, and so will you be, who do not acknowledge me, you have the very proof before your eyes. My advice to you therefore is, be very careful of what you speak, choose your words carefully. 

  10. For that which the Lord did to that king of Babylon was an example as a warning to all people not ever to allow conceit to drive or rule them, for as the king was punished, a still greater and more shameful judgment may come upon you.

  11. We may be tempted to ask, just "why" the Lord has made "knowledge" such a marvelous "key" of life or death in this century of men? But then tell me why the Lord tries the hearts of men. Has not "faith" always been the key? And shall it now be knowledge?

  12. There was a time when "law" was a key; it lasted just long enough for Eve to bite into the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Then "faith" became the key, and it still is, while I nonetheless impale knowledge as an object relative to faith, for faith and knowledge go together.

  13. If you believe that I perhaps am a smart person, or cunning, and that my knowledge is of myself, or acquired from books or learning in myself by all the things of this world. 

  14. Then you may as well call the undertaker to have your box made, for you will be lowered in the earth not to rise to life. It will be as were you crushed to powder by my weight.

  15. But with faith, you can verify all that I have spoken, and thus know from the word of God, from the Scriptures that indeed my key of knowledge is in the power and the Spirit of God.   For now look back to see just what has occurred. Did not God say by Jeremiah; 

  16. "If you acknowledge that your knowledge is in Me, you shall live, but if you refuse, you shall die". So you see, it's faith, is it not? Believe on Him and you shall live. And now that I got you here, let us pursue knowledge so as to make faith live.

  17. Solomon said: "In wisdom is life ever-lasting". And Jesus Ben Sirach said: "No-one can please God lest he remain in wisdom". And I said: "Ignorance is death". And elsewhere: "To know God is to live". For without knowledge, how will you know what is just before God? Or how will you fear, if you do not know what is to be feared?

  18. The Satan thought he knew the right thing in himself, and attempted to overthrow the design of God, of his own Creator mind you, to put himself equal to his Creator. Come now, what would you do to a tablespoon that sets itself up against you? You most certainly would grind it to powder.

  19. The same then goes for us, for who are we to think to educate God in what is right or wrong? For when we argue against his word, we are in fact trying to tell God what is right and wrong, we are in fact placing ourselves in His seat. To argue against the Scriptures is to insist that you are wiser than the all wise Lord, your Creator.

  20. It then takes an irrational mind to so stand against one's Maker. Such is not the fear of the Lord that brings life. And the reason that such persons conduct themselves so fearless is because they indeed are as I said "irrational". They are like ants screaming obscenities to a large foot about to crush them. 

  21. Thus I admonish you, be reasonable, be a man, come to understanding, let knowledge flow into you, be educated in truth, in the word of God.

  22. Knowledge is a certain point of difference, and your decision concerning me, is not for me, nor just for yourself, but for the whole world, for the whole race of men, which you carelessly condemn in rejecting me in the thing by which the Almighty Lord brought me.

  23. But if you keep faith, you will effect it for all peoples. Realize thus that the time has come for the wisdom of the world to be turned back. The wise must become fools, and the learned unlearned.

      TO THE BELOVED IN THE LORD              

  1.   There is a notion that Israel shall be built slowly into a major power, and that this will be the fulfilling of the promise. But such is not the case. The day is near that many nations will come up against Israel to profane her. In their heart they will imagine the impossible. Fear will strike them, yet they will come to fight.  

  2. But it will not be as they imagined, nor will they realize whom it is that has called them to come up, or to what end.

  3. Then O Israel look up to Him from where your help will come, for that whole mighty army will be devastated before your very eyes, and you need not lift a finger.  For the Mighty One of Israel in that day will protect the remnant of His people, and He shall raise your horn over all nations.

  4. The time is drawing near my beloved.  I am speaking to ears able to hear, and hearts ready to receive.  Consider my coming into the world, and Jerusalem having been rebuilt, and knowledge having increased in this age.  For this is the age of which it was foretold that; "In them it would end."

  5. Many have awaited the coming of Christ at different times, foolish as they were, for it was clearly foretold that "all things" must come to pass before that great day. In the year one thousand many stood awaiting the return of Christ. But were the foundations of the earth understood at that time? 

  6. No, and since they were not, it was not yet time. And so they made fools of themselves since they knew not what was prophesied. And not so long ago, by the words of another deceiver it was to be in September of 1988, which of course did not happen, since at that time these foundations were still with me, and still many other things had not yet come.

  7. Did not the Lord say that many false preachers would come?  These false ones are easily recognized, for they do not understand the Scriptures.  The Lord will not come until all that has been prophesied to come before him, has come to pass.  

  8. I must run my course, and Elijah must yet judge his people, and the devil himself that great anti-Christ is yet to come.  There is yet to be war and more war, and the cities will lay in ruins, and many will die of starvation.

  9. And so when people give up hope, thinking God has forgotten the world, then the time will arise.  Therefore as long as your cities are still standing, know that it is not yet the end.

  10. Be not taken in with lies therefore, but instead my beloved Jews and Gentiles, comfort your children, make their feet strong in the Lord.  For the world is in for a terrible time until only a remnant shall remain of both Jew and Gentiles.

  11. John in his book of Revelations speaks of seven thunders that were be, but the nomenclature of these he was not allowed to reveal.  Yet now you will behold these seven and what is spoken of them, for they are near to come upon the earth, before ever the Lord Himself will appear upon the clouds.

  12. The exodus from Egypt did not start until first all the plagues had come upon it, so it will be this time.  All the plagues, which are foretold, must first come to pass, then those that remain of all Israel will return.

  13. And even after this, a sword will be given to Israel to execute judgment on the nations.  For just as Egypt was devastated after Israel had left her, so the nations will yet receive more judgment after the Lord has brought His people in safety.

  14. God gave man knowledge for his well being, but in receiving this increase in knowledge they became proud, and did as if the knowledge was of themselves, as if they acquired it by their own cunning.  

  15. And so the Lord raised one up with knowledge of fundamentals to show the people their lack of knowledge, and how vain they are in their own imaginations.

  16. Wherefore now, if they wish to do right, let them acknowledge God and repent of their criminal behavior.  For this is the choice; either acknowledge the Lord in truth, or perish in ignorance.   Many have the conception that God does not know, nor that He will judge the children of men, but will forgive them.   

  17. But when the plagues are upon them, and the whole world is as they might put it, going to the dogs, they will think that God no longer concerns himself with man, or remembers him, for many grievous things will come upon them.

  18. They look upon children being mutilated by men, and they cry out; "How can God allow such things?"  For they conceive themselves so greatly compassionate, more so than God, they cannot conceive how the Lord allows such cruelty to occur.   

  19. But that is just it, the Lord does not allow these things, wherefore He is rewarding them with the same cruelty with which they treat others. They butcher millions of helpless children in the womb, and will they then consider themselves compassionate?

  20. Hypocrites and butchers yes, but not compassion.  Why then should the Lord stop them or their children from being mutilated when they mutilate others, and turn a deaf ear to the cries of others?


  1. A great deal of the prophecy deals with the ending days, with the times in which we have come. In the seventeenth chapter of Ezekiel the Lord propounds a riddle to the Israelites;

  2. "A great eagle took a twig from the Cedar's lofty top and planted it, and he made a covenant with it. And there was another great eagle, and the twig that was planted bend its roots towards him."

  3. For the king of Babylon had taken Zedekiah as regent under him, and made a covenant with him, and this king swore alliance. But soon this king Zedekiah broke the covenant in bending its roots towards the king of Egypt to receive help from him."

  4. Do you now perceive what this means, and how this applies to all of us who serve the Lord?  Did not the Lord give Israel for its sins into the hands of the Babylonians that they should serve them for an appointed time after which the Lord would forgive them and return them to Jerusalem?  Indeed He did. But Zedekiah rebelled against the Lord; he did not with humility accept the hand of God upon him.

  5. When therefore the Lord brings you to low estate, or into afflictions, will you be like this Zedekiah?  Recall rather how Jesus Ben Sirach said, "That acceptable men are tried in the furnace of adversity, and to accept it cheerfully, to bear the rod of God." Do not therefore turn to a strange deliverance to seek flesh for your arm, for what is it to gain the world but to lose your life?

  6. After this in the same chapter the Lord gives Ezekiel to write a prophecy saying:  "I Myself will take a sprig from the lofty top of the Cedar, and set it out. 

  7. I will break off from the topmost of its young twigs a tender one, and I myself will plant it upon a high and lofty mountain, on the mountain height of Israel will I plant it, that it may bring forth boughs and bear fruit, and become a noble cedar. And under it shall dwell all kinds of beast, and in the shadow of its branches birds of every sort will nest."

  8. Of whom may the Lord be speaking here? The king that came afterwards, was Zerubabel in the rebuilding of the temple.  And the Lord speaks very highly of Zerubabel.  But shall this prophecy point to Zerubabel?   Some commentators say that this does not refer to this Zerubabel, but - that it shall have its full conclusion in Jesus.  But that is not so, they miss the point altogether.

  9. It reads that God would take from its "topmost," meaning from, or in the very end of time, just prior to the complete end. And to take that twig from Jesus, since that lofty Cedar depicts Christ.  How therefore can that twig be the same as the Tree it was taken from?

  10. The prophecy refers to Zerubabel yes, it refers to "a" Zerubabel" but not that Zerubabel.  For beasts and birds of all sorts are the many Gentile nations.  

  11. And history does not record that all the nations of the world came to rest under the rule of that Zerubabel, wherefore it does not apply to that king.  

  12. But the "name" Zerubabel holds a marvelous meaning, and he as the last king, and in the rebuilding of the temple, is figurative for one to come after him unto whom it does apply.

  13. But there is still more to this, for it occurs many times that a certain prophecy has two meanings, and that the event occurs more than once, or applies to more than one person.  And to give a few examples; Joshua, led the people of Israel into the Promised Land, meaning Jesus did. (The name Joshua being Jesus).

  14. He thus prefigured Christ Jesus, who in the end time was to bring Israel into their Promised Land.  And as you well known He has already made that beginning since the first part of this century, the time period for it being seventy weeks of years.  

  15. Another example is where Cyrus king of Persia went and broke the bars of iron, and took the hordes of treasures from the dark places, meaning he took the gold and silver from the hidden chambers.

  16. But the real reference of this prophecy is not Cyrus of Persia, but the Sun. Sun, with a capital, meaning the Lord Jesus would break the iron bars of Hades, and removed the troops of the righteous from the dark chambers of that abode.

  17. This prophecy of the cedars then is also twofold, and in the name Zerubabel it has a reference of three.  The name "Zerubabel" in the last part thereof, means "from Babel".  And when we say from Babel, it also means "from the world", for "Zeru" means, "as from", to come from Babel, from the world.

  18. When therefore the reference of this prophecy is directed to Zerubabel, it means that God the Father in taking this sprig is taking a prince coming from, or of the world.  If therefore the reference is also to Christ Jesus, did Jesus then come from the world?  

  19. Is He a Prince taken from the world?  It must then also be so that this great Cedar, from whose lofty top this sprig was taken - is the world, or the royal house of the world.

  20. This prophecy does not seem to set Israel by itself, but as a part of the whole world, except that this Cedar is planted in her, but the origin, as the coming from, is not specific of Israel but rather as from the world in its whole.  For though His birth may be in Israel, Israel in this context is the world as well.  

  21. And so it appears that Israel here loses its specific separate being from the world, and that her King, who was planted and reared upon her mountain, came from the world.  And this may be hard to swallow for some, in the pride that the Messiah is a direct descendant of David, meaning, all of Israel.

  22. If these things then are not satisfactory, and one wishes to forego the reference to Zerubabel, how then will he explain the prophecy, to refer to whom?  For if such a one wishes to place the reference to Christ Jesus, foregoing Zerubabel, allow me to quote to you what God, the Father, said concerning His Son Jesus for the latter days;

  23. "The hands of Zerubabel have laid the foundations of this house, His hands shall also complete it.  And: "On that day I will take You O Zerubabel My Servant the Son of Shealtiel, says the Lord, and makes You a signet ring, for I have chosen You, says the Lord."

  24. And now you are really confused, for here it is spoken of the Zerubabel who began to rebuilt the temple, which completion shall not be until on the day of the Sabbath, a day which was then yet more than two thousand years away. 

  25. And how shall a mortal man start such a structure, and complete it so many years later when it is also a fact that no man by the command of God can live more than a thousand years?

  26. For the Lord had said to Adam, that "in the day" that you eat thereof, you shall die".  Wherefore Adam died seventy years short of completing a day, a thousand years, and no man became a thousand years.  

  27. And when Haggai speaks of the Lord making Zerubabel a Signet ring, will then that king Zerubabel from that time of Israel come upon the clouds to execute judgment upon the nations?  

  28. We are expressly told, it shall be Jesus the Messiah, yet it reads Zerubabel, the son of Shealtiel, and the father of Zerubabel was a man named Shealtiel.

  29. The answer to this riddle lies in the meaning of the names.  Our Lord the Messiah is also named Zerubabel; He is the one that laid the foundations of the temple by offering Himself on the cross.  And He will complete the house upon His return.  

  30. And God's signet ring is Christ Jesus, whom God chose as King over all His works.  And the Lord our Lord as the Son of God, and as the Son of David, is also the Son of Shealtiel.

  31. And so we have "three" references by which our Lord is "the Son of". Note closely how it is, of God, of David, and of Shealtiel, and even - son of man.  And the meaning thereof is that Jesus came to save the whole world, Jew, and Gentile, and that He is not only of Israel, but of Gentiles as well, and that to both of them He is of God.

  32. For in the first, as the Son of God, He "is God."  As in God Himself coming down to us shedding His own blood for us. Yes, and what ruler would do that for his people? Then to wit, such a Great and Mighty Majestic Ruler, whose compassion was such to offer Himself for such worms as man in his nature of being.

  33. In the second then, as the Son of David, He is a Son of "man". And this I mean in literal terms, our Lord as a "man" born of a virgin, unto whom the Father of all Creation gave His Holy Spirit making Him wise above all men, and Ruler of all nations and tribes, and of all the kings thereof, to make Him King of kings.

  34. And in addition, to subject "all" of His creation to Him, to grant Him authority over angels as well as over men. And Him being a man, a Son of man, which thing when one begins to comprehend the same in wisdom becomes more and more marvelous, and reaches beyond comprehension.

  35. In the third then, (as the Son of Shealtiel, in the meaning of the name coupled with that of its own as Zerubabel), it means, "a Son of the world". The name Shealtiel then is compounded with the name Zerubabel to specify that this "Son of the world", which in that essence can also mean, "Son of Gentiles", as "of God", as in coming of God, or born of God as His Father.

  36. For Shealtiel means, "of God", or "given of God". When we speak of the Son of David, we do not have to specify that God was His Father, since the words, "born of a virgin" in itself specifies that there was no man involved in His birth, God only being His Father. 

  37. In His reference then in which our Lord is a Son of Gentiles as well, as of the world, coming forth of the world, God the Father calls Him; "My Son" "Son of Me," in saying; My Servant the Son of Shealtiel.

  38.   Perhaps I am going a bit too deeply into all this, for this world is not yet the time to scrutinize all these mysteries of the Lord.  The time when we shall investigate to understand all these mysteries will be after our Lord has returned and is King upon the earth and we rule with Him.

  39. In that time, from the first to the last, we will all converse with one another in great pleasure and harmony to come to understand the great mysteries, which have been proclaimed.  

  40. At that time the Scriptures will be opened from Alpha to Omega so that all the saints of God may know and understand these marvelous things, for the tree of life has great wisdom for all who are in Paradise to eat of its fruit.

  41. Coming back to the beginning where the Lord said; "I will take." These words are as if spoken with some disgust for the cedars who had ruled, or were ruling, like this Zedekiah who would not subject himself to the Lord, so that the Lord came to say: - as in;

  42. "These rulers are made by men or they break themselves off to grow upon My Mountain, and nothing good comes from them.  Moreover, they pride themselves in being of the stock of David, as if by that they shall be better than the rest.  And they pride themselves in Israel that I made the world for his sake, and that there is no class of rulers like unto them.  

  43. Wherefore, it now will be different, I will put a spoke in their wheel, and they running, will fall, and from their fallen position they will look up and behold it was I who put a spoke in their majestic wheels.

  44. And so, this is what I will do, I Myself, not by any man, but I Myself, I will take a sprig.  And that from the Cedar yes, from its top, but not as these in their haste to run, and in their pride of kingship do imagine.  For I will bring forth a cedar from the lofty Cedar which shall be as the spoke in their wheel.  

  45. And they shall know that it is I who put a spoke in their wheel.  And "he" shall rule whomsoever I choose.  For while they hope in the flesh, I will raise one in spirit, to rule those that are in the flesh.

  46. If I have not lost you somewhere in this mystery, consider this sprig which the Lord set out, by the name of Zerubabel, which makes Him "a Son of Babel, of the world".  A King not just of Israel, nor outside of Israel, but one not so directly of the seed of David, yet born of God.  

  47. A mystery that I long wished to conceal; yet not from those that are wise in God.  And there is yet much to be said in order to bring this to a completion.

  48. But allow me to continue with the words of Ezekiel a bit where he said. "And all the trees of the field shall know that I the Lord bring low the high tree, and make high the low tree, dry up the green tree, and make the dry tree to flourish. I the Lord have spoken, and I will do it."

  49. The high trees of the field are the rulers and the officials of the earth, which is not spoken of just those few in Israel in their days, but of all.  For in the day of judgment they will "all" see how their wisdom is made to nothing, and how they as green trees have withered, while him whom they considered a dry tree, he now reigns.  

  50. And He that was little, and not considered to overshadow the forest, that one they will see exalted as the cedar under which all the animal life comes for shade and compassion.

  51. Moreover they would not believe that it was the Lord who brought Him, and made Him, and spoke by Him, but in that day, they will "all" know their own ignorance.

  52.   I am restrained from revealing marvelous secrets. Many things are for the ears of the wise only, wherefore I must cut short my speech.  But to bring this to a final word, understand that as God created the heavens and the earth, and the incorporeal number of angels, He created "ranks," those who govern, and those that are governed.

  53. He therefore did not create all things equal to each other, but just as there are many things in a household some of greater value than others, and some of greater honor than others, so also the Lord made His household.  

  54. But as with any household all things are equal in respect to justice for all, the law is equal to all without respect of persons.  But here, these words, respect of persons, convey one person greater than the other.

  55. And so the Lord made a great world, the whole race of men.  But these came to be born in vain since they came to deny Him.  The Lord therefore choose from them those whose heart He knew, and made of them a sea to themselves. And thus there came to be two seas, the one sea, and the great sea.  

  56. And over against each of these seas the Lord planted cedars and One great Cedar over the whole compass of the earth.  For thus spoke the Lord: "David My servant shall be king of all Israel forever".

  57. In the single household of God there are many mansions.  If therefore there are many mansions, there are many kings.  And where there are kings, there are ambassadors.  And where there are kingdoms there are a multitude of people.

  58. And these being so, all governed by the Lord, there are foundations, and judges, and the entrances, the gates.  And all these praising the great name of the Lord, there are priests who minister before the Lord, and bring the word of the Lord unto His kings. And these things shall be so into forever and ever.

  59. And all these into forever shall have all things in common, just as it was prophesied in the book of Acts.  And how do I say "prophesied" of something that was merely said?  Fear God, and keep His word, and you will come to understand all that is needful.

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