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Sept 2011

  1. When it comes to the imagination of the blind to perhaps have seen a particle travel faster than the speed of light, something no more than the folly of their incompetence - it gets top billing on the media.  

  2. Yet I placed seven priceless scientific jewels on the internet which I know have been read by hundreds of persons, but not a one of these had the competence nor the integrity to even comment or reply in the least of ways.

  3. These jewels reveal the very nature of light and of gravity, the very fundamentals which man for centuries has been attempting to discover.  And yet here they are before their very eyes, but not one of them had eyes to see, nor was there any common sense nor decency within them to realize the same.  

  4. How then am I to assess these brainless wonders, if not as no more than a delusion, a complete delusion, a people that are without worth.

  5. How often have I called, but they would not listen.  Therefore this word of the Lord will be fastened to them:  "Because I have called and you refused to listen, I stretched out My hand, and no one has heeded, and you ignored all My counsel, and would have none of My reprove.

  6. I will also laugh at your calamity, I will mock when panic strikes you, when panic strikes you like a storm, and your calamity comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you.  Then they will call upon me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently but will not find Me.  Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord."

  7. Not that such is new to me, for the same has been prophesied from long ago that man in this day and age would be no more than a delusion.   When I speak of something very simple, attempting to share the knowledge given me, it is to them as were I speaking in an altogether different language.  

  8. How utterly small therefore the apprehension of man is, and how greatly he is lacking in common sense. For it is as it was prophesied how for the sixth day, as well as for the fifth, all of them would be blind-folded and forget wisdom, to become a most apostate generation.

  9. I feel like an elderly person attempting to educate such as have yet to pass a first grade, while they proudly proclaim to have a PhD in the sciences, as if they were fully educated.  

  10. And so I am not only looking at man as less than children, but disgusting to consider. Is it any wonder therefore that I refused to be a prince of them, to have such creatures as subjects unto me?

  11. "Assess your people, for you are their prince now and into forever."  So it was said unto me, but in assessing them I was nearly to vomit myself of them, wherefore I replied unto the Almighty God, how I refused to be for a prince unto them.  

  12. I indeed spoke unto the Almighty Creator whose will cannot be turned, nor His word counter acted, that I refused His grant gift unto me.

  13. For so I esteemed myself as but an abomination to have such a people unto me for subjects. To have the likes of them for a people unto me is sooner a curse upon me, like having to digest a most abominable thing. 

  14. For no price of any kind would I esteem them as my people.  But the poor, the meek, the needy and the oppressed these I will embrace with kindness.

  15. As then word of the Lord in His will unto me cannot be counteracted, nor be annulled, a remedy was given me, and I fervently asked of Him for the whole lot to grind them into powder, into fine power. 

  16. What O you people do you think it is to be a prince, to be a chief ruler over an innumerable multitude?  Do you think it to be something glorious?  

  17. Think again you children of man, for it bears with it a great price, and a heavy weight that a man in himself is not able to bear.  What glory is there to be had to have the praise of men?  It is but a fleeting thing, something to embarrass my soul.

  18. I would rather have the full love of a woman, and her affections to caress me, to be a whole man.  For like I once said; "My kingdom another can rule, but without my palm tree I cannot be."  

  19. My soul does not seek the glory of the sons of man, yet I ought to be known for what I am, since it is a painful thing to always be in hiding, always be looked upon for what I am not.

  20. At times when I am unjustly scorned of those near to me, my heart sinks deeply within me, and the desire to be no more, to have no existence at all becomes very strong in me.  If then already for an unjust reprove I desire to have no existence how much less my aspirations shall be for a princely stake?  

  21. It is at such times with a very strong feeling that I wish to have no abiding, no life, no being, that even the Lord might forget me, to bring me to nothing, into none being. But I cannot be forgotten by Him since my every moment is of His hand, and unless He consents and wills it I am bound to live.

  22.  I cannot perish, nor be brought into none being to grant me that strong desire of my heart.  And so I must continue in this hell on earth until He rescues me from it.  Even in the night the spirits of incompetence come to temper me with dreams, with senseless dreams, in which there is no coherence.

  23. How ignorant therefore these spirits are.  What indeed have these learned that is of any value, to for all the years since their rising that they have yet to gather a right knowledge.  

  24. Were they the ones, fifteen feet tall in height, that build the Stone-hedge?  And what for, if not for stupidity and idolatry.  Indeed a loathsome lot for whose sake none but the unwise would raise themselves.

  25. And when on occasion I behold in a dream what is factually taking place, or will take place, it shall hardly be of these incompetent spirits, the spirits which my soul loathes.

  26. Who can understand the Almighty One, He is One and only, far beyond all that can be conceived.  When at end He grants me to live in His peace, then He will surround me with the treasures of His hand, and my soul will rejoice in Him always.  This I will have of Him.  His peace then and always.

  27. It is written: "Who has believed what we have heard? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?  For He grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out of dry ground.  He had no form or comeliness that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.   

  28. He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces He was despised, and we esteemed Him not."

  29. This was spoken of the Lord, the Redeemer of man, but the same has a semblance to me, for I too am rejected and will be despised as one having no comeliness. And I likewise grew up like a young plant, a root out of dry ground, like I so often as said; "I am like a stump of a tree with no leaves nor branches, yet on waters edge."


  1. How vain man is to correct his Maker, a tiny piece of flesh and blood, and "it" wants to put the Almighty One in the wrong, Him who made the whole of this grant universe, full of life and activity.  

  2. How foolish the man that is wise in his own eyes, how ignorant of man to compare himself to the Almighty One, to his very Creator.

  3. Because of the words of your lips you will take account, of words not to His honor and glory.  You should have reckoned your words O you sons of men.  You should have guarded your lips not to pronounce anything that is not becoming. But you give full vent to your folly, therefore it is with your lips that you destroy yourselves.

  4. It is the Lord who does all things, what are you O man that you boast in your means as were it something to be reckoned with?  Will you also like Nebuchadnezzar acclaim; how it was in your power to build?  Do you also desire to become no more than a beast?

  5. The whole earth with all its innumerable multitude is but like a minute grain of sand on the shores of the sea -  compared to but a single one of the heavenly circles God has made, while He made countless many of such galaxies.

  6. The Lord then made me a prince, a prince of a single grain of sand that lies upon the shores of the sea, so am I.  I will not be able to number my subjects, nor will I do so.  Nor will I number all the many kings that serve with me.

  7. I love Thee O my Creator, O how very much I love Thee, be it a princely stake or not, I love Thee not because Thou made me a ruler of many but because Thou art so loveable, so marvelous.  

  8. I love Thee because Thou art God, and my Creator, I love Thee because Thou has loved me.  I love Thee because it is good to love Thee, to Love Thee is life unto me, it is most pleasant.

  9. It is the Lord who makes and who breaks, from the Lord is all that a man may desire.  The wicked He will answer with wrath, the righteous He will answer with righteousness.  

  10. It is good to trust in the Lord, it is most pleasant to rely upon Him, for He is faithful, He is steadfast always and never waivers, for He is our God, and the love of my soul.

  11. Thou O Lord art the joy of my heart, my heart yearns for Thee in everlasting love unto Thee.  O how very much my soul loves Thee as I cannot express unto Thee.  Me a tiny bit of flesh and bone and I love Thee with all my heart and soul.  

  12. Yea with a passion O Lord so much I love Thee. Nor can I ever cease from loving Thee, for my heart belongs to Thee, Thou truly art the love of my soul, my sure conviction, O how I love Thee.

  13. It will not be long, the hour is near upon us when Thou wilt sent forth Thy Spirit and men will tremble at the sound of Thy voice, when Thou wilt come forth to correct them, and to reprove them for their folly against Thee.   

  14. In that day my heart will exult in Thee O Lord, when Thou does cause my branches to flourish, to bring forth the green from a tree that to all men appeared dead and barren. 

  15. In that day Thou wilt perform the word which Thou spoke concerning me, to make the dead tree to flourish, and to wither them that are green.  Thou wilt bring down all the high trees of the forest, and Thou wilt exalt Thine over them.   

  16. Then all these will know that Thou O Lord art Lord, and God, and that Thou raises them whom Thou has chosen.

  17. "A Noble One," and; "a Tender Spirit," as Thou has called me, so I am, and so I will be, a prince of many thoughts.  A tender twig as I was, and still am, for I am tender O Lord, even as men call me a tender spirit, and a tender spirit I will remain.

  18. How very marvelous O Lord that Thou has given me a single grain of sand in ownership, to own the multitude of that single grain in body as well as in soul.  And how very much I will love and cherish that entire host, though they be innumerable.

  19. And though they be but as a single grain of sand upon Thy seashore, I will love them and adore them, because all these are made of Thy hand.   As then I love Thee with a love that cannot be expressed into words, even so I will love them, the whole number of them.

  20. And so it is O my people, though you are not my people, that a prince is in love with you, with the whole number of you, a people I call my own, and yet not my own.  For O my people it is in wisdom that I speak unto you, in the wisdom granted me of the Lord, the love of my soul.

  21. Do not attempt to contradict me, as if my words are not decipherable, for it is I your prince speaking to you in the wisdom of the Most High, in the knowledge which He in His great love imparted unto me.

  22. I am one and you are many O my people, and yet not my people, yet you will come to rest upon my breasts, and dwell upon my branches.  And upon my branches I will even built your nests for you, and clothe you, and comfort you with sweet caresses, and feed you with living grain.

  23. I will not be like the rulers which you had in this earth, nor am I like unto them.  These loved only themselves, and to enrich and glory themselves upon your demise, while I in contrast love you more than my very own soul. And my desire for you is that you may rejoice and be glad always.

  24. Come all you beasts of the field, there is much shadow under my branches, come and lie down in peace and perfect tranquility.   

  25. For I have poured out myself for you, even as He who bore me, whose very son I am gave Himself for you, that you might dwell in the shadow of my branches. I a Cedar, a noble Cedar indeed as I am called and always will be.

  26. I will shade you from the scorching heat, and cleanse you to intoxicate you with fresh clean water, so that you may rejoice, and glorify Him whom I love with all my heart and soul, Him who made you and made me, one for the other, and the other for the one.

  27. What is my soul to me, but that it may account to your salvation, to your health and well-being O my people, though you are not my people. And yet I will call you my people even though you are not my people, for I have loved you as He has loved me.

  28. I have given myself as He gave Himself, my offering for you, as He offered Himself for you.   Let it not confuse you O my people far and wide that I am after His likeness who gave Himself for all.  

  29. How very grandiose it is to have wisdom, how grandiose to have understanding granted to a man of the Lord Most High, of the Father of all.

  30. I love you my people, I truly love you with a love that cannot be measured nor expressed into words, and yet you will look at me as were I your enemy?  But why should I be your enemy when my love is so deeply rooted for you.  Yes, I know O my people that I will gather many enemies.

  31. But for your sake I will not be daunted, nor ever become your enemy.  Hate me as you will, yet I will give myself for you, be angry with me as you will, yet I will love you into forever.

  32. If then not by word, nor by my love for you, it will be a rod by which you my people are to be corrected.  When knowledge and wisdom has been imparted unto you, you will love me with an everlasting love.

  33. O how I speak of wisdom and in understanding.  O how my heart is revealing the love within me, and that which it will bring forth.  My lips are like a gushing spring to bring forth life giving water, that clean fresh water that brings to life,  

  34. For so the Lord, the love of my soul said; "Bring knowledge into them, for so you will make them alive, to bring them to life."

  35. There are many trees in this world, great and lofty trees, proud and arrogant as if they ruled the forest, their boast is heard all over the forest. Yet not one of them is ready, able, nor willing to give their lives, nor their very own selves for you O my people, there is not a one of them, lofty as they portray themselves.

  36. Of what value therefore are these rulers of yours?  All these are unfit, not one of them is worthy of the titles given them.  Most worthless so they are, and to me an abomination, even as to the Lord they are an abomination.

  37. But the Almighty Lord procured for one to give his very own self for your sake, for your well being.  That your tears may no longer fall, and your anguish turn into joy.  For that cause have I come to deliver many, to bring joy and gladness to the sons of men.

  38. Yet for all that it appears unto you I am a dry tree, not in honor with the forest, and how there are no branches on me, nor any green leaves to be seen.  

  39. Yet before your very eyes you will see this transformation - how those many high and proud trees of the forest will wither away, and my dry stump with grow into the highest of trees.  

  40. How instead all these that boast in the forest shall wither, yet He will cause me to grow into a noble cedar of great stature.  They will be among the forgotten ones, among those whose names will be no more.   All this because they boasted, and gloried in themselves.

  41. With your very own eyes you will see this transformation, how it is indeed the Lord that rules in all the earth, and He gives it to whomsoever He will, as He spoke saying;  "I the Lord have spoken and I will do it."

  42.   Why are all these shepherds of the flocks acting so ill natured towards me?  Why are they attempting to shut my mouth?  It is because their master is the father of the lie, and there is nothing but lies in their mouth.  

  43. They hate me because I was not born of below, but my origin being of above, therefore do they hate me.  All because it is the Spirit of the Almighty One with me that I am hated of them.

  44. Since their forthcoming is by the father of the lie, a seed born in adultery; so these shepherds are, wherefore also do they attempt to close my lips, and to kill me.

  45. And for the rulers of the earth, fear and trembling has come upon them, these are afraid of Him that is with me, afraid indeed as they ought to be.  And as yet I am dealing kindly with them, kindly until they have entered into their graves, then these will receive the reward of their evil doings.  

  46. Like the Almighty One said; "A mighty one of the nations will surely do to them as their wickedness deserves."

  47. It is after they die, and their spirits incarcerated, then these will begin to worry and grieve for that which awaits them, when again these divested from their bodies, are once again reinstated into their bodies, then vengeance will be taken on them.

  48. I will go unto the portal of Hades, and these will beg me for mercy, yet there I will cause their bones to be broken and strewn at the mouth of Hades.  At that time these will surely know and realize how it is the Lord alone that rules, and none other, when all their bones are broken.

  49. And you the people, my people, and not my people, then you will recall how indeed it was spoken of a truth;  "That a mighty one of the nations would assuredly reward them according to their atrocities."

  50. And for all you rich men in the earth, all that are wealthy, that with their wealth lean upon the needy, know for a certainty that all your wealth will be taken from you.  

  51. And I will leave you with nothing, yes with nothing at all, with not even a shirt upon your backs, and never at all will you come to own a single thread of that which I will put upon you to cover yourself, so that at least your nakedness may not be seen.

  52. You are destined to become the poor O you wealthy ones in the earth, and forever to remain as the poor.  But O you are so foolish not to believe the word I speak to you, nor even will you believe the word which the Lord spoke saying how; 

  53. "He would take away your wealth by the hand of one who protects the boundaries, by one who is god of the sciences and of learning."

  54. By his hand the Almighty One will take away all your wealth, for how shall you come to own anything when you, and all that you may have - are to come into one's ownership, to own you body and soul? 

  55. Has not the Lord made me a god of the sciences?  What man is able to correct me?  Who was it to reveal what no man had understood?  

  56. If then you know what it means to say boundaries, it is to set for rules, and to place limits as to how far a man shall go.  So I am instructed and empowered, to guard the boundaries lest they be broken.

  57. And O how men oppose the Almighty Lord in a Messiah unto them, they want their hides to be saved, but have no use for a Messiah.  Therefore also I labeled the sons of men as blind, and but a delusion to behold.

  58. For all that is shown to them these have no understanding. When Israel was led into their promised land, it was not by a single person, but by two persons. The Lord not only gave them Joshua, that is Jesus for a Messiah by which to enter into that good land, but there was another with Him, named Caleb, a bold one.

  59. Thus the Lord foreshadowed that men were to enter in their promised paradise by two persons leading them.  Yet for all the many years since - what man has understood these things, to have seen that writing on the wall?  As then the true sons of God knew, I have not seen any to speak concerning it except for a mystic word here and there.

  60. What good therefore are all you priests and teachers in the earth when knowledge is far from them, when these do not even have an inkling of the spoken word?  

  61. The Lord made a revelation unto Abraham revealing to him how the salvation of his race would proceed, to wit in the five animals of the offering. But where is man to since have understood the same?

  62. Are not therefore the sons of men most ignorant in the written word, and that mostly for the teachers thereof?  How truly blind the children of men are, how blind indeed.  Or will they blame it on a sevenfold knowledge, that it is by the gift of God only that understanding may be found?  And yes therein these are correct.

  63.  Man has this global depression on him, and he thinks to work his way out of it by enriching the wealthy, lest those thieves should suffer a loss of their stolen goods.  

  64. And this these do in hypocrisy as if they were helping the poor and needy.  And indeed these are helping the needy to rob them of still more of their hard earned goods, to create a yet greater poverty upon them.

  65. The cause O you blind creatures is not in any depression nor in monetary funds, but for your wickedness, for your thievery, and for the oppressions by which you oppress the people far and wide, therefore did the Lord bring distress upon you.  This is to the intend that you might repent of your oppressions.  

  66. But these are ignorant and refuse to repent wherefore a much greater distress will be brought upon them.   Nomenclature as I said, to reveal that of which a thing is truly made.


  1. People suffer many things simply because they refuse to keep the statutes of the Lord.  There was one who suffered from pains in her legs, and prayed and prayed to the Lord so she said.  And when I replied, that if she want the Lord to help her, she should foremost honor Him by keeping His commandments. 

  2. I explained to her how God said not to make any graven image nor to worship them. But in her reply she became angry that she will do as she will, and for me no longer to speak of it. 

  3. And so I thought to no longer reprove her for it, since she will not listen to me.   And how then am I to help her, to ask of the Lord for her sake, since she refuses to honor the Lord. There is nothing I can do for her, nor therefore will I make any request of the Lord on her behalf, it being useless.

  4. The problem with me is that in the best of will I cannot understand the how nor the why, it being so simple and so obvious that to bite the hand that feeds you is not any way to obtain food. And that one cannot comprehend that simple philosophy.

  5. There was a lady refusing to admit that her office received my letters, even though her office mailed me a receipt of those letters.  And when I showed her this truth, she became angry, and even accused me of acting as if I were God Himself to reprove her.

  6. How these therefore are in the shackles of death, with no understanding, nor realization of what is right or wrong, and adamant about the ignorance in which they wallow.

  7. Then there are these so called Jehovah witnesses.  For with the best of will I can not understand how any man can possibly believe the lies that they profess upon.  This is so since it is so clearly written and revealed, how then can they believe upon something altogether different from what is plainly written?

  8. Or this current leader of the USA, how utterly blind and oppressive such a man can be to put millions of people out of their homes, and take their daily bread from them, as he does not only to those over whom he presides, but likewise by the sanctions that he places upon other nations.  

  9. How can any man be so blind not to realize that which such sanctions he is not about to stop anyone from constructing a weapon of mass destruction, but that the same is rather to the demise of the many poor and needy who have no stake in the construction of such things. 

  10. Nor am I able to understand how any person can be such a blatant hypocrite to tell any other person that he is not allowed to make or have something that he himself is over burdened with.

  11. The rationality of such minds is completely beyond me, how these sons of the devil can be so utterly in-considerate and in-human as well as irrational to show themselves as nothing more than beasts crawling among the sons of men, and acting as if there were a semblance of humanity upon them.

  12. The term; sons of the devil then is quite fitting, yet I do not believe that the devil himself is as ignorant as these are, nor as beastly as these are, and certainly not as hypocritical as these are.  The sons reared of him therefore are less than their master, more ignorant than the word can describe.

  13. "All their deeds would be criminal and oppression." So it was prophesied of this generation, and so they are. But to me the same is incomprehensive, how if one holds an apple in each hand, that the total thereof is two apples.  If then one will say to me, how no one can mistake such a simple equation, why then is half the world not competent to do so?

  14. I know very well how it is written that the Lord would hand them over into the power of evil spirits so that seeing they could not see and hearing they could not hear, causing them to factually believe the lie, and not know the truth.  

  15. But to me such is incomprehensive, how with all that is told and written the lie can be believed, and truth not known.  There is no logic at all in this, nor any common sense.

  16. And yes I know why to me such things are incomprehensive since the Lord gave me His Spirit of truth to dwell with me.   As then the Lord Himself said; how these people corrupted themselves by an inscrutable law, so also it is inscrutable to me. 

  17. It is in my nature to try to understand all that I encounter, for it is painful upon me when I cannot decipher the same.  But for all such wickedness I have not found a remedy to comprehend the same. It is just as the Lord said, "something inscrutable."

  18. Or these Iranians or Lebanese how they can speak of love and equality and at the same time hate their neighbors.  Or for the Jews to wear these skullcaps, as were it in reverence when it is not only in direct violation of Gods command, but how even all of nature teaches the difference.  Such things cannot be understood by any rational mind.

  19. Ignorance is indeed a great curse upon all mankind, the rationality of which cannot be understood.   How is it possible for any human being to treat other human beings as less than animals, like it was in those death-camps of the Germans?  Or these Russians to right before their eyes starve millions of human beings to death?

  20. And many such things have occurred all over the world, as if the human person is not human at all, as if these are no more than devils fresh from the abyss.  And yes so I must look upon them since there is no other way to rationalize upon them.

  21. I therefore am at a complete loss to explain their actions as well as their minds.  And what is but left for them but that all these should be put under and eradicated from the face of the earth.  For in no other way can peace come to reign upon the earth.

  22. I am a king of peace, and as such I am forced to eradicate all that is not of peace.


   It is written:

  1. The Lord will roar from on high, and from his holy habitation utter his voice; he will roar mightily against his fold, and shout, like those who tread grapes against all the inhabitants of the earth.  

  2. The clamor will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations; he is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked he will put to the sword, says the Lord.'  

  3. He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked."

  4. Nomenclature is a term to define that of which a thing is made, or what it contains, or as it might be said, "what it entails."  And yes what does the above quotation contain and entail?  If any man knew he would not be so callous knowing that retribution is sure to come.

  5. There are those that fancy themselves that the end will come when Christ returns upon the clouds.  Others fancy themselves that the end will be by nuclear obliteration or the likes.   As then Christ will indeed return upon the clouds to signify an end to the pursuits of the wicked, it is not the beginning of the end.

  6. It is not by armies, nor bombs, nor some other calamity which men strike up as acts of God, yet blame it on chance, but rather by mercy and compassion that the Lord will begin to make an end of things.  Since so He said; "He does not delight in the death of the wicked, but that they should turn from their wicked ways."

  7. How then will men see the beginning of the end? By knowing the word of the Lord, and by believing upon all the word that proceeds from Him.  He will begin by bringing need upon them,  then He will speak, and reprove, and upbraid the sons of men, if by any means these might leave off of their sins.

  8. Nor is it only by the nations of the Gentiles that His voice will be heard, but while He is a protector of Israel, He will nonetheless speak mightily to them as well, reproving them, lest He should have to drain the lifeblood from them.   For it is not only a voice that the sons of men will hear, but actions will follow.

  9. Like it is written:  "And the Lord will cause His majestic voice to be heard and the descending blow of His arm to be seen, in furious anger and a flame of devouring fire, with a cloudburst and tempest and hailstones. 

  10. When the Lord speaks / His words come to pass.  If thus a man will not hear he must know it by pain and by destruction upon him, since God is not to be mocked, nor to be disobeyed.   His word O you inhabitants of the earth will not be an empty sound, like that of your rulers and of your priests.

  11. It is like He said how; "By the rod of His mouth, and the breath of His lips," He will slay you, to exterminate the wicked from the face of the earth.   And yet you will say;  "But we never saw Him, nor did we hear His voice." 

  12. O you blind ones, you blind creatures, do you now really think that God would come down in person to this earth, and so speak to you?   If He did the whole earth would melt under Him, and nothing would remain, not even the earth itself, let alone anything upon it.  For He is extremely great and mighty and no evil can come within His presence.

  13. No my dear blind ones, He will send forth His Spirit, and by a man His voice will be heard, by a man that is like unto you, made of flesh and bone, so that at least you may remain to change your ways, lest if He came in person, every man would cease to exist for the awe of His presence alone.

  14. Within His presence not one of the wicked would remain, but melt away, for what man is able to endure a fire burning fiercely upon him? And should he be able to endure the fire for a moment of time, before the presence of the One and only God, none that are wicked would remain for even an instant in time.

  15. Thus the Lord comes with great love and compassion to let His voice be heard by a man made of flesh and blood giving time and chance to all to depart from their wicked ways.  And that man is bringing knowledge to the sons of men, in expounding the word that perhaps some may hear.

  16. When therefore you hear his voice, and the result of his words come down upon the sons of men to their destruction, or to their welfare as each one will take upon themselves, know it to be the voice of the Lord, rather than of a man. For what can a man speak and his word is brought to pass?  Who but God alone is able to do so?

  17. It will begin, and such as behold the truth in him, will run towards him. While the bulk of the shepherds, having originated from their own father the devil, these will most certainly not be pleased with that man, and seek to shut him up, and /or to kill him.  And while the rulers of the earth are not at all pleased with him these will come to stand in fear of him.

  18. "Here, they will say; is a man with great wisdom, able to enrich the whole world with gifts as no man has been able to, wherefore we should not kill him but have him on our side, and perhaps he will reconsider his sworn word, to grant us freedom from our needs to pump oil, and struggle to supply our needs for the energy of our many toys."

  19. I now called you blind, did I not? How then do you think that I would go back on my sworn promise NOT to deliver to you what you crave the most?  You might as well forget it, for I am not like every other man.

  20. Nor will I go back on my word, not now nor ever.  I cannot be bought, nor will I change, I am that I am, and I will forever remain that which I am.

  21. It is not for the deliverance of their souls that motivates them, but for their greed it is that they speak.  And shall I then bend my wishes for the sake of your greed?  You certainly do not know me, and as such a mystery I will remain.

  22. As there is an end - so there is a beginning, not that this wisdom makes any sense to man's scientists since these have adapted to themselves single sided coins, but never once displayed any of them.  There are two sides to every story, as there are two sides to everything, or man would not have his wife, nor therefore exist.

  23. A riddle perhaps, but not so for the wise.  And what folly I am practicing attempting to bring eyesight to the blind, to educate such do not take anything to heart.  A foolish man, so indeed I am.

  24. Have you ever read the words by Isaiah, chapters nine and ten? They are a revelation, a revelation of your days.  But why should I expand upon them, for I would be speaking to the blind, to eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear, I would surely be wasting my efforts to bring knowledge to the sons of men.

  25. So then it will have to be a rod upon their backs, stroke by stroke to make them understand, and to spit in their faces for the arrogance of all their speech. Their wealth will not help them, nor by the strength of their hand will they stand, for these O my God are altogether a delusion.

  26. How shall I assess these people?  These nations, as they call themselves, are no more than cowards, speaking words and boasting, but for all their bravery in words these are cowards in deeds. The Lord only is able to stir up the waves of the sea that they may roar.

  27. As then these stride forward proudly proclaiming their manliness there is no manliness in them, for these are but cowards, as all that are wicked are cowards. There is no bravery in any of the wicked, because they are wicked.  Only in the Lord can valiance be said of any man, only in the Lord.

  28. Therefore O you cowards it is by a rod upon your backs that you will be driven from your resting places, and stirred up from your beds that you may go forward to perform your bravery that is but cowardice.   

  29. With a rod upon your backs - so you will have to learn that it is God who rules the earth, and none other.

  30. Your tyrants are children of hell, there is no redemption for devils, nor will these long continue to oppress my heritage of the Lord.

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