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  1. The most beautiful of things are often the least understood, one such is the intercourse between a man and a woman.  Some persons have made the act of intercourse out as were it something unholy for man, as were it only for the purpose of pro-creation.

  2. Someone in the books of old portrayed how Adam asked of God to remove his sexual desire for Eve, and that God did so. This of course is fantasy by such as have no understanding of anything, thinking that the act is basically vile, like those that have a guilty conscience. That person is of course making God out for a liar where He said: 

  3. "It is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a help meet for him."   And further it is written; "These twain shall be one flesh."  And; "How He made one for the other," nor did He at any time outlaw in how these were to love one another, but He said; "To love and care for one another."

  4. As then the Lord God made man with his mate, He created for each of them such parts of the body to compliment each other perfectly. And not only that, but God gave them such feelings to have full enjoyment in it.  And the Lord went so far that in the climax of their love making there would be such intense joy and satisfaction as can hardly be expressed.

  5. If then the Lord did not make this marvelous thing for the sons of man, who shall have made it?  For nothing is ever of itself but by the hand of God, and He wished for man to have this joy always as often as he might desire the same. For the act serves not only for the pro-creation of man, but for to bond them together as well, so that by it these twain may experience their fundamental oneness.

  6. The Lord said to all that were to be His sons and daughters, that these were to be holy, because so He said; "I am holy."  In the act of intercourse then there is absolutely nothing unholy, but rather a delightful experience for which man ought rather to thank His Creator, to have given him such joy and intimacy with his own self, his wife, or husband. 

  7. If there were anything shameful in it -  God would not have made it, but so said the Lord; "You shall not go into your neighbors wife, nor even covet her." Any shame therefore is not in the act of intercourse for a man with his mate, but if instead his desires are inflamed for what is not his to take or desire upon it is shame and sin.

  8. Therefore also - unlike the animals - God gave each man his mate, lest he should be tempted to enter into another man's flesh.  For to enter into a woman belonging to another man, one enters into that other man himself, since he is entering into the flesh of that man.  

  9. Every woman lawfully belonging to a man is his very own flesh and bone, since she as such was taken from the man, and returns unto him.  For again the Lord said; "And your desire shall be towards him."

  10. And as to that respect when a man and his mate come together in the act of love making, to the man - speaking of myself as one such - it is as if her whole body becomes again a very part of him, since in all respects she is his body.  And God made it so that by the act of intercourse and fondling of one another the woman likewise may feel herself as being a very part of her man.

  11. If a man concedes that when entering into a woman he is doing a shameful thing, then indeed it is shameful for him, which then is not in the act - as it is the understanding that he has of it.   One must realize that having sex, it is not merely a physical thing, but the same is as much if not more - spiritual as physical.  

  12. For the desires are at all times spiritual, which are then played out upon the flesh. Man after all is a spirit. And when in the flesh the exultation of the climax occurs it grants a supreme satisfaction to that spirit.

  13. Since again all that we feel, and touch upon, as well as experience upon - is by and of our very own nature, our very self - the spiritual beings that in fact we are - living within a shell made of flesh and bone.

  14. And yes how very marvelous God made this shell in which we live that it even seems as if by it we feel all things, while in fact our bodies are nothing more than atoms and molecules - parts of nature that in themselves have no knowledge, nor are able to know or experience anything in the way of feeling.

  15. When looking upon a woman with the desire to go into her - it in itself is not anything shameful, nor in-appropriate as long as it is for the woman lawfully his own flesh. What man now is there that at one time or another has not looked upon a woman to in his mind undress her, or entering into her? 

  16. Yet such a thing is shameful, since she was not his flesh, but that of another, therefore also did the Lord condemn it as a sin in man.  There are such brain surgeons, brutes and wicked as they are, contriving that as long as a female is not as yet married, there is no harm and falls outside of the law. 

  17. These of course deceive only themselves, for as long as a woman is not yet given to a man, she is her father's.  And if she be a widow, or her parents are no longer alive, or she is well of age, it does not matter since no man is to covet anything at all that is not his lawful property, be it for an ox, a chisel, man, or any female of man.

  18.   And to enter into a whore or prostitute is yet worse since she makes herself a part of any man, a most shameful and degenerate act, which is looked upon as were the man entering into another man, to be a queer, a very disgraceful practice, with a mind destitute of integrity.

  19. If now a bride at her wedding night hides herself from her man - being embarrassed to show herself to him, she has as yet a lot to learn before there will be any real joy or satisfaction for either of them.  A man and his wife should never be embarrassed for each other if at all these are to enjoy the grant gift that God has given them in their bodies as well as in the looks of them. 

  20. And if these communicate their feeling one with the other these will have great rejoicing, something that is well pleasing before God, for to that very end did He give it them, constructing each of them accordingly.

  21. The devil of course in his hatred towards man wishes nothing better but that this most beautiful gift of God to them be defiled upon them, and/or that they may not have any joy of it.   Therefore do not let anyone move you to think evil of it, but rather thank God for this majestic gift which He by His grace and in His endless compassion instilled upon us, upon the man with his woman.  


  1. It now is not a sin for a man to have more than one wife, but for the sake of jealousy it is better he should confine himself to but one.  The Lord never did command that a man be confined to but one wife for himself, but rather He said: "If a man takes a second wife he shall not diminish his duties to the first on account of the second."

  2. I know that there is much contention in this matter, like a woman hating the very fact that her husband went into a woman other than herself, and is ready to divorce him.  She thus for violating his vow to her, is now violating her own vow to him as well, and both will be guilty of adultery.

  3. Conclusively, if that other woman was not for a wife to him, it is indeed a sin in him.  If however that other woman lived with him as a concubine, the wife has no just claim against her husband.  If thus she divorces him for violating his vow to her, she divorces herself of any and all men, whereby she can no longer belong to any man, lest her husband died.

  4. How then you woman will you do so much harm to yourself, for the sin of another. For yes the Lord will judge him for his act, but He will judge you likewise if you take to commit the same crime as well.

  5. There is much stupidity  and confusion in the world for a man to have more than one woman, while the woman can never belong to but one man, the notion being very much mis-understood.  The woman might say' "Well if you can have more than one woman, then I can have more than one man."  This is a great fallacy of the woman, and most ignorant, for that is not how God ordained it.

  6. God did not take the man from a woman, but the woman from the man. He did not make the woman as He made the man, to be separate entities.  But He made each man separate and apart from one another.  The woman in herself however is not a separate entity but a very part of the man, of her man with whom she is wed.

  7. And so there is a difference between man and woman, and a distinction between man and man. The woman is always her man's, she cannot belong to two men, for that is like grafting the flesh of one man upon another.  It is the equal of incest.  Yet the flesh of a man can be many, like Solomon had one thousand of these treasures, and his father, King David, also many given him of God.

  8. What is it to you O man if God took my rib and made a hundred woman out of it, or ten, or just one? Who is to say unto God; "What art Thou making?"  I then say to you it is for kings to have and to behold, for kings so I said.

  9. And yes I said given him of God, even as God Himself said to David; "If it were not enough I would have given you more."  Do not therefore reproach Solomon for having so many wives and concubines to himself, for you are not Solomon, and God gives to each as He deems just and righteous. Let thus every man be content with what the Lord bestows upon him.

  10. For while in this world the Lord may with-hold His hand for some blessings upon a man, it is to a trial of him, since it is a simple matter of the Lord to shower him with untold many blessing in the world to come.  Do you then wish to have ten bickering wives for but a moment of time, or not rather one devotedly thereof into all eternity?

  11. Did not God command us not to eat of such animals as do not divide the hoof, or that do not chew the cud?  Do not therefore judge merely for this moment in time, but for all time, and consider all things before you make any judgment.   

  12. Some are blessed in this world, like the very rich for example, yet these riches are but for a moment in time when afterwards into all eternity these will have nothing at all, and be as them that are despised.

  13. Those then that are poor in this world and endure many trials, it likewise is but for a moment in time, when afterwards the Lord may shower them with many gifts that these will enjoy into all eternities.  

  14. Accept therefore what is given you of the hand of God, be it riches or poverty, for you know not the mind of the Lord, what in all reality He has in store for you.

  15. A woman simply cannot be any part of two men, for either she is a part of the one, or else she is a scab on a wound, a bastard piece of flesh not belonging to the man.  Is it not perfectly logical by how God made man? And, how He made him as male and female, as one being?  He did not create the woman, and took a man from her, but visa versa.

  16. The term which men made up calling it bigamy, did not derive from God, but from man, and that on account of jealousy.  Yet there is something to be said for this rule of man to hold sway even in the day to come, but as to the nature and detail thereof I will not elaborate further.

  17. If a man is tried in any court of law for bigamy - it is so by man, but in no way shall it be a sin in him before God.  Yet this shall be a sin against God as well as against man, when any person takes a woman to him that is under age.   Let a women, as well as the man become of age before these are brought together, since that also is so of the Lord.

  18. There is no command against man for having multiple wives, and/or concubines, which will continue into forever.  Not that I in the day to come will take a woman as concubine, since I favor full marriage, nor will I do so when it breeds jealousy.

  19.  For the sake of jealousy therefore, and for ignorance, as well as other causes - the sons of men should be limited to one wife each. Wherefore thus the rule - as it appears - established by men, is likewise everlasting, for so it is ordained of the Lord.

  20. If now I am speaking of mysteries, I am speaking in the wisdom that the Almighty God lavished upon me. Nor should one break his head over it since in the first place you cannot change what the Lord has ordained into everlasting.  Nor will your agreement or disagreement change anything, nor invalidate what is.

  21. Disagree with me as you will, but it is only to your own hurt. You should rather consider what I have said, and take upon it, that you may be free of me, for if not you will come to be owned like an ox is to his master. 

  22. And the master does not inquire of his livestock as to what he should or should not do with them.  Even so I will not seek counsel from any of my livestock.

  23. Man and woman, male and female, these terms reveal a distinction in them. When we say; there is a head upon a body, and a body under the head, it reveals a single entity, named in two of its parts, the head and the body. 

  24. As therefore it is the head by which one speaks, there not being any lips to pronounce words upon the body, so it is that it is for the man to speak within the congregation, while the woman is to remain silent, and converse with her man, her head.

  25. And to show forth that indeed the woman knows her place in the congregation, that indeed she is with knowledge and obedient to God in His statutes, she is bound to wear a covering, a veil upon her head, as a token to that humility, whereby she acclaims to indeed be a woman, a part of her man, her rightful place within the congregation of God.

  26. Where this is not done, there is no congregation of God, but of the devil, and as such I classified them as pig-styles, although the Lord Himself classified them as temples of the devil.  

  27. A mere token as some may say, but why then O you blind one do you keep a sabbath which also is but a token?  And why do you consent to baptism, which also is but a token?

  28. If you do one, why not do all that is prescribed?  And even when you do, if it be not in sincerity it is of no avail, and my judgment of you wallowing in a pig-style will remain upon you.

  29. So is the difference and the single nature of man with his woman.  It then is clear as a bell how none of the daughters of the Lord, sanctioned for the eternal rest with Him will be found to speak, or to vote in the congregation of men, since she as such knows her place in the kingdom of heaven and earth, and that the voice of a man proceeds from his head.

  30. This is besides how this voting game which men play - violates the commandment where God spoke saying: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."  If therefore you hate yourself - go ahead and vote, for you will most certainly receive your reward for it.  

  31. This I say to you, and to all mankind, that to vote for a man to high office, is to drive him deeper into hell, deeper in his hells abode.  Since therefore such an act is contrary to the love commanded us, it stands condemned. In this world all such men as crave to be leaders, to have the glory of men and advertising themselves, - are an abomination unto God. 

  32. No man in his right mind would wish to be a leader or prince of this people that are currently found upon this earth. Whosoever craves it is disgusting, a reject to all that are with knowledge.  Therefore also you will not find any man of God or with wisdom craving to be a leader of this society, nor to vote for any.


  1. Marriage is a two way street, it cannot come from one direction only. Nor can two be well joined when knowledge is lacking.  And where there is the fear of the Lord there is knowledge as well as love.

  2. True fidelity when it is found in a man and woman is by the love and the fear of the Lord. When a person has no fear of the Lord to abide by His statutes fidelity shall hardly be found. Within marriage, as within all things a man must know what it means to be a man, and he must, like David said to his son Solomon;  "Show himself a man."

  3. The woman likewise to succeed in marriage as in all things must know her place in the world of men, and in society, as well as in the congregation.  And how well the Spirit of wisdom speaks of the virtues woman, the one in a thousand, or the one in a million, by which a man is greatly blessed.

  4. Care for each other with a Godly love, show your feelings to one another, and consider the feelings of one to another, and act accordingly. And if one or the other errs, be considerate and forgive the error, for there is no person man or woman that never errs.  You said you loved her, and how then will you grieve that spirit?

  5. Submit yourself to your husband yes, for so it is taught, and like I said for each person to know who and what they are. And you men love your woman as your very own flesh, since indeed she is.  You would not cut yourself would you?  How then in any wise will you do anything harmful to your wife?

  6. When a man marries a woman, and yes I put it this way, and not the other way around, my words being correct; it is then that the woman comes to bear the name of her husband since she is then one being with him, under one single name. As then her maiden name is often placed behind her new and foremost name, I do not as such frown upon it, but neither shall I consider it wisdom.

  7. But when the wife leaves off the name of her husband to be known in her maiden, or father's name, it is reckoned for corruption, as were she not at all married, and without a husband living in adultery.  This act is contrary to the design and commandment of God, where He said; "And they shall be one flesh."

  8. There is ample advice in books and internet in how to achieve the best of one another, some good and some not so good, but where it states that good sex makes for a good marriage, there is a truth.  And where it states that the needs and a come-on are different for the woman verses the man, so indeed it is, which also comes forth by knowledge, love, and desire.

  9. One of the major issues between men and their women is that at times the man may treat the woman more like a piece of meat than a person. This occurs even when a man loves his wife, and cares for her. He is out to gratify himself, rather than his aim being to please her. 

  10. When a man is alone, there are times when he contemplates how or why life is worth living. At least those with understanding sometimes have these thoughts. But when a man has a wife that is good for him, and well pleasing - life becomes worth living. 

  11. At such an occasion it may be said to him, as it was once said to me; "A woman like that - makes life worth living."  For so indeed it is, like the Lord God who is all-wise said; "It is not good for man to be alone."  Man in all respects ought to be as God made him.

  12. Solomon once said" "Enjoy life with the wife whom you love, all the days of your vain life which God has given you under the sun, because that is your portion in life and in your toil at which you toil under the sun."

  13. And again he said: "One man among a thousand I found, but a woman among all these I have not found."

  14. What most of us know or know not is that the desire for sexual relation is different in a man as it is for a woman. A man as it is said can be aroused at the slightest hint, and so it is. For the woman however arousal is essential to building up their desire.  Here is where foreplay comes in.

  15. For a woman her sense for sexual relation is intimacy, while for men it is more like gratification. If thus a man tempers his gratification for intimacy his will please his wife and himself much more. Remember that a woman rejoices in pleasing her man, so the man should act to please his wife.

  16. One can go on endlessly to speak of the things between a man and a woman whereby they may always be lovingly bound. But as of yet we live in a world that is imperfect and full of ignorance, and not until that ignorance comes to knowledge, and that imperfection to perfection will there be such joy between man and his woman as it was ordained and created of the Lord Most High.

  17. I now am in no way contradicting nor teaching anything different than what the Apostle Paul taught. Paul on the one hand was content to do without a woman, I on the other hand cannot possibly do without a woman.  And so God gives to each man as He will, and His judgments are always for the perfection and good of all.


  1. To masturbate can be for two reasons, either to relieve oneself of the fire within him, or simply for the pleasure of it, nor is there any command against it.   It then may not be the wise thing to do, when he would do better to enjoy the same with his wife.  But there are times when wives shun being loved leaving the man without his need, or frustrated.  If then he masturbates to drive away the fire in his body, it is not wise but who is to reprove him?

  2. And the same is true for the woman if the man spurns her.  God made our bodies with such functions that we must eat to sustain ourselves, and we need rest for our bodies, as well as exercise.  The need to physically communicate with one's mate then is likewise a necessity upon man, more in some and less in other, even as the same is done additionally for the pleasure of it.

  3. Yet why should either one resort to this masturbation, if not for a lack of communication between them, one or the other being unhappy by what is imposed upon them.  Here therefore is where true love and caring comes in, to consider and act upon the desires and needs of one another.

  4. We cannot deny our feeling, even though we can subdue them, for it is the mind that rules the body. A person can go a long time without mating as long as his or her passions are not inflamed by either touch or sight.  And once inflamed it is difficult to control, that then may lead to sin, or.  A remedy so it is said is; "to take a cold shower."

  5. It is written, Solomon speaking; "And a man that does nothing wrong with his hand."  The reference to this can have a number of implications, like as to steal, or to act in anger. But equally so the reference may be in "how" a man touches a woman, and "what" woman, be it his own or that of another. 

  6. For a man to touch a woman where she should not be touched by him comes under the heading of adultery.  Since he in doing so, for all reality in his mind is lusting after her, or committing adultery, or why else is he touching her in such manner if not in his desire of her, violating the commandment regarding coveting, to covet that which belongs to another.  

  7. Solomon so wisely warned mankind not to look upon the figure of a women lest his lust be inflamed for here.   It then indeed is not an easy thing for a man when a women of beautiful figure goes about half naked showing all that is desirable to a man. Yet the man must guard himself for these things, and turn away.  

  8. Nor is such a thing difficult, nor impossible for those that have a heart of integrity, while the unwise lust after all that his eyes fall upon, even when the women are modestly or fully dressed.

  9. When it comes to oral sex in the pleasure derived from it, Solomon for one said; "To let her breasts at all times infatuate you, for why should you seek water at any well belonging to another."   

  10. Many persons have reservations about what they may do orally each with their lawful partner, for we shall not speak of unlawful partners seeing how anything and everything is sinful in that case.  

  11. I have seen no commandment for a man not to kiss or caress his wife at any place of her body, and likewise for the women to give pleasure to a man in any way she or he may desire.   

  12. The man with his mate is after-all one single flesh, whatsoever one does to the other therefore he does to himself.   Sin enters in when a man does such things when with a woman not his own.

  13. As then masturbation is for a discharging of one's need, or done for pleasure, I can hardly perceive any real pleasure nor any real satisfaction in it, seeing how that ritual with a woman is without comparison since it is so much more exulting, so much more satisfying. 

  14. As for the legality of masturbation, the physical act in itself is nowhere condemned. There is however this reality in -- how will he or she come to a climax?  How indeed if these do not in some way fancy themselves making love to a partner?

  15. For in doing so - what is in their mind?  Is he or she lusting after another, or is he taking in mind his lawful partner?  Is it not a matter of the spirit for the act to come to a conclusion?  

  16. One might then argue that he is not physically looking upon the wife of another, but if in his mind he is picturing the same to him.  With whom therefore is he factually gratifying himself, or herself?

  17. The same evil thing occurs when a person that is making love to his lawful partner, is factually fancying himself that he is making love to some other person, an unlawful person, man or woman.   And how did he or she come to that if not because he or she had an affair, and with their mind are still into that affair?

  18. There is indeed no commandment stating how one can, or cannot relieve himself, but there are commandments in coveting and in lusting for what does not belong to either one.  Is there any man in this world free of that sin, or any woman for that matter?  Since then all mankind may be guilty of it, the same does not justify it, and as such remains a sin in them.

  19. What therefore is to be said about masturbating, when the physical is neither here nor three, but the spiritual part is?  No, it is not an easy matter, and neither for myself, but that is never an excuse.  The one teaching concerning these things, namely me, I am made of the same stock, and I know the pitfalls..

  20. I am not above all things, but very much like unto every man, and able to feel with them, if not more than many since God indeed gave me a strong drive.   When I was young my passions were like that of most, and as I grew older these diminished, but having come into years, and wisdom increasing so the love and desire for all that is beautiful increased, with the passion for my mate also increasing upon me.

  21. When it comes to a woman I no longer call her just my mate, but my treasure, a very dear treasure, most lovable and desirable. And yes perhaps in some way the devil procuring it upon me tempting me, knowing how it is my weakness. Like unto Solomon who loved many women, his desire going out towards them, so mine have become likewise.

  22. But while it was in his power to take so many, this is not so for me, the law of mankind prohibiting it. Or perhaps I should say the jealousy of mankind, or woman-kind, keeping me from it.  And/or for the sake of mankind, and for education, as well as for the honor and glory to the Lord Most High it must be so upon me as upon every other man.

  23. So again and again it boils down to this, whatever a man or woman desires or performs with one another that are lawfully bound, there is no commandment, nor therefore any sin.  But to do the same with any person not lawfully bound there is ample commandment and therefore sin.  

  24. God clearly said; "A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh."  To cleave then is like to permanently be adhered to it.  And; "to be one flesh" is that the body of a manís wife is his own body, even as his own body belongs to his wife, both belonging together as one person, one entity in the format of two.

  25. When two people are suspicious of their actions with one another it is because they are not rightly educated, and as such not as yet mature. These ought certainly be suspicious if they are with one with whom they are not lawfully one flesh.  But for their own there is no shame in most anything that by mutual consent they perform upon one another.  

  26. As then mutual consent is a factor by which a man with his woman should act, there are also the exceptions whereby pain or harm may come to the one or the other.  

  27. Wherefore it is with integrity that every man should live, and with knowledge, to at all times adhere to the commandment; "To love one's other - as oneself, and above these to love one's Creator with all his heart and his mind, not omitting strength.

  28. Youth, as well as middle age, and old age differ in sexual behavior as well as in the pleasure and satisfaction thereof.  Youth for all reality is vanity, and not until one reaches the age of about 40 does the act of intercourse take on its full potential. Yet it is often not until old age when that full potential comes to be paired with the love and the caring that it ought to have.

  29. The world now lies in ignorance, and for all the joy that this grant gift of God can bring to man, for the many in this world little of it is realized, since mankind as such is still in its youth.   Those which have been blessed with wisdom and understanding readily pass the vanity of youth.

  30. It is in my advanced years that I am writing this essay having experienced most all of these things, and having gone wrong in things.  I indeed have no righteousness of my own, but in and by the Son of God only, in His forgiveness to me.   

  31. For whatever a man or woman may have done, if these repent of their inequities - forgiveness will be awarded them, of which there are many examples in the Scriptures and elsewhere.  

  32. Like it is written;  "Through they be red as scarlet yet shall they be whiter than snow."   Do not therefore postpone to turn away from any and all that is done in sin, not according to the word and commandment of God.

  33. And, do it with all your strength and in sincerity that you may indeed be forgiven to at end you may enter into His rest, into God's rest.


  1. Do not now conclude upon me, that all such things are impossible to keep, for if there is a heart towards God and His instructions, he or she will find help.  And that help comes in many ways for which a man must also take steps to seek out and accept the same.

  2.  Like how for one thing the Holy Spirit of God by the mouth of Paul cautions us; "that it is better to marry than to burn." In other words; "relieve your passions lawfully."

  3. And again; "To abstain from all fornication." That term then is akin to adultery which embodies a host of things. When one breaks his vow, it is adultery, and for a priest to give false witness to the congregation is also adultery, as in fact anything done contrary to the law is adultery.  

  4. When for example a man does not give to his wife the marital rights due to her, he in fact is committing adultery in the vow made to her, with the same being true for the woman.  And this is what the Lord cautioned men against - not to deny a woman her marital rights. If thus she desires her man simply for the pleasure of it, it is her right given her of God.

  5. If a man with little feeling for sex has a wife that adores it, and he refrains from her, he is breaking his vow, as well as the commandment that God gave to love one another, which by consequence comes to granting the same.  

  6. For her sake therefore the man ought to take some pains to grant her her wishes, lest he drives her into the arms of another man, as I once portrayed utilizing the movie "Ryans daughter."  Not that it should be by pain, but these ought to find a solution since by law they are bound to one another, and none other.

  7. Or, for the wife not to abstain lest she drives her husband to commit fornication, and she as such would likewise be guilty of her husband's indiscretion.  And so there are various ways in which adultery is practiced.

  8. Yet the reference of that term is mostly to fornication.   And fornication is the one thing against which we are cautioned against, since it is a heinous crime, a very serious crime, for which a remedy to forgiveness does not come easily.  Look how dearly King David paid for his passion with Bathshe'ba, the loss of his sons, and the rebellion of his own sons against him.

  9. Incest now is a term used when one comes too close to the blood in which he was reared, to enter upon all such as are of close relation, father, mother, aunt, uncle nice, or nephew, etc.  As then the children of Adam had no choice, and even Abraham married his half sister, do not conclude that the Lord will sanction it upon anyone else.

  10. For there being many persons in the world - you do have a choice, and you should not enter upon the blood so near to you.  For it is in the blood that this is so.  

  11. In the case of Abraham taking his half-sister to wife, while there were many other ladies around, that case is not quite so, the Lord not willing to take His offspring from the blood of the wicked, but remaining with what was pure to Him, his half-sister came to him for wife.

  12. There now is a great mystery in all this, and I am bound to curtail my speech, for again if I spoke my mind it would not be understood.  One might recall from other pages how I came to be in love with my mother, and to take her for wife unto me. But in these I spoke spiritually, revealing the mysteries of many days hence, a session not for the ears of the unwise.

  13. If then a man enters upon a woman far distant from him in blood, and he also enters upon a daughter of that same women, it is rated as incest, indeed most vile.  It is enough that he should have one or the other, but not compile himself upon the blood that is one of the other, to thus defile their common blood upon his devilish indiscretion.


  1. As now with animals their sex is exclusively for procreation, this is not so for man. In the animal world the male does not enter upon a female lest she is in heat, which clearly defines how their relation is for procreation more than for pleasure, and yet animals also derive much pleasure from the act just as humans do.

  2. Like the lion for example in his climax he bites or nibbles upon his female just as I myself often do with my wife, since in feelings it is like I want to eat her, to have her again whole into me.  And I caress myself upon her body as if to make her a single part of me.

  3. Unlike the animals then God gave the very act that leads to procreation to mankind for their pleasure as well, which in the essence of it creates a stronger bond of love, and devotion to one another as well.   For here again since the woman does not have this yearly period of being in heat - it frees a man from possible adultery.

  4.  Man, just like the males of the animal world can always find the desire to enter in by his mate.  If therefore he could only enter upon her except by a yearly cycle, the man would be left destitute.  

  5. Wherefore the Lord so wisely gave the act of lovemaking to mankind to perform at will, with but the exceptions for the days that she has her issue of blood.

  6. For many of the animals there are more females than males, and a male will drive out other males to have all the females to himself, since again he can only enter upon them in their period of heat, while his drive for it is continual.  Not that this is the rule among all animals, but I spoke of it by example, there being birds that have their single mate for life.

  7. If thus a man - for example - wishes to make love to his wife three times a day, there is no sin in it, except if he so wearies out his wife that it becomes a burden upon her or painful, since the act is designed for the gratitude, the joy, the fulfillment, and sheer pleasure of the both of them.   

  8. Accordingly, there are always things to consider wherein exceptions should be made.   If then a whore can take on twenty men in any day, it does not seem to be for much harm to the women to keep up with a man that has a strong desire.  

  9. The measure then of that desire is - as we should know - not the same in every man, stronger in some with less in others, wherein comes the trial of the love and courtesy that the one must have to the other.

  10. As then by nature this passion decreases by age, that also is again more so for some and less for others.   And like Paul at one place said; "How even in older men the desire remains strong,"  Conclusively, there is no single rule but to faithfully have love one for the other.

  11. If thus any man teaches that the love making of a man with his woman should only be for pro-creation, do not listen to such lies, and depart from them.  For does not even nature in itself teaches us differently, how we are not like unto the animals, even though our bodies are made of the same dust?  

  12. For the animals the Lord gave them sufficient rationality to sustain themselves, which we in comparison declare as irrational.  As then we differ in that respect let us be at all times rational, to reason things out, and to come to knowledge and understanding in all that we do, or fail to perform.


  1. Love now is not confined to beauty alone, nor to mankind alone, but as there is a love between animals for each other, even so the angels of God are endowed with love as great as ours, if not greater.  Among the watchers of heaven, the angels to whom the Lord gave the charge to watch upon us, and care for us, some of them became enamored in the beauty of man, in the female of them.

  2. As then these transformed themselves into the flesh, their sexual parts being like that of horses, these each took a woman to himself, the women looking at them as tall and handsome.  

  3. But for their wickedness in revealing themselves, and in taking wives, the Lord did not with-hold that seed be sown into these women from which came such as grew up to be giants, as recorded, fifteen feet in height.

  4. These many children then were not human, nor only spiritual, but the combination of both. And when these died, for the Lord did not give them long life as they had hoped for, they could not be incarcerated with the spirits of men, nor of heaven, but being born upon the earth, their spirits were imprisoned within the earth, and upon it.

  5. These are the ones known as demons, for while we may call those angels which are under the command of the Satan as demons, it is but for their acts upon us. Yet these angels under the command of Satan never had physical bodies, nor were they born by and of mankind, but created of God and placed under the rule of their chiefs, one other such major chief being Azazel.

  6. These spirits thus termed demons, cannot rightly be called angels, since never at all were they created as such, but spirits indeed they are just as we ourselves are spirits. 

  7. As then we that are still upon the earth, and not as yet having died, live within a physical body, we, once divested from our bodies, are entrusted to God's angels which He has placed in charge thereof. That place often being call Hell, or Hades, and that place of death is not upon this earth.

  8. Yet the spirits of these demons are upon this earth, and while the majority of them may be locked under so that these are unable to contrive anything against man, it was by the demand of the chief ruler of these demons, that a sufficient amount were left free to roam the earth, to fulfill the wishes and the design of their leader.

  9. As then Satan utilizes them for his aims, it is but to the extend allowed unto him, for Satan likewise cannot perform all that he desires. Nor is it only by the will of the Satan that these demons are or can be so vile, since like I said; love and admiration is found among all God's creatures.

  10. These children of the angels thought to have a long life, but were robbed of it by the sins of their fathers.  And their fathers currently being held in chains for the day of judgment when their fate will be sealed, these demons are angry, and take their frustration out on mankind, in as much as they are capable of, yet being fearful of any spirit that is of God and righteous.

  11. When a man does evil they are happy with him, and bring him to still more evil.  If however a man rejects them they depart, or if a man is filled with a righteous spirit, these demons do not come near, for like a clay pot will break when in contact with a brass or golden vessel, so these depart from all that is a torture upon them.

  12. As then these were once half human their love and desires are not unlike that of man.  And these too if possible would like to have intercourse with the female of man, if only they could.  For being divested of their bodies, they would have to have a new physical body in order for them to so communicate with the female of man.

  13. Yet it is not unknown how some have been head over heels in love with a female of our specie, like the one that fell in love with Sarah, who was to become the wife of Tobit, (Book of Tobit).  That demon in his love for her killed seven of her suitors, until an angel of the Lord drove him away lest he should kill Tobias, the rightful husband of her as well.

  14. If then anyone portrays that demons can have sexual relations with the children of man, do not believe them, these are speaking out of the ignorance of their mind, and contrary to the nature of the both of them, man, as well as demon. 

  15. There have been women to swear that they were attacked sexually by ghosts, such as the demons are. These then may have had a very real-like dream, but nothing more. And who at one time or another did not have a dream so real, as if it were for real?

  16. And where it is portrayed how demons work upon mankind to induce them to lust and adultery, that part is quite correct, but to call it a sin of association is stupidity.  For with that term they wish to place the blame for their adulteries upon someone other than themselves to blame the demons.  

  17. And yes the demons do have blame, but that blame is no less for the man to listen to them and to act upon their lawless advice unto them.  As then the demons are at all times committing their crimes without incurring judgment upon them, it is but for the span of time till the day of the great judgment of God.

  18. While for man he is open to the judgment of God at any time, to incarcerate him, or to bring upon him any illness or disaster as the Lord wills.  Do not therefore O man listen to the desires of any demon, of any of those spirits that were born of adultery. 

  19. For yes they have life, they exist, and serve for a trial upon you if you indeed will heed the Lord your Creator, or be like unto the other angels which also refused to honor the Lord God for His creation, and His righteous statutes.

  20. The Lord did not with-hold their sins from being covered, wherefore these giants came as a testimony to their guilt, and these are ever grieving for the loss and judgment upon their offspring.   

  21. Neither therefore will the Lord cover your sins, but expose them to the eyes of all the world.  Why then in your right mind - as God has given you - will you bring that shame upon you?  For there is a way out - by His Son who gave His life for you - in faith and repentance.

  22. The acts that the demons play upon mankind are as diverse as may be named. From the Scriptures we know how, one of more of them dwelling with a man turn him into the likes of a beast, with physical hurt upon him.  In others it is not so severe, while again others like the one with Sarah, are very jealous and protective in their love for one or another.

  23. And so many examples can be cited, but mostly these demons work spiritually upon a person to entice him or her to perform wicked acts. Like in the case of Joseph, son of Jacob, if a man is righteous he - the Satan - plays upon a woman in an attempt to cause the righteous man to sin, by which he might be destroyed.

  24. Whores and prostitutes are all servants of Satan to destroy any man fool enough to go to them. For nothing can be more harmful to the soul of a man than to enter in by a whore. 

  25. As then I said whores and prostitutes, these are distinct. A whore is worse than a prostitute, since a prostitute works for payment, and for many is their only means of support.

  26. While a whore works simply to murder any man fool enough to enter in by her.  As then there is a distinction between the two, one as well as the other kills.


  1. Personally I cannot think of anything more disgusting and vile than that a man should lust for a man, or woman for a woman.  This indeed is a severe punishment that the Lord has laid upon those that are of such a wicked mind. How wicked indeed these minds are to have been given over to such a severe degeneration upon them.

  2. And that severity increases when they come to boast of it, or demand just recognition for their vile behavior. If therefore the un-natural lust is vile, their boasting of it is even more vile than vile, a degeneration that  simply cannot be put into words, how utterly vulgar and degenerate these emotions and desires are, completely unlike anything rational, or by nature of.  

  3. And these many persons that are given over to that vile lust, these will come to have great sorrow upon them, a very painful torment upon their souls, that before the eyes of all the earth and of heaven and of Hades these will be seen vile and dejected. 

  4. It as such is indeed a righteous judgment upon them, to have been given over to such un-natural lusts, which these blind ones refuse to realize until they have come into their punishment, when they will indeed be dejected of all men, receiving the just reward of their wicked nature.

  5. Any illegal relation now is as such a perverted relation. Nor are we going to debate what all the perverts or heathens practice, since there is no integrity with them by which to teach them of righteous manners. 

  6. The Lord then made the anal of mankind for its specific purpose and no other use.  To deviate from this is not only perverted, but dangerous and stupidity in itself. 

  7. Bondage, as it is called, likewise, though in some manner it may entertain some couples, the issue of it arises from minds that are anything but loving.   And so one could list a series of sexual practices that are not acceptable nor condoned, all, or most of which are practiced by such as are perverted in themselves, and I pity those that are sated with it.

  8. As then to pleasure in pornography is obviously for fools and for them that have degraded to such a low level in the nature of man, these will come to stand very ashamed of it.

  9. Solomon warned against taking such sex positions as are unnatural and against all sense or reasoning.  If thus knowledge and good sense is not lacking in a man let him consider what Solomon said.   

  10. True love and common sense, as well as good sense, combined with mutual consent will give those that live by it the full pleasure of themselves in the way that God created them.

  11. It is very unwise to reason that if a wife was raped and got pregnant by it, that then it is just to kill the infant.  For if you had not been wicked, scorning God, your wife would not have been raped.  Thus for the rape of his wife a man has himself to blame as well.  And to add murder to it doubles the crime.

  12. Did not the Lord protect the wife of Abraham, as well as the wife of Isaac? And did He not protect the daughters of Lot from the grasp of the wicked?  Even so all the righteous enjoy His protection.   

  13. Where then it is said that; "Their wives will be raped, and their infants dashed to the wall," it is in retribution upon them for their wickedness against God.

  14. When the Lord packed many Jews within Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, and cut off their way by surrounded them with the Roman armies, He poured His wrath upon all of them, for at that time there was not a righteous person left within it.  All that were righteous as sons or daughters of the Lord were before-hand warned to leave not only the city but the region as a whole.

  15. And did not the Lord protect Lot and his two daughters from the destruction of all that were in Sodom and Gomorrah? If then a man has a wife that is seemingly righteous, but not in truth, wishing to serve mammon along with God, he will lose her as Lot lost his wife in a pillar of salt.

  16.   Thus the Lord knows how to protect such as honor Him, while those that scorn Him He hands over into the hand of molesters. As then the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were vile, these may be considered mild next to many among the race of men in this day and age. For I am not unaware of what goes on in the world, though it is but the tip of the iceberg.

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