1. The Lord created the heavens and the earth, and on the fourth day the sun arose and enlightened the world, and He blessed the Sabbath day in which there will not be lit a fire. 

  2. How is it that the Lord said: "You shall not light a fire on the Sabbath?"   How is it that we may not warm ourselves on the Sabbath by a fire, or light our homes to see?  

  3. Does not the Lord himself give us that great big ball of fire, the sun on every sabbath?  Is He therefore breaking His own law?  No of course not, but men lack knowledge and understanding.  

  4. Heat your meals on the sabbath so you may enjoy the gifts of His hand, and turn on the lights so you may carefully set your step, and not stumble in the dark, lest it be a sin in you to stumble, or that you should consume cold meat.

  5. You shall not "strife" on the Sabbath, nor make for war. It is in 'these things' that you alight a fire.  Forget arguments and all that is of envy for "that" is what the Lord said, when He said not to light a fire on the Sabbath.

  6. Moreover, it is commanded you not to light that fire on any day of the week, for we are children of peace.  Accept understanding, do not burn, not the burning of wood, but of the burning within a man for what is not of love.

  7. You have heard that in the millennium to come there will be no war.  For as the Lord said that on the Sabbath there will not be lit a fire.  For again, this day of a thousand years, is the day of the Sabbath, the seventh day of God’s creation.  And there will be no war, for on that day He shall rule, the Redeemer of Israel, the Lord of the Sabbath.

  8. The law is spiritual, and it applies to all spirits in or out of the flesh.  Where it then reads: "You shall not kill," it applies to one physically taking life as well as all teachers who by giving false words and false hopes kill the soul of a man.

  9.   The law thus exercises guilt both upon those that kill in the flesh, as well as those that choke the spirit.  A priest that lies is guilty of murder.  The whole law is summed up in one word; "love".  

  10. And what kind of love is it that one should bear hunger and cold?  But if you knew love, you would have understood what it means not to light a fire on the Sabbath.  Acquire thus knowledge and understanding, for without these you are at a loss. 

  11. For again, to what purpose are useless rituals? Useless rituals come about by ignorance, for the law said to write the precepts of the law upon the doorposts of your heart, and within your mind, and upon your lips.

  12. And what do the foolish do? They scribble them on pieces of paper and fasten them to their clothing, or wear them around their head. They take Gods spiritual law in physical terms, and exercise it in the flesh instead of in the spirit so as the Lord commanded. They have no understanding; they know not the law.

  13. And thus God concluded that everyone who is ignorant shall die in his ignorance, For God placed a law, and it is a stumbling-block. He placed it in allegory so that they who search with a true heart might find the same, for unto such as humble themselves repentance is given, and understanding.

  14. But those whose heart are not right within them, who are self righteous, these God leaves in their ignorance. Therefore it is that I can coin to say; "They who read literally shall perish accordingly." For again, it is a great honor, a gift of God, to know and understand the law.

  15. There has been much contention concerning the sabbath, and currently there being two sabbaths. The Israelites conceive to hold it on the last day of the week, while Gentiles conceive to be maintaining the first day of the week.

  16. And as to the Israelites maintaining the seventh day of the week, there is nothing to reproach them for, for thus it was them commanded. And for the Gentiles to maintain the eight-day, the day after the seventh, for that also there is nothing to reproach them for. 

  17. For the Lord never did say that we were to observe the sabbaths on the seventh day of the week, or on the first, nor any other day was specified. But He said, "That we should labor six days and rest on the seventh".

  18.   There are those that think to celebrate the seventh day from creation, as if they had the cunning to know that day, and thus they call themselves the seventh day adventist. But take now a good look you who have understanding and see what they have done. 

  19. They have done away with the good vessels and gotten themselves broken vessels, which cannot hold water. For they have cast away the great name of Christ calling themselves by an idol of their own choosing, for just as they say; they are adventurers for the seventh day.

  20. But what is in a seventh day, or in any day to have a Sabbath when you do not keep a Sabbath? The Sabbath means, to rest from the curse and from strife, to know and to honor God and His Christ, but these came to worship the sabbath itself instead of Him who created it. 

  21. If they were uneasy with the first day of the week, and wished to follow the tradition of Israel, why then did they not simply do so?   I will tell you why. Because in feeling uneasy, they were already in ignorance of the meaning of the Sabbath, and deceived themselves in coming to worship the thing made rather than Him who made it.

  22. Who can possibly keep the Sabbath lest he first understands it? Even the Sabbaths which we now keep are not pure before God, as He testified saying: "That He abhorred the sabbaths and her feasts, and her sacrifices, but, so He said: "Bring Me a pure offer."

  23.   That then which is mixed with human error is not pure. And even on this point some wish to excuse themselves saying: "but we are human, and prone to error, and is God not forgiving? He will forgive us our errors again, for God is love."

  24. So they speak and reason. But in vain do they reason, for it is in their mind that when "they" get good and ready to go straight, then they just ask God for forgiveness, and that will be it, just that simple. They ignore the word where the Lord said: That in an "acceptable" time He will hear.

  25. It is altogether typical for those that are contentious to be concerned for every trivial thing and omit the heart of the matter. They are quick to make mountains out of molehills, and stray from the truth of it all. 

  26. Some reach out for the Sabbath of creation, to find that exact seventh day as if that shall bring them to salvation, or to within the keeping of the law.   The thing then of which they have no knowledge is that, the Sabbath of creation has yet to start. 

  27. The Sabbath of creation starts with the return of Christ Jesus, since He is Lord of the Sabbath, wherefore it is His day to come and rule the earth. What they are looking for is a day of the procession of the week, as if the Lord made the earth in the increments of twenty-four hours by their accounting.

  28. And even if it were so, they have no conception as to how to find that day, nor have they realized in all that time that their present calendar is nothing more than a Heathen concoction, not fit for human culture. 

  29. Every year they change the day of the Sabbath for another day of the week. In one year the Jews will hold a Sabbath on the second day of the week, with the Gentiles taking the third.

  30. Then before a new year has a chance to start, they change their sabbaths for another day of the week, the Jews will keep the day, which the Gentiles held the year before, and the Gentiles will slide up a day, or sometimes two days. 

  31. Neither one of these therefore is maintaining a sabbath on a fixed day of the week, for both Jew and Gentile are ignorant of time, and of the institutions of the Lord.

  32. This of course is not new, for thus spoke the Lord: "They will forget all my instructions, and follow pagan practices". The calendar of this day is a pagan concoction, which even Israel practices along with the pagans, for they have forgotten the instructions of the Lord, all His instructions are amiss to them, which pains me greatly.

  33. Both Jews and Gentiles are quick to call themselves children of Abraham, but they scorn the Scriptures, which Abraham had for comfort and for learning.

  34. The Bible by Moses is grudgingly admitted as the recognized word of God. But what is not realized is that the primary purpose of that Bible is to make the world guilty.

  35. While the remaining Scriptures, including these, which Abraham treasured, are on the back shelf for the world. Since in these, so the Lord said: "Is the fountain of wisdom, and they are for the eyes of the wise only."

  36.   How would you have me teach both the foolish and the wise? The Sabbath spoken of in the creation is not quite the same as that which is spoken of in the law.

  37. The Lord determined to take the seventh day of His creation as a day of rest, as a day unto himself. And since one day with the Lord is a thousand years, He determined that there should be seven thousand years in which all the race of men would be formed from His creation which He created before anything as yet stood.

  38. He then determined that men should labor for six of these days, but to give them rest on the seventh. And the Lord hid himself to let man perform his labors, like as He showed unto Moses. 

  39. For when Moses was called unto the summit of the mountain, the Lord remained hidden for six days before He spoke to Moses on the seventh day, and told him: "Six days you shall labor, but the seventh day you shall rest."

  40. Now take a good look at these words.   Are these words a promise, or a commandment, or perhaps both?  And again, to whom may or shall these words apply in either or both the context of a promise and/or a commandment?

  41. First and foremost, these words are a promise, and that promise is spoken specifically to Israel.  The Lord promised Moses that for six thousand years his people should labor, but that on the seventh one thousand years the Lord would give them rest.

  42. When therefore the Messiah came on approximately the fourth century to offer Himself, that rest that was promised to Israel was yet two thousand years away.  

  43. But so that Israel might not forget the promise which the Lord had spoken to them, but to continually look for and labor towards that rest, the Lord gave them "a token" thereof as a commandment, as in fact to order them to rest, that they shall "most certainly" rest.

  44.   And so the commandment came that after every six consecutive days of labor there shall be a day of rest. Or as it is written: "I give you rest one day in seven." Or, "Remember the Sabbath that you do not labor thereon, for I have given you six days in which to labor, but the seventh day is the Sabbath, the holy day of the Lord.

  45. Those of you therefore who attempt to find the exact seventh day of creation to set your Sabbath on that day, as the seventh day. I say to you, that you will have a very long sabbath, for that day happens to be one thousand years long. And the reason that you have never yet found it, is because it has yet to start, it is very near, yes, but not as yet of this day as I write these words, has it begun.

  46. And so if you as Gentiles "truly" wish to share in that rest with Israel, pay attention at my word, and come to know the sabbath for what it is, and for what it truly means. Where may it be written that the Lord spoke saying; from Sunday through Friday you shall labor, but on Saturday you shall rest? This is "not" written anywhere, nor did the Lord speak it.

  47. Since thus it is clear that the Lord "in the token of the sabbath, in the commandment" did not specify any particular day as the day on which you shall observe that token, we shall not be in transgression of the commandment whether we hold it on the day we call first, or seven. But it shall be a transgression if we do not take "one in seven", in the order as to labor six before the rest.

  48. For it shall become a joke, if we mix the days to suit our business enterprises, or any of our fancies. We cannot say to labor 12 days and take two days rest, for that is mockery against God and His commandment.

  49.   And now that we have learned that God left us a degree of freedom, how do we suppose to utilize that freedom? It only makes good sense that since the "real" rest comes on the seventh, and our weeks have a seventh day, to place the token Sabbath also on the seventh day. Wherefore it makes more than perfect sense as to why Israel maintains that very excellent tradition that was handed down to them from their fathers.

  50. And what of the Gentiles, who shortly after the Lord had left Israel and had turned unto them, took to themselves the first day of the week as the Sabbath, or the "eight" day as it is also called? For here is a very marvelous thing to consider. In the first place, who are the Gentiles to observes a sabbath? 

  51. The Lord did not give a Sabbath to the Gentiles, nor was that promise to the Gentiles, nor mind you shall that rest of the seventh be for the Gentiles.

  52. When the Lord comes upon the clouds, He comes to deliver Israel, to give Israel the rest of the seventh day as He promised to Moses that He would in the commandment thereof.

  53. While for the Gentiles, His coming is to judge them, and to make them as rare, and as weak, and as humiliated as Egypt was in the days after Pharaoh and his whole army drowned in the red sea, leaving only women, and old men, and few children.

  54. So then we ask, why do Gentiles observe a sabbath, which was given for Israel? The answer to that is in Israel itself, in that she committed great sins before the Lord, wherefore she lost many of whom would have been righteous.

  55.   Thus the Lord went to the Gentiles to fill in the measure, which Israel had lost, that there would not be one person lacking from the number, which the Lord had chosen to stand before Him. Since therefore these Gentiles became joined heir with Israel, they also fall under the same law, and the same promises apply to them as well.

  56. But what about the rest of the Gentiles, the remnants that shall remain after the Lord has given Israel rest? And what of all their descendants in the centuries thereafter? Shall not they have rest as well? Yes indeed they shall, but not on their account, but like as Paul said: "In the overflowing of Israel they shall be blessed".

  57. Look at it in this way, as when a very heavy rich rain falls upon the mountain of the firstborn, and all his younger brothers having pastures at the foot of his mountain, will not the water for its multitude cascade down the mountain to water their pastures as well?

  58. The eight-day then, which the Gentiles maintain as their day of rest, is most fitting to them. For the eight day points to the rest which comes after the seventh, after the seven thousand, the day of eternal rest, which was promised to them if they would serve the Redeemer of Israel, and keep His statutes, and His commandments as He had given to Israel.

  59. The soul of the Sabbath is not in the day, as it is in what it brings, namely, rest from our labors. And if you keep the Sabbath for the fear of the law, you have not as yet come unto the keeping of the Sabbath

  60. For it should be out of love, out of a willing desire. No forced humility is acceptable before God. For this is the spirit of the law, which is the Spirit of God working a willing obedience.

  61.   So then I say; when the law no longer is law - but replaced by desire - then one has come in the keeping thereof. Is it not said, "For the children of God there is no law?" It is so because for them the law has become love. Thus we become perfect when free of the law we are one in the love that we have in Christ Jesus in whom the law came to an end and to fulfilling.

  62. In Genesis Moses says that the Lord created all His work in six days, and that on the seventh He finished, and rested. It therefore does not say that He completed everything before that seventh day, since clearly the Lord will yet form many children to be brought forth on the seventh day.

  63. And the Lord Jesus himself said at one place when they attempted to reprove Him for healing on the Sabbath, He said; "My Father works still, and I also". For is it not also spoken that on the seventh the Lord ended his work, which He had, made? And do not presume to correct Moses in his words, for he knew very well what he spoke.

  64. But some are contentious, that God brings about peace on the Sabbath, and that He heals the sick as if that is in violation of the law. But quite the contrary, it was on that day that the Lord promised He would heal us, saying, "to give us rest".

  65. But just as the sons of destruction opposed the Lord for His good deeds, so also will those of today that are of the same destruction oppose you for your good deeds, and me for the good knowledge given me.

  66. There is also debate and argument at what hour the Sabbath should begin or end. And this should not even come to a question, to busy ourselves over such trivial matters, which they that have come to the love of God have no second thoughts on.

  67. Is it not common practice for men to sleep nights, and to labor during the day? When therefore the evening comes, and one lays himself to rest, that day has ended for him, till he awakens on the day following. It therefore is from evening to evening.

  68. If then one retires at 8 O 'clock, and another at 11 O clock, the evening is all the same. Technically speaking evening starts at 6 O' clock, and ends at 12 O clock in favor for what is called night time. Does it then have to be at the start of the evening, or at the end of the evening?

  69.   The question, I say to you, should not even arise, and I will not commend on it any further. But I have my sincere doubts for those who can barely wait till the sun goes down on the day of the sabbath so they might put in a few hours of business, to bring more earthly gain to themselves.

  70. For behold, the hours of daylight have ended, the sun withdraws from us beckoning us to recapture in our mind what evils have befallen us, and how we may refrain from them in the future, and to retire to gain strength for a new beginning. But he shall hardly think of these things that takes to fill earthly gain to himself.

  71. On the opposing side then, there is he who looks forward to the day of rest, and sighs when it is again ended that he must labor some more in a world where rest is still only a hope to be realized at the coming of the Lord.


  1. The Lord somewhere said: "I never said bring Me an offering of bulls, but that you should do righteousness, and keep love with one another, this I commanded." Thus the Lord by the prophets long before the day in which our Lord was offered on the cross, denied having given Moses any laws pertaining to the flesh. For all these were spiritual, and to be kept likewise.

  2. What do you suppose the sweet offering was which Abraham brought in the goats and the lambs and the birds? The smell of burning flesh perhaps? No, but the integrity of his heart was pleasing unto the Lord. The Lord accepted Abel’s offer for the integrity of his heart, and rejected Cain's for the lack thereof.

  3. And what of your church gatherings, do you think the Lord has any pleasure therein? "They are an abomination unto me." So spoke the Lord, for when you gather you gather for your own pleasure. Do not think that there is Godliness in your churchgoing.

  4. Where in the Scriptures, the law or the prophets, or in the gospel, is that written, that you should gather in a church building every sabbath to commit idolatry?

  5. Paul said; ‘‘whenever you come together." For whenever you make the gathering of "love" a ritual of the flesh, you have lost the heart, which is Christ Jesus crucified. And so it was prophesied that the Gentiles would come to worship a piece of wood. 

  6. The Jews, after they had received the good things, turned and did their own pleasure, making their own laws and rituals.

  7. The Gentiles then receiving the good things, they also at first accepted it with much joy, but soon after that, they, just as the Jews had done, made their own religion baked with the facade of Christianity. 

  8. The Gentiles turned back to their old idols under new forms just as the Jews before them had done. And so now, whether it be Jew or Gentile, who is left to understand the Lord?


  1. Shall the children bear the sins of the fathers? Whether they like it or not they do bear the shame of their parents. For when they beget children in adultery, the children are a living testimony to their shameful deeds.

  2. The Lord then said, to visit the iniquities of the fathers upon the children. And for many years the Israelites have been in exile. But again the Lord said; that the children shall not die for the sins of their fathers, but that each shall bear his own sins.

  3. For while Jews lived in exile, and Germans carry the shame of yesterday, the Jews in exile that honor the Lord shall live, and the German that honors God shall obtain mercy. Whosoever then does not honor the Lord shall perish.

  4. Gentiles hold to idols, so called good luck pieces, their key-chains, lotteries, and all such detestable things, which they carry with them to their destruction. But the Jews no less have detestable things, be it in eating or drinking, clothing or ritual.

  5. There are those who bid men "good luck," instead of "God speed". For this is idolatry, it is a breach of the first commandment. No such thing as "luck" exists; it is an idol invented of men. You therefore shall not have such vocabulary.

  6. Be not taken in with the habits of the blind, but put on eyesight. Be not so half witted to presume that God only governs the large things, as if the small things are of themselves or of men. You could not take a second breath if the Lord turned His face. And so come to understand how in all things your reliance is on Him.

  7. The Lord does not help those that help themselves, but the Lord helps those that cannot help themselves and that look to Him for help, and place their trust in Him, instead of in themselves, - which is instead of what the hypocrites presume. Place your works before God, so you may be blessed of Him. 

  8. Let it not he said of you, as in the days of Saul, how the people of Israel chose a king for themselves, and left the Lord unaware thereof, not bothering to ask or consult Him. And the Lord was angry with them. So also is He with you to imitate these.

  9. Idol worship is a terrible thing, and one does this so easily. To fancy one's own word over that of the Lord, is idol worship. Being circumcised, to find grace in the law, is idol worship. 

  10. And baptism, to feign the water to cleanse is idolatry. If anyone assumes that he shall go to heaven because he was baptized, that baptism then has become his idol.

  11. You shall be circumcised to the heart and to the ear, this is the law and the prophets. Baptism is a new covenant, and/or "another circumcision. The outward tokens of baptism or circumcision do not accomplish anything. 

  12. For unless you are baptized in fire and in Spirit you are not baptized. And unless you are circumcised to the heart and ear, you are not circumcised. And unless you are both circumcised and baptized in these four as I mentioned, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

  13. Shall a wedding ring stop a man from committing adultery? Ring or no ring, he will sleep with another. But he that wears the ring in his heart, that person will not commit the abominable act. 

  14. Thus it is the inward token of fidelity that is the true token. The sign that says, no trespass does not prevent a man from going beyond. But the inward heart does not transgress. So also it is with baptism and circumcision.

  15. The law must cease for love, the outward for the inward. Circumcision was a cutting, it meant, "to hear", to hear the law, to be joined to Gods word in obedience. Baptism then does not signify cutting, but cleansing, being washed, forgiven. 

  16. Those therefore who call upon God that their sins might be forgiven, will accept baptism. For how will one ask God to wash him, if he refuses to be washed?

  17. Jews therefore reject themselves in refusing baptism, and Gentiles reject themselves in refusing to accept circumcision. Jews (not all but many) refuse to accept Christ, and without Christ there is no baptism, no door to salvation. And Gentiles (not all but many) refuse to accept Israel as the people of God, saying that they are cast off, and no longer the people of God.

  18. These Gentiles therefore being blind have forsaken the one great law of "love". And so unto whom shall I speak? Which of whom has yet the knowledge of God? 

  19. Therefore I say to you, lest you be baptized in fire and in Spirit, and also circumcised to the heart and the ear, there is no salvation for you. For Christ Jesus is all these to Jews as well as Gentiles.

  20. It is all fine and dandy that the blood of Christ is the remission of sins, but once you are forgiven, and have passed being weaned on the breast, the Lord expects you to keep the law, and His statutes, and to follow His will.

  21. For if you imagine to be forgiven, but fail to walk accordingly, in returning to the same vomit of which you were forgiven, you make your forgiveness of no effect, but instead you will receive a double punishment. It is also in that context when the Lord spoke of your preachers saying; "They cross land and sea to make them twice children of hell."

  22. I have great love for the Gentile nations, for the Lord brought me before them, and to point them the paths of righteousness, which indeed is a great blessing to them - to be led in righteousness. My compassion desires to overflow them, to bring them abundance of waters, the waters of life. 

  23. And my heart also yearns for Israel, for the water is theirs from the first. O how I desire to reach all Israel that they might rejoice. But unto Abraham it was said; that some will beat Him, and some insult Him, and still others accept Him.

  24. And so when I read what the Lord said to Moses concerning Israel the things they would do before and during their exile, how they would turn themselves against God, I grieve for them.

  25. One of their scribes wrote it clearly in the saying: "O Lord that Thou would create in them a pure heart and a Holy Spirit". (book of Jubilees, Moses) And the Lord answered: "I know their contrariness, and their thoughts and stubbornness, and they will not obey until they acknowledge their sins, and the sins of their fathers.

  26. But after this they will return to Me in all uprightness, and with all their heart and soul. And I shall cut off the foreskin of the heart of the descendants, and create for them a Holy Spirit, and I shall purify them, so that they shall not turn away from following Me forever."

  27. Since now so many years have passed, and both Jews and Gentiles live in the ignorance of the grace of God while they both pretend to know God, I look forward to where the Lord said; "They will return to Me in all uprightness." For that day is not far off, it is no longer in the next generation, but in "their" lifetime, the time has arrived, and is standing at the door.


  1. Hear me my friends, for in the Spirit of your Redeemer I reason with you.  The Gentiles say that you killed the Christ so as to speak in reproach and vengeance.  But these Gentiles are liars.  And since they lie, they are lawless, and Christ Jesus was killed by the lawless, which makes them the murderers as well.

  2. But then you in return accuse the Gentiles of killing Christ, and you also have become liars, and you are the lawless by which Christ was killed.

  3. But why is either one of you so upset that Christ was killed?  If He had not been killed then neither of you could live.  His death became life for us.  And so, why the argument?  Yes why do you argue in that fashion?  

  4. Is it perhaps you would rather not that Christ had been killed, since His death means judgment rather than salvation to you?  Take a good look, and see what applies to your inwards.

  5. Or how can a murder have been committed, since He came to offer himself?  The forefathers foreshadowed His death in a multitude of bulls.  And who are these bulls?  Yes who indeed are they?  Must I yet bring this to your wits?

  6. It was quite fitting that during that time Israel was occupied by Gentiles, since this brought the brothers together with the firstborn, or the rams with the heifers, so that His offering might be in both.   Since again "both" the firstborn as well as Gentiles shared in the killing of Christ.  For it were the lawless in Israel who said, "Away with Him".  And the Gentiles who nailed Him to the cross.

  7. Everyone therefore this very day, as every day of the past, who denies Christ Jesus, are the lawless. For everyone that sins, with their sins they nail the Lord to the cross, be they Jew or Gentile. For the Lord came to save the whole world, but especially the elect.

  8. Would not you O Israel have been unbearably proud if you had been the one and only? God’s purpose to bring in Gentiles began already when the sons of Jacob scorned their brother Joseph, whom they sold, and which became a Savior unto Gentiles.

  9. Your scribes have spoken of "two" Messiah's, a son of David, and a son of Joseph. So it was then already that God brought salvation to Gentiles, bringing repentance as the sweet honey to the forgiveness of sins, which was to be fulfilled in Christ.

  10. For Aseneth, the wife of Joseph, was not just any woman. She is glorious among women, being the very city, the very gateway unto Christ. These things thus were established before Moses was ever born.


  1. What must one do to be saved?  Do you have love?  Are you ready to accept God as God, or will you question His word?  Love, faith, truth, and freedom.  First there is love, from love to faith, from faith comes understanding to know truth, and once truth has come into you, you shall be free.  It is at that time that you will realize; yes in truth I am free.

  2. Faith is not a blind faith, for without knowledge how will you know what to believe? Therefore also it was said; "When you bring knowledge into them, so you make them alive."

  3. The Lord said; "they that believe shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free". And so how shall you come to this freedom if you do not acquire the knowledge to know the truth, which is accepted by faith? 

  4. Solomon said; that knowledge is life, not that he therewith omitted faith, but they are simultaneous. One must have a foundation on which to build and it must be the right foundation.

  5. The hirelings preach the foundation, which they found written in the Scriptures, but they failed to build the structure upon it for which it was laid. But what good is a foundation, if nothing is built thereon?

  6. Do you wish me to say to you: "Accept Christ as your personal Savior," like the hirelings proclaim to you? You do better to acquire knowledge as to what your sins may be, and then to repent of them. For that demonstrates that you seek Him by whom you may be saved.

  7. The hirelings have no use for me, since I prove their worship as disobedience to God. They have their own means to salvation planned aside of the way which the Lord showed as the way to salvation.

  8. And now I am boldly saying to you, that while these do not know the way to salvation, I in fact do know the way to salvation. But I am not alone to say so, for the angel that spoke to Jacob when he beheld that ladder reaching into heaven, testifies on my behalf, as he said:

  9.   "By a star, those on earth who wish to see Him whom angels above do not see, will find the way unto Him." The angel was speaking of the ending days, and of a star to come during these days, in days when the Gentiles would be worshipping a piece of wood, when preachers in their entire lot would be preaching vanity and not know the way to heaven.

  10. I therefore am not a preacher, nor am I a prophet, but I am a star, a prince, by the order and anointing of the Lord Most High. The angel then testified of me, that by me the way unto Him could be found.  

  11. If then you will believe the word of God, and accept the testimony of the angel, you will know unto whose word you should pay heed if it is truly in your desire to live.

  12. Christ Jesus came and laid a foundation. And in order that money may flow into their pockets, the shepherds ran to that foundations crying aloud, fill my pockets, here is Christ the foundation. 

  13. And you anxious to live, you believed the deception, for while they may speak truthfully concerning the foundation, they lie to you concerning the construction of the building which is to be your covering and freedom to salvation.

  14. This is why I spoke, never mind the foundation, you already believe upon it, the next step is, to make it alive, to get to work, to make your faith a saving faith. But at this point the hirelings will say; But that is work, we cannot dirty our fingers on that, that sort of work does not bring money in our coffers.

  15. We cannot point the people to their sins, for if we do, they will no longer be our friends, and they will leave, which is bad business, when no money comes our way, this would be as cutting our own throats. No we cannot do that.

  16. But I am not afraid to cut my own throat, or how many enemies I acquire, because I for one do not have the love of money, and would rather retain just one person that is saved, then your whole multitude which is to perish.

  17. Moreover with me it is so that whoever does not believe me at my word, is condemned already, because he would not believe me. For in that respect I am like the Christ, in that He dwells with me.

  18. And so I will put the multitude to the test. The Lord said to call no-one Father or Rabbi, except God alone, or he which is your father in the flesh, of whose seed you came forth.

  19. Which one of you therefore has any love or honor for the Lord in his heart? Will you comply? If you do not, don't bother going to church, and don't waste your money on churches, for your destiny is in the fires of hell, and your bodies will become dung on the face of the earth.

  20. Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles. All those of the Gentiles that have believed in these first two thousand years, are thus "his" disciples. And so the Holy Spirit spoke by Paul, to command men and women that they should have due respect for both God and man as well as for the angels of God.

  21. Wherefore Paul said; "Christ being the "Head" of the church, and man in that image, he shall "not" cover his head in prayer or in worship. But a woman, being the body, it shall be vulgar that she should come naked to a gathering, wherefore she must cover her head in the congregation in prayer or worship.

  22.   And so, are you going to comply?  Are you really?  Don't even think to argue with me if whether or not this should be done in this century. Paul is not about to argue with you, nor will I.

  23. And Christ Jesus will not spend vain words with you, but command your bodies to become food for the vultures, and your souls to be brought down to hell for the vile disrespect, which you showed before both God and man, and for your willful disobedience to His word.

  24. Paul said that; "If she does not wish to be covered, let her be bare-shaven." And so, why are you not bare-shaven? I will put it to you another way. She who comes uncovered, is as one who comes stark naked in the house of God, like a whore or like a prostitute with no shame, with no integrity, as a people that are no better than animals.

  25. And their husbands are not a grain better, to bring their wives naked into the congregation, they for their part appear naked with them.

  26. I am making a big thing about something nothing more than some hats, so you will say, and not getting to the real issue, that by faith we are saved. And indeed you are correct that in faith one is saved, but why then do you despise and scorn that faith, which commands respect?

  27. You stupid man you who even dares to think of such a reply to me, you in the same essence are stating; why God should be so small minded to complain about a mere apple or the grape which Eve took from the tree. 

  28. For the point is not in the apple, nor as it is in the hat, but in obedience. In respect for this word of God, and not to consider yourself so much wiser than Him, to dictate to God what shall be right or wrong in His kingdom, and His church.

  29. The Mormons for example make rules and regulation for how to dress, and while that in general may hold some value, it is mere hypocrisy, for then as they enter their temples they enter stark naked, like pigs in a pig-style.


  1. To you now who do not reject me, but you who rejoice in me. Once knowledge, faith, and freedom have become you - the next word is "endurance". And for this I will quote you the words of Jesus Ben Sirach.

  2. "My son if you come to serve the Lord, prepare your soul for temptation, set your heart aright, and constantly endure. Make not haste in time of trouble, cleave to Him, and depart not away, that you may be increased in your last end. Whatsoever is brought upon you, take cheerfully, and be patient when you are changed to low estate. For as gold is tried in the fire, so acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.

  3. Believe in Him, and He will help you, order your way aright and trust in Him. You that fear the Lord, wait for His mercy, go not aside, lest you fall. You that fear the Lord hope for good, and for everlasting joy and mercy. Look at the generations of old and see, did any ever trust in Him and were confounded? Or did any abide in His fear and was forsaken? Or whom did He ever despise that called upon Him?

  4. For the Lord is full of compassion and mercy and long-suffering, very pitiful and forgiving sins, who saves in times of affliction. But woe to the fearful of heart and faint hands, and the sinner that goes two ways. Woe to him that is faint-hearted for he believes not, therefore shall he not be defended. Woe unto you that have lost patience, what will you do when the Lord visits you?

  5. They that fear the lord will "not disobey" His word. They that love Him, will keep that which is pleasing unto Him, and they that love Him, shall be filled with the law. They that fear the Lord will prepare their hearts and humble their souls in his sight saying; we will fall into the hands of the Lord, and not in the hands of men, for as His majesty is, so is His mercy."

  6. Is there a heaven for landlords? Have you ever seen a camel pass through the eye of a needle? Landlords do not need a heaven, they are contend in throwing the needy from their homes and shops.

  7. God gave them riches so they may be tried thereby, but they are failing the test. They have gone so far to even concede that they are successful in business, as were it in their own cunning. Riches are a curse of the Lord wherewith He tries the soul of man. It is like a millstone around one's neck to drown him.

  8. And to many others they are forever out to obtain the bargains, to obtain something for nothing, as if others do not have a right to live, and to grind the faces of the poor, to take from them the little that they need for little of nothing.

  9. Listen now to what I say to you. Give value for value, have no false balance, do not defraud anyone, and do not grind the faces of the needy by purchasing the things they are forced to sell for little or nothing.

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