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  1. To the beloved children of Israel, those within its borders and those among the nations and to everyone whose hope is on the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be unto you from God the Father and our Lord Christ Yeshua.

  2.   Thus said the Lord:     "Speak into the ears of my people the words of this prophecy: - Do not fear the imaginations of anyone against you, and let not the incredibility of them trouble you that speak against you, for all the unfaithful shall die in their unfaithfulness."

  3.  Behold, says the Lord: "I will bring plagues upon the world, the sword, famine, death, and destruction, for wickedness has exceedingly polluted the whole earth, and their hurtful works are made full".

  4.  Therefore says the Lord: "I will hold my tongue no longer concerning their wickedness which they profanely commit, neither will I suffer them in those things in which they wickedly exercise themselves.   I will surely avenge the blood of the innocent and the righteous.

  5. Woe therefore to the whole world and them that dwell therein, for the sword and destruction draws near, and one people shall stand up against another."

  6.   Behold, I stand before you this day to testify that these things are near at hand, yes even now they are upon you. The diviners of men are fools, the learned clergy are blind, the wise ridiculous, they know nothing.

  7. Behold, I testify as surely as it is spoken: "The days shall come that they that dwell upon the earth shall be taken in great number".  That day then is now. And it says. "That the way of truth shall be hidden". And it is so this day.

  8.   I speak to you my dearly beloved; my voice is to the beloved of the Lord. What you have not realized I will make clear. And what you knew not I will bring to remembrance, so you might rejoice, and look unto Him who is soon to come, the Lord the Messiah, for whom you have waited all those many years.

  9. "My hands will cover you O Israel so that your children shall not see hell. Be joyful O you mother with your children, for I will deliver you" - says the Lord. "Remember your children that sleep, for I will bring them out of the sides of the earth and show mercy to them. 

  10. For I am merciful" - says the Lord Almighty. "Embrace your children until I come, and show mercy to them, for My wells run over and My grace shall not fail."

The vision of Daniel, concerning the 

seventy weeks of years

  1.   Israel was led into exile to Babylon for 70 years, and the Lord brought them back from there to Jerusalem. But they did not serve the Lord with their whole heart, and they became captive to other nations and were dominated by them. 

  2. Yet the Lord did not leave them nor forsook them, for the Lord foretold that within 400 years a Lamb was to come to be offered for the sins of Israel. Some then accepted Him while other rejected Him.

  3. And again 70 years passed after His birth at which time the Lord made the exile of His people complete, driving them from the land which He had promised to their forefathers for an everlasting inheritance. 

  4. The merciful Lord fore-knowing all things, gave Israel to know what was to happen, how for a long duration, namely two days, or two thousand years, (Hosea, and Isaiah) they would remain in exile under many nations. And that in the end-time approaching He would again issue a command for Israel to return and rebuilt Jerusalem.

  5. And that this period would again be days of seven from the time of His command to the fulfilling thereof. In that time He would come to punish the world, and set His people free from all nations.

  6. The world now has passed through all these years. Israel has seen nineteen centuries of exile until just a short time ago. For the Lord caused Israel to return to rebuild and inhabit Jerusalem.  

  7. It has come to pass this very day just as the prophets foretold it. And that which has not yet come to pass will assuredly come.  Israel will become the crown of nations, the beloved of the Lord, and feared of all nations.

  8. And now that I have said this much in regards to the seventy weeks of years, there are multiple understandings of these weeks of years, since the number seven is a number in wisdom.  

  9. For a first apprehension we could apprehend it as the Lord saying: "There will be a full number of time in which I will complete all things upon My people to give them rest." This is like the six days in creation, with the seventh (as rest) to follow.

  10. Then for a second apprehension; Daniel was checking the years for their progression, how there would be seventy, meaning, a full time period for the exile of Israel after which they would return.  

  11. Here we could look upon those seventy weeks of years from the day that Israel was exiled among the Babylonians, (as they still are to this very day) to the very return of Christ Jesus upon the clouds, a time period in our accounting of more than two millenniums.

  12.   Where then I said, "how they are so to this day", more than 2,000 years later. Babylon means "world" in the context of the wicked, as the world of wickedness, for like as we the sons of God dwell in this world we are dwelling in exile among the wicked, and not until Christ returns will that period end.  

  13. But then there is more in the words of the angel to Daniel, things that pertain to specific events, that would come in their specific times within those seventy weeks, be they days, or years or millenniums.

  14. When reading the book of Daniel or of any prophet, the events as outlined are hardly ever in sequence to follow from time one to the end.  Like in Daniel a vision is given that goes from a specific time to the very end of times, after which in another vision the same occurs, and again so after that. 

  15. Not something to man's likens where everything must be in chronicle order. And the same is found in my writings where I likewise go back and forth over time and place throughout the half century of my writings.

And thus it was foretold  (Daniel: 9)

  1. (24)  "Seventy weeks of years are determined upon your people and upon your holy city to finish the transgressions, and to make an end of sin, to make reconciliation to seal up both vision and prophecy, and to anoint a most holy.  

  2. (25) Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuilt Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks.

  3. (26) And for sixty-two weeks it shall be built with square and moat but in troubled times. Then after the sixty-two weeks, this anointed one shall be cut off, but not for himself. And the people of the prince that is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.  Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolation's are decreed.

  4. (27) And he shall cause sacrifices and offerings to cease.   And upon wings of abominations shall one come who makes desolate until the decreed end is poured out upon the desolator."

  5. So bear with me and let us view verse 25, that likewise can be apprehended in more ways than one. The seventy weeks can be realized from the day that God appointed Cyrus to call for Israel to return again, to the return of Christ Jesus upon the clouds. 

  6. And yes that whole time period of more than two thousand years can be viewed as seven weeks, or seven days, or seven years, or seventy weeks of years, since it is in seven, but for the wording as it is written, we shall be naive to take them as such literally.

  7. This is so since the angel is also speaking of an anointed one, a prince to come after a period that is allocated in seven. If then one will place this Cyrus, that king of Persia, into that slot, how could Cyrus have pronounced a return for Israel, seven weeks of years before he was ever born? 

  8. Some of man's brain surgeons then decided that this "anointed prince" must be the Christ. If then indeed there were some 490 years from the edict for Israel to return, to the birth of Christ Jesus, that is mere coincidental and does not agree with what God (at app. that time) said to another prophet how the Christ was to come within 400 years, as indeed He did.  

  9. Nor shall the reference to the Christ be a mere prince, as in - "a" - prince, since Christ Jesus is - "The" Prince.   If it had only read "anointed" it could have its reference to the Christ, but the angel of God clearly said how "a" prince was to come.  

  10. Understand therefore this, that in order to apprehend the word of God by His prophets, one must correlate all of what is said and written in all of the Scriptures, and not blind oneself to a single sentence.  But in much of this my hands are tied not to reveal too much since my speech will be heard by all men.

  11. The world of men cannot comprehend what is written, God having closed their eyes, but for you that do believe, and that do honor the Lord our God, for you the Scriptures may be opened.  If then indeed the Spirit of the living God dwells with you, He will teach you what is correct. 

  12. Recall therefore how there were two birds in the offering of Abraham, and how at a number of places the Lord spoke that He would no longer keep silent, but that He would begin to reprove the nations for their oppressions.

  13. And how in the books of wisdom (that are for the wise only) - He spoke of a prince, referring to him also as a lion, and a star of Gentiles, and as a prince of the very Covenant that God had made with Israel as well as the world.

  14. And, how he was to come in the ending of the sixth day of creation.  Correlate all these things my beloved, and the Counselor which He has given us will make it known to you, how the reference to that particular prince, is not the Messiah Himself, but a son of Him.

  15. Did not the Lord reveal many things to Joseph in dreams?  In one of them God reveals His Son born of a virgin, and how He, the Messiah, was holding a lion, (a son of Him) by the right hand, and reproving the nations.  

  16. For so the dream reveals that the nations ran up against that Messiah and that Lion, which He was holding at His left, and how it was the Messiah to subdue these nations.

  17. And so what more am I to reveal to you my beloved to clarify that this prince of Daniel in those seventy weeks of years is one other than the Christ, to go forth upon the world of nations with the Christ being with him in Spirit just as Isaiah prophesied saying;  "And now the Lord God has send me, and His Spirit."  

  18. And what did Daniel say in where he pronounced how that prince was to give his life?  Did he not in his eleventh chapter refer to him as a prince of the covenant? Since then there are only three princes of the covenant, which one of the three was he, with armies coming down from the far north and from the east with many princes slain?  Does that jibe with the day when Christ Himself was offered?

  19. Since therefore the Christ - as "The" Prince, already having given His life, when no armies from the far north and east marched upon the middle east, and David already having been laid to rest, who is left but that Lion to give his life, and as it reads; "But not for himself."  This my beloved is so, since God foreshadowed two doves to be killed for and into the salvation of mankind. 

  20. The covenant is - that God will save you. - And the nomenclature is; by a Son of David, who is the Son of God. And since we that are His, died with Him on the cross, we also in ourselves with Him atoned for the sins of mankind.  And for that there was to be a prototype, even as the Lord commanded the Levites, to offer not only the Bull, Christ Jesus, but a male goat, the Lion as well.

  21.   No my beloved, the world does not understand, nor could they understand since these are of the world while we that are His were born of Him, and to us these revelations are manifested.  His Spirit then, His Counselor for our sake will reveal to you all that I have placed into words, and not into words.

  22. "To finish the transgressions and to make an end of sin?" Means what it says, namely, "To bring in everlasting righteousness". It does not say; that after this there will be more war, nor sins, but - to make an end. Nor is it to bring in temporary or partial righteousness, but "everlasting righteousness".

  23. "To seal up both vision and prophecy," means that all that which has been prophesied will come to pass, to be fulfilled. This includes where Malachi writes that Elijah shall come. And the words "to anoint the most holy", this is the inauguration of the Lord, of the Messiah by his people Israel, and He will anoint them, and they will be anointed in Him.

  24. At the end of these seventy weeks it will be said: "Lo this is our God, we have waited for Him, let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation".   And again: "Then shall the lame man leap like the hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing for joy. The waters shall break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert, the burning sand shall become a pool."

  25. Did not the Lord say that: "He would lift up His hand to the nations?" And, "they shall bring your sons in their bosom, and your daughters they shall carry on their shoulders?" O yes you blessed Israel, you shall indeed be blessed. With their faces to the ground the nations shall bow down to you and lick the dust off your feet.

  26. "It is then that you will know that I am the Lord, and that all who wait upon Me shall not be put to shame, for I will built you and you shall be built, you virgin Israel." Thus said the Lord.  

  27.   Did anyone of you my beloved children of Israel around the turn of the century or sometime thereafter read in a newspaper that God had issued a command for you to return and built Jerusalem? 

  28. No, no one read this in any newspaper, for God gave it into the hearts of His people, to all those He wished to return, and they returned and built Jerusalem. This day you are a nation by the command and grace of the Lord your God. 

  29. The Arabs and others, which temporarily had taken possession of your land, were of course not all that trilled at Gods mercy to you, nor did they with thanksgiving hand back to you your rightful property. But if these will not mend their ways and cease their complaints, they will utterly destroy themselves thereby at the hand of God.

  30. When God gave the command to "restore and built Jerusalem", He did not command all Israelites to return since many were to be left to return at His second coming. And no sooner did Gods command go forth, or our common enemy, that devil worked upon the German people in an attempt to exterminate the children of Jacob.

  31. This of course was an absolute foolish gesture of him, and also of the Germans to give their consent.   And this foolish thing, in which they allowed themselves to be had, is yet to be rewarded upon them, for the Lord's vengeance does not wait on man.  

  32. They will yet answer in themselves as well as in their descendants. And amend or no amend it shall not cause the wrath of God to be turned from them in the day when the reckoning shall proceed.

  33. And the same will come to every nation that in passed times or in days to come have put a hand to Israel, the English, nor the Spanish nor anyone will escape.

  34. So you see Israel my beloved people, behold, you "are" back, you "are" built, you "are" established. After these long two days Jerusalem rejoices in its rightful inhabitants. The words to Daniel, his prophecy has come to pass. The Lord is faithful, He keeps His word.

  35. You are within the last weeks of years to His coming. Yet a short while and your eyes shall see Him, and the eyes of your children, and your children's children unto everlasting.

  The coming of a prince

  1. The second part of this prophecy refers to the coming of an "anointed one, a prince" so it reads. These few words now has caused many much concern how to interpret them. For they do not want to recognize any man as any prince, it is enough that they must acknowledge God or His Son as a prince, but a man with such authority of God is just too much for them to swallow.

  2. If Christ Jesus had come a hundred feet tall and glowing like the sun, with a host of fiery angels visible to all, then yes they might have bowed their necks saying, He must be the Son of God. But as He came, looking like any other man was just too much, for that is beneath their authority.  

  3. They like to think of themselves as very near to God, and then to have just a lowly man come along with far greater authority than them - to their mind is unthinkable.

  4. As then I have spoken enough on this prince, let us consider the time period a bit closer, how it was in our time that this prince was to come, the evidence for one is in that Israel is a nation again.  

  5. And also where Enoch in regards to the sixth week said that;  "At its completion (our day) there will be elected the elect one of righteousness from the Eternal plant of righteousness."  (Like as in a son of the Messiah).  

  6. And of course Joseph in a dream to him, beholding the Lamb of God trotting down the beast of the field (the Gentiles) under foot, where it states that this will come to pass in the ending days.

  7.   Thus my beloved you have the evidence that God has indeed an ''anointed'' one in the world. And who in his right mind would look for him among the great ones on the earth? Was not God's own Son born in a manger? And were not His disciples simple among the race of men? God raises what is lowly and abases what is high and proud.

  8. How curious then that the world has not known this prince. For if indeed man had faith and understanding in the things of God (as they claim to have), would they not have inquired and searched for him? 

  9. For since it is written of God, we can be assured that he has come. And yes, this day you have a prince among you, one anointed of the Lord your God to reveal foundations and to speak of the end.

  10. But why might it be that the Lord in this our day is bringing a prince into the world? What specific things are to pass that requires a prince? And how may it be in the saying, "The Lord is with us, and not with us?" And is it not also a fact that the foundations of the earth are to be understood before the end shall arrive?

  11. These things then being so, it is obvious that some-one must at one point proclaim these foundations. And since it is also a fact that these secrets cannot come from any man, as if any man were able in himself to discover these foundations, they can only come of God by that one whom He elected and anointed.

  12. For you know do you not, how it is written in the book of Jeremiah where the Lord said, "that if any man were able to discover such secrets, that then He would cast Israel off for all her sins." 

  13. And thus there would be no hope for you O Israel if indeed this man was wise in himself. Your awaiting for all these years would have been in vain if it were not for the Lord Himself to reveal such foundations to one of his own choosing.

  14. It then is therefore that the Lord brought one of high authority so that he might reveal those things to them, and not be abased. For the Lord Himself also by Isaiah testifies to this that it is not of him, but so He spoke; "I Myself first declared it unto Zion."

  15. And for still another reason was he in need of that authority, since it is the time of judgment, there is to be judgment. And it is not fitting that one of lower authority should judge one of higher authority.  

  16. This prince then is not a shepherd to lead you back, nor one to call you back (as in allegory to that Cyrus of Persia) For after all God caused him to be born seven weeks after that call was made. No, it was the Lord your Messiah himself, He called you to return. 

  17. It was the Lord who led you. It was He who gave you your victory in that six-day war that on the seventh you should have eternal rest. It was the Lord who placed the thoughts and yearnings into your hearts to fulfill His command.

  18.   This person then of whom the Lord said; "an anointed a prince," is indeed so, one of royal blood, namely his anointing. And he is with strength, being called the Lion, which is king of beasts. And he is with understanding, being called "a star", even being called "their own star". 

  19. For just as the sun illuminates from east to west, so God made him a star to the nations. While you O Israel, you are the Lordís, and this prince is given you as a messenger of good tidings.

  20. And so the angel continues to speak to Daniel, that for sixty-two weeks it shall be built with square and moat but in troubled times.   And so look at yourself O Israel, if not troubled from outside you seem to be divided within, for you are in troubled times. The word as spoken to Daniel has come true to you. And you will continue to have troubled times until the weeks are fulfilled.

  21. There is no such thing as peace in the Middle East by the standards or acts of men.  The one and only peace that will be - is the peace that will come when the Lord your God arrives with all His host to deliver you. It is ''He only" that will establish peace, and give to you the land as promised.

  22. Your neighbors do not intend peace for you; their lying mouths reveal it. He who leads them knows very well that just as in the days of Joshua, they are appointed for destruction. And while there are a few that help you, these will be blessed, and that not because of them, but because of you, for the whole world is on account of you.

  23. Then - when this anointed one is taken away, then will begin that week of trial, the last week of the age of men. And during that time another prince will come, one who is also called a star. 

  24. For there will be war in heaven, and the serpent will be cast down to earth, the devil and his host. They will make war on the righteous and the elect of God. He will perform miracles and wonders in the hope of deceiving the elect.

  25. These days my beloved will be days of trial and of endurance. There will be a purge, many of your kindred, sadly to say, will fall for this deceiver of deceivers, and worship him. Then also will be fulfilled the words; 

  26. "And I will send you Elijah the prophet before that great and dreadful day". And with him will be Enoch the scribe of righteousness, these two are the lamp-stands that stand before God and the whole earth.  For three and one half periods they will execute judgment, but with tenderness they will support those that hold fast to the law of God, whose faith is in Jesus His Christ. 

  27. Then these two men will also be killed, and the world will rejoice, even to the point of sending each other presents, for they were a torture to them. Be not therefore so greatly amazed at the ignorance of the people, saying, how can so many be so blind? For they cherish their ignorance above any learning.

  28.  For part of a week many shall be tried as gold in the fire, and some will be hidden. But everyone that shall see the end of these days their eyes shall behold the Lord Jesus coming with power and with great glory. At that time the nations will stop the wars they have with one another and join together to come and fight against Israel and her Lord.

  29. These foolish nations do not realize that it will be the Lord calling them in order to pour His wrath on them before your very eyes, before the eyes of all the remnant of Israel, and before all that remain in the world.

  30.   These my beloved among Israel are the words concerning the seventy weeks of years in which you are this day.  Let not the words of foolish scholars deceive you. To those that are wise I will confide privately, but to such as are unwise, blindness shall be their lot. Remember the words of Moses as he said, "Chose you life that you may live."

  31. And as for me, I testify to all that whosoever accepts my word, accepts life, and whosoever rejects me, rejects Him that has sent me. It is death to ignore my word, but not all can understand this.

     Comfort Jerusalem   

  1. "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." said the Lord. "Speak comfortable to Jerusalem, say unto her; her warfare is accomplished her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received of God's hand double for all her sins."

  2. Therefore O Jerusalem, hear the voice of His messenger.   Be joyful, look unto Him, for He is soon to come. Your last hours of strife are numbered, soon there will be everlasting peace.   The nations will envy your peace and your prosperity, but they shall never again be able to do a thing against you.

  3. Recall the plagues with witch the Lord God smote the Egyptians, how these pagans in their ignorance kept saying, that all such plagues were ordered of themselves.    They said that they came by change and not the finger of God.  

  4. The pagans now have not changed since that day, for although many of these call themselves Christians, they are still pagans, hypocrites knowing neither God nor Christ.

  5. By the time then that these words, which I set on paper, are published the plagues will have begun, and they will come upon the whole world, many horrible plagues.   And these Gentiles will again say that they were ordered of themselves, they will not acknowledge God until like Egypt of old they are fully destroyed.

  6. In the revelations to John, there are seven seals. Four of them have already passed, the fifth is the cry of the righteous, the remaining two are near at hand for these pertain to the last days and to your deliverance.   

  7. Then there are also seven trumpets, and at the end of the seventh trumpet it reads: "The kingdom of our Lord, and his Christ, and the mysteries of God as He announced to His servants the prophets, shall be fulfilled."

  8. There are also seven thunders and seven bowls of wrath, for with this the wrath of God will be ended. And so my beloved friends just as things have a simple beginning, so they have a spectacular end, or like the times of the Lord to have simple beginnings, but ending in great signs.

  9. Understand what I say you that are beloved.  God works all things, yet we do not see Him, but we see His works.   For herein is the trial of faith with the crown at the end thereof. 

  10. The Lord is merciful, slow to anger, and He is just. If therefore the righteous suffer many things being righteous, how much more shall He not reward the wicked for their wickedness and unbelief?

  11. "Vengeance" So said the Lord, "is Mine, I will repay." His day of vengeance then has already started, for even I am a token thereto as the beginning of the end. And you also are a token, you being in Jerusalem and again a nation. 

  12. My heart sings for you my dearly beloved in Israel.   You shall be delivered.   The glory of the nations shall come unto you. Reproach me not my very dear Israel, for the Lord your God raised me up and gave me words of tenderness to speak to you.

  13.   Ezra the prophet saw a dream and what he saw was an eagle with twelve feathered wings having three heads. And he beheld a roaring lion chased out of the woods. And he saw how this lion sent out a man's voice unto that eagle. 

  14. Whom now do you suppose that eagle is, and whom is he that is portrayed as a lion? For the dream which he saw was for the ending days, for the days in which you are this day today.

  15. The eagle with three heads are the kings and nations of the earth, its feathers having reigned, the heads only remain, and two small feathers. The lion then is just as the interpretation given to Ezra. 

  16. "For the lion, so he said, this is the anointed one which the highest has kept for them, and for their wickedness unto the end. He shall set them before him alive in judgment. He shall rebuke them and correct them.

  17. But as for the rest of My people, these he shall deliver with mercy, those that have been preserved upon My borders, and he shall make them joyful until the coming of the day of judgment."

  18. Consider then the words of this prophecy, and what it means for you. For "I am" that lion, even as "I am" that anointed one, that prince which is spoken of by Daniel, for they are one and the same. I will be reproving the strong, saying; for my first word I mean to correct you, so you might hear and live.

  19.   And if they will not hear, in a day in which they do not expect me I will return. In that day however I will not speak to hear of repentance, nor will I listen to their pleas, nor will I in that day show mercy. But just as it was foretold, "I will set them alive into judgment."

  20. They now will battle with me, but not succeed, for my Horn upon me will come down in wrath upon them and judgment will take place. But as for you who rejoice in me, my beloved, you are those which God has preserved.

  21. As for the unbelievers, many will say that I am not this lion just as their forebears said of Jesus that He was not the Christ, the Son of God. Some of these blind scribes interpret these passages as if this Lion is Christ himself. This shows how illiterate they are in the Scriptures. For Joseph, the son of Jacob had a vision, which he related to his children in his testament unto them.

  22. And this was the vision. "And I saw that from Judah was born a virgin wearing a linen garment, and from her was born a lamb without spot. And on His left there was one like a lion. And all the beasts ran up against Him, and the Lamb overcame them, destroying them, and trod them under foot.

  23. And because of Him, the angels and men and all lands rejoice. These things shall come to pass in their time, in the last days."

  24. So you see, how can the lion be also the Iamb at the same time?   The lion when he comes is not alone, nor does the Lamb come by Himself, but holding a lion by the right hand. And, how this was to be in our time, in the last days.

  25. What do these serpents for scribes imagine anyway, that Christ shall again come to suffer and die for a second time?   O how they would like that.   But quite the contrary, the Lord will come upon the clouds in great glory, armed with mighty power, and all the world will know.   

  26. Yet before that great day, He, the Son of God, is not absent but with His messengers to prepare the way before Him.

  27. You therefore my beloved, you know that the mighty Son of God is with me, while the world will conceive me to be on my own, an obstinate lion. And I am placing these words in writing, and note at what date I wrote all these words, so that when it does come to pass you may know that I spoke of a truth, lest otherwise if I were not of God this my word would not have come true.

  28. We now know that a Lamb is not one to devour beasts, nor tread upon them. The lion on the other hand fears no animal. But it does not say that the lion, but that the Lamb overcame the beasts treading them down, destroying them. For the Lamb is Christ Jesus, and the Lion am I. For I am in him, as He is in me to do unto the world as He pleases.

  29. The world therefore will not see the Lamb, for He is Spiritual, but only that lion who is in the flesh. It is therefore that they fail, in not having eyes to perceive spiritually.

  30. It is in the time of the seventy weeks of years that this lion shall roar. For where it reads that he will make them joyful until the day of judgment, signifies a period before that last day, to come unto it. You my beloved, you shall not wait for that great day of the Lord in your generations after you, but in your time.

  31. You yourselves with your own eyes standing upon your own two feet will see the blessed One of God, everyone who is appointed to remain unto that day.  Bewail it therefore not if you should be asked to give your life before that great day, for in that event you will be among the host of righteous that return with the Lord, and thus you will see Israel delivered as those that did not taste death.

  32.   Much is written in the Scriptures concerning these things, and I point them out to you so you might understand and believe. For the word of the Lord is true and faithful.   

  33. Even the knowledge to the foundations of the world are linked with this anointed one. For when we go back into the words of Esdras, (also Ezra), which the angel Gabriel spoke to him. He spoke these things, which I placed as an introduction in my first book "The Foundations of the World".

  34. The angel spoke to him how truth would become hidden, that iniquity would yet increase, and how in these last times there would be neither faith, nor understanding in the things thereof. Yet priests would be more and more, and hypocrites many, all loving money and hearing only what they wish to hear. The angel said that terrible things would come upon that generation. 

  35.   And so Esdras asked; "What shall be the parting asunder of the times? Or when shall be the end of the first, and the beginning of that following?" In other words, Ezra wished to know what the tokens would be by which men might know when the beginning of the end has taken hold. 

  36. The angel then gave him a parable of how Jacob followed Esau, and told him not to ask more but Ezra insisted that he show him the tokens of that end time.

  37. So then the angel said: "Stand upon your feet and hear a mighty sounding voice, and it shall be as were it a great motion. But the ground whereupon you stand, shall not be moved, wherefore when it speaks, be not afraid. For the word is of the end, and the foundations of the earth are understood.''

  38. This mighty sounding voice, is the Lord, for He has opened my mouth to proclaim hidden things, and to testify of the day at hand. The prophet then spoke further saying: 

  39. "And it happen when I heard the same, I stood upon my feet and listened. And behold; there was a voice that spoke, the sound of which was like the sound of many waters.

  40. And it said; "Behold, the days come that I will draw near to visit them that dwell upon the earth, to begin to make inquisition of them whom they conceive to be hurt unjustly with their unrighteousness."

  41. It is obvious that I cannot come at the very last day, but must come a short while before the end, to come at the beginning of the period of the end. For the voice of the Lord also said that He would "begin" to draw near to visit them.

  42. Did I not say a bit earlier, how I would warn them, and afterwards come with judgment? The trouble with the world is, their unbelief, their blindness, they know not with whom they are dealing, they conceive to behold a man, and on this they will break their neck.

     The Lion and Foundations

  1.   The foundations of the earth were to be understood. Do you now think that Newton knew gravity? Or that Einstein perhaps discovered how man was held upon the earth, or by what secret it journeys through space? If indeed they had, they would be the death of all of us, of all mankind, since God always keeps his word, as He said by Jeremiah:  

  2. "If the heavens above can be measured, or the foundations below can he searched out, then I will cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done."

  3. Do you now think that Einstein or others like him knew anything? I tell you in those things they were less than children they have not known. But for their part, their guilt is against all humanity to "presume" to know. And all who sanction them therein are for their part guilty. 

  4. The astronomers may imagine to know the measures of the universe, but they are dreamers. They know not a single measure therein let alone to know the universe.

  5. By the knowledge and understanding that the Lord granted me, the Lord makes fools of them. It is indeed correct that men should come to understand the foundations of the earth but they would not be of any man, nor are they. 

  6. But God Himself has revealed them to one He choose, one whom He kept from before the creation of the world unto this day and to that purpose. You therefore shall live O Israel; you shall live and rejoice in the Lord your God.

  7. It is for your sake that I at last reveal myself, to open my heart and clarify secrets, so that you may know and understand, and believe that I am indeed "he" and of "His" making that by "His" revelation these were unto me. By Isaiah the Lord said:  

  8. "I stirred up one from the north, and he has come. From the rising of the sun, and he shall call upon My name. He shall trample on rulers as a potter treads clay. Who declared it from the beginning that we might know? Or from previous times so that we may say, "He is right?" 

  9. There was no one who declared it, no one who proclaimed it previously; no one heard your words. I first declared it to Zion, and I give to Jerusalem a herald of good tidings."

  10. Hear me my beloved friends. I am from the north. And I do call upon the name of the Lord, for what other scientist, one with fundamentals sanctifies creation? The whole lot of them are hung up on their accidents, their evolution. And who from among all the learned in the earth has spoken as I speak? 

  11. Or who has ever revealed such secrets as you have heard of me? Who has taken reason and made it valid? Not one scientist, nor philosopher, or any learned person has proclaimed foundations.

  12. The words that have proceeded from my mouth have not been heard before by any person. Thus it is just as the Lord testifies on my behalf. "Unto one in Zion, I the Lord declared it first." Zion then, is anyone who keeps the charge of the Lord, the people of the Lord, His elect. And Zion is also the Lord, as it is written; "In Zion there shall be deliverance".

  13.   Why is it that I speak all such unto you O Israel? How may it be that my heart is so turned for you? My heart is indeed turned for you, because of your Lord, and because it is He who has made me a messenger unto you. 

  14. How shall I not love those who in the Lord are my very own, my blood, and my flesh? For in the seed of David be my flesh and bone; she who was desolate of children will have a multitude of children, which men cannot number.

  15.   The words to Esdras now are quite correct, saying how truth shall be hidden, and that few wise and intelligent ones shall remain. For what nonsense is it of the world to question, as Isaiah said, "That we may say, he is right"? Have I not labored to set forth these foundations with reason and with evidence? I indeed labored to use logic and common sense, to bring the same as were it elementary, as self-evident.

  16. I did not go forth speaking only in wisdom, nor did I use riddles or hard speech. I stepped down to their level, and yet will they question me if I am right? I however know their mind, and how knowledge is lacking among them, though they boast therein. 

  17. And on account of this I committed a sin, I spoke some riddles, and at times I held my peace, I omitted what needed not to be omitted, I left them to fetch for themselves, rewarding them for their pride.

  18. But now what, do you think they will question me? Or that they shall have an answer at my questions? By Isaiah the Lord continues to say: "But when I look, there is no one among them, there is no counselor who when I ask, gives an answer. Behold, they are all a delusion, their works are nothing, their images empty wind."

  19. Shall they therefore be answering me? Or is it I who puts the question to them? The counselors of men are at a loss to answer. "We cannot defeat him, nor right him except at the cost of our own heads." So they will muse. And indeed herein they are correct. 

  20. For I left them but one open door while it shall be open for them. And for their failure to answer me I will despise them. I brought them good knowledge, but they lack the integrity to acknowledge the same.

  21. Then again the Lord spoke by Isaiah:  "My hand laid the foundations of the earth, and My right hand spanned the heavens. When I call to them, they stand forth together. So, assemble yourselves all of you and hear: Who from among them has declared these things? 

  22. The Lord loves him, he shall perform his purpose on the world (Babylon), and his arm shall be against the strong (Chaldeans). I, even I have spoken, and called him. I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way."

  23. The scientists of the world, nor the learned men proclaim creation, and even the leaders among men shy with accidents. While he who knows both accident and what is creation, I declare the Lord.   

  24. It was He who rescued me when my feet slipped and I was near to drown into hell. I was intoxicated with what men are intoxicated with. But the Lord in His compassion reached forth and drew me out, and taught me the foundations of the world.

  25. How many now have the years been since? And in all that time I have not been silent, neither did I hide anything, nor ever myself. I kept no secrets, which were given me to reveal. I did not hide any treasure, nor shall any person accuse me thereof justly. 

  26. For is not God my witness, who again before hand testified on my behalf saying by Isaiah: "Draw near to Me and hear. From the beginning I have not spoken in secret, from the time that it came to be, I was with him. And now the Lord God has sent me and His Spirit.

No trust in friends

  1.   Hear me O Israel, and all that hope on the God of Jacob. The prophet Mica said: "Out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. All the people shall walk each in the name of their own god, but we shall walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.

  2. The remnant of Israel shall be in the midst of many people like dew from the Lord, like showers upon the grass, which tarry not for men, nor wait for the sons of man.

  3. The remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations in the midst of many people like a young lion among the flocks of sheep, which when it goes through, treads down and tears to pieces, and there is none to deliver". 

  4. Your hand O Israel shall be lifted up over your adversaries, your enemies shall he cut off." When I think back along those long nineteen hundred years that you have been dispersed, how the nations abused you, robbing and uprooting you, kings, and princes competing with each other. 

  5. They committed murder but you were found the blame and they forced you to pay. Countless ordeals, such very cruel things as no human would perform, for indeed they were inhuman. It was however for your own sins that all such things came upon you, as the Lord foretold by Ezekiel saying:

  6. "I will make you a desolation, and an object of reproach among the nations. I will send wild beasts against you, and they will rob you of your children. Pestilence and blood shall pass through you, and I will bring the sword upon you. I the Lord have spoken."

  7. For just as the Lord said earlier: "A third I will scatter to all the winds, and unsheathe the sword after them. Thus shall My anger spend itself. I will vent My fury on them, and satisfy Myself. And they shall know that I the Lord have spoken in My jealousy, when I spend My fury upon them".

  8. Shall now the nations be justified, since it was of the Lord to chastise you? Quite the contrary, for when the Lord sends his arrows against a man to correct him, the Lord has a blessing in mind to keep him safe from destruction. 

  9. While those whom the Lord leaves in their folly, not sending arrows for correction, they are appointed for destruction. Count yourselves blessed of the Lord that for His namesake He went through you like a devouring Lion.

  10. For again it says in another place: "For they have received double for their sins, and I will put a new heart into them. I will rejoice over them, I will keep them as the apple of the eye."  

  11. The nations on the other hand, when they saw you as easy prey for the anger of the Lord upon you, they multiplied their cruelties, they went beyond. Moreover they rejoiced in oppressing you, they exulted in your calamity.

  12.   They the nations made a very grave error, they did not remember mercy in the day when they should have remembered mercy. They were pleased in executing judgment, therefore the destruction upon them will be great beyond compare. 

  13. Destroyers used for judgment will afterwards themselves be destroyed. For they who were eager to execute, were themselves guilty as well, and increased their guilt beyond measure unto themselves.

  14. Take heed my beloved, the inhumane cruelty of the fathers is still with the children. That cloak of civilization will quickly melt to reveal that in brutality and in cruelty they can even surpass their forebears. Every single century has demonstrated their brutality, and they will not cease until their end has come. 

  15. Consider only those barbarian crusades that they made presumably to cleanse Jerusalem of infidels like bigger fish swallowing the smaller ones.

  16. And all this these barbarians did under the cloak of Christianity. They went forth raping, stealing, murdering, and being murdered. And they had yet the gall to cry out in bewilderment - "how come the Lord was not with them in their holy cause." They were anti-Christian, the offspring of those before them, and their offspring again are those you behold this day.

  17. They are even now in Jerusalem, calling themselves catholics as well as protestants. They competed with each other, which of them could be more cruel with you. And when they ran out, they turned as animals against each other. Surely therefore the vengeance of the Lord is just on them.

  18. But now O Israel, do not condemn the Christians as if they were your enemies from day one, not for anything you may have suffered under the disguise of Christianity. For Christ is their Savior as well as yours. 

  19. Surely as the Lord lives I testify to you, the Christians never did do you any harm, but many took (and are still taking) the name of Christ upon themselves as a cloak. They are unreal, servants of destruction, children of damnation.

  20. Beware of them I say to you. They have many names, be it catholics protestants, muslims, or what all follows the long list of idols. If they do not hold stone or wood for gods, or cows or monkeys sacred, they worship murderers, or saints, or themselves, and money as well as gold. But the true Christian is known in the Lord, in the Lord of Israel.

  21.   My dear friends, what have you in mind to be like the nations? O my very dear Israel, will you be accepted among them as were you one of them? What my dear friend has a lion in common with foxes?  

  22. Will you eat the bread that they will eat? Will you drink of the cup of which they are to drink? I tell you, you shall not want their cup, nor their drink when God pours it out on them.

  23. They come to speak with your leaders. They come from America, and from the seat of the devil at Rome to discuss peace, the hypocrites, how they may live in harmony with foxes and scorpions, with vipers young. They are beginning to run scared. It cannot go on like this they say, the fools that they are.

  24. They have yet to hear the Lion roar and already they are beginning to tremble? Send these critters this direction, for they will soon learn what it means to provoke the King of Israel, and what truth or peace will be assayed upon them.

  25. Thus spoke the Lord:  "What is in your mind O Israel will never happen! the thought of, let us be like the nations, like the tribes of the countries who worship wood and stone. As I live, says the Lord, surely with a mighty hand, and an outstretched arm and with wrath poured out, I WILL BE KING OVER YOU.

  26. Let go of your foolish notions my dear Israel, be not rebels, for again spoke the Lord: "Those who transgress against Me I will bring them out of the land where they sojourn, but: they shall not enter the land of Israel. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

  27. For on my holy mountain, the mountain height of Israel, says the Lord, there all the house of Israel, all of them shall serve Me in the land. There will I accept them. There will I require their contributions, the choicest of your gifts with all your sacred offerings.

  28. As a pleasing odor I will accept you when I bring you out from among the peoples, gathering you out of the countries where you have been scattered. And I will manifest My holiness among you in the sight of all nations.

  29. And you shall know that I am the Lord when I bring you into the land of Israel, the country which I swore to give to your fathers. There you will remember your ways, and all the doings with which you have polluted yourselves.

  30. And you shall loathe yourselves for all the evils that you have committed. And you shall know that I am the Lord when I deal with you for My name sake. Not according to your evil ways, nor according to your corrupt doings O house of Israel". Says the Lord.

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