In  judgment


  1.  Why does man always have to twist and corrupt everything they touch?  Is there not anything they can do right for a change?  The Lord spoke saying;  "And I will make the tally of men so few that a child can write it down."  And so these depict these words in movies, and on the TV screen bombarding the people with it, as if there were some truth or possibility to their concoction of that fact soon to occur.

  2. By them of course in their foolish imagination it is always a meteor, or some other catastrophe whereby the tally of men becomes few, or even to be wiped out completely.  All this because these are perpetually wicked, to let their imaginations run wild with them, and then some.

  3. It now is not a rock from space, nor man's atomic bombs, nor by any volcano that these and their seed will be eradicated from the earth, but by something far worse, and far more humiliating than all the above.  It is a glorious army to come upon them, the most terrible of the nations will come upon them, and these will devastate them.

  4. And what might that army do, the ones of whom man has no conception?   They will turn each against their own flesh, parents to kill their children, and children their parents, friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors to murder each other, and not one of them will escape.

  5. A most humiliating demise is coming upon man to murder those they love most, nor will any of them be able to hold back their hands from killing one each other.  This, mind you, I call a just reward for all their wicked inventions, and for their adulteries.

  6. It is a selective army that is to come upon you, to bring all the wicked out of their hiding places, and at the same time they will protect the few good hearted of the people, the meek of the earth as they are referred to.   Their atomic bombs would be much less humiliating would they not?

  7. But man in the ignorance of his mind depict as if the most worthless among men will be left, as if their seed will be left, as if the wicked will remain to practice their villainy upon the few remaining. 

  8. But these are wrong, for those that will be left will no longer practice war nor villainy since these will be the good natured among men that contrary to these others do not allow their imagination to run wild with them.

  9. In one of those cartoons (rather than movie) which man made they depicted to save themselves by ark's, like Noah, and of course these filled them up with the most worthless from among men. 

  10. But don't bother each and everyone of these will be food for the vultures long before any such calamity will come upon the earth, since it are the blind ones to be eradicated with only the meek left to inherit it.

  11. Nor are these the only ones to practice deceit as they are doing with their false propaganda. And if these will say; "But these are only movies and not their propaganda." You lie, you liars of the earth.  

  12. If you wished it only to be a movie look to something like Star Trek which is no more than fantasy, while you are depicting a deliberate lie, a clear corruption to the word of God who each day furnished you with the food for your belly.

  13. You are making it look like as if the word of God is a lie, and as if somehow you know better than Him who made the whole of the universe by the power of His Word alone. You are making a mockery of what to the real people of the earth is sacred, and not to be desecrated.

  14. You therefore will not be among the few that will be left upon the earth, to replenish it again with the seed of man. And if you manage to abide that long, your flesh will become food for the vultures, and in due time those that are left will at last bury your bones bleached in the sun, in order that the earth may be cleansed from anything the likes of you.

  15. Whom do you think you are as if you had some stake in the earth? In the first place; the earth was not even made for you.   And don't bother to come with any defense to me, I know you too well, together with your works and your apostasy. Your fate has already been sealed.

  16.   Elsewhere among my writing I spoke of sins at which man merely winks, as were he innocent, not to bear guilt for such irrelevant things as he surmises them to be. Is there not a proverb that says; "He who winks the eye causes trouble, but he who boldly reproves makes peace," I therefore am making for peace.

  17. At this point I am going to relate another example in which man bears guilt for which he will come into great pains.  Let therefore the same be for a warning and for learning to anyone to whom knowledge and education is not a curse, or a burden to hard to bear.

  18. You husbands, you have wives do you not? And are you treating them as part of your own flesh to furnish to them their God given rights as it is due to them in the law of love and fidelity?   And you wives, you have husbands do you not?   And are you treating your husbands as is their due in the fear of God with love and devotion?

  19. Sure you are, so you will remark to me, we took our vows and are keeping to it.  And yes some of you are, but for most it is a lie, changing partners as were they no more than dirty rags to be exchanged for new ones.  Now I know that you know very well that vows are not to be broken, and how a severe punishment will be lavished upon the breaking of any of them.

  20. But for the many that have no fear of the High Judge, their lives will be annihilated before Him, and He will cast them into great pains.  There is adultery and adultery in many ways, and in some ways men merely wink at it as were there no guilt attached, or to slide their guilt onto another.

  21. In order therefore to acquaint you with that so called hidden guilt, I must present some examples, something for you to lay a hold upon by which to realize that of which I am speaking. One such example is in that movie called; "Ryan's Daughter."  And another in the movie; "O Pioneer."

  22. It would do you well to acquaint yourselves with it, for in the first there is this unprincipled and ill mannered teacher who did not know how to even teach himself that took a young woman, Ryan's daughter, to wife.  

  23. But from the very moment that he took the vows he came to scorn that young woman breaking the very virtue of his vow, in all reality committing adultery against her.

  24. And so he did each day as he was married to her, not treating her as he ought in neither the law of the flesh nor of the spirit of love. As then time went on and she was neglected, in all essence not having a husband but only in name, her need and longing for a man drove her into the arms of another man, who then went into her.

  25. Their secret meetings then were not long concealed, not from the towns people, nor from her husband. Then at one point when the husband was supposedly torn apart for the love of his wife for another, there was this priest, a most ignorant and brute person relating how torn up this teacher was, and that hypocrite went to console him, one hypocrite consoling the other hypocrite.

  26. The town's people then at one point cut the hair of the young woman and came nearly to kill her, the whore as they called her giving herself to a man they regarded as their enemy.  

  27. And of course, the teacher, the husband of the young woman, was looked upon as the perfect innocent one, even as he looked upon himself as having no guilt in anything with all of it belonging to the young women.

  28. This scoundrel of a man did not see his neglect of the young woman, and his ill love for her as were it any wrong in him.  And mind you this was not just any woman, not an older one, but a young woman in the very flower of her betrothal to a man when she is most in need of a man and of his love in every way shape and form.

  29. While then it is written; "This I do not understand; 'a man with a young woman."  If then you gather what that means, that man must have been a stone rather than man. The woman having been bound to a stone.

  30. How therefore having heard these word will you judge?  Will you condemn the woman and sanctify the man, or will you find some measure of guilt in him as well?  You now may judge - as you ought to, but it are the sons of God by whom judgment will be executed.

  31. It is therefore not the judgment of the wicked, nor that of the foolish that will stand, but as the sons of God see fit, so it will be.  Nor is there anything anyone can do against them for in that day they have arrived in their eternal abode, the Lord God Himself being their God and indestructible wall. 

  32. Man therefore may wink at such things and place the greater guilt upon the young woman.  But I do not judge as man judges since being born of God I must judge a righteous judgment.  The young woman then will not be without guilt, but the greater guilt belongs to the man, to her husband who in his conceit saw himself innocent.

  33. Some now may say; but this is but a movie, and yes it is, nor therefore am I speaking of the actors therein, but by example since that which is portrayed by it - happens for real in every corner of the earth.  Of these therefore I am speaking, of the many that conceive themselves guiltless while it is on them that the greater guilt belongs.

  34. Moreover one third of the population of that town should have been executed to give the rest of them something to think about.

  35. If now there is understanding bear with me in another example that the same may be for wisdom and knowledge.  David, king of Israel had a son named Amnon, and a beautiful daughter named Tamar.  Amnon now was lovesick for his sister Tamar, and devised a means to force her, but after he had shamed her he came to hate her more than he had loved her.

  36. Tamar then said to him: "This thing that you are doing now in sending me away is worse than the act that you did to me."  For this maiden Tamar was a wise woman in whom dwelt the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge, therefore she spoke these words of wisdom.

  37. Consider this therefore how not the act in raping her was the greater sin, but having known her to spurn her was a much greater sin. And in similar manner it was with that teacher who having taken the young woman to wife, failed to live up to his oath for the love due to her.

  38. The end of this matter, in its reward, thus will be - that a double measure of guilt in seven fold will come upon him, because in this case the man committed greater adultery than the young woman.  These things therefore serve us for example and for a right knowledge, and for warning.

  39. Another example of this in the movie 'O Pioneer,' where a young woman that was neglected and wasted by her husband.  Or as I might say; Married to a stone.  If then in either of these examples shown - there was no true love for the young women, which they took to wife, why did they take to them in the first place? 

  40. Were they so eager to destroy them, to make their life's miserable?  These men did not have any true love for the mate they took, or they were no more than black widows, whom having used its mate for its purpose proceeds to kill and eat them.  Wherefore also such men, and/or such women are compared to the lower animals of the earth.

  41. "It takes all kinds to make a world," so the saying goes, and yes mankind in effect is comparable to the world of animals, since he in effect is like unto them.  But there is no justification nor any defense in that sentiment since man was gifted with reason to be in the image of Him who created them.

  42. Love therefore your wife's, and wife's their husbands since you are one flesh, one being, and no one in his right mind harms his own flesh and being. But unless one has truly come into the image of his Creator, he for his ignorance is like unto the beasts.

  43. But here again the above sentiment is no justification for being like unto the beasts, to be ignorant of what true love is all about and what it entails - since not only was a law given in writing, but the same is written within him, engraved in his flesh from the day of his birth.

  44. All those therefore that ignore sound reasoning, and choose to be wicked, to love ignorance and ill manners above all else - must in due time pay dearly for turning themselves into a nature contrary to that nature for which and in which they were made.

  45. And so like Enoch before me; you cannot hide O you foolish wicked ones, nothing of what you think to do in secret, is in secret - but rather open to all the many eyes that look upon you by day and by night.  Do you not see them / the many eyes that look upon the earth from heaven to record the thoughts and the deed of men for a record against them?

  46. They are there, trust me, they are there, and from their record all your deeds will be read aloud for all to hear.  Nothing at all escapes them, or how will you hide anything from the Lord, the Almighty Creator whose Spirit is in all His works.

  47. In regards to Irena Sendler, the lady that managed to hide twenty five hundred Jewish children from the hands of the Germans, I can pretty well surmise how that went.  Mastema the prince of the wicked angels complained that while she managed to save so many children, the Germans never had their way with her.

  48. He then, that evil spirit, did get permission that she be beaten by the barbarians, but her life was not to be taken, therefore when all the women with her were executed - her life -- on the order of the Lord -- was saved, and He gave her to live to a ripe old age. 

  49. For she is like to one of whom Solomon spoke saying: "If she is a wall we will build upon her a battlement of silver."


  1. Sometime ago I gave you nations a way out from your predicament, to grant to Israel all the land that they desired, so these in turn might pray for you for a lessening of your demise. But you thought me a fool and a crackpot, and refused even to reply.

  2. You are indeed too ignorant to realize that I am your check in the mail, and for the life of your being, nor will I forever hold this against you since you never were educated in knowing your right hand from your left.  

  3. But by scattering the sons of Israel among the nations, and by dividing their land, to hand their property to strangers and to squatters you are bringing destruction upon yourselves.

  4. You know who you are, it are not only those arrogant American prima donnas, but many other nations with them. While then from long ago the Lord warned them that He would enter into judgment with these on account of their villainy against the people of Israel, these brutes are too dumb to realize it, nor did they bother to fear nor respect the Lord, the God who each day gives them the breath in their mouth.

  5. The time now has arrived, yet a little while and you will be done in you nations of the earth.  But you will not believe me until it comes upon you.  Yet I will speak these words to you which were spoken of the Lord so long ago by His prophets, so that when it is upon you, and you consider me a pest, and would like nothing better than be rid of me, you will know that I spoke of a truth, and the wise among men will take it to heart.

  6. I will indeed have more enemies than any man because the Lord the Almighty One called me for vengeance upon you. He has taken me to bring judgment upon you, and to reprove you for your wickedness, and it will not be small, for so He spoke:

  7. "The Lord goes forth like a mighty man, like a man of war he stirs up His fury, He cries out, He shouts aloud, He shows himself mighty against His foes."

  8. Watch and see, is that not what is taking place, for I am speaking ahead of its time, when as yet there is no voice. But you will not be reading my words until you find me to be a royal pest, an enemy of man, an enemy of the Gentiles, and lover as well as enemy of the Jews.  Like a man of war, indeed yes, for have you not heard how a Lion can charge with a strong arm?

  9. You think that I am the menace, that I am the one putting you down, and making fools of you, and why then have you not crushed my horn?  For if I am no more than a man, and what is one man among the many of you?  

  10. In your eyes he is just a man, so get rid of him, for he will bleed like any man, and once you have stopped his heart, he will be no more. 

  11. Come you cowards, be a man if such a thing is within you. I have a strong voice, and make a lot of fuss so you acclaim, one with a mighty word to cause whole nations to be moved. Only you are wrong, you are dead wrong, since as you surmised I am only a man.  

  12. It is He who is with me, Him who upholds me, it is His voice you are hearing, it is the Holy One of Jacob, the Almighty God and Creator of all the universe.

  13. It is therefore that you wage war in vain upon me, and it was foretold unto you as He said:  "For a long time I have held My peace, I have kept still and restrained Myself, But now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant."

  14. Did you ever hear a woman when she was giving birth, and do I sound like one of these? Does it seem to you that I am in a strait gasping for air?  It is not the only thing I will do O you inhabitants of the earth, since I am full of indignation against you.  

  15. You have angered me, and that my dear nations was a grave mistake on your part, for on account of it He that is with me will as He said:

  16. "I will lay waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbage."  But do you really know what mountains and hills are, you of little understanding?  It are your rulers and your governors, and your teachers and the likes.  These, so my Lord and my Horn said, He will waste them, like you discard something into the trash-heap so it is that these will not be regarded as of anything worthwhile.

  17. When I was yet young, years ago, He surely must have been with me, since even in that day I spoke saying: "What are the kings of the earth to me, that I should turn my head for them." And now I am old, and the days have arrived, for in reading these my words here and now you will be in them, and not to your welfare.

  18. Why did I not open my mouth before, and looked to the side, not giving a word of reprove?  Hear what the Lord said, quote: "Who is blind as My servant, or deaf as My messenger whom I send? Who is blind as My dedicated one, or blind as the servant of the Lord?  He sees many things, but does not observe them, his ears are open but he does not hear."

  19. You wanted to put yourselves deeper into hell with your arrogance and your pride, and you were not about to listen to any wisdom, so I thought;  "let them be, they are happy in destroying themselves."   

  20. If I were to put a spoke in their wheels they will accuse me of doing harm unto them.  For all your words I stopped my ears, for you were so pleased within yourselves for the ignorance of your being.

  21. And what harm did I do to myself to let you wander as you were?  Did not the Lord follow up to say: "The Lord was pleased for his righteousness sake, to magnify His law and make it glorious."  And so I was contend. 

  22. But for you His word continues: "But this is a people robbed and plundered, they are all of them trapped in holes and hidden in prisons; they have become a prey with none to rescue, a spoil with none to say, "Restore!"

  23. When I was yet young, I spoke up once to rescue them that were trapped, but they all as one man turned themselves against me to do me in. And will you now blame me for not reaching out to bring you out of your prisons?  

  24. In all these years while I never hid myself you had no reply to me, nor would you answer my resume to relieve you of your burdens.  O how foolish you were,  and will you now listen?  I speak with the Lord as He said:  

  25. "Who among you will give ear to this, will attend and listen for the time to come?"   A storm is coming, but you will not know it until it is upon you, because you are not one to; "Listen for a time to come."

  26. A drink is being mixed for you, the drink is for you O you nations, and it will be handed to you. For thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: "Drink, be drunk and vomit, fall and rise no more because of the sword I am sending among you."

  27. And if you refuse to accept the cup from my hand to drink, then, so said the Lord, you shall say to them; "Thus says the Lord of Hosts, - You must drink."

  28. For I have done evil to the city which is called by My name, and shall you O you nations go unpunished?  You shall not go unpunished, for I am summoning a sword against all the inhabitants of the earth, says the Lord of hosts."

  29.   And what is this accusation that you throw at me, as you say; "Lover of Jews!"?  Why should I not love them that are in the inheritance of God, such as are of my own kind, born of the same Father?  

  30. That opportunity is among you also you Gentiles, and many from among them took unto Him and were born of the same Father. And why then are you not also calling me a "lover of Gentiles?" 

  31. Are not the Jews deserving of a change in their predicament, seeing how you Gentiles for centuries made your abuse upon them?  And yes I know that their predicament was of the Lord as He said:  "Who gave up Jacob to the spoiler, and Israel to the robbers? Was it not the Lord, against whom we have sinned, in whose ways they would not walk, and whose law they would not obey?"

  32. You Gentiles now are about to be done in, not only for your abominable wickedness, but because you took great pleasure in enlarging the punishment of their Lord upon them.  You were so pleased in bringing greater harm on them, while you yourselves were as wicked as these had been.  

  33. If O you Gentiles you had been wise, you would have said to the Lord their God:  "No, we will not harm them in any way, lest for our own sins a still greater demise come upon us Gentiles."

  34. But you were not wise, not you, nor your forefathers, and that is why this storm is upon you. If any among you Gentiles have an ear, let him hear, it is not as yet too late for any among them to change their ways, and be counted happy.

  35. You wish to deliberate peace you rulers of the Americans and of other nations?   Come before me, before the anointed of the Almighty God, and He will answer you.  The Lord the God of Jacob, and of Abraham and of Isaac He is the mediator for Israel, even as He is their God and Redeemer. 

  36. If you wish to speak of peace, He will show you what sort of peace He will bestow upon you.  And if you will speak of war, or lodge a complaint, I would be very hesitant if I were you before you speak a word amiss, for you with all your warfare are no more than babes before Him to if He so desired in a moment of time destroy you from the whole earth.

  37. I am angry with you nations, do you not know it O you nations, the Lord my God is indignant regarding your oppressions, and your criminals deeds and attitudes.   And you wish to lavish your criminal deeds upon His people, upon that small nation which He rescued from the burning oven?  Indeed you are doing so, to oppress the few that remain from the fire of His indignation. 

  38. Therefore His indignation will shift to you O you nations for all the wickedness that you have procured upon all those which did you no harm, whose jobs you took away from them, and driving them from their homes, and robbing them of the little they had.

  39. For all your wicked deeds you are indeed about to pay the price, and for your continual oppression of His beloved, which He took from the burning oven, the oven which you heated into a double measure for them.  Therefore I am against you, I surely have had enough of you, I am no longer going to plead with you.

  40. For those that are princes - I must be a prince, when judging rulers one cannot be a servant, since it is not fitting that one of less authority should judge one of higher authority.   That also is why the Almighty God made me a high prince, and it is by His word that I speak.


  1. If anyone thinks that the German SS, and the Gestapo were not anything human but sons of the devil during that which is called the Second World War, there have been a lot more of such sons of the devil during all of the ages.  

  2. And by example, in the year 1928 in the city of Los Angeles, the chief of police and his confederates as well as certain men and women in charge of various institutions were just as much sons of the devil, like unto the SS, and the Gestapo.

  3. From the record of a movie called "Changeling," if I am to bring a painful deaths upon a member of the German SS for his devilish acts, I must bring the same death upon that chief of police that reigned in that day, along with the Major and all the rest of his confederates.

  4. Their gruesome acts committed within and during a so called peaceful time, with no war upon them, makes them even worse sons of the devil. And since that bastard to humanity during his trial had the gall to actually continue to defend his crimes against humanity, for that alone I must double the torment upon him.

  5. Even as I must double the torment upon anyone and everyone that being guilty has the unmitigated gall to plead "Not guilty."  For by these few words, two simple single words, for these alone to have proceeded from anyone who in fact were guilty, they judged for themselves and upon themselves a double torment in the confines of hell.

  6. No, I will not be easy upon any person to have acted in that manner, just as the Lord, the Almighty Judge pronounced saying:  "And a mighty One of the nations will surely deal with them as their wickedness deserves."

  7. Go on and read it one again, or ten times to let it sink into you, how the word of the Lord will be brought to bear just as He spoke it.

  8. Like my friend, the seventh from Adam said, "How I will have no mercy upon them, but to cut them to pieces.  And the Lord Himself; "This you will have of Me, so the Almighty Judge said; "You will lie down in torment."   And let this be for a warning to all men that retribution will be brought upon every single person that was ever born for all that they may have done in error.

  9. And I give you this warning; Watch what you say, and what response you will have at my word, for so the Lord said; "For every word that men utter they will give account."

  10. After world war two some of you took elaborate means to bring forth a measure of justice upon those sons of the devil that murdered so many persons more righteous than themselves.

  11. As then your motives may have been right, your means was but like a joke unto me, for like the lightning flashes and the thunder resounds, so swift will I render judgment.  Nor will I be accusing them, but by their own lips these will be accusing themselves.

  12. When these therefore appear to beg mercy from me, the Lord having annihilated their lives from before Him to no longer have any mercy on them, what will they expect of me?  

  13. For their devilish crimes against my people I instead, will break their bones, and when they are healed I will have them broken again and still again. 

  14. All eternities stand before me, nor will there be any escape from my hand for any person born in the earth. To that end I was formed and send to have my exile in this earth, and I am sore vexed and angry for all the criminal deeds done among men.

  15. You flatter yourself in this day and age to think that among the six billion plus currently upon this earth, that there are many Christians that presume they will escape from being thrown in the pool of fire. 

  16. And so I vouch to you that you are deceiving yourself, for it will be less than even ten percent of the entire world population to even remain alive for just a while longer, with the rest of them are slated for the fires that flare up fiercely in that very large pool.

  17. If then you are able to find even one Christian among ten thousand persons, I will call that a boon, and a miracle.  And so look around all you citizens of this current world in which I have my exile, when you greet them, you might as well say; "See you in hell," since more than the great majority of those currently walking upon this earth will have their destiny there.

  18. It is not in me to pronounce lies, nor to paint a picture any worse than it is, but rather I have spoken modestly, if only you are able to comprehend my speech.  And since I know before hand, that I will not be believed, all of you guilty ones will most certainly believe me when you are incarcerated, and I will begin to break your bones one by one at the very entrance of your predicament.

  19. And so I said; REALITY, since I know what is to come and how it will be in that day, and what I will do, and not do, on whom I will show mercy, and on whom I will not have mercy.  Know this much O you inhabitants of the earth, how like my friend also told you, "That all you deeds will be recited before the eyes of all, and none of your deeds will be with-held."

  20. For any person to revere any piece of stone or wood as a god unto them, is most disgusting and inconceivably stupid and ignorant. Any person with a so called good-luck charm is despicable, completely irrational, worse than the beasts upon the earth.

  21. All the Japanese that bowed down to their so called emperor sealed their own death sentence by doing so, Each and everyone of them will be found in the fires of hell cursing each other over and over. You most ignorant General McArthur you foremost should have executed him, that stupid idol of the people, the death of all the Japanese.

  22. Keeping that stupid most contemptible emperor alive was, is and will be more deadly than if a dozen atomic bombs had been dropped on Japan. These bombs cannot possibly harm a man as much as to bow down before that son of the devil called their emperor. 

  23. And how did these many come to be that way, like that captain of police and his confederates in the year 1928 in the city of Los Angeles, as related in that movie called; "Changeling?"  It was for their own ego, for their own pride and arrogance.

  24. For how was it that the devil is so unlike anything that is righteous or true? How did he become so wicked, when the fact is that God did not make him as such, but he changed himself into what can not be allowed to exist?  It was for his ego. He was not satisfied with the great honor God had bestowed on him to be a prince and ruler of many. 

  25. He wanted more, he wanted the praise of everyone as were he like unto God, whereby he thought to seat himself in the high heavens as were he god with God, or even more than God, a table-spoon, to rule its master.   It was his ego that brought him down, his false pride and arrogance, just like those persons of the police in that movie Changeling.

  26. These too could not endure that there be any spot or inability in them, or any glory that should not come to them. And for their vain glory, and their accursed ego, others however innocent were to suffer lest the truth might be known, how indeed they were of an accursed seed, with no righteous dealing at all in them.

  27. For a vain glory, and a ego that is accursed all these have depleted themselves of anything rational, to practice but what is unrighteous and accursed.  For so their father did, and continues to perform, likewise his sons born of him bear his ego, his accursed and irrational ego.

  28. They have indeed changed themselves into creatures completely unlike as they were formed, to have a love of wickedness, and of hatred, rather than of righteousness and of truth.  To them the lie is a taste morsel, and oppression the delight of their soul.

  29. But the creation is the Lord's, and His alone it is, wherefore all that does not retains itself unto Him is to be eradicated. it is to be done away with, since the creation is His, and His alone.  And so that everyone should fear before Him, let all these be for a warning and for a curse to all that are accounted righteous.


  1. When Israel was in Egypt, the Israelites were treated as slaves with hard labor.  As then the Lord in His compassion led them out of Egypt setting them free from slavery, these were anything but grateful, constantly complaining.

  2. When they were thirsty they did not say to Moses:  "Please Moses ask of the Lord our God for water that we may have something to drink."  No, but they mocked the very one that had set them free, by saying: 

  3. "Why have you brought us out of Egypt that we should die in this desert, we were better of being slaves under the whip of the taskmasters."

  4. Such was their gratitude and their integrity. Nor did they do so once, but repeatedly again and again, wherefore the Lord was extremely just to let not one of them enter into that promised land, but to exterminate them from the earth before even they got to that land of milk and honey.

  5. But do not think that these were the only ones of such mind and such attitude, since there have been countless many others since, and today it is no different with many from among all nations inclusive Israel.

  6. For the Lord to give Himself for you, and to set you free, or to give you life instead of death, calls for gratitude, since that; GRATITUDE is the only real offering that is just and which the Lord will accept.

  7. What stupidity and in-gratitude thus it was to go forth and carry a golden beast, as if that stupid thing were the one to have led them. And yes, so you may concur.  But today is no different from these days, since even the Israelites in their synagogues are this day still carrying their golden calf around.

  8. Their calf being a piece of paper made of wood, and called Torah.  For instead of keeping to the commandments written in it, these have a blatant disregard for all that is commanded, yet they carry it on their shoulders.

  9. These therefore are no different from the Gentiles that also worship but a piece of wood.  In my view the whole world worships nothing more than wood, and, murderers of their own people these they glorify.

  10. Is there anyone left in all the world to show a grain of gratitude to Him who daily gives them their breath, and food for their bellies? O yes you will say, but of these many I proclaim them as hypocrites, with few, very few to show any real gratitude.


  1. If ever man were competent to make a biblical movie after truth, it would be a miracle that among the sons of man will not happen because these are born liars. Those responsible for that mockery of God and His servants are what I call typical twentieth century morons.

  2.  I have not found a single biblical movie that is not a blatant mockery of God and of His servants, as well as of the facts as they are written. And why is that so? 

  3. It's because, it's the six day in which the race of men would be an apostate generation, all their deeds would be criminal and oppression, and so indeed they are, like dead wood ready for the fire..

  4. And that is speaking but the best of it, the reality in looking upon these is more like looking at a filthy pig-style with pigs that never bother to bathe themselves.


  1. This word is to the chief ruler of the earth, that I may have a word with you, as a prince to a prince. To you O Satan, the Lord gave you to be a chief ruler over the peoples of the earth, and now so many days after you have ruled the earth, what has become of it.

  2. You have made the sea of people a pain to behold, you have alienated them from their Creator, and not taught them in any righteousness. You have killed your own, nor would you let the prisoners go free, you have made them a sea of tears, nor have you brought any healing in their wind.

  3. As I see it, you are not fit to rule, nor to have a people to your own. When you spoke to my Lord showing Him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory thereof, and how these were yours to give to whomever you wished, you did not speak the truth. Indeed they were yours to govern, but what glory is there in them to be behold?

  4. You and I, we know better do we not? And I know that you will hear of my words, and that these will not be to your likens.  As I looked upon all the kingdoms of the world, I found no glory at all, but rather pain and disgust for the way in which you had manipulated them.

  5. They appeared to me as no more than an abomination, a people unfit to be ruled, not anything for any joy to a prince. How then did you say; "and the glory of them?"  My Lord saw no glory in them, and neither do I for all the abominations in which you have placed them.  You therefore did not speak a full truth.

  6. You have labored in vain, the pride of your heart is what cast you down, and still you will contend? You are mightier than I am, but not mightier than Him in whose hand I am held, and for my tears for all those many which you led astray I am reproving you, to say to you, that as a ruler you Satan are unfit.

  7. You have your many servants shooting arrows at me, both day and night to somehow show to the Lord my God that I am unfit, as you are unfit.  But it is He who made us both that will judge between you and me.

How beautiful

  1. When no longer there will be these signs where the pricing ends in 99 cents, when no longer there will be any lawyers plying their accursed trade. When hospitals are none, and doctors no longer make invoices.

  2. When there will be no more stores for cash advances, nor their ugly signs all over the streets, nor any advertisement where everything is free yet one has to pay through the nose.

  3. When no longer criminals inflict viruses to destroy peoples computers, nor all these many phone calls that no-one asked for, pestering the people in their own privacy.

  4. When no longer there will be any sales of anything, nor of people going into business or out of business. When no longer men will dress up like soldiers aimed at killing others.

  5. When there will be no smut on the internet, and pornography is stamped out.  When no longer prostitutes parades the streets, nor the whores have their advertisements.

  6. When upon the building there is no more than the name of it, and/or the nature of its wares, without all the billboards spattered on all streets and highways.  When no longer there are any casino's to rob the people of their earnings.

  7. When no longer there will be any cock-fights, nor any boxing rings where its participants are punched senseless.  Nor any horse-racing or the likes, with gambling a thing of the past.

  8. When in all sports no millionaires are to be found, and where no one is charged for watching a game, because I will ordain sports, for the sport of it, and not for gain. 

  9. No longer therefore will any thief play any game like as it is in this accursed world, where games are played by the accursed, and the accursed it are that come to watch it.

  10. How beautiful when there are no longer any gas prices, nor gas stations to be found.  Nor will there be any repair shops to make for any charges.

  11. How beautiful when there will be no longer anyone unemployed, nor any single person not to receive their wages. How very beautiful when there is no longer any money to be hoarded, or save up. When money as such be a thing of the past, and banks pay out the wages of all workers and yet have not a dime within them.

  12. How marvelous that one is long to enjoy that which they gathered, and not having to part with it for their children or children's children death taking them away from all that they labored for.

  13. How beautiful when no longer people pass through a red light endangering the life's of others, or the criminal police to write fines for little to nothing, when the courts issue traffic tickets for the sole purpose of revenue, theft from the people.

  14. In the upper world there will be no rich man to look down upon the poor, also because there will be no poor as there will be no rich.  I will have regard for them that were poor, and no regard for them that were rich, and so these will weep having been stripped of not only all of their wealth, but their beauty as well.

  15. How beautiful when there will be no longer any parking meters and all the heads of the cities are in the netherworld on their beds of worms.

  16. How beautiful when it are no longer the immoral and the brutes and criminals to report the news, when all of these have learned a lesson never to be forgotten, how it is the truth that is first and foremost.

  17. How delightful to the souls of all men it will be when none of them that ruled the earth will ever rule again, and when its judges are pushing worms upon their beds in hell.

  18. How beautiful and marvelous that none of the courts in this earth will remain standing, all of them slated for destruction, and all of the books of the lawyers that lined their walls made for a great fire, a fire to burn them that read them along with their books.

  19. How marvelous it will be when there will be no more private cars nor any vehicle owned by anyone, when the people as such have no ownership of anything. Nor therefore will there be any traffic jams, nor anyone to pride himself in any vehicle boat or airplane. When even the clothing upon their backs will not be their own. When the rich will be no more, nor even the poor.

  20. How peaceful when in the newspapers one no longer have to hear of the hypocrisy of the people as were it a Godly thing to do. How marvelous when the people will no longer have these stupid I-pods.

  21. How beautiful when there are no longer the statutes of criminals, when the people will no longer glorify the criminals among them, the ones most responsible for their demise. And when their pictures, their ugly mucks are no longer spattered all over the place.

  22. How peaceful it will be when no longer the criminals among men seek for public office, and spatter their advertisement all over the place.  For I say to them; Accursed are all those that seek to rule the people in this day and age.

  23. How well it will be when at the mouth of Hades the bones of men are broken again and again, a just reward for their criminal deeds.

  24. How beautiful when at last each one came to love its neighbor.  How beautiful when the Lord executes justice, and His peace will reign on earth as well as in heaven.

  25. How beautiful when only the sons of God rule, righteous persons, judging righteously, beloved by their people, when there are no more mortgages to pay, nor rent, nor interest, when all travel is free for everyone, and people long enjoy their vacations.

  26. When everyone will speak a proper language, and is taught all of God's statutes. when no longer men will speak in Latin with the intend to hide the truth from the people. Nor were it only the accursed catholics to do so, but others as well.

  27. Abort your offspring, and you will have no offspring, even the doctors, the nurses and governors as well as lawmakers guilty of abortion - will not be allowed to have children. This you will have of us in the name of the Lord our God.

  28. The abortions will come to curse their biological parents to their faces, and never at all call them father nor mother. And like Hitler and Donald Trump did to rob parents of their children, so these likewise will never see to have children.

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