Rebuttal to Zion Ministry 

             CHAPTER 44            March 2003        LINK TO OTHER PAGES

         Mr. Neville Stevens.

  1. Things aren’t going quite the way as you said they would by the decree of God are they?  And that my dear fellow makes you a false preacher, to have proclaimed lies in the name of God.   The Americans and its coalition are more humane than you are.   

  2. I have not heard them gloat over the fact that God is given their enemies into their hand, to go beyond what is required of them.   And should they do so - they will likewise pay the price.   Will you not take a lesson from this to change your ways?  

  3. I say to you that - if you should ever come to understand what it means "to come in the Spirit of Elijah",  it will be a miracle.   He is not dead, the Elijah, but you are - not having eyes to read.

  4. "I will feed them with wormwood," so the Lord said regarding the preachers that have set themselves up without the instructions of the Lord.   With wormwood, as with worthless information, with error so that they might believe the lie, because their heart is not with honor before God.  

  5. Accordingly, God withholds knowledge from them, and takes away their understanding - so that for their wicked heart they will come to be known for the blind creatures that they truly are.

  6. This is what applies to all the preachers and teachers that are not send of God, inclusive this Neville Stevens, who is so font to breathe out his own imagination in order that he might deceive the elect of God.    

  7. And my intend here is to present evidence to the contrary so that those that are truthfully looking for the truth may know the difference and not be deceived by the wiles of the Devil.

  8. In his latest posting he is acclaiming that the US of A.  has walked into a trap with their intend to free the oppressed from the hands of the oppressor.   For he would rather see that the US of A, (Ephraim as he has the habit of calling us) obliterate the whole of that nation, killing all its people.  

  9. For as we learned in previous postings, he has no love for man, not even for those of his own kind, with whom he sleeps in the same bed, namely the Islam.

  10. You have heard it said how "a nation divided against itself can not endure", and this applies to the Devil and his followers.   And while the worshippers known as Islam are idol worshippers, so are the false preachers, and while they are divided among themselves, and bicker and fight among themselves - they are all heading for one and the same place, namely the pool of fire.

  11.  In addition, this false preacher has now taken up his word against me.   First he is disturbed in how knowledge has increased in me, and he made his attempt to ridicule the sound word of God in regards to the Calendar.   And now he has taken up to call me a king, an evil king of course, and he goes to relate what all I am to accomplish in this world.   

  12. I therefore will show you what is correct and what not before it takes place so that you may know him and all his kind for liars.   And to confirm to you that the truth is with them that "are" send of God.

  13.   I am pasting in only a few lines of his words, the whole of them may be found in his posting of March 17-2003,  (Website, Zion Ministry.)

  14. Quote:   "Ephraim (America and its coalition) has walked into a giant trap from which there is no escape. They’ve sent their armies into heartland of Islam – the ‘baal-worshipers’ and enemies of God – and even sought allies among them. God has made Ephraim the only super-power on earth." 

  15. Quote:  "In the past, the nations of the earth have tended to behave themselves for fear of the mighty Ephraim. They’ve bent to Ephraim’s wishes rather than provoke him. Only the craziest of nations would risk a fire-fight with him, and none were prepared for all-out war. Satan’s brood are provocateurs, and love to hurl abuse and insults and accusations, but always stop short of provoking war. But all this is about to change.

  16. Ephraim has become enmeshed in Baal worship by trying to bring peace to Baal’s forces. Ephraim has been listening to Baal like drunken fools, and believing that his brood are really peace-loving people. There is no point in human history where Islam displayed any sign of peace. The only time any form of peace descended on them was when they were crushed by force, and were incapable of any resistance. Unquote.  

  17. {(Notice how he said that "the US has become enmeshed in Baal worship".  Then recall the words of the US  President his resolve, "to free the oppressed".   For this is a righteous deed before God to help the oppressed.   Ephraim, (US of A) in this case is honoring the law of the Lord, doing what is pleasing to God.  

  18. And who but the Devil would be twisting these things to another meaning?  In Satan's mind to serve God - is as to serve baal, since it does not serve him.  And so this line alone convicts this Neville Stevens of being a servant of the Devil.)}

  19. Quote: So the Great God of Heaven is ringing the curtain down on Ephraim! They’ve had their last chance and they’ve failed! This is the same judgment they have given against Babylon and Saddam Hussein in relation to weapons of mass destruction. But Ephraim’s plan is not to crush Babylonia with all its territories, but to bring them peace by removing one man. 

  20. This is totally unacceptable to God! Ephraim plans to expose his armies in the heartland of all Babylonia in order to kill one man. God has determined that this is the last time they will go out to war as ‘the armies of the Living God’. They have chosen to act like drunkards against all common sense, so they will die like drunkards in the heartland of Islam."

  21. And:  "Are they going to do the job right this time? They have already declared that they won’t! So God has decreed that He will pull their birds out of the sky and destroy their men on the ground with overwhelming destruction, and Ephraim will be shattered as a nation, and they will end their days in terror."  Unquote.

  22. This false preacher should have waited a few days, to see the reports how it is really turning out.  The warriors of Iraq with all their defensive shells firing at the American birds have yet to get the first bird out of the sky.  And by the thousands the warriors of Iraq are turning themselves in.    

  23. And so what is it that God has decreed O you liar among men?   Where is that overwhelming destruction of the coalition of nations with America, (or Ephraim, as you erroneously label us) at the head thereof?

  24. You are falsely proclaiming lies in the name of God, and this will not go unpunished.  I on the other hand have not received a word of God regarding this matter, (For my time has not yet come) but I have spoken in the knowledge and the wisdom that He has implanted within me.   

  25. And while Daniel was given the visions of the events near the end of days you would have done better to consider his words, to understand them.

  26. Under the heading of "Prophesy", in this website, I spoke on the words of Daniel, his vision regarding "the Ram and the He-goat" that was to occur in the morning as it had in the evening.  And the most remarkable part thereof is where it states:    

  27. "As I was considering, behold, a he-goat came from the west across the face of the whole earth, without touching the ground; and the goat had a conspicuous horn between his eyes." (Daniel 8:5)

  28. A "He-goat" "from the West" "without touching the ground", and "across the whole face of the earth."  Consider these words if there be any light into your eyes.  For until this 20th century it simply was not possible for that passage to come into effect.   

  29. Even as recent as a hundred years ago no armies could be transported clear across the whole face of the earth with airplanes.  In all days previous to this day, armies traveled on foot touching the ground.

  30. And further:  "I saw him come close to the ram, and he was enraged against him and struck the ram and broke his two horns; and the ram had no power to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground and trampled upon him; and there was no one who could rescue the ram from his power."

  31. In this prophesy it is not the goat from the West, nor its conspicuous horn, that is to be demolished but the ram is.  If then any prophesy is to fit the events - which would you choose?   And so allow me to further demonstrate to you the hatred of the servants of the devil, and how by their own word they destroy themselves.

  32. Quote:  "The days of lying deceivers is about to come to a crashing end, and when it does, you will know by their actions that they have always been insincere. As we have just read in the Psalms, God intends to destroy Ephraim because they never believed Him, they kept on sinning, and now they will end their years in terror!  

  33. If these people must die; many of whom probably never ever opened their Bibles and have no idea what God’s requirements are, how much more those who set themselves up as teachers and proceeded to teach lies in God’s Name? Should such people escape? No, they will die like the dogs that they are, with no hope of any form of mercy, and they will be dead forever!  Unquote.

  34. We the Americans are now called deceivers, and that we are insincere, and that we are dogs.  But like I said before; "it is customary for criminals to accuse their opponents of their own crime".   

  35. Saddam did the same thing, and while the bedrooms of Saddam and that false preacher may be at different locations, they nevertheless sleep together in the same bed.   

  36. We in the US of A, are not supposed to know what God's requirements are.   But it is clear how the word of God is a closed book to him, and by consequence he is admitting to have set up himself to teach lies in the name of God.  And he pronounces his own condemnation, as a dog that will be dead forever.

  37. The Devil has many vain imaginations, and he feeds his servants with some of the most illogical conceptions as noted from the following quotation;     Quote:  

  38. "And now, God has determined to call an eagle from the east to fulfill His purpose. God is speaking of the small Israelite mountain east of the Holy Land Australia.   God’s purpose firstly, is to get little Israel (the Jewish Israelis) on board, and then to rescue Ephraim from all the lands to which they will be driven. Unquote.

  39. That eagle from the east is no doubt a serpent from Australia to murder all the people of Islam, a people no more guilty than many others of the nations.    And, so he says; to rescue the Americans?   Where in the world does he come up with such fantasies?    

  40. Can you imagine driving three hundred million people from the fifty states - to live where?  In the deserts of the middle east among their haters?   And by whom?   The Bible is indeed a closed book to him, while his imagination runs wild with the poison of serpents.

  41. Quote:   "Since the nations of Israel have failed dismally to deal with the enemies of God, God intends to invoke a different strategy to achieve the same purpose. There are three mountains of Israel: there is the North American continent, the Western Europeans, and a much smaller mountain – Australia.  

  42. All three just happen to be the prime targets of Islam. Little Israel, the Israelis, is distinguished from these three in that this is God’s Land, and will be forever more.    And this is where all the other mountains of Israel will be moved. Moving mountains is God’s specialty. But this takes a lot of faith in God, and this faith is a gift from God." Unquote.

  43. What he is really saying is: "Since God dismally failed to deal with his enemies".  For the Lord himself is the sword of Israel, and no man or nation is able to perform anything lest God sustains them, like the Lord said, "without Me you can do nothing."    

  44. But he thinks of God as someone no more than Superman, not considering how the whole of this world is but a grain of sand in His grand creation. 

Satan attempts to discredit

  1. The Devil is not un-aware of me, but most likely he does not believe that I am any threat to him, besides the fact that the angels of the Lord are my guards to keep the evil one at bay until the day they will be allowed to shed my blood.    Meanwhile he will discredit me in any way, and the example is already here, and so I quote.

  2. Quote:  "Babylon and all its territories will fall into the hands of Cyrus and he will rule – but only for a time. During this period, an eagle  (Neville Stevens) will be hovering over the Holy Land and cleansing it of Islamic vermin and dogs. 

  3. The power of the eagle will be noted by Babylon, and offers of rebuilding the waste places will be given as a kind of tribute to a mightier nation and one to be feared. Cyrus will have enough sense to tread lightly, and not provoke the Sons of Jerusalem." Unquote

  4. The word "Cyrus" means "Sun", and the reference is to the Lord Christ Jesus, the Sun of the earth.  And while the man Cyrus did not know the Lord, he was pre-figurative of the Son of God, to call Israel back to their homeland, and to take the treasures stored in dark places.   And while I am not allowed to divulge the mystery thereof before the eyes of all men, I wish you to understand that Cyrus in the return is Christ Jesus.

  5. This Neville Stevens then the promoter of all this falsehood as I quoted to you seems to think that he will be the incarnation of God to destroy the Islamic dogs and vermin's as he calls them, and no less Americans since we also are dogs in his eyes.  But he will be nobody, but die the death of a serpent, and be laid down in torment, for the lies of his mouth, and for his blasphemy against God.

  6. Typically he is referring to Christ Jesus as the evil ruler, while his master the devil is the good ruler.  But then what is one to expect of a son of the serpent?   The Cyrus, as I gather from the illogic of his words, is some heavenly ruler that has a accomplish in the flesh,  and while this accomplish is supposed to be me, he is simply reversing the roles.  And so I will first quote what he said;

  7. Quote:   "This is the King of the North!   After many years he will come. He is the most feared and ruthless of all Satan’s rulers. Fresh from incarceration in the Abyss, he will be ready for anything. Vicious and cruel, but with all the subtlety of Satan, he will convince everyone that he is the very essence of God. He will have as his confederate a false prophet who will insist that everyone worship him. God speaks of him in this manner: 

  8. Isa 41:25-29 "I have stirred up one FROM THE NORTH, and he comes – one from the rising sun who calls on my Name (and emulating God Himself – see 2Thess 2:4). He treads on rulers as if they were mortar, as if he were a potter treading the clay

  9. Who told of this from the beginning, so that we could know, or beforehand, so that we could say, ‘He was right’? No-one told of this, no-one foretold it, no-one heard any words from you. I was the first to tell Zion , ‘Look, here they are!’ I gave Jerusalem a messenger of good tidings

  10. I look but there is no-one – no-one among them to give counsel, no-one to give answer when I ask them. See, they are all false! Their deeds amount to nothing; their images are but wind and confusion." Unquote,  (Note: To see the proper wording refer to the King James or RSV, and not the latest versions (corruptions) thereof)

  11. I am supposed to be the most feared and ruthless of all Satan's rulers.   And yes he has a point, for I will indeed be feared by the rulers, by all of them that paid heed to Satan.   This is so since it was clearly prophesied that I would trample on them as a potter treads clay.  

  12. I am of course from the North, but only Elijah came to refer to me as a king.  Daniel refers to me as a prince, while others were given to record him as "a star", or "Lion", or "anointed one".  Isaiah simply states  "One" from the North, and "from the rising of the sun".   

  13. This Mr. Stevens, servant of the devil, is misquoting Isaiah to say: "from the rising sun," he omits the word "of" which makes a difference that he is not capable to understand, nor will there be many to comprehend the same.

  14. But this much is sure, the devil is very much worried about that prince to come, and whether or not he believes it to be me, I do not know, but by this son of him, namely Mr. Stevens, he sure makes it known.

  15. And now look at this passage of Isaiah, how this person, this king, as Stevens said it, has a knowledge that has not been heard before, of which the people will muse saying, "well I can't tell if he is right or wrong, for we never heard such things, such knowledge or words as he professes".  

  16. But how shall that be evil since God clearly states, that his knowledge is not of any man, but that God Himself taught him, that God was first to reveal it to him.

  17. And the Lord calls him a messenger of good tiding for Jerusalem, how then shall he be the evil one?  Allow me to quote what Esdras said in his book regarding this person which he was not allowed to show but to the wise only:   Quote:  

  18. "And the Lion whom you saw rising out of the forest, and roaring and speaking to the eagle, and rebuking her for her unrighteousness with all the words which you heard;     

  19. This is the anointed, which the Highest has kept for them and for their wickedness unto the end.  He shall reprove them, and upbraid them with their cruelty.    For he shall set them before him alive in judgment, and shall rebuke them, and correct them.  But the rest of My people, those who have been preserved upon My borders, these he shall deliver with mercy, and he shall make them joyful until the day of judgment."

  20. The Lord has a Lion in store for the nations to reprove them and to judge them, but as for Jerusalem, and all the people world-wide that do not worship the Lord in vain, he, that is to say, the Lord, in whose Spirit this Lion is acting, will be merciful with them.     

  21. As for the rest of the passage by Isaiah, "the counselors of men having nothing to answer" - is what has taken place in these last forty years, and will continue, as I made clear in some of my other pages. 

  22.   I now wish you to understand this, that it is a curse for any man to take flesh for his arm.   Do not believe any man, but such as proclaim the true word of God, so as to believe upon the word of God and not man.   If the word of the Lord in a man comes to pass then you will know that indeed his word is of the Truth.   And if it does not come to pass as he proclaimed then he shall be known for a liar. 

  23. The word of Neville Stevens has already been found to be lies, he made false decrees that were not of God, as it has been made evident.   And from all my writing you know the things that I have proclaimed. If then the Lord does not confirm my word to bring these things to pass as I have revealed, then you shall know me for a liar and a deceiver.   

  24. And so you may know the difference, as the Lord said by one of the prophets,  "If the word of that prophet comes to pass then the Lord has spoken to him, and if not, the Lord has not spoken to him."

  25. Thus you need but wait and see if the word that I have spoken does indeed come to pass.  And for your sake I will pronounce in advance, before it takes place, what I will and will not do - so that you may know whether my word is of a truth, or not so.   

  26. The following quotation then is what the enemy of mankind is attempting to slide upon me while in fact it belongs to himself.

  27. Quote:  "It should come as no surprise that the most evil of all deceivers claim to be God. The King of the North will actually claim to be God: 2Thess 2:4 "He opposes and exalts himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, and even sets himself up in God’s Temple, proclaiming himself to be God." 

  28. There have been many people claiming to be Christthe Rising Sunthe Sun of Righteousness, and all of them are lying deceivers and should not be listened to! The King of the North will be the consummate master of deception, and like all deceivers he will entice people to violate the Covenant: 

  29. And:  Then the King of Greecethe King of the North will come and violently overthrow everything in the Middle East, setting up his own boundaries and parceling out territories to anyone he pleases: Unquote.  

  30. The devil knew that Moses was send to destroy the Egyptians, and so he attempted to kill Moses when he was on the way to Egypt. And the devil knows from me that my anointing is upon me to render judgment, and though the time has not yet come he already is attempting to discredit me.

  31. It is not coincidence that the devil gave him 2-Thess 2:4 in reference since these words of Paul refer to the day of the devil himself after he is thrown down from heaven, in a vain hope to slide that prophecy away from himself, and to discredit the true anointed servant of God of whom Daniel in his ninth and eleventh chapters spoke to come previous to the arrival of the devil.

  32. I may be a king of the North, but I am not God, but a servant of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Nor am I a Greek, nor will I exalt myself, nor set myself up in the temple of God, nor will I entice anyone to violate the covenant.  Nor will I be setting up my own boundaries, nor covet, nor overthrow the middle East.  

  33. But the Devil himself will do all of these things, short of the last sentence which belongs to another, but he is not to come until I will have left the earth.   The one that is to come after me, who is not a king of the North, nor of the rising of the Sun, will be the master of deception, just as he has already deceived this Neville Stevens to breathe lies in the name of God.

  34. He's got it a little mixed up this false preacher, that king of the North, that Lion, a prince of the covenant as Daniel proclaims - is to give his life - "but not for himself."   And do you now think that the Satan, or any of his servants will give their life for the sake of man?  

  35. This prince (or king) is to give his life before the great antichrist himself comes on the scene, wherefore he cannot be one and the same.  His quotation of Dan 11-32 belongs to his master, the master of deceit, to commence at a time when the prince of the covenant has already given his life. 

  36.    It seems clear that the devil has this anointed one in mind, fearful of his coming, not so much the one that is in the flesh, as the mighty Angel in the Spirit of the Almighty Lord who is the word upon his lips. The One John mentions in the tenth chapter of Revelations.   

  37. Stevens then came to quote the following;   Quote:   "Isa 48:14 "Come together, all of you, and listen: Which of the idols has foretold these things

  38. The LORD’S chosen ally will carry out his purpose against Babylon; his arm will be against the Babylonians. I, even I, have spoken; yes, I have called him. I will bring him and he will succeed in his mission." Unquote.

  39. You think it coincidence that this son of the devil is making his reference to just those passages by Isaiah that indeed speak of me?  No, because he is not unaware of what is written.

  40. The words as really written is of course not his quotation which he took from his master's revision of the word of God, the NIV as they call it.   The correct word of the Lord is:   

  41. 14: "Assemble, all of you, and hear! Who among them has declared these things? The Lord loves him; he shall perform his purpose on Babylon, and his arm shall be against the Chalde'ans.    15:  I, even I, have spoken and called him, I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way."

  42. The first two sentences should not be quoted without that which precedes them since they go together.   The Lord stating that He is the Creator of heaven and earth, and what man among you have declared these things?  

  43. And so we come to the next.  Notice how they always capitalize all the letters of the word Lord?  This is to give their master an edge, in disrespect to God, and in the same disrespect do they capitalize still other things, such as the day of judgment, and similar items.

  44. And do you think because the Lord does not love the Satan, that the devil has his servants ally himself to God?   But they show their ignorance in the way of understanding, to scrap the word Chalde'ans replacing it with Babylonians.   

  45. For this is not what the Lord said, nor does it convey the meaning, but promotes a total corruption of the passage.  And yes I am allowed the reveal the meaning thereof,  The word Babylon means "World", like as in reference to the world.  And the word Chalde'ans means "the strong". 

  46. And so the revelation of that sentence is that this one, this lion to be aroused from the woods, the anointed one (of Daniel) , is beloved of God, and that he will perform his purpose on the world, and that his arm will be against the strong.   

  47. For again note how Isaiah said for him to trample on rulers.    And as for his word,  is it really his word, him speaking, the man of flesh?   It is "I" said the Lord, it is not merely his speech, "but I have spoken".   It is the Lord who anointed him, who called him, and placed His words into his mouth.

  48. If then I will prosper in my way, or succeed in my mission, is all the same.  But for the rest their revision of the word of God is a gross corruption that can only proceed from the minds of evil, of such as are clearly devoid of knowledge, and servants of deceit.

  49. And to make a final quotation of the deceiver of men;  Quote:  "And finally, Babylon will fall – literally! It will be split in two by a giant crevasse and will be pushed off the cliffs and covered forever; never again to be found. The detail of these things will all be in the final chapters." Unquote

  50. How stupid to speak to men in these words, "by a giant crevasse, and pushed over the cliffs".  What are you trying to tell us O you master of deceit, that this old world will remain forever, with Jerusalem - (so as you really wish) - buried beneath the surface?  

  51. All this so you can continue on and on in your deception to mutilate the sons of men in their pursuits?  It will not be so!   Babylon, meaning the world as a whole will indeed go down, burned by fire so as the Lord proclaimed, at the time in a millennium from now when a new world will appear for the sons of God.

  52. And for a last quotation:  "But of course, you probably don’t believe God, but you do believe the false prophets that have told you otherwise. And if you do continue to believe your false prophets, then expect no mercy from God! God is no longer winking, and neither will He remain silent." Unquote.

  53. When will you stop twisting the words of the Almighty Lord to your own accursed righteousness?   In this alone however you are correct; namely, that He will not remain silent - as is clearly evident to you this very instant.  

  54. And this is the judgment of the Lord for all deceivers:   20: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

   Leonard to the nations.

  1. It is of the Lord to hand over the people of one nation into the power of another.  And while war may be a grievous thing, your sins against God and against man are far more grievous and dreadful.    

  2. These people however that are in the folds of the one are no more wicked than those that are in the folds of the other.  

  3. Nor are either of these any more wicked than those of any other nation, but unless you of any nation on the face of the earth repent of your wicked ways you will all perish likewise.   

  4. For the decree of the Lord is against all nations He will purge those among His own, and be as a destroying Lion upon all others, some more than others according to the wisdom and the election of the Almighty God, who rules both heaven and earth.  

  5. And what is it to know me?    "For a long time I have held my peace, I have kept still and restrained myself;  (but) now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant.   I will lay waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbage; I will turn the rivers into islands, and dry up the pools."

  6. So it will be, yea so it will be.


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