A copy of the words of Enoch, the first lawgiver, 

taken from the books of Enoch, that it may be for health & warning.

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The course of man.

  1. The blessing of Enoch with which he blessed the elect and the righteous, who shall be present on the day of tribulation at the removal of all the ungodly ones

  2. And Enoch the blessed and righteous man of the Lord took up his parable while his eyes were open, and he saw and said, ďA holy vision from the heavens which the angels showed me, and I heard and understood from them everything.

  3. I do not look for this generation, but for the distant one, which is coming.  I speak of the elect ones of what concerns them, and I took up with a proverb saying;

  4. The God of the universe, the Holy Great One will come forth from his dwelling and will march upon mount Sinai, and appear in his camp emerging from heaven with a mighty power, and everyone shall be afraid.

  5. To the ends of the earth watchers shall quiver, and great fear and trembling shall seize them, mountains and high places will fall and be frightened.

  6. The high hills shall be made low, they shall melt like a honeycomb before the flame, and the earth shall be rent asunder.

  7. And all that dwell thereon shall perish, and a judgment shall be upon all, and to all the righteous He will grant peace.

  8. He will preserve the elect, to them shall be kindness, they shall all belong to God, and shall prosper and be blessed, and the light of God shall shine on them. 

  9. Behold; He will arrive with tens of millions of his holy ones in order to execute judgment on all, He will destroy the wicked ones, and censure all flesh on account of the wickedness, which they have done against Him.

Woe to the wicked

  1. Woe to you who build oppression and injustice, who lay foundations for deceit, they shall soon be demolished, and you will have no peace.

  2. Woe to those who build their houses with sin, for they shall be demolished from their foundations, and fall by the sword, they who amass gold and silver shall quickly be destroyed.

  3. Woe to you O rich people, for you have put your trust in your wealth, you shall ooze out of your riches, for you do not remember the Most High.

  4. In the days of your wealth you committed oppression, you have become ready for death, and for the day of darkness, and for the day of great judgment.

  5. Thus I speak to give it you to know, for He who created you will throw you down upon your own righteousness, and there shall be no mercy for you, and your Creator shall rejoice at your destruction.

  6. Who will induce my eyes to be a cloud of waters that I may weep over you, so my tears might pour over you like a cloud of water, that I may rest from the sorrow of my heart?

  7. Who permits you to engage in evil fight?  Judgment will catch up with you sinners.  And you righteous ones do not fear the sinners, for the Lord will deliver them into your hand so that you may carry out all that you desire against them.

  8. Woe to you who pronounce divorce so that they may be unbound, medicine is far from you, on account of your sins.

  9. Woe to you that reward evil to your neighbors, you shall be rewarded according to your deeds.

  10. Woe to you witnesses of falsehood, and you who prepare oppression, for you shall soon perish.

  11. Woe to you sinners, for you persecute the righteous, you shall be handed over to them to be persecuted by oppression, its yoke shall be heavy on you.

Difference for righteous ones and sinners

  1. Be hopeful you righteous ones for sinners shall soon perish from before you; authority shall be given you over them just as you wish.

  2. For in the day of the sinner's tribulation - your children shall be raised up high like eagles, higher than the vultures will your dwellings be.

  3. You shall ascend but they shall enter the crevices of the earth and the clefts of the rocks, like squirrels before oppressors.

  4. The sirens shall be blown over them wailing like the buzzing of wild bees, but you who have known pain fear not, for there shall be healing medicine for you, A bright light shall enlighten you, and you shall hear a voice of rest from heaven.

  5. But woe to you sinners, for your money makes you appear righteous but your heart reprimands you like real sinners, and this very thing shall be as witness against you, as a record of your evil deeds.

  6. Woe to you who eat the best of bread and drink wine in large bowls, trampling upon the weak people with your might.

  7. Woe to you who have water available to you at all times, for soon you will be consumed and whither away, for you have forsaken the fountain of life.

  8. Woe to you who carry out oppression, deceit and blasphemy, there shall be a record of evil against you.

  9. Woe to you, you powerful people, you who coerce the righteous with your power, the day of your destruction is coming.

  10. In those days, at the time of your condemnation, many good days shall come for the righteous ones.

  11. Be confidant you righteous ones for the sinners are due for shame, they shall perish on the day of oppression.

  12. Take this for granted for the Most High shall record their destruction for you, and the angels of heaven shall rejoice over their destruction.

  13.   What do you intend to do O you sinners?  Where will you flee on the day of judgment when you hear the sound of the prayers of the righteous ones?

  14. Woe to you deceitful ones, you are just like them against whom you witness, you have become bedfellows with sinners.

  15. In those days the prayers of the righteous ones shall reach unto the Lord, but as for all you sinners, your day shall surely arrive.

  16. He shall read aloud regarding every aspect of your mischief in the presence of the great Holy One.

  17. Then your faces shall be covered with shame, and He will cast out every deed, which is build upon oppression.

  18. Woe to you sinners who are in the midst of the sea and on dry land whose records testify against them.

  19. Woe to you who gain silver and gold by unjust means, you that say.  We have grown rich, accumulated goods, we acquired everything we desired, so let us do whatever we like, for we have gathered silver, we have filled our treasure like water, and many are the laborers in our houses.

  20. Your lies flow like water, and your wealth shall not endure, but it shall take off from you quickly, for you acquired it unjustly, wherefore you shall be given over for a great curse.

 Sworn reprovals

  1. Now I swear to you, to the wise and to the foolish, for you shall see many things upon the earth.

  2. Men shall put on more jewelry than women, and more multi-colored ornaments than a virgin

  3. In sovereignty, in grandeur, in authority, in silver, in gold, in clothing, and in edibles they shall be wasted like water.

  4. For this reason they are devoid of knowledge and wisdom, and so they shall perish together with all their glory and honor.

  5. Then in dishonor, in slaughter, and in great misery their spirits shall be cast away.

  6. I have sworn to you sinners, in the same manner in which a mountain has never been turned into a servant, nor ever a hill became a maidservant, so neither sin has been imported into the world.

  7. But it is the people who themselves have invented it, and those who commit it, shall come under a great curse.

  8. Why is a child not given unto a woman?  It is on account of her deeds that she dies without children.

  9. I swear to you sinners by the Holy Great One that all your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens, none of your deeds are hidden.

  10. Think not to say that you neither knew nor saw all your sins being recorded every day in the presence of the Most High.

  11. From now on know that all your injustices, which you unjustly commit, are written down every day until the day of your judgment.

  12. Woe to you fools, for you shall perish through your folly, you did not listen to the wise, wherefore you shall neither receive the good things.

  13. And now know that you are ready for the day of destruction, hope not that you shall live you sinners; you shall depart, and die.

  14. You know for what reason you have been ready for the day of great judgment, for that day of anguish and great pain for your spirits.

  15. Woe to you obstinate of heart, doing evil and devouring blood, from where will you find good things that you might eat and drink to be satisfied, even if from the good things which the Lord Most High stocks in the earth in plenty?  For no peace exists for you.

  16. Woe to you who love unrighteousness, why should you hope for good things to yourselves?

  17. Know that you shall be given over into the hands of the righteous ones, and they shall cut of your necks, and slay you, and not have compassion on you.

  18. Woe to you who rejoice in the suffering of the righteous ones, for no grave shall be dug for you.

  19. Woe to you who attempt to set at nothing the words of the righteous ones, for you shall have no hope of life.

  20. Woe unto you who write down false words, and cords of wickedness, you write down your lies so the people may commit wicked acts, and they cause others to commit wicked acts, you shall have no peace, but die quickly.

  21. Woe unto you who cause wickedness, who glorify and honor false words, you are lost, and have no life of good things.

  22. Woe unto you who alter the words of truth, perverting the eternal law, they do not consider themselves guilty of sin, they shall be trampled on upon the earth .

  23. In those days be ready you righteous ones to raise up your prayer as a memorial and as a testimony before angels, and they shall bring the sins of the sinners as a testimony before the Most High.

  24. In those days the nations shall be confounded, and the tribes of the nations shall rise to the destruction of sinners.

  25. In those days pregnant women shall abort their infants, casting them from them, and also abandon their other children, they shall cast suckling infants from them and not return to them, nor have compassion upon them.

  26. I swear to you sinners, it is for your sins that the day of unceasing blood has been prepared, for those that worship carved images of stones and of gold or silver or of wood or clay.  And for those who worship evil spirits, demons, and all sorts of idols not according to knowledge, for them is that day prepared.

  27. They shall not obtain any manner of help form these idols, but they shall become more wicked on account of the folly of their hearts, their eyes will be blindfolded for the vain fear in their heart, and for the visions of their dreams.

  28. For these they will become wicked and fearful, since they wrought all their deeds in falsehood, and worshipped stone, therefore shall they perish suddenly.

  29. But blessed will be those in these days that accept the words of wisdom, and that understand them to follow the path of the Most High, for they shall be walking in the path of His righteousness, and not become wicked with the wicked, and they shall be saved.

  30. Woe to you who bring evil to your neighbors, for you will be slain in hell.

  31. Woe to you who make sinful deceitful measures, who acquire worldly knowledge, for you shall be consumed by them.

  32. Woe to you who build your houses with the hard toil of others, whose building blocks are bricks and stones of sin, I tell you, you have no peace.

  33. Woe to you who reject the foundations, the eternal inheritance of the fathers, who pursue wind and idols, for there shall be no rest for you.

  34. Woe to you who engage in oppression, and aid injustice, slaying your neighbors until the day of great judgment, for He will debase your glory.

  35. He will instill evil into your hearts, and arouse His anger and destroy all of you by the sword; the holy and righteous ones shall recount your sins.

Day of great judgment

  1. In those days the fathers will be slain together with his sons in a single place, and brothers shall fall in death together with their friends until a stream of blood shall flow.

  2. For a man shall not be able to withhold his hands from his sons, nor from his sons sons to kill them, nor shall it be possible for the sinner to withhold his hands from his honored brother.

  3. Because from dawn till sunset they shall kill each other, and the horse shall walk through the blood of sinners up to his chest, and the chariot shall sink down up to its top.

  4. In those days the angels shall descend into the secret places and gather together into one place all those who aided sin.

  5. And the Most High will arise on that day of judgment in order to execute a great judgment upon all the sinners.

  6. He will set a guard of holy angels over all the righteous and holy ones, and they will keep them as the apple of the eye until all evil and sinners are brought to an end.

  7. From that time on, the righteous ones shall sleep a restful sleep, and there will be no one to make them afraid.

  8. Then the wise people shall see, and the sons of the earth shall give heed to all the words of this book, they shall know that their wealth shall not be able to save them at the place where their sins shall cut them down.

No rescue for the sinners

  1. Woe to you sinners, you who oppress the righteous ones in a day of anguish, burning them with fire, for you shall be rewarded according to your deeds.

  2. Woe to you hard of heart that watches to perform evil, for fear shall seize you, and no one shall come to your aid.

  3. Woe to you sinners because of the words of your mouth, and for your wicked deeds, for in blazing flames worse than fire, you shall burn.

  4. And now know that your deeds shall be investigated from the sun, the moon, the stars, and by the angels in heaven, for all the sins, which you committed on the earth.

  5. The decree is with the righteous ones, every cloud, mist, and dew, and the rain shall witness against you, for they all shall be withheld from you from descending to you, indeed they will not heed you because of your sins.

  6. So thus offer gifts to the rain that it may not be hindered from descending to you, or perhaps the dew will accept gold or silver from you in order to descend.

  7. But these others will fall upon you, namely the frost, and the snow with its cold, and all the winds of snow with their scourges, in those days you will not be able to stand before them.

Learn from nature

  1. Examine the heavens you sons of the heavens and all the works of the Most High and be afraid to perform evil in His presence.

  2. If He closes the windows of heaven and hinders the rain from descending on earth for you, then what will you do?

  3. Or if He sends His anger against you for your deeds, will it not be you to entreat Him?  But because you spoke bold and hard words against His righteousness therefore you shall have no peace.

  4. Will you not consider the sailors how their ships are tossed up and down by the billows, and shaken by the winds, and they become anxious, and thus seized by fear, they will throw all their valuable property overboard into the sea.

  5. For they think in their hearts that the sea will swallow them up, and they will perish in it, but is not the whole sea, all her waters, and all her movements the very makings of the Most High?

  6. Was it not He who ordered her course of action, and her waters to be stayed by the sand?  At His rebuke they become frightened, and she dries up and the fish and all that is in her dies.

  7. But you O sinners, you, who are on earth, you fear Him not, but did He not make the heavens and the earth and all that is in them?

  8. Who is He that gives knowledge of wisdom to all those who move upon the earth and in the sea?  Do not the sailors fear the sea?  Yet the sinners do not fear the Most High.

Terror of the Day of Judgment

  1. In those days when He brings terror and fire, where will you flee?  And where will you find safety when He flings his sword against you?  Will you not fear and faint?

  2. All the luminaries shall faint with great fear, the whole earth will faint and tremble and panic, and the angels shall fulfill their orders.

  3. Then the children of the earth will seek to hide themselves from the presence of the great glory trembling and confounded, you are accursed forever you sinners, there is no peace for you.

  4. But you righteous do not fear, but be hopeful, you who die in righteousness, be not sad that your souls have gone down into Sheol in sorrow, or that your flesh did not fare well in your earthly existence.

  5. For in the time of your earthly existence among the sinners, your time was a time of curse and of plagues, and when you died, the sinners spoke over you saying; As we die so the righteous died, what then have they gained by their deeds?

  6. For behold they died just like us, in grief and in darkness, what thus have they more than we?  For now we have become equal, what will they receive, or what will they see in forever, for behold, they have surely died, and from now on they shall not see light forever.

  7. But now I tell you sinners, you have satiated yourself with food and drink through robbery and sin, impoverishing people and gaining property, and seeing good days.

  8. And you saw the righteous how they came to their end while no injustice was found on them, even to their death, and so they perished and became like those who were not, and descended into Sheol and their spirits also.

The blessing upon the righteous

  1. But hear this; I swear to you, you righteous ones, by the glory of the Great One, and by the glory of His kingdom, - and I swear by Him for I know this mystery.

  2. I have read the tablets of heaven, I saw the holy writings, and I have understood what was written in them, the inscriptions were concerning you.

  3. For all good things and joy and honor are prepared for and written down for the souls of those who died in righteousness.

  4. Many things, good things shall be given you, the reward of your labors, your lot exceeds that of the living ones.

  5. For the spirits that died in righteousness shall live and rejoice, they shall not perish, nor shall their memorial cease from before the face of the Great One to all generations of the world, do not therefore worry about their humiliation.

  6. Woe unto you sinners, when you are dead those who are like you will say of you, happy are sinners they saw all their days they died in prosperity and wealth, they did not experience struggle nor battle in their lifetime, but died in glory, nor was their judgment in their lifetime.

  7. But you yourselves know that your souls will be brought down to hell, and that you shall experience evil and great tribulation in darkness, in nets, and in burning flames.

  8. Your souls shall enter into great judgment, the great judgment of all the generations of the world, woe to you because there is no peace for you.

  9. But now to you righteous and kind ones, in your lifetime do not say.  In our days we have suffered toil, hardship, and experienced much trouble, we have faced many evil things and become consumed.

  10. And do not say; we have died and become few in the smallness of our spirits, nor that you have been destroyed and tortured, and that you found none to help you with a word, and had no hope of life from one day to the next.

  11. And say not; We had hoped to become the head but have become the tail, we toiled but had no authority over our toil, instead we became food for sinners and oppressors, they made their yoke heavy on us, hating us, goading us, and surrounding us, having become masters over us.

  12. Nor we have bowed our necks to those who hated us, but they had no pity, we wanted to get away from them to escape and be at rest, but we found no place to which to flee and be safe from them.

  13. In our tribulation we brought charges against them before the authorities crying out against those who were devouring us, but they paid no attention to our cries nor listened to our voice.

  14. Instead they assisted those who robbed and devoured us, those who were causing us to diminish; the authorities concealed their injustices and did not remove the yokes of those who devoured us.

  15. They scattered us, murdered us, but the authorities covered up their murders, and would not remember that they had lifted up their hands against us.

Justice will be for the righteous

  1. But now I swear to you that in heaven the angels will remember you for good before the glory of the Great One, and your names will be written before the glory of the Great One.

  2. Be hopeful therefore, for formerly you pined away in evil and toil, but now you shall shine like the lights in heaven, and you shall be seen, and the windows of heaven shall be opened for you.

  3. Your cry shall be heard, cry for judgment, and it shall appear for you for all your tribulation shall be for investigation from the authorities against them and against everyone who assisted in plundering you.

  4. Be hopeful and do not abandon your hope, for there will be joy for you, you are about to be making a great rejoicing like the angels of heaven.

  5. You will not have to hide on the great day of judgment, nor shall you be found as the sinners, but the eternal judgment for all the generations of the world shall be far from you.

  6. So fear not you righteous ones when you see sinners waxing strong and flourishing, do not partake with them, but keep far from them who lean on their injustice, for you are to be partakers with the good-hearted people of the Lord.

  7. And now you sinners, even if you say that all our sins shall not be investigated, nor are written down, nonetheless your sins are being written down every single day.

  8. For even now I say to you that light and darkness, both day and night testify to all your sins,

Word perverters foretold

  1. And now know this mystery, for they will alter the just verdicts, and many sinners will take it to heart, they will speak evil words and lie.

  2. They will invent fictitious stories, and write out my Scriptures on the basis of their own words.

  3. And would that they had written down all the words truthfully on the basis of their own speech, and not alter nor take away from my words, all of which I testify to them from the beginning.

Perversion avails not against the wise

  1. And again know another mystery that to the righteous and the wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy for truth and great wisdom.

  2. Thus to them shall be given the scriptures, and they shall believe them and be glad in them.

  3. And all the righteous ones who learn from them the ways of truth shall rejoice and be rewarded.

  4. In those days He says; The Lord will be patient and cause the children of the earth to hear.

  5. Therefore reveal it to them with your wisdom, for you are their guides, and you are their reward upon the whole earth (until My Son and I are united with them forever in the upright paths of their lives. )

  6. And there shall be peace to you, rejoice therefore you children of truth.  Amen.

Chapter 40

(Another book of Enoch, which he wrote for his son Methuselah, and for those

to come after him who will observe the law in the last days.)

Comfort to the righteous, and the abode of sinners

  1. You who have observed the law, wait patiently all your days until the time of those who work evil shall be completed, and the power of the wicked ones be ended.

  2. Wait therefore patiently until sin passes away, for the names of the sinners shall be blotted out of the book of life, and out of the books of the holy ones.

  3. Their seed shall be destroyed forever, their spirits shall perish, they shall cry and lament in a place, an invisible wilderness and burn in fire for there is no ground there.

  4. I also saw there something like an invisible cloud, for although I could see that it was completely dark, yet I saw the flames of its fire burning fiercely.

  5. And there was something like bright mountains forming a ring around it, and they were tossing it to and fro.

  6. Then I asked one of the holy angels that were with me saying; What is this bright thing, for it is not heaven, but merely a flame of fire burning and voices of weeping and of crying and lamenting as well as strong pain.

  7. And he said to me; This place which you see, in here will be taken the spirits of sinners, and of blasphemers, of those who do evil and who alter the things which the Lord has spoken by the mouth of the prophets.

  8. Everything that they have spoken must be brought to bear.  All this is written and sealed in heaven above so that the angels may preserve them and know what is to befall sinners, the spirits of those that err, as well as of those who defiled their bodies not honoring God, and working with evil people.

  9. But those who loved God, and not the world, but who gave their bodies over to suffering, who from their time of being did not long for earthly food, but regarded themselves rather as passing breaths, the Lord having put them through much testing, of these He will receive their pure spirits so they may bless His name.

  10. From the books I have recounted all their blessings, for He will cause them to be rewarded since they were all found to be loving God more than the fire of their breath in the world.

  11. And while they were being trodden upon by evil people experiencing abuse and insults, they continued blessing.

  12. So now I shall summon their spirits, those born of light, and change those born in darkness, whose bodies were not rewarded with honors as they deserved for their faithfulness.

  13. I shall bring them out into the bright light, those who have loved my Holy Name, and set each one upon the throne of his honor, and they shall be resplendent for ages, which cannot be numbered.

  14. For the judgment of God is righteousness, for He will give faith as well as the paths of truth to the faithful in their resting-places.

  15. Then they will see those who were born in darkness being taken into darkness while the righteous ones shall be resplendent.

  16. The sinners shall cry aloud, and they shall behold the righteous in glory, but themselves they shall go to the place which was prescribed for them.

Here ends the revelations of the secrets of Enoch.

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