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  1.   Is it for real that you wish to live? And do you have the zeal and the love for it?    I then am not a preacher, neither is that my commission, but I do know Him, the Lord the Redeemer of man, and the way unto Him.  

  2. And contrary to your preachers - my love being for each of you and not your money, I therefore will make it simple for which reason you should turn with me to the book of Zechariah, chapter eight.

  3.   You should know how it was for their disobedience of the word of the Lord that Israel suffered so much in coming to this day.   But a Redeemer came, Christ Jesus the Son of God taking their sins upon Himself, giving His life for their sake and for the sake of all men that were to call upon Him with faith in the remorse of their heart.    

  4. Let not a man say - he has not sinned, or salvation will be far from him.  

  5.   Behold then the compassion of the Lord for his people in reading verses 1 through 16,  and let not the foreigner say that he shall be excluded.  For these blessings are for those that remain of Israel, as well as for those of the Gentiles that seek Him in truth to be joined with them.  If therefore your heart is against Israel there will be no salvation for you.

  6.   And what must you do - aside of believing in Him who was born in the seed of David king of Israel?  "These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another. Render in your gates judgments that are true, and make for peace.  Do not devise evil in your hearts against one another, and love no false oath, for all these things I hate says the Lord."

  7.  And what else should you do to become perfected in Him who gave His life for you?   Judge not the Lord, nor the law, but rather yourself, and search out His word that you may know what it is He desires of you in every way, and hold fast to it, and let no one take it from you.

  8.   What more now shall I say to you in whom there is the love and desire?  What more indeed is there to say?     And thus you will want to go to a church, or perhaps you are already a member of one of these.    But I do not recall having made the ritual of going to church a condition of salvation.   

  9. I did not say it, neither did the Lord, but rather so said the Lord;  that He "hates" your gatherings.  While your preachers that inject their poison into you, who mix vinegar with water, and vipers poison with milk, these however do inject you with their poison - for how else are they to fleece you?

  10.   You heard what the Lord said "you shall do",  He then did not say for you to sit up and bark for worthless shepherds, nor to blaspheme His name in what they and/or you as well call churches.   If you really have the love of God how can you possibly sit in these serpents dens and observe the hypocrisy of those that enter therein?   

  11. How indeed can you sit there in silence while you know they are grossly violating the law and the love of God.  You should look up the first Psalm of David, and not be joined to the scoffers.

  12. Some question me why I do not go to, or belong to a church. My reply is that I am the church, he who comes to me comes to church, to a part of it.  While the congregations that men speak of are but serpent dens, where the blind wallow in the mud.

  13.   If your desire to be saved is true - do not have a church for your god, nor make a facade as if you were in love with Christ Jesus when you are doing no more than polishing the wood of the cross.   I know very well how pious your preachers can appear, that brood of vipers. 

  14.  Withhold their rodents from them - then see how pious they will remain with you.  They preach for their pocketbook, and therein they are hurt.   They stonewall you with scriptural quotations, and bury you with references as if you were unaware of what is written.

  15.   If you come before the Lord, and there you remember that you have an issue with someone, what is it the Lord wants you to do?   Are you going to make the thank-offering - and then square yourself with your friend?  But why even bother going to church, or to reach out to God, you foolish person.   

  16. "Leave your gift there, go reconcile yourself first, and then return to make your offering" - that is what the Lord said.   Don't be hasty to pray unto the Lord, correct your ways before him first, and prepare your heart - then pray unto Him, - lest so I emphasize to you - your prayer will be counted against you.

  17.   Your church ritual likewise will be counted against you, for either you speak up and testify to their wicked ways, or you leave the place.   Glorify God by testimony in word and deed before men - rather than to sit silently among them.   

  18. That ship, pig stiles as I have likened some, is not going to heaven, and with you in it - where do you think your destiny will be?    

  19. If you can't conceive salvation without going to a church - then the church is your god, your reliance must be on Him who bought you with His blood, not on the word of false preachers, of those that indoctrinated themselves.

  20.   The book of Amos chapter five,  "I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. -Though you pray to me and sing songs, - I will not accept them.  

  21. Take away from Me the noise of your songs, I will not listen, but let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream."   If therefore anyone has an ear so let him hear.

  22. But you are so that unless you can gather in a so called church your heart cannot find peace. And this is so since that church has become your god, your reliance. And you must have that singing to lift your spirits, not realizing that your songs are but an abomination before God, and your church-going nothing short of idol worship.

  23. Laborers are few, if then you shall find one in a million, bless God for that grand gift of laborers among you.  How many are there in this world to call themselves preachers, to which one might lend an ear?    If then you have itchy ears you will find anything your heart desires, but do not come calling unto me.

  24. In this day and age there are many evangelists in this world, and yet I venture to say that there is not a single one in this day and age, but such as serve only themselves and have no knowledge of God, nor of His anointed. Why then do you pay attention unto these to your own demise, to a condemnation of yourselves?

  25. Did not the Lord say that; "Laborers are few?"  But how can that be when the world is full of priests and ministers, theologians and evangelists?    I do not consider them to be a few. How then did the Lord say "few" - if not because these many are not laborers at all, but rather thieves and rebels having entered the vineyard to destroy it?  For so indeed they are.

  26. If you must speak of a church, be the church, and "where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of them."   Yet you must have your flocks, and your gathering places do you not?  For how else will the word of the Lord come true where He said that He would come - "to destroy the pastures, and scatter the flocks?"

  27.   Verse 23, "In that day, ten men will take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."   There is a right and a left to this sentence,` for why lay hold of a Jew and not rather to one of the preachers and ministers that are a-plenty?  

  28. Is there a suggestion here that God is not with the ministers and preachers of the flocks?    Read further what the Lord said by Zechariah.  "My anger is hot against the shepherds, and I will punish the leaders."

  29.   One of the least desirable professions anyone should want is to be a judge or lawyer, since a great curse is pronounced on them.  And why should the Lord not be hot against the shepherds seeing how they preach without knowing God,  and care not for his law?

  30. For again what is the law?  Is it not to love?  John said it perfectly where he said; "And this is love that we follow His commandments."  This then; "to follow His commandments," is the very last thing on the mind of your preachers. and when you confront them with it they will get very angry.

  31. And as for rulers the babes that they are, since when have they grown into manhood?  You may admire them that lead you, but what happens to them that lean upon a burned out wood stick?  And to those that take flesh for their arm?

  32.   Backtrack to chapter 7,  "Thus says the Lord of hosts. Render true judgment, show kindness and mercy each to his brother.  Do not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the stranger, or the poor, and let none of you devise evil against his brother in your heart."   

  33. So you see it does not say anything about prayer to a bunch of dumb beads in your hand, or to listen to liars calling on the mother of the Lord.  For all such as call on Mary will be condemned by Mary.

  34.   Do not now pay any attention to what I tell you, and you will have the preachers, all the ministers of the flocks with you for company in the pool of fire.   There you will have ample time to curse them every day for the lies they preached to you.   

  35. And you can cohort with the popes and the rest of the priests, and all such to curse them day in and day out, over and over.  Then these popes will wish they had never been born when the voice of every man curses them.

  36.   You should continue in Zechariah for a while, chapter 13.  You are so happily listening to these evangelists, and getting yourselves all exited as if the Lord were in your heart, and you have a clear road to heaven.  In a little while, when the Lord acts, then you will observe these hypocrites, how they will deny being a priest, or a minister, or an evangelist.  

  37. "He will say, I am no prophet, no priest, no minister, but I am a farmer, and these wounds that you see upon me are because I had a disagreement with a friend."     

  38.   What a liar, because ever since the people beheld the clear demonstration that they have been lied unto by their priests, they beat up some of them and killed others.  And this one, already having been bead-up once,  fears for his life, he does not want to admit that he too preached lies in the name of the Lord.

  39.   Do you want to turn with me to the book of Malachi chapter 2.  You are wondering why the Lord is not with you, how there is no real sacred trust within you.     But why should you be given entrance into the kingdom of heaven?    

  40. You marry and divorce at the snap of a finger, and you idolize these filthy rags, like movie stars, that look upon a husband or a wife as worn-out shoes.   

  41. Or in your own conceit you think to justify yourself by simply living together and not taking the oath, and thus you have become immoral, for now you simply live in adultery.

  42.   Verse 14, "The Lord was witness to the covenant between you and the wife of your youth, to whom you have been faithless."  "For I hate divorce says the Lord."   Your consent to live together is the same as a wedding vow, it is as binding as any marriage contract, you can no longer annul it.  

  43. Let then a curse rest upon the priests, the judges, the ministers, and captains that bind in marriage such as may not be joined, and they will surely be accursed.   

  44. Disgusting is what it is, the whole ceremony, like a whorehouse having a party in a pig-stile, and they call it a wedding in a church.    For that lie therefore I will surely punish them.

  45.   I want to bring another thing before you.   Here you are in a church, and the serpent leads it, and what are his words? Habakkuk 2:20: "The Lord is in his holy temple, let all the earth keep silence before him."     

  46. O you condemned liars, the Lord is not there, nor is that his temple.   You should have read verses 1 through 19, instead of verse 20 you hypocrites, vipers-brood,  and apply verse 9 unto yourself.

  47.   Those preachers think to have knowledge, and as if they had understanding in the words contained in the Scriptures.   And what good will it do for me to tell everyone that they are devoid of knowledge, and have no understanding?   Or what good will it do for me to acclaim that I do have knowledge by sevenfold compared to their zero-fold?   

  48. The fact that I may be the only man to comprehend the foundations of the earth is of little consequence - since the most wise in these matters haven't yet been able to digest a tenth thereof.   How therefore am I to show or liken the abundance of my treasure to eyes that cannot see?

  49.   The Scriptures of old were in need of translation, that is to say, the Remaining Scriptures, and Biblical records of old.   By men therefore a whole team of scholars is assembled taking much time to translate or correct such as the canons in which there is little correction to be made.  

  50. Yet to me came a great volume of such as were badly corrupted to the point that no man found himself able to the task, and I was to do the work alone in a fraction of the time.    

  51. Who then shall be the wiser or the more able?  If then there be understanding within you - you ought to realize that I was not alone, and that all such ability is not in my own cunning.

  52.   And now that I am speaking like a foolish man, for I should not be commending myself, which should have come of you, if only you had found the means to it.  Which of you found out the Calendar?  To whom is a book an open script, and to whom may the open be closed?   

  53. And what of all the many treasures that I have not shown or written, such as I cannot or dare not mention, how will you know of these things?   

  54. What have you lost in all the years that you would not hear me, when you held me for a fool?  Obviously you will not know, wherefore I am quite contend to let you burn your oil, and work your fingers to the bone.

  55.   What is my boast, the folly of my doing?  If you will so accept it, I acclaim no more than - that I know and understand the Lord, the Creator of all flesh, and that He was my teacher and no other person.   If therefore you pay heed to me - know Him that has taught me.

  56.   Once more, turning to the fourth chapter of Hosea.  "There is no faithfulness or kindness, and no knowledge of God in the land.  There is swearing, lying, killing, stealing, and committing adultery, they break all bounds and murder follows murder."

  57.   Is not the Lord speaking the truth here by Hosea?   Are not these things typical for you and those around you,  and how then do you expect to gain entrance into heaven?    Destruction and hell is for those that take these things lightly. 

  58. For even if you claim right dealings but you are lukewarm He will spit you out.   But I am all wrong of course, for you are in good shape, your preachers told you so, giving you good vibes.

  59.   Look a little further into Hosea you blind ones, how the Lord said; "Yet let no one contend, and let no one accuse, for with you is My contention O you priests.  You shall stumble by day, and the prophet also shall stumble with you by night, and I will destroy your mother.  

  60. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge, (and so) I reject you from being a priest to Me.  And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."

  61.   And so go on my people and worship your priests, the liars that lead you into their hell with them, but know that the Lord will bring you into judgment for it, and I will be free of your blood.   Your guilt will not be mine even though it be placed upon me.

  62. How many of these serpents, evangelists, or whatever preacher they call themselves keep saying; "The Bible says, the Bible says?" You know them for so the Lord said:  "You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness to me; yet you refuse to come to Me that you may have life."

  63. I know very well why the many will not listen to me, because like the Lord Jesus came in the name of His Father, so I also come in the name of Him, but these others are received because they come in their own name and for their own glory. 

  64. If one is of the world he is received by them, but I am an eyesore and a pest to all the world because I came from God, as a son of His Messiah.

  65. If they loved God, or served the Christ, they would love me, since I was born of Him, but because these many are liars and do not know God nor the Christ - therefore do they hate me, and are out to kill me.  Nor therefore am I surprised since no man can hear me, or believe upon my word, unless first it is granted him of God. 

  66. No one comes of himself unto God, but such as are drawn of Him, and born of Him.

  67. My testimony, as it is prophesied, is that of an elected one, of a son in the vineyard, while these many that hate me are mere laborers, taking it upon themselves to labor in the vineyard for their belly, and for glory from men, and for no other reason. These are not sons but destroyers, that themselves will be destroyed. Thieves they are, and murderers, sons of perdition.

  68. If now you that are few come to wonder if you are born of Him, or of the world, know this as it is written:  "By this we may be sure that we know him, if we keep his commandments.  

  69. He who says "I know him" but disobeys his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him;  but whoever keeps his word, in him truly love for God is perfected. By this we may be sure that we are in him"

  70. Let this be for joy and confirmation unto you that are few, and whom I call my beloved. And that very same word will anger them that are born of the earth, or of the devil, because these do not keep His word, but have twisted the word of the Savior into something of their own desire, as if they knew better than God.


  1. Bear with me my beloved, it is written:   "Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His servant, who walks in darkness and has no light, yet trusts in the name of the Lord and relies upon His God?"

  2. Are you my dear ones trusting yourselves in Him?   I am as one in darkness, I was not spoken to in dreams, nor by any burning bush, nor did any angel appear unto me, yet I am His servant, and I trust in the Lord and rely myself upon Him, awaiting the hour when He will sent forth His Spirit. 

  3. And yet again I am not without light since His law and His precepts are for a light unto me.  While therefore everything around us is dark we have nonetheless His Word to walk in faith, and in the reliance of Him.

  4. In pages 47 through 51 here I spoke of the election of God and of the free will of man, how some teach that there is no free will in man, while others do. 

  5. The reason then that I write these words here this day is because the Satan tried me severely, so much so that I nearly gave up on myself, and came to wonder about how or why this painful thorn was in my side, that was not anything like me, nor ever before with me.

  6. It is written; "Acceptable men are tried in the furnace of affliction."  And yes I was tried in that furnace, and when I say that the Lord took everything from me to have nothing left anymore, it was not the Lord but rather the Satan that took all, yet it was not without the consent of the Lord since I deserved it, and I justified the Lord.

  7. And having been tried the Lord not only gave me back everything the Satan had taken, but in double measure.  Like as the Lord did to Job after his trial the Lord awarded him a double measure, even so did the Lord to me.  

  8. But that did not end the trials upon me for the Satan became aware of the many treasures that were awarded me, and came to behold me as a real threat to him so that he might sift me like wheat.

  9. The Lord spoke to His apostle Peter saying:  "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat."  Why then was it that the Lord spoke this to Simon, and not to the others?  It was because Simon was like a rock who would not budge for anything, and so said the Lord: "On this rock I will built My church."

  10. We must all endure trials and affliction so that our faith may be tested, which then may come to the question as to why we must be tested?  For if one has faith why tamper with it that per chance he might lose it? 

  11. Like if a man is able to walk why place a stumbling block before him so as to trip him, that afterwards he may not be able to rise again, so show that the fortitude of the person is well with him to rise or not to rise.

  12. For an answer to this we must look further than our own selves, to consider not only heaven and earth, but the how and why of heaven and earth. Like it is written, "Putting knowledge in them - so you make them alive."  We that are the sons of the Lord are to inherit heaven, but what is that inheritance of heaven? 

  13. It means that we are not only to inherit the new world but we are to rule it, we are in effect to take in the seats and the thrones of angels, of the current rulers of this earth. And because the Lord included us in His Sabbath, not the world He included - but us alone, a wisdom none but the sons of God are able to comprehend.

  14. For this reason the Satan is very wroth with us that are in the inheritance of heaven since we will come to be seated in his place and in the place of all his commanders.  And notice how the Satan did not merely request of the Almighty God to sift us, but he "demanded" it of God. 

  15. Stop and think about this, how we would not dare demand anything of God, yet that Satan did, and it was granted him of God, as in fact speaking humanly I could say, God had no choice but to grant him his demand.

  16. What right therefore does this Satan, wicked as he is, have to make a demand upon his God and Creator?  It my dearly beloved is because the Lord God is always just and righteous, and no injustice can stand before Him.  

  17. This Satan was cast down from the high heavens because in his own free will he choose not to honor the command of the Lord, but to perform his own will. 

  18. And so here we come with the option to take in his seat in the heavens, and how are we to be worthy of such a seat in the heavens if God would have made us without any free-will, or by the same token guarded us in such manner that in our own will we could not choose one way or the other?   

  19. For then the Satan would have said:  This is not fair, these ones to take my place have no will to choose, for I indeed cast myself down by my own free-will, and why should these be without it, for that surely would be an injustice between the two of us.

  20. That demand of the Satan thus was a righteous demand.  If we are to contend for his seat we should likewise have the will, or freedom, to accept or to deny upon the command of God. For like the Lord Himself said:   

  21. You shall not be partial to one person and impartial to another, like in turning a blind eye to a friend, while to punish one who is not a friend.  Thus it boils down to our worthiness if indeed we will love the Lord to in everything keep His commandments.

  22. The tree of good and evil in the garden of joy was not arbitrarily, nor placed there as an obstacle, but for righteousness, since not only were all God's angels endowed with a free-will, but we likewise had to have a will of our own, since again - for one we were made in His image. 

  23. And for another, we were placed upon the earth to rule it. And like as said; it is not fair nor right to be partial one to the other.   For this reason the Satan has a right to try us for that free-will in us. Not that he has power over our will, since that will is ours, and free to go either one way or the other. 

  24. Yet in untold many ways he coerces upon us in an attempt to sway our will to his desires, rather than to God.  Or as the Lord said that by some it goes into them, but these being shallow, the Satan takes it away, and leaves them empty.

  25.  Then there is this distinction, how all of us must pass through that furnace of affliction, but for some that furnace may be heated to an extreme degree.  Some are to be for teachers, for pillars, and the greater their honor, the greater the attack will be upon them, like as the Lord said of Simon Peter.

  26. Consider that the Satan is a mighty angel, and we are but flesh and blood, like children minute in power compared to him. It therefore is not correct that any of us should have to withstand his full power. 

  27. But when there is any from among us given a high post, like Simon Peter as the very rock upon which the Lord would built His church, or like me to become the highest of any prince among the Gentiles, these as such are exceptions on which the Satan is allowed to bear his weight having demanded it of God.

  28. And so at last the Lord placed into my mind the answer as to how and why this unreal thorn was upon me like a bleeding wound torturing my mind and my spirit.  For while I knew that our struggle is a spiritual struggle having our combat with the spirits of darkness, the severity of that struggle came to appear unto me as completely unreal, not anything of me. 

  29. For it was greatly depressing upon me, coming to say; "Yes I know you Satan, you are laughing at me, but I am going to combat you, to wipe that smile from your face. 

  30. And at times I dared not to approach the Lord in prayer to him, ashamed that I had not resisted him as I should have resisted him.  For I recalled how the Lord said to Cain: "Sin is couching at the door; its desire is for you, but you must master it."

  31. It were these words' "You must master it," that were foremost on my mind, to master the tactics of the Satan so as not to let them have any power over me to bend to his will, and to make me ashamed before the Lord my God.   Like then Paul said: "I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate."   

  32. Even so I often times said: "I do not understand myself, for if I hate these thing why do I do them, who is in power here, you Satan or me? 

  33. I O my beloved, am writing these things not for the world, but for you who are suffering the same fate that I am, to become sons of the living God.  Like Job I also went through the loss of everything once, and now it is upon my body, and before long the whole world will turn against me, yet I do not fear what is coming since I am ready to offer myself as I have been for a long duration.  

  34. It is for your sake my dearly beloved that I am exposing myself in this combat.  And while you may have others with you to bear you up and remind one another, there has not been a single soul with me, but the Lord only to bear me up and remind me.

  35. You my dearly beloved, who will be the fruit which the Lord grants me, pay no attention to them that deprive man of a free will in himself, for it is by these things that our worthiness is shown to God and to our Lord, as to all His angels, and to the devil and his messengers. 

  36. Did not the Lord in the book of Revelations of John say:  "Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."

  37. If then we had no free will, what would be the sense to be thrown in prison?  Or what for that matter would that testing be if there be nothing to test upon?   

  38. The Lord calls upon us to hold out, since your will is yours to choose one or the other, the devil can not take it from you, nor will the Lord take it from you, since you are to show yourself approved before all of heaven and earth. The crown is ours as long as we hold out to the very end, nor will anyone be tried beyond his means.

  39. And then again there is the remainder of what the Lord said to Simon Peter, namely:  "But I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again, strengthen your brethren."  Conclude this to yourselves that as much as your will is yours, so is your faith given you of God, and why should you relinquish that for one like the devil?  

  40. Nor will that trial be without end, but for a time, like the Lord said to Simon; "And when you have turned again," as in when the Satan is through sifting you, having tried you in vain, or he is tired of it, since you are not one to give in, then teach your brethren - as I am doing this day writing down for you my experience that the same may be for comfort and a reminder to you.

  41. And having had all these things upon me the Lord therewith qualifies me to again help you my beloved, and when the hour has come I will do so again the Lord having enabled me.   So thus you see - how all things that happen to us who love Him are to the good and welfare for us, even though that Satan attempts to make it otherwise.

  42. There now is a great mystery here where the Lord said; "I have prayed that your faith fail you not," for that does not mean that our free-will is as such imprisoned whereby we can no longer choose, but rather that our spirits came forth from Him being born in Him that above all things honor Him from whom they came forth.   

  43. Those that are born of the earth, born in the will of man, rather than of God readily give in to the devil.  For even these have a will to honor God, and many do so, but for some when adversity strikes them, being tried for their faith, they give in to the whims of the devil.

  44. With us and the Satan it is like this; when Esau was hungry and asked for that red food which Jacob had prepared, Jacob asked for his right of first-born.  So the Satan when we are in a straight he will tempt us to bow to his wishes. Do not then forfeit your salvation on account of his wishes, but resist him.

  45. The entrance into heaven, into God's eternal rest, is not for the light-hearted, since again all these will be kings and priests, and able to sit at the table with the Lord.   It is indeed a very majestic gift to be awarded the entrance into heaven, nor is the glory of this anything at all to be compared with that which will be in the world to come.  

  46. And so I implore you with all my heart O my dearly beloved, you that have the faith, and the knowledge, do not give in, with-stand those messengers of the devil, show them that you are made of the good stock, and having with-stood him you will receive the crown of great glory.

  47. And what now is faith, as I spoke of earlier how as servants of the Lord we walk in darkness with no light, yet we trust upon Him?  Did not the Lord make many for an example of enduring faith?  Consider those that went before us, and behold my words for these last fifty years how in all these many years not a single iota of it had come came to pass.

  48. Was it then an insanity in me to believe so strongly upon the word of the Lord, or not rather faith, a Godly faith and a true reliance upon Him for all the word that He has spoken?   The true fast my beloved is to be single minded, to look to the Lord and not deviate from Him.

  49. I now do not suppose that the devil is aware of how the foundations of the earth are constructed, for if he did why then did he not teach his helpers, the men which he has in his clutches that denounce God in every way, to teach them the correct knowledge instead of the stupidity upon which these currently base their science?  

  50. If indeed these had a right knowledge I would not have come to make fools of them.  For do you not realize that if these scientists had the right knowledge, be it in themselves or learned of the devil, how then that devil would have claimed victory over the Christ.  

  51. He would indeed then have his earnest wish to destroy all mankind.  Since clearly by His own word by Jeremiah God would have no choice but to condemn all mankind, -- except of course if the knowledge of these foundations were of God Himself taught to a man.

  52. Therefore I conjecture that God has given me a knowledge which the devil does not have.  Yet he is able to read and know what all I have spoken which no doubt bothers him more than even I can imagine.   

  53. No wonder therefore he makes his attack upon me as he does.  But whether he will listen to me or not, he labors in vain to get me to his wishes, for I am the Lord's and none other, now and forever.

  54. When the Satan was about to bring Jesus into the realm of death, he did not believe that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.  And how inconceivable that appears to me, for there were demons, (sons of the watchers that fornicated with women) that did know Jesus for whom He really was.  

  55. How very dark therefore is the mind of Satan to be so ignorant.  And yes so were these high priests likewise in the days of Jesus, to behold all the miracles which He did, and yet not recognize Him as having come of God.

  56. That Satan most certainly will not believe that I nor we are God's sons, and will fancy himself that he will bring us captive into Hades subject unto him.  There are therefore a few more surprises in store for that Satan.   Is that not so my beloved?  For I know that you will hold out against him, will you not?.

  57. Consider my beloved that he has a right to try us, wherefore do not be angry with him, nor with the Lord for the trials, but rather rejoice in this - that these are for your welfare, and to the greater glory that will be bestowed upon you. For all your sufferings to hold out for the name of Jesus the Father is also glorified therein, even as the Lord is, and you are.

  58. I know how when this devil is thrown down to earth, he will start to persecute all the just, everyone that is born of God, with the world of men helping him, making it appear as if we are the monsters and the anti Christ's.

  59. And he will be very cruel like unto his ministers that in previous ages tortured and killed those that went before us.  If you are not able to hide, or escape from them, accept all that comes upon you, and the crown will be yours.  Let in all things God our Father and our Lord be glorified.

  60. Among the Jews likewise there is that vipers-brood that if any of their own flesh wishes to believe upon the Messiah, they breathe fire and brimstone upon them, condemning them as worse than murderers and every vile thing that can be imagined.  

  61. For them there is no freedom of religion because these were born of the devil, and their hatred of God and His Messiah is frankly inconceivable.

  62.  Christ gave His very life for them so they might live and escape from death, but there is no gratitude within their hearts even as there is not a grain of love for their own flesh, let alone their neighbor in them.  

  63. And yet for a facade they tote the Torah, and claim themselves upon it. Therefore the Lord labeled them as hypocrites, a vipers-brood.


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