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  1. The world has been at peace too long; the leeches have grown fat over-burdening their victims. Under the name of peace wholesale slaughter has become the acceptable thing to do.

  2. This generation is gathering destruction while they imagine to find peace. They speak of war as if they dislike it while they beg for it by day and by night.

  3. This generation is in want of war, in want of a grievous rod upon them. This generation stinks, it has not had a shower for many decades, the grime of the decades has grown on them.

  4. No longer is there water to cleanse them, a fire shall consume them with their grime. Death is indeed their procurement.

  5. I call on Thee O my Lord, O mighty Lord. Behold, and let the people know war, let Thy arm of vindication be upon the inhabitants of the earth.

  6. Let the wicked perish from among the righteous. Let the earth be established in peace. I call on Thee O mighty Lord, for Thy peace, to establish Justice in the earth.

  7. How shall a prince receive children to himself, a ruler his people? Lest they be made in Thy creation O Lord I have no pleasure in them. 

  8. Let Thy vengeance go forth, Thy strong arm to cleanse the earth of its inhabitants that refuse to know Thee.

  9. Let Thy wrath be upon them that abuse Thy ways. Hear my plea O Lord, for from Thy presence my spirit went forth.

  10. Hear me all you children of men, for in wisdom is instruction, and justice shall succeed. It are not princes by the choice of men that shall rule, nor shall dominion be by those that elect themselves.   

  11. Gather wisdom, for monarchs shall rule, kings whose word shall be law. Just kings who shall be as gods to their people, it is by the Lord that all nations shall be ruled.

  12. The choice of men, your elections - are unto death. Take learning, men elect their rulers to destruction, the gathering of men is a delusion, it are Gods children who shall judge forever.

  13. O how sweet is the wisdom. It is in the firstborn that all sons wander, for the chosen of the Lord that men gather in vain.


  1.   To live is a curse, to die a blessing. To grow old is a heavy burden, while to die young is a blessing. But this was not always so, nor will it always be so. One says; "that life was good to him." 

  2. But not out of wisdom shall a man speak thus. How few from among the race of men do in fact realize what is in the present and what is in their future?

  3. And so in wisdom I spoke that living is a curse while to die shall be a blessing. For men dwell in ignorance, and ignorance is sweet, yes sweet to the taste, but bitter at end.

  4. O if indeed you would realize that it is out of understanding and with knowledge that I speak that my word means life.   For if it were not for the wisdom that came into my heart I would not have known how to speak after truth

  5. So then my people, my beloved nations, be practical, be realistic, consider that you must abide forever. Come and be sensible, what can a man be for a mere hundred years?   Must man not remain so he might know "wherefore" he has knowledge.   You must abide in order to know "how" and "why" you came from the womb.

  6. I reveal to you - that life is "after" death, be it life for the just, or a living death for the unjust. Do you not know that unless a seed is put under -- it cannot dissolve in order to grow upwards to the sun.

  7. I know your day of tomorrow and what is in store for you, therefore I said; be practical, be realistic, listen to the words of wisdom.

  8. Come let us reason. When a child dies young, how many are its sins?   Answer me my people, obtain understanding.   Or what of these many abortions, which you murder in cold blood, these souls that you rob of beholding the light of day, how many shall their sins be?

  9. Answer me, for how will these be charged with the disregarding of Gods law? They were indeed born and conceived in sin, even born of adultery.   By their nature therefore they are under death, while those who lived had opportunity to reach for a crown of life.   

  10. These poor souls therefore were robbed of their chance to everlasting life, being robbed of their opportunity to pray to their Creator.   And you who lived, you are the ones who swindled them.

  11. But now come to compare them with yourselves, for how will their sins compare to yours that shed their young blood?   And I do not speak of only the mothers but the fathers and the doctors and the nurses as well.   

  12. And not only these shall be guilty of this cold blooded first degree murder, but your presidents, your governors, your lawmakers, and your judges, these also I shall hold guilty, and I will demand the blood of these helpless ones from each of them.

  13. O how foolish both you and them are to commit these murders, they are not in secret, I know each and every one of them, for these are mine, and as I told you - justice will succeed.   You who lived many days, you had much opportunity to corrupt yourselves, while these helpless ones had none. 

  14. I therefore say to you; I will embrace them, and they shall shine like bright lights compared to the darkness that you shall be, to you who bore them, and all who consented to their destruction.   

  15. For hear this you dim-sighted creatures; they will stand forth as a testimony to the wickedness of "all" that partook in the shedding of their blood.

  16. You heard it you inhabitants of the earth, yet I shall repeat it: "Your abortions will be raised to full life, as a testimony to your criminal acts of murder.   This will be so that you may be judged accordingly, for even these abortions as you call them will judge you, and condemn those who shed their blood.

  17. Is it any wonder that I call you dim-sighted and foolish creatures, and that you are very impractical to ignore my sound words of admonition?   If only you could realize whom it is that speaks to you, who indeed I am to pronounce these things to you.

  18. In days to come, the children will rejoice, while you who lived to have children, you will weep in agony.   Learn therefore understanding, for to some ignorance comes as a blessing, while to others it is a curse.   Did I not say somewhere that; 'time is for a difference and that for a difference we are timed?" 

  19. Will you then imagine that I speak in vain?    Or that you will have an excuse not to comprehend my words?  How great will be the sins of the simple, or of the multitude that perish in famines or in the destruction of the violence of men?   Accept understanding, for they will be like the splinter to the moat.   

  20. To have died young therefore, to have departed early is a blessing, for they are gathered to the shadow of the cedars, and rejoice in their blessings.   While those who added years of life have much to account for, and they will serve according to the multitude of their oppression's

  21. I shall speak in wisdom. I shall let wisdom flow from my lips that perhaps some may find healing.   How may I ask you have you made me to weep over your abortions?  Are you able to answer me?   

  22. Do you still not know that even these are my children?   Yea, indeed, and I love them, moreover, I will cherish them.

  23. Was not understanding imparted to me?   How then shall I weep over the great multitude of young men cut off in battle?   They can no longer add sin unto sin, their youth adds luster to my garment.   

  24. And so also the famine it is a sword of the Lord, both a blessing and a curse.    For He is great in wisdom the Lord Most high, gathering men as fishes into a net, preparing them for the tables of the just.

  25. But O who is to comprehend beauty?   I then said to you that it is a heavy burden which the Lord has given man to live many years.   For in many years a great measure of sins is tallied, which leads to a large price to pay.   

  26. Hell, so I say to you, is not one measure, nor one plateau, but as there are sinners in every measure, so hell has its measure for each of them.

  27. Do not pleasure in the fact that you live into age, lest you live to the glory of Him who made you.   For to the children of God there is no death, and whether they live long or not, death does not touch them.   As riches are given for a trial, so life is given for trial.    

  28. If you desire wealth to be a curse to you, so it will be to you.   And if you desire to add years for a curse, so also it will be for you.

  29. I shall question you, if you shall have an answer.   Are childhood diseases for a curse or a blessing?   Man therefore is cruel in inventing medicines so that their children might live to add sin unto sin.   But he who is not wise will reply, to let them die young so a blessing might be to them.   

  30. But rather than speaking foolishly you ought to rather consider to mend your ways, and be an example to the young so they might "live" to a blessing, for in death there is no rejoicing.

  31. Do you not know that one day under the sun is more than a thousand in Hades?   Let therefore your labors be to life.   Seek the Lord in truth so that years of age nor riches nor poverty may add for a curse.

  32. You frown upon suicide, it is against your rules, it makes you look guilty, it is like a bad judgment on you.   You would rather that the poor soul lives to add sin, and that he remains to pay taxes and interest.   Your feelings of compassion therefore are only wickedness, your deeds, good or bad, are only evil.

  33. And all this is on you because you lack understanding.   And the reason understanding hides itself from you is because you despise its yoke and its precepts.


  1.   My ear caught a word. and now hear this you men in the land.   Your high court has struck down creation.  You fools. For now God will strike down your high court into the depths of hell.

  2. And how blind you are with you excuse of "national security".   You are unreal, you who rule the people.   You cause them to swear an oath to defend from all enemies within and without, to uphold law and constitution.   Yes you even made "me" to swear that oath, you foolish ones.   

  3. And what will you do if indeed I fulfilled that oath?   Yes what will you do.  You made me swear that I should exterminate you and your high court, to destroy all of you who govern to the destruction of this great nation.   

  4. You are the enemies of this great nation; you lead it to destruction.  "We the people, so it says, a nation under God," while you strike down His laws, and take away the rights of the people. You are guilty of treason.

  5. Do you now wish that I should fulfill my oath, which you made me to swear, to exterminate the whole lot of you?   I will tell you what I will do; I shall lend my oath to the Lord whom I serve, so that He might fulfill what you caused me to swear that I should do.

  6. The Lord said; "You shall not steal." But you rulers, you teach the people not to compete with you in robbery.  The Lord said; "You shall not kill." But you princes, you offer bribes to wholesale slaughter.

  7. The Lord said, "You shall not commit adultery". But you judges teach the people to increase adultery, for with your verdicts you fill the earth with adultery.  

  8. The Lord said, "You shall not covet what is your neighbors". But you officials justify leasing, and make even desires a law.

  9. Are they not any more than dogs, those who lift the skirt of both mother and daughter, and sniffing at everyone near?   Where is your shame, or your integrity or knowledge?   

  10. Woe to you shameful creatures, beware, lest you be given in the same shameful lust that many already are - namely to lust for man after man, and woman after woman, to become the most degraded of creatures, a degeneration that cannot be put into words.

  11. A man shall be known for what he is.   Call every disease by its rightful name.   Education furnishes the mind, the refusal to gain understanding are its pains for a just reward.

  12. Acquire knowledge, and labor for understandings for by knowledge is justice enacted, and by understanding a man learns how to behave himself.   Adultery now is unto death, and who shall bewail a snake charmer when he is bitten?

  13. You are pleased to enter the tombs of death, why then do you yet cry that death has come upon you?   Will you play with death and with those that wallow in the tombs thereof as if there is nothing to fear?  For your boldness therefore you will pay the price.

      Bird's eye view

  1.   The Lord gave his law to Adam that all generations should obey the just decree of their Maker.   And to Noah the law by which he and his seed shall live.   But the descendants turned aside from the law.   

  2. The Lord then put forth his hand to take a grape of the cluster, that it may be kept and know his law.   But even in this grape were some that denied Him, wherefore He went to still others that his grape may be full.

  3. Who now will judge the Lord? For the Lord is impartial, wills He take one, He will take one, and wills He take all, He will take all, and who will bring Him to justice, or accuse Him of wrong?  

  4. For so it is also with me, to be judged by any of your courts is totally alien to me.

  5. Did you not forsake Him, and scorned his precepts?   Yes your forebears did, but so are you this very day, where then is your justification?

  6. The Lord sent forth his messengers, He even sent his own Son, but you slew them, and even killed His only begotten.   And so what now have you to say?   I heard my Lord say; "You are gods," all the people shall each walk in the name of their god, but you shall walk in the name of the Lord of Host, and be called by My name."

  7. So listen my people, and be glad in this, that the Lord appoints rulers, just rulers.   He bore the afflictions of men, and of those that love Him.   In due time He will bring the harvest grain, living waters, His wisdom is without end, His compassion beyond words.

  8. And now in the ending of the years He has brought me before you, for did He not testify of my anointing?  And did He not call me of your own?   You therefore will abide by a law that I have of my Father.

  9. I will not condone your laws, nor will I condone the justice of your own makings.   But by a law given me in Israel, by a just law you shall abide, by the law of the Lord.


  1.   Hear now this word, for it is I speaking, and let my words enter into you, that it may be well with you.   

  2.   You shall honor the Lord your God, He is your Maker, the life of your being, and you shall serve Him and respect Him and those whom he appoints over you.

  3.   You shall not mock a ruler of your land, nor make fun of his person, nor of his name, it is a disgrace.   

  4.   You shall not make "luck" good or bad, part of your vocabulary, you shall not name that which has no being, you shall not bring forth idols nor make them part of your vocabulary.

  5.   You shall respect every person, for no person came of his own choice, each therefore has its rights with yours that everyone may live with dignity.   

  6.   You shall honor the aged for their gray hairs, and the young for the word of God in them.

  7.   You shall not take a pledge with which one covers himself, but you shall be merciful honoring Him who made you.   

  8.   You shall not eat nor drink the blood of any creature, for the blood is the live stream, you shall not consume it of man nor of beast, nor offer it to any creature.

  9.   You shall not abolish the death penalty, nor shall one be put to death but upon the testimony of two or more witnesses.   When a man convicts himself in his own words, in his own words he shall be convicted.   

  10.   You shall duly inquire into the truth of witnesses, and if they be false witnesses, you shall do to them as they thought to do to their neighbor.

  11.   You shall remember mercy in judgment, nor shall the judge, prosecutor, or defender rejoice in judgment, nor in the fall or any man.   

  12.   Let it not be heard of you O you judges, that you took pleasure in judgment, or in the execution thereof.   Nor shall the guilty go free for the sin of his accuser, nor shall you hang a women by a rope.

  13.   When a crime has been committed and there is a witness, that witness shall not hold his tongue, but he must report the same.   And if he refuses to do so, you shall hold him equally guilty of the crime.   You shall not accept a vow of silence, be it for religious or other reason.

  14. On the contrary, if a person brings such a vow into a court, with the same he or she will be guilty of treason.   All creatures, in heaven or earth, are sworn to report every crime, there shall be no deviation from this order.

  15.   When you wish to confess your sins, you shall not make confessions as the roman catholic do in their pig-styles, or churches as these call them, but upon the penalty of death.

  16.   A person shall not demand more than what is rightfully due, a deliberate attempt to exaggeration shall be rewarded on their own head.   A lawyer shall not knowingly prosecute or defend a case in guile, but even the guilty shall be justly represented.

  17.   You shall not prejudge, nor be pleased in judgment.   You shall not judge by personal feelings, nor see to the person of any one.   If a judge takes anything personal, he is not worthy, and shall not be a judge.   Extortion and bribes shall he punished severely.

  18.   You shall make a distinction between death by guile, and death by none intend.   If by guile, you shall require life for life, goods for goods.   And if not in guile, one shall be reproved according to his carelessness.

  19.   Drunk driving is a difficult case, and when it leads to the loss of life, the same is not to be held guiltless.   

  20.   Kidnapers and hijackers shall be forthwith executed, you shall not delay it, and whosoever takes a life shall forfeit his life.   Be wise however to make a distinction in what is a detainment and what is not so.

  21.   Executions shall be performed in the open and before an audience with knowledge to all.   Know and understand that to execute a person in a shielded fashion is barbarian, a breach of the law, and punishable by death   

  22. Know therefore you judges and rulers for all those, which you have not executed according to law, you stand guilty as charged.

  23.   You then shall not shield execution, but it shall be in the open, in public, nor shall one be executed in a strange place, but where he committed the crime, there the life shall be given.   

  24.   Adultery is punishable by death, let therefore those that are without sin take up the first stone, so they too afterwards may be punished in their conceit.

  25.   You shall remove from you every soothsayer, palm reader, and fortune teller, not a single one shall remain but upon the penalty of death.   The crime of astrology is a vile thing, wherefore you shall duly reward them that bring it before the people.

  26.   Every laborer is worthy of his pay; you therefore shall have minimum standards sufficient for one to provide for himself and those of his household.

  27. These things you shall call "standard", that which is essential to the basic needs, food, clothing, and shelter, according to the prices fixed for these, nor shall they be lacking in dignity.   

  28.   You shall not pay a stranger less than a citizen, nor a woman a smaller sum for any labor she performs equal to a man, nor a young man because he is young.

  29.   If a man refuses to labor, then let him not eat as well.   And if there is a shortage of work, you shall provide the work.   Public services shall be provided to all people of the land without profit, you shall count it a disgrace to do it any otherwise.

  30.   If certain things are made mandatory, such as insurance, or fee's, you shall make it equitable for all concerned, according to their needs and means, it is a public service; you shall not make it profitable.   

  31.   Parents have the right over their children except if they abuse that right, for they are entrusted to them by the Lord their Maker.

  32.   You have heard it said, "You shall not kill".   You shall not therefore implement false witness, nor false teachings concerning life or death, you shall not kill neither the body nor the soul.   

  33.   You have heard it said, "You shall not commit adultery".   You shall not therefore write for divorce, for a vow once given cannot be retracted, it is adultery, and you shall not commit adultery for adultery.

  34.   When a man is in need, you shall not wrestle his property out from under him, but you shall lend to him so he may retain his needs.   For he that acquires over much land, steals, and he, which is overpaid, curses his neighbor.

  35.   You shall not justify a person on the excuse of; "I was just following orders".   But rather a man shall be guilty for following orders that are not according to the law of the Lord.   

  36. No manís orders are to be obeyed when they are in violation of the commandments of the Most High God, but rather it is every manís duty to keep the commandments of his Creator, and not those of men that strive against them.

  37. And what other things shall I say that have not already been commanded you?   You therefore shall have no law, but the law of the Lord.

  38. Let them therefore be accursed who bind a man in marriage with an adulterous woman.   Let every priest, and every judge be cursed.   And let all the people speak together;  

  39.   Cursed be you O priest, and cursed be you O judge to join those that cannot and may not be joined. And they shall be cursed for the crime they have committed in mocking the law and the Lord who made it.

  40.   Accursed be those who authorize abortions. Sing a curse to them O you people that as they had no regard for life, let not their life be regarded.   

  41. And let no one shed a tear when they are brought in their graves.   And let their grave be marked; "Here a murderer rests not." For they shall indeed not rest.

  42.   Accursed be they who sterilize a man, to take from him his manhood, to fill the earth with shame.   

  43.   Accursed be they who impregnate a woman with the seed of another man, not her own.   For you shall not bring forth bastards into the earth.

  44.   Accursed be they who freeze any part of any person with the thought of bringing it back to life.   Let them be known as devil worshipers, to thus mock the Lord and man.   You shall bury your dead, and not uproot them in disrespect.

  45.   If a woman will stand forth as a priest to speak in the congregation, you shall sing a song to her; "Accursed be you O daughter of wickedness, appearing naked before the eyes of God and man. 

  46. Your nakedness reveals you not as man, you would clothe yourself with an honor not belonging to you, unseating one greater than yourself, therefore the curse shall pursue you even into hell."

  47.   When you behold one consuming blood, sing a song saying. "Accursed be you O bloody person, as you consumed the blood of others - so by others your blood will be consumed, be it of man so by man, and be it of an animal so may you be torn by the same.

          FOOD FOR THOUGHT    

  1.   A people cannot rule itself, nor can a nation be led by mortal men.

  2.  As the eye to see is surely a grant, so the kings rely upon their Maker.

  3. And as the blind feel their way around with a stick, so the leaders of the earth rule.

  4. This is surely a fatal blow to the American ideal and to the ideal of all such nations. 

  5. For the word that I am given to speak will come to pass, while any and all ideals contrary to it will vanish from the face of the earth.

  6. Let them therefore, the foolish and the blind, vainly pride in their ideals, for these are soon to end, and never again to resurface or be thought of.

  7. As for you my friends consider that this land is not your land, that this earth is not the earth of our inheritance, but that we are strangers here, and strangers do not meddle in the affairs of a city of which they are not citizens.

  8.   I speak to them and command them not as if I were to inherit them in this world, but for a day to come. I speak to a people in a place not my own because the Lord appointed me, saying to me; they are your people, and yet not your people.

  9. Take learning that it is better to be ignorant, than to be taken by a corrupt knowledge, for the corrupt mind shall not endure, while for those who acted in ignorance mercy may be found.

  10. Remember again that not only they who instigate a crime are guilty but also them that serve them in it are accessories to the same.  

  11. Governments on all levels have been and still are thieves.  And to some degree a large dragon is difficult to control.  But allow me to point out a difference as food for thought.

  12. They who rob a store at the point of a gun taking small change are readily placed into irons, and must pay dearly for their crime. But these are only the small fry, for the (so-called) white collar crime is far greater and worse than all that are put into custody.

  13.   Extortion and blackmail are more heinous than the before, and these crimes in many parts are rampant, but also cloaked, for neither the news media nor the officials pay much attention to these crimes.   And yet it are the officials, which are mostly the blame, and themselves the greater thieves.  

  14. Outright extortion and harassment are two items which in their book is perfect love and justice, and if the victims complain - they are looked upon as guilty.

  15. Quite often judges in league with the police run a grand business of highway robbery unto which the victims have no recourse, for they have their own concocted law and the power to uphold their robbery as were it perfect justice.   And the same can be said for many government agencies, and business conglomerates.

  16.   But do not think that they will outrun their reward, for the day of justice is only withheld so each of them may fill up their measure, both fathers and their sons in their stead, so that they may receive the full reward of their crimes.

  17. Officials are established to guard the well being of man, but many do not perform their function, but like their forebears they sanction lawbreakers and punish those that keep the law. And for this shall come on them a fate worse than death.

  18.   In the place where I had to reside, they have made a law, that the rich shall have full right of the roads, since they are well fed to pay the extortion laid upon them by the officials.   

  19. But from the poor this right is taken away unless they also pay the extravagant sums which they require from them for their (so called) own protection - like that Al Capone; "pay me what I demand, or I will have you beaten."

  20. For in their law is the demand that all the poor which cannot afford their protection fees, shall remain at home under house arrest until they are dead from hunger and or thirst, having been denied the very means to procure their living.   

  21. And if any disobey their bastard law, and are caught doing so, they levy on them a sum which is often in excess of four months of their living in addition to the protection fee which they were not able to pay in the first place.   And this these enemies of the human race call perfect justice.

  22. This devil named Stalin, starved seven million souls to death in the middle of their own bread-basket, not allowing them the food which they themselves grew. But now you will have to see the retribution upon that devil of devils.

  23.   And now what?   Will anyone contend that I have spoken amiss?   That what I have said is inaccurate?    It is not inaccurate, but rather modestly spoken, and who among them shall be able to reprove me for a single sentence of what I have stated for a truth?

  24.   And so well on, disagree with me if you must but I tell you for a certain fact that this generation will not pass away until the reward of their doings has begun upon them.

  25.   All mortgages shall become null and void.   All loans shall be forfeited.   

  26. Silver as well as gold shall lose its value; it shall become like the dust of the earth, money also will be a thing of the past, I will not allow it to be printed.  

  27. You acquire goods, yes, but your children shall not inherit them, for all debts will be canceled, and all that you have labored for will go to others.   To buy stock is to purchase mere paper.    To invest in bonds, a fool's loss.  To lend at interest, a fool's game.

  28. The meek will inherit the earth, and to whom will they make a payment, when the landlords and the bankers, all the takers of payment are no more?   

  29. All things in the earth shall be theirs for the taking, and who will say, "this is mine" when their remains lie speechless on the face of the earth

  30. The last payment that the inheritors of the earth will bestow on the takers of payment is - to bury their remains, that which the vultures and the coyotes has left of them.

  31.    I beheld, and the world was asleep, I heard no voices. I searched for a sound to be heard, but everyone was asleep. They were at peace, and this was their calamity.

  32. The eagle reigned, I saw no one oppose it, but on their couches I heard them whisper, "let us drink and be more captive.     

  33. Then I raised myself, if they will not awaken, let them sleep a perpetual sleep.   Still I will rouse them, and they will know that it is I the Lord who brought them to bear.

  34. O that men would realize how they live on borrowed time, that judgment is near at the door, credits are given but not repaid. Now the possessor will come, they are asleep and without knowing their credits are taken.


  1.   To lack sensation, to have no feeling. How great is the multitude to which this applies when it comes to truth, and justice?   Like in-animate, as in destitute of life or animation, as in no movement, alive yet dead, so the terms dull, inactive, and sluggish apply to these many.   

  2. So also it is that iniquity abounds in the earth, for thus spoke the Lord; ''Destroy injustice and every deed of iniquity will end, and truth appear."

  3. "Destroy injustice" so spoke Lord, but "how" shall injustice be destroyed when there is no feeling for justice, when people as a whole from the greatest to the least are "insentient"?

  4.   Should I now be like the hireling preachers and leave it at this not giving some example in what way you are thus guilty?   For is not this their usual practice, to acclaim: "Accept and be saved." But they fail to define just what all is to be accepted before any salvation can appear.

  5. God forbid that I should be so insentient, to be such a worthless preacher, wherefore I will question you, tell me frankly; if your government tells you to hang yourself - will you do it?   

  6. No, of course you will not, you will acclaim that such is unlawful, and most ridiculous and wicked of your leaders to even ask such a thing of you.   

  7. But now for this answer of you I am pronouncing you a liar and a hypocrite as well as insensitive and in-just,

  8. And how may it be that I can speak this as a truth?    It is for your answer to my question, the answer that you would "not" hang yourself acclaiming it ridiculous as well as unjust.    

  9. It is because your words are not paired with your actions, for is it not a fact that when your government asks you to hang your neighbor - you forthwith comply?

  10. This indeed is a fact, when your beloved superiors ask you to cut your own throat you look at them, as were they insane.   Yet when the same asks you to cut the throat of your neighbor you comply without any regard or compulsion to the fact that the thing asked of you is wicked.

  11.   And do not attempt to tell me otherwise, or to whitewash the matter, for I heard you acclaim; "O but we have to, it is the law, or, it is our policy, or, these are the regulations, we have to hang him though he be our neighbor."   

  12. And do you now know what I am speaking of?   I am speaking of your officials, of your institutions how they have become bedfellows with perfect criminals.

  13. When for example one has a disagreement about owing some funds to anyone and it comes to be handed over to the vultures, also known as collection agencies, these criminals on more than occasions do not bother to notify the person from which, right or wrong they wish to collect.   

  14. Instead they merely file it with a credit rating company.   For they know that with the help the sons of perdition (your leaders) they need merely wait till the person tries to obtain a loan somewhere.

  15.   And the loan company, bedfellows with the sons of perdition, as well as with the vultures that appear under the facade of - an agency, will see to it that the vultures get their fill regardless whether or not it was a lawful meal to them.   

  16. In plain English, the victim however innocent he may be in not owing anything to the vultures or the predators that cast him to the vultures is robbed by your so-called honorable bankers and loan officials.

  17. For so they say, "it is the law."   But now I ask, "What law?   And whose law?   For no such law exists, nor could it, it is nothing more than oppression and injustice, extortion cooked up by the financial institutions sleeping with your government in a bed that is hardly marital.

  18. Don't take me wrong now, as were I speaking of liens such as are allowed by a judgment, for in that case a legal decision was made on the matter, and right or wrong the judge will bear the praise or penalties.   

  19. But I am speaking of such cases where no legal judgment rests, for how do you know whether the claim made by the vultures is just or unjust?

  20. If therefore - by presumption - the case were unjust, you have just assisted perfect criminals to practice their criminal deeds, making yourself accessories to their crime.   

  21. For no man should ever pay that for which he is not justly liable, and there is no excuse for mistakes, for in the matter of "justice" there is no excuse for ignorance to falter in even the least amount.

  22. For like the saying, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse," so it applies foremost to justice.  You are not allowed to make an infraction thereof, nor to fail in the smallest degree, for whatever is not perfectly just - is unjust, and in-just.  

  23. That which is not truth is a lie, and he that does not owe - cannot be made to owe, since he owes not, and where there is injustice - one cannot speak of justice.

  24.   And so I said to you, "how" do "you" know whether the victim owes rightfully or not.  Therefore, as long as you do "not" know, you may not, and you shall not collect regardless of what either government, or an employer tells you or commands you.

  25. You are under no obligation nor law to uphold such tyranny, but quite the contrary - you are in fact at all times obligated to seek out justice and to uphold it, and live by it, and practice it.   

  26. Law or no law, regulation or no regulation, policy or no policy, that which is right and just to any and all men that you shall obey, it is your solemn duty to "disobey" these so called laws to the contrary, be they of your government, employer, or whomever.

  27.   For supposing once again that the vultures had a just cause, meaning the person (victim) does rightfully owe the money, and you as part of the financial institution complied assisting them, you would still be guilty of robbery and extortion.   For this is not the way rightful dues are collected (by coercion and oppression) but by free consent, or by legal process of the law (court)

  28. I of course know your belly aching, how it's your job and that if you do not perform it to your employer's wishes you'd be without a job.   I then can look upon you as a coward, but I can also feel with you when you are alone seeking justice in a world full of injustice.   

  29. But do not expect me to pardon you, nor to justify you, for in any case I will look upon you as a hypocrite, unless you truly set yourself with disgust against such practices.

  30.   But as I have seen, there are not a few who before their victims have no feeling even though they make it appear as if they have.   Accordingly, these are as I started to say, "insentient".   

  31. For when you acclaim, "O but it is the law, we have to", you prove yourself to be seared with the poison of deceit, and altogether devoid of knowledge of what knowledge is in regards to rights and Justice.

  32. If only you had feelings, then knowledge might enter into you towards a lust for justice, and from your speech would come a cry for justice, and a disgust for the injustice, which you are expected to practice.

  33.   Do I now have to spell every case?   Take a good look at what is expected of you by your employer and you civil servants - by your superiors if what is expected of you is sanctioned by the High and Mighty Judge.   

  34. I will reveal to you a secret, something you are not really expecting, namely; that the end of your employers and of your high officials, and of your leaders and of your princes is a very agonizing existence after their departure (death) from this world.

  35. Do you then wish to join them in this painful agonizing existence, which more factually can be called death than any other death?   Assist them in their robberies and you will rest in the same bed with them.

  36.   Having now heard what you have heard - consider how it is that I spoke no wrong in acclaiming that when being asked to hang yourself you refused, but that you had no compulsion to hang your neighbor when it was so commanded or requested of your government or employer.

  37. Accordingly, you are guilty of crimes against humanity for you were insensitive and without love for truth or for justice.   You were no better than your leaders, and of a grade no better than your employers, wherefore you will he brought into hell along with them so you may curse them each and every day.

  38.   For all the praise that you bestowed on them in this world, you will now be the instrument to curse them continually and yourself be cursed by them and everyone else.   

  39. This will be your reward O you creatures with no feeling, you who did not consider your neighbor as you ought to and were commanded of Him who formed you.


  1. My joy is with the Lord, and my peace is He, He is my strong defense, my hope of life, and my exultation, Him I serve.   But when I look around me I behold only ignorance, man as not much more than animals, and looking at the whole as irrational animals.

  2. Irrational, because he pleasures in conceit, which is what takes away his mind to believe what is false, and having been given to falsehood he is bound for destruction - because honesty was lacking him.

  3.   Did I not say that ignorance was a curse, and how because of it you must perish?   It is for his sheer ignorance that man is so foolish.   He is desperately corrupt because he yet also delights in calling his stupidity knowledge, and his ignorance as understanding.   I am speaking of the conceit of man and of his accursed pride in which he pleasures with an aim to speak for a difference. 

  4.  So I began to say; "In-comprehensive," for who can understand such but them that invented the same, the children of the father of the lie, who dream of things that do not exist but in their mind only, in things in-comprehensive which even they who practice them do not comprehend.

  5.   Find something rare - and every heart of conceit has seen it.   Propose something unknown and all will claim to have known it.   Show a thing that is rarely or ever made for its complexity - and you will hear how every one has made it at one time or another.   

  6. Propose to have something made that is rare and difficult - and you will get many promises, but given the order, or pressed to the point - none are able, because -- "conceit," rules them.

  7. The heart of conceit is able to all things, yet capable of nothing.   This is an evil thing and destructive to the soul of man, it is a lie, vainglory, deceit, and a detestable thing in any man.

  8.   For over two thousand years no one was able to define the 'Calendar' nor the words of Enoch to set the calendar for its proper course.   And now that it is once shown - who will come out of the woodwork claiming to have known it all along?   

  9. Would now they were speaking of a truth.   But conceit knows no truth but its own, nor does it require evidence except their folly to claim what they have not.

  10. For centuries the wise and learned have been teaching the people the stork to bring babies, but now that the truth has been shown (defining the true nature of light and of power), who will come to say to have known it all along, or, as were there nothing new?

  11. Each of these many are conceited, and on account of their conceit they perish, for conceit, like deceit, is an evil thing that bears wrath.

  12. Grant therefore truth where truth is, and become not a liar for conceit, for what idolous vainglory holds you captive anyway not to grant a man his grace of the Lord.   It is "jealousy" that breeds conceit.   Whosoever looks for a fault however small is conceited, conceit drawn from jealousy, for he sees the labors of another and hates him because it was not of him.

  13. I have written many things, and yet not I have written but by my hand it pleased the Lord to be written.   And this being done, I am weary in patience and travail, for while I ventured to speak to this people - they scorned me and rejected me.

  14.   With malice they did reject me, and with an accursed pride being greatly conceited.   Not for a moment did they consider to have a second look, nor to look into my resume.

  15. Therefore also did I in turn reject them, and swore by Thee O Lord that I would scorn them as they scorned me.   I will reject them as they rejected me.   I will sell them out and put them under a yoke.   I will make a gift of them to whom they would rather not belong.   

  16. I will make them hapless and trade the lot of them for one better than the whole of them, so they may come to realize that in their entire multitude their worth does not hold a candle to one of Thy children O Lord.

  17.   Be it known to you O you Gentiles, the whole multitude of you that your king's desire is not in you, that you have forfeited his pleasure in not taking delight in him. 

  18. He gave his life for you O you Gentiles but you were ungrateful as also blind.   And so he spurned you, he left you for another because you were silent to him when you should have answered him.

  19. You have forfeited your honor because you did not honor him whose life was for your well-being.   Now I will bend the knee of each of you.   

  20. You are foolish to conclude that the single Sun is one and no more, for that same Sun rises in the east and settles in the west.  Accordingly, you should have realized the Lord and those with him.  (A riddle for all but the wise)

  21. This I confess to all, that I cannot even stand the very sight of injustice, it angers me and provokes me to take the rod into my hands. 

  22.  Once therefore that rod is delivered into my hand be aware all you that were in authority, for it will descend upon you in full measure, even as the Lord spoke saying; 

  23. "And a mighty one of the nations will surely do to them as their wickedness deserves."    

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