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  1. What do you mean when you say "truth", you so called teachers in the earth? The meaning is to be honest, to be free from conceit, and to be consistent with the actual state of things. 

  2. This word however seems to be lacking from your dictionaries for where it states; yes, you proclaim a no, and where it says; no, you proclaim a yes. What therefore am I to make of you, you teachers? Is it evil intend, or just that you are not taught?

  3. Hear now this you evangelists, and you preachers, hypocrites. Just whom do you think that you are to boast yourself against the word of God? You speak falsely of the written word, and yet you have the gall to say that the Lord spoke to you. 

  4. But you lie, for the Lord does not confer with liars, but He upholds them that speak His word faithfully, and such as "know" the meaning of the word truth.

  5. You think to heal the nations with the venom of your mouths promising them salvation by the millions and millions. And how do you intend to keep your false promises unto them you liars? Their hopes will not be realized, since they are false hopes, they are lies, the venom of your deceit.

  6. Hear now the word of truth you people. If as much as one in ten thousand would be saved, I would rejoice for that many of them, for it shall be less. Of all the multitude that lived before the great flood only eight souls survived, and did not the Lord say that in this day it shall be as in the days of Noah?

  7. Whom then will you trust, Christ the Son of God, or these lying serpents that roam from country to country to make twice children of hell out of them that are already once children of hell, piercing them with their lies.

  8. "When I come, so said the Lord, will I then find faith?" He placed it is a question, to signify that faith shall be little or none. For again it is written: "In these days many will he taken, truth will be hidden, and few wise shall remain, and these wise shall be more and more silent, because of the great unrest and hatred and indifference that shall come in the world."

  9. Many in those days were said - to search and investigate, but not find, since wisdom had hidden itself, and truth had fled away from the children of men. Faith, Faith, they cry. I believe, I believe, so it is answered. But what good is it to believe when you do not forsake your sins?

  10. And what good shall it do you to be baptized when you refuse to conform yourself to His will and His word? Will you be baptized and then go home to him or her whom you falsely call your wife or your husband, those with whom you made a pack to live in continual adultery?

  11. For he who has taken another man's wife even for the cause of adultery has not a wife, but lives in adultery. And she who goes to any man lives not according to law, but in perpetual adultery.  

  12. Did you not know that he who enters into another man's wife, enters into another man's flesh? Do not therefore tell me that the innocent also contract Aids, or show me one who shall be innocent.

  13. If two cannot live together let them separate if they must, but do not grant a paper of divorce, because this thing of divorce has become to you a license to commit adultery. 

  14. You think that now that you are divorced, you are free to do as you please. It is therefore that I said for you judges to no longer issue a paper of divorce.

  15. And save your breath about Moses for what he allowed to the Israelites, for I am not Moses, and you are not Israelites, but you are my people, and the very same Lord which commanded Moses, appointed me guardian to you. 

  16. But do not think that I am contradicting Moses, but rather I am confirming his words, for he stated; "that the adulteress who is once divorced shall not go unto another".

  17. I therefore - in the hardness of your heart - left you what Moses left for the hardness of the heart of his people. Remember therefore that this day I gave you a command; you shall not issue a bill of rights to commit adultery.

  18. You therefore who will laugh at me, and scorn my speech, you will no longer laugh when great fear overcomes you before the tribunal of God. For on that day the Great and Glorious Lord will say;  "It is not as though you rejected the word of My servants on the day when you rejected him, but you rejected Me, therefore depart from Me you workers of iniquity."

  19. Moreover, you will once again behold me with the Glory of Him, who sent me, while you shall be in chains with shame upon your faces.

  20. And yes you will be given time to behold the glory in which you shall "not" gain entrance, while on your side there is the entrance to the place of torment. The tribunal will last a week of time, so that each of you may duly behold and consider that which you have rejected, and the fearsome place which have you invited to yourselves and into which you will be incarcerated.

  21. For this will be the sting of your reward, to have seen the great glory in which they are at whom you laughed and which you rejected, a glory into which you shall not enter, but it rather being the torments that are awaiting you. 

  22. Be so kind therefore to accept my admonition, for why should you suffer in torments, and not rather be with me in glory?

  23. "Itchy ears," so said the Lord, they have itchy ears, they want to hear only what they wish to hear, and I should speak only the words that they feed into my mouth. But you might as well forget that, for I will not speak as you wish me to speak. I watched you as you listened to your preachers, and it is disgusting.

  24. You first of all appear naked into your churches, and then that accursed preacher stands there pointing with the finger of the one hand while holding a Bible in the other. ... So then I ask you; just how much more of a serpent and a hypocrite do you want O you people?  

  25. For is it not written in that very book which that preacher holds in his one hand, that - "They that point with the finger are accursed?"  

  26. Wherefore he in fact is holding the curse in one hand, and curses himself with the other. And you of all people, you just sit there and listen and pay homage to such vipers-brood.

  27. It is the truth that we are after, and you have heard the truth, but will it suit you - you teachers of men? You think to be educating my people great in number as if I shall not be provoked to anger with your cruelties. But you have roused my anger, and now you will be done in.

  28. "Just believe, and you will live." So you preach - you dim-sighted ones. And at my rebuke they say; "O but it is the gospel, as Christ said; Whosoever believe on Me shall live." But let me tell you something in your own language. 

  29. If believing brings to salvation, then the devils would be first, since they not only believe, but have no doubt that in the Son of God is salvation, while your believe is filled with doubts, how then will you be saved, seeing firm believers as devils do not enter?

  30.   True faith is a working obedience, believing without the deeds thereof is a dead faith. Thus spoke the Lord; "Not they who say to believe, but that do the things that I have commanded, these are they that believe."

  31. When your preachers preach to you, do they ever forget to mention their paycheck? No, for their paycheck is the first thing on their mind. And why are you yet foolish enough to throw your pearls before them? 

  32. As for food, they require only a rodent once a month or so. They preach believing in Christ, but "the will" of God is not mentioned.

  33. They allow you to defile the Sabbath, for little things such as; the sheep being slaughtered by the wolves, and vultures picking out their eyes, these things do not concern them, since in fact they have a pack with these lowly animals to feed their sheep to them.

  34. Will you have faith and believe in the Christ as the Son of God by whom one may he saved? Very well then, let your deeds testify your word as truth, that indeed understanding has come within you. 

  35. But I warn you; you will become an oddball when you take to actually observe the will of God. One of the first things that they will say of you is that you are being "over-religious".

  36. This they say because, you are only supposed to pretend, and not actually perform what is commanded. And when you become strong in faith and in the works of God, you will become hated of them. 

  37. For your righteous deeds are a judgment to their evil works, and in the ignorance of their mind they will even think to be doing a service to God in casting you out.

  38. This they will do because the poison has so blackened their minds that they believe the error to be the right faith, as one saying goes; "Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it". 

  39. They cannot discern between right and wrong in the way to salvation because the evil spirits that rule them have removed the good word, taking that good word away as fast as the same may be proclaimed to them.

  40. For when the good word takes hold in a man, the evil spirit will leave, since he cannot abide with the good spirit thereof. Remember then that whosoever will do the will of God to inherit salvation, will be tried of his faith if indeed it has root within him, or if it may not only be a facade.

  41. "Will you preach son of man, so said the Lord, then tell my people their sins, and that they should repent thereof." Such is faith. But as for you - you evangelists, and you preachers, you vipers brood, very correctly did Isaiah speak of you saying; "His watchmen are blind." And he calls you "dogs", dogs that cannot bark.

  42. The blinded sheep may be calling you father and minister or rabbi, but the Lord Most High calls you; "dogs". I now am not speaking of the scribes of long ago, but rather of their descendants, I am speaking of the shepherds of this century. Do not therefore turn your head as if I were speaking to someone else.

  43. "Illiterate" so I say to you, and I shall not retract it. "Dreaming, lying down loving to slumber, and you dogs have a mighty appetite", so the Lord speaks of you. 

  44. It is Isaiah 56 - in case you wish to know where the words of your condemnation may be found, that is of course if reading the word of God is not too great a burden for your delicate eyes.

  45. And as to you ministers of the flocks, hear what the Lord speaks of you;  "That you also have no understanding, and that all of you have turned your own way." Note clearly then how the Lord said, "ALL" of you, meaning each one to his own gain. Yes, "One and all", so spoke the Lord.

  46. Hear then to me you who long for peace. If in this madhouse of men you wish to find a teacher that has not turned away from the Lord, one who is not feeding you to the dogs and the vultures. 

  47. Look for those few, which you shall find that do not reject me, but who acknowledge the truth, these shall be those who acknowledge the Lord.

  48. For whosoever rejects "me", does not reject me but Him that has sent me. And whosoever acknowledges me does not acknowledge me, but the Angel of the Spirit of the Lord with me. Hereby you will know who is on the side of God, and who loves the scales of he dragon of deceit.

  49. It is for the teachers of men that know not how to bark that the people stray to every side. It is by them that knowledge has become extinct. And for this, there will be made a feast.

  50. And of all people, it are the teachers of men who are invited, their names written on the menu. And cruel one will come and dine on them. On "them" so I said.  Thus have I spoken, and the Lord will perform it

  51. Come let us think up words, so they speak in their chambers, let us fill our speech with strong words, be intoxicating, and tomorrow will be like today, great beyond measure. 

  52. You speak like fools, and think like serpents, you say to my children that the Lord has spoken to you, but you know better you liars, and that you are liars.

  53. There are even such low ones that will say that Jesus commanded them to rob and swindle the sheep and that if they do not steal enough from them, that God would punish them. O you most miserable, you most contemptible foam of the earth, you snakes, even the pagans know better, they see right through your filth.

  54. You will accuse Jesus of robbery, but you are the thieves and the liars, you most contemptible vipers. Your time however is just about ripe, and O how you will suffer for the filth of your mouth, and for the contempt of your doings.

  55. The venom of the devil will be your food, and the righteous as also the people shall rejoice in your destruction, yea they shall rejoice seeing you destroyed. For thus it is spoken, and thus it will be.


  1.   A zebra cannot be changed of its stripes, nor will a woolly dress upon a pig make him a sheep. There are those that throw a piece of sheepskin over their rattlers and pound the bench for money and souls, money first and souls all to the same end. But I will not waste my speech on these obvious servants of the devil.

  2. Then there are those who throw a sheepskin over their whole body, but do not bother to sow it up, they just drag it along. Among these are the romans as well as the protestants and muslims.

  3. But among all of these there are some who cloak themselves more neatly, who have learned how to sow that sheepskin so they might appear more like the real thing. These are more dangerous to the simple in that their facade is most like the real thing.

  4. For the simple do not suspect evil intend, trusting everyone far too much, which is because their hearts are aright, they do not expect evil since there is no evil intend in their heart.

  5. That is also why the Lord said that we must be as cunning as foxes, since we as simple sheep live among a world full of deadly animals ready at any time to consume the sheep. Enoch said, that the tree of judgment smells of rubbish, but it looks like frankincense and myrrh. Meaning they appear in good fragrance, but in reality are rubbish.

  6. Envy now is one factor by which they readily expose themselves, the envy and the concealed hatred, which they expose in lashing out at the righteous of God in finding wrong in the elect of God.

  7. Solomon is no good because he had too many wives, if however themselves they could have a thousand wives, then Solomon would be okay.

  8. Or for another example; there is this Mr. Church, (on the web) and everyone like him who elevated that fourth person which came to see Job in his fallen state, namely Elihu. And they of course must condemn Sitis the wife or Job and not only find fault with the other three friends of Job but actually condemn them. 

  9. And these servants of the devil are sly foxes, for note how he puts it, as he writes; "It is noteworthy how God did not classify Elihu with Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar."

  10. I now agree that it is noteworthy all right, but not as he or they put it, for they always wish to turn the roles around, to make Christ Jesus out for evil, and to elevate criminals and beasts as if these are the sons of God. 

  11. They are precisely as the scribes of old who also blasphemed the Lord, telling Him that He had an evil spirit, while they considered themselves right

  12. This Mr. Church and all those like him are the very children the descendants of those whom the Lord addressed as vipers brood and hypocrites, sons of perdition.

  13. Of the four friends which came to see Job, the three; Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, did not speak quite right of God, but neither were they the beast that Elihu showed himself to be. And God forgave these three men their sins in the offering of the prayer of Job, but God did not forgive this Elihu, for his words were outright insulting and of the beast, of the devil. 

  14. Chapters 32 through 37 in the book of Job show him to be the proud boaster, one who is falsely accusing and provoking Job.

  15. These chapters in the Scriptures are the words of the devil, or "of the beast", so as the Lord said to Job. And Eliphaz, after the Lord had forgiven him and his other two friends, took up his word and said;

  16. "Our sins were stripped off, our lawlessness buried. Elihu, Elihu, the only evil one, he will have no memorial among the living. The honor of has tent lies in hell, he loved the beauty of the snake, and the scales of the dragon. 

  17. Its venom and poison shall be his food. He did not take to himself the Lord, nor did he fear him, but even His honored ones he provoked to anger. He has no hope in his heart, nor peace in his body, he has the poison of asps in his tongue."

  18. It then is this Elihu, this poison mind that this Mr. Church and all like unto him elevate as goodness, while of course they degrade the children of God. This however is typical of all the hypocrites namely - to elevate their own, and degrade the other, to glorify devils and to degrade what is justified and loved by God.

  19. By these things - O my dearly beloved - they expose themselves. Whenever, and wherever you see this in any man or woman, know for a certainty that their heart is desperately corrupt, that they harbor envy and hatred towards that which is of God. In reality they love the poison of asps, while at the same time they attempt to maintain the facade.

  20. From the outside they may appear good, but when you dig in to question them, to play upon these tunes, to see where their "true love" is, and which things they despise, then they cannot maintain their facade.

  21. This Mr. Church exposes himself as a child of the devil in saying that; "This Elihu is a prophetic profile of Christianity." For note what in fact he is saying; he is putting Elihu, or the devil in the place of Christ. He is reversing the roles; he is honoring his own father, his own master whom he serves, namely the devil.

  22. Shall we then suppose this to be a mere discrepancy? No. Not by far, it lies at the very heart of the matter, it is rather one of the first things by which they are known, and by which they expose their rattlers.

  23. When you are not trained in knowing what is in a word, and not seasoned in speech deception, their speech may appear wholesome to you. For look at chapter 32 through 37 in the book of Job, do not these words "appear" as if they are of a Godly person? Instead however they are of the devil, the words of a beast as God Himself calls them.

  24. Watch therefore, and be trained in knowing what is in a word, and in the nature of a word, as well as the spirit of the word. The Lord now has said that you shall love Him and "hate" the evil. If therefore you are "indifferent", "I will spit you out" so said the Lord, because you are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm or indifferent.

  25. To be indifferent therefore earns the same reward as any wickedness. If you do not truly hate and despise the lie, your love for the truth shall neither be very great. If you are not hurt and torn within for the dishonor wherewith the world acts towards God, your love for God is not worth mentioning, nor worth considering.

  26. If you are not salted, you are worthless, and just as the Lord said; "If it has lost its salt to what good shall it be except to be cast away".

  27. Note also how these liars and hypocrites, that vipers brood use the words; "In my opinion", and; "I think, I think." For this is indeed the sum total of their knowledge and understanding, they know nothing but are devoid of understanding wherefore also they express themselves in what they guess at.

  28. And to give a few more examples. They would like to condemn Solomon for having so many wives. But what is this to you O man - if God were to give him seven times as many more yet? Are you not satisfied with yours?  If Solomon can have them so can you, is that your desire?

  29.   But is that not rather jealousy? But tell me now; do you have wisdom as he had wisdom? Are your eyes as pure as his? Or where may I ask is the oil that anoints you king? 

  30. So Solomon had many treasures, and what of it? You cannot even love one as he loved many. Leave therefore Solomon with his many wives, and you take care of yours.

  31. They will also scorn Abraham, Gods friend mind you, for adultery with Hagar, which was given him for wife. The fools that they are, for where is Gods commandment to the contrary? She was his wife, along with his concubines. 

  32. You therefore have falsely accused Gods own friend, one of the most honored by God. You indeed enjoy judging Gods children, you stupid person, for in this same thing you expose yourself as a descendant of the devil.

  33. You will condemn Joseph for accepting the daughter of the priest of Pharaoh. For O my how terrible to marry a pagan woman. Yes O how terrible. But now look at yourself you hypocrite, for is not your wife also a pagan, just as you are a pagan? Why then you stupid man do you accuse Joseph for crimes, which you yourself practice?

  34. As for Joseph however, he would not even eat with pagans, and much less marry a pagan woman. Joseph received a daughter of God, a queen of heaven. But this you did not know, because you do not bother to educate yourself, for being devoid of all good you love ignorance.

  35. Are Ishmael's children so wicked, or so far removed, that you must also condemn Moses for having a daughter by the seed of Abraham? Ishmael was Abraham's son, you blind creatures. 

  36. You preach predestination and yet you condemn Joseph to say that Judah got the scepter and kings lineage in place of Joseph? And all this because of Aseneth, Gods daughter, the wife of Joseph?

  37. O you most blind, are you trying to entertain us with stupidities? You condemn Moses; yet justify Miriam, who was punished, she was wrong, not Moses.

  38. You are appalled at Jacob for his wives, and for Judah with Thamar, and of course Rachab the whore who helped the spies escape, for she also became in the lineage of kings. For she had faith, which is something you do not know the first thing of. You should have rejoiced for her instead of judging her.  

  39. Look at your own wives, how excellent specimen's these are, O yes, they never do anything wrong, but never anything right either, they might as well be dead being already nothing more than vegetables, they bless everyone, devil or saint.

  40.   Watch now how you judge and what you judge. Be careful of your speech, and how you think. Consider what leaves your mouth, and how it leaves. When you the people are asked for your opinion of one of these beasts who portray themselves as evangelists, when they wallow with the most disgusting of whores and prostitutes, will you answer: "O but I will not judge, God will judge?"

  41. O you most blind creature, for with these very words you just judged your own condemnation. With these words you made a judgment against your own soul since you judged falsely because you justified the filth in a facade as if you were too ignorant to say one way or the other.

  42. Therefore now hear this; - in that same ignorance you shall never judge. For they that are the children of God shall judge the whole world. If therefore you are not able to judge, well on, so be it, you shall never judge, meaning you shall not never be of the children of God.

  43. It is therefore that I said that with your silence you judged your own condemnation.


Courtesy and respect

  1. When one worships idols, he grows from bad to worse, for it robs a man of understanding, and when understanding flounders, so does courtesy and respect as well as integrity which then become strange, and the person becomes entangled more and more in the web that draws him to his ultimate destruction.

  2. The sooner one can escape from that web, the better chance he has of coming lose from it, for once fully entangled - what hope is there for him?   For those therefore which may yet he able to escape from that web of ultimate destruction I will demonstrate some means by which to cut oneself free of some of these strings that tie him to his ultimate regret.

  3. To begin with, I strongly suggest that; No name of any idol ever be capitalized.   For in the first place, the names of idols are not even to be mentioned, not to be spoken.  But in the course of discussion and in the process of teaching there are occasions when one must refer to the idol.   

  4. When that therefore is done, it is allowed to be mentioned, but in my judgment, these in no way should be capitalized.

  5. It is common practice to capitalize the beginning of a sentence and the names of persons and of certain things.  But there is a proper and an improper manner in which to do this.  For one can commit great sin in either capitalizing or not capitalizing certain words.

  6. For example, the word "scripture" is not necessarily capitalized since it is a reference to letters or books and as such not the name thereof.  The word "Bible" then is capitalized, since it is the name of the scriptures, and that only because it marks the Holy word of God.   For there are many various collections that can be called bible, which as such is not capitalized.

  7. You then may have noted among the worshipers of the Bible, that they always capitalize the word "scripture", and also the word "sabbath" is capitalized by them.   And why do they do so?    It is because like the Lord said; "They think to find everlasting life in the Scriptures," in other words; in the letter thereof, in the Bible.

  8. That is also the reason why you hear them so often say; "The Bible says, the Bible says.  And it is also for that reason why they forever and a day quote to you where in the Scriptures this or that quotation is found.

  9. All this then is sin in them, it is idolatry.  When you hear them say; the Bible says, the Bible says; - in their mouth it is sacrilege, it is blasphemy, for they are naming to you their idol, and capitalizing the same.   For because to them it is their presumed salvation (thinking to find it therein) for which reason naturally they capitalize the same.

  10. And so you see, knowing what is in a word, having understanding, by this small little thing which they do, I am readily able to perceive of what spirit they are, and who their true father is.   

  11. And by that same knowledge judge and accuse them as vipers-brood and hypocrites, for the great sin of their mouth and acts of their hand.  

  12. The reference to the books of the Bible, as they are called Scriptures is rightly capitalized since it is in reference to God's word.

  13. The names of the days of the week, and of the months are capitalized because they are names.  But not always do we find them capitalized since in effect they merely quote the day.   And so to capitalize them or not is so/so, either way may be done.  As for the months, these are more specific of names, and usually always capitalized.

  14. Then coming to the sun and the moon, and even the earth, here you notice that I did not capitalize them, yet when I refer to a planet such as Jupiter, or Saturn, I would always capitalize them, since of course they are names.

  15. But then - are not the Sun, Moon, and Earth, names as well?  Indeed they are, but in referring to the Sun, it need not only imply as a name but could also be as the very thing, just as "Dust" is a name given to the ground, or the earth of the ground, but it also is a reference to the nature of what it is.

  16. And so in these things they may be found both Capitalized or not capitalized, since they are names as well as references to what is the nature of it.   As then the Sabbath can be both a name as well as a reference to the nature of the day, it is found in capital as well as not capitalized.

  17. The worshipers of the letter however do not have this kind of understanding, to them the word "sabbath" is always capitalized, since again they have engraved it to themselves as their worship, their idol.

  18. Consequently they flaunt the law in capitalizing that word, being guilty of idolatry.  And these are not the only markings in which they express their idolatry.   

  19. For while they capitalize such words, they also capitalize not only the names of idols, but even the references to both idols and things of evil, while in references to God and His being they put it in lower case, not capitalizing.

  20. In other words, they are intentionally or unintentionally, but at least natural from their heart, expressing their disposition to God, in favor of their idols.    These also capitalize the words  "Day of Judgment",  and taught the spelling programs to do so.

  21. One must understand, just as I said in the beginning, that the worship of idols robs one of his understanding.  For when a simple thing is written such as; "The angels of the presence", their reply is; that such is obscure, asking in themselves what a presence is to have angels of.

  22. Yet it is so simple, for the word "presence" denotes just what it says, namely; to be in the presence of, as the angels that are always in "the presence of" God, like being near Him, in His sight, in His presence.

  23. And so there is nothing obscure here, but their understanding is obscure because of the idolatry which they practice, which has robbed them, as it, will of any man, of understanding, of eyesight.

  24. Out of proper respect then these are the things which I - not as a suggestion, nor merely as an admonition give to you, but as a strong admonition cite to you

  25. For since the Lord ordained me as a prince of many people, I in effect am responsible for their acts, and the right and authority is with me in that same anointing of God to command such things, which are in keeping with the law and ordinances of God.

  26. Names therefore, and not always references, are capitalized.  And this goes for all names, be it of persons, or of such "real" things to which names are given, excepting then those which are applied to such things as do not exist, namely idols.

  27. For if someone carves a rock into a face, and calls it by a god, that is not anything, which exists.  And when the idol is after some dumb animal, which has a name and is normally capitalized, it shall not in that case be capitalized.

  28. If however the idol which - some have taken - happens to be a person, like a man or a woman, for example, he who was called Mohammed, or Mary, the mother of Jesus.  These we capitalize since they are the names of these persons.

  29. If however l wish to shame them for their idolatry l may not capitalize that name, which then is not in disrespect to that person, but to show the degradation in which these people have engulfed themselves.

  30. I then shall find it difficult in myself not to capitalize when referring to Mary, since she is a most blessed and honored person.  

  31. But in reference to mohammed I may do so, since he was a murderer of his own people, and not at all an honorable person.   And so it is that the higher the person, and the more honorable, the more readily one comes to capitalize.

  32. It then is without question that all names pertaining to God are automatically capitalized, but not only these you shall capitalize, but also all reference to His name and His person you shall capitalize, which very thing I give to you as a command.

  33. And to cite some examples, The word "He" in reference, is always capitalized since it refers to "His" person.  And now you also noted that the word "His" is likewise capitalized, since in this case it referred to His person.

  34. But not always may this refer to His person, since it could also refer to such things as his righteousness, truth, mercy, compassion, and more so.   For example; the hand of God, in saying; "his hand brought victory".  The reference is to the "hand" of God, in which the word "His" is secondary in reference.

  35. And so it may come a debate as to whether it should or should not be capitalized, since nonetheless it is in reference to God, and God and His person are one the same.   If then there is any question, the answer is, to always capitalize, since it refers to God.  And only therefore, when it is clear that it is not a direct reference to God in His person, may it be written in lower case.

  36. Then we come to such reference as, the "Highest", or "Most High", which are always capitalized.  For although they are not names, they are references to His person, and likewise with the words, "Almighty", or the "One" God.

  37. For if in some context it is said that He is the "One," the word "one" that is not normally capitalized, has now become a reference to His person, wherefore it should be capitalized.

  38. The worshipers of idols may capitalize the word "angels" even as they also capitalize the term "watchers" which refers to angels, the evil angels that brought the great flood on man.

  39. But we have no such idolous practice, since we worship the One true living God, and honor Him.  The word "angels" is a reference to another nature of creatures other than ourselves made by God, and as such, that is not a name.

  40. Wherefore it is not capitalized, nor is the word "watchers" a name, but rather a term even as with "bird-watchers", namely, the term as such.    Or if we wish to "name" the angels by the word "Watchers" it would be appropriate to capitalize.

  41. As now there are upper and lower casings in names, words, and references to command respect and dignity, as well as courtesy and common sense beginnings and endings.  So also there are whole words in reference that imply, express, or convey higher or lower respect or dignity.

  42. When you go before a judge you do not say, "hey judge", but, "your honor".  Nor do you say to a prince"; Hey you there," but"; your Excellency".  And to a priests not; "You priest," but"; your reverence."

  43. Or you name them with all politeness to their names.  In any case those who are in authority are to be honored and respected as such, and in no way to be reviled, or demeaned.

  44. If therefore such is to be done before men, how much the more shall this not apply in reference to Him who is above all, and endlessly greater than all that He created? Consequently we ought to diligently consider what is proper in our conduct towards Him who is so mighty above all.

  45. If now you stood before a judge, and you said to him, "hey you judge," he might just put you in the brick for a day to learn some respect before he would hear your case, for I certainly would.

  46. How very disrespectful then and how disgusting such is when one so addresses himself to God.  For He will not lock you behind bars for just a day, but cast you into a very long burning fire wherein you might diligently learn to have due respect.

You or Thy

  1. And so there are also words that in themselves are for greater or lower respect, or for respect, and for common use.  One such word is the reference to the person, such as the word "you", or "Thy".

  2. When I was a child I would not dare pronounce the word "you" to my father, or to any elder person, for as such, and to these as such, that is disrespectful.

  3. And even now being older, and myself a father and grandfather, that respect remains with me, and I continue to do as my father and my mother very properly taught me.

  4. But then coming into the English world, that language is not as refined, nor as beautiful as some other languages such as Hebrew, Dutch, or German.   But although the English is more course in these respects, it on the other hand is more suited to scientific expression than again some other languages.

  5. The same expression of respect then, which in other languages lends itself so naturally, seems cumbersome in the English.  For in the common process of speech to pronounce Thee and Thou, and Thy to everyone, even to elders end superiors, seems unnatural, if not absurd to the mind of some.

  6. Yet not so long ago this was common usage everywhere in the English speaking world.  And so think again, you who may consider it absurd.

  7. I now agree with you that in this day these terms have become outdated in their common use, and are replaced by another reference, which commands the same respect as the former did.

  8. In place of it, a, or, the word of lower respect is used, the word "you", but with an added word, so that it comes to the same respect, namely, "your honor", etc.

  9. In common practice however everyone addresses everyone else with the term of lower respect, to say "you".  If then there are those having respect, they will use the term sparingly, and coin their vocabulary in other ways to command the courtesy and respect that is due to everyone.

  10. But now when it comes to the Lord our Almighty Creator, in His majestic greatness so far above that can he conceived, I cannot, nor will I even consider any term of lower respect.

  11. Wherefore in all cases that word (you) is "never" used in respect or in reference to Him under no circumstances whatsoever.  And l am hereby renewing that respect - which the men of this generation not so very long ago - came to cast down to the ground.

  12. And to emphasize that I mean business, as a prince of the Most High I am this day commanding you, what for all other times was natural in the hearts of men.   Realize then how you have shamed yourselves in that I had to go forth making a command of this.

  13. For when you die, and you are gathered to your forefathers, having to confront them in person, and they hearing of this, how their ending generation lost this natural expression, and discover that it had to be commanded to them. They will not take all so kindly to you, but even they will shame and reprove you for it.

  14. For while you may think that in the fires of hell the pain of the flames will so occupy your minds as not to have a mind for much else, then let me educate you, in just what these flames are. For these flames are the insults and the reprove that you will receive of every other sinner that is gathered there along with you.

  15. For there everyone will be everyone's reprove along with the consciences of the deeds, which they have committed in the world above.   It then was also therefore that I said that hell has as many plateaus as there are sinners in it, the more wicked the person, the greater his pains shall be.

  16. It is an act of respect and courtesy for a man to remove his head gear when he enters another man's house, or tips it when he greets another person, be it a man or a woman.

  17. Likewise, it is a sign of respect for a man to remove his headgear when he enters a place of business such as a restaurant, which is for more than just the normal respect.  

  18. For when a man sits down to eat he ought to by all means express his gratitude to the God who furnishes him with his daily bread, and the removal of his headgear is a sign of that respect.

  19. Accursed therefore be those ungrateful and ignorant male beasts that sit down to eat with their headgear still upon them.

  20. These things are as many would term; natural, or of common sense and decency, but more than these they are of the law of the Lord, and no one who breaks His law shall go free.

  21. If thus, as some will say, nature itself teaches such things, how much the more vulgar shall it not be when a man takes to pray to his Maker with his head still covered?

  22. Accordingly, it is a most vulgar practice of both the rebels among the Jews, and of the vipers of Rome to put on their silly detestable head covering.

  23. These things are indeed an abomination to God, the very Lord who took them from bondage so they might serve Him in truth, designed to provoke Him to anger and wrath.   And accordingly they did suffer in His wrath, even six million of them not so long ago, and more millions to come, since they still have not learned respect

  24. And their anger also of such as survived is ungodly and directed improperly.  In that respect their survival was certainly no blessing to them.

  25. A woman on the other hand is - like her name implies not a man but from man, and as to how she conducts herself in public and in the congregation of the just, is rooted in the same context.

  26. She is not to come naked into the congregation to shame her man and the glory of Christ Jesus, wherefore she shall place a covering upon her head, lest she be utterly disgraced and her man with her.

  27. For the man that is her husband will suffer for this lewdness of his wife.  Let her therefore have no power over you O man whosoever you are, for by her pride and arrogance she will bring you down.

  28. Remember how Adam fell by her that came from him, and how because of her the whole number of his descendants fell likewise since they were to come out of her.  Pay her due respect but let her not have power on over you.

  29. These things now I have spoken to you, and not of my own, but in the love and in the Spirit of the Lord my God who abides in me

  30. Consider therefore clearly from where these words and commands have come, and let every writer and publisher of words take heed to the things, which have gone forth of my mouth.

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