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"My people die for lack of knowledge."  

  1. The "sum" of the law in the apprehension thereof is indeed "knowledge,"  and without it, one is without law, and subject to death.

  2. Why may it be that in the Torah the Lord gave much of the law in figurative terms? Why, so one might conclude all the coy disguises and not direct wording?  

  3. There is a correction here in that the Lord spoke in direct wording as well as figurative, but there is a deeper meaning here, and the cause is more than one.

  4. The primary of it all boils down to "love".  A direct wording may be like directing a horse with a line and bit, while a figurative term calls for knowledge, and knowledge comes by love even as it is endowed with love.  But for all this to understand but a grain of it, one must have not just knowledge, but wisdom as well. 

  5. I now entitled this page, law and vessel, concluding that there is a vessel with the law, and how may this be so?  But to answer the same it would be like Greek for such as do not understand Greek, which is to say; unless there be knowledge you will be at a loss, even as you will be in the law when there is no true knowledge to apprehend the same.

  6. If indeed you wish to understand the law of old and how it applies in the new, you certainly ought to read the letter of Barnabas, besides the many words of Paul, and of the Lord Himself, and those which I am about to place here., all to the end that knowledge might enter into you.  For so again it is written: "When you place knowledge into them, so you make them alive."

  7. When you therefore make vessels, like bottles etc, you do not make them with their contents already in them, since first you must make the vessel before you can pour into it that which it is to contain.  Likewise the Lord did in making the vessel of man, and having made them to enter therein the knowledge required for his life being.

  8. We are all naked at birth, and must learn to speak as well as to walk and to work, all of which requires know how. And most important of all to abide by the rules set for us, such as may seem natural in the nature of our being, as well as those rules which the Creator set for His creatures by which to behave themselves, since they are His creatures, and as such His property.

  9. When you create a machine you expect it to behave as you made it, and if not so, you would repair it, or if badly enough, you might destroy it, since it did not operate according to your instructions.  Will you then acclaim to the Lord that He is unfair to you, when you refuse to follow His instructions, when in fact He did make you to perfection?

  10. When therefore you are so grandiose in making things that you are able to create vessels sufficiently competent to fill themselves, and you grant them the freedom to do so, which is in order that these might also be individuals in themselves, and not mere machines.  

  11. And with it to place a set of rules for them to adhere to, you would expect of them to follow these rules, since clearly these owe their very being to the One that created them.

  12. For here again, these vessels, man that is, were not made like the animals, nor like other things such as are without spirit and rational thought, but as the Lord so grandiosely awarded them with, to be in the very likeness of their Creator.  

  13. Wherefore as such these vessels ought to know right from wrong, and never to take to themselves the wrong, since being in His likeness the wrong is never procured, or even thought upon to perform.

  14. We therefore, the vessels as we are, made in the likeness of our very Creator, not only are we to know right from wrong, but to fill ourselves with what is given us of our Creator to be filled with.  Yet then again we being in His likeness there is that choice in us, or as we might say, a will to do, or as in a free will to do.

  15. How else then do you wish to be made, to be an individual and have a name, or no more than an irrational animal, which can not sin since there is no rational thought of right to wrong?  

  16. And so the Lord made man, and as He said by Job: "Who shut in the sea with doors when it burst from the womb?  When I made clouds its garment, and thick darkness its swaddling band."

  17. The sea is the race of man, to whom the Lord set bounds not to pass beyond. But more so to their honor and glory, He gave them garments as of the clouds, and for a swaddling cloth He covered them in thick darkness.    And so, what does all this mean, that in coming forth of the womb we are covered with thick darkness?

  18. When you come from the womb are you able to see? Can you walk immediately? Can you directly speak and reason, as well as determine right from wrong?  In other words, you are a vessel, and at birth an empty vessel, that is yet to be filled.  And how will you be filled?  Will you fill yourself with the precepts of the One who made you, or will you choose another?

  19. For is not this the choice the Lord gave us in creating us after His image?  "Everything is perfect for you, so He said, but of this one tree you shall not eat, lest you die."  That tree was not an obstacle, it was our being, it was our lofty self, having within us that grandiose will to choose right from wrong.

  20. The woman now did not of herself come to mix that which was of another color than the pure white that was within her vessel. Since there was one before her who in envy of the high position of his Creator thought to leave his place and take in a seat next to his Creator. 

  21. And he was hateful of the man and of the woman, in that the Lord made them rulers of the earth, a position he wanted only for himself, wherefore he came to entice the woman to disobey her Creator, so that she might be destroyed. 

  22. Consider how the angels are spiritual creatures, and here the Lord created something alike unto the beasts, made of flesh and blood to whom He gave knowledge and understanding, and the authority to rule. 

  23. When therefore the devil and his great host was called upon to come and pay reverence to that new creation of the Lord, the devil thought himself to be insulted, that he should pay reverence to such lowly creatures of no more than having the likes of animals. 

  24. Here is where the devil lost out, and that even against man when he went forth to destroy that new creation of the Lord.  But where did this hatefulness come from in the devil? He was not made like that of his Creator, nor did the Lord instill envy within him.   

  25. But typically the devil as a vessel made perfect in the Lord, had, as the Lord had given to all these personalities in the heavens, a will, and a knowledge to know and to choice right from wrong.

  26. He then in choosing to fill himself with a mixture of his own, a poisoness mixture by which his vessel could not endure, became the father of the lie, and of envy and of hatred, of that which is not anything the likes of his Creator.  

  27. As therefore you - when you create such a sophisticated machine, and it refuses to operate as you laid in for it, you will come to destroy it. So the devil must bear his reward, for his refusal to remain filled with the right knowledge, and to maintain the same.

  28. What all is the meaning of this, and the sum of things, if not that we are the Lord's and to seek Him for His knowledge to be filled therewith. For like a baby lion comes to look like a carbon copy of its mother, or father, so we made in the image of Him who made us should for all causes natural or otherwise come to appear like unto Him.



  1. What is the meaning of people that had to bring animals or flour for a burnt offering, if not to confess their sins, and to have remorse, repentance, asking to be forgiven of the Lord in an offering that is consumed before the Lord to His Honor?  

  2. And now that the True Lamb has been offered once for all, it is a matter of the heart.

  3. And to season the offerings with salt, is that not - to add wisdom and meaning to your repentance, not to make a mere thoughtless ritual of it?  

  4. The same then applies to bringing forth a wholesome prayer, like as the gift to be without blemish, to be honest and sincere, not stained with multi colors, a garment of God and mammon both.

  5. He shall be unclean that touches the dead or that are diseased, or anything that is unclean, which is for them that are holy, that are children of God in whom His Holy Spirit dwells.   Besides that which David said of it in his first psalm.

  6. Will you shake hands to greet him who wears the crown of wickedness upon him, that skullcap? Will you not in doing so become a partaker of his wickedness, and be as unclean as he is?

  7. Will you join them that white-wash the tombs of the dead, like those that in celebrating the holocaust pronounce them as they see themselves, namely; innocent, and victims?

  8. "It shall not be baked with leaven, I have given it as their portion of My offerings by fire, it is a thing most holy, like the sin and the guilt offerings."   

  9. This is what these priests and hirelings in the temple procure, always adding the leaven, meaning; their own version of the word of the Lord, or correcting upon it to their own imagination.  Wearing a wicked crown, or to come naked into the congregation, and be sure to bring your money for my belly, etc etc.

  10. Thus you would do better O my beloved, to associate yourselves with the true and righteous sons of God, so that by association with them you might become righteous as well.  

  11. How and why do you think I have been alone these many years, not associating myself with the congregations?  Besides the fact that they drove me out.   It is indeed most disgusting to have my company with them.

  12. "The priest who offers it for sin shall eat it; in a holy place it shall be eaten, in the court of the tent of meeting."  And; "But no sin offering shall be eaten from which any blood is brought into the tent of meeting to make atonement in the holy place; it shall be burned with fire."

  13. What meaning might that hold? And who among you has the knowledge to hear these words?  Your priests however wicked must be the priests, they must serve in the courts, so that the wickedness of the people might be upon their shoulders to bear along with their own.  

  14. To them will be a double reward because they stood before the people teaching them to sin.  Therefore also you may furnish them with the rodents which they need for their belly every now and then, since these are laborers in the courts of the Lord, and worthy of their pay.

  15. But I may not pay them, nor are they to take anything from me, since as the Lord said; these may not eat from me, nor to consume any part of me, nor of any of the true sons of God, since these (we) are holy, and their blood (ours that is) will be brought into the tent of the meeting, as our blood has already been mixed with that of our Lord and Redeemer, serving in atonement with Him.

  16. "And the elders of the congregation shall lay their hands upon the head of the Bull before the Lord, and the Bull shall be killed before the Lord."   And so these did, did they not - the elders?  Not only these of the Jews in the days of Jesus, but those many elders of the many congregations since as well, murdering the Messiah of the Lord, sending Him to his death by the hands of the uncircumcised.

  17. These do so in teaching lies, and twisting the word of God, their sins, and causing the people to sin, so killing the Messiah.  And speaking of rulers these: "Shall bring a male goat, and lay their hand upon his head, and kill it in the place where they kill the burnt offerings before the Lord, it is a sin offering."   

  18. The Bull is much larger than the goat, and the Bull was first to be offered.  Then they were to await a day, at least until the second day, to slay the male goat as they slew the Bull.  But to provide a definition allow me to say; He who has an ear - let him hear.

  19. "And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats, one for the lot of the Lord, and the other for the lot of Azazel."  This may have two meanings,  the one for the Lord are those priests or ministers given Him of the Father to offer their lives with Him, while those for Azazel are the priests or ministers that serve before the Lord in the wickedness of their mind.

  20. "And Aaron shall present the goat on which the lot fell for the Lord, and offer it as a sin offering"  Accordingly the Levites have yet to complete their task. Then it reads;  "But the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be presented alive before the Lord to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Azazel."

  21. Conclusively the first came to be offered, as so many have been throughout the centuries, partaking with the offering of the Christ, while the others were send to have their reward with the fallen angels of whom Azazel is their captain.  And did not Barnabas explain these things as well?

  22. "And he poured some of the anointing oil on Aaron's head, and anointed him, to consecrate him." Oil is a far cry from a skullcap is it not?  And what is the meaning of the "oil" if not the Spirit of the Lord, His Holy Spirit?  Is there not a lesson here for many?   But alas who is to apprehend without the gift of knowledge?

  23. "Take Aaron and his sons, ----  And he set the turban upon his head, and on the turban he set the golden plate, the holy crown, as the Lord commanded Moses."

  24. Any takers for definition? I venture to say that neither Jew nor Gentile will come with the wisdom to explain the foreshadowing thereof.  

  25. The turban is Christ Jesus, with the golden plate His word or His law, that the Lord the Messiah might be for a crown upon the head of the man, as it is also written in the Odes: "The Lord is upon my head like a Crown."

  26. A turban then - as a head-piece - is not like that ugly skullcap, but wrapped around the whole head, made like a scarf, like so many still don upon them in the middle east countries.  But now that Christ Jesus has come, and the foreshadowing having ceased, the turban is removed Christ Jesus in His "Spirit" taking its place. 

  27. Therefore it is that a man dishonors his head (Christ that is) when in prayer, or in the congregation, when he wears anything upon his head, for in placing a cover upon his head he mocks Christ Jesus, as well as His law and His suffering.   

  28. He in all respects is denying the Christ, as were he competent to save himself without the Christ. And for another, he is placing the devil's wishes upon his head.

  29. "Every swarming thing that swarms upon the earth is an abomination; it shall not be eaten.  Whatever goes on its belly, and whatever goes on all fours, or whatever has many feet, all the swarming things that swarm upon the earth, you shall not eat; for they are an abomination."

  30. Are you prone to join a crowd of protesters, or serve in riots?  Are they not a swarm that do these things?  Or will you go along with the crowd, like if no woman wears a veil in a congregation, you may as well do the same?  You will be part of a swarm, an abomination before the Lord.

  31. Or those that go on their belly, that slitter along waiting for their food to come unto them, rather than provide an honest day work for an honest day pay.  And are not those with fins and scales in the waters such as provide for themselves in an acceptable manner, rather than lying in wait for their prey?

  32.  We were not to eat, that is to say, to associate with such as are vultures, the eagle, the hawk, the seagull, the owl, etc etc, all of which live from the flesh of others. Are not therefore these laws written in that manner for comparison and for allegory, a most perfect substance, a teaching of great quality?

  33. Blood upon the altar:  "For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it for you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that makes atonement, by reason of the life.  

  34. Therefore I have said to the people of Israel, no person among you shall eat (or drink) blood, neither shall any stranger who sojourns among you eat blood."

  35. Is this in any need of definition, seeing how plain the words are? Accursed be the man therefore that consumes blood, be it of man or of beast, for the blood is the life of it.

  36. "But the entrails and the legs he shall wash with water. And the priest shall offer the whole, and burn it on the altar; it is a burnt offering, an offering by fire, a pleasing odor to the Lord."

  37. The entrails conclude as the inside of ourselves, the heart and soul to be cleansed before we come near to offer our prayer or thanksgiving before Him.  And the "legs," as our ingoing and outgoing, our walk, that we walk after His statutes before we come to approach Him.

  38. In a similar way the Lord said, if you bring a gift before the Lord, and there remember that someone has something against you, to leave the offering there and go and reconcile yourself first, and then return to offer.

  39. "And the Lord said to Moses.  Tell Aaron your brother not to come at all times into the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat which is upon the ark, lest he die, for I will appear in a cloud upon the mercy seat. But thus shall Aaron come into the holy place; with a young Bull for a sin offering, and a ram for a burnt offering."

  40. How thus are we to appear before the Lord, to direct any prayer to Him, or to bring any gift of ourselves?  As Aaron was to bring a bull, we are to have our faith in Christ Jesus before we can in any wise can come before Him, or direct our prayer to Him. And if we are not faithful in His Son, we are endangering our lives, with even our prayer counted against us.

  41. And so I repeat, here is a commandment, not to appear before God, nor to lift yourself in prayer to Him lest first and foremost you have full faith in the Messiah, and to partake with Him, to keep all of His statutes, in love and true admiration, then and then only you will be allowed to appear before God that you may pray unto Him and be accepted. 

  42. An while there are countless many these days that pray at the drop at the drop of a hat, yet scorn the very precepts which the Son of God commanded them, and these seem to be getting away with it, with no life threatening sword above them.  That however is no more than a mirage.  

  43. For the Lord said: "For I will appear in a cloud upon the mercy seat." meaning; their reward is fixed upon the end, when their given days have ended, or when He, Christ that is, will appear upon the clouds.

  44. Know therefore that all these muslims that bow down every day, bow down to their own condemnation,  each day driving themselves deeper into hell, and likewise with the roman apostates, and the so called protestants.

  45. Be wise therefore you that seek the Lord, and consider the words that are written, to wit: "not to come (so rashly) at all times."  For now let us behold what else is written in the law, the words following those of above: 

  46. "He shall put on the holy linen coat, and shall have the linen breeches on his body, be girded with a linen girdle, and wear the linen turban, these are the holy garments."

  47. Everything linen O you so called Gentile Christians, and you so called Messianic Jews, no two kinds of cloth, not your cry of Lord, Lord, and  forget about paying any respect for Him, our women will wear no veil in the congregation, or, I will don that skullcap. 

  48.  God and mammon is what you wish to serve, but you are serving only mammon, having no knowledge of God.  You want heaven and also the earth for yourselves, but you will be written in the earth, and heaven is forever closed to you.

  49. Where is your linen girdle? To me it appears to be of leather.  You murdered a life and with that you are holding up your pants of no linen substance. And as for that Turban, you have never known Christ Jesus, even though you run into the churches, and falsely proclaim His name, how then will you be covered, or as I might say; dressed undressed?

  50. You thought I did not know you, that I was unaware of all your sins, with your pious expressions upon your faces, and your alms of greed.  But I know you better than you know your very own selves, nor am I to be fooled however pious you may act.  Yet you will say that you are abiding by all His statutes.  

  51. And indeed yes from the outside, no more than a cloak, and what will be the stench when that cloak is lifted?  Did not the Lord say:  And "He shall bathe his body in water, and then put on the garments."   You forgot to bathe did you not, wherefore now that fancy cloak you wear is stained as well. 

  52. You that are wise - have you understood from my reprove of the unwise what it is the Lord requires of you?  Indeed you will have understood because your Teacher is the very Messiah of the Lord, His Counselor that He has given you for a confirmation to  your well being with Him.

  53. How are we to deal with those within the congregation that have sinned, or are perpetuating a sin, or holding fast to a version of the word of the Lord that is not after Godliness?  It is as the law states:

  54. "But if the priest examines it, and the hair in the spot is not while, and it is no deeper than the skin, but is dim, the priest shall shut him up for seven days, and examine him on the seventh day, if it is spreading in the skin, then the priest shall pronounce him unclean, it is a leprous disease.  

  55. But if the spot remains in one place, and does not spread in the skin, but is dim, it is a swelling from the burn, and the priest shall pronounce him clean, for it is the scar of the burn."

  56. We are to determine if his error is fatal to the disease or a mere scar, not fatal, and to be certain, correct the person, and grant him a space of time, then look again if it has healed, or has gone deeper into error, so as to judge him in that respect. 

  57. For is it not written somewhere;  "Correct him, and if after two or three warnings he refuses to be corrected, he shall be to you as one of the heathen."

  58. And what are we to do if he returns confessing his sins asking to be forgiven, how often do we forgive him?  You should know the words of the Lord.  But if the same continues in sin asking each time to be forgiven again and again, what hope is there for Him?

  59. Shall I now repeat what is in the law that is plain to all, and even for the world a matter of common sense and decency? I will do part of it as a sure reminder. Quote: "You shall not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, nor her son's daughter, or her daughter's daughter, they are your kin, it is wickedness."

  60. "Everyone of you shall revere his mother and his father, and you shall keep My rest, My Sabbath, I am the Lord your God."

  61. "YOU SHALL KEEP MY REST, MY SABBATH." So the Lord said. And now I venture to say that if there be even a single hand-full of persons in the entire world to truly understand these words, I call that a miracle of the Lord, an extreme blessing upon the sons of man. 

  62. What was it that we were cursed with when we fell in the garden of Eden?  "To labor in the sweat of your brow." Will you then since God gave you one day in each week a cessation and escape from the curse, to continue that curse upon you?  Do you not know that in the new world there will be no labor for all of the sons of God? 

  63. Did not David say somewhere; "And they shall bend their backs forever."?  This word, this knowledge is for you only my beloved in Christ, and not for the world in their comprehension, wherefore I will forego any further definition. 

  64. But I will reiterate, that the rest of the Sabbath is for all, in that in your heart your desire is that it may be upon all, therefore do not go out to cause others to labor in the curse as well.

  65. "You shall do no injustice in judgment, you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor."   

  66. Will you hand funds out to those seeking to become rulers, to all such as are an abomination to the Lord, and not rather to the poor and needy?  Will you throw your pearls before swine, and not rather for sustenance to the sheep? 

  67. Therefore you are guilty and you elections a curse upon you, for whenever you help out or provide funds for a man seeking high office, you are casting your pearls before swine.  And these are guaranteed to harm you, as they always do, since all their deeds are criminal and oppression.

  68. Do you dare to enter into a court of law to serve as a jury member? How wicked of you, since the courts of men are full of injustice and ruled by it.  When the judge says; "The jury is instructed to forget such and such remarks." Who are you O miserable judge to instruct the real judges whose lives are at stake for what is to proceed from their lips?

  69. Within these courts, the accursed the judges that rule it, cause men to swear by God, (the Bible) yet their judgments are of their own making, and most often contrary to the word of God.  

  70. What cause therefore do you have to partake of such a pig style to serve to your own damnation?  Do you not know that you are to judge the world? Are you then not competent to judge these matters?

  71. "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead, or tattoo any marks upon you, because I am the Lord your God."  And Enoch spoke: "And they shall put on more jewelry than a virgin."   

  72. It are the fools among men, the brainless, and those accursed upon the earth that decorate themselves like women.   And even the women these days pin themselves at the most inconceivable places, as well as all these ugly markings upon them.

  73. "Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them that none of them shall defile himself for the dead among his people, except for the nearest of kin, his mother, his father, his sons, his daughter, his brother."   Be not hasty to attend a funeral, but know very well for whom you may be defiling yourself.

  74. And did not the Lord reply to one who wanted to follow Christ, asking if first he could bury his father, one that by the law was allowed of him? The Lord said; "Let the dead bury the dead but you follow Me."   

  75. For the world, for those written in the earth these words hold no substance, but for you my beloved of the Lord; see to it to know whom you serve.

  76. And to grant you a revelation, I had a step-mother in the land of my birth, and she was at the point of dying which was in the month of December, and I wished to yet see her, even as she wished to see me, her only true son, before passing on.  Yet I was not able to travel half way around the world to see her until the month of August, some seven months away.

  77. And so I asked of the Lord to keep her alive until I could come to her, and trusting in Him I made the travel arrangement, and I was given several notices during that time, how in her condition it could be any day, yet I did not make for any emergency trip, but trusted in the Lord.  

  78. And when I came and stayed for three weeks, at first we spoke well to each other, but at the end of these days, she could barely stay awake to hear my voice, and three days after I had left, she passed on.

  79. She then as I know did not enter into the blessings of Christ Jesus as a daughter of Heaven, even though all her life she went to church and worshipped as these are wont to do.  Yet I had promised her that in the new world we would see each other again. 

  80. And once looking at me intently I asked why she was looking at me like that, at which she answered, "I will have to recognize you in the new world."

  81. In the glory that will be mine of the Lord however she will not recognize me from my appearance, but I will not forget the word I spoke to her. And for her, my word to her where I said, "that all her bones will be broken," will come to her recollection, and her thoughts will be on me.

  82. The mysteries of what is to come in the day ahead of us, and how it will be is but for the sons of God, unto these to whom the Lord will grant the same.  And while I could speak much more, my words here will also be seen by those written in the earth, wherefore I must cease to pronounce such words.

  83. "You shall not lend him your money at interest, nor give him your food for profit."  Would you dare my beloved lend to those of your own, or any of the household of the Lord at interest? Be not so wicked wherein you would lose all that you had, since the Lord is your stay, who is able to enrich you overnight if that be His will.   And even for those of the world will you do differently, and not rather be gracious as the Lord is gracious?

  84. Only once in my life I was to the point where I needed to borrow some money, and I asked my neighbor who were of the world. And as I repaid him, I did not return him the loan with interest, neither had he asked for it, although he might have expected it.  

  85. And why did I do so? It was because I desired a blessing upon him from the Lord, for his kindness to me, knowing that since I did not add a blessing upon the blessing, that the same might be of the Lord upon him, in a far greater measure than I could perform.  

  86. And while he may not have understood the same, it will assuredly be unto him, for I am one to eat the meat of those that split the hoof and chew the cut, I am one of those truly kosher, as are all those born of God.

  87. As we now speak of the law, it is so grandiose before me, and so illustrious, who can explain it?  It is indeed most marvelous for us to have been made, or to be made in His image.  So marvelous indeed that I can not find the words to explain it for any true justification.  Let it be so unto you my beloved.

  88. And now for a final word I wish to enter a few words of Barnabas, so that you may incline yourselves to reach for his words as well for yet greater wisdom; quote:

  89. "Behold, thus says the Lord God; Enter into the good land of which the Lord swore to Abraham Isaac and Jacob, that He would give it to them for a possession, a land flowing with and honey."

  90. The spiritual meaning of this then is like saying - Put your trust in Jesus who shall be manifested to you in the flesh, for the land, as the ground, is man, for even so Adam was formed of the earth.

  91. "In what shall I appear before the Lord my God - and be glorified?" For thus He answers, "I will confess Thee in the congregation, in the midst of my brothers, and I will sing to Thee in the church of the saints.  Therefore it are "we" whom He has brought into that good land."                                                  Ariel.

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