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  1. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you are surrounded by an overwhelming number of enemies, most of whom wish for you to vanish into mid air, all the while you have sufficient nuclear weapons to eradicate the whole of the middle east.  

  2. But you know that when you do so with these crude weapons, how you would be eradicating yourself as well. Of what real value therefore are these crude weapons when there is no victory to be had with them?

  3. Worthless, is it not, and is it therefore that you fear your neighbors should these obtain weapons of mass destruction to use them on the few of you, while the many around you escape?  Are you fearing another holocaust while the word of the Lord your God is so much with you? 

  4. Whatever happened to your fear of the Lord, which if you had it, there would be no fear within you for any of your neighbors, however many they might be, nor for however well armed they might be.

  5. Perhaps a Laurie G, in a comment hit the nail on the head as she said: "I find that many Jews here in America no longer feel any connection with Israel, and see nothing wrong with turning our backs. They don't know God's Word, so they don't know the Messiah or believe prophecy.  The Jewish leaders have sure done a great job keeping our Jewish brothers and sisters dumb and blind to God's true Word over these last 2000 years, didn't they?  But God already knew that, didn't He."

  6. You have completely forgotten what it is to fear a Real enemy, and the Real power to destroy you - is it not O Israel? For nearly 2000 years the Lord sent a sword after you, and in that last world war you were nearly exterminated.  And while you cry out against that holocaust you have not learned anything from it, have you?

  7. If you had feared the Lord your God instead of men -that holocaust might never have happened, for He, your God was your enemy for all these years in the past because of the hardness of your heart, and for your grave sins against Him. 

  8. And who but the Lord in this day is able to save you, or to destroy you? And why then are you still so blind as to fear men, to fear these blind walking dead that live around you?

  9. I am appalled at you, at the ignorance of your heart and mind, that in all these years you have not learned how to add one and one to two.  How stern do you wish me to be with you? 

  10. Shall I break your backbone, or just break an arm or two? I do not wish to break you at all, nor that any harm should come to you, but you seem to be of a different mind.   

  11. Shall I call upon the Lord to break my own people for their atrocities against Him, and allow you to escape?  What sort of justice is that? 

  12. "Vengeance is Mine" so said the Lord, and He put a rod into my hand to assay His vengeance on whomsoever He would send me. Therefore my dearly beloved, turn from transgression and fear only God, lest His vengeance descends on you as well.   

  13. For we all know, you as well as I, that Israel will be delivered by Him, but the question is, - who in Israel?   Since he spoke saying; "Only a remnant will be saved." And the same will be true for the Gentiles, where also only a remnant will be left alive upon the earth.

  14. It is only a remnant upon the whole earth to survive His vengeance, Jew and Gentile, and you O Israel, will be the head, the firstborn of all.  He will make a full end of the Gentiles, but not of you O Israel.

  15. If then at long last you have figured out that indeed one plus one does equal to two, where is that fear of the Lord your God for Him?   In my judgment you are trying to pull the wool over my eyes, since with your tail between your legs you are running to America, and to the UN for help and comfort. 

  16. And do you now feel to have been insulted by what I said about your tail? Not so my dear ones, for when these skeletons dead twice over tell you that you can't pull up your pants, unless they tell you so, and you comply, I have not spoken any insult to you.

  17. Once before your forefathers ran to other nations for help, to Egypt it was, and for it the Lord exiled your people in Jerusalem, and are you not now performing the very same thing again?  This time it is the greater Egypt, since that term conforms to the world as well.  

  18. And indeed you are committing the very same abomination that your fathers committed before you, and for it my dear people in Jerusalem - your wives will be raped, and half of the inhabitants in Jerusalem will go into exile.

  19. All this because you are looking to the greater Egypt for help, and not to the Lord from where your help should come, like He warned you saying:  

  20. "Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the Lord!"

  21. Hear now, as I will say to your stubborn heart, "These Americans are men and not God, their armament is but made of steel, and not Spirit.  And so when the Lord in His Spirit lands on them they will fall headlong upon the open ground, and you depending on them will fall along with them.  

  22. How foolish therefore to seek help from men, from such as are nothing more than dead skeletons walking around in circles not knowing where to go, because they are without eyes.

  23. Would you like me to tell you what the Lord is saying by the following, quotation? quote: "For thus the Lord said to me, As a lion or a young lion growls over his prey, and when a band of shepherds is called forth against him is not terrified by their shouting or daunted at their noise, so the Lord of hosts will come down to fight upon Mount Zion and upon its hill."

  24. This prophecy will come to pass before your eyes, and it is not far off. It will come and it will come again, for how should a Lion as king be afraid of a bunch of shepherds? The shepherds will come to kill the lion, only it are the shepherds that will be consumed.

  25. Strange is it not? And yes it can have two meanings, and I will use both for my purpose.   You have read the message, but it is like a sealed message, something not of any relevance to our minds. And I will have to put it in different words to unlock it for you, and I will do so, since it is about to be very real for you upon Mount Zion. 

  26. One is coming O Israel, a Lion will enter upon your territory, and he will take prey, and who from among you will dare take it from him? Who among you will approach a hungry Lion? Your shepherds yes, a whole band of them will come shouting at him, as if there were any fear for them in him. 

  27. But why will these be shouting at him, as if he has no right for his meal, for is He not a protector for you, a Lion to safeguard your borders, or like birds to shelter you under their wings? 

  28. For so the message of the Lord follows: "Like birds hovering, so the Lord of hosts will protect Jerusalem; he will protect and deliver it, he will spare and rescue it."

  29. And will I be a token for you, how His Spirit with me is a safeguard for you, that the same foreshadows His very being with you to come? It is the book of Isaiah, somewhere in it where this was proclaimed from of old. 

  30. And so spoke that prophet to you: "Turn to Him from whom you have deeply revolted, O people of Israel."  And is that not also my message to you my beloved Israel?

  31. What love, and what adoration has arisen within me, my love for the God of Israel, my deep adoration for the Redeemer of the whole of the world?  How deep is my love, and what is the extend of my adoration?  For my love I have yet to find its end, and my heart exults in Him more than any words can express.

  32. And yes, I must admit how very dear the daughter of Israel has become to me, how my love for her is an everlasting and unfading love. She was dear to me even from my youth, when then already I was mesmerized in her beauty. 

  33. And now I can no longer express the extend of it, nor even understand the tremors of my own heart for her embrace. Call me a prophet, but I am not so, yet just now I have prophesied.

  34. And with all this I am filled with indignation, and with sorrow for the many nations dear to my heart.  I am indignant for their atrocities, and my heart weeps for the inevitable that awaits them.  O if they would only listen, but they are wise in their own eyes.  

  35. And what does he know that comes to us in the name of the Lord?  So they speak within their heart.   Why then O my people shall I not be indignant with you, and strike you with the rod of His mouth?  

  36. And I will strike you, and sear your flesh, and I will do so again and again, for you are stiff-necked, and seared to the heart to allow no righteous word to enter into you.  And will you now blame me for the calamities which you brought upon yourselves?

  37. You refuse to reckon from where I have come, and Who it is that is with me, yet though I am before you in His Name, as it was written:  "Behold, the Name of the Lord comes from afar burning with His anger, and in thick rising smoke, His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue is like a devouring fire."  And is that not so my dear ones?

  38. It is written, and His Name will indeed come from afar, if this were not so, I would not have told you so. Why therefore are you placing it upon my lips to pronounce a burning fire upon you as well?  

  39. It is His anger, that of the Lord your Creator, by whom I am led, and by Whom my heart speaks, and it will be to you as He said, how: "His breath would be like an overflowing stream that reaches up to the neck."

  40. No, you will not be finished with me that quick, you nations, nor even you my dear Jerusalem, for I was given a charge, and this was the charge, just as it is written: "To sift the nations with the sieve of destruction, and, to place on your jaws a bridle that leads astray."  You wish me to repeat it, "to sift you with destruction? 

  41. You would like me to just shake you a little if any might fall through the cracks.  But that is not my charge of the Lord for you. There was one aiming to reprove me how I should not speak in a negative way, since then I would receive only negative reaction.  

  42. But what does it entail to say, to put a bridle on your jaws, so that you might be led astray and perish?  It my dear one entails for you to perish because you are taking offence at me, at my negative way if you will.

  43. "Do not reprove O Leonard, for then they will only turn away from you, come to them with sweet honey, with what their itchy ears wish to hear, so you will turn them to the Lord and salvation."  O you miserable liars, you vipers-brood, knowledge certainly has died out with you.  

  44. It is for that hypocrisy of you, and your total lack of knowledge that so many have died, and still more are to die and perish for your abominable lies to them. Therefore do not think that you will save your life.

  45.   My dear Jerusalem, Jerusalem, has it not been said for a certain day that the Lord would cause a Horn to spring forth to the house of Israel, I believe it was by Ezekiel, and how his lips would be opened among you?  It was, was it not? But then the Lord follows to say: "Then they will know that I am the Lord."  

  46. If now I mediate upon this, how can that Horn be me, when you refuse to acknowledge from where I am?  And so I surmise it must be for a day when all the rebels among you are dead and gone, with just the remnant left, and the Horn being the Messiah Himself.

  47. Does my reasoning make sense my dear ones of little faith? But now I am going to read you from the book of the prophets something that applies to me, it goes like this." 

  48. "And He said to me; Son of man, eat what is offered to you, eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and He gave me the scroll to eat. And He said to me, Son of man, eat this scroll that I give you, and fill your stomach with it.   Then I ate it, and it was in my mouth sweet as honey."

  49. It was once before, years ago, when He spoke to me not of any Scriptures, nor of any written word spoken before, but of His Spirit unto my spirit, and He said: "Whatsoever I set before you, you shall eat, and you shall understand."   

  50. And I did eat, and I did understand, and many words came to be written as were they a spring of water within me.  And O how sweet these were in my mouth, but once within these seemed bitter within me.

  51. From that same prophet then the word continues: "And He said to me; Son of man go to the house of Israel, and speak with My words to them, for you are not sent to a people of foreign speech and a hard language, but to the house of Israel."  

  52.   The prophet now knew your language, while I do not speak, nor do I understand Hebrew, I have to speak to you in a foreign language, in English.  Or perhaps this may be to your advantage, for after that The Lord said to the prophet how, if He were to send me to those whose words I could not understand, they "would" listen to him.

  53. Will therefore the Lord your God, your very Messiah, be correct, that for my foreign tongue - you will hear to me?  I fear to tell you what follows, what the words of the Lord your God to that prophet were;  "But the house of Israel will not listen to you, for they are not willing to listen to Me."  

  54. Is that the way it factually is O my dearly beloved Israel, how you don't mind me being a Yankee, or a Dutchman, with whom you can pull the wool over his eyes, but once he starts speaking God's word, he is nobody to us, nor will we listen?

  55. You have any idea how sad you make me with these words, how hard that is to the love that I have for you?  But I should not act so ignorant should I, - as if I did not know why you are so much like me, since of me it has been said; "that stubborn Dutchman," like someone with a one-track mind, he fixes himself on a goal and refuses to swerve from it.  

  56. If then that goal is the right goal, who is to complain, but if not so, to head for the cliffs, it is not the fall as much as the instant when you hit the floor below - what that will do to you in great pain and regret.

  57. No ears, no listening, because, so said the Lord; "All the house of Israel are of a hard forehead, and of a stubborn heart."  But what does that do to me O my dear Israel, when I must come before you, to rescue you from that cliff?  I am a true Dutchman, am I not; for thus spoke the Lord regarding me: 

  58. "Behold, I have made your face hard against their faces, and your forehead hard against their forehead, like adamant harder than flint have I made your forehead, fear them not, nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a rebellious house."

  59. Dutchman or not, I am a softy, like the Yankees, I allow myself to be robbed, nor do I care for gold nor silver,  And I am accused of being far too generous, even to my own hurt, and that my love is too compassioned for the people. And how because of it I am hurt so deeply so often, the world being hard and unforgiving.  

  60. But speaking for myself, I don't care, I would not change me for anything, yet in order to stand up to you, and to my own people as well, my forehead must be like flint, lest I am overcome for the compassion within me.

  61. And I do admit, I confess, how for man's refusal to accept wisdom I am hurt deeply, very painfully, like a sword piercing my heart, and like a whip upon my tender skin.  Still I will not change, but I will bear it for their sake, for my great love for them, for you O Israel, and for the nations, for a people my own. 

  62. Whether they believe me, or do not believe me, or care for me, or not care for me, I love them still, now and into forever as were they my own flesh and blood, and as such I will cherish them

  63. Shall I speak to you of something in which you are grossly deceived, as were it an honor for you, but it is a disgrace upon you? I should, - should I not - that perhaps from the word of the Lord your God, rather than from my word you might gather the truth of things, and cast your shame from you.  

  64. By one of the prophets the Lord spoke that He would profane His sanctuary, the very delight of your eyes. Then He says: 

  65. "And you shall do as I have done, you shall not cover your lips, nor eat the bread of mourners, your "turbans shall be on your heads, and your shoes on your feet, you shall not mourn, nor weep, but you shall pine away in your iniquities, and groan to one another."

  66. This my dear ones is the spectacle of today, is it not?  These words of the Lord here address you well.  There is however this problem that the words may be hid from you, that you do not truly understand the message, nor the punch line.  Therefore O Israel I will expound it for you in the wisdom that your God lavished upon me.

  67. You are so font of wearing those skull-caps as were it in some respect to God, while in fact it is a disgrace upon you, a curse upon you, and that even from the Lord God.  

  68. Because, for your stubborn heart to go your own way, and not listening to Him, He withdrew, and left you in the power of the wicked spirits, who in turn twisted your minds to glorify yourselves upon your own disgrace.  

  69. It is like those queers, who for their wicked heart the Lord also gave into the power of the wicked spirits, that in turn twisted them into un-natural lusts.  

  70. But, as if it were not bad enough to be given into shame and the vileness of their mind and bodies to be deemed lower than the creeping things of the earth, these foolish ones started to brag about it, as were it some right or honor upon them. Wherefore now they are so utterly corrupted there are no words to express their disgrace.

  71. And these skullcaps are just the same. And how are these skullcaps, or turbans, such a disgrace upon you? Because in putting them on you are denying the Messiah.  And you are placing yourselves under the law, under the Torah, by which there is no salvation.

  72. In the foregoing the Lord was angry with you, and not of any mind to save you, therefore He said; to go ahead, and continue to wear these skullcaps, these turbans, for with these upon your heads you are not fit for any salvation, but to be awarded to the devil, whose emblem you are toting.

  73. Your priests, originally under the law of the Torah, were to put on the turban as a foreshadowing, and a symbol of the Messiah to come, to rest upon your heads like a crown, like the crown of God.

  74. But once the Messiah came, and gave his life, He became the reality of that symbol, wherefore the turban was then removed, and that very same Messiah commanded you to "no longer" wear the turban in the synagogue, nor when in prayer to Him, since He Himself was your turban.  

  75. The real head covering of the new man thus is in having Christ Yeshua as the cover upon his head. The removal of that turban thus became, and is in fact the token of your respect for Him, and for your alliance to Him. 

  76. Come now my beloved, hear me well, and duly consider what you are hearing of me in the Spirit of your Messiah. Let's consider where the Lord not only said that for shame upon you, you were to have that turban or skull-cap upon you, but also: "To have your shoes upon your feet."  

  77. For you that pride yourself so well in the Torah, to have full knowledge of it, do you not recall how when Moses went to see that burning bush, the Lord said to him, to "remove his shoes" because so the Lord said, "the ground upon which you stand is holy."

  78. And do you now understand "why" for your shame, and disgrace upon you the Lord said; "That your shoes also shall be on your feet?" The Lord in effect is telling you that you are not holy, nor even worthy to remove your shoes, as in not worthy to be accounted holy, or even to come near to God.  

  79. So the Lord in other words is saying; "I will not allow My Spirit to be with them, for this will be a token of shame for them, to let their shoes be upon them, and let them cover their heads with a turban, a kippah, or a skullcap, as the terms may be."

  80. And so the Lord left you in the power of demons, causing you to wear that kippah, to be - like the Germans saw you - as rats.  To place upon your heads the disgrace of the Gentiles that they forced you to wear, the beginning of which was some seven centuries ago when the then pagans forced you to wear hats marking you as sub-human.

  81.  And the Lord does not even want you to mourn, He does not want to hear, nor see your tears, you are not to cover your lips, as you would when you are ashamed and unable to speak on account of it.  But that your lips may be open to your own calamities, to speak for your own disgrace. 

  82. All this shame the Lord is putting upon you, not to mourn, not to cry, nor to weep, but put upon your head that skull-cap, the disgrace of your aposty, so that all the world may behold your shame, and let your shoes be upon you, for you are not holy, nor even the ground under your feet, since you have polluted yourselves, and God's sanctuary.

  83. All this so said the Lord: "That you may pine away in your iniquities, and with your lips uncovered groan to one another,"  even as you are doing this very day, O my dear Israel.

  84. And have I not now been perfectly honest with you, and opened that hidden message for you?  Realize then my dearly beloved, that is is not really me, the Dutchman, but your very own Messiah who in His great love for you is bringing this to your knowledge, so that you might understand, and turn from your shame, and from your transgression, to again look to Him as your forefathers did, as Abraham, Isaac, and your father Jacob did. 

  85. For do you not again realize this, that if the Lord had given up on you, He would not have sent me to you, nor then would He have opened that message for you to have an understanding of the shoes upon your feet, and of that Turban which became the crown of your salvation.  

  86. When it was still upon the head of Aaron, you were under the law, and by your transgressions dead in your sins.  But God kept His word to you, and brought you the real enduring and everlasting Turban, The Messiah that He instead might be for a Crown upon your head unto the salvation of your people and unto life everlasting.

  87. Lend me an ear my beloved, the day will come, so spoke the Lord; "when I will restore the fortunes of My people, Israel and Judah, and I will bring them back to the land which I gave to their fathers, and they shall take possession of it."

  88. And has not the Lord kept His word, seeing how you are back, and do have possession of it this very day? And again the word of the Lord:  

  89. "O my people, who dwell in Zion, be not afraid of the Assyrians when they smite with the rod and lift up their staff against you as the Egyptians did.  For in a very little while my indignation will come to an end, and my anger will be directed to their destruction."

  90. That indignation that you see of me, which is the anger of the Lord, for whom is it?  It certainly is not for you my Israel, but for those that are around you, for them that presume to harm you.   And to what end is it if not to their destruction, that of those who in their mind intend to destroy you. Why therefore should you have any concern, or fear?"

  91. And for help, will you look to those Americans, the leaders of whom have become Indian givers, and not rather to the Lord? You have not altogether lost out on those Americans since the Lord has taken one of them as a visual presentation of His love for you. Or do you think I am speaking only of myself each time I call you dear ones, and beloved?

  92. You may muse within yourself that I am far away, and not so near as to stand within the breach, but hear what your Lord said; "Fear not O Jacob My servant, says the Lord, nor be dismayed O Israel, for lo, I will save you from afar. and your offspring from the land of their captivity. For I am with you to save you, says the Lord."

  93. What more now do you want O My people? What need do you have of these Americans, or of the UN, or any of these skeletons walking in their graves? Will you go from afar, from His holy habitation from where He sends forth His Spirit to be a Savior for you, to instead go to the dead for help and not rather to the living, to your God? 

  94. Listen to me, for in listening to me you be listening to your Redeemer.

  95. Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the tongue of the nations, for any of their threats , nor for any of their unseemly words, O My people, for so spoke the Lord; "That He will utterly destroy the tongue of the sea of Egypt," meaning of the whole of the world, as the greater Egypt.  Nor will that be all but so He said: 

  96. "I will make a full end of all the nations among whom I scattered you. but of you I will not make a full end, I will chasten you in just measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished."

  97. And that destruction, my dear Israel, means the USA as well, for as there are those in any nation that admire you, these are not the whole of those nations.  

  98. And like Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for no more than three righteous persons left among them, and the number of the persons in these cities not being anywhere near the number of the nations this day, there will not be sufficient righteous ones for the prayer of Abraham to save them.

  99. Yet do not rejoice too quickly since His chastening will nonetheless be upon you, not destruction, but a chastening nonetheless, for the Lord is a righteous Judge,  and in righteousness He will act, as He said; "and I will by no means leave you unpunished."

  100. And: "Zion shall be redeemed by justice, and those in her who repent by righteousness."  And again:  "For I your God holds your right hand, it is I who say to you, fear not, I will help you."

  101. Why then my dear ones all that concern over Iran? And why do you waste your time with those Americans? Is it not the Lord who comforts you? Whom therefore  are you that you are afraid of a man that dies, the sons of man that are made like the grass?  For when the mower comes they are cut down to wither in the open field.

  102. Did not your God make the heavens and the earth? Who therefore is like unto Him, or what nation, or number of nations is able to stand before Him?  Behold,  so says the Lord;  

  103. "All who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish."

  104. "As nothing" so the Lord said, and I am truly appalled when I behold those fears in your words and upon your faces, that for faith there is so little of it within you.  

  105. Take therefore the bull by the horns, and fear no more, but rejoice in Him who is soon to come, by casting away your idols, and put no trust in any flesh, but affirm your reliance upon Him who is truly able to save, and who is with you this very day.

  106. And now my dear ones of Israel, are you a bit jealous, or ashamed that it is a foreigner, a Gentile, to be teaching the Torah, and the word of God? Allow me then to quote another passage somewhere from the prophets of old:

  107.   "And the vision of all this has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot, for it is sealed. And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, "Read this," he says, "I cannot read."

  108. "And the Lord said: "Because this people draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me, and their fear of Me is a commandment of men learned by rote; therefore, behold, I will again do marvelous things with this people, wonderful and marvelous; and the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning men shall be hid."

  109. Have you ever wondered why your pastors and your so called rabbi's are so ignorant, that not even a one of them can come to stand in the shadow of even a tenth of the knowledge which God has granted me? It is the Lord who has closed their eyes, if your eyes are open enough to realize it.

  110. The word "rote" now means, routine, like in a mechanical routine, something learned by repetition. or as the saying goes; "Tell a lie often enough, and they will believe it." If you can hear the word.

  111. And does this not now appear how you brought this upon yourselves, that now you have me for a teacher to you, a Gentile? But I would not take this so detrimental, consider how the Lord called me as a prince, as the very Star of the Gentiles, so the prophet said.  

  112. And more so, for your comfort, I was reared upon your very Mountain, upon the mountain heights of Israel, from where I have my training.  So you might say - I came out of you, out of the very womb of Israel.

  113. But you are not as yet able to endure that mystery, at least not in this day. Yet I will leave it for your "remnant," for those blessed of the Lord, and taught of Him, whose ears are able to hear.   In that day those written in for life will hear and rejoice, even as much as I myself will be with them in that day of the Sabbath. 

  114. This too was revealed to me, but I cannot speak any further of it, seeing how my speech is open for the whole of the world to see. And such mysteries are not for the un-repented.  

  115. But in a day yet to come, after the seven, when they have been ground to powder, and are lifting their voice to me for mercy and compassion, will they come to know it, when their knees will be bend before the righteous sons of Israel.

  116. My words, so you reckon, are stout towards you, not at all to your likens, and what do we care for all these mysteries, seeing how these are sealed for us. Fix then this into your mind. I have been sent with a sieve, and with an refiners rod.  

  117. But after me, the Lord will bring forth the oven, not merely a sieve, nor just a rod for refining, but a burning hot oven.   In that day you will be tried, not in a way as I did with you, but like gold in a furnace, and like silver to be purified.  

  118. Then you will weep, and each day new things will sprout forth, both for your welfare as well as for evil. But each and everyone that will be wise in that day will keep his life - though he may be tried unto death.

  119. Seeing now all this is yet to come upon you, would it not be far wiser to hearken to my word?  For why do you wish for your wives and your daughters to be raped by these barbarians of the Gentiles, by the merciless ones from among the nations?  

  120. Have you so little regard for the delight of your eyes, and for your daughters to allow them to gather in harms way?  And what of yourselves, how will you escape, or be forced to watch the abuse upon your loved ones?

  121. There are butchers out there among those heathens, the nations of Gentiles, many of which falsely call themselves by the name of the Messiah of Israel. 

  122. They are cruel and barbarian, they made an accord with the devil to make a rape of the world, and to assay their sword upon all that in truth call upon the God of hosts. For their master, that devil will himself be upon the earth, and walking in Jerusalem defiling the very ground upon which he stands.

  123. Still my beloved you will have some help, for the Lord will sent to you the long awaited Elijah of old, and with him the scribe of righteousness, the two lamp-stands that stand before the Lord and the whole earth. These will do as much harm to the nations as they desire, and these nations will be furious with them.  

  124. Then you may contemplate. how you should not look upon Elijah nor upon Enoch as enemies, but rather as the Lord said, "To turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children."

  125. The devil himself however will be convincing the unwise in the world as if he were the Messiah, and perform miracles like the real Messiah did, only to raise the dead, that he will not be able to do, since he himself is death.  But he will succeed in killing those two Lamp-stands of God. 

  126. Therefore when you see this, know that he is the devil, and not the Christ. Since again the Son of God will come afterwards upon the clouds in a day that is without sun or moon, a terrible day when He will put all the wicked in the whole of the earth to the sword.

  127. It my beloved is the remnant of Israel, as well as the remnant of the Gentiles that will be left in that day. And seven of your years thereafter the sword will be put away for good, and there will be no more war, nor destruction, and Christ Jesus will rule in Jerusalem. 

  128. And O that someone might make a righteous song regarding it, and sing it with great beauty. For that which I hear today is less than worthy, a burden to my ear.

  129. Hear me O Israel, do not look to the nations, nor to your implements for war, for the Lord spoke saying: "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit." Those whose soul is not upright within him shall fail, but the righteous one shall live by faith, by believing, and not wavering from the word of the Lord spoken.

  130. Render true judgment my people, show kindness and mercy each one of you to his brother, and do not oppress the stranger, nor the widow, the fatherless, or the poor, nor those that believe upon the Lord the Messiah. 

  131. If there was any truth or Godliness in you, you would not shun your brothers, your very own flesh because they have placed their trust in the Messiah to await His second coming to Israel.

  132. Seek the Lord in humility, and you that are humble, that do keep His commandments, seek ever more righteousness, and keep love for one another, be like unto Him who called you to life everlasting, be in His image.  

  133. Do not revile when you are reviled, and do not return evil for evil, bear the insults lavished upon you for His name sake, and He the Lord will grant you the crown of life.

  134. Be educated in what the Lord desires of you, that you may be holy as He is holy, and do not follow upon those ideologies which are not according to the word of the Messiah. Most of all keep love and faith, genuine love and an unfailing faith. 

  135. If then you are in need of understanding, ask of the Lord and He will grant you the same, only do not doubt, to be unstable in your ways.  For did not the Lord Himself say; "If you love me, ask whatsoever you will in My name, and it will be unto you."

  136. Do not permit yourself to debate with the wicked such things as are irrelevant that they speak merely for argument, lest you become like unto them.  Keep to the core, to the heart of the matter.   And wherever knowledge and wisdom may be obtained in Godliness avail yourself of it.   

  137. If then anyone reproves you for searching where in their judgment you are not allowed to search, as if only the Torah, or the canons are of value, do not listen, for these have cut themselves lose from the tree of knowledge, and have no appetite for the water that flows from the fountain of wisdom. And this is so because that fountain of wisdom is but for the wise, to all others it is folly.

  138. If there be pride in your heart, wisdom will flee from you, since the Spirit of wisdom will only dwell in a humble soul, in the one that gives itself in its yoke.  

  139. If therefore at first she comes to you adverse, it is to try you, to ensure that you are worthy of her, and having been found faithful, she will return and teach you all her ways, that you too may become a fountain of living waters.

  140. For the Lord loves all that come unto Him in truth and in sincerity, and being in the hand of the Father who is to take anything from His hand?  And if things seem slow remember the word of the Lord as He said; "The vision awaits its time, it hastens to its end, - it will not lie, if it seems slow, wait for it, it will surely come, it will not delay."

  141. Nor should your mind be so occupied in what the end will be for the wicked, but rather rejoice in this that your name is written in heaven.  

  142. For did not the Lord gave His law to your fathers, and did He not perform many wonders in their sight?  Yet still they rebelled and would not listen, till the Lord caused all of them to fall in the desert and not enter the promised land.

  143. It is not for everyone to understand mysteries, but the Lord grants to each of His children as He deems right in His will, that together we may be His household.  And as there are many different component in each household, some greater, some lesser, it is to a full unity, and to the glory of Him whose household it is.

  144. One more word to you, regarding that turban, that head covering of old, that which was symbolic for the Christ to come as the crown upon our head.  Somewhere it recalls how Joshua was clothed in filthy garments standing before the Angel, and the Angel said: 

  145. "Remove the filthy garments from him, for I have taken your guilt from you, and I will clothe you with rich apparel, and He said; "Let them put a clean turban on his head."

  146. "A CLEAN TURBAN ON HIS HEAD."   Do you my beloved gather the meaning hereof, what the words are in the spirit thereof?  His sins were forgiven him, and he was being dressed with clean and rich apparel.  In the teaching of the Christ that is.

  147. And so it was said: Let them put "Grace" upon his head.   Notice how I reworded this to bring forth the meaning, for that Grace is Christ Yeshua, for the Lord to rest upon the head of Joshua.  

  148. Noting again my beloved how it said "clean", a clean turban, as not the old that Aaron put on under the law, but a new, a clean crown upon his head, to have Christ Jesus, the Son of God for his crown of glory.

  149. And now my dear Israel, for the time being, I will make an end of speaking to await the hour when, from where do you presume one is to come to you?  It is written:  "So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun; for he will come like a rushing stream, which the wind of the Lord drives."

  150. His glory is in you my Israel, but His fear will come from the west.  From the "west," so I say to you, as also the prophet Elijah prophesied.  And how will he come?  "Like a rushing stream," so the Lord said.  

  151. Mark and understand, like a rushing stream. And again, Who may be driving that stream?  It is the Wind, that is to say, the Spirit of the Lord your God, who said to you not to fear those around you.

  152. And for my final word, rise up and say to those who are of a fearful heart, "Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you."

  153. With all my love, may be peace of our Lord and of the Father be upon you, now and forever.


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