Among the grains of wheat there are the weeds. 

And if the weeds have taken over there may still be some grains of wheat.


  1. And so I have taken up to speak to those with ears, in the hearing of the weeds as well, with the refiners rod, which the Lord placed into my hand.  As recorded in other pages I have attempted to correct the weeds that thought themselves to be ears of grain, but these had no ears to hear. 

  2. And while I do not usually mention names so that in stealth's these weeds may turn to become grain, rather than by name to convict them of their shame, and aposty, since it is needful of me to quote them in their error, whereby the good grain may recognize them so as not to be choked by them, this is what they spoke to me: 

"Duplication and retransmission of this writing are permitted, providing that the source and contact information for the Watchman International is included."

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  1. The righteous ones among men when they write, - all their works are open to all without any fan-fare, since these have nothing to hide, nor is pride or vain glory within them.  But these others wish to be known for their words, for their shame and for their accursed aposty, since there is no knowledge within them, nor therefore any shame.

  2. Yet it is expedient for me to speak of the things contained herein, for the sake of the elect, to bring forth to them the depth's and the beauty of God's Love that is contained within the sound doctrine of His Messiah.

  3. What these recorded ones here for their shame are speaking of is; "The final great exodus" as they call it.  And they start out with a lie to make of God one who is not sure which road to take for a deliverance of Israel, in stating: "The Scripture mentions two different kinds of return of the Jewish people back to their land."

  4. Certainly these judge God to have as little knowledge and foresight as they have, as if God were still deciding in which way to deliver Israel. But if our Lord is of such a mind not knowing what to do, we no doubt will be in wretched shape. Thank God therefore that these brainless wonders are no more than liars, and loveless beasts.

  5. First these concede to the manner in which God has indeed foretold how and in what way He is to come to Israel.  But these are not in agreement with God, and wish to have it according to their own imagination, in a way that brings glory to their minds rather than to God.

  6. And this they base upon what I shall quote you from their words:  "The other type of return of the Jewish people is mentioned in Deuteronomy 30. This Aliyah begins with the Jewish people's return, first to the Lord, and then they will return to their land. This promised exodus has received much less attention than the first, probably because we have not seen it fulfilled yet."

  7. Then these continue to say: "This Aliyah mentioned by Moses, requires that Jewish people first return to the Lord to obey Him with all their heart and with all their soul according to everything He has commanded them in the law of Moses."

  8. The minor problem for them here is that these will "never" see their wishes fulfilled. And if we turn to Deuteronomy 30:1-5, to see what it is that the Lord said, only a complete fool and blind person could deduce their above noted wishes from these words of Moses.  

  9. And where did they get this "aliyah', a new person these have invented to themselves, as by allegory to Elijah, who indeed is yet to come.

  10. It is the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, the Messiah whom they are denying and replacing Him with a cult leader of their own named aliyah. For so these brainless wonders continue to say:  "For Moses said; the Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people, you must listen to everything He tells you."

  11. We of course know it is Jesus of whom God spoke, but that is of no advantage to the devil, he must have his henchman in it, to possibly cut off all all the Jews from the face of the earth, now that he failed in the German race for him.  

  12. And have you noticed, knowing how in other places I spoke of respect for the Lord in word and deed, how these were mutilating the name of God by omitting a letter, or the Gentiles to write it in all capitals? 

  13. Do you think they are doing this out of respect, or not rather that these must have some facade, because they did capitalize the name of their cult leader.  

  14. Their facade is a bit short of being whole since direct references to God or His Christ they omit to capitalize. I mention these things to you my beloved in this that we must have respect for God in both word and deed, and that includes literature since it is known in words.

  15. It is not only in capitals that they sin, but in mutilating the reference to God by inserting dashes into it, is equally sinful, expressly done for a mocking and scorning of God the Almighty Creator.  And like any devil they twist it as were it in some reverence to God, for as we know devils are always liars.

  16. I now will get into this to relate to you the aspects of God's wrath and His deliverance, from this day on to the complete restoration as the same has been prophesied in truth.  

  17. For you should know by now that it is not of me to pronounce lies, nor to twist that which is written, but the Lord having endowed me with knowledge and wisdom I am able to relate to you new things not heard before, and to go into detail concerning the things that have been spoken.

  18. It is the flesh upon which these so called Messianic Jews are banking, nor have they understood anything else. These pride themselves in the law of Moses, as if these earthly things which are no more than a foreshadowing of things to come, will be the reality for them and for the whole world in days to come. And I should first quote you what these said;

  19. "The prophecy by Moses in Deuteronomy 30 declares that in the last days there will once again arise  a Messianic movement like unto the one in the first century described in Acts 21:20."  

  20. And: "A much more radical Messianic movement is about to arise like unto the one in the first century. It will be characterized by faith in Yeshua, including careful obedience to everything commanded by Moses," And: "These Messianic Jews will zealously study the Torah, including the New Covenant, in order to carefully obey everything that is written."

  21. From this first sentence mentioning Acts 21:20, you think it odd for them to omit the following verse 21, where it reads: "And they have been told about you that you teach all the Jews who are among the Gentiles to forsake Moses, telling them not to circumcise their children or observe the customs." ?

  22. By their own reference to these verses in Acts, they destroy their own embodiment, or do these suppose that we will ignore what was really said, and completely omit the words in verse 21, the punch line of it all?  

  23. In how many ways has Paul made it clear that salvation is by grace, and not the law, and that all its precepts were a mere foreshadowing of that which was to come, for men to bank upon? 

  24. And how stupid to say how; "the Messianic Jews will zealously study the "New" covenant to observe it."  For if indeed they did it would ruin their reliance and observance to the Torah in all its precepts as nothing more than foreshadowing.


  1. Paul in his letter to the Romans said:  "Circumcision indeed is of value if you obey the law; but if you break the law, your circumcision becomes uncircumcision.  So, if a man who is uncircumcised keeps the precepts of the law, will not his uncircumcision be regarded as circumcision?

  2. Then those who are physically uncircumcised but keep the law will condemn you who have the written code and circumcision but break the law.   For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical.  He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal. His praise is not from men but from God."

  3. So then those which profess themselves to be Messianic Jews, and at the same time abide by the old law to have their sons circumcised; are accursed not only by a Jew, by Paul, but by the Holy Sprit, as well as by God, and by His Son Yeshua the Christ.  And equally so by me, and by every righteous person.

  4. I say; if a person professes Christ Yeshua then let him live according to the grace and freedom of Christ Yeshua, and not at the same time adhere to the old useless law, since that in all reality is serving God and mammon. It is serving the devil, while at the same time they yet dare to take the name of God upon their lips.

  5. Any Jew, Messianic or otherwise that adheres to that skin cutting ritual of old is claiming himself as were he without sin, and equal with Christ Jesus. Since then none but the only begotten Son of God was without sin, all these men are liars and at best criminals, hypocritical criminals.

  6. Christ Yeshua said that He came to take away the sins of the world, wherefore those that still adhere to circumcision cannot be saved, since by doing so they profess to be without sin.

  7. It is blasphemy against God and Christ and against all righteous men, for any person that purports himself to be a Jew believing in Yeshua, to also adhere to the old Jewish law.  As in fact God never instituted such a law but to be cut on the foreskin of ones heart.   

  8. Therefore that person in all rights is a liar when he says to believe in Yeshua, for as long as he holds himself to these old Jewish fables, he has no knowledge of Yeshua, nor does he known Yeshua.  He is a liar, and as such stands accursed.

  9. He should have understood Psalm 40;  "Sacrifice and offering Thou dost not desire; but Thou hast given me an open ear. Burnt offering and sin offering Thou hast not required.  Then I said, "Lo, I come; in the roll of the book it is written of me;  I delight to do Thy will O my God; Thy law is within my heart."

  10. And now I say;  Any Jew, Messianic or otherwise, who does not understand David in his words, or Paul in his spoken words, is blind, and his love is not for God, but for his own ego, and for the praise of men.  

  11. And again I say this to you:  All that have the love of God understand the word of David and of Paul most perfectly, since their word - is God's word.  And what is born of God can-not but understand His word, since they, as well as the words, are of Him.


  1. Let me now show you my beloved how that law, that Torah in which they place their confidence, has ceased to exist for us that are called sons of the living God.  

  2. For me, as it should be for you, what is the law to me when within me everything that is good and lawful is a "willing desire"?  

  3. Where the law says; "You shall not kill." what reference does that have to me when it is my love and my great desire that all men should have life, and that no creature should die? Yea indeed I will gladly offer my own life for their sake, that these may live, and no harm will come to them.

  4. Has then not for the love of Christ within me - the  law - become of no account?  Or where the law states: "You shall not commit adultery." Will I in my great and deep love for Christ, look to another for worship?  It would be most repugnant to me to do anything of the kind, since my love is irrevocably seated in Him.  

  5. What therefore do I care about the law, or its precepts, when it holds no meaning for me in that overwhelming desire within me to perform all that is just?

  6. Would I dare enter into a whore, or into my neighbors wife, when that to me is like a curse, like giving myself into the mouth of a poisoness snake?  It is silly for me, and an insult to even quote to me, that I should not commit adultery, since that very sentiment is just as well as my very own law, and shall I disobey that which I myself commands?

  7. It is indeed insulting to me for a law to impress upon me not to commit adultery, since it is my law as well, and that for the wicked, how then would I do such a thing when that is a total disgust to me?  When a man gives himself to the law as his embodiment for righteousness and salvation, the Spirit of Christ is not within him.

  8. What is the law to me, that, which is a million miles below me, so far away that I have no view of it?  Nor need I have any view of it since all that is good and righteous is a perfect willing desire within me, it is as it is said, the Spirit of Christ, His Holy Spirit.  

  9. How then should I dare lie, or pronounce any false witness, when that Spirit within me "can not" lie.  Or how should I covet that which is my neighbor's, when not only my goods I will give to him, but I am willing to give my very life for him as well?

  10. My name is not written in the earth since I was born in heaven, there my name is written.  The law is an enclosure to those of the earth, whose names are within it.  Those whose names are written in heaven have no law, their perfect willingness being a law unto themselves. 

  11. All those Godly persons before Moses did not have the Torah, since these in their love for God had no need of it. Or what shall we say of Abraham who was long before Moses and the Torah?  Was not his faith counted to him for righteousness, and was not his unshakable love for God his redemption?

  12. What are all these precepts of the law, to hang tassels for reminders, when all these are natural in my heart? And to say "natural" embodies this - that it is the Christ within me, since of myself under sin, such things are not natural, but in Christ they are natural.

  13. Why would I scribble on paper a certain law and put it in a box, fastening it to a doorpost, when that very precept is fastened in the very Ingram's of my spirit, wherein it is at all times to my recollection, while sitting in that box it is dead and forgotten?  

  14. And even within my Ingram's, why should I have to recall it when the very keeping thereof is my souls desire, without pointing the same to me, since that may rather be an insult to me, as were it in me to disobey it?

  15. The law is needed since it is for them in whom there is no righteousness, and for them that are rebellious, and proud, boasting in their own imaginations, so that for their wickedness against God their Creator they may be judged thereby.  And the Lord for their failure to abide by His just law condemned them to a life of no life, to a painful reward. 

  16. And so Enoch the scribe of righteousness in his testimony to all the generations of the earth foretold that God would one day make an enclosure for all that were disobedient, a prison if you will, which came to be by Moses in the Torah.

  17. As now I began to say how this Torah has ceased to exist for me and for us, the "us" is meaning you my beloved,  behold the love that is within me so graciously given of the Messiah.   

  18. It, my dearly beloved will be in you also provided you hear to my word, and understanding the same to keep it for yourselves as well.  For then the love of God has come to dwell within you unto everlasting life.


  1. Or what are these many prayers that men raffle off daily by a routine, asking for all sorts of things, and are never heard? It is because they are without faith.  Since when we pray to ask for a certain thing, we need but ask knowing that God hears us and it will be done, because we believe, we have faith, even if it be as small as a mustard seed.

  2. And what are we to pray for? What is our desire, the desire of those that are born of God?  Shall we ask for riches in this world, when our home is in heaven? Shall we ask for good things to us in this earth, when in fact we despise this world, and our desire is but for ourselves to come home to our Lord in heaven?

  3. Shall we pray for all the Israelites to worship the Messiah in truth, that the Lord convert them at our wishes?  Shall we indeed do so?  Be very careful my beloved, for in the faith that is within us, we know that when we ask the same will be awarded us, since we are not leaves tossed in the wind, but our prayer is with absolute conviction, that without any doubt it shall be so.

  4. But if you pray the Lord for Him to do so - are you in your conviction with no doubt not then contradicting that which is written in the Scriptures?  Wherefore that prayer could not possibly be awarded you!  In this case you would be asking Him to do for you what is in His will alone, and not of any conclusion in your will.

  5. Did not our Lord in the very first part of the prayer that He taught us say; "Thy will be done."? Who then are we to enforce our will upon God?  If indeed the Holy Spirit dwells with you, you will pray after His will rather than your own.

  6. Suppose that the Father would have granted His Son our Lord, His request, that the cup for Him might pass for Him.  If so He would not have died upon the cross, nor would there then have been a salvation for us.  But in anguish the Lord spoke, and to confute the devil He said to His Father, "I am sorrowful unto death."

  7. What then are we to say about all these prayer meetings that these many factions have , to pray this, and to pray that, and everything is always prayer to them, as if there is nothing else for a Christian but to pray and pray, and pray some more with none of it ever heard by God.

  8. It is no more than a ritual to them, and a sin in them, to ask anything of God when along with it they mock Him in His statutes.  Is not prayer nothing more than simply asking for something?  And is that what we do to our wives and children all day long to ask them something, is there nothing else?

  9. We would do better to mend our ways, and see that there is no unrighteousness in us, plain or hidden, and then if there be something we wish done for us, then pray.   When you are sitting in a noise restaurant to eat, will you pray - as for the meal, with all that noise around you?  

  10. Is not prayer a solemn speaking to God, and will you be able to concentrate in such an environment, that you are truly speaking with full respect, your thoughts directed to Him only?

  11. I confess that I am unable to do so, nor is my gratitude for the Lord in the food that He grants me waned or forgotten, but in a peaceful place, and proper time I direct my spirit to His Spirit in full gratitude.  In full serenity I approach Him to thank Him and or ask of Him as it may be needful of me. 

  12. Or what is the reason my beloved that in prayer we close our eyes and fold our hands, if not to direct ourselves in our spirit to His spirit in a solemn and respectful way?  How then when you are among the wicked, with their foul speech in your ears does one pray?  

  13. Why was it that the Lord said; "Hide yourself in an inner room, and close the door, so you may pray in secret, and the Lord who hears in secret will reward you."  Heed therefore my word and understand the same, lest your prayers be counted against you.


  1. How very foolish now these children of the earth are, how indeed they are without knowledge and without understanding, and allow me to quote a bit of it so that you may see the great difference between their objects of worship, and that which we have received in the love of Christ Jesus. Quote:

  2. "The Lord said to Moses; Speak to the Israelites and say to them. Throughout the generations to come you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel.  You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them, and not prostitute yourselves by going after the lust of your own heart and eyes."

  3. To thus place these words of the Lord in their Spiritual way it reads; "You shall keep in your heart all the commands of the Lord so that you may obey them, and not ignore them to perform your own lusts."

  4. Man concerns himself more with himself than to have a true love of righteousness for, which reason God commanded them these outward tokens for reminders.  And how utterly poor indeed for mankind to have to be reminded by such tokens, the same being a necessity for some is rather an insult to any righteous soul.

  5. I of course am speaking from a righteous Spirit that dwells with me. And now days, Christ Jesus having come, if that Spirit is not with a man he is as yet bound under the law, with Christ unknown to him.

  6. How poor therefore these brainless wonders are to still dress themselves on the outside, and having to look at tokens whereby to be reminded of the law, when in fact the law should have ceased for them into a desire, that is to say; a Spiritual desire.

  7. And so the Lord said to them; "Woe to you vipers-brood,  for you cleanse the outside of the cup but inside you are full of extortion and vileness, why do you not first clean the inside you blind ones."  

  8. And: "How they were like whitewashed tomb's, pretty on the outside but full of dead-man's bones on the inside."

  9. A tassel is a bundle of loose strings tied at one end, like one uses for recognition on his suitcase at the airport, and that fastened upon a person, as in allegory that we are to bind His laws upon our heart to perform them, and not to forget them.  

  10. As then Christ Jesus came to do away with the foreshadowing, and bring the allegory into reality, it would not only be stupid to still dress themselves with these tassels, but be no more than an idol upon us

  11. As indeed claiming oneself to be of Christ and to also wear these tassels is sacrilege, it is idolatry, it is hypocrisy, and a denial of the Christ for all that He is and came for.

  12. Then hear what that vipers-brood make of it with their outrageous lies, and deception, and note how these are not the usual Jews, but so called Messianic Jews, quote: "It was these tassels on the garment of Jesus which healed the woman with the issue of blood."  

  13. Why do you my beloved think I said "vipers-brood, hypocrites" here?  Because in these words they are making such a great mockery of Yeshua as can not be pronounced.  Christ Jesus was God, and should He Himself have to be reminded of His own law by such silly tassels?

  14. Shall Christ Jesus himself lean on a law, an outward appearance while in no uncertain terms he cursed those that merely decorate their outward appearance, like in freshly painted white tombs but being full of death within?   

  15. They are indeed a stench in my nostrils these so called Messianic Jews to breathe such filth and such lies about the Christ we love.  These are most repugnant, and anyone that even comes near them will stink along with them. If anyone greets them let him perish along with them. And if you will shake hands with them, know that you have been bitten by death.

  16. And while it is an abomination to me to even recite their filth, I am left no choice but to air it so that these may be known for the filth that they represent, to the end that you my beloved may stay far away from them, and not greet them, nor shake hands with them nor allow them into your dwellings lest you perish with them.

  17. One more of their lies I will quote to you, so you may know them well to abstain from them, quote: "It was actually also Paul's prayer shawls and garments with tassels on, which healed and delivered the people in Ephesus as described in Acts 19:11-12, Paul was not a maker of tents, but of prayer shawls."

  18. O how these servants of Satan love to twist the word of God and of His Apostles. I do not need to pronounce what is the truth here, since their lies are obvious.  Paul was an Apostle of Christ, and not a vile hypocrite so as these make Paul out to be in the making of accursed prayer-shawls.  

  19. Paul prayed by the Holy Spirit within Him, not by a stupid piece of cloth. Paul himself said how he, and we, "Place no confidence in the flesh."  Nor therefore did he have prayers shawls, nor any such idol. Nor did he make any, for by it Paul would not only have shown himself a hypocrite but worse than any hypocrite.

  20. I now say to you that; when any man, Jew or otherwise - put on a prayer-shawl, it is blasphemy against God, he is renouncing God for a devil.  And for that very same blasphemy God gave millions of Jews into the hands of their enemies so that these might be butchered and put under the earth. Barely a just reward for all of them.

  21. These hypocrites now would like to see ten Gentiles take hold of the tassels of one Jew, to say, "Let us go with you." There is a slight problem for them here, since in that day, even if there be ten Gentiles, there is no Jew with tassels to take a hold of, since these will all be dead.

  22. This is to say,  that particular Jew will be dead, nor will any Gentile be so stupid as to grab a hold of that which came to be their demise, for which the Lord exterminated nearly the entire world population.  At that time the remaining Gentiles will be wiser.

  23. If now indeed these were Jews having a desire in Yeshua, and unlearned in the law as they obviously are, and not willing to hear of a Gentile, why not pay heed to what one of their own, Barnabas said, in order to become educated in the Torah.  But if they refuse, they are casting from them the wisdom to become wise.


  1. I was going to expand upon that which is to pass in the latter days, the demise of the Gentiles and salvation of Israel. First of all there will be as prophesied - God's plagues upon the world, upon the "greater Egypt" as it was upon the Egypt in which the former Israelites were under bondage.  And as prophesied, the Lord would bring a famine upon the world, not one of food or drink, but of the hearing of the word of God.  

  2. And that word of the Lord is in direct contradiction of what these hypocrites here have in mind, for their hidden hope is to destroy all of Israel for its deliverance.  They are not mentioning that of course, otherwise their converts would walk away from them.  No of course not, they must have their facade, or how else are they to ruin Israel.  

  3. You see my dearly beloved I know what is in their hearts, what they hide within it, since the Spirit of the Lord knows all the hidden things of man, and He so revealed the same to me, and to you, that we may be aware of them, to know the real truth.

  4. Make no mistake about it my dearly beloved, these are led by their own master, by the wicked spirits, by the father of the lie, even if they themselves in their flesh do not realize that they are so taken in by their evil master. 

  5. "When I come will I then find faith?" So the Lord spoke knowing that in that day faith would be very little, and of few persons, as of course He Himself prophesied by the prophet Ezra saying:  "Concerning the tokens then behold; the days shall come that they that dwell upon the earth shall be taken in great number, and the way of truth shall be hidden, and the land shall be barren of faith."

  6. And it was even said of the same prophet:  "One land shall ask another; "Is righteousness that makes a man righteous gone through you?"  And it shall answer: No!  At the same time men shall hope but obtain nothing, they shall labor but their ways shall not prosper."

  7. I know O my beloved, that you will be but a few among the many, even to the very day of His coming. For if you look and see how the faithful may number in the thousands, what are a few thousands in relation to six billion, that is six hundred thousand thousands that are unfaithful. We therefore will be a very small minority.

  8. And now that you have seen what the Lord proclaimed for the ending days, look how the devil in his helpers come to boast himself in direct opposition to the word of God, as they said: 

  9. "There is a growing hunger and thirst today among the nations to know the ways and teachings of God described in His Torah, as it is written, the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law."  Are not these therefore speaking directly contrary to God's word?

  10. As now there will be pestilence, and the sword and much destruction of the rulers and them that obey them, as in part it is written: "For like as you did to my chosen, says the Lord, even so will God do unto you, and shall deliver you into trouble.  

  11. Your children shall die of hunger, and you shall fall by the sword, your cities shall be broken down, and all your people in the open country shall perish by the sword.  

  12. They that are in the mountains shall die of hunger, and eat their own flesh, and drink of their own blood for the very hunger of food, and for thirst of water."

  13. So there will yet be an invading of you O Israel, in which ten of thousands will be killed, and half the inhabitants of Jerusalem will be exiled, as I spoke of in another page.  All these things and more will be done before the final day of the Lord.  

  14. That which is written where it states that the land of Israel will be protected, is for a specific period.  But I will not be with you to the end, since I too must be once offered.

  15. Then to speak of the final day when as it is written the Lord will come with tens of millions of His holy ones to execute His vengeance upon the earth, this will be upon Jew as upon Gentile, and it will be in this way, He will come with His great army from pole to pole and from east to west to execute His decree in a single day.

  16. And to use an example, let us take the city of New York with its eight million persons, Jew and Gentile. When the army of the Lord has passed it, be glad if of those many only a tenth remain in it. That means that of the total, only eight hundred thousand are still alive. And these will be the full number of both Jews and Gentiles.  

  17. If then you say, but 800.000 is still a lot of people, but when you come to compare these with seven million two hundred thousand, that is 7.200.000 dead bodies, how shall those that remain be of any great quantity?

  18. If then there were two hundred thousand Jews among the eight million inhabitants, and of them also but a tenth remained, it means that the Lord has exterminated  180.000 of your countryman, leaving but 20.000 alive.   

  19. And who now is going to bury all these many bodies, or that, which the vultures and wild animals left of them?  Will you bury those of your own, everyone of you to bury ten bodies of your own countryman? 

  20. Not so likely, because both you and the Gentiles that remain will have heard how the Lord is calling you that remain home, and you will want to come home, even as those remaining Gentiles will insist upon you going home, and themselves carry you home, planeload after planeload.  

  21. And these remaining Gentiles will bury the bodies of your dead countryman, for it will, as recorded,  take up to seven years in order cleanse the land of the last remaining bones.

  22. But how did that great army of the Lord come to kill so many in such a short period of time, and leaving some alive?  Those which are left of the Gentiles are those of whom the Lord said, "For the meek to inherit the earth."   And for the Jews that were left alive it are those of whom the Lord said, "Whose names are written in for life in Jerusalem."

  23. Those many holy ones of the Lord, are all of one Spirit, of His Holy Messiah, and these know which of the Gentiles, and which of the Jews are to be killed or spared for life to continue.  And how will these holy ones with Christ at their Head before them take to execute His vengeance?  These, as recorded in the Scriptures, will turn every man against his neighbor. 

  24. These holy ones will not have implements of war, but in Spirit they will execute the decree.  Parents will be set against their children to kill them and children will kill their parents, friends against friends and neighbors against neighbor. And even if in their heart they do not wish to kill they will be unable to hold back their hands from killing everyone around them.

  25. The same will be upon all these, even  as the Lord ordered His angels to do so unto the giants that were upon the earth before the great flood in which only Noah and his household was saved. God's angels turned these giants one against the other, till not a single one of them was left alive.  

  26. And so it will be in that day, for the Lord determined to root out all the wicked in the earth, those of the Gentiles, and also those of the Jews whom He termed to be rebels, like for example these wicked so called Messianic Jews here which we counter-acted. and those many others that in their congregations have made a pig style of their synagogues, or a den of robbers as one might say.

  27. And now let us take another example, let us take Germany for example with its eighty two million inhabitants, if that many will as yet be alive after all the plagues to come before it, since 40 million may already have perished. And so let us assume no Jews among them.  

  28. How will  some four million Germans come to bury the bodies of the thirty six million additionally to the 40 million already dead? Of the 82 million a mere 4 million to be left alive, so that these may come to lick the dust from the shoes of the sons of Zion.

  29. Yet these will not all have the opportunity to bury their dead, since it was spoken of the Lord that: "If even a tenth remain in it, it will be burned again." For then the Israelites from all over having come home, and the Lord enthroned with Israel, judgment is at hand.

  30. The judgment upon the great of the earth and the false prophets, to be cast into the outer dungeon, with the bulk of all the people, Jew and Gentile not coming back to life until the thousand years of the Sabbath are ended.

  31. This then will be the judgment for those Gentiles left alive upon the earth: "Every nation that has known Israel in abuse upon them will as yet be punished even in that mere tenth remaining of them."  The Lord the Messiah will hand a sword to the sons of Israel in that day, and they will go forth and strike those nations, having no mercy upon their cries for mercy.

  32. Thus they will come upon that tenth that as yet remains in Germany, and the Israelites will make a great slaughter of them so that not even a tenth may remain of them, which goes for not only the Germans but for every nation that oppressed the Jews.

  33. Day in, day out these people will tremble and fear if they will see the sun again, when their time has come for the sons of Israel to slay them for their abuse upon them.  And how many of these Germans will then be left O my dear ones?  Will it be a mere 2 million of the 82 million?

  34. Their Hitler did not do them any good, not in their forefather nor in their children, or children's children.  For here again, what is a mere thousand persons left in a city as Berlin?  It will indeed appear more like a ghost town, or more correctly; a ghost town in ruins.

  35. The remaining ones, however few, these will then be as the meek in the earth. and the sword in Israel will be put away, and not again used. And Israel will multiply, in which each and everyone of them will be righteous.


  1. My wife said to me; "Why are you so sad today?" To which I did not answer her. It was however for the fact that I discovered how so many of the Messianic organizations are no different from the Gentiles in their denominations, to as the Lord said: "Worship Him in vain.

  2. Then I recalled:  "Behold; the days shall come that they that dwell upon the earth shall be taken in great number, and the way of truth shall be hidden, and the land shall be barren of faith.  

  3. But then again: "And he opened their eyes, and they did see, their eyes being opened. And he cried aloud to the sheep, and all the rams seeing him ran unto him. "

  4. I therefore have not lost hope.  But what is the sum of all this wherein these many worship in vain?  Of the Gentiles it was said: "When you see the Gentiles worship a piece of wood know that the end is near."  

  5. And what does it entail to say "wood?" It simply means these have their church for a god, or Christianity without the Christ for their God,  the cross itself having become their worship instead of Him that died upon it.

  6. The Lord Himself put it quite simple as He said; "Not these that say Lord Lord, but that keep My commandments." These Gentiles then for a certainty are not keeping His commandments. They do not love their neighbor as one ought to in the Spirit of Christ, and their respect for God is completely zilts, let alone that there should be any love towards God within them.

  7. Their priest glorify themselves in the people rather than in God, and lord over them instead of being the servant, and they even install women as the head of Christ, making a complete mockery of His dignity. 

  8. All of them, man, women and priests raise themselves to a seat that does not befit them even as the devil attempted to do, and God cast him out of the high heavens.  What then do you think God will do with these beasts in the race of man?

  9. As then I held hope for the Jews in their Messianic congregation, these showed themselves not to be any different, but are still doing that which the Lord said these would be doing, namely; "Following the Gentiles in their defilement."  

  10. These have taken the name of Christ upon themselves, but at the same time rely themselves upon the law, and upon that enclosure of the law, the wooden box in which it was enclosed.

  11. One might say, these Messianic Jews also worship nothing other than a piece of wood, in the ignorance and hardness of their heart, making of themselves a copy to the Gentiles.  Some of these have gone so far as also install women, in the place that can only be taken in by a man, the male of the body.  

  12. And so these are speaking to their congregation with their ass-end instead of with the mouth. How filthy indeed, and how then should these complain when I rightfully classify them as pig-styles?

  13. When I look at a Gentile congregation I am nearly to vomit to behold all of them sitting stark naked, as beasts without a grain of shame within them. And now among these Jews that claim to have accepted Jesus how are these any better in their nakedness, with no shame upon them, uncovering their rear-end to the congregation, and talking to them like farting.

  14. And so I must concede to the Lord how in the day of today they would be taken in great number, with faith none existent, excepting perhaps a plant here and there, like as it is in a barren landscape.  

  15. Yet I rejoice in this that with my coming, when He sends me forth with His Spirit, there will be some eyes opened, lest I should despair myself of the entire human race.

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