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          1:  White men and Indians in movie and plays.

 It is the white man who wins time and again.

And what is there left but shame for those,

That are now few, the American Indians.

2:  And why not white saints triumphing over

What in vain was recorded, as the pagan name?

The white man came storming across the American plains,

hearts fully convinced they were the righteous,

Having Gods right to transgress on lands as they saw fit.

3:  Not a moment would their hearts concede,

That they were not Christian, but only in name.

We carry the Word, paper and ink,

We read and acclaim, this is enough.

We are the judges, we the just, and they not human at all.

4:  Hear O you white men, forefathers and all.

Show me the sins of the Indians.

Thus will I show two of yours.

By what right did you assume their lives on their grounds.

Or to enforce your ill precepts upon them?

Were they not Gods creatures?

Did He not fashion their forms with great care?

5:  He gave them zeal to roam the wild country,

And to dwell there in tents.

He fashioned their mouths wherewith they brought praises.

The Lord regards both small and great,

Such as He taught much, and such as He taught little.

Why did you shatter their dreams?

By what right did you slay their children and ravished their wives?

6:  It is the place of the righteous to execute judgment,

For they take mercy to mind, keeping compassion with justice.

You white men who went forth had sinned, and not little,

You yourselves were full of sin, more than those you slew.

7:  You had gold for your god,

Defiling virgins you worshipped.

You took ignorance for strength,

And blasphemy as your right to slay them.

8:  This is the heritage of men in white skin.

Whitewash the past,

Let not our children be taught all of the truth.

Let us extol in grandeur, hide what is not becoming,

Let us bury it deep, for they that knew, are but few.

9:  Nothing however is hid,

What of long ago was buried will again be brought to light.

The earth will reveal the blood it has drunk,

The Lord will open the earth

To reveal what is in the way of man.

10:  These now, which are left, are but few,

whose words I shall quote.

They came from the east, when they arrived.

Then Christianity also began.

11:  The fulfillment of prophecy is ascribed to the east

Then with the true God, the true Dios,

came the beginning of our misery.

It was the beginning of tribute.

The beginning of church dues.

12:  The beginning of strife with purse snatching.

The beginning of strife with blow guns.

The beginning of strife by trampling on people.

The beginning of robbery with violence.

13:  The beginning of forced debts.

The beginning of debts enforced by false testimony.

The beginning of individual strife.

A beginning of vexation.

(Maya. from; in the trail of the wind.)

14:  How hard is your heart O you white skins?

How cruel your religion?

Strife was your god, robbery your master.

With fatherly words you speak to your children,

From their cheeks you wipe their tears.

But they also had feelings, children they loved,

15:  For whom they labored that they might inherit their stead.

They also were creatures having one Father with you,

They too had emotions by which tears fall.

They also loved life, days to fulfill in the sun.

They loved peaceful habitations.

And to exercise hunts.

16:  Shame on you white men in white skin.

They were vain to offer their flesh to their gods, so you acclaim.

Moreover, they had gold, so you learned.

And thus unto their idol you offered their blood,

17:  A hundred for one, and a thousand for none.

They here human, from among them

Were those who honored the One true God,

Which you knew of but reviled in their blood.

18:  Creator, Thou who dwell at the end of the earth unrivaled.

Thou who gave being and power to men, saying;

Let this be man, and to woman saying, let this be woman.

So saying Thou made them, shaped them, gave them being.

These Thou created, watch over them.

Let them be safe and well, Unharmed, living in peace.

19:  Where art Thou?

Up in the sky, or down below? In clouds, in storms.?

Hear me, answer me, acknowledge me,

Give us eternal life.

Hold us forever within Thy hand.

Receive this offering, wherever Thou art Creator.

(Inca, recorded app. 1575)

20:  They were little or not taught,

Yet they knew Him, They will be heard.

And what of you white men, who said you knew,

But do you know when it is said;

These are Inca, and Maya, or the Crow?

Your reply; What are these to me,

What do I care. I live to myself,

And for what I can take now.

21:  I give you to wit, that they of this prayer,

in their smallness shall enter in joy

And be greater than you.

Look back and consider,

they who received the word of their God,

Made a calf of gold, and worshipped it.

They prayed to something made of human hands,

Something dead and very dumb.

You are no better since you worship gold

And the sword, and rights which are not your own.

22:  While such as had not heard, hear what they said:

Perchance do we truly live on earth?

Not forever on earth, but briefly here.

Be it jade, it too will be broken.

Be it gold, it too will be melted.

And even the plume of the quetzal decays.

Nor forever on earth, but briefly here.


23:  He will be found by them that seek Him in truth

And in uprightness of heart.

Learned or not learned, to reverence the Lord

The Creator, in wisdom and learning aright.

Even these who were ignorant.

Unto whom no-one spoke, were His creation,

Children He fashioned.

His eye beholds all that He has formed,

so none may be lost

24:  Had He not loved all that He formed,

How would they have been made?

They were like children, unto yourselves,

With joys and with grieve ensuing compassion and anger forthwith.

They are beloved, for even these are my children, in love and by gift.

25:  Take now their sins

placing them in the balance with yours.

They worshipped the gold of the sun,

You the gold of their metal.

Their priests led them in vain,

while you still have your popes,

And you're un-Christian titles.

26:  They knew not God in His statutes by letter or word,

While you ignore them still.

To be just, and not to take life, and one man to a wife,

was clear unto all, red-skins, white skins,

yellow or black long before it was written

In stone, or upon pages of white.

27:  See then and behold the scales burdened with wrongs,

Whereto they tip the heavy end down.

How may I ask will its base support such a load?

How is history written, how are we taught?

28:  Of Indians it is said; they built temples, offered to idols,

But is this all that they did? Where is the rest

Of Europeans, there were kings and wars, strong castles

And rumors of beasts fighting for words, and taxes galore.

But is that all there is? Where is the rest?

29:  Ah but here are days of more current events,

Gentiles are listed, chambers of gas and much pain,

with glorious rites of victories and losses,

With bravery of men, and the mass of their means.

30:  Then there is the Bible listing historic events.

And as I heard; speak not of these things,

they recount war upon war, cruelties of men,

Of promise, of death, it is a horrible book.

31:  But our own heritage, we desire our kings,

And our glories, and war by occasion, these I enjoy.

Tell us history yes, but as we wish to hear.

Tell us of God, but what tickles our ears.

And as for the truth, let us not judge.

Such indeed is the folly of men.

32:  The Bible states history of Jews and before.

It recounts truth,

But find now the truth among these others,

And what they did to each other.

Ask them of men being set unto stakes, and not a few,

And how many more cruelties I care not mention?

Of Romans we know, its record near to the truth.

33:  And closer to home are our Indian friends.

A Bible in Greek: Read it! So it is said, and be whole!

But what is a book, or these scribbles thereon?

It serves not for meat like Buffalo's do.

What is this white man's trick?

Let it fall to the ground, give me something of need.

34:  Blasphemy! So the white one's acclaim.

They let it fall to the ground, to hell with them all.

White hands turn red with blood.

Women and children beg mercy in vain.

In vile anger and with devilish gleam.

they yet dared to acclaim;

In Christ we shall live.

35:  The Truth will be spoken,

there is no place it may be hid.

All deeds shall account to their master from eons till now,

And tomorrow as well till justice succeed.

36:  And now that I have blackened

the white man, and defended the few,

there is evil and good in all to be found,

One as well as the other.

Give place to the truth, pleasant or not.

(After the day of judgment)

37: A great company of white men begging for mercy.

The place is the mouth of hell, from where they can beg.

There without mercy I will break all their bones.

And wills they return their bones having healed.

I will break them again, having no mercy.

All because you had no mercy therefore you will have none.

38: While those Indians which you slaughtered in your ill will

These will come to rejoice in my kingdom.

And curse you for your hart heart O you white men.

"Give place to the truth", so I said.

But you are bend on hiding the truth.

Therefore no mercy for you O you of white skins.


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