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  1.   Not out of wisdom shall one question the authority of the books of the Holy Scriptures. Unto whom the Scriptures are life, they know its authority, and unto those who do not know it, they are judgment.

  2. It no doubt will be said of me that I teach not only from the Holy Scriptures, but also from the hidden books, such as many people and teachers do not hold authentic, or qualified to serve as documents from which to teach. And indeed there are quite a number, which fit that resolution, but listed among them are such that do not fit that resolution.

  3. At the question then why I teach from books in addition to those listed as the canons. My answer is: I teach from "all" the Scriptures, those hidden, and those not hidden. From those, which Abraham and Moses had as the Bible in their days, as well as the books, which Moses was given to write as well, all that came afterwards unto the apostles, and of their disciples that are in agreement with the holy Scriptures. 

  4. Like Paul also said to Timothy; "All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work."

  5. I therefore am one of whom the Lord spoke saying: "So then, every teacher that is well instructed in the kingdom of heaven, brings forth from his treasure both what is old, and what is new."

  6.   All Scripture is by the inspiration of God, in whatever way the Lord choose to grant them that inspiration. And all Scripture serves to teach Godliness and to bring knowledge to man. Not all of the many books of the Scriptures are however held with the same esteem, as with the same rating. The law and the covenant rank high, as do the prophets and the gospel, in addition to which there are historical records.

  7. But find me now such historical records in which in one way or another the law is not taught, or that shall not serve to bring the knowledge of God unto man. Wherefore there is gold to be found in these books as well, and they serve to teach us, and bring us to the knowledge of God. This is with the exception of such records as are obviously false, or teach contrary to the law.

  8. The Canons, as they are known among the Gentiles, in their whole volume are not the only Scriptures written or available. But "they are" the Scriptures to the world. The other books, usually called the hidden" books (Apocrypha), are not for the world, nor were they meant for the world, but rather for the eyes of the wise only.

  9. It is therefore that to this day by the design of God they have remained hidden from the world. They were in use with Israel all the way up unto the Apostles, and even in Israel in these days not all of them were for all the people, but some for the eyes of the wise only.

  10. Then when the Gentiles were given the Gospel, the main copy of the books of Israel, namely the historical books, the books of Moses, and the prophets, came along with them from which at long end the Canons came as they currently are. 

  11. These Scriptures of old then, as well as books of wisdom, and the other prophets, even though they were hidden by design, it was not so designed that they should be totally hidden, nor that they should remain hidden for all time.

  12.   But the Lord had foretold as early as Enoch that his writings, the very first Scriptures which God had given him to write, would again be heard and circulated among the people, to (as we might say) be used as Scripture, as teaching, and to teach from.

  13. The Lord had not deemed the Gentiles worthy for all such instruction, for even though in the beginning they accepted the gift, taken from Israel and given to them with much joy, they soon became puffed up in themselves. And in all respects were not better than Israel who had lost it to them for the same deceitful pride.

  14. But now the end of the days of the Gentiles has arrived, and the new beginning for Israel, which also calls for a recapture of these old Scripture. And all that was hidden, and retained for the eyes of the wise only - must now again be brought forth, and placed upon the table.

  15. This is so because all of Israel is to be wise, and many among the Gentles also will take up wisdom in the days that are now mere hours away from becoming reality, the new millennium, the age of the Lord. 

  16. This as we know is also called, "the thousand year reign", which some German commanders thought to secure for themselves. But it belongs to Israel, the very ones they attempted to exterminate, since they were the true inheritors.

  17.   I now composed all these remaining Scriptures, but when I started to do so it was not with the idea as I have now explained, but rather for myself more than for any other reason did I compose these into a volume. I had grown tired of having to dig through the grime of the trash-heap of the scribes to find the gold of the Lord hidden among it. 

  18. Wherefore I removed the gold, and cleansed it from their grime, and said to myself: Now I have these treasures with me on a clean plate, and no longer will I have to dig through their disgusting grime to capture what I wish to retain or refer upon.

  19. But after a while I began to feel sorry and guilty for all those who might also wish to enrich themselves with these treasures, and they would have to perform the same disgusting thing that I had to do before I secured them. It was then that I went through the mountainous work to compose the volume I called, "The Remaining Books of the Holy Scriptures".

  20. It was also then that I came to understand, and realize what had happen to me and why, in the words of the Lord as He spoke saying: "Behold, from their seed, much afterwards, shall arise another generation (today's), but of them many will be very insatiable. 

  21. And He (Jesus) who raises that generation, shall reveal to them the books of your handwriting of your fathers, to him (me) to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world.

  22. To the faithful men, and workers of my pleasure who do not acknowledge my name in vain. And they having heard shall tell another generation. And those others having read, shall thereafter be glorified more than the first."

  23. I was to reveal to Israel the writings of Enoch again, and so it has come to pass. The guardianship of the world now is no small order. But I am not alone, but rather those with me are out of number. And those coming after me will rejoice in what I was given to perform.

  24. The irony of so many that refuse to hear anything other than from the canons, for so they reason: "There may be falsehood in them."  What irony indeed; the canons as they say / all of which has been falsified by them and their colleagues.

  25. It is upon such that they trust, upon their own falsehood, while they look at anything of a truth outside of the canons as not authentic.   These bird-brains ought for once in their life look into a mirror to behold that which is not authentic.


  1.   In regards to the various documents that are found in the Apocrypha, and the Pseudepigrapha and still others, there is no mere right or left. I cannot pronounce to you that these are a-okay, while others are zero and out, since every measure in between is also found.

  2. There is a document called, "The testament of Abraham". And two others named after Isaac and Jacob, which were not written at their request, nor are they testaments as such. The one on Abraham is by a writer recording knowledge that was handed down through the ages, and additions as well as manipulations have been made. 

  3. And while the certainty of these events may be in question, they may nonetheless be for reading of the wise only, those who know how to obtain education in Godliness from whatever they read.

  4. The other two after Isaac, and Jacob, are obviously copied after the one on Abraham, and are not at all testaments. The fact that the writer is making an untrue rendition becomes immediately clear where he starts out saying: "In the name of the Father The Son and the Holy Ghost, the one God." For this places the writer after Christ and unfamiliar to the rendering of a testament such as it presupposes.

  5. Then, after this the writer convicts himself of idolatry as he writes. "May the blessings of his (Isaac) intercession be with us and protect us from the temptations of the enemy". He acknowledges having knowledge of the Son of God, and yet he plays mockery with Christ by seeking intercession of a man.

  6. For another example, there is a document called: The apocalypse of Daniel, which Daniel never wrote nor mentioned, but clearly a heretic wrote these relating to his own past and present as if they were a prophecy of long ago. There is also a treatise of Shem, which is nothing more than idolatry, the kind that the evil watchers taught the children of men before the flood.

  7.   There are brain-surgeons that have the gall to say that the testaments of the twelve sons of Jacob were simply dreamed up by a Pharisee. The testaments themselves prove different however, and we ought to know better than to pay heed to scribes and Pharisees, old or modern, for they like nothing better than to twist the word of God to suit their evil desires.

  8. The document called; four Maccabees, relating the victory of the mother and her seven sons, and the aged Eleazar, is held by many as too cruel to be read. But what these pagans did is no different from what the Gentiles have been doing throughout all their years, and today is no different. 

  9. This book in all its aspect rewards us with a rich treasure in how the law may be kept, reason in wisdom overcoming the passions.

  10. The author of a document called Paul and Thecla himself concedes that there is nothing true of his story. How or why then the scribes even inserted that among their documents, only they can answer. Another document called, The "Shepherd of Hermas", is a rendering of the church, and in three parts. 

  11. My commend on these might be to say, that if these were read in the churches, instead of the empty sermons which the hirelings preach, it might avail to some teaching for them. For preachers, like politicians, can raffle on for hours, and yet never speak a word.

  12.   There are documents called The Sibylline Oracles. And what is typical for this poor female is that they are like the words of Elihu, that fourth person which came to visit Job in his fallen state. This woman calls herself a prophetess but at a multitude of places she fails to prove herself. 

  13. Devils always seem to think that they can hide behind deceptive words. But they are wrong, and much less shall they be able to hide behind a woman's skirt. They may conceive to be crafty and cunning, but not cunning enough.

  14. The beast is deceptive, he uses the disguise of Godly speech in order to gain his evil intend, also evident of Elihu. Those then, which are ignorant, fall for the deception, but God gives knowledge to those who put their trust in Him so they may see through the facade. 

  15. At one place she states that Christ in his judgment will destroy all the Hebrews after Jeremiah, which of course is nonsense, seeing how Christ Himself was a Jew after Jeremiah.

  16. I gather she being in Babylon, she did not have much love for the Jews, they having been brought there in exile. And she proclaims another lie saying that the devil when he comes, as the anti-Christ will raise the dead. For this is the one thing he shall not be able to perform. 

  17. And she speaks of the end of the world as if a woman is to rule. But what is worse is the ignorance of the scholars to interpret her words into Cleopatra.

  18. This Sybil is however very concerned about some wise men in the earth, how she will be put in the wrong by them, and she goes out of her way on that account. Just where she got that idea, I know not, but they are not unfounded.

  19. I feel a certain pain for this woman, and a love for her as a woman, and I grieve for her that she been caught in this web of deceit, she seems so educated, so spirited, and lovable. And I am convinced that she firmly believed the folly which she spoke. O how I despise the devil for destroying the children of men in this fashion.

  20.   The word of God is not the only word that is in print in the world, the servants of the devil have also been busy writing documents, and preferably under the disguise as were they of God. But it would seem that each should make their own cover, and how then did the good books of the Lord come to be mixed in along with so many corrupt ones?

  21. The answer to this may be found with the scholars who as servants of the corrupter, attempt to make their documents seem worthy of acceptance, if not in the highest form, at least in what is next to it. And seeing the Lord had withheld the books "for the wise only" from the canons, they availed themselves upon that opportunity to ensure concealment, if even from the wise.

  22. Of the documents, which I undertook to compose under a single cover, the major ones are the five books of Enoch, which was the Bible up unto Moses, at which time the writings of Moses took precedence. 

  23. From there the books of Moses and of Enoch continued together while history after history was added, and the prophets were added unto the days of the Apostles when the gospel came to be written.

  24. Of the books of the prophets then, the Lord had given orders that some were not for all the people, but only for those whose heart could comprehend these things, since so He said: "In them was the fountain of wisdom."

  25. These are the prophecies of Baruch and of Esdras, and another of Isaiah. Then there are the books of wisdom, Ecclesiastics, and the Wisdom of Solomon. And many others of historical events of both before and after the time of the days when the Lord in the flesh walked upon the earth.


"The beginning of wisdom is, Get wisdom.

And whatever you get, get insight."

  1. I have heard of a movement to prepare for what some conceive as "the exodus of Israel". But they are quite in error who see the sons of God as escapees. I know that many long to see those which are oppressed in some countries to be released, that voices will be heard; "Let My people go," and that that will trigger a worldwide exodus, to bring about the exodus of the Lord.

  2. But the creature may not hasten over his Creator. For it will not be so. There are many false prophets, who give false hopes, with false visions, wherefore I thought to write on this heading, "To test the spirits".  For one thing the voice in prayer of those to remain of Israel in that time will be like a whisper coming from the dust of the earth.

  3. "Test the spirits." So John said, see if they are of God. The first words then that I wrote were "the means" by which to test the spirits. Judge, so you may not be judged, for with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged. Or have I got this wrong perhaps, that it should be, judge `not that you be not judged?

  4. Both are correct, since if you do not judge what is correct, you are making a false judgment, and, you will fall to the judgment, for is not "silence" judging as well? He who turns his eye, having seen a thief or a murderer commit his crime, with the thought of - "not to judge, so as not to be judged;" in which case you will most certainly be judged as an assessor to his crime.

  5. Many do not wish to be judged in particular the preachers and evangelists, since they work contrary to the word of God, and Gods word judges them. While then they bring the word of God, they do not wish the word of God to be quoted to them, because it condemns them.

  6.   This Billy Graham for example, thinks to have everyone brainwashed saying: "No one is able to judge me until many centuries are past". He wants to be long dead before anyone finds out how he corrupted them. That serpent never realized how all his hearers and converts will come to curse him day in day out, over and over.  

  7. He most certainly hates John to have said, "To test the spirits". His notion is; do not test me, otherwise my rattlers will become visible, or my fangs will be seen.   

  8. But what good would it be of the Lord to tell us to test the spirits, to see if they are indeed of God, if we are not allowed to test, or judge those who do the teaching? 

  9. Those who teach are foremost to be tested if in fact their word corresponds to the word of God. If these teachers knew the truth of the scriptures, they would know that all their kind have come at the edge of the abyss, and that it will be the Christ - whom they preach - that will hurl them down into the abyss.

  10. John said, to test the spirits, but almost everyone tries to tell us - "not" to test the spirits, not to judge anyone, for anything they do or do not do. We are not to judge anyone in anything they may believe or not believe, because, so as they say,

  11.  "We are not wise enough to judge, and to leave judgment to God." In other words, get away from me, I don't want to be convicted of my evil doings.   And with the words, to leave judgment to God, they mean; we can take care of ourselves, nobody is going to judge us.

  12. Since then they admitted that they are unable to judge, they shall hardly be of the elect of God, since these all are elected to judge the whole of the world.  Or like David said; "That the righteous know it perfectly."

  13. Moreover; these reason that there is freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, and everyone should respect everyone else their religion, and one denomination is as the other. Be it known therefore that anyone with this mind and rational will surely fall unto the fires of hell.

  14. It are however (by the word of God), the children of God who are to judge the world.  If thus these can not judge, or refuse to judge, how will these ever come to judge, to be among the children of God? 

  15. Thus we behold how, with all these and many other excuses, they have voided the word of God, so they may live with the name and the facade of Christ, but with none of the content thereof. 

  16. But why do we pay attention to their abstinence? Since it is "the world" that does not want to be reproved, and they having convicted themselves to be "of the world", what hope is there for them?

  17.   And they indeed do not judge, since they "are" judged. We on the other hand are not of this world, but strangers here, and we are their judges, for we are to judge the world, the whole world. For just as the Father has given judgment to the Son, the Son has given it to those who are His sons by the elect of the Father.

  18. If we are not to judge, not to test the spirits, then we shall not be the children of God, for unless we judge what is right from wrong, we cannot please God, nor enter in by the gates of faith and understanding. 

  19. When therefore those seeming to be Christians testify to you of the things which they judge right, and you judge them otherwise, judging them after the word of God, it is "not you" who are judging him who is seeming to be righteous, but "his own words" judge him.

  20. You see therefore, how in judging righteously, you do not judge, but the word, which you speak, judges. And the unjust words of those that are unjust, judges them, as our Lord also testified; "Not I judge you, but your own words have judged you. And, I have not come to judge the world; their own conviction judges them.

  21. The blind wander in the darkness of their dark spirit, wherefore they say: "The Bible says, the Bible says. Because they think to have life in the Scriptures, and know not the Spirit of light. They, being without eyesight, the light has no appearance, and they presume their darkness to be light. Or they say; I think, I think, since indeed they know nothing factual.

  22.   I now having come as a teacher, I say to you, before all else test me. Verify to yourself whether what I preach unto you is in fact the word of God. I am very much to be judged by you, to see whether this tree bears good fruit, or bad fruits, whether I speak the truth, or whether I speak lies to you.

  23. For the Lord again said. "Cursed is he who trusts in a man, who takes flesh for his arm." If I should teach you that there is no guilt in addressing the priests as rabbi or father, depart from me, for I would be poisoning you against God and His Christ. 

  24. But if I teach you, that there is guilt, and that the partakers thereof are cursed by the very Word of Christ forbidding them to do so, then stay with me, for the kingdom of heaven has come to you.

  25. Be not deceived by false prophets, by those, which have made it their profession to search the Scriptures, yet know not the Scriptures.

  26. When the Lord descends in His glory with His mighty angels and with the host of the righteous and elect, He will strike terror in the earth. Teeth will chatter, knees will knock together and they will beg the mountains to fall upon them to hide them from the face of the glorious One of Israel. 

  27. The court will stand in order, judgment will be executed. He will raise His voice to all nations; "Let my people go". And the nations will tremble at His word; they will shake, overcome by fear because of the sound of His voice.

  28.   Who shall not tremble when the Lord speaks? Strong men will be like feeble women. One will say to his fellow, let us not touch the chosen of the Lord, but let us plead with them for our lives. Let us go and bring gifts and ask for mercy, perhaps we will live. 

  29. For now that we know that His vengeance will come, and we are this day terrified of His presence in the earth, we are like dogs with our tails between our legs.

  30. In silence with trembling they await what He will speak, who will be cut down by His vengeance, and when.  With fear they await who will live and who will die. For the day of reckoning, that single day will take a week of years, and the nations will be those that are condemned who await the day of their execution.

  31. All those in hiding will be brought forth, and the sons of Israel will be like lions among sheep. And the sheep will deliver the lions with trembling hoping their lives will be spared. 

  32. They will go to bed at night wondering if they will yet see the sun again. At daybreak they will look to see if peradventure the vengeance may have passed.

  33. The silence is heavy; the terror of the Lord rests heavy upon them. They know that retribution is about to take place, and that there is no escape from His hand. The weak of heart faint for sheer fright alone, for the anguish of their heart.

  34. Then it will come, a sword will be given, and in that day the sons of God will laugh at their fears, and hear not their cries of mercy. For now they are quick to cry for mercy, while before they were ever so slow in considering mercy. As therefore they did to Jacob, so Jacob will do unto them.

  35.   These words now you can count on, for these things will come to pass; they are the word of the Lord. Take therefore warning at my rebuke. Wickedness is what brings a land to ruin. Touch a Jew and you will die. Harm the sons of God, and you had done better to hang yourself.

  36. The highways will overgrow with weeds for the lack of people to travel upon them. A person will look for a home for himself from a multitude of homes; he shall have his pick from any number, for the inhabitants thereof are no more.

  37. Why then are the nations so concerned regarding over-population? Soon there will not be sufficient hands to gather the fruit, nor to sow the land, and the fields will lay desolate and abandoned.

  38. As Egypt was left a land devoid of its strength, so will it be to the nations. And as in the days of Noah they would not believe him until the water in their inward parts convinced them differently, so they will neither believe me until they have come into their graves.


  1. The scribe of righteousness was born the seventh from Adam, and he was taken up to record all the deeds of men until the consummation of the age of men. He is witness to all man's deeds, and he testified to all men by writing the Scriptures, which are left in his name. 

  2. For the Lord made him the first lawgiver and scribe of righteousness. He is the first "river" which the Lord brought on earth. And with the last, he will testify at the time of judgment.

  3. And since all flesh is once to die, he is yet to return with Elijah both of whom will testify before God to the whole earth, and their days being completed, they will be killed.   And the men of the earth will act as though it were Christmas sending each other presents, rejoicing in their death.

  4. Since now Enoch was the first to write, his books are the oldest, and the first recorded Bible. In his days he testified to the children of the angels who had broken their vow and revealed themselves unto the children of man.  Enoch also recorded for all the generations of men the years in their progression, as well as how and by whom they are sustained. 

  5. He prophesied many things, those, which were to occur from his time to the very end of the days of the earth, and what was to be thereafter.

  6.   Enoch having written the words which he was given to record, left them with his son Methuselah, which then came down unto Noah and his family, as the only survivor of the flood.  And Noah receiving these handwritings composed them orderly in book-form and himself wrote part of what now are called the five books of Enoch.  

  7. After Noah and his son Shem, these Scriptures came unto Abraham, who studied them and came to know and understand them well. And they continued on to his son Isaac, to again Jacob.

  8. From Jacob, all his sons were instructed therein, and these Scriptures went along with them into Egypt, where they were kept by the heads of the family of Israel.   And Moses being born and educated in the Egyptian court preferred the teachings of his fathers and his people whom he loved more than the Egyptians that oppressed his people.   

  9. And at the age of forty, knowing he had been born to deliver Israel, and thinking that his time had come, instead he was bound to flee from the Egyptians, to return at the time and commandment of God another forty years later.

  10. These same Scriptures by Enoch then left with the people of Israel in their exodus, and remained with them - in use even as far as the time of the apostles after the resurrection of the Lord.   And no doubt these records are still with Israel, even as they have now for some time been with the Gentiles.

  11. And the two thousand years, as told by the prophets, in which the age of the Gentiles would be concluded, now having come at the doorstep of that conclusion.   Enoch prophesied that in that time, the Most High would effect a member of His righteous Son to point to him the guardianship of the world.   

  12. And that he shall be taught of the Lord, and again compose and introduce the handwritings of Enoch.   And that after him, and others with him, these would come to the generations after them, which shall rejoice in them, they being more glorified, and having all the Scripture for truth and great joy.

  13.   O my dearly beloved, I tell you, the Lord's wisdom and His purpose is so majestic, so far beyond the minds of man, that the sinners in all their complaints or justifications do not stand a syllable of a chance.  

  14. Each and every one of them will come to say that God is righteous and true, and merciful beyond measure, and just in judgment.  Is it not written that every tongue shall praise the Lord?  With that word "everyone" then, no one is left out.

  15. Why is it that the rains are withheld, if not to bring men to look to his Creator for help?   Let then these help themselves to the rain, who say that God helps those that help themselves.   Because for such an attitude the Lord refrains from helping them.  Are not earthquakes to remind man that he lives precariously? 

  16. And why are there sickness and disease's if not so men might seek Him who fashioned all things?  There is hardly anything worse than to deny God, to deny one's own Creator, a crime well worthy of death.

  17. Enoch did not reveal the foundations of the earth, nor were they given him to understand.  Solomon was given to understand the nature of many things, but while he knew, it was not given him to reveal these natures.  

  18. Nor to reveal the foundations of the earth, the time for the revelation thereof not yet having arrived, which was to be for another in his time, towards the end of times when the Lord would renew many things, and grant knowledge to be increased.

  19. The five books of Enoch are as follows:

    1. Of the watchers.

    2. The similitude's.

    3. The astronomical writings.

    4. The dream visions.

    5. The general epistle of Enoch.

  20. All these are under the single heading of "Enoch". Aside of this, there is another book called "2-Enoch," which may also be found under the heading of", the secrets of Enoch". This book relates how Enoch was taken up.  Much of what is in this book is duplicate, the same being recorded in the first five books.

  21. Originally, there was but one book inclusive with the writings of Noah under the single heading of Enoch.  All others are manipulations.  And such parts as may currently be found under Enoch 2 were originally part of the first.  And so it is obvious how much alteration was made to the original single book assembled by Noah.

  22. That which has survived the ages of the scribes of this second book in the name of Enoch, has seen so many alterations and additions, in such a degree that it is no longer of any real value.

  23. The enemies of us and of God, were however not satisfied with merely altering the books of Enoch, but they went as far as to make up their own version as well, and they had the gall to name it 3-Enoch.   This entire work, is the work of a beast, and of very poor workmanship.  

  24. It was made up by a high priest called Ishmael in whom the evil spirits had found a welcome home.   This evil person purports that he was taken up into heaven, and that he spoke with Enoch whom he name-changed to metatron.

  25. Such perversions were however foretold by Enoch himself that they would do such things as he said: "And they will invent fictitious stories, and write out my Scriptures on the basis of their own words. And would that they had written down all the words faithfully on the basis of their own speech, and neither alter nor take away from my words, all of which I testify to them from the beginning." 

  26. This clear warning did not stop this high priest however, nor is it impossible that he should not have read that warning.

  27. And thus we are left with the books of Enoch intact, and of the second book, which is virtually destroyed.   I nonetheless recovered the few parts to serve the reader.   

  28. As far as alterations or falsifications are concerned it are only the unwise, which stumble over these pitfalls. The wise on the other hand are made wise to discern the intoxication from the water in which it is mixed.

  29. Enoch himself testifies to this as he says: "But again, know also this "mystery", that to the righteous and wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy for truth and great wisdom. To them shall be given the Scriptures, and they shall believe them, and be glad in them. And all the righteous who learn from them the ways of truth, shall rejoice."


  1. In regards to the beast who attempts to be righteous, to show himself as if he were wise, I have a word to say unto him. For I tell you, he has much too high an opinion of himself, as if he were a master of words, and as if he has a patent on cunning.

  2. Hear therefore these words you who are from heaven, but who was cast out of heaven. You who is sometimes called a beast, you who are called a prince, and also at times a star. I also am a prince, and a star, and as such I speak unto you. 

  3. Moreover I am letting my words to be heard by the children of men. You are him who provoked your own Creator, and who caused himself to be brought to destruction. Your pride brought you down.

  4. And thus I say to you, do not imagine yourself cunning in speech.  You gave yourself away in giving your subjects their master titles.  This was a serious mistake on your part.  In a multitude of small things you reveal yourself.  You for one thing failed greatly in repeatedly stating "blessed is he." 

  5. And you ill instructed your subjects in not capitalizing the reference unto God.  This demonstrates your disregard, your disrespect for your Creator.  And in capitalizing yourself and your images you show the accursed pride in you.

  6. You have made far too many mistakes you prince of evil.  What foolishness is it of you to repeatedly state "Ishmael said?" In this little thing you lift your slip.  You should have taught them better, and I mind you am only mentioning a few of these small things which are obvious, for since I speak before the eyes of many I do not recount these many others which require deeper insight.  

  7. You for example, should not have mentioned the sun in its rotating, for this reveals your inner self esteem, it shows the beast in you.  How did you become so foolish you prince of darkness?

  8.   And what now? Are you perplexed at me, seeing I have eyes, as if you knew not from where?  Did you not realize beforehand that if your odor can be read from such great distances as you claim, that you could pass for a righteous one in heaven?  

  9. Are you not being foolish and ignorant in so doing?  You take all the names and apply them to your own invention, while heaven and earth knows that God alone is God.  You have the great angels bowing down before you, but this is only in your wish, in your imagination.  And many such things you think to sell to the children of men.

  10. O if you could only deceive the elect, if even just one of them.  But their wisdom exceeds yours, for they have the Lord to God.  Will you not he ashamed of yourself?  It will not come to pass as you desire, you will be bound forever, and you know it.  You have made my people, the great multitude over whom I am to rejoice a sea of tears.  

  11. They, my children are only children, little ones, whose days are short and full of toil.  And such little ones you attack with all your might, and your cloak of deception.

  12. Be ashamed of yourself, not only for coming to the righteous attempting to deceive them, but for bringing harm upon my little ones as well.  You know you cannot deceive the elect, for they are given to drink from the fountain, which you despised.  Thus they received knowledge, in which you failed.

  13. Your cloak has not deceived me, since I have come of the Lord God, and was cleansed in the blood of His Son, He whom you thought to kill.   Your own actions have brought you to defeat, nor is there I say to you knowledge nor cunning in you.  

  14. The poor blind are led in your footsteps, but you will not own them.  You will make yet another mistake, and my Lord, my God will bind you and pierce you so you shall no longer live.

DREAM VISION   (In part) 

  1. In the "Dream Visions" Enoch relates the progression of the world to its end.  The children of truth are seen as snow-white bulls and sheep. From the time in which the Lord destroyed the walls of Jerusalem, He gave the sheep over into the hands of shepherds.  For the people had rejected the Lord, and no longer would the Lord lead them. 

  2.  But so as not to leave them destitute, He gave them into the hands of shepherds, according to their own wish, which was to continue until He would come to gather the remnant of Israel from all nations.

  3. But these sheep were not in good hands with the shepherds, since they too would not walk in the way of the Lord, nor care for the sheep as they were commanded. The Lord duly warned the shepherds, that the welfare of the folds were now their responsibility. And while some of the herd was for destruction, they the shepherds would destroy a far greater number than what was commanded them.

  4. The Lord then knowing they were not to be trusted, He appointed another to take note of all the shepherds, and to record "all" their acts is a testimony against them. And to deliver that testimony to the Lord of the sheep, so that in the day of their visitation they may be judged accordingly.

  5. The shepherds are the priests, ministers, evangelists, and all that serve to lead the flocks. While the recorder was he whom the Lord had taken as the scribe for all generations, who has recorded the deeds of all the shepherds, and is recording yet this day the deeds of those that currently feed the flocks. 

  6. And the Lord instructed the recorder, not to speak to these shepherds, nor to reveal it to them if and when they were not acting according to the command given them of God. But simply to record everything, and to elevate the record unto the Lord of the sheep, (to Christ Jesus).

  7. For has not the Lord given them the law and the Scriptures? If therefore they do not follow what is set before them, shall special envoys from heaven be send to correct them? No! For they have what they require, while the Lord has been and is even to this day more than compassionate to them, to on occasion send a blessed one among them to points them at their errors.

  8.   But I do not suppose that in this day the shepherds shall hear me to turn from their errors, excepting a few here and there, for the great many of them are self-righteous, and rejoice in destroying the sheep.  But your deeds are being recorded every single day and night O you shepherds, as witness against you on the day of your visitation.

  9. And so Enoch relates how the shepherds began to kill in excess of their orders, giving them over to he devoured by the various beasts. And this went on to the full destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD. 

  10. After this Enoch states that "aliens" took the sheep, and all during the centuries their allotted number have ruled herding the sheep, causing them to be devoured. This fact is also recorded in secular history.

  11. The shepherds thus are in deep trouble, for while Enoch foretold this over four thousand years ago, these words have come to pass precisely as they were written. And those shepherds which were to rule in the lasts times towards the time of the return of Christ, it was foretold that these would be worse than any before them. 

  12. And thus my dear people what do you think you are looking at when you view the multitude of your shepherds? You are looking at the most apostate generation of shepherds ever to walk the earth.

  13. Their destruction would be greater than any before them, and the same is evident this very day. And of the sheep themselves the Lord foretold that they would be very dim-sighted, not realizing that the shepherds are feeding them to the beasts and to the ravens, and the vultures.

  14. But rather than recapturing the whole of the vision, I wish to touch upon that part which concerns us in this day and time. The point where Enoch relates that the dogs and the eagles, and kites consumed the sheep to such an extend to leave only the bones to fall to the ground, and that the sheep became few. These things then did occur in the wars that are just passed.

  15. Then it tells us that the sheep will become "exceedingly" dim-sighted, and deafened, but that lambs were born who cried out to the sheep, but the sheep would not listen. And so the ravens came smashing the sheep, and ate them.  

  16. While the lambs and the rams in order to stand, to defend themselves, grew horns, but the ravens crushed the horns of them, wherefore the evil ones reigned supreme making wholesale slaughter of the sheep.  And here we have come to this day of today, up to here the prophecy is history, and what follows is now in progress, and to come.

  17. There is then hope for the sheep, if only they have ears to hear.  For Enoch reveals that he saw how a great horn sprouted on one of these sheep.  And this ram opened the eyes of the sheep; he brought them revelations, the words of truth.  For he cried aloud to them, and all the rams ran unto him.  

  18. Meanwhile however the vultures, ravens, kites, and the eagles continued to swoop down upon the sheep eating them, and taking their money.  And although this ram with the great horn had come up against the adversaries of the sheep, the sheep remained silent.

  19.   And now follow me to see what happens with this ram having this great horn, to see all that he has to contend with. This ram contends with the ravens for slaughtering the sheep contrary to the command given them.  And they not being able to take on this ram alone, they combine together against him in order to crush his horn, but they will not succeed. 

  20. These however are not the only enemies with which he must battle, for behold who also joins against him, the shepherds mind you, who wish his horn to be crushed.  For these priests and ministers as they are called will unite themselves against me and against the Christ with me.

  21. And so altogether the shepherds, the vultures and the kites start crying out to the ravens to crush the horn of that ram, they are obsessed in getting rid of him.  And the ram battles with them, and while in battle he cries aloud to the Lord of the sheep. 

  22. Then as he did so, there was sent to him he who records all the deeds of the shepherds, and he revealed something to him.  Then the Lord of the sheep came down in wrath, and all that saw Him fell into darkness. For as it was spoken of another prophet; "And he shall set them alive into judgment".

  23. And now watch the sordid events, for not only the shepherds, the vultures, and the kites together with the ravens come against him to smash his horn, but the sheep themselves also line up with them. It is as were the whole world against that ram, against me. 

  24. For they had seen a horrible event, they saw a judgment, that ram spoke and judgment came.  But how all these things turn out in their end shall be made evident in its time.

  25. Then after these things, the Lord of the sheep will take a rod in His hand, and He will smite the earth, and all the beasts and the ravens will be swallowed up, the earth covering them.

On the books of Enoch.

  1.   From Enoch's book the astronomical writings, I have recounted the calendar in a previous chapter. At this point I wish to show a few of the alteration that have come into these writings, which I corrected.

  2.   In part 74 it reads; that in 3 years there are 1092 days (3 X 364) and that the moon in that period adds to 1030 days. And in 5 years the numbers are 1820 and 1870. And in 8 years the days are 2912 and 2832 for the moon. For so Enoch says; the moon falls behind 10 days per year, which is 80 for 8 years 50 for 5

  3. For the period of 5 years then, 1879 is more than 1820, consequently the 1870 is supposed to be 1770, someone added instead of subtracted the figures. And in the case of 3 years, it reads the moon to fall behind by 62 days, but 3 times 10 is 30, and 30 deducted from 1092 is 1062, not 1030, someone switched the figures.

  4. But now comes the real question, for how can anyone who claims himself to be a scholar make such mistakes? At the start of chapter 73 it reads: "After this I saw this regulation I saw another regulation concerning the minor luminaries". This should read: "After this regulation I saw another regulation concerning the minor luminaries".

  5. The scholars then instead of correcting the first, write it as follows: "After I saw this (set of) regulation (s for the sun) I saw another (set of) regulation (s) concerning the minor luminary". With all these insertions they certainly make no improvement.

  6. In chapter 89, the scholars refer to the Lord at one point as. "The Lord of the lions". While in a footnote they remark that another translation has it as, "Lord of the sheep". The point here is obvious, the Lord "is" the Lord of the sheep, not of the lions who devour the sheep. 

  7. If they now wish to excuse themselves saying they wished to stay to the original as much as possible, why did they not put "sheep" in the text, and lion in the footnote, or remark upon the impossibility of the word lion?

  8.   As it is said of the Canons to be taken infallible, so we may look upon the Scriptures by Enoch. This is not to mean 'that' which the scribes of the ages have made of it in their corruptions of his words, but you should rather refer to the recovery thereof which the Lord gave me to perform.  

  9. In the first place - the Scriptures by Enoch are for the wise, and only the wise, few as they may be, to comprehend the many parables by which Enoch spoke. His books however may also be seen by the world, so as to read their own condemnations which Enoch pronounced against them.

  10. While thus many books may serve the wise for understanding, infallible and otherwise, none of these will serve the unwise but for judgment against them, be it the Canons, Enoch or any other book.)

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