Foreword    (2001 


    Some forty years ago at the age of twenty four I began to write the words that are now contained within several volumes, one which I called "The Foundations of the Earth", another; "Lion of the Lord".

    I have spoken of many things, some of which are found in these pages here. And gathering these things you might come to see me as one quite sure of himself. And yes what a foolish person am I to so rely upon the word of the Almighty God.  The time then will bear out my sure foundation, or if I shall be the greatest fool of all.

    Faith, so it is said, is the certainty of the things that are not seen. While therefore many may not be sure of that which they do behold, them that are taught of God know what they know unseen - and how they know it. A blessing that no-one can take from them.

    What now is it that I shall pronounce?   Shall I call for a blessing upon America?  But why America and not also other nations?  What is America more than any other tribe or nation, or why should I play favorite to prefer one over the other?  You know I cannot be bribed, nor will I see to the person of any man, or nation.  

    I do not in fact, as it may seem, favor Israel over other nations, and while I may be compassionate - I will neither hold the guilty guiltless.  Israel therefore, contrary to all those others that are dear to my heart, has received her reward, and now the time has come for all those others to receive their reward.

    And having come to that era - to the fall of nations, it was spoken and not of me but of the Creator of all who said:

    You who have drunk the clarified wine, you now drink its dregs.

    For the judgment of the Most High is impartial.

    Therefore did He not spare His own sons first.  

    But He afflicted them as his enemies, because they sinned.

    Therefore they were once punished, that they might be forgiven.

    But now you nations and tribes, you are guilty,

    Because you have trod the earth all this time.

    And because you have used creation unrighteously.

    For I have always benefited you.

    But you have always denied the benefice.

       And further

    The Lord Most High will surely hasten his times.

    He will surely cause His periods to arrive.

    He will surely judge those that are in the world.

    He will truly inquire into everything with regards,

    to all their works which were in sin.

    He will certainly investigate the secret thoughts,

    and everything which lies in the inner chambers,

    Of all your members which are in sin.

    And He will manifest them, in the presence of everyone with blame.

    You that will be wise - let these words be for life unto your soul, and you that are wise - prefer them above good food. Unto the thirsty the Lord says - drink, and unto the weary - come to My rest. But woe unto them that shall reject these words, having to recall them when the time for pardoning is passed.

    This recording I wished to place before you that the same may be for comfort and/or for an impression.  No one need perish, there is hope for all, but will it be for a turning or not so?

    What may be the way towards heaven, the way unto salvation? A silly question really if from the record one still does not know the answer thereto.  Why was it that God cast Adam from paradise, and why did He drown men in a flood, and why did He punish Israel throughout the centuries, to cast them from their land?  Or again, why are the nations up for a fall thereof if He has not made the why thereof abundantly clear?

    He is Lord, and He is God, He is One and only, Creator and all, and He is to be obeyed in all of His precepts.  Trespass His word and death is sure to come upon you, ignore His precepts and He will ignore you and your prayer.

    In all this there is however One Name to salvation, and it shall not be Mary, nor Mohammed, nor any, but Christ Jesus alone.  And this He said: "Not those who say Lord Lord, but that keep my word are those that love me." 


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