To the nations 

          Chapter 1           (1973)                       LINK TO OTHER PAGES

  1.     Hear all you nations great and small, will you hear and not consider, will you see and not perceive? Accept instruction, bear correction, be not proud all you inhabitants of the earth. For He who made this world and created you in it has a day of reckoning, a day of fierce judgment that peradventure you may be hid in that day.

  2.   Will you refuse to know God, and yet think to escape His wrath? Where may I ask you will you hide yourself? Shall you scorn His law and He not scorn you?

  3.     You express humane concern for those that die of hunger and thirst. But hear this; your concern will come for yourselves also, for fierce famines are determined for you, and those that escape famine, will be caught in a net of destruction.

  4.   Did you not know that your dead would be cast out as dung upon the face of the earth with none to comfort them? Have you not heard, it was foretold; your fair cities will be laid to ruin.

  5.     Remember the year 70 AD, and the word that came over Jerusalem, and how indeed its destruction came? This time it will be every other city. Hail, fire, heat, and blood, all these are ordered for you. It was you who ordered them, you who took them to your credit, and they will be delivered.

  6.   And thus what will you do all you inhabitants of the earth? Will you perhaps teach me, to put all these plagues aside as were they mere natural events?

  7.     You are attempting to pull the wool over my eyes; indeed you try but only that. What now may I ask does it take for light to pass unto you? Donít you know that He is able to wipe all creatures off the face of the earth in a single moment with a single word? In the blink of an eye you would be history.

  8.   Realize therefore how truly merciful He is to you to chastise you, to bring the plagues one after the other, to give you time and place that peradventure you might live.

  9.     Will you therefore learn you children of men? Or will you insist that there is no God, One who creates both good and bad? It is He who creates war and peace. It is He who takes away life by traffic accidents and in the sleep. The Lord does all these and much more.

  10.   Do you not eat and drink you men women and children? Indeed you do. And does not the rain fall, and the sun, does it not give its warmth in due season? Do you not have homes and blessings therein? Yes you have all these things from Him in His tender care.

  11.     And what shall I ask is it that He charges you for all this, even for your very life? It is respect, yes and honor, and love for Him and for your neighbor with you. Where now is the respect for Him or for His law? You are cheating you know, you are not just, you are not paying your rightful dues.

  12.   You continue to speak with lies, nor are you being forthright, nor are you honest with friends and neighbor's and you know this very well you inhabitants in the earth. You are cruel with loved ones, you visit the whores, and greed is in your heart, and you dare to covet what is not yours. These things now mind you are not at all respect, nor are they judged with honor.

  13.     Try forgetting to pay your rent on your dwelling and see just how long you will abide therein, and yet to this day the merciful Lord showers you with gifts although you mistreat His law and His precepts. You even take His name in vain, and these things you do day by day as if they had no meaning.    

  14. You are fearful of tax collectors, but you ought to be much more fearful of the mighty and just God whom you have not given you word of thanks for all His gifts, nor have you paid Him what He demands of you for your life

  15.     Listen therefore you people of the nations. You shall not escape, it is destruction that you labored for. It is for your own death sentence that you opened your mouth. You dearly begged for His wrath to come upon you to consume you, and you will be consumed.

  16.   I am giving you due warning. Are you so much without understanding that you do not know that I am a token unto you? Search diligently and perceive it was foretold from long ago that I was to come. Do not imagine yourself strong in numbers, nor that you have strong armaments of war, for you are nothing more than babes. Your numbers shall fail, and your armaments shall be wasted.

  17.     Go ahead, look around you, and consider how it will be, for the day is near at hand that there will not be left those that till the earth, nor that sow seeds in it for the very lack of men. Will you not stop to consider this to realize what consequences these few words entail? 

  18.   You shall be without understanding if you do not, for thus said the Lord: "All places shall desolate of men, so that one shall desire to see another, or even to hear a voice."

  19.     But why do I speak to you as children of men, or as my very own, I might do better to speak to the wall. You have scorned my beloved Father and my Lord, and you are stiff-necked. My reprove is perhaps no reprove in that you are seared so that there is no feeling left in you. Consider then what these words mean for you.

  20.   And do not fancy yourself nuclear obliteration, nor as if man had the power to destroy the earth. What is this with you anyway, will you sport with that kind of folly?

  21.     I was ordained to teach, and a teacher ought to know what he teaches, and I do know what is fact and fancy, if only you would take it to heart.  It is by the arm of the Lord that terrors will be brought to you. It is in fact a sin in you to fear these miserable man-made weapons that in their hands account for nothing. You ought rather to fear the Lord, for He is truly to be feared.

  22.     Pay attention you people of the nations, allow me to tell you a point in truth. When the righteous cry out to the Lord to wipe murderers from the face of the earth, the Lord will hear them. And thus a prayer is more dangerous then all your bombs. Be realistic, a nuclear bomb will vaporize one in a moment, but with God's vengeance the parents will look the children into the eye while they pierce them through.

  23.     Such is the just reward for child murderers, and so it will be done to you. Therefore I say to you; nuclear obliteration is more blessed then what for a fact is coming upon the earth, and it has already made its beginning.

  24.   It is on your account that the earth is to be wasted of you, for your adulteries, for your dishonesty, for your abortions, for your oppression, and for that multitude of bastard laws that you enact.

  25.     Be rather scared to death to enter into another manís wife, for in the end she is more deadly and more terrifying than all MX missiles. These toys of yours cannot touch the soul, nor even the smallest token of ones life. 

  26. But she, the whore and the prostitute kills at an instant both the soul and the life of a man. She is deadly, very deadly, and what boldness possesses you anyway that you dare to go into such deadly tombs?

  27.     Thus now said the Lord: "Terror, and the pit, and the snare are upon you O inhabitants of the earth. He who flees at the sound of terror shall fall into the pit. And he who climbs out of the pit shall he caught in a snare. For the windows of heaven are opened and the foundations of the earth tremble.

  28.   The earth is utterly broken, it is rent asunder, it is violently shaken. The earth staggers like a drunkard man, and sways like a hut, its transgressions lie heavily upon it, and it falls and will not rise again."

  29.     Will you call me a prophet of doom, you my people of the nations? Will you call me a minister of destruction? Behold, you are the doom, and you are your own destruction. You are forcing me to proclaim destruction, I would have brought you good tidings, but you desired it another way. Each of you look for bribes, you actually eat from black≠mail and from extortion, shall now the Lord not punish you for these?

  30.    The inhabitants of Nineveh repented at the sound of destruction, and the Lord spared them. Is there no lesson here? Jonah hid himself since that which he proclaimed did not occur, at least not then, why then don't you make me look just as foolish. To your good fortune I will bear it. If it is good tidings that you wish to hear, then change your ways; repent quickly, for destruction is sure determined.

  31.     The voice of one mighty in the Lord, who will succumb? Your teachers now they indeed are foolish, each one teaching for gain mind you, and your princes, your leaders are blind. Shall now the blind lead the blind and they not both fall into the pit?

  32.   But surely you have heard these words before, the trouble is that you do not take it to heart, they have not gotten a hold of you, for in great numbers you allow yourselves to be led astray. I know, yes I know for I beheld your churches filled with them. Must I now plead with you? Well on, I am pleading with you.

  33.     So listen you nations, you had better get yourselves ready for war, ready your missiles your new bomber and your fighter planes, load your riffles, store supplies, train your men and train them well make yourselves strong.

  34.   For I swear to you in the name of God, the God of heaven that flesh will be torn, and blood will flow. It is your flesh and your blood for the wickedness wherewith you ruled the earth and oppressed the small and the helpless.

  35.     Peace! Peace! So you cry, burn fuel for peace, and let us not have war, that horrible destruction of one man destroying another. War so you say, is hell, who desires it. But my dear fellows it is you who desired war, moreover, if war is as you say then what will hell he unto you?

  36.   Yes I know you are abased at the terror of war, but you do not blink an eye when you take bribes, and thus I must pronounce you a hypocrite. You shudder at the sight of young men being torn in battle, but you do not think twice to murder an unborn infant in the womb, which you do in cold blood with premeditation.

  37.     You in fact copy those criminal priests who offered souls to their idols, committing cold-blooded murder for nothing more than idolatry. So you also - you murder for the sacrifice of your idols and for your vanity.

  38.   And of all things you think to do it in secret, as if no one will know. But shall not God and His angels know all your secrets, and reward you accordingly in the day of judgment that is now near at hand?

  39.     You indeed are butchers, you delight in adultery, and then you wish to shun battle cries? O come now, if I did not know better I would say you are trying to deceive me.

  40.   You make it a sport to shop-lift and how to obtain something for nothing or for less than its value. O yes I know you. Well all right then, delight in war and be pleased with destruction. You play with lies as if they mean nothing; those with integrity among you are few. Well on, the few shall be hidden, but liars shall not escape.

  41.     "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord.". How often have you heard these words? And yet " it never came to pass", so you say, they preach, but it does not come to pass.

  42.   But now hear this; for no longer will this be said among you O you inhabitants of the nations, for the Lord my God will put an end to your insults. He will bring it down upon you, and you will be afraid, and you being afraid yet you will come to fight, and that will be the full end thereof.

  43.   So go ahead, ignore my words. Do not pay attention to anything that I say, speculate as you say, but what will you do on a sudden?

  44.     The people of Japan are idol-loving people, having their imaginations for gods, none of which are able to perform anything good or bad. What now will you do in the day of your visitation? Has it not been told unto you that it is against your very life to worship idols? You know very well where the dollar and the yen are to be found, find also where the law is written.

  45.     And shall I circle the earth for how many others that live by bribery? Yes mind you living altogether by bribery and by extortion as if "it" were just the thing to do. 

  46. You oppress the poor and you make living a hell for the orphans and the widows, and for all such as cherish integrity. You inflict torture and imprison the innocent; shall you then not be punished for these? You had better made amend, and do it quickly.

  47.     And you that surround the center of the earth, I know that you have heard the word. This Mohammed was not a prophet yet I know that the law is written among you. The Lord now has rebuked his own people; do you then imagine that He shall pardon you?

  48.   The people of the north shall fall by a great slaughter, building walls to imprison entire nations. When has such a disgrace been heard? One more recording is to be made the end of such folly.

  49.     Many people of the west and of the south shall lift themselves up and be broken, for wickedness is found in them. Therefore, do not pride yourselves in your riches America, nor in your might, for you shall not prevail nor continue to blackmail others into submission.

  50.   Will you compete with Russian princes as to who is the greater in wickedness? You have become proud and adorned yourself with adultery. Therefore as a whore you shall be punished and as an adulterer you shall not go free.

  51.     Make a cry over Egypt all you nations, cry aloud and be astonished. Your merchants shall weep, oil companies and all, for the Lord will overthrow the Arabian princes, and there will be much bloodshed. And Egypt will be desolated, and after some time deliverance will come.

  52.   It is the 20th century of which I speak, a time when you crave oil for cars and trans≠port yourselves like birds through the sky, I do not speak of bygone days, but of your day, of today and of tomorrow.

         To all princes

  1.   Hear this you princes in the earth, and you who serve them, give ear. How large are your armies? How great is your might? How many planes and tanks can you muster? You had better get busy, unite all of you, make yourselves strong, yes be invincible I say.

  2. For behold, I will reveal to you a point in truth, a great and powerful people will come upon you the likes of whom have never been in all of history, nor will there ever again be the likes of them.

  3.   It is to you that I speak you nations. I know very well that you do not have any conception of this army, or whom they be or what their mighty weapons be. But I tell you that just as dry grass is overcome by an all-consuming fire, so you will be before them. 

  4. They are invincible, but you O men of the earth, you will be desolated, you will be afraid yet you will come to fight, and that will be the end of you. I said to make yourselves invincible so that all that look upon your destruction may know that man is nothing.

  5.   And why shall all this come upon you? It is because you say; that you have not sinned, and because you say that your wrongs are no wrongs, it is for these and many more. The homeless walk the streets while you exact taxes and burdens to create still more homeless.

  6. You fill the pockets of the rich and take from the poor what little they have. You create welfare that breedís leaches and lice, and you conceive to have done a good thing. You mass-murder infants in the womb, and do nothing to prevent it, but on the contrary you legalize it.

  7.   You are altogether corrupt, both you princes and you judges and the people with you. And so hear this you leaders in the earth. Do not tell me that you are merely a president or a premier, a king or a queen without power, and that it are elected officials and judges who pass law and decide matters. You will have the excuse to say: What can I do? I will tell you what you shall say, and what you shall do.

  8.   You shall say to them that they had better obey you, and destroy the evil from among them. And that if they will not directly obey you, in their presence you shall shake off the dust from you, to leave them even their dust and you will resign your post. Moreover you shall not give them days, but hours to comply, and if they refuse to hear to obey your command, you shall resign, and be no longer prince of murderers.

  9.   I have given you what to say, and what to do you leaders in the earth. I have given you a command. If then there be any wisdom in you, you will hear me and not disobey. And let not my ear hear you speak concerning authority, for you have the authority. 

  10. Have I not given you a command, how then do you open your mouth to me concerning authority?

  11.   Listen: You are not a prince by the election of man - even though that silly voting game which the children of men play make it appear that way. You of all people, you as leaders ought to have better sense, and full well realize that crock of man.

  12. Did I not say somewhere: "A people cannot rule itself, nor a nation be led by mortal men!"  Do you then imagine that I spoke this outside of wisdom, or by a voice other than the mouth of Him who is Almighty? For indeed, if this were not perfectly so I would not have spoken it.

  13.   It is of the Lord that you have your seating; your election was only a foolish game. Think not that man, nor  any number of them can stay the will of God. It is the Lord who appointed you, and He will ask how you ruled, and the blood of each and every soul will he demanded of you.

  14. If therefore you will act wisely as I told you, how as a prince I commanded you to act, then you will at least save your own neck to the end that you may not be cast into that hellhole. For why O you princes should you perish?

  15.   Let us for the moment you and I forget the people and think of ourselves. Don't you know how great a judgment will be executed upon us who are princes in the earth? For us it will be a thousand-fold greater than for those that are subject to our rule. And why should you want this great and horrible pain upon you O you leaders in the earth?

  16. As a friend and as a colleague, yes even as a commander I admonish you, do not fall for this hellhole. And do not tell me that you are against abortions, for I am not to be fooled. Nor tell me that you bleed with them, but show me actions, show me guts or else let that yellow stripe remain upon you.

  17.   I will give you the words of my friend Solomon the king. "Hear all you kings and understand. Learn you who are judges in the earth. Gave ear you that rule the people and glory in the multitude of nations. For power is given you of the Lord, and sovereignty from the Highest who shall try your works and search out your counsels. Because being ministers of His kingdom you have not judged aright, nor kept His law, nor walked after the counsel of God.

  18.   Horribly and speedily shall He come upon you. For a sharp judgment shall be to them that are in high places. For mercy shall soon pardon the simple, but mighty men shall be mightily tormented. To you therefore O kings I speak, that you may learn wisdom, and not fall away. 

  19. For they that keep justice shall find justice. Seek wisdom and set your affection upon my words, desire them, and you shall be instructed."

  20.  The words of my friend are not new; they have been before the kings of all centuries. And they are before you this very day you princes of the 20th century. Will you not fear the Lord, nor take counsel from wisdom.

To Leaders, High officials, and Landlords 

  1. Hear this word you presidents, premiers, kings, and potentates of the nations, and you landlords, corporate executives, and all you high officials, for this concerns you. Once more I will direct my voice specifically to you, it may be that some of you may become wise and run for your lives to save your souls from hell. 

  2. I will tell you something that you should have known, but have not considered. Something that has been proclaimed many times, but your forefathers nor you paid much attention.

  3.   You think to make yourselves renowned, to have a name upon the earth. You are well aware that like everyone else you also must die, and you imagine leaving behind a name and an inheritance to you and your children. But you are very wrong, because your children will surely die, and your names will not be perpetuated.

  4.   You may as yet hear the names of the potentates of the past, but the clock is nearly at the six. Six Oíclock yes, and then your entire rule will vanish from the earth. And this day that hour has nearly struck, and the remembrance of the wicked shall perish with them.

  5. And thus you will be nobody, like the nameless ones you cause to wander on the streets, who for the cold night attempt to cover themselves with paper under a bridge or on the steps of the streets. You may be covering yourselves in silk and count your stolen goods, but you must admit that you also must once depart. All good things come to an end, so the saying goes.

  6.   All the potentates who were before you died, and were gathered in their prison. You saw them die, or heard of their departure but you did not see who they were that took them on their journey, nor did you ever see the walls of their prison. Nor in your wildest imagination could you have dreamed how terrible the guardians are that guard their prison.

  7. As for those then that have already departed, no one can help them, but as for you, the sound of my voice is time and place to come to your senses. For at this moment I do not direct my voice specifically to you to destroy you, but rather to admonish you to come to a reckoning in the hope of your salvation. For would you not rather rule forever you potentates and high officials?

  8. If indeed you do, then pay close attention to my every word. And you also you landlords, grant unto others that which you have, then come for riches unto the Lord, it may be that you will receive a thousand-fold.

  9.   But if you will not listen to my voice nor pay heed to my words, you will be more miserable than the most miserable person that you have ever seen or heard of. I now do not make idle statements, nor do I lie, nor present to you what will not in fact be. I speak of a truth, of facts that will come to pass since I am giving you the words of the Lord Most High.

  10. How then you rulers and you landlords are you to be reached?   In one way or another, this day when you hear this voice, listen, for in the day that I am sent when the acceptable day has passed, I will not then come to hear of repentance but with vengeance.  Come to a reckoning, there is no excuse for ignorance.

  11. O if you only realized what lies beyond the borders of this earth. If only you would see yourselves begging and pleading for mercy when the torments have not yet begun upon you.

  12.   And so I will give you a look into the future, that you may know what is after death, a peek at what will become of you in days beyond days if per chance that might bring you to your senses. You will find yourself bound in chains, held by a host of soldiers not of this earth. You will lift up your eyes and see the Son of Glory, Christ the Son of the Almighty Lord and how He sits upon His throne of glory.

  13. Then you and those with you will turn to look at one another, and you will be greatly terrified and feel dejected. You will beg and plea for mercy from that Son of man who was hidden in the power of His Father, He who walked the earth and gave His life for His people. For Him were all the kingdoms of the earth made.

  14.   But do you think that it shall do you any good to beg for mercy? No! Most certainly not. But quite the contrary, you refused to consider mercy while you had opportunity, so now when you beg you will not receive mercy. 

  15. You will fall down upon your knees and worship Him, and though you be raising your hopes on Him, He will not have mercy on you. Instead He will cause a frenzy to come upon you, and you will depart from before Him.  

  16. Your faces will be covered with shame, and darkness will overshadow you. Then you will be delivered to the angels and be led away in order that vengeance may be enacted upon you.  

  17.   Thus will be that day unto you. Read and comprehend, for there will also be many witnesses, the great host of angels, and the host of the righteous children of God will be witness. And I will stand as a testimony against you, and we will rejoice over you, over your destruction that now you are to receive your pains, and we will praise God the just Judge.

  18.   It will he quite a day, for so the record reads, the Lord saying: "And it shall become quite a scene for My righteous and elect ones. They shall rejoice over the kings and governors, the high officials and landlords, because the sword of the Lord shall obtain a sacrifice from them. 

  19. The righteous and elect ones shall be saved on that day, and from henceforth they shall never see the faces of sinners and oppressors".

  20.   And whom do you suppose that these righteous and elect be? Your friends in high places perhaps? No not them. Or the priests of the earth, or other such as fill their pockets with stolen goods? No not them either. But such as you considered outcast, and such whom you secretly admired for their Faith. 

  21. It will be such as you cast out of their homes, the humble, those fearing God, these shall be kings in the earth, and their kingdom will be everlasting.   And before you are led off to be tormented, you will behold the great glory in which they will be of their Lord, while you - - you will be forgotten. 

  22. You will consider it bad enough to be doomed to eternal torments, but to first behold your enemies crowned with glory, that will be so much the more painful to you. For it is as Solomon said, . . . "Mighty men shall be mightily tormented". The higher you are, the harder the fall.

  23.   And so, will you take steps to preserve yourselves you rulers in the earth? I tell you, it is a deadly mistake not to pay heed to my words. You will cut yourself with a fatal wound to scorn my words. Man shall not scorn his Lord and live. Your forefathers, the rulers of the past did not give glory to His name, they did not take up wisdom to become wise. 

  24. Their entire host therefore will be found on that day in shame.  Why then will you be stiff-necked - to in pain having to recall my words? Listen to me now before it is too late.

   To priests, scholars, and their people

  1.     Hear this word all you inhabitants of the earth, for this concerns you, your teachers, your theologians, your priests, your ministers, your princes, your writers, your commentators, and all such as conceive to have understanding wherewith to instruct men in the things of God. Hear this law:

  2.    "You shall not address any man by the title of "Father" except "him" who is your father in the flesh".

  3.    You shall not call, nor address "any priest" by that title, for God is your Father, and Him only you shall address by that title".

  4.     Do not conceive that I am giving you this command as if it were of me. The Lord himself gave you this commandment long ago. And it is "He" who is bringing it to your attention this day.

  5.     What is the matter with you people anyway, you who pride yourself in being Christian, have you forgotten that there is a Christ? Are you so blind that you no longer recall how He left a written word called: "The Bible?" Or do you even know that there are pages between its covers? Yes and there is even writing on them, black on white, and even red on white.

  6.   But now you will perjure yourselves to tell me that you knew this. But you do not know what is written, you call yourselves Christians, while you do not know what is written in the word of Christ?

  7.     You profess to know Him, but you lie, for God said; "You shall not have any other gods before me, nor reverence them". But you, - you reverence poisonous snakes as father, and pronounce them your master such men who are children of destruction, children of hell, men who have set themselves up to be reverenced as idols, to be called father and master by you.

  8.     These serpents go around in public wearing their collars backwards, and special clothing so as to mock and scorn God and to take His honor to themselves, the hypocrites, vipers-brood. 

  9. I tell you no lies, for if they were servants of God, they would in no way allow themselves to be called by a title that belongs only to God. You therefore may know them as sons of the devil.

  10.   You now have heard the word; I have acclaimed the same unto you. So hear all you people and let this judgment rest upon you:

  11.  Accursed be he who allows himself to be called Father, which is reserved for God alone.  

  12.   Accursed be they who call a man by the title of God.  

  13.   Accursed be the man who allows himself to be called Rabbi.  

  14.   Accursed be they who call a man by the Master title of God.

  15.     You have taught the people to commit an adulterous crime you priests, you vipers brood, hypocrites. You imagine to be sitting in the seat of God having men address you as father, to steal the honor of God to yourselves.

  16. Know therefore you vipers-brood that this shall not be forgiven you. You were born for perdition. You opposed the Almighty Lord and thought to set yourself in His seat. You committed a very great crime allowing yourselves to be called Father and Rabbi.

  17.     And what of you O Israel, you the chosen race, you who were called: " The people of God", and who will again be called the people of God. What is it with this rabbi business of yours anyway? I was sent to reprove and judge Gentiles, must I also reprove you O Israel? When will you learn?

  18.     Shall a man be your master, a mere piece of flesh and blood? And if not so, why then do you provoke the Lord your Messiah by calling these "rebels", these "false" priests by a title that is your Messiah's? God only is your Master, and your Father, and "Him only" you shall address as Rabbi.

  19.     A true priest among you is a minister, a servant, not a master. And if they do not conduct themselves as such, they are not priests of God but sons of the devil. He who is your Rabbi conducted Himself as a servant, and likewise will all those that are of Him.

  20.   It is not possible for anyone who allows himself to be called rabbi or father, that the same can be anything except what the Lord named them, namely; a vipers brood, hypocrites, sons of the devil.

  21.     This rabbi business came of scribes and scholars who flaunted the law of God, who had no respect for God or for His Word. They had no knowledge of Moses or what he wrote, nor are they sons of Abraham. Throughout the centuries you have been deceived, and let into the gates of hell by these sons of perdition. Were it not they who sold you out during wars, and in famines? They are guilty of treason and of every crime against humanity.

  22.   Had it not been for your sheep-ly ignorance to follow them your enemies would not have made such massacres of you. Moses foretold you and also the prophets, just as I have spoken to you

  23.     Rid yourself of the poison, pay them no heed. They are your destruction in the ignorance in which you follow them. They are the idols, which God condemned; they are your golden calves. They are still among you ever since the days at mount Sinai. Do not worship these gold plated beasts lest your God destroy you as He did those before you.

  24.     O my dear Israel, you have taken this sin upon you as if it were a natural thing to do, just like those accursed Romans. Do you really desire to be destroyed with Rome? In one sense of the word, it was Rome who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, though actually your forefathers did more to destroy themselves while the Romans tried to save you and be humane.

  25.   But it was for your great sins that it was of God to destroy Jerusalem, wherefore He caused you to rebel so you would indeed be destroyed. But you took your idols with you into exile, and those who did brought much hardship upon themselves.

  26.     And now this day you have what Daniel prophesied that; " you would have Jerusalem, and the Messiah near at hand." Will you not therefore disdain these gold plated beasts? Hear now the word of one planted and reared upon a high mountain, upon the mountain height of Israel wherein I was brought up.

  27.     You shall not allow yourself to be called Rabbi, for One is your Master, Him only you shall so address. Do you not know that in God each of you is lord and master? Will you then lord over lords? And do you not know that he, who calls one Master, is subject to him?

  28.   Who then do you want for god, will it be the God the living God? Or would you rather be subject to a corruptible man that must die?

  29.     Call them rabbi if you must, but your lot likewise will be with these same idols and your pains horrendous. But if you chose God as Rabbi then you shall have the life for which He called you. Accept now the wisdom placed before you as the word of your Messiah, for it is He who is speaking to you this moment.


  1.     How is it that I should set commandments unto you O you inhabitants of the earth? You have His commandments, but you act like you do not understand them. Or you twist the excuse for your crimes as if they do not fall unto the law. 

  2. Therefore O you inhabitants of the earth, I will not be giving you any new command, but reiterate what has always been since the day that God made man upon the earth    So listen, and hear:

  3.   Everyone that kills the fruit of the womb is a murderer.  

  4.   He not only murders his or her child, and the life that God has formed, but you sin against me also, since they are my children, my very own that you murder. They are even more mine than yours.

  5.     But how will you understand the riddle of my speech? And unless you wish to make fools of yourselves do not even begin to debate with me as to when life should start. For I have given you the word of God, and anyone who opposes it will be cut down by the wrath of God.

  6.     What do you imagine that I shall be holding your hands? Or that the Lord has brought me to grace your silly debates? Will you actually imagine that I shall partake of your ignorance? Be not so blind, for you have the law and the Scriptures. You have the word of God, and that of the Christ, and you are able to read in one way or another.

  7.   Moreover, I have made the words, which your teachers have darkened and twisted, plain before you.  So then what excuse will you have? I tell you, and not I tell you but the Lord my God says, that He will not accept your excuse, nor will He condone your ignorance, nor will I.

  8.     It is for your own pride that the Lord has made my forehead like flint, and my mouth sharp.  Shall I bow to your ignorance and say that life is at conception? O you foolish creatures. Accept instruction, for I tell you that life was already before the forming of the first man. Nonetheless I will make it simple for you according to the smallness of your understanding.

  9.     Know therefore that life is already at conception. Can anything be if God willed it not? Do you expect me to define to you the wisdom of your abortions? And how may I ask will you understand that, or what is in the will of God, or what is today for ages to come?

  10.     Would you expect me to physically restrain you? O how foolish, it would be insane of me to do so.  For tell me truthfully; what man desires to be robbed of children? How then shall I come to abort my own? And thus in fact it is to your welfare that I speak, for why should "you" suffer in torments for the joy of "my" dear children?

  11.     Does it seem to you that I speak in riddles? It is not I who speak in riddles, but you are not wise otherwise I would have acquainted you with princely secrets, with what lies hidden in great vaults. But as long as you consent to murder and strife, wisdom shall be in vain to you, wherefore I must come in other ways to show you the merits of your acts.

  12.     In days past, before the flood, there were giants on the earth. And whom do you suppose they were? They were neither human nor angels, but children of both. For certain watchers did not keep their vow and revealed themselves to the children of men, their passions were inflamed for the female of man.

  13.     And do you think that today you are alone upon the earth? How can you even think such a foolish thing. There are untold many eyes, invisible eyes who watch us by night and by day, and nothing escapes them, nothing is hidden.

  14.     These children then, these giants, they were destroyed each by the hand of one another. But since they were neither human nor angel and yet born upon the earth, they had to be incarcerated in the earth. They then are what men refer to as "demons". These are they that in all ages perform evil crafts, they are even allowed to portray sightings after the imaginations of men.

  15.   It were also these in their fathers which taught the women how to kill the embryo in the womb and revealed secrets from heaven, the evil things that they had learned. And because of them the Lord destroyed the earth with a flood. And do you think that the Lord will not now destroy the earth for your abortions?

  16.     Tell me now, why do you suppose the Lord did not stop this Azazel, who was the head of these who broke through their vows by which they brought bastards upon the earth? Do you not know? It was as a testimony to the breach of their oath, as a witness to their disobedience.

  17. For who will be guilty of an act, which he is not allowed to perform?   Their judgment now will be limitless, since they taught secrets to the condemned, and they investigated and experienced abstract things.

  18.     And what about you, you inhabitants of this century, you who make yourselves guilty with blood and murder, with adultery and falsehood. How do you suppose you are left free to commit your vile acts, and that your conceptions are coming forth? Allow me to tell you why. They, each of them, will stand as a testimony to your vile acts.

  19.   You fools, you thought to hide your shame, but they will live, each of them as testimonies. You are dim-sighted you inhabitants of the earth, each of you who are guilty in these things. Do not think that you shall rob God of children, nor me of my inheritance

  20.     Hear this you doctors, nurses, governors, princes, and judges, all you who experiment with the embryo you are the "imitators" of the eternally condemned angels. Was it not knowledge that brought the fall on man? Have you so soon forgotten that he took the fruit to become wise, but instead he condemned himself.

  21.   You also therefore, you pitiful creatures, the bastard beings that you bring into this world will be for judgment against you, and they shall stand as a testimony to your evil practice.

  22.     And do not flatter yourselves you whore-mongers to install sperm banks, or to create test-tube babies. You bring men back to the dark ages, and have made your age the darkest of all for all historians to remark upon; you yourselves will be the bastards that you labored for.

  23.     Knowledge is a great thing, it can bring to life, and it can destroy. For knowledge the earth was cursed unto man, for knowledge the flood drowned all but the righteous seed. And for knowledge you are this day determined to waste the earth of men.

       To all teachers 

  1.     What shall I say unto you teachers of the flocks that has not been said before? You are seared to the words, you heard them, you read them, but they never seem to apply to you, it is always for someone else so you fancy yourselves. You pass the buck until your wickedness takes you away. You think not to fear the terror of the end, everyone passes away in peace, and so will I - so you ill-conceive.

  2.   But neither your friends, nor your forefathers are in peace, nor even in hell, but rather they await you. But I do not suppose that you wish me to tell you how very terrible the guardians are that guard the prison in which they await you, nor with what cruelty they are equipped.

  3.     Of all men you are most blind. What for example shall it mean that a father and mother shall kill their own flesh, their own son saying; "You shall not speak lies in the name of God," while the son merely said that he wanted to become a priest, a minister.

  4.   So tell me now you shepherds; how it is that these parents spoke with such words, and killed their own flesh - what this means for you? Which is of course if there is knowledge and understanding in you. For I swear to you, that if you cannot give me an answer, the right answer, knowledge shall be wasted on you.

  5.     You are so assured of a heaven for yourselves. Well on then allow me in part to describe your heaven for you. In your heaven there will not be the sound of music, minstrels will not play, nor will they make merry. There will not be any craft, nor craftsman nor fluorescent lights, nor millstones for grinding wheat, nor rice to throw at weddings, and also to your great dismay suicide will be out of the question.

  6.   This is the heaven, which you secured for yourselves; this is what you desired. You proclaim peace for where there is no peace, and war for where there is no war. But lacing mothers-milk with poison, at that you were well trained.

  7.     Woe unto you ministers of the churches, you divided the flocks each to your own taste of venom, by your own venom you will likewise perish.  

  8. Woe unto you popes and priests, a fire awaits you, but not as you imagined. You taught the world to commit adultery. Vengeance now, so said the Lord, is "Mine," just leave them to Me.

  9.     And do you perhaps wish to contend with me you teachers in the earth? And just what is it that you will teach me? How to bake bread in ignorance'? Yea, you will instruct me in the truth just as he did who deceived Eve. Yes I should require guidance, and from what? From your excellence in wisdom?

  10.   I read your words; I heard your speech, and what I found lacking among you is truth for one, and for another, respect for the word of the Almighty God, and for His servants whom He draws safely out from among you.

  11.     And so hear this you teachers: The Lord my Lord will have a feast, and you the teachers of men, you are on the menu. No not seated on the table, but served upon it, a feast for spoilers to consume the flesh of those that wallow in the mud.

  12.     There are those that pride themselves in prediction, to forecast the days of tomorrow as if they are thus cunning. When the clouds darken, the experts predict rain. Throughout the years many have remarked on impending disaster with economic and social signs pointing thereto. And there are those, which look at statistics, comparing past from present to predict the future.

  13.   The world is supposed to end at the year 2000. Armageddon is supposed to annihilate the world. Nuclear obliteration and great depressions are all part of their diet. Mostly they are in error, but given ten chances in ten they are bound to stumble on it once.

  14.     To interpret rain from dark clouds, is common sense. Let the wealth of the nations fall into the hands of a few, and while rulers pursue their age-old hobby of robbing the poor to feed the rich, they will work their way to disaster. 

  15. Large corporations blatantly impose restraint upon a worldwide public fully to their own personal gain. Still others blatantly and without concern for the people as a whole have engulfed their victims in a persistent layer of foul air.

  16.   For greed alone-untold millions are forced to breathe the foul air, which they impose upon them. And while they could end it at any time, they have no such intention. Nor do they lift a finger to remove the evils - except to safe face

  17.     With the help of rulers they impose extortion and oppression. There is sufficient energy to last all generations of men for trillions of centuries. Yet man is cunning at inventing shortages. Ignorant to truth, their greed has made them unnatural lions, they are no longer human. And who from among them gives true reason for disasters real or imagined?

  18.     I am utterly ashamed of the race of men among which I was born. Who among them knows how to speak truth? Find me those of knowledge and they will be few. And if I err as many would like to claim, then show me one who truly speaks out to resolve your foul air, or your imagined energy crisis. Have you not become incompetent and unlearned in how to provide even a simple public service?

  19.   You imagine to be intelligent developing computer chips, toys for kids, and to have developed nuclear bombs, as if such a thing required much intelligence. But I say; you are not intelligent.

  20.     There is much that you could have had, but you had no eyes to see. You taught me to behold you as an illusion, as something not real. 

  21. This I testify to the generations to come, that this generation in which the Lord caused me to come forth, this last generation of men, I found them to be unreal, more then those before them. In the advances which the Lord showered upon them they became unreal, using them to their own destruction.

  22.     "Man shall not live by bread alone." If you had understood this you men of this generation, you would not now be "that generation" of men upon which the fury of the Lord will be unleashed. For God is not to be mocked, nor will He give His honor to your imaginations.

  23.   Was not the course of the world foretold to you? Yes indeed. If therefore the German leaders of some days back had taken the effort to educate themselves, they would have known from the start that they were never to establish themselves in the act called world war two.

  24.     It was foretold, you should have known. And this day you are that "fourth" beast which the Lord gave to rule in His world. You are the eagle with its three malicious heads, and its twelve feathered wings. You are the last of the beast to reign in this world. And indeed you have ruled the earth, your feathers and contrary feathers also have reigned for the heads were to be preserved for the last.

  25.   You now have ruled the earth, but you have not ruled justly. You have been abominable, very wicked. Each one of your predecessors have been removed, there were six contrary feathers, two of which reigned and departed, and two moved themselves under the head at the right, so they might be preserved until the very end.

  26.     What therefore was it that was prophesied of the third and fourth contrary feathers you leaders in the earth? Are you still as ill informed of this, as were these German and Japanese commanders? It was foretold that they were never to set themselves up, but that instead they would be eaten up by the three heads? Indeed so it was, and so it occurred, the thing you call world war two.

  27.   This event now at my writing is forty years in the past and what does it read was to occur after that? The three heads are to fall. First the great head in the middle, which is to die upon its own bed, and with pain, so it reads, for the other two will be given to the sword.

  28.     The big bear (USSR) therefore is first to die, but he will not fall because of war, but the remaining two will have war and perish accordingly. This then will leave the two small feathers in whose time there will be war and desolation's, and hell will open its mouth and swallow men like fishes

  29.     It was foretold, and it is just as it was foretold; that you the generations of this 20th century would be the "most apostate" generation of all, and that all your deeds would be criminal and oppression. And indeed so you are. And you mind you feign yourselves to be free men and civilized more than your forebears, but you are slaves, only you do not know it.

  30.     Look how some pride themselves in success, as if they are successful in business or whatever, and look again how that was and upon what, for it is upon slavery and deceit. Being good at extortion is what they call successful, and upon robbery and murder as being the good business.

  31.   But their pride has come to an end, the day of their slaughter is at hand, then we shall see just how well they shall fare, for it is "the end" of things which determines how well a man has done

  32.     You remember the roaring twenties, and those which were called "the mob," they enforced their extortion with physical abuse. But this led to unpleasant repercussions and was bad for business. And so they conceded to a better way of getting to the same end, by taking on a facade that was respectable without resorting to physical abuse.

  33.   For after all the name of the game is money and greed, and if the same can be obtained by slowly bleeding through a needle on a long tube, the gain in the long run will be greater than when beating one senseless wherein all his blood is lost in one time.

  34.     For in slowly bleeding, one is continually regenerating new blood to forever feed the needle, and as an added advantage they have the subjects come of themselves to be bled and even wait in line. These indeed were more cunning than some others. And the governing bodies have taken their lead, from the smallest to the greatest bleeding their victims with ever more as they term it, fees or whatever they name their extortion


  1.   You like to hear predictions, you cherish such falsehood as Nostrademus, and Dixon, whose words proved to be lies. But the words I have given you are no lies, for they are the words of the Lord. 

  2. You imagine to rule the earth as if there is no God to execute justice. You imagine to last forever, like this stupid man, Abraham Lincoln boasting: "That this rule of the people will last forever". But O how he spoke falsely, for man's rule is about to be ended forever.

  3.     You are proud in your strength; No one again will bring us to our knees, so you ill conceive.  Yet in less than two spades of weeks you not only will be on your knees but lick the dust off the feet of your enemies. Not you determine war, nor are you the peacemakers.

  4.   Were you not taught that a mighty Angel was to come to place His right foot upon you? And it was spoken of a king also, He therefore will tear down and bring judgment upon you. How long therefore will you remain in ignorance, how long will you remain obstinate refusing to hear my words? 

  5.     Take warning, for the day is sure at hand. "Come unto Me, says the Lord, lest you be destroyed with all those who do not keep My commandments". The Lord has given me a royal calling, why then O you people do you lean upon your leaders, upon blind creatures who know not the first from the last?

  6.   They are like burned out wood sticks, lean on them and you will fall. Be sensible, be practical, why should your body become dung on the face of the earth? And why should your soul be brought to hell? Count your numbers and understand that six million dead is but a handful.

  7.     It is not economics that bring forth a depression, nor are earthquakes by chance, nor has this dreaded disease you call "aids" fallen from the sky, nor will famines be for lack of food, or drought be for lack of rain. 

  8. For the storehouses of the Lord are filled with good things. But it are your sins that bring all these things upon you. It is because you deny your Maker and scorn His law. It is because you dare speak of evolution that destruction is upon you

  9.      This word then, evolution, does not exist, I command you it shall not be found in your dictionaries, nor shall it be spoken or written in any book on a positive tone, nor shall it be found upon your lips.

  10. And whosoever shall not obey this commandment, which I as a prince of the Most High command to you, that same person shall not escape.

  11.      For I will call upon the Lord for vengeance, even for my sake, because I commanded you, and you would not hear me. This is so that you may know that He, who commands His servants is with them

         Ending words unto all peoples

  1.     Pay attention all you people of the Gentile nations. Your destruction is upon you, it cannot be turned. Like as in Egypt when Moses was sent to her the plagues came upon her, so also it will be unto you O you tribes of the earth. Consider me your Moses, or your Noah, they in their days would not hear them and they perished. And now that King of peace, which was to come has come, and he will not turn His intend.

  2.   There is no preventing your destruction, because just as in the days of Noah they would not hear him, neither will you hear me. Yet I pronounce to you an avenue of escape. It is horrible to ignore my words, this I proclaim to you.

  3.   Now is the time to turn from your ways. Never mind accepting Christ in your heart so as your abominable preachers preach to you, but turn from your evil doings. If you indeed embrace His will to obey His voice, then Christ will come to you.

  4.   For it is not you who opens the door, nor are you accepting Him, so as the serpents leach their venom. But He will accept you if indeed you turn from your wickedness to follow Him in word and deed.

  5.   The children of God are not your election, but His Father's elect. He however does not turn away anyone who truly seeks Him. But they that do not forsake their evil ways shall not find pardoning by Him.

  6.   You that seek peace, seek God's peace, be not faint in heart, for they that search will find, and they that knock, unto them the door will be opened.

  7.     But as for you O you priest, you ministers, and you scholars, vipers-brood; think not that you shall outsmart your damnation. And you high officials and you landlords think not that you shall go free.

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