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What may be the difference between "scriptures" and "records", or Biblical records? 

“Scriptures” is a sacred writing, while "Biblical records", may be writings relevant to the scriptures.  While the word "scriptures" then implies a writing inspired of God as a "reed", - "yard-line", or "canon" (as the word is translated), biblical records may be sermons, or quotations, or historical affirmations.  If thus in this view we look to see which documents are as such "scripture", we come to summarize the following books.


The five books of Moses

All the Prophets

The Psalms and Proverbs

The Gospels

The letters of doctrine (Apostolic)


This leaves only the books of the Kings, of Chronicles, of Samuel, of Job, of Esther, and of Ruth in the canons as Biblical records.  But the canons as they are this day do not summarize all of the books of the prophets nor all of the psalms and proverbs, nor all of the law of the Lord.  For in addition to these there are what is properly called; "The books for the wise only:" Which are;

The prophecies of Baruch and of Esdras. 

Then there are those others which are suitable to both the wise and the unwise, to wit,

The proverbs and Wisdom of Solomon and Jesus.

The psalms and Odes of David and Israel.

The scriptures of Enoch.

For while Moses was a lawgiver to Israel, Enoch was lawgiver to all the generations of the earth.  And while Moses was given to write for Israel, Enoch wrote for the whole world.  But then of course the words of Moses were for the whole world, even as the words of Enoch were for Israel. 

And thus we have listed the entire "scriptures", those which we behold as "The Reed".  Meaning, that writing by which without compromise we hold ourselves as the unshaken word of God.  Therefore also is it called "Canon" which means "reed" as in measuring reed, for it is by a measuring tape or stick by which all things are built and laid forth to appear. 

Before the book of Genesis then comes Enoch.  And the remaining prophets, as well as the books of wisdom, proverbs, odes, and psalms may in time, after the judgment of the Lord, be added to the canons, even as to the Godly and the righteous they are this very day as such.  As then this leaves every other document as Biblical record, shall that imply that therefore they are not, or may not, be inspired of God?  

But then comes also the question as to what is understood by, "being inspired of God".  For when a servant of the Lord preaches a sermon before a congregation, shall that be of his own inspiration, or not rather also be of God?  For did not the Lord infuse His Spirit within him?  That servant therefore speaks being taught and instructed, or as such, inspired of God. 

And so we come to say; "Inspired to record as scriptures," in contrast to the inspiration that many receive by which to write records, to preach sermons, to translate or interpret, or other similar effects.  The testaments of the twelve patriarchs for example, were not written by inspiration, yet they are records pertaining to the Biblical nature, and as such called "Biblical record".  The things then defined therein serve well as "a reed (canon)" yet we do not categorize them with the Canon.  For if we began to do so, then we might just as well add every Godly sermon given in the world to the scriptures, the consequence of which would devaluate the scriptures - as Scripture. 

When you step into the workshop of a lawyer, you will note the walls lined with so called law-books.  This immediately tells me, that in this place and by that person there is no law, nor any comprehension of the law.  For the law as the law is contained in a single volume of no great size, and "it" is "the reed."  Why then all the books?  

The answer is "Corruption of the law".  For in these countless volumes are the many cases as to how one thing, or one judge or the other made verdicts.  What now the criminal part of all this is, is the fact that these laqyers use these things by which to assail or defend their cases before the judges.  In other words, they do not strive with the law, nor by the law, but in every way seeking to circumvent the same.

For by the same token if we start understanding the scripture by the multitude of the various interpretation made of any part, we in effect have abandoned the scriptures as the "reed".  For in what way shall we do that?  There were 3000 who said "Not to kill applies only to the rich and free, slaves excluded, while 2000 said, that it includes slaves as well.  And so then shall it be democratic and the majority win?  Or shall we flip a coin, to know whether what God placed as law was right or wrong?

If now for example, we take that other book of Isaiah, which I contained in the additional books of prophets and patriarchs, it contains a beautiful prophecy, which as we know came to pass some two thousand years ago.  Shall we then add this with his other book in the canons?  

Isaiah himself gave instructions not to show that writing openly.  Yet that prophecy is now history, even as the account of his death is a record as such.  This document then in its contents, though beautiful, is not as such to categorize it "a reed".  Accordingly it is an honored Biblical record in the same tune with such other ones known as, Judith, Tobith, Ruth, Esther, or Nicodemus.

If now we wish to further define scripture from records, and canon from none canon, we can look on documents such as of Barnabas, Clement, Ignatius, and the book of Victory as sermons.  And again others, like Pilate, as, "the story of" similar to Judith or Ruth etc.  The books of the Maccabees (1 and 2) are in all respects like the records of the Kings (1 and 2).  And why are these not with the canons?  Did they come too late, or is it that those who laid out the canons did not trust their author?  

In either event, it was God's design as to why the canons are as they are and the remaining books and records are as they are this day.  For again, if the publishers of the scriptures had been so wise in the first centuries AD to add the books of Enoch with the canons, - then the word of God, His prophecy, would not have been true. 

There would then indeed have been a great error to invalidate the infallibility of the scriptures.  For by Enoch the Lord foretold that not until He was to sent "me" into the world in the ending years shortly before His second coming that these scripture would again be brought forth to the world, or people, as such.

The letters of Clement and Barnabas for example are not among the canons, but of Paul all his letters are, since it was to Paul and the other Apostles of the Lord that He gave the Gospel to be proclaimed. Therefore the canons are as they are.

Consequently it should be clear to all that all these things which have been, and which are, as well as what is coming, and my writing as well, are by design of God, in which manner also He causes all the words of His prophets to come true. The remaining books of the Scriptures thus as composed here (and not elsewhere) are for the wise, for the sons and not for the mere laborers, who in every way oppose them.

I have no doubt that those which call themselves doctors of the scriptures will complain, if not oppose me in the way I arranged the documents, including and excluding books as I did, as well as in the renaming of some of them.  Let me then state for the record that I have done - as I have done, before God and Christ, and who are you O you doctors of the letter - as you pronounce yourself before me and Him who has sent me?

  You have gall all right, like Miriam and Aaron to complain of Moses, take then learning from that record.  To your dismay I tell you I do not have the respect of persons, but I judge everyone according to the light of the law.  What is a king or a prince of the earth to me?  Be it a beggar or a prince, both are assigned to me of my God.  And if the prince sins, he will come to know the rod with which the Lord my God will give me to rule.  And if the beggar be found just, he will obtain mercy in the compassion with which my God will endow me to rule the many creatures which He formed for Himself. 

Are you doctors of the scriptures not the ones who are making a mockery of His word?  Are not you the very ones in these last decades that have made a whole series of translations of the word of God with the single aim of corrupting the same?  Indeed you are, your forebears corrupted the other records which I took and cleansed from the filth that was on them, from the filth of your fathers before you in which you rejoiced.  But no you were not satisfied that only these were corrupted, and stained with your filth, but you went forth to demoralize, and to desalt and corrupt the canons as well. 

And speaking for the English language, there was the King James version in 1611, which although not perfect, was nevertheless faithful.  And so-so faithful men came and made a standard version of this King James version.  This now was all good and well, but the people outgrew the language of the time, and it became difficult to read.  And so faithful men came and updated the language, and even removed some of the faults of the original King James, so that the English reader had a copy both faithful and pleasant to read, and it was called the Revised Standard Version.  

But people are creatures of habit, for even though they may behold one traveling at the incredible speed of 25 miles per hour on a slow boat to China, they dare not step on that train for surely God did not make men to travel that fast.  Wherefore even to this day I hear these blind ones preach in this tongue-breaking language of old, never having woke up to the sun in its midday hour. 

But whether it was the King James or the standard, or revised standard, they were all suitable.  And now having come into the latter end of the twentieth century, into the black age, they thought - that now that the standard version is revised - so let us revise the King James to current language.  And if now indeed they had done so, I would have called you faithful, but you did not do so, because you are not men.  

For meanwhile there had been others who thought to rewrite the scriptures after their own abominable imagination, which atrocities they called, "The New English Bible".  "The Bible in Basic English".  And, "The Amplified Bible".  And perhaps still others of which I am not aware, which is not counting the abomination of such as openly call themselves to a name other than Christ. 

The Romans now will have a field day, for previously, they - with their heart devoid of integrity, had at least enough integrity to leave the letter of the scripture as they were, and to add their corruption's into footnotes.  But why now in footnotes, for look what these protesters (Protestants) did, they write the scripture after their own imagination, totally departing from the letter of God.  

Let us therefore be even more gods then we already claim to be, and write in it that God actually commanded to eat fish on Friday's, and that God strictly forbade marriage altogether.  And that 20 percent (instead of 10%) is to be paid out to the church, and that only adultery is legal and acceptable to God, for if these can rewrite things, no doubt we Romans can do even better.

All these translation of late then are absolutely worthless, and serve no other purpose than food for the fire along with them that perpetrated these abominations.  And be not concerned O my people, you in whom there is integrity, for they assuredly will burn, and shortly at that.  For the Lord is not only near ready to return, but He has already returned in preparation to His judgment on the world, in particular on the priests and rulers, foremost on priests, and secondly on rulers, and thirdly on them that follow them in their atrocities.  

For the priesthood is higher than the kingdom, wherefore also the judgment on priests is enormously severe.  For if you conceive that Hitler will suffer great pains in hell, he can laugh at the popes whose pains will be as great.  For they will both be in the same place at the same time, and there they can accuse and curse one another daily.  For O how terrible that hell of theirs will be, sinners cursing sinners over and over with nothing better to do. 

And what is it now that these snakes did to the scriptures?  I will give you a metaphor.  The renter received his bill for the rent in the amount of 300 dollars.  The renter then wrote out a new bill in the amount of 200 dollars and sent it with payment to his landlord.  And now what do you suppose the Landlord will do concerning these renters?  It will become evident on the great day of judgment, count on that. 

In addition to the well known records of Biblical nature, I added others taken from the books of record so that these jewels of the Lord may not only be forgotten but be honored, and serve as inspiration to those who are yet to follow them.  These of course are in my own words, or in such others as may be specified. 

How then one judges my recording of history is their affair, I wished to record the highlights of the light of the Sun of God as that pierced through the dark clouds of paganism, and through the black clouds of the seeming Christians.

What are the records of men to me however majestic they were in their oppression and sin?  The records of men are for oblivion, except as shall convict them to their just reward.  

For is not this the contract which the tyrants and executioners of this age enter into with the elect of God?  Namely;  that;   for as much as we gave ourselves to be destroyed by their hands for the name and innocence which we profess, so for their injustice they will be given into our hands to destroy them.

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