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The complete document may be found in the Pseudepigrapha, since that which I which I entered here is condensed - and not all of the document.  Some of the sentiments seemed to be played up out of reality, but there is much prophecy and wisdom in these words, which I can hardly begin to explain or reveal.

As to the story regarding the pro and cons that have been remarked upon it by critics, let me reiterate the fact that Aseneth became wife to Joseph, and that she was not heathen, not meaning that she was not born Egyptian, but rather in the context of the term.  And, that her repentance is not only the most beautiful part of Aseneth, but it is Aseneth in both that which she is and represents.

Nor shall we assume that she lived there as a righteous child among all the idolatry of Egypt.  Nor shall we assume that Joseph would even remotely take a heathen women to wife.  Thus even the sum of these joins repentance with Aseneth.

Who then is to say that the events as also the words spoken as presented here are indeed so?  There is nothing contradictory nor uncommon, nor unusual in the repentance which together with the other factors make it very well as presented.  There is more to this story than the story.


      Chapter 1


1.  It happen in the first year of the seven years of plenty, in the second month on the fifth thereof, that Pharaoh sent out Joseph to drive around the whole land of Egypt.

2. And in the 4th month, on the 18th thereof, Joseph came into the territory of Heliopolis for the gathering of the grain of that region,

3. And there was a man in that city, a satrap of Pharaoh, which was chief of the satraps, and of the noblemen of Pharaoh, this man was exceedingly rich, and prudent and gentle.

4. And he was counselor of Pharaoh because he was understanding beyond the noblemen of Pharaoh, and his name was Pentephres, priest of Heliopolis.

5. And he had a daughter, a virgin of 18 years being tall and very beautiful to look on beyond the virgins of the land, and this girl had nothing similar to the virgins of the Egyptians, but she was similar in respect to the daughters of the Hebrews.

6.  She was tall as Sarah, fair as Rebecca, and beautiful as Rachel, her name Aseneth.  And the fame of her beauty went through all the land to the ends of the inhabited world.

7. And all the sons of the noblemen and the sons of the satraps, and those of the kings, all of them young and powerful asked for her hand in marriage.  So there was much wrangling among them over Aseneth, even fighting over her.

8. Pharaoh's son then knowing of her kept entreating his father to give her to him for wife.  But Pharaoh said to him, "Why do you seek a wife that is beneath you, you are to be king of all Egypt, and is not the daughter of the king of Moab betrothed to you, she is a queen and very beautiful, take this one for your wife."

      Aseneth's tower

9.  Aseneth however despised every man, being boastful and arrogant, and she lived on an upper floor of a tower, which her father had built for her, which had ten rooms.

10. And these were very splendidly adorned and also full of the idols of Egypt many of gold and silver which Aseneth worshipped, and with her were seven virgins, of her own age, which served her.

11. Aseneth room then had three large windows, and there was a courtyard with a gate and armed guards, and trees as well as fruit trees along the wall of the court, and it was the time of harvest. 


      Chapter 2 

      Joseph visits Pentephres

1. And Joseph having come in the city, he sent men to Pentephres saying; "It is the hour of the midday meal, I will come to refresh myself".

2.  Pentephres then rejoiced and said; "Blessed be the Lord of Joseph that my lord Joseph thought me worthy to come to us."

3.  And he called the steward of the house saying; "Hurry, make the house ready, and prepare a great dinner for Joseph, the powerful one of God is coming to us today."

4.  And Pentephres said to his daughter Aseneth; "My child, Joseph, who is chief of the whole land of Egypt, and gathering grain for the whole land to save it from the upcoming famine, is coming here today.

5.  If now you will I will give you to him for wife, to be his bride."  And Aseneth hearing this became furious with anger looking amiss at her father, and said;

6.  "Why does my father speak such words to hand me over like a captive to a man who is an alien and a fugitive, and sold as a slave?  Is he not the shepherd's son from the land of Canaan, who was caught with his mistress, his master throwing him into prison?

7.  But Pharaoh brought him out because he interpreted his dream just like the older women of the Egyptians used to interpret, No, but I will be married to the king's firstborn, for he is king of the whole land of Egypt."

8. And hearing this, Pentephres was too disappointed to speak further to his daughter concerning Joseph, she having spoken to him daringly and with boastful anger.

9. Then one of the young men announced that Joseph was before the gate, and Aseneth fled from her father and mother going to her upper room and stood by a window where she could see Joseph coming.

10.  Pentephres then and his wife went to meet Joseph, who entered standing on his chariot, with four beautiful horses, and the chariot overlaid with gold.

11.  And Joseph was dressed with his royal robe of purple interwoven with gold, beautiful to behold, and Aseneth seeing him on his chariot, was cut to the heart, and said

12. "Wretch that I am, did I not say that a shepherds son from the land of Canaan was coming, and now behold, the sun from heaven has come to us on his chariot, while I despised him, and spoke wicked words concerning him."

13. And Joseph having taken his seat, and a table was brought before him, for Joseph never ate together with the Egyptians which was an abomination to him, he looking up saw Aseneth in the window, and said to Pentephres;

14. "Who is this woman standing at the upper floor, let her leave this house."  For Joseph feared thinking this one might molest me also, since the wives and daughters of the nobles of Egypt used to molest him desiring to sleep with him.

15. They suffered as they saw Joseph because of his beauty, but Joseph despised them, and sent back their messengers with threats and insults.

16. But Pentephres said; "This one you have seen is not a strange woman but she is our daughter, a virgin hating every man, if then you will, I will call her to address you, for our daughter is like a sister to you".

17. And Joseph rejoiced in hearing that she hated every man, thinking, this one will not molest me, and he said; "If she is your daughter and a virgin, let her come for she is like a sister."

18.  And Aseneth having come, her father said to her; "Go and kiss your brother."  But as Aseneth went up to kiss Joseph, he put forth his hand withholding her saying;

19. "It is not fitting for a man who worships God, who with his lips blesses God, and drinks the blessed cup of immortality to kiss a woman who with her mouth blesses dead and dumb idols, and drinks from a cup of defilement."

20. Aseneth then hearing these words was strongly cut to the heart and sighed, her eyes with tears gazing at Joseph.

21.  And Joseph, being a meek and merciful man, seeing her thus he lifted his hand placing it on her head and said; "Lord God of my father Israel, bless O Lord this virgin, renew her by Thy Spirit and let her enter Thy rest."

22. And Aseneth rejoicing over Joseph's blessing she hurried to her upper room and fell upon her bed exhausted, for in her was joy as well as distress,

23. And she wept bitterly repenting of her care with the gods she used to worship, spurning the idols.

24. And Joseph preparing to leave, Pentephres said to him; "Let my lord lodge here today, and be on your way tomorrow."  But Joseph said; "No but I will go, because this is the day on which God began to make all creatures, and on the eight day, when that day comes I will return and lodge here.


     Chapter 3 

     Aseneth repents

1. And Aseneth was left alone with her seven maid-servants, and continued to be weighed down and weep until sunset eating no bread nor drinking water, and everyone having gone to sleep she was awake and struck her breast often.

2. And she went down, and taking a curtain from the window and filling it with ashes from the fireplace she carried it to her room and closed the door firmly, and the seven virgins, her maids, as they went to Aseneth's door found it locked.

3.  But they heard sighing and weeping, and said to her "What ails you mistress, why do you feel so sad, open to us and we will see what you have."

4.  But Aseneth would not open the door, but said: "My head is heavy with pain, and am resting in my bed, and cannot rise, go therefore and rest each in your rooms"

5.  And Aseneth took off her beautiful garments and put on a black tunic of mourning, and took all the gods of gold and silver, and all the other gods of the Egyptians and grinding such as she could, she cast them out of the window.

6.  And pouring ashes on the floor and on her head she wept bitterly.  And so seven days passed and nights wherein she ate no bread nor drank water, but humiliated herself.

7.  And on the eight day as she was weak and tired from lack of food, she reasoned again saying in her heart; What shall I do miserable me, with whom shall I take refuge, or what shall I speak, I the virgin, an orphan, desolate, abandoned and hated.

8.  All people have come to hate me, my father and mother also hate me for I hated their gods and destroyed them, therefore they said "Aseneth is not our daughter," because I destroyed our gods.

9.  And all people hate me because I too have come to hate every man, all who asked for my hand in marriage, this then is my humiliation that they have come to hate me, and gloat over my affliction.

10.  And the Lord God, the powerful one of Joseph, the Most High hates all those that worship idols, for He is a jealous God, and terrible towards all those that worship strange gods.

11.  He therefore has come to hate me also, for I worshipped dead and dumb idols blessing them, and ate from their sacrifices, my mouth being defiled from their table.

12. And I have not the boldness to call on the Lord of heaven, the Most High, for my mouth is defiled.  But I have heard that the God of the Hebrews is a true and living God and that He is merciful, and compassionate, and does not count the sins of a humble person, nor expose the deeds of the afflicted in his affliction.

13.  I therefore will take courage and turn to Him, and confess all my sins to Him, to pour my supplication before Him, who knows if He will not see my humiliation and have pity on me.

14.  For He is the Father of the orphan, and the protector of the persecuted, a helper of the afflicted, I thus will take courage and cry to Him.

15. And she rose turning to the window, but was afraid to open her mouth to name the name of God, and turned back to the wall, and thought further in herself.

16.  What a wretch I am, my mouth is defiled, how then shall I open my mouth to the Most High?  How shall I name His terrible holy name, so He will not be angry with me that in my lawless deeds I have called on His holy name?

17. What shall I do wretch that I am, I however will take courage and open my mouth to Him and invoke His name, and if in fury the Lord strikes me, He himself will again heal me.

18.  And if He chastises me with His whip, He himself will look again on me in His mercy, and if He is furious at me in my sins, He will again be reconciled with me and forgive me every sin.

19.  So I will take courage to open my mouth to Him.  And she arose and by the window spread her hands eastward looking up to the sky, and said;


     Chapter 4

     Aseneth's prayer

1.  Lord God of the ages who gave the breath of life to Thy whole creation, who brought the invisible out into the light, who made being from none being.

2.  Who lifted up the heavens and founded it on a firmament on the back of the winds, who founded the earth on waters, and put large stones on the abyss of the water, nor do the stones submerge, but like oak-leaves they are on top of the water.

3.  And they are living stones, which hear Thy voice, and keep Thy commandments which Thou commanded them, and never transgress Thy ordinances, but will be doing Thy will to the end.

4.  For Thou Lord spoke and they were brought to life, for Thy word is life to all Thy creatures, with Thee O Lord I take refuge, to Thee O Lord I will shout, to Thee my supplication, and confessing my sins.

5.  Spare me O Lord for I have sinned much before Thee, I have committed lawlessness and irreverence, and spoke wicked unspeakable things before Thee.

6.  My mouth is defiled from the sacrifices of the idols, from the tables of the gods of the Egyptians, I have sinned O Lord, before Thee I have sinned much in worshipping dead and dumb idols.

7.  And now I am not worthy to open my mouth to Thee O Lord, and I Aseneth, a virgin once proud and arrogant, now I am an orphan, abandoned by all people, with Thee then I take refuge O Lord.

8.  Rescue me before I am caught by my persecutors, for even as a small child being afraid flees to his father, and the father stretching out his hands picks him off the ground, and holding him to his breast the child regains confidence resting at his father's breast.  And the father smiles at his confusion of his childish mind.

9.  So also Thou Lord stretch out Thy hand upon me as a child loving Father, and snatch me from the earth, for the wild old lion persecutes me, for he is the father of the gods of the Egyptians, and his children are the gods of the idol maniacs.

10.  And I have come to hate them, for they are the lionís children, and I have thrown them from me, and destroyed them, and their father, the lion, furiously persecutes me.

11.  But Thou O Lord rescue me from his hands, deliver me from his mouth, lest he carry me off like a lion, and tearing me throwing me in the flames of the fire.

12.  And the fire will cast me in the great wave, and the wave will conceal me in darkness throwing me in the depths of the sea, and the sea monster that exists there since eternity will swallow me, and I will be destroyed forever and ever.

13.  Rescue me Lord before all this comes upon me, rescue me the desolate and solitary, for my father and mother have disowned me saying; Aseneth is not our daughter.

14.  Because I destroyed their gods, and now I have no-one except Thee O Lord, have mercy on me O Lord for Thou art a sweet, and good and gentle Father, for what Father is as sweet as Thee O Lord?"

        The Lord calls on Aseneth.

15.  And having made confession to the Lord, behold the morning star rose up in heaven, and seeing it Aseneth rejoice and said; "Thus the Lord God listened to my prayer, this star rising as a messenger, a herald of the light of the great day."

16.  And as she looked the heavens near the star were torn apart, and a great inexpressible light appeared, and seeing this she fell on her face.

17.  And a man from the light came and stood by her saying, "Aseneth, Aseneth".  And Aseneth thought, what man is calling me since the door of my chamber is closed and the tower high, how can he be in my chamber?

18.  And the man called her a second time saying, "Aseneth Aseneth".  And she said; "Behold here I am Lord, who art Thou?"

19.  And the man said; "I am the chief of the house of the Lord, commander of the whole host of the Most High, rise and stand on your feet, and I will tell you what I have to say".

20.  And Aseneth raising her head saw a man His face like lightning and His eyes like the sun, and the hairs of His head like flaming fire, with His hands like iron shining from fire and sparks shooting forth from them, and his feet as well.

21.  And seeing this she fell in great fear, but the man said to her, "Courage Aseneth, be not afraid, but rise and stand on your feet".

22.  And she rose, and the man said; "Go into the second chamber and put off  your black tunic, and shake off those ashes, wash your face and hand with living water.

23.  And dress in a new linen robe untouched, and gird your waist with the new twin girdle of your virginity, and return to me, and I will tell you what I have to say."


      Chapter 5

      Godliness in a new spirit

1.  And Aseneth hurried and did as the man had commanded her, and having returned He said to her; "Remove the veil from your head, and for what purpose did you do this, for you are a chaste virgin and this day your head is like that of a young man."

2.  And Aseneth removed the veil, and the man said; "Courage Aseneth chaste virgin, I have heard all the words of your confession and your prayer, and I have seen the humiliation and the affliction of the seven days of your want.

3.  Behold, from your tears and these ashes plenty of mud has formed on your face.  And so take courage, for your name was written in the book of the living at the beginning thereof, as the very first your name was written by My finger, and it will not be erased forever.

4.  And you will eat the blessed bread of life, and drink a blessed cup of immortality, and anoint yourself with the blessed ointment of incorruptibility.

5.  Take courage, for behold I have given you to Joseph for bride, and he himself will be your bridegroom forever and ever.  And your name shall no longer be called Aseneth, but your name shall be "City of Refuge", for in you many nations will take refuge with the Lord God the Most High.

6.  Under your wings peoples will be sheltered trusting in the Lord God, behind your walls they who attach themselves to the God Most High shall be guarded in the name of repentance.

7.  For repentance is in heaven, an exceedingly beautiful and good daughter of the Most High, and she herself entreats the Most High God for you at all times, and for all whom repent in the name of the Most High God.

8.  For He is the Father of repentance, and she herself the guardians of all virgins, and she loves you very much, and entreats the Most High for you at all times.

Eternal rewards

9.  And for all who repent she prepares a place of rest in the heavens, and she will renew all that repent and herself wait on them forever and ever.

10.  Repentance is exceedingly beautiful; a virgin pure and always joyful and gentle and meek therefore also does the Most High love her, and all the angels stand in awe of her.

11.  And I too love her exceedingly, for she is My sister, and because she loves you virgins, I love you also, And behold, I am going to Joseph and will tell him about you all that I have to say.

12.  And Joseph will come to you today, and seeing you he will rejoice over you and love you, and he will be your bridegroom and you his bride forever and ever.

13.  And now hear me Aseneth chaste virgin, dress in your wedding robe, the ancient robe that is laid up in your chamber since eternity.

14.  And put around you all your wedding ornaments, and adorn yourself as a good bride, and go and meet Joseph, for behold, he himself is coming to you today, and seeing you he will rejoice."

       The hidden names

15.  And Aseneth rejoiced exceedingly at these words of the man, and she bowed before Him and said, "Blessed be the Lord Thy God the Most High who has sent Thee to rescue me from darkness, to bring me up from the bottom of the abyss.

16.  And blessed be Thy name forever, but what is Thy name O Lord, tell me that I may praise and glorify Thee forever."

17.  And the man said to her; "Why do you seek My name Aseneth?  My name is in the heavens in the book of the Most High written by the finger of God in the beginning of the book before all others, for I am chief of the house of the Most High.

18.  And all these names written in the book of the Most High are unspeakable, nor is a man allowed to pronounce nor hear them in this world, for these names are exceedingly great and wonderful and laudable."

19.  And Aseneth said; "If I have found favor in Thy sight Lord, and that I may know that Thou wilt do all Thy word as Thou has spoken to me, let Thy maidservant speak before Thee."

20.  And the man said "Speak up".  And Aseneth stretching out her hand said; "I beg Thee Lord sit down a little on this bed, and I will bring a table before Thee and bread that Thou may eat, and bring good wine."

21.  And the man said; "Hurry and bring it quickly."  And Aseneth hurried placing a table before Him, and went to fetch bread, and the man said, "Bring me also a honeycomb".

22.  Then Aseneth stood still and was distressed, for she did not have a honeycomb in her storeroom, and the man said; "Why do you stand still?"

23.  And Aseneth answered; "I will sent a boy to the suburb and quickly bring me a honeycomb here, and I will set it before Thee".

      The Lord provides His offerings

24.  But the man said to her; "Proceed and enter your storeroom and you will find a honeycomb on the table, pick it up and bring it here."

25.  And Aseneth answered; "But Lord there is no honeycomb in my storeroom".  But the man said; "Proceed and you will find it."

26.  And Aseneth entered her storeroom and found the honeycomb on the table, it was large and white as snow and full of honey, and that honey was like dew from heaven, and its exhalation like the breath of life.

27.  And Aseneth wondered in herself saying; did this comb then come out of the man's mouth?  and she took it and brought it to the man placing it on the table before Him.

28.  And the man said to her' "How is it that you said there is no honeycomb, and behold here you have brought Me a wonderful honeycomb?"

29.  And Aseneth being afraid said; "Lord I did not have a honeycomb in my storeroom at any time, but Thou spoke and it came into being, surely this came out of Thy mouth because its exhalation is like the breath of Thy mouth."

30.  And the man smiled at Aseneth's understanding and called her to himself, and stretched out His right hand and shook her head, and Aseneth was afraid of the man's hand because sparks shot forth from His hand as from molten iron.

31. And Aseneth gazed at the man's hand, and the man seeing said; "Happy are you Aseneth because the ineffitable mysteries of the Most High have been revealed to you.

32.  And happy are all that attach themselves to the Lord God in repentance, for they will eat from this comb, for this comb is the Spirit of life.

33.  The bees of the paradise of delight made this from the dew of the roses of life that are in the paradise of God, and all the angels of God eat of it.

34.  And all the chosen of God, the sons of the Most High, because this is the comb of life, and everyone who eats of it will not die forever."

35.  And the man broke off a small portion of the comb and himself He ate, and what was left thereof He put into Aseneth's mouth, and said to her; "Eat."  And she ate.

36.  And the man said, "Behold you have eaten the bread of life and drank a cup of immortality, and you have been anointed with the ointment of incorruptibility.

37.  From this day on your flesh will flourish like flowers of life from the ground of the Most High, and your bones will grow strong like the cedars of the paradise of delight of God.

38. And untiring powers will embrace you, and your mouth will not see old age, nor will your beauty fail forever, and you shall be like a walled mother-city of all who take refuge with the name of the Lord, the King of the ages." 


     Chapter 6

     Life to the ends of the earth

1. And the man touched the comb where He had broken a part off, and it was restored becoming whole as it was in the beginning.

2. And again He reached forth with His hand putting His finger on the edge of the comb looking east and drew it over the edge looking west and the way of His finger became like blood.

3. And for a second time He put His finger on the edge looking north and drew it over the edge looking south and the way of His finger became like blood.

4. And Aseneth standing at His left watched everything that the man did, and the man said to the comb, "Come".  And bees rose from the cells of that comb, the cells being innumerable in number.

5.  And these bees were white as snow, their wings like purple and like violet and scarlet, and like gold woven linen cloaks and golden diadems on their heads.

6. And they had sharp stings, but they would not injure anyone, and these bees encircled Aseneth from head to feet.

7. And other bees being great, chosen like their queens, rose from the damaged part of the comb and encircled Aseneth's mouth, making upon her mouth and her lips a comb similar to the comb, which was on the table before the man.

8. And all these bees ate of the comb, which was on Asenethís mouth.  And the man said to the bees, "Go to your place".  And the bees rose and flew away into heaven.

9. Then those who wished to injure Aseneth fell to the ground and died, and the man stretched out His staff over the dead bees, saying to them; "Rise you too, and go to your place".

10.  And these bees that had died rose and went into the court adjoining Aseneth's house and sought shelter on the fruit bearing trees.

11. And the man said to Aseneth; "Have you seen this thing?"  And she said; "Yes Lord I have seen all these".  And the man said to her; "So will all My words be which I have spoken to you today".

12. And for a third time He stretched out His right hand and touched the damaged part of the comb, and at once fire went up from the table and consumed the comb.  But it did not injure the table, and much fragrance came forth from the burning of the comb, and filled the chamber.

       The blessing.

13.  And Aseneth said to the man; "Lord, there are seven virgins ministering to me, fostered with me from my childhood, born with me in the same night, and I love them as my sisters.

14. I will call them and Thou wilt bless them as Thou has blessed me."  And the man said, "Call them".  And Aseneth called the seven virgins and stood them before the man.

15. And the man blessed them saying; "May the Lord, the God Most High bless you, and you shall be seven pillars of the city of refuge, and all the fellow inhabitants of the chosen of that city will rest upon you forever and ever."

16. And the man said to Aseneth; "Put this table away".  And Aseneth as she turned to do so, at once the man went away out of her sight.

17.  And Aseneth saw like a chariot of four horses traveling into heaven towards the east, and the chariot was like a flame of fire, and the horses like lightning, and the man was standing on the chariot.

18. And Aseneth said; Foolish and bold I am, because I spoke with frankness saying that a man from heaven came into my chamber, not knowing that it was God coming to me, and now behold He is traveling into heaven to His place.

19. And she said in herself, be gracious Lord to Thy slave and spare Thy maidservant because I spoke boldly before Thee my words in ignorance.


      Chapter 7

     The bride prepares for the groom.

1. And as Aseneth was saying these things, a young man from her father came and said; "Behold, Joseph the powerful one of God is coming to us today for a forerunner of him is standing at the gates of the court".

2. And Aseneth hurried and calling the steward of her house said; hurry and make the house ready, and prepare a good dinner for Joseph is coming today.

3. And the steward seeing her face fallen was distressed and said; "What have you my child that your face is so fallen?"

4. And Aseneth said; "My head was stricken with heavy pain, and sleep was kept from my eyes".  And the steward went to prepare the house and the dinner.

5. And Aseneth remembered the man and His commandments and hurried to dress herself in her wedding garment with all the ornaments as the man had said.

6. And recalling the words of the steward that her face had fallen, she said; "Woe is me, now Joseph as he sees me will despise me."

7.  And she said to her foster sister, "Bring me pure water from the spring and I will wash my face."  And she did so pouring it in the basin.

8. And as she leaned over to wash her face, it was like the sun, her eyes like the morning star, and her cheeks like the fields of the Most High, red like a man, and her lips like a rose of life coming from its foliage.

9. And her teeth like fighting men lined up for battle, and the hair of her head like a vine in the paradise of God prospering in its fruit, and her neck like a varied cypress, and her breast like the mountains of the Most High.

10. And Aseneth seeing herself in the water was amazed at the sight, and rejoicing with great joy she did not wash her face, for she said perhaps I would wash off this beauty.

11. And the steward came reporting that everything was prepared as commanded, and he seeing her was alarmed standing speechless for some time.

12. And filled with fear he fell at her feet and said; "What is this mistress, this great and wonderful beauty, at last the Lord God has chosen you as bride for His first-born son Joseph". 

       Joseph arrives.

13. And while they were saying this, a boy came and said; Behold Joseph is standing at the doors of the court.

14. And Aseneth harried down the stairs with the seven virgins to meet Joseph, and stood in the entrance of the house.

15. And Joseph entered the court and the gates were closed with all strangers remaining outside, and Aseneth went out of the entrance to meet Joseph.

16. And Joseph seeing her was amazed at her beauty, and said to her; "Who are you, tell me quickly."  And she said; "I am your maidservant Aseneth, and I have thrown away all the idols from me, and they are destroyed.

17. And a man came to me today from heaven saying; today I have given you for a bride to Joseph, and he will be your groom forever and ever.

18. And further He said; Your name will no longer be called Aseneth, but "City of refuge," and the Lord God will reign as King over many nations forever, for in you many nations will take refuge with the Lord Most High.

19. And I will also go to Joseph and speak to him concerning you what I have to say, and thus my lord, you know if that man has come to you, and has spoken to you concerning me."

20. And Joseph said; "Blessed are you by the Most High God, and blessed is your name forever, for the Lord founded your walls in the highest.

21.  And your walls are adamantine walls of life because the sons of the living God will dwell in your city of refuge, and the Lord will reign as King over them forever and ever.

22. For this man came to me today and spoke to me words as such concerning you, and now come to me chaste virgin, why stand so far from me?"

23. And Joseph stretched out his hand, and calling Aseneth by a wink of his eye, Aseneth ran up to Joseph and fell at his breast.

24. And Joseph putting his arms around her and she around him, they kissed each other for a long time, and both came to life in their spirit.

25. Joseph kissed Aseneth giving her spirit of life, and he kissed her a second time giving her spirit of wisdom, and kissing her a third time gave her the spirit of truth.

26. And they embraced each other for a long time interlocking their hands like bonds.


     Chapter 8

     Aseneth leads Joseph into her house

1. And Aseneth said to Joseph "Come my lord enter our house for I have prepared a great dinner." And grasping him by the hand she led him into the house seating Joseph on the seat of Pentephres her father, and brought water to was his feet.

2. But Joseph said; "Let one of the virgins come and wash my feet".  But Aseneth said; "No my lord, because from on you are my lord, and I your maidservant, and why do you say that another virgin wash your feet?

3. For your feet are my feet, and your hands my hands, and your soul my soul, and your feet another woman will never wash.  And so urging him she washed his feet."

4. And Joseph looking at her hands, they were like the hands of life, her fingers fine like that of a fast writing scribe.

5.  After this Joseph took her right hand and kissed it, and Aseneth kissed him on the head and sat at his right hand.

6.  And her father and mother and the whole family having come from the fields of their inheritance saw Aseneth as the appearance of light, her beauty as heavenly beauty.

7.  And seeing her sitting with Joseph and dressed in wedding garment, they were amazed and rejoiced giving glory to God who gives life to the dead.

8.  And they ate and drank celebrating, and Pentephres said to Joseph; "Tomorrow I will call the nobles and satraps of all Egypt and give a marriage feast for you, and you will take my daughter Aseneth for wife".

9.  But Joseph said; "Tomorrow I will go to Pharaoh the king, and speak to him about Aseneth".  For Joseph said, It does not fit a man who worships God to sleep with his wife before the wedding. 

       Pharaoh grants the marriage feast.

10.  And at daybreak Joseph arose and went to Pharaoh saying, give me Aseneth daughter of Pentephres to wife.

11.  And Pharaoh rejoiced with great joy and said to Joseph; "Behold is she not betrothed to you since eternity?  She shall be your wife from now on and forever."

12.  And Pharaoh sent and called Pentephres, and he brought Aseneth, and stood before Pharaoh, and Pharaoh seeing her was amazed at her beauty and said;

13. "The Lord God of Joseph bless you my child, and let this beauty of yours remain forever and ever.  The Lord did justly in choosing you for a bride for Joseph, for he is first-born of God, and you shall be called a daughter of the Most High, and bride of Joseph from now on forever."

14. And Pharaoh took Joseph and Aseneth and put golden crowns on their heads, crowns that had been in his house from the beginning and of old.

15.  And he set Aseneth at the right side of Joseph, and placing his hands on their heads he said; May the Lord God the Most High bless you and multiply you and magnify you forever.

16.  And he turned them towards each other face to face, and they kissed each other.  And after this Pharaoh gave a marriage feast, a large banquet for seven days.

17.  He called all the chiefs of the land, and all the kings of the nations, and proclaimed through the whole land of Egypt saying;

18.  Any man who does any work during the seven days of Joseph's wedding shall surely die.  After this, Joseph went into Aseneth and she conceived from Joseph, giving birth to Manassah and Ephraim in Joseph's house.

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