Chapter 1

  The word of the Lord came unto me saying

1.  "Son of man say to this people; why do you add sin to your sin angering the Lord God who created you?  Do not love the world or the things that are in it, for the boasting of the world and its destruction belongs to the devil.

2.  Remember that the Lord of glory who created everything had mercy on you, that He might save you from the captivity of this age.

3.  Many times the devil desired not to let the sun rise above the earth, and not to let the earth yield her fruit, since he desires to consume men like a fire raging in stubble, desiring to swallow them like water.

4.  On account of this therefore the God of glory had mercy on us, and He will send his Son to the world, that He might save us from this captivity."

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6.  The Lord said; I will write My name upon their forehead, and seal their right hand, and they will not hunger nor thirst.

7.  Neither will the son of lawlessness prevail over them, nor will the thrones hinder them, but they will walk with the angels up to my city.

8.  As for the sinners, they will be shamed, they will not enter upon the thrones, but the thrones of death will seize them and rule over them, for the angels will not agree with them, they have alienated themselves from his dwellings. 

     The true fast.

9.  Hear O wise men of the land concerning the deceivers that will multiply in the last times, that they may set forth doctrines for themselves which do not belong to God, setting aside the law of God.

10.  They have made their belly their god, saying the fast does not exist, nor did God create it.  They make themselves strangers to the covenant of God, and robbed themselves of the glorious promise.

11.  These now are not ever correctly established in the faith, do not therefore allow them to lead you astray.

12.  Remember that from the time when God created the heavens, He created the "fast" as a "benefit" to man on account of the passions and desires, which fight against you, so that the evil might not inflame you.

13.  But it is a pure fast, which I have created, said the Lord.  The one who fasts continually will not sin although jealousy and strife are within him.

14.  Let the pure one fast, he however who fasts not being pure - angers the Lord and also the angels, and has damaged his soul gathering wrath for himself for the day of wrath.

15.  But the pure fast is what I created, with a pure heart and pure hands, it releases sin, it heals diseases, it casts out demons, it is effective up to the throne of God for an ointment, and for a release from sin by means of a pure prayer.

16.  Who among you if he is honored for his craft, will go forth to the field without a tool in his hand?  Or who will go forth to the battle to fight without a breastplate?  If he is found, will he not be killed because he despised the king's service?

17. Likewise, the one who is "double-minded" in his prayer, is darkness to himself, and even the angels do not trust him.

18.  Therefore, be single-minded in the Lord at all times, so that you may know every moment.

       Events in times of the end.

19.  Furthermore, concerning the kings of Assyria and the dissolution of the heaven and the earth, and the things beneath the earth.

20.  The Lord says, they that are mine - will not be overcome, nor will they fear in battle.

21.  When they see one who rises in the north, a king of Assyria, the king of injustice, he will multiply his battles and disturb Egypt, and the land will groan because their children will be seized, many will desire death in those days, but death will flee from them.

22.  And a King, who will be called “King of peace,” will rise up in the west, he will run upon the sea like a roaring Lion.  And He will kill the king of injustice, and take vengeance on Egypt with battles and much bloodshed.

23.  It will come to pass in days to come, that He will command a peace, and a gift in Egypt, to those that are holy, that say; The name of God is One.  And He will honor and exalt the just.


       Chapter 2

       Lament over Egypt

1.  Woe to you O rulers of Egypt because in that day your days have passed, the violence done to the poor will turn against you and your children will be seized as plunder.

2.  In those days the cities of Egypt will groan, for the voice of those who sell, and of the one who buys will not be heard.  The markets of the cities of Egypt will become dusty, and those that are in her will weep together, they will desire death, but death will flee from them.

3.  In those days they will run to the rocks, and jump off saying, fall upon us, but they will not die.  Thus a double affliction will multiply upon the whole land.

4.  In those days the king will command, and all the nursing women will be seized and brought to him, they will suckle serpents, and blood will be drawn from their breasts, and it will be applied as poison to the arrows.

5.  And on account of the distress of the cities he will again command, and all the young lads from twelve and under will be seized and presented in order to teach them to shoot arrows.

6.  The midwife who is upon the earth will grieve; the women who gave birth will lift her eyes to heaven saying, Why did I sit on the birth-stool to bring forth a son to the earth?

7.  But the barren and the virgins will rejoice saying; it is our time to rejoice, because we have no child upon the earth, but our children are in heaven.

8.        ...

9.  And when you hear that there is security in Jerusalem, then tear your garments O you priests of the land, for the son of perdition is soon to come.  In these days the lawless one will appear in the holy places. 

10.     ... ...

11.  And he will say, "I am the Christ," although he is not.  Do not therefore believe him, for when the Christ comes, He will come in the manner of a covey of doves with the crown of doves surrounding Him.

12.  He will walk upon heavens vault with the sign of the Son of man before Him.  The whole earth will behold Him like as the sun, which shines from the eastern to the western horizon; this is how He will come with all His angels surrounding Him.

13.  But the son of lawlessness, when he begins to stand in the holy places will say to the sun, "fall!"  And it will fall.  He will say, "Shine" and it will do so.  He will say, "Darken", and it will do it.

14.  He will say to the moon; become bloody", and it will do it.  He will go forth with them from the sky, and walk upon the sea and rivers as upon dry land.

15.  He will cause the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak, the blind to see, and lepers he will cleanse, the ill he will heal, and demons he will cast out.

16.  He will multiply his signs and his wonders in the presence of everyone, he will do the works which the Christ did, except for raising the dead alone, in this you will know that he is the son of lawlessness, for he is unable to give life.

17.  And behold, I will give you his signs, so that you may know him.

18.  He will transform himself in the presence of those that see him, to become a young child, and become old.  He will transform himself in every sign, except the sign of his head he will not be able to change; therein also you will know that he is the son of lawlessness.


19.  The virgin, whose name is Tabitha, will hear that the shameless one has revealed himself in the holy places.  And she will put on her garment of fine linen, and she will pursue him up to Judea scolding him up to Jerusalem saying; O shameless one, O son of lawlessness, you who have been hostile to all the just.

20.  Then the shameless one will be angry at the virgin, he will pursue her up to the regions of the sunset, and shed her blood at evening, and cast her upon the temple, but she will become a healing for the people.

21.  She will rise at dawn, and live and scold him saying; O shameless one, you have no power over my soul or my body, because I live in the Lord always, and my blood which you have cast upon the temple has become a healing for the people.

        Elijah and Enoch.

22.  Then when Elijah and Enoch hear that the shameless one has revealed himself in the holy places, they will come and fight with him saying;

23.  Are you indeed not ashamed when you attach yourself to the just?  You are always estranged you are hostile to those who belong to heaven, you have acted against those belonging to the earth, you have been hostile to the thrones.

24.  You have acted against the angels, you are always a stranger, you have fallen from heaven like the morning star, and you were changed, also your tribe became dark for you, still you are not ashamed when you stand firmly against God, you are a devil.

25.  And the shameless one hearing this will be angry and he will fight with them in the market place of the great city, he will spend seven days fighting with them.

26.  And they will spend three and a half days in the market place dead while all the people see them, but on the fourth day they will rise up, and scold him saying;

27.  O shameless one, O son of lawlessness, are you indeed not ashamed of yourself leading astray the people of God for whom you did not suffer?  Do you not know that we live in the Lord?

28.  And they will prevail saying to him; we laid down the flesh for the spirit, and we will kill you, since you will be unable to speak on that day, because we are always strong in the Lord, but you are always hostile to God.

29.  And the shameless one hearing this will be angry, and come to fight with the whole city surrounding them, but on that day they will shine as they ascend up to heaven, and all the people of the world will behold the same.

     Chapter 3

     Persecution of the just

1.  The son of lawlessness will be angry at the land, and will seek to sin against the people, he will pursue all the just, they and the priests of the land will be brought back bound, and he will kill them and destroy them.

2.  Their eyes will be removed with iron spikes, he will remove their skin from their heads, and remove their nails one by one, he will command that vinegar and lime be put in their nose.

3.  Those then who are unable to bear up under the tortures of that king, will take gold and flee over the fjords to the desert places, there they will lie down as one who sleeps, the Lord will receive their spirits and their souls to himself.

4.  Their flesh shall petrify, no wild animal will eat them, then at the last day, at the great Day of Judgment, they will rise up and find a place of rest.

5.  But they will not be in the kingdom of the Christ as those who have endured, for the Lord said; "I will grant those that sit at My right hand to receive favor over others."

6.        ... ...

7.   Sixty righteous ones, who were prepared for this hour, will hear and girding on the breastplate of God they will go up to Jerusalem and fight with the shameless one saying;

8.  All the powers which the prophets have done from the beginning, you have done, but you were unable to raise the dead, for you have no power to give life, therein we know that you are the son of lawlessness.

9.  And hearing them he will be angry and command altars to be kindled, and these righteous will be bound, and be lifted up and burned.

10.  On that day however the hearts of many will turn aside, and flee from him saying; "This is not the Christ, for the Christ does not kill the righteous, nor does He pursue men so that He might seek them, but rather He persuades them with signs and wonders.

11.     ... ...

        Mercy on the righteous.

12.  On that day the Christ will pity those who are his own, and will sent from heaven his sixty thousand angels, each of whom have six wings, and the sound will move heaven and earth when they give praise and glory.

13.  Those then upon whose forehead the name of Christ is written, and upon whose hand is the seal, both the small and the great will be taken up on their wings, and be lifted up before His wrath.

14.  Then Gabriel and Uriel will become a pillar of light leading them into the Holy Land, it will be granted them to eat from the tree of life.

15.  They will wear white garments, and the angels will watch over them, they will not thirst, nor will the son of lawlessness be able to prevail over them.

        The great day of the Lord.

16.  On that day the earth will be disturbed, and the sun will darken, and will be removed from the earth, the birds will fall on the earth dead, and the earth become dry, the waters of the sea drying up.

17.  The sinners will groan upon the earth saying; what have you done to us you son of lawlessness saying I am the Christ when you are a devil, you are not even able to save yourself, that you might save us.

18.  You produced signs in our presence until you alienated us from the Christ who created us, woe to us, because we listened to you.  Behold, now we will die in a famine, where now indeed is the trace of a righteous one?  And we will worship him.

19.  Or where indeed is one who will teach us?  And we will appeal to him, for now indeed we will be wrathfully destroyed, because we disobeyed God.

20.  We went to the deep places of the sea, but we found no water, we dug in the rivers and papyrus reeds, but found no water.

21.  On that day the shameless one will weep saying; Woe to me, for my time has passed by for me while I was saying that my time would not pass by for me, instead, my years became months, and my days passed away as dust passes away.

22.  Therefore now, I will perish together with you, so run to the desert and seize the robbers, and kill them.  Bring up the just, for because of them the earth yields fruit, and because of them the sun shines upon the earth and because of them the dew comes upon the earth.

23.  The sinners will weep saying; you made us hostile to God, therefore if you are able, rise up and pursue them yourself.

24.   Then he will take up his fiery wings and fly out after the just, and will fight with them again, but the angels hearing it will come down, and they will fight with him a battle of many words.

25.  And it will come to pass on that day that the Lord will hear and command the heaven and the earth with great wrath.  And they will send forth fire, and the fire will prevail over the earth seventy-two cubits.  It will consume the sinners and devils like stubble, a true judgment will occur.

26.  On that day the mountains and the earth will utter speech, the byways will speak with one another saying; Have you heard today the voice of a man who walks, who has not come to the judgment of the Son of God?

27.  The sins of each person will stand against him in the place where they were committed, be it of day or of night.

28.  But the righteous shall rejoice and shall see the judgment upon the sinners, and on those who persecuted them, and on those who handed them over to death in their torments.

29.  Then the sinners in torment will see the place of the righteous, and thus grace will occur in those days, what the righteous asked for many times will be given to them.

30.  On that day the Lord will judge heaven and earth, He will judge those who have transgressed in heaven, and those who did so on earth.

31.  He will judge the shepherds of the people, and ask about the flocks of sheep, and they will be given Him without any deadly guile existing in them.

32.  At that time Elijah and Enoch will pursue the son of lawlessness, and kill him, since he will not be able to speak, in that day he will dissolve in their presence like ice by fire, he will perish like a serpent which has no breath in it.

33.  They will say to him; Your time has passed by for you, you therefore now, and those who believe you will perish, they will be cast into the bottom of the abyss, and it will be closed over them.

34.  On that day, the Christ the King, and all His righteous and elect will come forth from heaven, He will burn the earth, and spend a thousand years upon it.

35.  No deadly devil will exist in them, He will rule with His elect and righteous ones ascending and descending, while they are always with the angels and with the Christ for a thousand years.

36.  And because the sinners prevailed over it, He will create a new heaven and a new earth.