ABRAHAM,   The book of

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  Abraham rejects idolatry.

1.  On the day when I was guarding the gods of my father Terah and of Nahor his father, while I was testing to see which god was truly the strongest,

2.  In the time of my lot to perform the services of my father's sacrifices to his gods of stone and wood and of gold and silver,

3.  I having entered their temple found a god named marumath, one carved of stone that had fallen at the feet of an iron god called nakhin.

4.  And being perplexed how I might put it back in its place by myself since it was very heavy, it being a big stone, I went to tell my father, and he came with me.

5.  But as we lifted it into its place, its heads, which I was holding, fell off, and my father seeing it said; “Go and bring me axes and chisels from the house Abram."  And I brought them to him.

6.  He then cut another marumath from another stone, and smashed the stone head of the fallen marumath, and he made five other gods, which he gave me ordering me to sell them out on the town's road.

7.  Thus I saddled my father’s ass and loaded them on it, and went to the highway to sell them.

8.  And merchants from Phandana of Syria happen to come by on their way to Egypt to buy Kokonil from the Nile, and I conversed with them.

9.  While I then was walking along with them, one of their camels screamed, and the ass got scared, and as he ran the gods fell off, three of which were broken with two intact.

10.  When the Syrians then saw that I had gods they said to me.  "Why did you not tell us you had gods, we would have bought them before the ass heard the camel's voice, and you would have no loss, but let us at least have the gods that are left, and give you a fair price.

11.  So I considered this, and they paid me for the smashed gods as well as for the two that remained since I had been grieving how I might bring payment to my father.

12.  And I threw the three broken ones in the water of the river Gur, which was near there, and they sank in the depths of the river.

13.  And so while I walked home my heart was disturbed my mind distracted meditating what this folly was of this activity of my father, for is he himself not rather a god for his gods.

14.  They came into being from his sculpting and his skill, thus they ought rather to honor my father, they being his work, so where then is the good for my father in his work?

15.  The god marumath fell and could not stand-up in his sanctuary, nor could I lift him until my father helped me, and even then we did not succeed, since his head fell off.

16.  And the other three gods that got smashed in falling from the ass were not able to save themselves, or prevent injury to the ass, nor did their pieces come up out of the river.

17.  And I said in my heart; if this be so, how can my father's god marumath, which he made of another stone having a head of still another stone, save a man, or hear a man's prayer, or give him a gift?

18.  And thinking thus way I came to my father's house, and having watered the ass and given him hay, I took out the silver and placed it in the hand of my father Terah.

19.  And he seeing it was glad and said; you are blessed Abram by the god of my gods for you have brought me the price of the gods that my labor was not in vain.

20.  I then replied to him; Listen father Terah, the gods are blessed in you because you are a god for them, you having made them, while their blessing is destructive and their power vain.

21.  They did not help themselves, how then can they help you or me?  I was good for you in this transaction, for by my good sense I brought you the silver for the smashed gods.

22.  But when he heard my speech, he became very angry with me, for I had spoken harsh words against his gods, and pondering my father's anger, I went out.

23.  Afterwards he called me saying; “Gather up wood-chips from the gods that were made while you were gone, and prepare food for my midday meal with it".

24.  And as I was choosing the wood-chips I found a god small enough to fit in my left hand, which had written on its forehead god barisat.

25.  And it came to pass as I was placing the chips in the fire in order to prepare the food, and having gone out to inquire about the food, I placed barisat near the fire that I had started saying to him threatening, barisat, watch that the fire does not go out before I come back, and if it does, blow on it to flare it up,

26.  And I went and made my inquiry, and returning I found barisat fallen on his back his feet engulfed in fire and burning fiercely.

27.  And seeing this I laughed saying to myself, barisat, you sure know how to light a fire and cook food.  And as I spoke so in my laughter I watched him burn slowly from the fire becoming ashes.

28.  And I carried the food to my father to eat, and gave him wine and milk, and he drank enjoying himself and blessed marumath his god.

29.  Then I said to him; “Father Terah, do not bless marumath your god, nor praise him, but rather your god barisat, for as though he loved you, he threw himself in the fire in order to cook your food.”

30.  And he said to me; “Then where is he now?"  And I said; “He was burned in the fierceness of the fire and become ashes".  And he replied; “Great is the power of barisat, I will make another today, and tomorrow he will prepare my food.”


  Chapter 2

Abraham speaks to convince his father.

1.  When I Abram heard words like these from my father I laughed in my mind, and groaned in the bitterness and anger of my soul, and I thought; How can a figment of a body that is made by his hand aid my father?

2.  How can he subordinate his body and soul, his very spirit to something so stupid and ignorant?  And I thought it only proper that I bear this and put my mind to purity, and expose my thoughts clearly to him.

3.  And so I answered saying; “Father Terah, whichever of these gods you extol you err in your thoughts, behold, the gods of your father Nahor standing in the holy sanctuary are more venerable than yours.

4.  For behold, zouchaios, Nahor's god, is more venerable than your god marumath since he is made of gold, which is valued by men.  And if he grows old with time he will be remodeled, while marumath, when he is changed or broken, will not be renewed since he is of stone.

5.  And what about loav, the god of the other god who stands with zouchaios, he too is more venerable than barisat since he is carved from wood and forged with silver, he too in comparison is valued more by men, experience testifying thereto.

6.  And barisat your god, when he was not yet carved but rooted in the earth being great and wondrous with branches and flowers was to be marveled at, you carved him with an ax, and by your skill he was made a god.

7.  But now he has dried up, his fatness has perished; he fell from the height of the earth, coming from greatness to smallness, his marvelous forthcoming being no more.

8.  And as to barisat himself, he was burned in the fire, and being ashes, he is no more, and you say; let me make another tomorrow to make food, for while in perishing he had not even strength to his own destruction.

9.  This thus is what I am saying; that fire is more honorable since it subdues what is not subdued, and mocks by its flame that which perishes.

10.  But neither is fire honorable since it is subject to the waters, in which case the waters are more venerable in that it overcomes the fire, and sweetens the earth with fruit.

11.  But neither will I call it a god since the waters subside under the earth being subject to it, nor will I call it a god either since it is dried by the sun, which orders man to his work.

12.   I therefore call the sun more venerable than the earth, for its rays illuminate the whole universe, yet still I will not call it a god, for when night comes it becomes murky with darkness.

13.   Nor will I call the moon or the stars gods since they also at night at times dim their light.

14.   But listen my father Terah; let me seek for you the God who created all things.  For this is the true God who made the heavens crimson, and the sun golden, who has given light to the moon and the stars, who has dried the earth in the midst of many waters, who set you among your things.  And, who I am seeking in the perplexity of my thoughts, if only God would reveal himself to us".

15.   And it came to pass as I was thinking these things in regard to my father Terah in the court of our house, the voice of the Mighty One came down from heaven saying and calling; "Abram, Abram,” and I said; "Here am I."

16.  And He said; "You are searching for the God of gods, the Creator in the understanding of your heart, I am He, go from Terah your father that you may not be slain with the sins of your father's house".


  Chapter 3

  The sacrifice.  (Later)

1.  And the Lord spoke to me a second time saying; "Abram, Abram", and I said; "Here am I", And He said; "Behold it is I, fear not, I am the God who from before the world created all things.

2.  I am your protector, your helper, go and get Me a three year old heifer, a three year old she-goat, a three year old ram, a turtledove and a pigeon, and make Me a pure sacrifice.

3.  And in this sacrifice I will place the ages, I will tell you guarded things, and you will see great things which you have not seen, because you desired to search for Me, and I called you "My beloved."

4.  For forty days abstain from every kind of food cooked by fire, and from drinking wine, and from anointing with oil, then you shall set out for Me the sacrifice, which I have commanded you in the place, which I will show you on a high mountain.

5.  There I will show you the things made in the ages that are affirmed by my word, and created and renewed by Me, in them I will announce to you what will come upon those who have done evil and just things in the race of man."

6.  And when I heard the voice pronouncing such words to me I looked here and there but there was not even a breath of man, and my spirit was amazed, and my soul fled from me.

7.  And I became like a stone falling face down to the earth, no longer having any strength in me to stand up, and while I was face down on the ground I heard the voice saying;

8.  Go Iaoel of the same name of the meditation of my inevitable name, consecrate this man for Me, and strengthen him against his trembling.

9.  And there came to me an angel in the likeness of a man which took me by the right hand lifting me on my feet, and saying to me; Stand up Abram friend of God who has loved you, let human trembling not unfold you.

10.  For behold; I am sent to you to strengthen you, and bless you in the name of God the Creator of heavenly and earthly things who has loved you, be bold and hasten to Him.

11.  I am Iaoel; I was so called by Him who caused those on the seventh expanse on the firmament to tremble in the power of His ineffitable name in me.

12.  I am the one who has been charged by His commandment to restrain the threats of the living creatures of the Cherubim against one another, and teach those who carry the song to the mediums of man to his seventh hour.

13.  I am appointed to hold the Leviathan, for through me is subjugated the attack and menace of every reptile, I am ordered to loosen Hades, and to destroy those who marvel at the dead.

14.  I am sent to you to bless you and the land, which He whom you have called; The Eternal One has prepared for you, for your sake did I indicate the way.  Stand up therefore Abram, go boldly, be very joyful, and rejoice, and I rejoice with you, for a great honor has been prepared for you by the Eternal One.

15.  Go, complete the sacrifice as commanded, and I am assigned to be with you and your generation which is predestined from you, and with me Michael blesses you forever, be thus bold, and go.”

16.  And I stood up and saw him who had taken my right hand setting me on my feet; the appearance of his body was like sapphire, and the aspect of his face like Chrysolite, and the hair of his head white like snow.

17.  And a headdress was on his head like a rainbow, and his clothing purple with a golden staff in his right hand.

18.  And He said to me; Let my appearance not frighten you Abram, nor my speech trouble your soul, come with me, and I will visibly go with you until the sacrifice, but afterwards invisible until the end.


   Chapter 4

  Abram follows to the sacrifice.

1.  And we went, the two of us together for 40 days and nights, and I ate no bread nor drank water, for to see the angel was my food, and his discourse with me was my drink.

2.  We then came to mount Horeb, and I said to the angel; "Singer of the Eternal One, behold I have no sacrifice with me, nor do I know a place for an altar on the mountain, how thus will I make the sacrifice?"

3.  And he said, "Look behind you".  And I looked, and behold; all the prescribed sacrifices were following us, the calf, the she-goat, the ram, the turtledove, and the pigeon.

4.  And the angel said to me.  "Abram, slaughter all these and divide the animals exactly in halves, but do not cut the birds apart, but give them to the men whom I will show you standing beside you, for these are the altar on the mountain to offer sacrifice to the Eternal One.

5.  You will give the turtledove and pigeon for I will ascend on the wings of the birds to show you what is in the heavens.  And what is on the earth, in the sea, the abyss, the lower depths, and the garden of Eden, its rivers, the fullness of the universe, and you will behold its circle."

6.  And I did everything as the angel commanded, I gave the divided parts of the animals to the angels who had come, and the angel Iaoel took the two birds.

Azazel attempts to trip Abraham.

7.  And I waited till evening when an unclean bird flew down on the carcasses, and I drove it away, and the unclean bird spoke to me saying;

8.  "What are you doing Abram on the holy heights where no-one eats or drinks, where there is no food for man, but these will be consumed by fire, and they will burn you up.  Leave therefore the man who is with you and flee, for if you ascend to the height, they will destroy you."

9.  And when I heard the bird so speaking, I said to the angel "What is this my Lord?"  And he said; "This is disgrace, this is Azazel".

10.  And he said to him; "Shame on you Azazel, for Abram's portion is in heaven, but yours is on earth since you so selected it, and became enamored in the dwelling place of your blemish.

11.  Therefore gave the Eternal One, the Mighty One you a dwelling on earth, by you the all-evil spirit is a liar, and because of you are wrath and trials on the generations of men who live impiously.

12.  For the Eternal Mighty One did not allow the bodies of the righteous to be in your hand, in them thus righteous life is affirmed as well as the destruction of ungodliness.

13.  Hear therefore counselor and be shamed by me, for you have no permission to tempt all the righteous, depart from this man, you cannot deceive him since he is your enemy, and of those that follow you who love to perform what you wish.

14.  For behold, the garment which is in heaven, which formerly was yours, has been set aside for him, and the corruption which was on him, has gone over to you."

 Abraham empowered to judge Azazel.

15.  And the angel said to me; "Abram, know from this that the Eternal One whom you have loved - has chosen you, be bold, and by your authority perform whatever I order you against him who reviles justice.

16.  Shall I not be able to scorn him who scattered the secrets of heaven over the earth, and who took counsel against the Mighty One?  Therefore, say to him: "May you be a firebrand of the furnace of the earth."

17.  Go Azazel into the untrodden parts of the earth, for your heritage is with those that are with you, with the stars, the men born by the clouds whose portion you are, existing as your generation.  For with you enmity is a pious act, therefore through your own destruction be gone from me."

18.  And I said the words as the angel had taught me, and the angel said to me, "Answer him not Abram."

19.  And for a second time he said to me; "Whatsoever he says to you, answer him not lest his will affects you, for the Eternal Mighty One gave him the gravity and the will, answer him therefore not".

20.  And I did as the angel had commanded me, and whatsoever he said to me about the descend (destruction) I answered him not.


  Chapter 5

The sacrifice made  

1.  And it came to pass when the sun was setting that a smoke like that of a furnace came, and the angels who had the divided portions of the sacrifice ascended from the top of the furnace of smoke.

2.  And the angel took me with his right hand and set me on the right wing of the pigeon, and he himself sat on the left of the turtledove, neither of which were slaughtered or divided, and He carried me up to the edge of the fiery flames.

3.  And we ascended as by many winds to heaven fixed on the expanse and on the air of that height to which we had ascended I saw a light so strong, which I cannot describe.

4.  And in this light a great fire was kindled, and I beheld a great crowd in the likeness of men of different aspects and shape, they were running and changing form, and prostrating themselves crying aloud words I knew not.

5.  And I said to the angel; "Why have you brought me here, for now I can no longer behold, my spirit being weakened and departing from me."

6.  And he said; "Remain with me, do not fear, He whom you will shortly see coming towards us in many voices of praises is the Eternal Mighty One who has loved you.

7.  You will not look directly at Him, but let not your spirit weaken, for I am with you strengthening you."

8.  And while he was still speaking, behold, the fire came towards us round about, and a voice was in the fire like a voice of many waters, like the sea in uproar

9.  And the angel knelt down with me and worshipped, and I wanted to fall face down on the earth, but the high place on which we were, moved - rolling and stopping.

10.  And since there was no ground to which I could fall prostrate, he said  "Worship only Abram, and recite the song that I taught you."  And I bowed and recited the song, which he had taught me.

  The song.

11.  Eternal mighty one, Holy, God Autocrat, self originate, incorruptible, immaculate, unbegotten, spotless immortal, self perfected, self devised, father or mother, ungenerated, exalted, fiery.

12.  Just lover of men, benevolent, compassionate, bountiful, jealous over me, patient one, most merciful, Eli Eternal, mighty One, holy Sabaoth.  Most glorious El Iaoel, Thou art He who my soul has loved, my Protector,

13.  Eternal, fiery, shining, light giving, thunder voiced, lightning visioned, many eyed.

14.  Receiving the petition of those who honor Thee, and turning away from those who restrain Thee with the restraints of their provocations.

15.  Redeemer of those who dwell in the midst of the wicked ones, of those that are dispersed among the lust of the world in the corruptible age, showing forth the age of the just.

16.  Thou who make the lights to shine before the morning of Thy creation from Thee in Thy heavenly dwelling place, and on earth to make the day an inexhaustible light of an invincible dawning which came from before Thee.

17.  Accept my prayer and delight in it, and accept also the sacrifice, which Thou Thyself made in Thyself by me as I searched for Thee.

18.  Receive me favorably, teach me, show me, and make known to Thy servant that which Thou has promised me.

19.  And as I was reciting the song, the mouth of the fire, which was on the expanse, was rising up on high, and I heard a voice like the roaring of the sea, and it did not cease from the abundance of the fire.

20.  And the fire rose up soaring to the highest point, and under it I saw a throne of fire with many eyed ones round about reciting the song.

21.  And under the throne were four living creatures, which were singing, the appearance of each of them the same, each having four faces, and the aspect of their faces were, of a lion, of a man, of an ox, and of an eagle.

22.  Each one had four heads on its body, the four creatures having sixteen faces, and each had six wings, two on their shoulders, two halfway down, and two at the loins.

23.  And they covered their faces with the wings on their shoulders while also covering their feet with those on their loins, and fly well with the middle wings.

24.  And when they finished singing they would look at each other and threaten one another.  And the angel that was with me seeing this left me, and running to them he turned the face of each of them from the one opposite, so they would not see each other faces to threaten each other.  And he taught them the song of peace, which the Eternal One has in him.

25.  And while I was watching, I saw behind the living creatures and a chariot with fiery wheels, each wheel was full of eyes round about, and above it was the throne which I had seen.

26.  And it was covered with fire encircling it round about, and an indescribable multitude of fiery ones around, and I heard the voice of their praises like that of a single voice.

  The Lord is only.

27.  And a voice came to me out of the midst of the fire saying, Abram Abram, and I said, Here am I.  And He said, “Look at the expanse which is under the firmament to which you have been directed, and see that on no single expanse is there anyone as the One you have searched for, or that so loves you.

28.  And while He was speaking with me the expanse under me opened, and I beheld on the seventh firmament on which I stood a widespread fire as in a large containment, and a multitude of angels, a host of the invisible glory.

29.  And above the living creatures, which I saw earlier, I saw no-one else, and looking from where I was to the sixth firmament I saw a multitude of spiritual angels, an incorporeal number carrying out orders of the fiery angels that were on the seventh firmament.

30.  On that firmament there were neither any other shape, nor any other host except these spiritual angels, the host of the seventh firmament-commanding the host of the sixth firmament, and they obeyed.

31.  And on the fifth firmament I saw a host of stars, and the orders given them, which they carried out, and the elements of the earth obeyed them.


 Chapter 6 

  The Lord conveys His promise to Abraham.

1.  And the Eternal mighty One said to me; "Abram, Abram, look from on high at the stars which are below you and count them for Me, tell Me their number."

2.  And I said; "How can I, for I am a man".  And He said to me; "Like as the number of the stars and their power, so shall I make your seed, nations and men set apart for Me with My accord to the lot of Azazel."

3.  And I said; "Eternal mighty One, allow Thy servant to speak before Thee, let not Thy fury rage against Thy chosen one, for before Thou led me up Azazel insulted me, how then since he is not now before Thee did Thou establish Thyself with him?"

4.  And He said to me; "Look below your feet at the firmament, and understand the creation that was foreshadowed on this expanse, and also the creatures in it, and the age thereafter being prepared."

5.  And I looked beneath at the firmament and saw the likeness of heaven, and the things that were therein; there I saw the earth, its fruit, and the souls, its host of men.

6.  And also the impiety of their souls, their pursuit's, their works, and the abyss with its torments and its lower depths, and perdition.

7.  I saw the sea, its islands, its cattle, its fish, and Leviathan, his realm, his bed, his lairs, and the world, which lay upon him, and also his motions, the destruction he causes in the world.

8.  There also I saw the rivers, and their upper reaches, and the garden of Eden, its fruit, and the source, and the river flowing from it, its trees, their flowering and becoming fruit, and I saw men doing justice, it being their food and their rest.

9.  And I beheld a great crowd of men women and children, half of them on the side of the portrayal and half on the left thereto.

10.  And I said; "Eternal mighty One, what is this picture of creation?"  And He said to me; "This is my will with regard to what is in light, and what is good before My face.

11.  Then afterwards I gave them a command, and by my word they came into existence, whatever I had decreed to exist - had already been outlined in this, and all things previously created which you saw - stood before Me."

12.  And I said; "O Sovereign Mighty and Eternal, why are the people in this picture on one side and also the other?"  And He said;

13.  "Those on the left are a multitude of tribes who existed previously, some of which have been prepared for judgment and order, with others for revenge and perdition at the end of the age.

14.  While those on the right side of the picture are peoples set apart for Me of the people of Azazel, these are the ones I have prepared to be born of you, and to be called My people.


  Chapter 7

  The first created.

1.  Look again at the picture, see who seduced Eve, and what is the fruit of the tree, consider and you will know what will be and how in the last days there will be seed for you.

2.  And what you cannot understand I will make known to you, for you have been pleasing before Me, and I will tell you what I have kept in My heart."

3.  And I looked at the picture, and as my eyes turned to the side of the Garden of Eden I saw a man great in height, and very wide in width incomparable in aspect, entwined with a woman who was equal to the man in aspect and size.

4.  And they were standing under a tree, with the fruit of the tree like a bundle of grapes of the vine, and behind the tree stood something like a dragon, but having hands and feet like a man, with six wings on his back right and left.

5.  And he was holding the grapes of the tree feeding them to the two that I saw entwined with each other, and I said, "Who are these two entwined with each other, and the one standing there, and what is the fruit they are eating Mighty Eternal One?"

6.  And He said ''This is the world of men, this is Adam and Eve, and this their design on earth, and he who is standing there is the impiety of their behavior, namely Azazel."

7.  And I said, "Eternal Mighty One, why then did Thou judge him such dominion that by his works he could ruin mankind on earth?"

8.  And He said; "Hear Abram, those who desire evil, doing what I hate, over them did I give him dominion, and he was to be beloved of them."

9.  And I answered; "Eternal Mighty One, why did it please Thee to bring about that evil should be desired in the heart of man so that he would anger Thee doing useless things in Thy sight?"

10.  And He said to me thus; "Look closely at the nations, since for your sake, and for the sake of those after you, the people of your tribe as you see in the picture, are there burdens on them.

11.  I will explain to you what will be, and what will be in the last days, look therefore closely at the picture, at everything."

12.  And I looked, and saw the creatures who had come into being before me, there I saw Adam, and Eve with him, and also the crafty adversary and Cain who had been led by the adversary to break the law.

13.  And I saw the murdered Abel, the destruction brought on him through the lawless one, and I saw the fornication of those who desire it, its defilement and their zeal, and the fire of their corruption in the lower depths of the earth.

14.  And I saw theft, and those who hasten after it, and the means to their retribution, the judgment of the great court, I saw naked men forehead to forehead, their shame and the harm against their friends, and their retribution.

15.  There I saw desire with in her hand the head of every kind of lawlessness, and her torment, her alienation destined to destruction.

16.  There I saw the likeness of the idol of jealousy, like a carpenter's figure such as my father used to make, its body was of glistening copper, and a man was worshipping it.

17.  And opposite thereto was an altar on which boys were being slaughtered before the idol.  And I asked; "What is this idol or that altar, and who are those being sacrificed?

18.  And who is sacrificing, and what is the handsome temple which I see like the art and beauty of Thy glory that lies beneath Thy throne?"

19.  And He said; "Listen Abram, this temple, which you have seen, the altar and the works of art, this is My idea of the priesthood of the name of My glory where every petition of man will enter and dwell.

20.  It is the ascent of kings, and of prophets, and whatever sacrifice I decree to be made for me among My people, even of your tribe.

21.  And the body which you saw, this is My anger because the people who will come to Me out of you, will make Me angry.

22.   And the man you saw slaughtering, is he who angers Me, and the sacrifice is a killing of those who are for Me a testimony of the judgment at the completion from the beginning of creation."


  Chapter 8

  Time of Israel.

1.  And I said, "Eternal Mighty One, why did Thou establish it to be so, and to call on the testimonies of these?"

2.  And He said to me; "Listen Abram and understand what I explain to you, and answer whatever I ask you.

3.  Why did your father Terah not obey your voice and abandon the demonic worship of idols?"  And I said; "Eternal Mighty One, surely because it did not please him to obey me, nor did I follow his works."

4.  And He said to me; "As the counsel of your father is in him, and your counsel is in you, so also is the counsel of My will prepared for days to come.  For you do not know them, the men of the future, but with your own eyes you can see that they are of your seed, look at the picture."

5.  And I looked and saw, and the picture swayed, and from its left side a crowd of heathen ran and captured the men women and children who were on the right side.

6.  And some they slaughtered, while others they kept with them, and I saw them running by four ascends, and they burned the temple with fire, and plundered the holy things that were in it.

7.  And I said; "Eternal One, the people Thou received from me are being robbed by the hordes of the heathens, killing them and holding others as aliens, and they burned the temple, and are stealing the beautiful things in it, O Mighty One.  If this be so, why has Thou afflicted my heart, and why will be so?"

8.  And He said to me; "Listen Abram, all that you have seen will happen on account of your seed that will continually provoke Me, with the things you saw, everything you saw will be so".

9.  And I said; "Eternal One, let now the evil works pass by and bring forth just works, for Thou can do this."

10.  And He said; "The time of justice will come upon them, first in the semblance of kings, and I will justly judge those who ruled in them, which I first created, and from these will come those that will have, regard for them just as you saw."

11.  And I answered; "Mighty Eternal One, Thou who art sanctified by Thy power, be merciful in my petition since it was for this that Thou did inform me and showed me all this.

12.  Since Thou has brought me up on to Thy height, inform me about whatever I ask, will what I saw be their lot for long?"

13.  And He showed me a multitude of His people, and said to me; "For this reason is it through four ascends that my anger will be because of them, and in them will be the retribution for their works."


  Chapter 9

The last age. 

1.  And I said, "Eternal Mighty One, how long a time is an hour of age?"  And He answered; "I decreed to keep twelve periods of the impious age among them and among your seed.

2.  And what you have seen will be until the end of time, count it, and you will understand, look at the picture."

3.  And I looked and saw a man going out from the right side, and from the side of the heathen, the left, a great crowd came and worshipped Him.

4.  And while I beheld, those on the right side came, some insulting this man, and some struck Him, while others worshipped Him.

5.  And I saw that as they worshipped him, that Azazel ran and worshipped Him kissing His face, and turning he stood behind Him.

6.  And I said, "Who is this man insulted and beaten with Azazel worshipping?"  And He said, "The man whom you saw insulted and beaten, and also being worshipped, is the Liberator of the people who will be born of you.

7.  In the last days, in the twelfth hour of impiety, in the period of the age of My fulfillment, I will set-up this Man from your tribe, the One you have seen from my people, and all will imitate Him, consider Him as One called by Me.

8.   And those, which you saw, coming from the left side of the picture worshipping Him, means that many of the heathen will trust in Him.

9.  And those of your seed from the right side, some insulting, some beating, and others worshipping Him, means, many of them shall be offended because on Him.

10.  It is He who will test those of your seed who have worshipped Him in the fulfillment of the twelfth hour in the curtailing of the age of impiety.

11.  Before the age of justice starts to grow, My judgment will come upon the heathen who have acted wickedly to the people of your seed that have been set apart for Me.

12.  In those days I will bring upon all earthly creation ten plagues with evil and disease, and with groaning of the bitterness of their souls.

13.  Such will I bring upon the generations of those who are in it, which is out of anger for the corruption of their being with which they provoke Me.

14.  Then from your seed will be left the righteous men in their number protected by Me, those who strive in the glory of My name towards the place prepared for them before-hand, which place you saw deserted in the picture.

15.  And they will live being affirmed by the sacrifices and the gifts of justice and of truth, in the age of justice, and they will rejoice in Me forever, and will destroy those who destroyed them.

16.  And rebuke those who mocked them with their mockery, and spit in their faces, these are they who receive and truly turned to Me, who being rebuked by Me, turn to rejoicing with My people.

17.  See what you have seen Abram, and hear what you have heard, know what you have come to know, go to you inheritance, and behold, I am with you forever."


   Chapter 10

  The plagues.

1.  And while He was still speaking I found myself on the earth, and I said;  "Eternal Mighty One, I am no longer in the glory in which I was above, and all that my soul desired to understand I do not understand."

2.  And He said; "I will explain to you the things you desired in your heart, for you have sought to know the ten plagues which I prepared against the heathen, which I prepared before-hand in the passing of the twelve hours on earth.

3.  Hear what I tell you, it will be thus; The first is sorrow from much need, the second, fiery conflagrations for the cities, the third, destruction by pestilence, the fourth, famine of the world in their generations.

4.  The fifth, destruction by earthquake and by the sword among rulers, the sixth, increase of hail and snow, the seventh, wild beasts will be their graves, the eight, pestilence and hunger will cause their destruction.

5.  The ninth, execution by the sword and flight in distress, the tenth, thunder, voices, and destroying earthquakes.

6.  Then I will sound the trumpet out of the air, and I will sent My chosen One, having in Him one measure of all My power, and He will summon My people humiliated by the heathen.

7.  And I will burn with fire those who mocked them and ruled over them in this age, and I will deliver those who have covered Me against the mockery and the scorn of the coming age.

8.  For I have prepared them as food for the fires of Hades, and to ceaseless soaring in the air of the underworld of the uttermost depths of the wormy belly.

9.  For the just, those who have chosen My desire, and openly kept My commandments, will see justice in it.  And they will rejoice, being merry over the downfall of the men who remained, who followed after the idols, and after their murders.

10.  For they shall petrify in the belly of the crafty worm Azazel, and be burned by the fire of Azazel's tongue.

11.  For I waited so they might come to Me, but they did not deign to, but glorified an alien, and joined to one who was not allotted, and abandoned the Lord who gave them strength.

12.  Therefore Abram, hear and see, behold, your seventh generation shall go with you, and they will go out into an alien land, and they will enslave them and oppress them for one hour of the impious age, but I am the judge of the nation whom they shall serve."

13.  And this the Lord said also; "Have you heard Abram what I told you, and what your tribe will encounter in the last days?"  And Abraham heard the word of God in his heart.

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