The ladder of

      Chapter 1 

1.  Jacob then went to Laban his uncle, and he found a place and laying down his head on a stone he slept there, and he had a dream.  And behold a ladder was fixed to the earth whose top reached into heaven.

2.  And on the top of that ladder was the face of a man as if carved out of fire, and twelve steps led up to the top of the ladder.

3.  And on each step up to the top there were human faces, two on each step, on the right and the left, twenty-four faces inclusive their chests.

4.  And the face in the middle was higher than all that I saw, namely the one of fire, exceedingly terrifying more than those twenty four faces.

5.  And while I looked at it, behold angels of God ascended and descended on it.  And God was standing above its highest face.  And He called to me from there saying; Jacob, Jacob.

6.  And I said; here am I Lord.  And He said to me: The land on which you are sleeping I will give to you and to your seed after you, and I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven, and as the sand of the sea.

7.  And through your seed, all the earth and those living on it in the last times of the years of completion shall be blessed.

8.  My blessing with which I have blessed you shall flow from you unto the last generation, to the east and to the west all shall be full of your tribe.

9.  And I hearing this from on high, awe and trembling fell upon me, and I rose up from my dream and said:

10.  How fearful is this place, (earth) this is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.

11.  And I set-up the stone which had been my pillow, as a pillar, and I poured oil on the top of it, and called the name of that place, "The house of God."  And I stood and began to sing saying;

12.  Lord God of Adam Thy creature, and of Abraham and Isaac my fathers, and of all who have walked in justice before Thee, Thou who sits firmly on the Cherubim and the fiery throne of Thy glory

13.  ... ...

14.  Holding the four faced Cherubim, bearing the many-eyed Seraphim, and carrying the whole world under Thy arm, yet not being borne by anyone.

15.  Thou who made the sky firm for the glory of Thy name, stretching out the heavens which gleam under Thee that beneath it Thou may cause the sun to take its course, and conceal it during the night, so that it may not seem as a god.

16.  Thou made on them a way for the moon and the stars, and made the moon wax and wane, and destined the stars to pass on so that they might not seem gods.

17.  Before Thy face of glory the six winged Seraphim are afraid, and they cover their feet and faces with their wings while flying with their others, and unceasingly sing hymns.

18.  Thou O most holy One, Eternal King, Mighty, Powerful, Most great, Patient, and Blessed One, Thou who fills heaven and earth the sea and the abysses and all the ages with Thy glory.

19.  Hear my song, which I have sung, and grant me the request I ask of Thee, and tell me the interpretation of my dream.

20.  For Thou art a God who is mighty, powerful, and glorious, a God who is holy, my Lord and Lord of my fathers.


      Chapter 2 

1.  And while I was still saying this prayer, a voice came to me saying; Sariel leader of the beguiled, you who are in charge of dreams, go and make Jacob understand the meaning of the dream he has had, and explain to him everything he saw, but first bless him."

2.  And Sariel the archangel came to me, and his appearance was very beautiful and awe-some, but I was not astonished by his appearance, since the vision which I had seen in my dream was more terrible than he, wherefore I did not fear the vision of the angel.

3.  And he said to me; "What is your name?"  And I said, "Jacob".  Then he announced; "Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but your name shall be similar to mine, and be Israel".

4.  And when I was going from Phandana of Syria to meet Esau my brother, he came to me and blessed me, and called me Israel.  But he would not tell me his name until I adjured him.

5.  And he said; "You have seen a ladder with twelve steps, each step having two human faces, which kept changing their appearances.  The ladder is this age.  And the twelve steps are the periods of this age.

6.  The twenty-four faces then are the kings of the ungodly nations of this age, under these, the children of your children, the generations of your sons, will be interrogated.

7.  They will rise up against the iniquity of your grandsons, and this place will be made desolate by the four ascends through the sins of your grandsons.

8.  And on the land of your forefathers a palace will be built, a temple in the name of your God and of the God of your fathers.

9.  And in the provocation of your children it will become deserted by the four ascends of this age.  For you saw the first four busts which were striking against the steps, and angels ascending and descending.

10.  The Most High will raise up kings from the grandsons of your brother Esau, and they will hail all the officials of the tribes of the earth who have maltreated your seed.

11.  And your seed will be delivered into their hands and be vexed by them, and held by force, and they will rule over them.  And your seed will not be able to oppose him until the day that his thoughts will go out against them to serve idols and sacrifice to the dead.

12.  And he will do violence to all those in the kingdom who refuse to be known in such guilt, up to the highest one of your tribe.

13.  Know therefore Jacob that your descendants shall be exiles in a strange land, and these will afflict them with slavery and wounds every day.  But the Lord will judge the people for whom they slaved.

14.  And when the King arises, judgment will come upon that place.  Then your seed will go out of slavery from the nations that hold them by force, and they will be free from any rebuke of your enemies.

15.  For this King (the Lord) is the Head of all revenge and retaliation against those who have done evil to you Israel, all the way to the end of the age.

16.  For bitter times will arise and they will cry out, and the Lord will hear them and accept their pleas.  And the Mighty One will repent because of their sufferings.

17.  And the angels and archangels will hurl their bolts of lightning before them for the sake of the salvation of your tribe, and you will gain the mercy of the Most High.

18.  Then their wives will bear many children, and afterwards, the Lord will fight for your tribe with great and terrible signs against those who made them slaves.

19.  Their filled storehouses will be found empty, their land will swarm with reptiles and all sorts of deadly things, and there will be earthquakes and much destruction.

20.  And the Lord will pour out his wrath against Leviathan the sea dragon.  He will kill the lawless falcon with the sword, for by his pride he will raise the wrath of "the God of gods".

21.  Then your justice will be revealed and that of your children who are to be after you, and who will walk in your justice.

22.  Then your seed will sound the horn, and all the kingdoms of Edom will perish together with the people of Moab.


       Chapter 3

1.  And as for the angels you saw descending and ascending the ladder, in the "last years" there will be a Man from the Most High (the Lord), and He will desire to join the upper with the lower.

2.   And before His coming, your sons and daughters will tell about Him, and your young men will have visions concerning Him.  Such will be the signs at the time of his coming.

3.  And a tree cut with an ax will bleed, three months old babies will speak with under-standing, a baby in the womb of his mother will speak of his way, a youth will be like an old man.  Then the expected One will come, who path will not be noticed by anyone.

4.  Then the earth will be glorified, receiving heavenly glory.  What was above will also be below, and from your seed will bloom a root of kings.

5.   It will emerge and overthrow the power of evil, and He himself will be the Savior for every land, and rest for those who toil, and a cloud shading the whole world from the burning heat.

6.  For if He did not come, the uncontrolled will not be controlled, nor could the lower things be joined with the upper.

7.  At His coming, the idols of brass, stone, and of any sort of carving, will voice for three days, they will give wise men news of Him, to let them know what will be on earth.

8.  And by star, those on earth who wish to see Him whom angels above do not see, will find the way to Him.  Then the Almighty will be on earth in body, and embraced by corporal arms.

9.  He will restore human matter, and He will revive Eve who died by the fruit of the tree.  Then the deceit of the impious will be exposed, and all the idols will fall face down.

10.  For a Dignitary will put them to shame, because they lied by means of hallucinations, and henceforth they will not be able to rule or prophesy.  Honor will be taken from them, and they will remain without glory.

11.   For He who comes will take power and might, and He will give Abraham the truth, as he previously had been told.  Everything sharp He will make dull, and the rough will be made smooth.

12.  And He will cast all the iniquities into the depths of the sea.  He will work wonders in heaven and on earth, and He will be wounded in His beloved house.

13.  And when He is wounded, then salvation will be ready, and be the end of all perdition.  And those who have wounded Him will themselves receive a wound, which will not be cured in them forever.

14.  And all creation will bow to Him who was wounded, and many will trust Him, and He will become known everywhere in all lands.

And those who acknowledge His name will not be ashamed.  His own dominion and years will be unending forever.