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   And the Lord said:   “If you shall have faith like a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain; be picked up and cast into the sea".

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What, Who, and Why are the first questions most everyone will ask when confronted with this or similar books.  These therefore will be the question to answer in this "foreword " Or actually I will let Enoch, or better still I will let the Lord Himself, the Almighty God answer the questions as to the why, who, and to what end - I have composed this volume of books.

"Behold, so said the Lord to Enoch as He spoke to him of the seed of many generations after Noah, namely; that generation; that was to be the last generation before His second coming.  “There shall arise another generation, of which many shall be very insatiable.  And He who judges them (our Lord Jesus), shall reveal to them the books of your handwriting."

This five-thousand year old prophecy is thus now coming into fulfilling, for while it was my intention to keep this volume of documents hidden from the world, it was not my wish to conceal it from the elect, from the chosen of the Lord.  But rather to bring it forth to them in an orderly manner, to deliver to them that which remained of the Holy Scriptures other than what is gathered in the Canons - under a single cover without the stains of the scribes of the ages.

For so it was as the Lord said; that His Son Jesus, who was to bring that last generation into judgment, would in some way, in that time period again reveal the handwritings of Enoch.  Wherefore it is obvious that the Lord knew - that while "the Bible by Enoch” would serve the Patriarchs, and even the apostles, that the same would come to lapse into the background.  But then to surface again near the time of His return in which He, the Almighty Son of God was to judge the nations, and herald-in the day of the Sabbath, the seventh day, the day of rest.

These writings of Enoch then, as they gathered dust, were in all essence forgotten by the population, while many a scribe through the ages took it upon himself to mar its very image.  These writings however were to re-surface again in some way, which then leads to the conclusion that this was to be - by someone, or through someone.  For while the hand to bring them forth was to be of Jesus Himself, He was to perform this through someone, a man.  And who might he be?

Or to put the question differently, why should it be me?  Why should I be doing this thing?  For an answer to this question you should direct yourself to the Lord, and/or to the Father of all creation.  For why indeed, yea why indeed did He stir my heart?  

Why indeed did He teach me the foundations of the earth?  And why did he grant me to know and understand Him, to know truth?  In what way shall I be different from any other man - if the answer to this question shall not be in - His election?  Accordingly, why are you questioning me concerning a matter that is in the knowledge and the election of God alone?

So then the Lord spoke further to Enoch saying: "To those to whom He must point out the guardianship of the world, to the faithful men, and workers of My pleasure, who do not acknowledge My name in vain."

In my translation of this writing I choose to print the multiple interpretation rather than the singular noun - wherein it could read;  "To him to whom He must point out, etc".  Since in fact it can be taken both ways, both perfectly accurate and correct.  But then that knowledge is not for all, but for such that are appointed to that guardianship.  

The person, or persons, therefore through whom these writings of Enoch were to re-surface would be one or more of royal blood, the one or more to whom the whole world of men would be entrusted to guard and to govern.  One or more to whom law and justice would be given for the whole world to watch over them, to train and to guard.

And why should that be so strange that the world in its many beings should come into the hand of one, or in the hands of a few?  For did not the Lord Himself say; "This world for many, but the world to come for few?"  As then a few is, as it is understood, so the world to come will be in the ownership of these.  Nor should this be anything new for the scribes to punctuate upon, since Enoch foretold this where he wrote concerning the three persons of righteousness, two of which were to come in earlier times, with the last to arrive - as he said:

     "And at the completion (final days before Christ's return), there shall be elected the elect one of righteousness from the eternal Plant of righteousness to whom shall be given sevenfold wisdom and knowledge."

Accordingly, this coincides where one of the few, (one or more) who were to be appointed guardian, and, to bring forth the writings of Enoch again, was to appear in these last days, in the day of today.  An "elected one” - as the Lord on several occasions recounted to Enoch.  Or a “Anointed one," or “Prince” as Daniel calls him, one who would perform the things as I have done, to whom the guardianship of the world would be pointed out.

As then men appoint such persons as guardian that are well able and knowledgeable to serve as trustees.  Likewise the Almighty Lord endows His favored ones with right knowledge and understanding to serve in the position in which He placed them, even as He said; to serve them with; “Sevenfold knowledge."  So it came about that Enoch, combining all these things, said,

           "Reveal it to them with your wisdom, - for you are their guides, - and you are their reward upon the whole earth."

Nor have I done this work in vain, for again it is written,

           "And they shall cause their ears to listen in order that they may learn this wisdom, and it shall please those who feast on it, more than good food".

And again: 

             "And they shall tell another generation, and those having read shall thereafter be glorified more than the first."

For the sun shall shine sevenfold, and a new age arrive, the day of the Sabbath is at hand, and there shall be peace in all the earth, for again it is written:  "And those born at the seventh day, shall be blessed."

The Scriptures.

It was not all that long ago when to most people the Bible had to be read unto, they themselves not having had the opportunity to learn to read or write.  But that has changed, for when the Lord renewed many things in the earth He also gave this to men - as well as the means to print in mass numbers, which gave everyone the Bible in his own hands.  Accordingly, man was no longer at the mercy of the scribes and priests who made it their business, as also their joy to short-change everyone.

 When we start from the beginning as to “how" and “why" the scriptures came to be, I might quote what one of the angels said to Enoch to wit that.  "Human beings were not made to take up their beliefs with pen an ink, but were made to be like the angels."  Since however sin came into the world, and a law had to be written, very much has come to be written.  And the very first testimony of the law, the first written Scriptures were given to Enoch to write.

The books of Enoch therefore are the first recorded Bible, and the only written Bible in the days of the patriarch’s, and by which also Moses was instructed, by whom the Lord gave again the law to be written for his people Israel, and through them for all the world.  Thus there came to be two testimonies, even as most things are testified by twofold.

These then continued until the coming of the Lord, to which the prophecies of the prophets were added, and the historical records, as well as the books of wisdom and of psalms.  Then, at the ascension of our Lord these came to be called; "The Old Testament," and a "New Testament" was written which confirmed the old.  

And this day, we have what is called "The Canons", both the old and new testaments.  While the remainder seemed to become hidden, which were the first Scriptures by Enoch together with certain others, such as were never intended for the eyes of the world, but for the elect only, for the wise.  For thus did the Lord command saying,

"Hide them, and teach them to the wise only, for in them is the fountain of wisdom, and the spring of understanding."  (Like the tree of life of which only the living may take).

But just as Israel at the first - the Gentiles likewise never did take God’s calling very seriously.  In the first few centuries there were many who received Christ Jesus with joy, but even before these were ended the Lord himself already spoke of their churches as temples of the devil, with few among them circumcised or cleansed to receive the crown.  

And so the years and centuries added together and Christian souls among the many Gentiles became fewer and fewer.  The only difference In them from then and before was, that formerly they worshipped stone and wood under all sorts of names, while now they gave the name of Christ to all their idols of wood and stone.

And so they continued until God raised reformers, to put them to shame, and in that time the angels of the Lord came again to bring the souls of many who believed to the Lord their Savior.  But like the phases of the moon the light dimmed again, and they that believed became again few, even as it is to this day.

Concerning the testaments then, those, which are humanly called the old and new are in effect a single testaments.  For since when was the law ever a testament that we may speak of being saved by it?  There was but One who saved himself by the Old Testament, only One who spotlessly kept the law, namely our Lord.  While man, the instant that Eve together with Adam bit into the forbidden fruit, the testament of the law became useless for him and for all his seed after him

The Old Testament thus lasted for the first two chapters of Genesis, and in the third chapter the Lord pronounced a New Testament, that He Himself would take up the price to pay for our debt to the law in transgressing it.

 Moses now came to write the law of what is humanly called, the Old Testament, which had already become void in that garden of joy.  But this was so because the Lord could not very well have said to Moses: Forget the covenant of the law whereby one might save himself being righteous, -- since One was to come to save Himself therein and with it all men that could not be saved by it

When thus the Lord said that He would make a new covenant, to bring His own Son, He in fact brought the first, or old covenant wherewith to establish the new.  Christ Jesus is thus both the old and new Testament, and His Word is One, just as He said,   "I did not come to abolish it, but to fulfill it".

 My intentions with this volume

The Lord spoke to various prophets saying;   "These words you shall give openly for all, but such other words you shall keep private, and teach them to the wise only".  Behold therefore what privilege it is to be counted worthy to read these words as food for a hungry soul, and as the delight of one's being.  Or as Enoch put it so beautifully:

"That to the righteous and wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy - for truth and great wisdom."  And;  "That the righteous one's who learn from them the ways of truth, shall rejoice."

How I came to compose this volume

I suppose one could write a book in itself to define the reasons how and why I came to include and exclude documents from all that has come to this age to compose this book as the "Remaining books of the scriptures," as well as that book of "Biblical records."  But what would it serve to write all that crossed my mind in doing so, except in general.

My first intentions were in all essence for myself, for the remaining prophecy, the books of wisdom, and for the Scriptures of Enoch, in order to save them from the scrap heap of the scribes.  But I became to feel guilty for all those others like me, for what was I to say to them?  That I fished for them, and to direct them to where they can fish for themselves among the grime of the scribes of the ages.

Thus I came to the conclusion that someone had to dirty his hands to remove these treasures from the dung of the scribes, and to cleanse them from the grime of the scholars and translators.  But who was to do so?  Do I know anyone on whom I may call?  For I desired them, and where shall I go to find one who may thus procure them for me?  I then beheld the world, but saw no one, and said to myself,  - if you do not perform this yourself, you will not rejoice in them as you desire.

But then came the terrible weight on me, merely to realize the words;   "Whosoever add unto these, I will add to him the plagues, and whosoever takes from them, I will take from him the blessing of life".  And so I thought, who am I to do this?  Would that there was someone else.  And how will I know what is correct and what is not correct.

But then I got a hold of myself, and said: If you consider yourself to be among the elect of God, and that you have the faith as He commanded, then what are you belly aching?  For now ask yourself, do you really believe, or don't you?  For the Lord said, "If you keep my word, ask whatsoever you will, and it shall be given you".   

And so my dear Leonard, you had better search your heart, for it is a great insult to God and His Christ to doubt His word.  Therefore if this thing is of God for you to perform, He will grant you the wisdom and the understanding, if with clean hands, and with a pure heart you ask Him.

Then I meditated the question whether or not it was "mine" to perform.  But seeing I had already performed a great deal exclusively for myself.  And also having written "The foundations of the world," and, "Lion of the Lord," in which at long last I came to admit that I was the anointed one, that prince and lion, of which the Scriptures spoke, - how much longer shall I attempt to conceal my anointing?

For at first, while writing these things, I took care to conceal myself, but as I went on, this became impossible.  And I said to myself; how long are you going to play hide and seek?  They will soon know that you are the reference.  You therefore may as well take the bull by the horns and ease yourself of this labor of concealment.  For again, in no way are you able to deny the anointing which God has evidently placed upon you.  For just as Moses knew all along that he was to return to deliver Israel, so you know your anointing.

But now I tell you this mystery: As soon as I had begun to perform the mountainous task, having asked the Lord for wisdom and understanding, the same became a joy, a gratifying labor.  For the Holy Spirit of the Lord gave me to understand many secrets and added treasure upon treasure to me.  And my anxieties subsided even though at the time I was not over-confident, but ever searching for more and deeper understanding.  

As therefore in later times I looked upon it, questioning myself why this or that was left out, or added, I realized again it was not of me, but of His Holy Spirit with me to have done so.

              The necessity of translation

The reasoning in the necessity to translate these many document are as I said; “Trash-heap,” or dung-heap is the proper word for that which the scribes of the ages have accomplished making that which they call; “the Apocrypha” and the “Pseudepigrapha."  They took the perversions of old and made them worse, and they cast the treasures of the Lord among their accumulations of false documents.  

If there had been any truth or Godliness in the scholars how did they even come to compose the Apocrypha” and the “Pseudepigrapha, to factually publish the falsehood of man and of devils?   Answer!, Because they were sons of the devil.

The treasures of the Lord thus since they were handled by them became very badly damaged and smeared with all sorts of contaminants.  And they went forth and ridiculed these as hearsay, which in their conscription they were not trustworthy or even contradictory.  

And indeed this was their work and their aim in the first place.  Not that I at this point can certify that everything which I have translated is factually original in every detail, but I took care that none of what I put down was pervasive, that it should not teach what is not in keeping with the blessing of wisdom.

The scribes in their incompetence to transcribe marred a great many treasures, they removed the beauty, and took no care to cleanse them of their previous contaminants, instead they added of their own.  They cared not to polish the pure gold, but it is so with them that whatever they touch instantly becomes stained with the poison of the mire of their nature.  

Seeing thus how these persons were incapable, and not masters of “what is in a word," I was left to take up the work myself and cry out: Come and drink you thirsty ones and be satisfied.  And, depart you who were not able, you evil ones for you failed, therefore now death has come on you.

The books of this volume

The canons came about in their order since each of them could be rated -infallible, and of in the nature being as textbooks, rules used for the daily care.  These others then which were of the same rating but did not come to be included among the canons, which were those that by the order and design of the Lord were for the eyes of the wise only.  These I placed in this volume, and with them such documents as the books of wisdom, of proverbs and psalms.

In addition to this I added other records that were under the name of a prophet or of a patriarch together with the book of "Victory " formerly known “Maccabees four, and an exposition on the “Calendar''.  Each of these were added for the teaching of truth and of righteousness, which may be learned from them.  

For in fact, any document which teaches Godliness is wholesome for the souls of men, wherefore also I continued in another part know as; "Records," (Biblical Historical Records), to compose various records of old in the times both before and after Christ, with a "Preface" heading the same.  

And for another cause. There are but seven great teachers in the world, greater than all other, as I defined elsewhere. While then all the compositions of men are for destruction I am the seventh of those seven teachers, and along with Enoch and the canons my words inspired unto me by God's Holy Spirit are for the teaching of Godliness to all man.  If then you behold this entire website, you will find all of God's teaching in a single place.

On the canons

It is becoming more and more difficult these days to find a copy of the scriptures (canons) that is not marred in one way or another with the corruptions of the scribes.  If not - as in so many they literally change the words and meaning of Gods word altogether, adding their (so called) footnotes, or "life application" as some call it.  Meaning of course they added the abominable filth of their own imagination in the hope - and to the intend to invalidate the actual word of God

One such example is with the Revised Standard Version (the version that is yet most faithful) where their additions at times cover more of the page than the words of the Lord.  Man’s commentaries now are already bad enough, let alone that they should put their abomination on the same page with the word of God.

Solomon said; "There is nothing new under the Sun," And when the Lord reproved the scribes of old - he in fact spoke to all that were coming in all ages.  In Matthew 15, the Lord cursed them for this very thing. 

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