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As the impulse of anger is over evil, 

so is the impulse of joy over what is lovely, 

and brings-in its fruits without restraint.


My joy is the Lord, and my impulse is toward Him, 

this path of mine is excellent. 


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In these pages here I wished to complete the record of old, in the teaching of "Godliness", of those that were teachers in the years after the apostles, men of understanding that were endowed with the Holy Spirit of truth and ready and able to teach.    And to add such others to the record that may be for teaching or edification to the sons of men.   Sadly to say however I found few and little, but with comments, and corrections this may serve for a warning and for a teaching.

Some of these are in refutation to heresies, some in exposition of the word of faith, some against the stupidity of idolatry if per chance those caught in these vices, by the reading of these words may come to an awakening to draw near to God.  And some dictate historical record, who was, where, when, and their deeds, and or words spoken.

It then is by these guidelines that we should include or exclude records, as it was said by Paul the Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. speaking to Timothy, Quote: "That you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine, nor to occupy themselves with myths and endless genealogies which promote speculations rather than the divine training that is in faith".

And, quote:  "Have nothing to do with godless and silly myths. Train yourself in godliness;  And: If any one teaches otherwise and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching which accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit, he knows nothing; he has a morbid craving for controversy and for disputes about words, which produce envy, dissension, slander, base suspicions."

And thus we hold ourselves to these sentiments as spoken: quote:  "Follow the pattern of the sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus".  And:  "If any one comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into the house or give him any greeting;  for he who greets him shares his wicked work."

About this writer

If you ask me - who am I to scrutinize and judge the writers of religion, as if my knowledge of the truth shall exceed theirs to know what is and is not, my reply to you shall be; Ask the Lord about me, that He may answer you, for my word to you is but what you esteem towards me.


Accusations have been made against Eusebius, that he sided with the Arian heresy, the separate natures of God, or that, as it is said of the Arians, claiming that Christ Jesus did not exist before He came forth from Mary.  Eusebius then, may not have used the best choice of words, - but in his writings I have yet to see how he concludes with the Arian heresy:

A few of these things now I will touch upon.   Otherwise, Eusebius is his own best defense as may be determined from his own words, starting with the first of his pages herein listed.  And while there are other occasions  - in what I hope - Eusebius is using a bad choice of words, rather than a departing from the foundation.  And thus what shall I say of a man well knowledged and sincere?

I do not want the words of Justin to fall on me where he said, quote: "For you swarm and light on sores like flies. For though one should speak ten thousand words well, if there happen to be one little word displeasing to you, because it is not sufficiently intelligible or accurate, you make no account of the many good words, but lay hold of the little word, and are very zealous in setting it up as something impious and guilty."  

The pages on the "martyrs" by Eusebius, I placed with my web-section titled: "The Victors", 

  Past and present writers.

If I could find the name of a true Christian of the centuries since the age of the apostles, whose records are left to us, I would give him personal billing.  And while there have been many true Christians, and the names of many are in the record, such as the Fox books, and others, and of some a short description is available, there are few that I have seen with any extensive writing. 

Enoch prophesied that there would only seven rivers (as teachers) greater than all earth's teachers.  Myself then as the seventh of these to emerge from the west am the last, since all of the Scriptures and books for the wise are of the six having come, ending with the Apostle Paul and a few of his disciples.

 If it were not for a fact of history, and to make us aware of what was, I would not bother myself with names such as Luther, Calvin, Augustine, and a host of others.  But since their prolific volumes are left to us, and men seem to take upon them like flies to honey, we ought to show that honey for its sweetness mixed in vinegar.

 Luther was vulgar and lacking in love, and that showed itself in respect to the Jews.  But more so Luther was a devil in disguise, a barbarian as I have labeled him in these pages here.  He teaches for adultery, and for blasphemy against the Lord, along with every un-Christian act that man can think of.   Wherefore to his credit until the day of the great tribunal his disgrace is hereby made public.

 Calvin had no true knowledge of faith, and his style is like that of a spirit of man.  From what I have read of his institutes, he takes flesh for his arm.  Instead of taking to the Scriptures with the exclusion of what any man may have said, he leans on others, some who for what appears unto us, can hardly be reckoned for Christians.  All this is aside of the fact that he was a barbarian as bad as any pope.

 Augustine debates many things of the scriptures of which he has no understanding at all, and places too much emphasis on the church, a beginning of the worship of the wood.   This grew into what became the roman catholics, one of the worst idolatry and heresy to have existed for these many centuries since.

   Jerome may be said instrumental to as it was written; "How in days after Paul they will pay heed to doctrines of demons, to forbid marriage, and abstinence of food."  Jerome then while himself he did not forbid marriage, he nonetheless planted a seed towards that end.  


 Justin's dialog with Trypho, was a very bad translation that I had to correct while retaining the style. Justin is a Gentile conversing with a Jew named Trypho, who entreated him to define his philosophy to him.  For Trypho was desirous of learning and having gone to the masters of philosophy, those of the sons of men, he was quite disappointed, and as he happened to meet Justin he imposed upon him to be educated.

Here is an example how when a man is well educated such as Trypho was, how truly ignorant he has become, as -- the wise educating themselves in ignorance - to become ignorant.   This is like the scientist of this 20th century who have gotten their degree in ignorance, and none is going to teach them to become wise. From Justin one can learn how carelessly one reads the scriptures, and how much there is in a word.


Quote:  "Those great and truly divine men, I mean the apostles of Christ, were purified in their life, and were adorned with every virtue of the soul, but were uncultivated in speech"; so Eusebius said.   

Truth of the matter is, their speech was the right speech, words of and by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of wisdom, and of God.   The Lord therefore, my dear Eusebius, shall hardly be uncultivated in speech.  The cultivated speech of Philo or  of Tertullian for example, is far lacking to that of the apostles.   Far too many words for a subject far too small.

The things of which Irenaeus, speaks, and also Origin, and Uesebius, are not all for beginners, and so; for whom did they write?  While Paul, and all the other apostles, as also Clement, and Barnabas speak plainly for all.  They do not, as Paul says, come with words of wisdom but in plain speech visible to all, that is to say,  all that see with the eye of faith.  

It is perhaps fitting that we as the sons of God speak to the world in routing their ill conceptions in a tone of wisdom or scientifically as one might construe, for so they like to think of themselves to be that cunning.  Accordingly, they are served with their own cunning, and if by it they cannot comprehend what is of a truth they will have no excuse.  

Zachariah of Mitylene,  & John of Ephesus.

630 bishops (if so that term may be applied upon them) went to a synod at Chalcedon, and forth rose the scourge of humanity, ending in a roman see that came to seat itself upon the lowest parts in hell, and it is worthy of it.   Or were there a few not with the stains thereof?

Some of the pages of both the above I have included for the express purpose of education, rather than enumerating history.  And for that cause I have made inserts to comment upon what is said.  For if I were to preach showing men the way unto salvation  I would be saying what has been said by many before me, and would my repetition thereof teach them, or awaken you?

Instead by utilizing the examples of the past, and pointing out the differences, the ins and outs so to say, it may, as it should, make an impression, and teach for a difference.   In these pages therefore I labored to that end.   And to furnish the reader with the greater definition of the main issue, it required additional room with the heading of "The Trinity"

On Church history

If you see a writing where everyone is a saint, the author must be a roman, or pagan catholic.  Some give free reign to the accursed titles of the clergy, and throughout all their speech they deviate from the true church, namely the souls that were robbed and murdered by the roman aposty, and continues to speak of that roman aposty as were it the church.   Accordingly, they deceives themselves keeping faith in a church rather than in the Redeemer of man.

These may be compared to what the Lord said in Revelations.  "`I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot!   So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth."   No zeal, no true love for the truth, no real love for Christ and righteousness.  Yet some have this that they dislike heretics, while themselves being an heretic founded in the roman papacy - as the reader may observe from their writing.

The instant, for example, when bishops accept the term of "patriarch" upon themselves they already cast themselves down, since that issue is a violation of the first commandment, to honor God.  And to break one is to break all.   Thus by allowing themselves to be called father, or patriarch, which means father, or papa for pope, they are guilty of all the commandments.   It makes liars, thieves, murderers, adulterers, and every vile thing out of them.

It is a heinous crime to honor any clergy as father or lord, the same as worshipping the golden calf.   For the golden calf the Lord said "do not"  just as for the tree in paradise the Lord said "do not"  and just as naming anyone other than God as Master or Lord, or Father for which the Lord said "do not"     You then are scorning God by saying, "do" "do", and "do'.   You wicked person, you mock with God each time you pronounce that title upon a vile man.


"But laborers are few", so the Lord said.   And while I went through the history of these last two millenniums once before and wrote on it in my commentary in the Biblical records,  I found it worse than ever.  

If I were to name some, I could name many, but such as are,  I highlighted in bold, and blue.  Like for example King Harith, son of Khanab and Rhumi his wife, and many that were with him and many more like unto him.  And I  removed the term "saint", before the names of many of those in the past.  For while many of these may be thought of as being of the fold, there is enough in the record for equally as many to place their belonging in question, or outright lies.  Not all therefore in bold blue may be what it signifies, but I would rather grant them the benefit of the doubt.

Since then for so many of them on the one hand we do not wish to condemn them for an error on their side,  nor for the severity of the error proclaim them blessed, our judgment should remain with the Lord to reveal the same to us in the day of His coming. 


Having gone through so much writing of the past, and searching for suitable record of wholesome Godliness, I have come to the conclusion, that only these records which were placed with my record of "The remaining Books of the Holy Scriptures", and of "Biblical records BC, and AD", are of the right order.   And as regards this record, if it were not for their historic reference, to record the times, places, and events of the years after those of the Apostles, I would soon disregard the whole of it. 

There is too much fault in most all of the prolific writers of the past since the days of the Apostles, as if the Lord had put an end to the recording of His word.  All in all it seems to be a sign of sufficiency - the words by His trusted servants, the Apostles of His choosing.    And where the Lord said; "laborers are few", there is no understatement here, and just how few they have been since that first or second century is only in the knowledge of God. 

   A cleansing of the word.

I have removed virtually all references since it is not for the hirelings and the blind wanderers that I am posting these pages, but foremost for the sons of God for their benefit to gain knowledge and edification.  And secondly, for the general public or pagans as one might say, that in hearing of the truth they might come to admire it, and in hearing of their stupidity that they might leave it, and come to an awakening for themselves to go forward into their lives with the good knowledge, if perhaps this may lead them to the steps of salvation.

If you are one that need books and verses, the references in order to check up on the accuracy of what is said, why do you bother to read in the first place since by your silly notion  you are in doubt, and as such you have made God out for a liar.  And if you will say;  No but I have made you out for a liar, you are in equally bad shape, since I am a servant of the Lord God, and to deny God's servant is equally as to deny God Himself.

You cannot possibly know O you blind one, that all such as are of God are taught by Him, and having the Counselor, His Holy Spirit, by Whom in the hearing of the word they know it to be of God, or if the same be a corruption or contradiction of His Word.

Have you ever seen the Apostles, the prophets, or the Lord Himself or any of His servants give books and verses?   If you will answer me with a yes, you are without knowledge, for while it may be found that either myself or others on occasion cite book and verses, note also to whom it is that I am speaking, or speaking of.  

For the unwise I am found to make use of them, for as the Lord has infused within me a compassionate Spirit, and as some have said of me that I am generous to a fault, my hope is for all men to obtain life and rejoicing. And so I go to great lengths even at cost to myself to try for them.  

They go forth to double check one like Luther, and other sons of the Lord, because these hirelings have never understood how a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree good fruit.  And though one might find an error, in them or something excessive, or misunderstood, it does not necessarily take away from the whole.

For what man is so perfect to never compose an error?  Even in His Holy ones He finds errors, so the Spirit of the Lord said.  Paul said somewhere; "If any man's work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire".  But what that word further entails I am not at liberty to reveal.

The 20th century

In all of the centuries past the demons were well known and active, but in this 20th century, they seemed to have disappeared, for who in his right mind now-days believes in demons?  Well then my dear people you confess yourselves not to have a right mind, for these demons abound in great numbers in this century as they have in all those of the past. 

But why are they not seen or thought of these days? It is because their nature is evil and they instigate evil to draw all men in their evil desires.    In this century the demons are more at ease since in their mind they think to have the whole human race in their clutches.   There are no Christian churches left.   Personally I do not know of a single one in any place.   And the few individuals that are hidden in the hand of God - are as yet hidden.  And since these few do not make a large commotion, what is there for the demons to worry about?

If then you wish to bring the demons out of their holes, let there be Christians again, such as will truly keep the word of our Lord, and confirm them in the deed.  For if these grow in number, or assemble in number, the demons are sure to be aggravated, and agitated to slander and persecute them.

In this day of today there are few Christians to persecute, therefore the demons are not seen.   The rest of mankind rests securely in their clutches, for which reason they do not recognize their masters as evil.  And of course, since these demons have placed it in their mind that "they" are the good ones, as the Lord said, "they will think to be doing God a service".

When in my youth I resisted the evil of the church and spoke against them, the demons turned red white and blue in anger against me.  It took but a word of truth, and they arraigned themselves against me in the vilest manner they could think of in getting back at me.  

There is no greater crime any man can commit in this world than -- to speak the truth openly, -- and for it - he will most certainly be put to death and persecuted. 

Speaking foolishly

As for me, I was not taught of any man, I have not become wiser than my Teacher.  Who taught me to design aircraft?  Who taught me the trade to blow glass, molding it to various shapes?  Who taught me the trade that I practiced for so many years? Who taught me the nomenclature of the various inventions in which I endeavored?  Who taught me to know what is in a word, and to see through the best of orators if their speech is wholesome or contradictory?  Who taught me the foundations of the earth, and the miracle of the physical nature?  Who taught me the true calendar?  Who taught me the understanding in the many secrets that were revealed to me, which I cannot share, nor reveal unto the children of men?

I am speaking like a fool, enumerating myself.  It is the foolishness of men, and why then should you be offended?   It is the Lord, the Creator of all things, and of my body and my soul who placed the breath in my mouth - Who taught me and instructed me in all of these things,  And whatsoever I take to hand that I earnestly wish to do, and is meet for me,  I need but ask Him, my Teacher, my Lord and my God, the love of my heart, and of my soul.  But more so He stirs me to gather knowledge.

I need not like many men compare the virtue of any writing to authenticate it, but by merely reading the same the spirit thereof is shown to me.   And so I have erased the references footnotes etc, for it are the hirelings and the blind that require references to chapters and verse.  If the translators of these pages were fearful of changing some wording so as to make it more legible - on the excuse to stay with the original,  I for me do not have such fear.  

If they go through all the trouble to translate into English, the least they could have done, was to use proper English.  And if spelling is beyond their means, why not utilize a spell checker that may be found on any computer.   Nor do I suppose they read their translations, since the beginning of many of the sentences started a word or two past the beginning or before the end of a sentence.  And with the over burdening number of footnotes that have been entered, how could they not have read the whole in great detail?   And so I cannot help built wonder at their ability to undertake that which they contrived.

And even the "Canons" as they are this very day, even their translations are full of clerical errors, and mis-spellings.  How can these utilizing a whole theme of scholars to work on them for such a long time make so many errors, while I dare say that fewer errors may be found with me, in my single being doing all that work in a fraction of that time? (And I once had a dream regarding this)

A footnote, food for thought.

"He beheld them above all other animals that He might show them His great majesty, and that they might praise his Holy Name, and recounts his great deeds.   He made everyone responsible for his neighbor, and their works are at all times before Him, nothing is hidden.

And:  "He that believes lightly is light-minded and greatly harms himself to allow himself to be so misled."

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