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By Leonard

These pages here are an account by "historians" and by "eye witnesses" of the JEWELS OF HUMANITY, or, as they are commonly called, "The Christian martyrs."

It is with good cause that I choose the title of "THE VICTORS" for so indeed they are, and will be into forever.  Each and everyone of them are precious in the sight of God, and their reward is with Him.  

Whereas for those irrational beasts that perpetrated these inhumane tortures upon them  - their reward is yet to come, and in the words of Enoch, "It had been better if they had not been born when the souls are judged."   Or in the words of the Lord; "It had been better that a millstone be placed around their neck and be drowned in the sea."

I highlighted the names of the Victors in blue and in bold as in honor and respect to them. And where the names were not recorded but a number was given I did the same.  And in like manner did I honor some of the statements. 

Whereas for the names of the "beasts" as far as I could tell of those of the pagans - I changed their capitals to lowercase in disgrace to them and attributed a green color to the font.

While for the clerical vipers of the catholic idolatry, that popish vermin, their names do not warrant to be capitalized, and changed the color of the font to red like the blood they spilled.   And if their offspring want to do something about it, let them come.   And where you find the appropriation  of "dv" instead of "Dr"   these demons are not worthy of the term "doctor" since in the first place, their ignorance is too gross for such a term, and secondly, these being devils, the abbreviation "dv" meaning devil,  (in red) is quite appropriate.


The Lord came down from heaven and gave himself in the womb of a virgin, and allowed himself to be put to death that He might eradicate death and save all such as would call upon His name and believe in Him.   He came to promote followers, and no sooner was the name of Christ mentioned or the pagans along with the Jews for centuries thought to eradiate that Name and all that believed on Him.    

Or to put this in another way; The Lord having made the world and man upon it - that is not able to govern itself, sent forth His sons among them, in their own likeness, that they might come to know and be tried by them that were their very own.   And so the lesser, envious of the glory of his master, thought to exterminate their masters.    But what an irony for man to rid himself of his benefactors.  What an irony for them that are lifeless to exterminate them that are their life's for them.  For without the sons of God, not a soul of man would have life or being into forever.

These pagans now as also the Jews of that time were possessed by the devil and his host of demons, having them in his power to perform his will.   And yes we are quick to accept this definition since it is inconceivable  how any one human could possibly perform such cruelties on any other human being, or even upon an animal.  For so we reason again, how God made man in His own image, and man as such being human, how could he possibly go beyond all that is humane, or so to say - go beyond his own human nature?

But then the devil was not made evil either, the Lord having made all things and all His creatures in as He said; "And it was good".  It is of himself therefore, of his own envy that the devil became Sotona, and likewise with the children of men to pay heed to his infatuations, as did the many angels that were in his domain.  

For these many angels in his domain had a choice to either pay heed to the voice of the Almighty Lord, or to the desires of their lord, the devil.   And they choose their own lord the devil, and so did these many humans that persecuted the sons of the Lord, being as I said infatuated with the desires of the devil.

As now the unhappy Jews and the Pagans did all they could to eradicate the Name, and the followers of Christ Jesus, the devil knowing very well that these were destined to become the rulers of the earth, and to take his place in the realm of kingdoms.  He, as we might say, became frustrated in preventing the establishment of the Church after the Name of Christ Jesus.   And so his next strategy was to allow the Name of the church, but to corrupt it in such a way as to be even worse than all Paganism.  

And this was quite logical since Paganism is of course synonymous with ignorance, the ignorance of God and of His precepts, while having those educated in the precepts of the Word, and corrupted in respect thereto, they are as the Lord Himself put it; "Twice children of hell."   And so what better thing could the devil perform than to have a church in the Name of the Word of God, but after its own corrupt ideal.   For this gives him the advantage of having them believe that they are doing a good work for God, while in fact they are performing his evil design.  The Lord Himself attesting to this by saying; "They will think to be doing a service to God in casting you out, etc".

The term "Catholic",  now, which means "Universal", was perhaps at one time an honored expression, the Christians at the first perhaps having accepted this term by which to denote their body, the body of Christ.  (So it is said) But over time the devil and the demons with their human confederates having taken full control of it with their corruptions, and  driving out the real Catholics, the very term, like unto its new owners, became so vile, and so loathsome as to defy all imagination.   

As then those that were driven out of the dunghill of men were not eager to give up on the term that before had been an honored expression, began to relate it to their body as the "True or Holy Catholic faith, and referred to the former as the roman catholics, or papist faith.  The papist of course began to refer to them as "the protesters", from which came the term "Protestant". 

What I do not understand is why did they not at that time begin to refer to themselves by the very Name of their Lord and Savior, the Name of Christ, - as "Christians", and drop the term "universal", to leave it to the devil and his confederates.  They are after all the real Christians, and known in the Name of their Lord, and why then hold on to a term that does not in fact apply to them?  For it are the sons of God in Christ that are the real and only owners of the world (that is to come) while none of the rest of the human race will own a blade of grass in it.

In any language, of any nations upon the earth, there exist no word, nor any expression by which to describe the vileness by which these that kept the term "universal"  have stained its very reference.  And accordingly, the term of "catholic" in its reference with rome and the papacy has become synonymous with the devil and every vile thing that no right minded person could possibly conceive or comprehend.

But do not think that the Protestants then and in times afterwards were much better, among them were such equal to the roman papist in cruelty and idolatry.   And while I will no longer capitalize he term 'roman catholic' perhaps I ought to do the same for the protestants.   Idols are none existent, and why then will you capitalize that which does not exist?   Will you honor the stupidity of men, and defile the reference to God and His Word? 

In this day and age, the "holocaust" in what happened to the sons of Israel, the devil attempting to exterminate those which were to have the millennial rule, thinking to have it himself.  That thousand year reign, - is looked upon as if it were the most horrendous thing ever to happen upon the face of the earth, both in numbers as well in cruelty.    But only such persons as are ignorant of the past, can entertain such thoughts, even if we include the many millions of the many other nations that expired during that time.

For in comparison to this plight of the Jews, this holocaust, it in fact is minor compared to what the "Protestants" (the true Christians thereof) suffered under the popes of Rome, and the Christians previous thereto under the pagan rulers, as well as the Jews.  And so what is new O my dear Israel?    

You are not alone, nor was that one the first of your holocaust's, and even those from among your own were numbered among the persecutors, your very own enemies.  The whole world has seen its holocausts, one after the other, and these will yet rage some more for all that are known by the name of Christ Jesus, and by the Name of God the Father.

Hell now is going to be an excruciating painful place for that popish vermin, seeing how the Lord will place torments upon them in sevenfold for all that they have done to His sons and daughters.   And when reading these pages you will exclaim;  "unbelievable", "unbelievable", then remind yourself that they are the record.  

And if you cannot possibly comprehend how any person could stoop so low, just wait a day or two and you will behold them in the flesh, or just look around to other parts of the world in dark corners where the likes is still practiced. (You need but read my page entitled "For the record.")

If then by reading these accounts you are not ready to vomit yourself of the human race, you are one with little or no feelings. And if not in hearing of these affairs, you feel yourself ashamed to belong to the human race, you have not yet learned what love is, nor what hatred is.

Shall I now pray for them? Or shall I say with Isaiah; "So man is humbled, and are brought low, forgive them not?  Shall I pray for devils and for demons that these might find forgiveness for their atrocities against God and man? - Did the Lord pray for the Jews that drove Him to the cross, or not rather for the ignorant ones, for the soldiers that placed Him upon the cross? For these ignorant creatures certainly knew not what they were doing

I then say; Let them not be held guiltless O Lord, let not their cruelties be forgotten, let not their torment be withheld from them.  For there is a distinction to be made, in those that acted in ignorance, and those that acted with malice, as those that sin against man, or the Lord, and such as blaspheme the Holy Spirit, which as the Lord said, shall not be forgiven them. 

Shall we then act contrary to the will of God, to ask for what is contrary to His will?  As I have said before, if these butchers had done it to me, I would ask the Lord for mercy, but for all their cruelty upon others, for the sake of these many others I cannot forgive them.   But this also is with a distinction, since I personally have no enemies, and yet all are enemies that aim to destroy the faith we have of our Lord.  I do not hate men, none of them, but all are precious to me, and I have often times thanked the Lord for their being, and prayed for their welfare.

It is the evil that I hate, and I hate it with a passion, for as love increases so does the hatred of all that strives against it.  O how often have I wished to embrace perfect strangers to show them the great compassion I felt for them, and how my heart wept for such mighty ones as were in the clutches of the demons, knowing how their end will be very grievous unto them.

It now is out of sheer ignorance if one says that such tortures as these jewels of humanity endured no longer exist, that such was only in these days long past. Since in fact these cruelties are being practiced up to this very day.  Mankind has lived with it day by day, century after century, for the devil has not changed, nor has his hatred and practice against man

If then one suffers such cruelties unjustly as most indeed do, not all are for the sake of the Lord.  Untold many have suffered the cruelest of tortures for a cause no more than to disagree with the barbarian tactics of their rulers, or for a word against their enemies.  Or simply for being what God had made them,  or for some deformity in them, or for their race, or creed, like the Jews not so long ago, for simply being born as the sons of Israel.

While then it may be said that many such received the reward of their sins against God in this world, so that a lessening of their eternal reward may be enacted upon them in the day to come, it is with far more victorious result when one suffers these things for his conviction in the One true God, to offer himself for His name sake.  If then the Muslims suffer cruel death for adhering to their belief in that murderer called Mohamed, they have yet a second reward coming to count against them.  And so it will be with many others.

What all man will do to his own specie in the way of cruelty  passes all conception.  And if you think you have seen the worst of it, you have not seen the half, so inconceivable, and imperceptible the devilish gleam is in man, as cannot be written.   Read every page and you will get an idea  as to how contemptible the race of man is in those whose souls were sold to the devil.   But you will have to see the kind of punishment they will receive of the Lord, in a sevenfold reward.

These things here then are meant to rouse a spirit of determination into you so that you may likewise bear it when your time has come.  For it is in the wisdom of the Lord how each one of his children is to give their life for His name sake.  For some it is a peaceful passing, while others glorify their Lord in the most cruelest means enacted upon them.  

This however does not mean that he or she shall have had greater sins, no not at all so.  Nor that for the greater suffering the same shall inherit a more eminent place in his kingdom.   For if we recall King David, who died in peace, on whom no tortures were enacted and yet of him it is said that he was a man after God's own heart, and that he would be the highest of all the kings in the heavenly kingdom.

The pagans, being led by the demons, thought to eradicate the Christian, since they feared those of whom they knew that these were destined to become their masters.  And so they used those ignorant pagans, and later the malicious roman catholics to free themselves of their masters by killing them, having no understanding in the fact that their death is but a passing into life.  And that by killing these very Christians they assuredly made themselves prisoners and slaves unto them.

How can the devil be so ignorant, to perform all that he does against his own self.  All his acts are self defeating, and how can he not know these things, and accordingly cease from them?    But as I venture to say, quoting his own words;  "It is our good pleasure to perform all this evil upon the children of man."  Evil therefore is his good pleasure, which accordingly explains his actions, as it is also written somewhere of the wicked; "That unless they has been able to contrive some evil, they cannot sleep at night."

The persecution having raged ever since the death of the Lord until sometime recent, when many escaped to the American Continent, to get away from the demons seated in the roman catholics, who up to that time even dominated the princes of the land.  The tide now seems to have abated, and quite so for the Protestants who formerly were like the Catholics in the first centuries, Christians unto the Lord, - have now become like unto the catholics with the term 'roman' at the head thereof.

Be it therefore roman catholic, or protestant's in the multitude of their named schisms, or muslim, buddha, or whatever other idols there are perpetuated in the world, the world O my dear friends is at rest, they are asleep, and who is to awaken them?  

Like the low tide however we know it to have a succession to the high tide, and persecution for the name-sake of the Lord is yet again to rise in all lands.  When the Lord rises to reprove the world for its inequities, those that are His own cannot remain hidden, and accordingly will be persecuted.

The flame of hatred against the truth that burned within the pagans of old, and that for so long inflamed the roman catholics has not died in the least, even in this Northern Continent which is called the land of the free.  And for an example I shall relate that to which I myself was witness.  

In one of those Protestant churches when I was yet in my young twenties, I spoke privately with the minister thereof, to exhort him to the truth as spoken of the Lord.  But he became very furious against me, like in a rage his color changed from anger.

And thus having failed to convince him, it came to pass at a meeting of the congregation, in which I was to have a word regarding a means of collection, or usury, as it really were, I was alone in opposing it before the hearing of all the congregation.   He then before all said that he would speak to me privately, to which I before the whole congregation replied to him; No, but I want a dozen persons as witness for all the lies that you will pronounce.

This however made that minister so angry before the eyes of all the people, which can best be described by him literally turning red, white, and blue.   And had it been a century earlier in another land, I would certainly have been burned at the stake for that word alone.

But this did not end the affair, though I was outvoted by all the congregation.   The rage of the man resorted to obtaining the address of my father back in the Netherlands, and secretly sending him a letter, that I had become insane, and to best come and get his son that had lost (so to say) all his marbles.   A vile low down trick indeed, to so worry my father concerning his son alone in a strange land far from home.   

Nor did I knew of this until some years later, after I had already made a vow, never again to enter their church lest they would in any wise bring me a reply from the Scriptures, and not of their own imagination.  For the elders would not leave me alone, coming to see me every once and a while, to as they falsely claimed, bring back the lost sheep.  The real cause being to commit monetary extortion.

And so I realized at that very young age that the flame of hatred had not at all died in the priests and ministers that live for nothing more than to fleece the sheep.   And often times through the years as I would see churches everywhere, I would say to myself, "There is no lack of viper's-dens, nor of their poison to inject into their victims, or these buildings would not rise, nor continue to be."

On the Fox book of martyrs I omitted chapter 18 on the quakers.   For no matter what one does in word or in letter - he judges.   And the Lord said not to worship graven things, nor to swear by a graven thing but by God alone.  Nor am I one to publish such things as are not beneficial to the soul of man, let alone such as are harmful.  For is it not said somewhere in these pages how, "Superstition overcomes every sensation of nature and humanity," which was in reference to the papists.  

And now a prayer.

I thank Thee O Lord, for Thy great compassion, and for all the sons of men, and for Thy sure promise that all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God.   Amen.

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