High-song part 2

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(A LOVE SONG)    (Factual)

How shall I begin my mother, my fairest?

I will say that I am in love, but with whom?

With you my dear mother, with you I am in love.

Why O my son are you in love with me, why?

I will tell you my mother my dearest.

We had a wine house behind the house,

Do you know it my mother?

A small place of love with tables and chairs.

Where you kept the fruits made into drinks.

I returned from my travels again to you.

You rejoiced in my arrival, and I beheld you.

Then we went to that wine house to rejoice.

Do you remember it O mother?

You awoke in the morning a bit dizzy.

The wine of the evening yet had its power over you.

Now you remember the night before, your heart asks,

My son my beloved, what has been done to me?

You flattered me to our wine house, to our place of love.

I went after him, in my admiration for him I followed him

There in the wine house he seated me on a chair.

A chair with a soft back, and a table nearby

His eyes full of love were directed to me.

In his love I allowed myself to him.  

He handed me wine in a glass, but this I knew not.

It was mixed with enchantments.

Within it he put the strength of his love.

I took it from him, and yet another glass, and more.

Then I became drunk, light in my head.

From the strength of his love I came into his might.

Now I remember the night, I was deceived.

By my son, yes by my son, my beloved.

In his admiration he surprised me.

Now though I am awake, I am still under his might.

How shall I escape O my son, my beloved?

In our wine house you put locks on me.

The strong chains of souls delight.

You offered me mixed wine, which imprisons feet.

You sought after my love, how will I resist him?

I feel it; I am in love, in love with my son.

What now shall I do O my son, my beloved one?

You caused your mother to be in love like a maiden.

Against your love you were the stronger to me. 

Yes now I am awake from the power of the wine.

I think on my son, what He did to me.

He caused me to be in love, me his mother.

Yea his mother to him, in his strength of love.

I stare at the window, how so my son?

He knocks at the door, my son knocks.

Already my heart runs quicker, so I answer.

He comes through the door, and seeing him,

I feel myself afloat, in love with my son.

His hand reaches for me, how can I withstand him?

The strength of his love is too strong for me.

Sit by me my son, for I want to ask you something.

Tell me my son, 

What has been done to your mother in the night?

Why my son was that wine so powerful?

What my beloved did you add therein?

I still feel its power, like enchantment to me.

Was it love potion my son that you mixed with it?


Spare yourself mother, I will tell you, it was my love.

With the strength of my love did I mix your wine.

Because I am in love with you my mother my dearest.

In your beauty O my mother I fell in love.

Recall my mother when I was yet young in your bosom.

How you kissed me with your mouth full of sweet honey.

With the sweetness of your lips I was brought up.  

Now I have become a man, no longer a child.

Yet I remember your lips, the sweetness thereof.

Its sweet honey with which I was spoiled my mother.

Where now my mother as a man shall I go to find

That sweet honey with which you spoiled me?

From your lips O my mother, yea there only.

First I was a child, but now I am man.

The beauty of women now enchants me.

I looked around after the beauty of women.

In distant lands I sought, there I saw much.

Yea women gorgeous in figure,

And I turned to them.  I kissed their lips,

They were sweet O my mother.

But not like I was used to as a child in your lap.

I went to other women, kissed their lips.

But my desire did not find your likeness O mother.

That sweet honey of your lips, such as I desire.

You had spoiled me with your love others to loss.

I did not find your likeness, and so I was grieved.

Where now shall I go to find such sweet honey?

And also your beauty my mother, there is none like it.

Thus I returned myself from my travels to you.

To the place of my birth, there where I was received.

There you were O my mother, waiting for me.

And beholding your beauty, I fell in love with you.

While also I recalled that honey-sweetness of long ago.

My heart turned itself within me to behold you.

With a look and a thought I fell in love.

For now I am a man, and longingly press towards such love. 

I thought my mother is without man, without strength.

Also, I was not of her womb, an adopted son.

Who has deceived her in love, who desired her beauty?

I thought, I shall retain my mother, pull her to me.

Fill her with my love, so she will always be my mother.

Let now my hand support your head O my mother.

My arm embrace you, and I say to you my mother.

I am in love with you, totally given to you.

Your beauty is not like others my dearest.

Not like the women, which your son desired.

As the stars above sevenfold over so is your beauty.

Delicious to behold, thus I fell in love.

With you O my mother, I found not your likeness.

Press yourself to me, and close your eyes my mother. 

My hand will support you while I kiss you.

My arm embracing you will hold you while I behold you.

I want to taste the sweet honey, 

that which I have missed for so long.

Your delicious food my mother, 

the strength of your lips.

How delicious your lips my mother exalted in you.

It has been so long, but now you kiss my lips again.

Why then O my mother shall I seek for less?

Do you feel it now my mother, why I deceived you?

Why I led you to the wine house?

To bring you in love.  Yea in love with me,

So I might always taste you. 


O my son my dearest, what have you done to me?

I am powerless in your arms, overcome in your love.

With your mouth you have brought me to ecstasy.

How shall I resist you my beloved?

How shall I resist you to keep myself mother to you?

For now I am in love, yea in love with my son.  

Leave not O my son, you are mine in love.

United in love with the strength of your love.

Depart not from me to stranger nor beauty.

I will ready for you a place to rest next to mine.

You shall eat at my table, to my beholding.

I will continually rejoice myself in your love.

In the heat of the day you will cover me in your shadow.

In the evening I will let you deceive me.

To caress in our wine house, to drink love.

And if you do not deceive me, I will flatter you

With my beauty to go to our wine house.

For there O my love, there we will rejoice,

Singing the song of the Savior. 

My son my beloved, you caused your mother to be in love. 

Therefore my son you have put yourself in cuffs to me.

You deceived yourself in love binding your hands.

For who now my son will look at me,

Who now desire me?

What man shall now bow himself for me? 

Seek for me?

You surprised your mother, brought her in love.

Not ever again O my son shall another desire me.

You have deceived yourself to me with an eternal love. 


I know it my mother; yes I acknowledge the bonds.

Unto you I was led, because you spoiled me.

I shall keep you as my mother, my dearest.

Do not mourn O my mother for husband or child.

I will be to you as both husband and son.  

Where will you go O my mother to corner my love?

Be of your son, to your own joy - mother and wife.

It shall not be to your taste O my mother to taste another.

My likeness had it beginning in you.

Where will you find a man after your taste?

Lay yourself to rest O my mother in sweet rest.

You shall awaken with your son to your taste.

You shall rejoice yourself in Him whom you bore.

In the fear of the Lord O mother.

And in His peace, in everlasting joy.  

Explanation   Son of two, and yet one.  

Now I shall say to you my most dearest mother, 

this song is in truth, it is really so, 

everything is correct.  

My mother spoiled me with the love of the Savior.  

As a child I grew up in that honey sweetness.

I loved my mother with affectionate love; 

her voice was with faith, and with Godly love, 

therein my soul rejoiced, she spoiled me with this.   

Then she was taken from me, into eternal rest.  

I remained alone, grieved, and became man, 

I sought for a woman, for beauty, 

to again find such love, but I found it not.

Then hearing your voice, it came to me.

This is my mother, I recall her fragrance, 

she truly my mother so long in my past.

Sarah, or Anah, the sweetness was the same, 

that honey sweetness with which I was spoiled. 

My soul tastes again the same sweetness 

with which O my dear mother I fell in love.

Take now O mother this glass of wine.

Mixed for you my mother with my love.

To deceive you in falling in love with your son.

Since he is in love with you.

Do not draw yourself from his bonds.

Remain yet a little in our wine house being joyful. 

It is my purpose to bring you in love.

Soon you may sleep after yet a few glasses.

Tomorrow you may awaken, late in the morning. 

After the wine of the night, as my prisoner.

Then my lips shall find you in eternal rest.

Hear now my darling, dearly beloved.

Feeling - is beauty, eternal pleasure.

Words in love - like sweet honey.

Hearts desire - is pureness, souls pleasure.

The faith of the Savior - a heavenly exalting.

Understanding - the might of lips.

Wisdom my mother - is eternal beauty. 

Love of the soul - immortal and beautiful.

Not over-affectionate, but improper not right.

For who can honor God too high, or understand love?

He that has not love - is not real, not in God's image.

Wherein then shall love be known?

In feelings O my mother, my love in love. 

End of my song, I must depart until another evening 

with candlesticks and wine, to fill a glass 

fully after your taste my mother my love.