My love for the one - and for the other.

My love for Anah - as it is for Sarah.

Let no jealousy arise among them. 

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                              A HIGHSONG                                 

My most dearest mother.

In the Song of Solomon it is written; 

"He kissed me with the kisses of his mouth, 

more precious than wine is your love, 

delicious is the fragrance of your ointments. 

He has brought me into the wine house, 

his love was his banner over me, 

strengthen me with raisin-cookies, 

revive me with apples, for I faint for love, 

his left hand under my head, 

his right arm embraces me. "

Anah my dear mother, I will also sing you a High-song, 

to expose myself to you, to own you to me.

I will touch your feelings to turn your affections to me, 

to confuse you in love.  

I have kissed you my dear mother with the words of my mouth.

I will behold if your love will be one with me. 

If the sweetness of my soft lips will make you one with me.

If the costly wine of my soul is pleasant to you 

If it causes you to be drunk, lifted up in ecstasy of love.

You will say,

My son let me to our quarters of love.

From far away he called me.

He deceived me with the kisses of his mouth.

With pleasant wine his love overcame me.

I will rejoice myself in him.

He led me to his place of rest.

There I will accustom myself to his love. 

My figure is not as white as it was at my birth.

Nor my beauty as long ago.

How will my love receive me?

O my loveliest, let not your appearance shame you,

Nor the color of your skin, for you are enchanting.

I do not look at your years - desire of my soul.

You brought forth the fruit of the vine for others.

Yourself you did not partake thereof.

But now you have received a son. 

A son from your Father in the Highest.

Do you desire raisin-cookies my mother? These I have.

Do you desire apples my dear mother?  These I have.

Do you desire love my beloved mother?  It is granted you.

For the Savior of man is full of love.

He granted me this, a blessing to my many children. 

I will make you drunk in my love.

Confuse your head with the pleasure of souls desire.

Your breast will be filled-with the most high luster.

And be mother to your child with great desire.

Of God's wisdom you will drink.

His Spirit will fill you with desire.

To always desire the highest of love.

How delicious is your love, your appearance so beautiful.

You enchant me with your ornaments.

Your lips will drip of the taste of sweet honey.

The milk of my youth will be found under your tongue.

I shall feed you with the milk with which I was fed.

From the breasts of your sister, the gift of the Father.

How delicious O my mother, my sister,.

My wife my bride, unto you will I be wed.

My love will be immeasurable.

Nor will you miss it ever again.

Therefore my mother love me, be patient with your son.

Your son shall be to you more than a man, 

more than a married man.

It is your Savior mother, Christ who granted you this,

He loves you, and has elevated your name.

I shall overcome you in love.

Fill your breast with the pleasure of blessedness.

Thus will you remain with me always.

For what heart of a woman will depart from the mouth.

For which she faints in love? 

As a young maiden did he drew her to him.

She shall be to him as her who bore him.

From his love she will never be satisfied.

Upon her breast he will forever be joyful.

My beloved mother, I love you, because;

Your spirit with Mine testify us children of God.

You are to me my sister, my wife, and my mother.

Other than these three, I know no other woman.

While I therefore am man, you will be mother to me.

My beloved one into all eternity's.

  HIGH-SONG.   Second part.

I was to deceive you in our wine house my mother.

My banner over you was to be love.

I thought to bring you spirit and wisdom.

To caress you with the love thereof.

To take you prisoner.

So I might drink of your love for which I thirst.  

Will you my mother say to me, He deceived me?

My son deceived me leading me to our wine house.

With the kisses of his lips he deceived me.

Yes, I deceived you my mother.

I deceived you after the love of God.

Your years are many; still you are as a young maiden.

If now you are to faint from love O my dear mother.

Fill yourself with the raisin-cookies I gave.

And with the apples that I set forth.

Fill yourself there-with to become full-fed.

And when it shall please love I shall come.

Then my left-hand will come under your head.

My right arm will embrace you in souls desire.

Your beloved one knocks at the door.

Are you listening my beloved sister?

My dearest mother, honey-sweet woman, perfect one?

I have fought, stained myself with blood.

Now I seek rest in your desires. 

Open your door my honey-sweet woman.

I have washed myself, changed my clothing.

I press towards your love.

My lips well-made to serve honey to you.

Sweet milk, yea costly wine.

Let me kiss you my beloved, my joy is in you.

Your son has come, He will come to you.

You shall embrace him.

Kiss him with the lips of your perfect mouth.

Glorious will be our sleeping quarters.

Delicious the place of our union. 

He will rejoice himself in you.

Feed you with the kisses of his mouth.

He will take your hand in his.

And fill you with the goodness of the Father.

Let me see you O my dearest.

Lay yourself down with me to rest.

Thus shall love be exalted, in rest and peace.

You will say;

Indeed my son is wise, He is lovable.

To him is given the milk of understanding.

Many years did I search for a son.

I sought for one who was not.

But when he called me, revealed himself to me.

Then I recalled my son of long ago.

My son, truly my son.

Now I have found him, he found me.

In his love did he ask for me.

In his love with the costly wine of his lips.

He made my head dizzy to fainting.

He is my beloved.

My son who gave himself for me. 

My sister bore him.

Now he is my son, my most dearest.

I will lay myself down in blessedness,

On the kisses of his mouth.

Unto rest, and eternal peace.

How glorious is the love O my mother.

How glorious among all that can be desired.

She is beautiful my mother,

Delicious in her sweetness, desire her.

Desire me your son with all your strength.

Let me flow into you.

I am full of surprises, full of love.

He mixed it for me, the Father, my Lord.

In your mountains I grew up.  I will engage you.

And for your sister who did not have breasts.

I shall become a door unto her.

Let her therefore be enclosed with wood of cedars.

Thus way I will desire her.

And delight her with sweetness of honey.

How so this high-song to you my mother?

Your son loves you and many others as well.

I placed you, as were you Israel , His beloved people.

And me as her King, that speaks to her.

To assemble a high-song, a song in honor.

This wine has much meaning my dear mother.

It is for many others my most dearest. 

But that bottle full of sweet wine.

I shall keep for another day.

To again deceive you to our wine house.

To fill you with the most costly wine.

Then you will never depart from me.

I shall have deceived you completely. 

Your eyes shall be to me only, and always. 

Upon your breasts shall I be made full. 

Your bosom my seating.

You my dear mother shall say. 

My son has enchanted me. 

He deceived me in our wine house. 

He made me drunk in love. 

With the sweetness of honey.

Did he impregnate me. 

Let me be the love of your soul.

The pleasure of the wine which flows from.

My lips are sweeter than of all others.

My lips are soft, full of tenderness. 

My love is deeper than the sea.

My company a fulfilling.