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  1. The Almighty Creator in forming the universe set movement as the prefix for that which is physical. The ideal of movement to movement by which nature has its being is as yet very new. It is unheard of in the sciences, the very thought of it has not entered the mind, and yet it is more common than anything in nature. 

  2. And so how did man miss that which is most prominent in nature?  It is because the Almighty Creator alone can provide us with the truth in nature. Unless therefore one is taught of God we cannot possibly know the truth in nature.

  3. My words here will not be to man’s likens because by illustrating the reality in nature; it by consequence destroys man’s conceptions leaving very little to his score. When it comes to fundamentals - man has not erred in any small degree, but pretty well in everything. 

  4. Since then the Almighty One taught me in all these fundamentals, it became my duty to in turn teach them to the sons of man. 

  5. As then that makes me the black sheep in the family I will be met by ridicule and unbelief until some centuries from now when the then generations will begin to look upon their forebears as delusional. Then my word will be taken for truth and become the foundation of all the sciences.

  6. Seeing thus how time and evidence is on my side; in this essay I am going from illustration to illustration and quotation to quotation to proclaim what has never been heard before, namely; nature for its reality to be left for all future generations.

Key words

Atom, Motion, Waves, Radiation, X-rays, Magnetic.


  1. As then I enter into this subject I fear it will be a lengthy one. We are as yet hung up on particles that do not exist, and we define everything by secondary terms as the solution to any remedy. We for example are very fond of gravity, as if all things are held by gravity, yet by our own laws that we already have for a century gravity is found to be no more than a local force. 

  2. Why then in all that time do I have to be the first or only one to make use of that law whereby to calculate gravity for its distance from center

  3. Is not mathematics the same for all? It is written all over the internet and our textbooks, and everyone is expected to memorize it by heart, and yet no-one ever placed himself behind a calculator to discover gravity? Or did we not know how to go about it?

  4. I once placed this question on the internet: “As to what the factor of gravity is some 3200 miles from earth’s center, utilizing the data from the Hubble space telescope.” And I furnished them with that data.  yet no one came with an answer, other than telling me that it cannot be done because the Hubble space telescope is but 353 miles out.

  5. But I did not ask what the factor of gravity was at 353 miles, but only to use its data, for without that data one has nothing to go by.  I was hoping someone would have the logic and insight to figure it out since I made it very plain. 

  6. But I was disappointed in man not to realize how when you obtain the answer at 353 miles up, it’s simple mathematics to find any factor. And so I realized that unless God grants knowledge and wisdom man is in no shape to utilize logic and common sense. 

  7. And that it was the reason why in more than three hundred years no-one had come to that truth to show gravity for no more than a local force.

  8. The sun as a large magnet holds all its planets magnetically, and ourselves we are drawn to the earth by magnetic power. (Ref 1) If not so we would not be walking upright in line with the center of the earth.  

  9. And why magnetic? Because magnetic force alone presents such a center! Even galaxies are held magnetically, and are not all waves part of that spectrum named after magnetic; erroneously called electromagnetic? 

  10. That term of electromagnetic however is but a minor error compared to classifying particles as single sided coins, to name them by a singular point of view, either positive or negative.

  11. To thus come to an understanding in nature we must foremost come to the realization that there are always two sides to any one coin. Any single part, movement, or any system of, must of necessity have two ends. 

  12. No arrow was ever shot from a bow with only a point and no tail. No electrical of any kind in any form was ever found as a line or wave with only a beginning and no end. There are always two ends, even a dot, or any line has two sides.

  13. The terms applied to electrical as well as magnetic are no more than a point of view. For the magnetic the ingoing movement is classified as the south, with the outgoing as the north, two terms for a single entity. 

  14. For the line of movement from south to north is a single line. And likewise with electrical, if the movement is to any direction there is always the start of it and the end of it, two ends to a single entity that for our convenience we classified right and left, clockwise or counterclockwise, incoming and outgoing. 

  15. One end positive the other end negative, for we cannot classify both ends as positive or negative since these are terms by what is called; “A point of view,” and they are indeed simply a point of view.

  16. The problem with the world of science has been that none of them had a clue as to what either positive or negative is, or what in all reality they stand for.  

  17. If they did even in the least of ways they would not have invented those fantasies of the atom. Nor does the world of science have a clue as to what the word “charge” entails, that I will come back at.

  18. And so I must say; if the simplicity of this cannot be understood your PHD is not worth the paper it is written on, and your schooling has been in vain. 

  19. Accordingly with all things having two sides, there can be no such things as protons nor electrons, nor even neutrons, nor does the atom consists of any such particles, nor is nature made up of particles, but of something I will speak of later. 

  20. Nor am I pronouncing theories so as our scientists may presume, but facts, the reality and truth in nature, for He who taught me constructed all of nature, and who but Him would know better?

  21. Why for example did man turn the atom into a planetary system? Because man is wont to interpret things by eyesight rather than insight. Like in beholding the solar system he fashioned his atom after it. And because the planets appeared like particles his atom came to particles. 

  22. Deception by eyesight - so it is called, and man has indeed failed in many ways interpreting eyesight for reality, while it is insight and wisdom that reveals reality.

  23. The idea of Einstein looking out of the window of a train thinking his train is moving while it is the other train moving; is an example of eyesight deception. 

  24. But worse than all is his ignorance to claim light around a star to bend by gravity, while each and every day we observe the red sky in the morning, which we interpret correctly as refraction. And no less as to how and why the sky appears blue.

  25. How thus can any man with this obvious knowledge before him, come to the stupidity that Einstein pronounced? Nor is this the worst of the fantasies of a man who never in his life got anything correct. Delusion is what it is called, by lack of insight, and negligence as well as gross ignorance.

  26. In time to come he will not have any name but in disgrace, and so will all that glorify him. Is it not said for wisdom to know what will be in time to come? So it is that I know what will be in days to come.

  27. I have no choice but to speak in these words in order to prepare us for what is to come, for I am about to pronounce in some detail what is altogether new and unheard of, and who will stay with me if not those only that do have an open mind, and are willing to be educated, and that do not look upon knowledge as an affliction?  

  28. And still more I must mention in order to lead us in taking that first step of a long journey. Nor must I omit how and why I came to be a teacher of what is altogether new and unheard of.

  29. But now I am sad as I recall how by Isaiah it was said: (41:26-27) “Who declared it from the beginning, that we might know, or from before-time, that we might say, "He is right"? There was none who declared it, none who proclaimed, none who heard your words. I first have declared it to Zion.”

  30. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that my listeners should muse within themselves whether “I am right or not.” And that all because I am revealing what has never been heard before. Nor did I discover anything, but it is just as the Lord said: “I first have declared it to Zion.”  

  31. And I indeed am one in Zion. Our education thus is not from any man, not from me, but from our Creator Himself granting us a look into His creation, that we may come to know the very foundations of the earth upon which it rests. For I wanted to know them, and all that are wise would like to know, and for these it was given, and for these alone.

  32. But I am not the first, king Solomon knew before me; only it was not given him to record these matters. He recorded what is good for the soul; for men to come to life and living, the means by which to evade punishment and regret. 

  33. I now have also spoken at length of these things in addition to my many words regarding physical nature that as such serves our spirits for a home. ( And to make a start I coined two terms to wit:

RAM  and  RM

  1. Relative Angular Movement, and, Relative Movement. These are the two factors that produce what we call heat, that in reality is nothing other than movement at a rate of velocity, known by degree in temperature.  

  2. It are the main factors in our atomic power plants, as well as the warmth that we enjoy from the sun. And even our turbines are run by it whereby we generate electrical power and fly upon wings through the sky.

  3. As then these are very simple, they are so to one educated in the fundamentals of nature. And for that education I must come to a lengthy demonstration of what these are and how these come about. 

  4. That then will replace or destroy man’s cherished theories about his so called atomic particles on the move. And once having done so we have merely digested what is elementary, a mere start in what to our mind is endless.

  5. Come now my dear fellow human beings, if you cannot produce any coin that has but a single side to it, wise up to reality. Is it so hard on you that the Almighty Creator elected me as a teacher in these matters? 

  6. It should be you, should it not rather than me? Of course it should be. But what is my choice in the matter? I had no choice, He educated me willing or not willing. I of course was willing, as in fact He placed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in me. 

  7. And as I looked over the horizon to find that which would finally satisfy my thirst, hill over hill one to the next I never did find as one might say, the sum of all things.

  8. Solomon had the same problem, the Lord filled his mind with wisdom, and so he said; “I said, "I will be wise"; but it was far from me. That which is, is far off, and deep, very deep; who can find it out? I turned my mind to know and to search out and to seek wisdom and the sum of things.”

  9. How well I can relate to Solomon, and how well I know where he said; “In much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.”  

  10. For as I am overturning man’s foolishness in what he interprets for a particle nature by showing the simplicity in nature, the first thing that man will do is question my sanity for striving against the stream. 

  11. And yes I am swimming against the stream, the waves being contrary to my strokes. But what choice do I have when I know truth as truth, and misconceptions for what they are?

  12. And yes I must speak of wisdom, and not hide her treasure, for it is by Her that I speak, and by Her that I received my education. And Solomon is with me in these, for my words are as his words, nor will I take credit for what was revealed by him before me.

  13. And so he further said:  For God loves no one except such as dwell with wisdom, for she is more beautiful than the sun or all stars.  And compared to light, she is far above it, for light must move over for darkness, while evil shall not ever prevail against wisdom. 

  14. She has knowledge of hidden words, and expounds riddles, signs and marvels she knows beforehand, and how it will be in certain seasons and hours.”

  15. And so indeed the Lord was pleased to do unto me as well, but one must never forget whom that he is, and what he is, so well said by Solomon; quote: “For the thoughts of mortal men are unsure, and our counsels dangerous, for the corruptible flesh presses the soul, and the earthly vessel weighs down the many meditations of the mind. 

  16. We hardly guess aright at things on earth - and already we are overwhelmed in labor.”


  1. At this point we ought to start out with a number of examples by illustration, and take it from there. Have we ever wondered how by the light of the sun we warm ourselves? In order to learn it we must first know what light is, and how it travels. 

  2. If I may quote: Light is both a particle and a wave. Light has properties of both a particle and an electromagnetic wave but not all the properties of either. It consists of photons that travel in a wave like pattern.”

  3. This statement is very much in error, it is not anything in the way of particle but wave only, or better said; “Angular momentum.” All waves are angular momentums; a none physical entity that is nothing more nor anything less than a coordinate, a specific pattern of movement that is driven by what is called the “constant”, a motion at the velocity of 300.000-km/sec. 

  4. That particular motion then is an entity in itself, for remember how I said: Quote: “The Almighty Creator in forming the universe set movement as the prefix for that which is physical.” 

  5. That movement then called “constant” is the only movement as an entity in itself, no other movement is an entity but mere byproducts. But what is the illogic to say that; quote: "but not all the properties of either." 

  6. If a wave does not all the factors of a wave, it is nothing, and so it is with particles. Those words therefore are delusional; as noted in man's own dictionaries quote: "Typically as a symptom of mental disorder."

  7. And as to how light is born and travels is next on the agenda. Figure 1 illustrates a single atom that is larger in diameter than the circular width of any wave of light. Therefore when struck upon it, it is unable to pass. 

  8. In air and space the gaseous atoms are small enough for light to pass on by, therefore the air appears transparent, otherwise even air would be as opaque as any other matter. 

  9. Keep in mind as I said previously waves are “angular momentums” meaning a line of movement born forth by an angular impulse that as such becomes a “wavelet,” a single coordinate on the move. No wave of any kind ever is continues, only the electrical and magnetic waves are continues.

  10. That wavelet now travels linearly in a straight line at the relative velocity (distance in time) near to the speed of constant. And as it does - it rotates at very high revolutions, the broken lines showing the circular diameter in which it travels. 

  11. Its rotation is absolute and obvious as the natural consequence by which it came to be as “an angular moment. That diameter to circumference for light is about 4.84a sufficient to pass all hydrogen and nitrogen atoms and molecules, but not those atoms that are greater in diameter as illustrated. 

  12. Therefore light is stopped by anything greater to its diameter of travel. 

Figure 1. Light striking upon a media.

  1. As thus that wavelet strikes upon any surface it in all reality traces a circle upon it, but more than that it impinges upon the circular movement of the atom, and while that atomic movement may be at some considerable velocity, the wavelet comes at a much greater velocity, like about six times around the world in a single second. 

  2. Consequently it comes to increase the circular movement in and upon that atom, and that spells heat, as heat is movement in the rate thereof.

  3. This I classify as RM, two movements relative to one another, or it can also be classified as RAM, since both are angular, but with a linear striking force.  This is similar to our turbine engines where air or steam at high speed impinges upon the blades causing them to move in rotation. 

  4. In this manner the earth is warmed from the surface on up. Light cannot warm the air since it does not and cannot terminate upon it. Each wavelet may be a minor part, but for the sheer volume of them we nonetheless feel the warmth of the sun. 

  5. And if we multiply these wavelets on a single point with a magnifying lens we are able to start a fire from those wavelets, meaning sufficient wavelets are brought to bear on a single area to raise its velocity to the point of ignition.

  6. Then let us go to figure 2 to illustrate how these type of waves are formed, and in what measure for length and velocity. The constant at an unwavering velocity at 300.000 km/s is at all times everywhere, and will transport any variance of movement at whatever speed is suited by their length. 

  7. It however as a fundamental entity must be imposed upon in order to serve those angular momentums, as all waves are.

  8. Then there are the atoms and molecules also having movement, and when a start/stop is implemented, like into direction X, we again have two movements relative to one another. 

  9. For as the impulse moves towards the X, in an angular pattern the constant at 90 degree angle thereto carries it simultaneously into direction noted “Y”. The result becomes a wavelet driven over and around all the atoms in its path to whom these are very susceptible. (Ref-2)


Figure 2  Fundamentals of wave production

  1. In the illustration I show a red 7000a wavelet that for distance in time comes to the velocity of 299.972-km/s. The length of the wave thus is set by how fast the impulse is driven towards “X”. The faster the impulse the shorter the wavelet becomes.

  2. And as they become shorter and shorter their velocity for distance in time, called the Relative Velocity, becomes less and less as these must turn around the circumference more than the longer ones.

  3. The length of any wave thus is always as much greater to its width by the difference in the velocity of the two. Have you ever seen a flame how it is red then yellow and blue at its base, because at the base the relative movement is faster than further up in the flame where the atomic movement mixing with cooler air is slowed down that then produces the longer lengths. 

  4. Remember that light and any wave, are never ever continuous. Neither the sun, nor we, nor any source can possibly produce wavelengths on any continual basis, the reason for which is very simple and detailed in my essay entitled; “Wave Nature” (Ref-2)

  5. And given some mathematical examples; there are 30 billion centimeters in 300.000-km. A 1-cm wave therefore must rotate at the rate of near 30 billion times each second. A 10-cm wave would only have to rotate at 3-billion times each second. 

  6. The 10-cm wave will therefore always travel at a higher relative velocity compared to the 1-cm wave. Consequently it is a fallacy to think that we can superimpose a wave of any length upon a wave of any other length, since every different wave travels at a different speed.

  7. A wavelet of 5000a must travel by a relative velocity of 5000+4.84= 5004.84. 300.000 : 5004.84=59.9/30 X 5000 = 299.709-km/s. It’s speed of rotation would then be 120-billion in any one second. Is it any wonder how and why light travels in such straight lines? Its extremely high velocity of rotation gives it rigidity.

  8. But what might be the real velocity of that rotation since of course that figure of 120 billion is on the micro level expressed in angstroms. As then each rotation is but 4.84a times 120 billion, divided by 10-billion for meters comes to a speed of no more than 58.08 meters per second. 

  9. If thus we wonder how anything can rotate at that many revolutions per second its real velocity is but 0.058-km/s. It then is not in the real velocity but the number of rotation on the micro level that gives light is straight trajectory.

  10. When an atom spins at for example 10-million times per second and its diameter is 2a X 3.14 comes to a circumference of 6.28a. And that times ten million divided by 10-billion is 0.00628 meters, or 0.628-centimeter, just over half a centimeter per second. 

  11. A rotation at 10-million each second sounds astronomical, but for its scale it’s true velocity appears minimal. In the reverse when a 48-inch turbine wheel spins at 10.000-rpm, its outer edges are traveling at a speed of 1,507,200-inches per minute, that is 1,427 miles an hour.

  12. At all times we must consider the realm in which we are laboring.  It’s already astronomical for an atom as a system to be no larger than a few angstroms, a very tiny dot in nature. And one wants to divide that into particles, and these into still smaller ones? 

  13. Do these have any idea as to how small an angstrom really is?  There is yet much to learn for man not only for the atom but in the way of voice and radio transmission as well as any wave transmission, Our current knowledge for all its volume does not pass even the first grade. (Ref-2) 

  14. The formula then to calculate the relative velocity of any and all waves, is: To add the circumference to the nominal length that then is divided into the constant, with the resultant times the nominal length. That simple.

  15. This is indeed how all waves move, and how they come to their speed, the red waves being longer will automatically travel faster than the shorter blue waves, since the blue must pass more often around the circumference for the same distance, and when refracted take a shorter turn each according to their angular moment.  

  16. The length of any wave that is generated thus is: set, and regulated by a difference in velocity of two movements. Sudden movements of atoms and/or molecules in the way of vibration or resonance implements what may be called a spike, or impulse.

  17. In reality a back and forth movement. And so we see again how it is - in and by movement - that all these things operate and come about.

  18. If then we wonder how I came to the diameter by which light travels; I came to it by taking the “lie” of man for light to travel at the speed of 299.972-km/sec in space and to that he added 458 meters acting as if he is trying to be accurate, when there is nothing accurate about it. 

  19. We know very well that there are at least 3000 different velocities of light when rounded by increments of one, 4000 to 7000a. And so to which of these 3000 different velocities does that figure of man apply? Man never seems to do his homework as I must.

  20. I then took the fastest one, the 7000a at their reading that then computed to 1.54a. But at the same time I became disgusted in man to learn how he had the nerve to acclaim that in space all waves travel at the same speed. 

  21. And that I do not consider ignorance but an outright vicious lie, just as man’s claim for electricity to be by electrons is nothing short of a lie.

  22. This is so because man not only ought to know better, but he does know better. Our example (later on) of towing a vehicle to be moving at a different speed than the vehicle to which it is fastened and pulling it, is not something any rational person can accept. It is not to be accepted  by anyone rational.

  23. A microwave now by figure 3 is on the order of about 12.24-cm, a rather long wave for which cause the plate within a microwave is made to rotate. It does not warm the substance as light does to an atom, since of course it travels at a far greater diameter than those of light, striking upon whole molecules and greater than those.

Figure 3.   Heat by microwaves.

  1. Here the term RAM is more appropriate as the wave comes to excite the general movement within and of the substance, that I usually express as; “Rattling its cages,” angular movement to angular movement at a variance.

  2. Next in reference to figure 4 the radio wave for its long length passes through almost any substance without heating, as it does not rattle the cages by merely conducting itself along the general coordinates of most substances.

  3. These waves can be deflected, reflected and refracted just as light when struck upon certain boundaries in the media.


Figure 4. Waves too large to be stopped by atoms.

  1. On the shorter end of the scale we come to x-rays as these are called, and not without cause. For while these may appear as waves we came to call them rays.  And yes what is the difference between a wave and a ray when both of them are nonetheless coordinates formed by RM, as well as RAM?


Figure 5. X-rays, Waves, or not so?

  1. Here however we have come to a boundary, a threshold where one form leaves off for another. Waves on the standard order of things are not only transposed by the constant but formed as well in conjunction with the movement of atoms and molecules. 

  2. This procedure however comes to its lower end when we enter too close upon the atom and its particular self-movement. A wavelet of no more than 3a in length could be no more than the spacing of two atoms, which is hardly anything to send out on a long journey - all because its formation was on a different scale, a different procedure.

  3. Or how shall I say that? My drawback is that understanding nature is easy, explaining it is an all-together different matter. For even the shortest lengths of light utilize whole atoms and molecules to present the spike that as such is the impulse for its ultimate coordinate that spans itself over thousands of atoms. 

  4. While here, the impulses are driven by different types of movement, not imposing themselves upon the constant of velocity, and on a much smaller scale, that by consequence means shorter lengths.

  5. Being at a loss for words I shall say; oscillation or resonance on the micro scale falls outside of a threshold and is therefore not necessarily by the same powers whereby the greater ones are formed. 

  6. How obvious thus it must appear to us that light for its waves cannot possibly come from inside any atom, and much less by any part thereof. That kind of thinking is mere fantasy.

  7. Since then the velocity on that lower scale is less than that of the greater scale the resultant velocities are likewise slower. If something comes to move by no more than 250-km/s, a snails pace to that of light, it nonetheless proceeds from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in two seconds, while it takes me four hours with the Grand Caravan.

  8. Any single atom now is not capable of producing any long length but only such lengths comparable to its own movement. I could say “individual” but that is not true, no single atom produces any type of wave or ray, it is always in the relative movement (RM) of two or more to one another. 

  9. And so for x-rays by a high voltage (rotation) atoms are subjected to two opposing directions of rotational movement (electricity) one against the other producing the typical stop/go impulses by which all waves, or rays for that matter are formed. Quite different from any other explanation, but then my education is different from most.

  10. X-rays thus are waves, or rays as also a term, and for their nature pass through all but the more compact substances. Magnetic resonance on the other hand whereby the lighter tissue is shown - is not anything in the way of waves, nor rays. The term itself reveals it, namely magnetic movement at resonance.

  11. At this point we ought to learn more about coordinates. A coordinate is like a roadmap, or like a specific way in which something operates or will operate, similar to the helix of DNA. A vehicle moves down the road by a coordinate that starts with its engine, or an electrical motor for its winding and relative movement thereto.  

  12. But no less are smell and taste interpreted from and by coordinates expelled from most all substances. These do not travel very fast since their propulsion is not from nor by the constant.  None magnetic as it may be said, and yet these too are no less from and by a magnetic nature as all waves are.

  13. Are not all waves listed on the spectrum named after magnetic, yet these do not exhibit that typical figure eight of magnetic. Neither do the coordinates of smell and taste exhibit the pattern of a figure eight, yet they came forth from such magnetic entities.

  14. Only the kind of waves or coordinates that are fastened to their source will exhibit that full pattern in eight. These are regular magnets and electricity, or more profoundly said; the stationary and rotating magnetic fields are at all times fastened to their source. 

  15. All other coordinates travel free from their source. And many others never travel at all, such as those that determine the chemical element of any substance. As then a steel bar may not have any smell, while perfume is immediately known, the latter evaporates exposing its coordinates, while steel must wait till it is heated, or altered as the term may be.

  16. Next by illustration are more types of rays called “radiation” as were it particles. And while whole atoms can be moved through our air, it is so by what is best said as convection, like in carried along with the wind, like in radio-active clouds from a source that spewed it up, or the wind.

  17. Particles as man has conceived to himself can of course never fly anywhere since these in the first place do not exist. Any part of any one atom shed from it becomes two atoms of different coordinates, or chemical composition as our scientists are wont to say. 

  18. Anything else are coordinates in the way of wave type formation that for their short lengths come to be called rays.

  19. If I may quote: In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, nuclear fission is a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of an atom splits into 2 smaller, lighter nuclei. The fission process often produces gamma photons.”

  20. Here man is right about one atom becoming 2 atoms, but blind about the gamma and photons. What it does produce are wave like coordinates also called rays, that are not in any way particles of any kind, but coordinates and coordinates only, wave or ray. 

  21. And that not only during a decay, but always as long as these are unstable, and even stable elements produce the same.

  22. And for another quotation: “Fission is a type of nuclear reaction which may occur spontaneously or as a result of a particle striking an atomic nucleus. The reason fission occurs is that energy upsets the balance between the electrostatic repulsion between positively-charged protons and the strong nuclear force that holds protons and neutrons together.”

  23. Here we are all wet about strong force and the illicit protons etc., as well as electrostatic propulsion, and all else that cannot and does not exist within the atom. But to say that “energy upsets the balance,” does strike a note in that energy is at all times movement, and nothing but movement. 

  24. But it takes more than just a movement to split an atom of that element, only this is not the time nor place to go into how and why nuclear bombs come to their explosive energy. Oppenheimer was ignorant of fundamentals and wrong in most of his knowledge of the atom, yet he knew enough to get the device to work.

  25. The nucleus – as we are so fond of, also does not exist, what does exist is the center of a magnetic field where the lines of movement come together and cross over. 

  26. Here the density of any magnetic field is always greater than any other part of its field, wherefore it may appear as if there were a nucleus, a very dense area. Here too the motto applies not to allow ourselves to be deceived by appearances.

  27. And so I have pretty well explained illustration figure 6, more patterns of movement that for their nature are or can be harmful as well as beneficial in other ways. The harmful effect may be explained in this way. 

  28. A microwave as it passes through our body merely heats it up a little, that is to say, a 12-cm wave would make only three full turns from our front to our back. While a wave that must turn one thousand times within a single centimeter, what will that do to the cells in our body?

Figure 6.  Short powerful waves by atomic resonance.

  1. The microwave, or radio wave as it passed through us were but like unto straight lines conducted forth by the overall movement of these cells. But one as short as what radiation comes to - acts like a cutting tool to slice the cell to ribbons, or for that much - burn it whereby that cell is no longer able to function.

  2. If it were 10 rotations in a single nanometer, it for all practical purposes must cut through the atoms in its path. Not that any wave is able to cut an atom to halves or to ribbons, but they can and do alter the coordinate by which these atoms form molecules, and these to cells again. 

  3. A police man passing at high speed all the vehicles on a busy road is of no consequence, but if he comes to zig/zag at car lengths no vehicle is safe, if one gets my drift.

  4. Relative Angular Movement can be beneficial as well as harmful. Unstable atoms (figure 7) are of no concern as long as they remain single. They may decay, but that too is of no consequence.  And so it is within our nuclear power plants where we attribute the heat to fission. 

  5. As then indeed there is a degree of that, it is minor compared to the real cause that lies in Relative Angular Movement. Relative in this respect that these are at all times acting at a variance of one another, interfering as it may also be said.

  6. In the first place these atoms are at odds within themselves wherefore these are called unstable.  Additionally at close range the interaction with one another raises the momentum. 

  7. Like when a certain turn pushes another out of the way, as then that – out of the way – by consequence is driven to a bit higher velocity that then is conductive to others – so bit by bit or turn by turn the average degree of movement within them, or upon them is increased.


Figure 7.  RAM by instability in atoms

  1. That at least is one way to explain it, I could be more elaborate with illustrations but I think we are getting the point. This is also to convey that the heat by them is not raised in an instant as with internal combustion, but by a more gradual process. 

  2. The more atoms there are, and the closer these are together so much the greater the heat will become.  For by all increases in movement there is also the braking factor to slow them down. Separate them from one another and the heat will decrease, or place a lower velocity around them and again the heat will decrease.

  3. In nuclear power-plants water is used that by interaction comes to slow down the relative movement of the unstable element. And while doing so the relative movement of the water molecules are raised, turning them into steam.  

  4. Here too power is by movement that creates other movements to still more movement. It was movement at odds that created a higher movement

  5. The process in forming heat comes down to a factor of velocity, speed in rotation and/or oscillation or vibration, heat being nothing more mysterious than movement at the rate thereof. If this cannot be understood consider light for its colors how for a fractional difference in length of a none material coordinate we interpret them for all the colors and shades thereof. 

  6. Likewise with heat, it too is but a faculty of our spirit interpreted from and by velocity. A dead body knows nothing of heat, neither does nature, it only exists with us by our interpretation of movements in its various ways. And equally so for color – it is only known to us, to spirits by interpretation.


Figure 8.  Ram by resonance, vibration and the likes

  1. The same procedure for heat can also be achieved by stable atoms when any one or more atoms are pushed or pulled back and forth as illustrated by figure 8. Our incandescent lamps are that way, and our toasters and any heating element. 

  2. Here too it starts out with movement to produce other movements that in turn produce light also being only movement, or warmth as none other than a rate of movement.

Figure 9. Waves generated by electricity.

  1. Illustration figure 9 demonstrates heat as a byproduct generated by way of an electrical current primarily used to generate light waves. In this case the magnetic polarities that exist at the side of an electrical wave are used to upset the atoms of the element. 

  2. As the electrical wave rotates it alternately brings a north and south facing the stationary atoms whereby these are moved up and down, or back and forth.

  3. The atoms of the element on the other hand as they keep their distance from one another magnetically are forced out of their positions into the fields of others that in turn bounces them back, or as the case also is the electrical wave pulls them back by its rotation, just as any electrical conductor will vibrate back and forth to the pole of any magnet. 

  4. This is what takes place in all incandescent light-bulbs. This disproves J,J Thomson in his electron experiment, his Nobel prize erroneously obtained.

  5. Ram and RM (figure 10) are again the main factors whereby a substance will burn, its molecular structure being broken up into other elements. A simple degree of heat - as none other than movement - can start it, or any high velocity introduced into it like a spark, or any flame, both being a factor of high velocity.

Figure 10. Decomposition by high velocity

  1. These things take place because the fundamental movement is “conductive” and at that “directionally conductive.” No other movement is so conductive. The spin of an atom is not conductive, but its field of force is, and so are the fields of all magnets and of electricity that for its nature is no less magnetic. 

  2. The wind is not a conductive movement, but since the fields of all the atoms that make up the wind are conductive these likewise associate with one another. 

  3. If a layer of air is cooler and mixes with a layer of warm air, both layers interact to equalize their rate of movement. And so it is with all things.  Energy therefore – as it is used for a term expressing movement is never conserved. In this man is also wrong eyesight having deceived him.


  1. We spoke of magnetic waves how they are never continues and travel by rotation. And it must be by rotation for a number of reasons. First of all as they were formed in by an angular impulse, angular means by and in rotation because the atoms are in rotation, and if not their fields are always by the angular. 

  2. So it is always an impulse into the angular taken away by the linear that as such by the rate of velocity determines the length of the wave. Secondly; no wave could ever come to its velocity by any back and forth movement, only sound is that way curtailing the velocity to a snails pace.

  3. The illustration figures 11, and 12 as man has come up with is completely impossible, sheer nonsense as some among their own scientists have already acclaimed, but the blind still continue with their illicit dreams


Figure 11  Preposterous          Figure 12  Most illogical

  1. No wave of the spectrum could traverse back and forth and come to any velocity greater than the speed of sound while it is a fact in nature that all the waves of the spectrum travel at near 300.000-km/sec. Are we therefore purposely making zombies out of our children to destroy their minds with what we know to be gross ignorance? 

  2. Even light for its short lengths spans over thousands of atoms for each single wavelet, and that is how they come to their high velocity, being driven by the constant at 300.000-km/s at virtually a straight line turning around the atoms in their path making contact upon each and every one of them.

  3. And that contact as we should well know is upon rotating entities, wherefore their rotation around atoms is a natural consequence, and the only way by which light or any such wave can come to its velocity. 

  4. Just look at it how a wave of no more than 4000a is like a line stretched over anywhere from 2000 to 3000 atoms, and from number 1 atom it graduates only one half of its circumference by the time it gets to atom number 1500. It never needs to stop nor hesitate, or else it could never come to its velocity.

  5. Does not this make perfect sense? Is it not plain common sense? Is it not logical? It is all of these. And that is how each different length is forced to travel at its own relative velocity, relative being its distance in time.

  6. Any wavelet that is but a fraction longer or shorter than the other must of necessity travel at a different rate of velocity. As the constant, the real movement in nature drives every wave forward - it drives all of them at one and the same velocity, at what we have arbitrarily set at 300.000-km/s. 

  7. That then must come to a lower speed for distance in time since it is forced in the circular around the atoms in its path. And we know very well that the wavelets of light salute every single atom they encounter, as we behold that mirage as if there were water upon the road ahead of us, the warmth of the sun driving the atom just above that roadbed to a slightly greater spacing. 

  8. And those wavelets which strike at some angle out of the normal are of course refracted, just as they do upon a prism where they encounter a substance more dense than the air.

  9. You see how simple it is, meaning how simple the reality in nature is, and how foolish to make light travel like sound while we know better?  And how can one possibly have magnetic and electric in the air when these must always be connected to a source. 

  10. And to bounce back and forth in the air would create sound, or do you think the atoms in the air are partial to certain pulses?  That our air is a convicted criminal rendering false judgments? False judgment only comes from people and from certain angels; physical nature cannot lie, and does not lie. It obeys its Creator.

  11. And now for figure 13 how very wrong we can be to make these kind of illustration. We know very well that each different length does and must always travel at a different velocity. And so here we go with a pickup on the freeway with a car in tow. 

  12. And we are driving at 50mph with the pickup, but our car in tow is only going 30mph. And that my dear people we call rational insight?  For that is indeed what we are teaching the students by word and illustration. In my book this is criminal, and those teachers even expect to get paid?

  13. Come now my dear people when you have a transport band on which you place boxes, the belt moving at 10 feet per minute, while you cannot place boxes any faster than 2 per minute, will these boxes all be connected to one another? Not likely; so you say. 

  14. But why then do we not judge rightly with waves as well, when these are placed upon the constant in the same manner? How would you figure to make for different lengths, like in how to space boxes by 5 ft per minute? If you placed 4 per minute the spacing would be 2.5 ft.

Figure 105-13    All of nature proving it wrong

  1. Movement so I came to say, it is all in movement and the rate thereof that makes for any and all waves including those of sound and even water waves as well as tsunamis. No carrier wave can be made continues, nor can it at 250.000-km/s take in tow (superimpose) a signal wave that is forced to travel at 290.000-km/s. 

  2. Your signal would get there before our carrier wave ever got there. Or our amplitude modulation, not a single one of these vertical lines can be connected to the other. And our frequency modulation as shown is also most atrocious, completely contrary to any and all facts in nature.

  3. When however it comes to the electrical wave it is a completely different story; they can only be continues or exist not at all. Cut any electrical wave and everything on the side away from its source is gone, as in fact even when there is electricity at the circuit, but is not a closed circuit, no wave can be found, it will act as if it does not exist. 

  4. Only with a completed circuit can electricity be displayed, and since its rotation is by our doings we can slow that down however much we wish, or speed it up however much we wish. A completed circuit is most logical since it is magnetic, and all magnetic is always by a full circle, a complete circle, eight or otherwise.

  5. Motion, motion, and still more motion, the whole of nature is held together by motion, and all of its particulars are in and by movement. If we cannot see that light of day, we are as yet unborn, still in the womb where light does not pass, as in fact we as a race still are. And what then am I doing here where I do not belong?

  6. The electrical wave now can be displayed upon a computer screen, but no wave of light can ever seen passing upon it, because we cannot slow down the speed of light to visibly pass upon any screen. And yet we behold the terminals of light at all times when our eyes are open, any and all pictures are by the termination of light. 

  7. And so is the screen at which you are reading these words, each letter consisting of many dots by coordinates, The L is an coordinate different from the Y, it all depends in what patterns the dots are placed that make for words that again lead to whole stories. 

  8. Even so with atoms to molecules to make for an element into a compound element from which comes cells and whole bodies, all by coordinates in movement, and movement to movement.

  9. When we go from Toronto to Chicago and from there to Omaha, then to Los Angeles and from there to Denver, our trip is movement in and by a coordinate. And whether we fly, walk or drive all of it is movement. We may be physical but the pattern of our trip was not anything physical, motion being the displacement of what we construe as physical.

  10. And now that I spoke a word too much, it is indeed as I arranged my words, for even that physical that we behold is but construed as physical all because I once said; We are like a ripple upon the waters.”  

  11. Not that anyone is able to comprehend my spoken words, but so the Lord said to me; “Keep My secret you that are kept by it.” Therefore I often cut short on my words not to reveal what is not in the keeping of man. Yet it is a natural thing for me to speak after truth; and so unwittingly I let out a word not to be illustrated for the sons of man.

  12. A stone cast into the air, is an object in motion, and it has its path in the air only because of that motion, and it will come down to earth again also because of movement, first of all in the rate thereof, slowing down. 

  13. Secondly because earth’s magnetic tentacles are pulling on the angular momentum of the many parts of which that stone is constructed. Everything here is movement to movement, and that by movement as also the swing of our arm was movement.

  14. And now that we are so proud of our computers, even the best of our computers is still in what is called the stone-age. If from full off to on that computer does not “instantly” come to full view – it is still in the stone age.

  15. And if it can store 5000g instead of 5.000.000g it is still in its infancy.


  1. The atoms of hydrogen and oxygen live peacefully together as long as nothing comes to strike them with a high velocity, in which case these will fuse into a molecule. These coordinates are specific patterns of movement at a specific rate of movement, a number of magnetic fields in rotation at a speed low enough whereby they do not bind. 

  2. But driven to a high speed of rotation, their fields of force come to expand greatly, and as they do their magnetic coordinate, or pattern of movement as it may be said changes to (as I call it) open up exposing their polar (north and south) polarities by which these bind 2 to 1, known as H2O. 

  3. This will continue at a specific rate of movement as long as it does not drop down to what is known as a temperature (rate of) zero degrees. Here with their rotation at very low speed these atoms once again open up their polarities to all bind to one another in a specific pattern. (Figure 14) the structural pattern of ice.


Figure 14. Ice.

  1. Here the coordinate is changed completely from what it was at higher movement, for in saying coordinate I mean to impress upon us how that is nothing other than a specific pattern of movement, a specific way in which movement passes along or over all these parts. 

  2. The parts not being particles but whole atoms, full magnetic fields. A single atom can be called a part in or of nature, or if we so desire a single part of. But that part is not something solid, but in all respects a field of force.

  3. And so we question, “But what is the medium upon which this field of force has its existence?” We are apt to ask that question since the base upon which a regular magnet has its field of force is like a metal, therefore we reason that the atomic fields must likewise exist upon something physical.  

  4. My answer to this is a yes and a no. If I say no, it will lead us to a threshold of nature I swore not to reveal. And if I say yes, it will again lead us to that same threshold.

  5. Yet I have applied a name to that so called physical something by the term of 3W. That term however does not mean much without the wisdom of it other than that the W stands for water, but not the kind of water that is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, while for the number 3, don’t ask.  

  6. For that my dear reader is not a subject for discussion.  It is enough for us to know that atoms do have substance, although not such as we are able to relate to.

  7. I admit that it is marvelous to know nature for its formation, but it is a wisdom not suited for all. As long as we cannot see the gross stupidity in E=mc2, how are we to come to any truth? Einstein was one of the most ignorant persons in the world of science, and such brutes are glorified? 

  8. Come now, wake up, and smell the daisies! (Ref-3) How can something that is physical like a stone turn into nothing more than motion? It can be “in” motion, to have energy in that respect, but not become motion.  

  9. Energy at all times in every form being nothing other than movement. Did I not say; “Nature is matter in motion by coordination”? And so the words are; “in motion.” Then as one may recall I also said; “That the Lord set motion as the prefix for His physical creation.” If then that were not so, I would not have said so.


  1. Allow me by example to show how coordinates vary in size and power as well as function.  Light at a wavelength of 7000a travels by a diameter of 1.54a that comes to a circumference of 4.84a. That mind you is a long wavelength considering it comes to be spaced over thousand of atoms. 

  2. A wavelength of no more than 70a would also travel at about a circumference of 4.84a, because it is the minimum to pass around any atom. But are these short ones driven by the constant or not rather by the velocity in the spin of the atom? If the velocity in rpm were 300-km/s, it would come to a forward velocity of no more than 177-km/s.

  3. And so there are waves and waves, or coordinates and coordinates, many beneficial with others harmful. The mere coordinate of an aspirin thins the blood, or opium to dull the senses. For it is not in the chemical as such as it is in the specific coordinate of that chemical that brings about what we wish it to bring about. 

  4. We of course being ignorant of coordinates always point to chemicals. And yes all chemicals have their specific pattern of movement whereby these alter to destroy or correct other patterns of movement.

  5. X-ray’s and radiation are never particles because no such single sided coins exist within nature. Therefore also nuclear radiation has nothing in common with particles. 

  6. It is not by any particles that one gets ill or dies from atomic radiation, but from wave-like coordinates that come to alter and/or destroy those coordinates that keep us well.  Nor is it by any particles that the uranium in a bomb is split, but why should I teach man his hardware when he is so contend with them to his own destruction? 

  7. What is so destructive in cyanide that it kills in a few seconds, if not for its coordinate that spreads quickly to arrest or destroy those coordinates by which we live and breathe.  What may the pattern be of one perfume to the other whereby we can tell the difference? 

  8. If colors can be detected by a mere fractional angular difference in a wave why not smell? As then we do know what the pattern and movement of waves like those of light are, or at least I do, I do not know the pattern from which we sense or interpret something pleasant or unpleasant. 

  9. If I knew all the patterns in nature, all of its coordinates that form everything from great to small – or write out a helix to form a child in the womb; I would no longer be man, to have anything in common with man. 

  10. This is a knowledge God only knows, and yes I thought about it, seeing I do know a number of them, but knowing that there are in fact an endless number of them, how is my simple mind suited for such knowledge? 

  11. Therefore I elected not to request a full understanding thereof from the Lord my Creator, deeming it not in keeping with man. Not that my thirst for knowledge is quenched, but in the Spirit of wisdom I know my place among the living.


  1. Deception by eyesight has us in a fix whereby common sense takes its flight from us. Or should I have said that because God had not given us rational insight therefore we do not know any better? The latter is also correct that by consequence comes to question: 

  2. “Why” that is so?  All we need for knowledge is to ask for it of our Creator, and why then did we not do so? If we say; “We did, but He did not grant it,” again comes the question; “Why?”

  3. Could it be because we did not believe in Him, or believe upon His word? Or we do believe but we are not keeping ourselves to His instructions, therefore He did not answer us. If we mention evolution on a positive tone do not expect to receive anything from the Lord, but a condemnation in the pool of fire, where most of the human race will reside.

  4. The Lord did say; “If you keep My commandments ask whatever you will, and it will be given you.”  Here thus is the secret, your faith has to be true within you, or else that which you do have will be taken from you as well. And so I am leading up to how and why we are still acting like children without that common sense that serves for knowledge. 

  5. But I must provide examples whereby education may be unto us provided of course one is indeed willing to obtain wisdom. For again so said the Lord: “By putting knowledge into them so you make them alive.”

  6. By illustration figure 15 we have it correct, yet not fundamentally correct, or not in any way correct. For take a good look at what we have done; “Opposite charges attract,” so it reads. But why my dear fellow are we pronouncing these lies, when we know that these are lies? 


Figure 15.  Very very wrong

  1. We know very well that as we touch a negative to a positive that these destroy one another, any short circuit tells us so.  For did we not put a plus and a minus into them, and so we are speaking of the rotating, the electrical type of magnetic. 

  2. Had we put a N, and S, in the circles then we would be speaking reasonably correct to be speaking of the stationary magnetic entities.

  3. But why my dear fellows are these North to south attracted to one another? Shall it be because opposite appear unlike to one another?  And when or how in our lifetime have we seen the unlike to associate with one another?  Is it not rather the likes that get together?

  4. One of our problems is that we do not have a clue as to what “charge” is, as I may quote:  Charge is the fundamental quantity of electricity. (Electricity is all about charge.) No one can tell you what charge is. They can only tell you how charges interact.”

  5. I must be “no one” since I “can” tell, but I am not alone, we can all tell. When you hold two magnets with N, and S facing – what will these do? Come now you know for they will move towards one another. Here thus is the secret in the word; “Move.”

  6. Move meaning motion, that charge is nothing but movement, all because their fields of force are moving entities, the typical figure eight usually expressed in lines of.  How can these possibly be stationary entities when they do move? 

  7. How can any wave be a stationary entity when we did see the light to pass from one point to another? How can a car move when put in park? How can any magnet move if not something is either pulling on it, or pushing it?  And what is that push, or pull? 

  8. Directional conductive movement that is what it is. Learn this, and learn it well – that without motion nothing can move. Simple, is it not?  Well now so we will say; “Of course we know that, such is simple common sense. 

  9. And yes by these very words we have convicted ourselves and at the same time explained to everyone just what a “charge” is, the very nature of it.

  10. Why should movement not be motion when it is motion? Have I awakened common sense in us to contradict the person that said: “No one can tell you what charge is”?  No one need tell us, for when something moves like a bull in the ring, we call it – O, O, he is charging, better get out of the way.

  11. That figure eight of force in any magnet is a movement, it is the movement of constant, or actually produced by the constant, formed by and of it. That type of movement being an entity all in itself, the very entity that the Almighty One set as the prefix for His physical creation. 

  12. And that entity is a very special kind of movement unlike any other movement in that it is conductive, and at that directionally conductive.  If it were not directionally conductive no two magnets would repel from one another, nor even pull to one another. 

  13. For if the movement of one would not be conductive to the other no two magnets would attract to one another. This is the same as saying that without motion there is no motion, and of course not.   

  14. The Lord then knew it wherefore He formed that kind of movement. I will yet explain how from this movement whereby light has its speed it also forms angular's that in turn produce again linear's.  

  15. For by having all those angular's no one part would join with the other without another linear to do so. That one is the magnetic one, and how that came to a figure of eight we will also yet come to.

  16. Here I am impressing upon us that “charge” or a charge, (the something that no one is supposed to know,) “is” known to everyone as “motion”, and motion only as well as motion always. 

  17. If it were not motion then why would you be afraid of that bull in the ring when charging he can not move? Our world would not be any world without charge being movement.

  18. Accept knowledge, accept wisdom. For like Solomon also said; “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.”  Shall I repeat it? “”whatever you get, get insight.”” 

  19. And it is insight to know that the direction of movement from the south of any pole is identical to the north of any other pole. And this holds true even with any single magnet.

  20. The attraction then is not between opposites but between the alike. And do not attempt to correct me with man and his woman as opposites, since these too are alike, the woman came from the man, these twain are one and the same flesh, therefore these attract to one another.

  21. We did make illustrations showing the direction of movement, wherefore we did know that these were alike, of a single same direction. How and why then do we make illustrations contrary to what nature reveals to us?  

  22. I do not understand man how he can do such things so contrary to the truth, and so contrary to what his eyes observe. For no excuse of any kind will suffice, seeing man himself drew up the plus and minus as counter rotating movements that can only destroy one to the other, yet he goes forth and makes illustrations like figure 12, and has them join atoms.

  23. Am I teaching in a wrong manner to speak as I do? Not in my judgment for I like to speak with a bit of humor, and in order to teach truth I must present the truth in whatever means suitable. Is it not said: “Strike a scoffer and the simple will learn prudence?” 

  24. And: “Reprove a man of understanding and he will gain knowledge.” Or; “Do not reprove a scoffer or he will hate you, reprove a wise man and he will love you.”

  25. I know from before hand that I will have more enemies than any man, and how I will be killed for the speech of my lips. And that the unwise will not pay attention at my word, for these will not go to the wise, since of course: “A fool considers himself wiser than ten wise man.”  

  26. But for the few that are wise my speech is a blessing and for insight, and my teaching will remain for the generations yet to come who will come to look upon their forebears as delusional.


  1. What holds a nucleus together? Allow me to quote: Gravity holds galaxies together, electromagnetism is the force that would theoretically rip a nucleus apart, the weak nuclear force governs radioactivity, and the strong nuclear force (130 times stronger than electromagnetism) is the force that holds a nucleus together.”

  2. No insight, nor knowledge of fundamentals could possibly speak that way. Gravity is but a local force, ending at a little over 3000 miles out. (Ref-1)  

  3. And if the “electromagnetic would rip the nucleus apart,” why not omit the “electro” from it and we will have all the power needed to bind any so called nucleus. We coined that word electromagnetic because we have no idea as to what it means, or what it entails. Also because we had no idea as to what electricity was, how it in fact is a magnetic force as well.

  4. As then there are stationary fields and rotating fields – how do we distinguish one from the other? The stationary became magnetic, with the rotating electric. But one cannot have what rotates as part of what is stationary. 

  5. It can be one or the other, but we cannot have a rotating leg on the stationary body. Where would one go if one of his legs were at all times rotating? Would it not tear from him?

  6. How for the example did we get that electricity? Think about it, were it not magnetic lines, or flux within which we placed a rotating guide whereby to twist these straight lines into a frenzy of turns? 

  7. How then can that electricity as it was erroneously called be anything other than a magnetic force as well, one that rotates, because we ourselves made these rotations twisting magnetic lines over one another. And the instant we stop that rotation that so called electricity is also gone.

  8. As then we speak of weak force and strong force we are indeed speaking like a chicken without its head.  And worse to acclaim that it is stronger than the magnetic, or rather stronger than a bird that has never as yet existed to say; “electromagnetic. 

  9. There is no stronger force than magnetic in physical nature, nor is there any other force to hold things together. That force in fact is perfectly suited for all that is held one to the other. 

  10. Anything other than that is sheer fantasy, illicit dreams of the unwise that because of their mockery of God were given into the power of evil spirits to become delusional.

  11. My teaching is a teaching in wisdom, hated by all that are unwise, but the wise among man will heed my words, therefore do I speak that the wise may be wiser yet and come to life and rejoicing rather than having to experience the pain of regret in the pool of regret.

  12. Is it not silly and childish to have protons that always depart from one another kept together by what are neutrals? Does that make sense? No! Dead men do not defend the castle. 

  13. Such is not just delusional but ignorance, especially since none of those parts exist anywhere, nor could they exist even as single sided coins cannot possibly exist. Therefore did I pronounce it as ignorance since being human we ought to know better.

  14. And now; What holds an atom together? Quote: "The strong force is a force, which attracts protons to protons, neutrons to neutrons, and protons and neutrons to each other. The force has a very short range, and this is the reason the nucleus of an atom turns out to be so small.  The force has a very short range, and this is the reason the nucleus of an atom turns out to be so small. In addition, the strong force is also responsible for binding the quarks and gluons into protons and neutrons.”

  15. “Sneaky” is what I call it to say protons to protons, neutrons to neutrons, etc. Something manufactured out of illicit dreams very well knowing they have no clue as to how or what a nucleus is, nor how it is held together – so we will have to invent something.

  16. But their invention does not work since by man’s own cunning he gave protons a so-called charge that repels from each other, and since these also know that dead-men do not defend the castle, we will just grab some force out of mid-air. 

  17. For what do the people know, or the students, blockheads as they are, these will believe anything, and we will take the glory.

  18. I have no use for these kind of people to in that underhanded way deceive the young minds with their illicit dreams. What kind of insanity is this like in figures 16 and 17 for their only negative electrons to join together when by their own invention these also always depart from one another?  

  19. And to make matters worse their illicit factories even came up with quarks and gluons, something from the stone age no doubt.  I have to get away from this nonsense, let them first produce a single sided coin or keep their illicit inventions to themselves.


Figure 16            and                    Figure 17. Impossible  

  1. It is however heartbreaking to see how the young are being brainwashed by such nonsense, and actually come to believe upon it. And so indeed the young are being destroyed in all their schooling, and I will blame their elders for it. 

  2. For this kind of nonsense goes too far. It is one thing to be delusional, where appearances by eyesight are deceiving, but the foregoing cannot be anything but deliberate attempts to deceive whereby to destroy the young unsuspecting mind of man.

  3. Next would be:  How molecules are held together. Quote: Molecules contain two or more atoms and are held together by covalent bonds, whereas compounds are held together by ionic bonds. Two or more elements bonded together through ionic attraction. Compounds contain two or more atoms and are held together by ionic bonds, whereas molecules are held together by covalent bonds.”

  4. The term “covalent” ought to be scrapped, there being no meaning for it in the dictionary, it only refers to some fantasy that minors don’t even play with. The same goes for “ionic” although it could have some use like when something is charged to refer to them as ions. 

  5. But then only the unwise will make use of it, those with understanding will use proper terms and explanations.  As per example when something is charged, it refers to something electrified, or more fundamental, to something in motion, be it linear or angular. 

  6. To say that it has energy, or is energized, is often a better term than charge, yet reveals the same that it is in motion, or having movement upon it.

  7. None of the quotation is of course correct, or could ever be correct even as the illustration figure 18 shows. It is fine to show two atoms of H to one of oxygen, but how and why do these become a vapor called steam? Or how and why do they lock together as in ice? 

  8. They fail to mention how at lower temperatures they are no longer able to float along one another, nor what is in temperature for that to occur. Obviously these have not done their homework and lack insight, no apprehension of fundamentals.


Figure 18                        Figure 19. None existent

  1. And why only two atoms to bond when it has room for four, and by different configurations does bond to four, and even five? Or those oxygen atoms shown by figure 19, why only two together, why not more to have our air as a solid? And how do these prevent our air from becoming solid? That also is not shown, or in my book not even thought of.

  2. My advise is; Wake up! We have been asleep too long, our minds have become buttermilk to accept what cannot possibly exist. And we know it, we know it well,  No single sided coin has ever been found. Nor do plus and minus attract to one another.  

  3. We do know it;  I have all the evidence to that effect, why then will we not wake up to smell the daisies?  These daisies are delicious, and with it comes insight as well as wisdom. And having acquired these we will be the better for it. 

  4. For I will not allow any ignorance within my kingdom, everyone will be taught truth, or they will not live.


  1. At this time let’s get to the first of things, science may not substantiate how atoms work under all conditions, but I must do so, and I will, but to a certain threshold sufficient for us to know the first in all movement.  

  2. Let’s put on our thinking cap to come to some rational observation. How and why is it that the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen by themselves float among one another, tiny magnets mind you and under these conditions they do not bind together, why is that?

  3. Yet when driven to a high rpm all of a sudden they become more magnetic and bond locking so well that again it will take another high rpm by which they will change into a vapor and still higher disengage from one another. 

  4. When on the other hand their rpm is slowed down to what we call zero degrees, these tiny magnets again change their pattern of magnetic for everyone to lock unto one another as in ice.

  5. Or bread for that matter, all these atoms and molecules will float among one another, but when placed in an oven subjected to a much higher rate of movement these all come to a rigid formation, no longer able to move around. 

  6. Or steel at high degree of movement acts like a liquid, but with that movement in rpm slowed down (cooled) these become a rigid bar, or whatever shape they were in when cooled down. And so what makes these magnetic atoms behave in that way by a mere rate of movement?

  7. This my dear reader lies in the secret to polarity, for the circle of movement to be movement in the angular from which to change to a power in the linear. In other words to impress upon the angular that it may bear forth linear movement.

  8. And for this we best use some illustration to explain it. The fundamental movement that exists everywhere in conjunction with what we ultimately call atoms becomes, or presents itself in a circle of movement. 

  9. And that obviously so since it is conductive, and at that directionally conductive, wherefore once it starts out around any so called object it will come back to its beginning forming a complete circle that cannot be broken.


 Figure 20                                            Figure 21 Fundamental movement

  1. Figure 20, at “A” once born conveys that circle. A circle then is only angular movement a power always coming back upon itself. If then nothing was done there would be no linear movement, and that of course is unthinkable. 

  2. For without a linear power no two items could adhere to one another, consequently there would be no nature, no earth nor even human bodies.

  3. How thus do we get linear power in the movement thereto? We do so by twisting that circle of angular movement over itself by at least 90 degrees whereby it will take on the shape of a figure of eight, illustrated by figure 21. 

  4. B, C, and D, then were my attempt to show that circle drawn over by varying degrees, first by 45 degrees so that it is an open eight where the lines cross but not upon one another by which a “center” of power comes to exist. One thing I cannot do is to draw things three dimensionally, and so bear with me in my frailties.

  5. Now look at figure 21, the direction of movement of that circle at the North-end is upwards or outgoing from both directions, and at the south-end it is inward from both directions all from that singular movement of a single circle. From S to N there is now a linear direction of movement born forth from the angular. 

  6. Previously that angular was also a linear but how that came to its angular is crossing a threshold. Here we see how at the most fundamental level both angular and linear come into existence, movement having its being giving birth to both.

  7. I now venture to say that we never even thought about it, how linear movement came to exist by way of angular movement. Most often we take things for granted even as we do with life itself. Not very wise but then no-one is born but naked, like unto an empty bottle that is to be filled.

  8. Notice however that our terms of N and S are nothing more than a point of view of one single movement. That pattern in eight is never at all two circles as it may appear for deception by eyesight. 

  9. And this is of prime importance, never at all claim it as two circles, never at all see it as anything other than a single entity. Close your eyes lest you be deceived by them, let your mind behold what is and what is not, for man has made many mistakes in his deception by eyesight, by what appears to be that is not as it may appear.

  10. Do not now get me wrong, if what I am teaching here is not correct, else I would not be teaching it, for I know that with all the evidence staring man in the face he still had the nerve to tell me that I was wrong. 

  11. If then my dear fellow I am wrong explain how come there are always two equal tides upon the earth, reference figure 22. That all in itself conveys that magnetic force for its pattern is in and by a figure of eight, whereby when any one side is elongated so the other side will be. (Ref-4) And do not claim gravity until first you calculate its distance by your own accepted laws.

Figure 22.  Equal tides by the eight of magnetic

  1. Tell me that I am wrong, but then show me a pair of scissors that in closing its handles will not close its cutting edges. Or show me a single sided coin. If then we are unable to do either, let us wake up to reality. 

  2. It’s bad enough for man to look at me and say; “I can’t tell if he is right.” for we can tell by the evidence I have placed before us.  If not so; in what world have I come to live out my exile? 

  3. It would be better for me never to have been born, but the Lord called me by name therefore I have no choice but to finish the course laid out before me.

  4. Considering this circle of movement that by a single twist into a pattern of eight becomes and is a full-fledged magnet, the combined efforts of angular to linear. And how it for its unique feature can become a magnet in any amount of strength from zero to full strength. 

  5. If neutrality is needed like in gas or liquid it has the capacity to shade its polarity by not coming to a full closed eight. Some do so singular others dual, and still others by almost any number of them as well as by combination of them. Cells are an example of these. 

  6. And look how these cells are stacked and arranged in a simple green leaf of a tree. Each cell holding its own with only a residual polarity to other cells.

  7. Then in addition to these fundamental features certain atoms contain but a simple system whereby their magnetic polarities remain minimal, while others like in steel and the likes display a dense magnetic field giving them the superior strength as known for these elements. 

  8. And that again has this advantage that at low or normal temperature no steel bar will magnetically lock to the other, all atoms at the outer perimeter once cooled route their polarity (linear potential) to the inside shading the outer edges.  

  9. And so it is with many substances like rock once broken off will no longer of itself bind to other rock as it did before.

  10. Did we know that by splitting a rock, or wood the atoms at its boundaries immediately change the configurations of their fields?  From the circle to the eight in conjunction with speed in velocity, and field density, as well as molecular configuration, by these factors alone thousand if not millions of different formations are found. 

  11. And from there it goes to cells in again thousands of ways if not millions. Absolutely marvelous, a nature beyond comprehension, and in such vast quantities, even the DNA, like fingerprints there are hardly two alike. All of which come to their form by and in movement.

  12. Our skin may look quite peaceful, as were all those atoms at idle, with no movement noted. Yet by merely touching our skin instantly a signal is send out to the brain, that is a code like a wave similar to the electric one.

  13. And how would that be possible if it were not RM, one movement to another providing the code?  On the greater scale here is our electric generator, with many straight lines of movements going into one direction from the north to the south across and right through the armature placed in between those two poles. (Figure 23)


Figure 23 Electric generator

  1. These lines now are not physical entities, they are the motion of an entity called, “Fundamental Movement.”  In other words to us a none physical entity, (note how I said; “to us”) as one motion. Then comes the next none physical entity, namely the rotation of the armature, for while the armature to us is physical its motion is not so.  

  2. Take two apples, both apples are physical, but their tally, the number 2 is none physical, that when written down appears as a physical something, but not when spoken.

  3. The rotation of the armature now comes to cut right through these apparent stationary straight lines that are never stationary but moving. Nor can we with anything ever cut these lines; instead we are twisting these lines over one another collecting them upon a copper guide insulated from the rest. 

  4. And presto we have a new type of magnetic, a rotating braid of magnetic lines that we have come to call electric. Since then the direction of movement upon the braid is in one direction; when we view the ends of that single rotation one rotates clockwise with the other counter clockwise.

  5. It now would take me ten pages and a half dozen more illustrations to fully explain how and why these lines of magnetic come to their typical pattern. And I have done so partially in one of my website pages. This for all its worth is like a first grade lesson.

  6. Here I am going to repeat myself somewhat hoping my reader will get the message. One of the secrets to polarity being “velocity,” the speed at which atoms are spun around, or agitated; there is also the field of these atoms that is spun along with it – that at higher and higher speed of rotation comes to expand. 

  7. If however we come to those of steel those fields do not spin as easily as others, nor therefore expand as others, their own density and strength serving as a brake towards that end..

  8. The linear reality of a magnet thus resides in just how far the circle is turned over - that as such determines the power of it in the linear. The graph shown by figure 24 at the bottom depicts the degree by which that circle is drawn over into an eight. To the right from zero to 100 presents the power of it.


Figure 24 Power curve in  magnetic

  1. If we take bread for example the overall coordinate may come to a 75 degree of twist giving it magnetic power but not full power, as we would say; loosely held, wherefore the molecules are pulled apart easily. 

  2. A rubber band in its molecular structure holds more strongly, and unlike those of steel they are pliable, a coordinate where molecularly the fields can be pulled apart while still holding well together. 

  3. This is like taking two magnets and pulling them apart from one another, then when we let go of any one - these draw together again by their magnetic fields pulling them, or closing up as it might be said.

  4. Similar events are seen with steam, the water became steam for the expansion of its atoms, its compression is no different than pushing countless many magnets into one another at unlike directions, pushing the expanded fields back in. 

  5. That of course when released acts like any two magnets repelling from each other. The fact that magnetic fields expand at higher and higher revolution is well known to the power companies wherefore they hang those high voltage wires so far from the poles.

  6. For the many variations whereby all things come to their shape and particular being, it is not only atomic wise, but molecular as well, and by any combination of the two. And I can hardly begin to explain each and every one of a million or more variations; that I leave to others. 

  7. And here I should repeat to say that the graph illustrated by figure 24 is not exclusive in and by atoms, but in and by overall coordinates as well, such that form molecular and greater.

  8. We should also understand like in figure 21 that the incoming line in the south passes straight on through to the one coming out in the north, each figure eight a single entity. This will appear when the substance within which it resides is like a square or sphere. 

  9. When it becomes rectangular the same holds true but does not appear that way since once within a medium each line becomes constricted for which reason its tends to pass straight on through. 

  10. Accordingly the center of the eight in these cases will look like a line within it, and at the outside the lines appear to bypass the center of the rectangular.

  11. There are so many variations by which the magnetic eight of force can be construed that it becomes a whole study in itself, an endless subject if you will for those that take up the task of defining each and everyone. He could spend a lifetime doing that and not come to the half of it.

  12. For the two hydrogen atoms locked onto a single oxygen atom the linear presentation being at 35 degrees, these will present a small amount of magnetic force, push or pull. 

  13. But at zero degree temperature these ends for that slow movement come to a 80 or 90 degree twist, whereby those magnetic polarities come to full power each hydrogen atom binding with 2 or more oxygen atoms, forming the crystal structure of ice.  Note however that this is but one way in which that comes to pass, there are more ways.

  14. And each hydrogen atom for example at their connecting point with the oxygen atom are at a high degree of magnetic power while their tail ends away from the oxygen are shaded.

  15.  Just exactly how they manage that I do not fully know, but the atoms of steel, wood and rock perform the same feat once broken off or separated from the rest. If then this is strictly atomic or only molecular, or in combination I do not have these details sufficiently to plot them down for us.

  16. Our scientists now are correct in this that the atoms in air are not singular, but dual. For it is in pairs that their magnetic circles in eight are not fully turned as they are seen upon standard magnets. In a grain of sand a whole number of atoms cling together magnetically. 

  17. That pattern then is such that by a certain volume those seated at the outer perimeter also do not present much of any linear power, wherefore they are like grains, slightly bound but not fully bound.

  18. The reason that the atoms in a flower all hold together, but do not cling to the magnetic entities in our air, lies in those of the air not presenting any real linear polarity at any part of their semi spherical design. 

  19. Or wood to wood, or steel to steel, once cooled to a structural formation their polarity is turned inward. Water and other elements that come in contact with these will however come to associate with them, called rusting, or bleaching.

  20. The means whereby atoms and/or molecules come to bind thus varies in many ways mostly depending on how much power to polarity is found at their outer regions. And that by velocity in the rate thereof.  

  21. Water for the example at its outer regions is not totally devoid of polarity wherefore these form into drops, and by which also they are able to cling to other substances like glass on a window, or invade metals to rust.

  22. Stainless steel as well as gold have a unique structure not very well suited for the minor polarities of the water molecule to invade them. And so there are a million and one ways whereby different elements or compound elements interact magnetically. 

  23. Light for example when it is reflected from any surface does so, not like any ball, nor particle of any kind, but it in all reality “rolls” itself around, Reference here is to figure 25, the incoming wave at “A” is a rotating entity that can only deflect into direction “B” by the same angle that it came. 

  24. This is to enhance our understanding of light for its nature. In order to refract it must enter into the atoms of the surface media. 

  25. These in turn will remit only such wavelets that correspond to their coordinate, therefore the different colors seen by the human eye. Or rather the eye does not see anything, only our mind does in the spirit that dwells upon it.


Figure 25. Reflection of light waves   Figure 26  Silicon

  1. It is absolute unique and beyond our comprehension how everything is formed by simple movement one to the other, and how magnetic movement comes to its linear power in so many ways from zero to 90 degree, in zero to 100 percent. 

  2. And yes of course I know that there is a lot more to this, how for example that basic fundamental circle is driven to only a 45 degree turn whereby its linear pull or push is curtailed. And how it came to that twist in the first place, and how from a linear do we come to an angular?

  3. Many questions, some of which will bring me too close to a threshold I promised myself not to pass. And O how beautiful that is but for the sons of righteousness. Accordingly I must come to an end of my speech with but a beginning in the secrets to polarity. 

  4. What I have done is given us some insight into how and why magnetic nature comes to bind and/or not bind, and how that comes to an endless variety.


  1. I thought to provide us with some hints how to go about obtaining information. Illustration figure 27 depicts the molecule of water as our men in the sciences have discovered. This illustration however is not water, but water in the form of a vapor called steam.

  2. The factor by which water turns to steam is said to be about 1600, and that is more than what is illustrated here to take up that much more space.


Figure 27.  Expanded formation of water molecule

  1. The reason for that much expansion lies in the type of elements, Hydrogen is the lightest and has the greatest expansion of all elements, nor is Oxygen far behind. 

  2. My aim here is to provide some hints for those willing and able to work on this providing us with an idea of how the magnetic lines by and of these atoms may be situated. In other words what the pattern is, its overall coordinate that binds these three together yet shade their polarities towards the outer area so that no other atoms will join to it.

  3. And to embark upon that one should start out with the elements singular that then by a high impulse of velocity fuses them. Here the atoms of H border onto the one of O.  Then we ought to draw out how that changes to our illustration above. 

  4. And further again how and why these will disengage at a still higher velocity. That then leaves the change at very low velocity forming the structural pattern of ice. This is not an easy task because none of these are stationary; we cannot draw them after the fashion of regular magnets, nor after the pattern of our rotating magnetic string called electricity.

  5. And so here is the real challenge, how at all times we must incorporate the velocity of rotation. It does have this advantage that the pattern need not be rigid as in straight-on by our regular magnets, but neither will opposite directions of movement join.  

  6. We may start out with how each of these rotate, where the axis may be. In the illustration I provided one option note AR, for axis of rotation, But it need nor be that way, there are other ways. Moreover the above illustration does not provide for the factor of 1600, but only about half of that. 

  7. And so how far do these come apart still holding onto one another? This we know for a fact that they distance themselves by repulsion from all directions, but then only at high revolution. At room temperature down to zero they seem to hug their host.

  8. If one is skeptical about my word how it is that the water molecules come to a factor of expansion by 1600 “magnetically”; provide us with another option. It cannot be electrical, and what else is there?

  9. What is in high speed to separate things from one another if not the fields of these atoms?  Our power companies know it very well by hanging their high voltage wires so far from the poles.

  10. And we can also prove that to ourselves by experiment. Take any electrical conductor, then with a magnet next to that wire hold it far enough away sothat the wire will not vibrate, then raise the voltage until it will vibrate, that tells us how far that magnetic field outside of the wire has been expanded. I have never done so, but it will work, as it must work.

  11. An interesting prospect to discover just how these molecules accomplish that feat not braking their bond, Expansion of their individual magnetic field is no doubt the main reason, but in which way do they turn keeping their magnetic fields intact?  That is an interesting prospect, and at the same time shade their polarity at their tail ends.

  12. Then it will also be interesting to discover how and in what way those magnetic fields in their overall formation change for no other reason than a reduction in their rotational velocity.  And why not start out with something simple like the water molecule, for once we have come to its reality we can study the many others. Knowing one for its reality will help to determine others.

  13. Perhaps I am asking the impossible, I for one would like to know coordinates, but I deemed it not proper for me to request that much knowledge of the Lord our God, seeing how much He already revealed to me. 

  14. We may come up with some reasonable patterns, but O how difficult knowing that these exist while in rotation, by and in the velocity thereof. We must come to shaded ends that the molecules may associate closely making for a liquid. 

  15. If we give them any greater amount of polarity they would repel, and while that does occur at high speed, this is not so at lower speed.

  16. Does this sound interesting? Or is it like one of my employees once said to me quote: “Sounds like torture to me.” Knowledge however is not an affliction as it may appear to some, it mind you is grandiose and life in hand.

  17. The one thing we must “not” do is – to pay attention to what man thus far has made of the atom, nor any of his theories. Man has made many strides and he is correct in some or even many things, mostly those that he was able to observe for which little or no insight is required.

  18. One of man’s no/no is by figure 28. The nerve mind you to place a plus and minus with that molecule, as if we did not know better. Whatever happen to N and S? Is it because then man will have to agree with me.


Figure 28                                  Figure 29

  1. Even if the plus were a N or S, and the minus a S or N, it would still be wrong for then all other molecules would join to it as well and our water even at room temperature would be solid. 

  2. To my mind the oxygen atom appears to be a very unique atom, that for one thing instead of showing two poles, like normal magnets, it can project three or even four polarities.

  3. I may be wrong seeing I have no real evidence, only an instinct, sometimes that served me good, but not always. Additionally I have drawn up one possibility by figure 30.

Figure 30 One idea to consider.

  1. The main power here is by the broken line ovals, only the Oxygen atom appears to be very unique, and there must be a good reason as to why the two hydrogen atoms are offset rather than in line as with regular magnets. 

  2. Here is another side of me, that while an awesome store of knowledge was granted me, I do not know everything.  Some things I know but like a picture that is not fully complete, wherefore I held off.

  3. As now we work on this molecule attempting to figure out how it shades it outer regions, we should recall how this is done by many other molecules as well. 

  4. Take metal for example in a lathe how we shave off slivers that will no longer adhere to the metal as it did formerly. Except of course when we heat the metal to its melting point. The same is true with welding fusing metal to metal.

  5. It takes a movement to force atom from atom no matter how strongly they are locked together, and that my dear reader is magnetically. Nor will repulsive entities lock together.

  6. And one other reason why magnetic can be so powerful lies in their micro being, in the very multitude of them in any depth or thickness. A single magnet has but a single field that can lift tons of weight (electro-magnets) while a steel bolt is held intact by billions or trillions of magnetic fields in unison. 

  7. Then on the other hand these can be mild all by and in a multitude of variations. But I am too old to start in with experiments, or to pain myself over it.


  1. Thus far we have considered atoms as they spin, but not every atom of every element spins, nor need they spin. And yet there must be an angular momentum in each and every atom or they will not be drawn by gravity. (Ref-3) 

  2. Every single atom then contains angular momentum all because they are magnetic entities. By man’s theories of the atom gravity could not possibly exist, nor could we by those theories walk upright. 

  3. We are at all times drawn in line with the center of the earth, and only magnetic fields provide for such a center – that by consequence makes magnetic power the entity whereby we are drawn into a gravitational descend.

Figure 31  All magnets contain angular momentum.

  1. Deception to eyesight has also made us behold magnetic fields consisting of two circles, We then ought to close our eyes - since those two are at all times one single circle of movement in the pattern of an eight. 

  2. Illustrated by figure 33, each one half of those single circles noted “X” do present a movement in the angular, like unto a circle in itself. For whether an atom spins or not - its field always has movement and is in movement.

  3. In steel the atoms may be stationary but their fields are at all times in motion, or else they would not be magnets, without that movement neither electricity nor anything magnetic would have its being. 

  4. Consequently there would be no universe, nor earth, nor man having a body. Without movement of and upon the eight there would be neither attraction nor repulsion.

  5. Two metallic atoms bond extremely well as illustrated by figure 30, not only from their centers N to S, but across their entire span, the equatorial regions above and below also binding the two atoms together. 

  6. And that is in both directions when seen on a two-dimensional plane, as well as all around three dimensionally bonding to the atoms above and below. The polar areas of anyone of these atoms can cover about 40 percent of the sphere (E/W to N) in all of 360 degrees. 

  7. For the illustration we show but one figure of eight while of course there are always more – each element having its greater or lesser density.

  8. To have power all around is one of the unique capacities of magnetic as may be seen by figure 32, a pattern mostly of metals how that center atom binds itself to six others on but a two dimensional plane, that may come to 18 atoms in its three dimensional nature. 

  9. Here in speaking of an overall coordinate, the pattern of all the individuals coming to a greater pattern with all of them at close quarters; provides for superior strength. That overall pattern then may be of any shape as each and every atom lends its own pattern in eight to that overall pattern.


Figure 32 Metal atoms                                 Figure 33  Silver

  1. Figure 32 is one of silver, and notice how they are positioned one to the other in comparison to a grid such as ice (figure 14) or silicon at figure 26.Then we come to figure 34 where I show the atoms not stacked as the previous ones. 

  2. This is primarily to illustrate how magnetic strings (lines) of force run through the whole of the substance. At “Y” to “Y” the two magnetic strings made up by all the individuals becomes like a solid string, and for its two dimensional view appears just like the pattern of electric, although it is not electric.  

  3. Vertically H to Y the bonding is at their east and west sides, called equatorial. The difference is that in the electrical these are always joined at equatorial regions only; here these are at the polar areas. 

  4. These eight atoms so situated bond extremely well, and these being of metal their fields are dense compared to many others. As then there is a good reason for that, let it suffice that all bonding is at all times magnetically.

Figure 34. Metal atoms extremely well bonded.

  1. Looking once again at that illustration be it “Y”, “G”, or “H”, how easy it is for an electrical current to pass through it, to be conducted by it. This may be compared to a structure such as consist in plastics, or wood, and paper. 

  2. It is by the structural formation in all elements whereby these are conductive to any rotating magnetic field, as well as to stationary magnetic fields. Some to merely conduct it, other able to retain the magnetic coordinate.

  3. But we have drifted away from what I started with that there are spinning atoms, and none spinning atoms. The spinning atoms are mostly found with the lighter and more simple elements, also because these are mostly free to do so which is not so with the heavy more densely packed atoms. 

  4. It is in their nature and density that these are prevented from rotating although the power and movement that drives all others also passes over them attempting to drive them.

  5. When heating steel the general movement within it becomes agitated, like in rattling their cages, but however much we heat them these do not expand to any great amount. The reason is obvious since these atoms are not free to move, but locked in magnetically from all directions preventing them from rotating.

  6. As the atom for its whole cannot rotate neither as such will their fields, and it is only by a speed in rotation that magnetic fields expand. I have no real evidence but I do not believe that the atoms in steel etc; rotate at all. 

  7. The only angular movement within them are their fields, the always existing movement of magnetic by its pattern in eight. Therefore even though there are no spinning parts steel is nonetheless subject to the implementation that leads to gravity, as shown earlier by figure 31. 

  8. The heating of any metal does however produce what is termed RAM, Relative Angular Movement whereby waves are generated. At first the longer red ones, then as the heat increases these begin to generate the shorter lengths as well resulting into the white light emitted from them. 

  9. Without the ever movement of magnetic in atoms those of steel could not come to glow red nor white, these colors being light waves, and light must be generated as shown earlier.

  10. At the point of melting the structure does not seem to brake up; but slide along one another. How well thus these magnets hold together to do so even in a molted state, if not better yet to join with all atoms in that state, something these will not adhere to once cooled. 

  11. And so here is more to look at and consider how by a simple change in the rate of movement magnets will join, or not join.

  12. As then I speak of magnets, I am not speaking of the simple overall pattern that we see with our bar magnets, but rather I am speaking of the first of all magnets, of those that are most fundamental. 

  13. For these are driven by that movement that is most fundamental, while our bar magnets are secondary, coordinates by coordinates, a realm removed from the first of all things.


  1. How does one go about measuring the mass of any atom? The world of science does not want to know since they have it all figured out. And so why should they listen to me?  We have constructed mass spectrometer and they work very well. 

  2. I now grant this as a truth, but wherein man fails is his interpretation of it. Nor is it without a specific reason as to why I am redefining the interpretation of a device that works so well for us., it being the implication of it that I am after.

Figure 35  Mass spectrometer

  1. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with the device illustrated by figure 35, but we contradict ourselves for its interpretation. Had we interpreted it rightly we would not have given the atom any particles, nor put any kind of electrical in the atom. 

  2. Instead I would be out of a job, for then man would have interpreted the atom for what it really is. And as to how that is may first be illustrated by figure 36. Here we have a magnet as the stationary magnetic entity, and next to it a conductor with a rotating magnetic entity. Other than the atom these are the only real magnetic entities in and by nature.

  3. And now let us take a wood or plastic ball or object to pass it along these two magnetic entities. That object then will pass straight on through being oblivious to both magnets. The reason for it lies in the fact that neither the wood nor the plastic are susceptible to these magnets in that their molecular structure is not conductive to their linear lines of movement. 

  4. When on the other hand we take a metal ball, or a magnetized ball these will deflect to either directions “A” or “B”.

  5. But why into direction “A” if the magnetic ball comes to pose its south polarity to either one? Answer: It then does not go to “A” but to B. Or that tiny magnetic ball in sensing the repulsive action would quickly turn posing its northern half to the magnets; then it will go into direction “A”.

Figure 36 Linear magnetic fields only respond to like fields.

  1. It could also at first be deflected towards the magnet but in coming to the magnetic field of the conductor be deflected into direction “B”. This is so because the field upon the conductor rotates alternately posing its north and south to the line of travel, whereas the magnet being stationary only shows it southern pole. 

  2. That little ball magnet could even pass straight on through when its relative position is neutral to the magnet the instant that it passes, and the same goes for the rotating field on the conductor.

  3. Any magnet therefore passed through a magnetic field can go either of three directions, The steel ball is not likely to pass straight on through since it will become magnetized and automatically head for the magnet into direction A.  

  4. If then we take the wood ball apart to send only its atoms through these will act the same way as any magnet. It is not at all odd that wood be conductive in one way and not conductive in the other. 

  5. As a piece of wood it consists of a multitude of atoms in molecular formation posing a coordinate none conductive to the coordinate of the magnetic eight. All this while each of its many atoms are conductive when posed singularly.

  6. Next in reference to figure 37, another illustration of the mass spectrometer, with this illustration we are convicting ourselves of treason, and of contradiction. 

  7. First as we send atoms through we electrify them, or so we ill presume, after which we subject them to a rotational magnetic field (electric) by which to speed them up, after which the magnet diffracts, or refracts the atoms according to their so called mass, that in reality is magnetic strength and polarity. 

  8. The reason then that I accused us of treason lies in this; how first of all we do not acclaim atoms as full fledged magnets, telling us that they are planetary systems -  and yet come to accelerate them with a magnetic field. 

  9. And so a pig is not a dove, you cannot accelerate none magnetic entities with a magnetic field, only magnets are conductive to magnetic fields. Or better said only conductive parts are conductive to the coordinates of magnetic.


Figure 37. Mass spectrometer to refraction.

  1. But now I wonder if anyone gets my drift, for it is not our device but the implications of it, for what we acclaim of the atom that cannot possibly work in any spectrometer. And to make things worse illustrations figures 38 and 39 do nothing but convict us of our contradictions 

  2. Are not electrons supposed to be only negative, and at that electrically held? Why then do we here attribute a magnetic nature to them, placing a north and south on them?


Figure 38     Contradictions          Figure 39

  1. Are we not to oppose my teaching, rather than confirming my teaching? Are we not teaching our children that our electrons are single sided coins, while at the same time we dare display them with both sides of the coin? 

  2. What are we teaching? Can’t we for a moment keep our story straight?  Not that these electrons shown have any polarity since these of course do not exist, they have never been found nor detected. Anyone claiming otherwise is not competent to interpret his own experiments. The illustrations shown here do depict whole atoms, something that does exist.

  3. If then we are content with magnetic patterns existing in the atom, why not accept all that I have taught in the way of magnetic? For nature is indeed magnetic and magnetic only even as man in so many ways is confirming. 

  4. This is what I have against man, he must learn to keep his story straight and not make contradictions, nor impale his illicit dreams as were they of any value. Come now be realistic man drew up figures 16 through 18 and had the gall to teach them to the young, and then he comes up with figures 38 and 39?

  5. First he has negative clinging to negative then he makes full magnets out of them. Or, first he has them electrical full well knowing that a positive to negative can only destroy each other, then he makes them magnetic having both sides of the coin. 

  6. This is what disturbs me our ever continuing contradictions, never at all to keep our story straight, nor ever completing our homework. We force our students to do their homework, why not ourselves first doing our homework? 

  7. I have no choice but to advice each and every student to never at all listen to their teachers, unless they wish their brains fried to such a degree that nothing good can enter.

Figure 40

  1. And there are more ways in which we confirm the magnetic nature of atoms by figure 40, and 41. Those patterns shown are magnetic patterns the typical figure of eight. Not that everyone agrees preferring to behold the coordinate of magnetic as were it two circles joined at a center.

  2. But even breaking a magnet in halves defeats that deception to eyesight. These now may be shown as orbital, but true orbital follow a straight trajectory around a vector, not the pattern of an eight that being specific of magnetic.

  3. If anything it is rewarding to see how by in large we do see nature in the eyes of magnetic. All we lack is a good understanding of it.

Figure 41


  1. We have atomic bombs made for our own destruction, and that not without the consent, or knowledge of the Lord, or else we would not have them. It is the Lord who gave man the knowledge for his many innovations, just as it is written: 

  2. And the three heads, this is the interpretation.  In the last days the Most High shall raise up three kingdoms, and renew many things therein, and they shall have the dominion of the earth, and of those that dwell therein, with much oppression above all that were before them.”

  3. It is not by chance that man came to computers, have electricity, and gun powder, as well as his turbine engines to fly on wings. All these are of the Lord, but the Lord did not grant them the fundamentals, that is the knowledge into fundamentals. 

  4. But man having eyes came to interpret his newly granted innovations by that rather than by insight. Since insight is also a gift of the Creator that can only be awarded, but since it is a factor in wisdom how should man come to that treasure when in every way he denies his Creator, taking pride in himself as if he discovered them, as if he were so cunning.

  5. King Nebuchadnezzar once spoke a word amiss and the Watchers (Angels) of heaven rendered this judgment on him,- to become a beast. In other words; if one wants to act like a beast, let him be a beast. 

  6. This was done of God by His angels to serve as a warning for all men to come, but who among all the rulers of the earth ever took learning from it?  And why did the Lord leave man devoid of fundamentals while He did teach them how to come to these many new innovations? 

  7. It is like the beast, if you are ungrateful and arrogant claiming something of yourself when it is of another, why should wisdom also be given you that can only dwell in a righteous and honest soul?

  8. And the Lord foreknew that men would act in that manner therefore did wisdom not enter into them even though the Lord did not withhold all the new things that He wished to come into His world, since many of these things are to enter into the new world as well. 

  9. And to shame man for his arrogance the Lord purposed as He said; “Dishonor all the honored in the earth, and make fools out of all the wise in the earth.”

  10. And so it is inevitable that all this comes to pass, and the Lord made me an instrument unto that end, even as all the righteous are instruments to the shame of man who would not acknowledge his Creator. This is how and why I am reproving men and upbraiding them with their cruelties as well as lack of knowledge.

  11. We came to the act of splitting molecules in our internal combustion engines, and by our explosives. And so we thought; “What if we split the atom as well, we would have even more power? But since no atom can be split by nearly any degree of heat or compression we were at a loss until we discovered certain atoms that were not stable but came to split by themselves. 

  12. And since 2 plus 2 adds to four; “What if we can make a chain reaction out of them just as we do with molecules in conventional explosives?” And so came forth the atomic bomb as well as adding hydrogen to make for a still greater commotion.

  13. As then man came to sufficient enrichment that by compression would grant him his chain reaction, he only had a very limited knowledge in what was actually taking place.

  14. Like as most of man’s forebears came to interpret their experiments after the deception by eyesight, rather than insight so his descendants were none the wiser. Therefore in following the errors of their forebears he came to make illustrations as shown here by figure 42.


Figure 42   Stone age material

  1. And with it came this notation quote: “When a nucleus fissions, it splits into several smaller fragments. These fragments, or fission products, are about equal to half the original mass. Two or three neutrons are also emitted.”

  2. Part of this now is correct, but only a very small part, namely that one atom becomes two atoms. All the rest is fantasy as well as confusion.  First of all; there are no neutrons, wherefore what does not exist cannot start what does exist. But one atom driven into another both being unstable to begin with will yield four parts from the two parts.

  3. Why start with one part as if it were capable to all in itself make for wavelengths 5000 times greater to itself? It is only a fact among scientists and physicists where a mouse can hurl an elephant a block down the road, to the rest of mankind that makes no sense. 

  4. Who was the person to manufacture single sided coins? Perhaps we rather not know since he will be seen delusional by their offspring. Then comes the rest of the quotation:

  5. The sum of the masses of these fragments is less than the original mass. This 'missing' mass (about 0.1 percent of the original mass) has been converted into energy according to Einstein's equation.”

  6. I wonder how that broken up mass was measured? If the original mass had a magnetic potential of 100, and the resulting parts in their agitated state has a potential of 60 then the total mass would register as 120. 

  7. If on the other hand the two fragments came to a rest state, no longer unstable whereby their potential decreased to 40, the combined potential would be no more than 80. 

  8. And so where is that equality in that so called mass? Mass is never measured by how much substance any atom contains, or may contain, but by its potential relevant to an electrical potential, or to the strength of a stationary magnetic field. 

  9. The substance of an atom for any of our purposes  is nil, since it cannot be registered on any of man’s probes. Besides; that substance, such as we take to imagine for substance inside the atom is not anything the likes of what we physically behold as substance.

  10. Did I not say; “We are like a ripple upon water”? With that I for one thing meant; we are not really what we observe to be. Like color it simply does not exist, other than in our mind, that is to say, by our interpretation. 

  11. And so is hearing, smell and taste as well as feeling, none of which exist in nature. These things appear to us because we are spirits, and God made it so that we may discover the visible from the invisible by interpretation.

  12. Physical nature therefore exist before us by our interpretation of it. We look through the air because the Lord made these elements in such tiny parts that the wavelets by which He gave us our beholding would not terminate upon it. 

  13. And by making most every other element larger that they would terminate, and by constructing them of movement these in turn would have the capacity to remit those wavelets unto our eyes. And giving each one their specific pattern so variation came to be as well as color. 

  14. And by constructing the elements in air so that not one molecule would cling to the other it became suitable for us to move through with great ease.

  15. And in order that this air that we breathe may not depart from us into space, the Lord provided for each of these tiny parts to nonetheless have or consist of angular motion, which is the type of motion that when driven to a linear will be reacted upon by the magnetic tentacles of the sphere He placed us on to hold them to its center of force. 

  16. We came to call it gravity, and gravity it is, namely the lady of so called force, in reality an implementation - with her man, called magnetic pulling her. If it were not for the Lord to at all times maintain us we would cease to exist for we are as I said; “No more than a ripple upon the waters.”

  17. If then we are that way - what are we to conclude of the atom as a substance, since substance in all reality is but movement by interpretation. 

  18. And herein we are fooled that those parts in and by movement start out so tiny into greater movements that by looking at the surface of anything no movement is to be noted. Yet it must be there or else it could neither be seen nor felt.

  19. And so is our world, and our shells, our bodies in which we abide. Only after we put off this body, this temporary home in which we dwell, then we come to the realization what indeed we are, as none other than spirits, entities that do not eat, nor drink, nor find obstacles, such as are physical. 

  20. Nor do we then remain upon this globe, being taken elsewhere by such as have only a spiritual nature that then are visible to us to our spiritual vision, some of which are mean looking, others very beautiful.

  21. Seeing thus nature is but matter in motion by coordination, the matter that is mentioned here is in and by the norm of interpretation. How will anyone know what the substance within the atom really is when I came to discern it as the kind of water that does not consist of molecules, nor of atoms? 

  22. And how thus would I explain it to mankind without a frame of reference for them?  This my dear people is not for digestion, and so leave it be, but with this knowledge that the illustration figure 42 packing none existent particles together is also to be left to fantasy or wishful thinking..

  23. How thus shall we account for the so called loss of weight. The 0.1 percent of the original mass, that quote:  “has been converted into energy according to Einstein's equation.”  The weight of the neutrons perhaps? 

  24. Not likely; since a part without a charge can not be read, nor do they exist, but wave coordinates exist. I do not believe that man measured such mass, or any mass, in that we are at all times measuring potential. 

  25. Granted now that the greater atoms have greater potential, or density whereby we can indeed rate one element different from the other. But to invite Einstein into our laboratories comes not only to the destruction of our findings, but to the shame of all that are contaminated with him.

  26. Use a bit of common sense will you, converting a gallon of gasoline into engine power is one thing, but we cannot make it mere motion, since clearly no fraction of that gallon of gasoline was ever destroyed or disappeared into movement only. 

  27. All of its parts remained in other forms. It can never be used up to cease to exist. Energy is motion and motion only as well as nothing but motion. And nothing that is physical like the point of a pen, or a grain of sand or any atom, can become movement only. 

  28. Do yourself an immeasurable favor – get away from Einstein – else you will be known for a fool as well. And while you are at it, get away from quantum mechanics as well lest a number be placed on you.


  1. Hatred now exists with the unwise, while contempt is with the righteous for all that labor to destroy the mind of man. Knowledge is more precious than any gold or silver. Gold and silver will perish, but knowledge once obtained brings life to all that take it to heart.  

  2. If I did not define all these things that I have spoken who else would dare do so?  It seems no-one has the guts to tell the world the truth. But then neither did these have the “know-how.”

  3. I now should not be commending myself, nor am I doing so, since it is wisdom that comes from God the Creator that I am commending. I received Her from Him, and if I neglect Her would I not be foolish, and guilty? 

  4. She was given me that I might share her to whomever thirst for Her. And since my words would be like those of Solomon, I should let him speak, our words being identical. And so he said:

  5. Receive therefore instruction at my word, and it will do you good. For she (wisdom) is a never failing treasure to man, and they that use her become friends of God, being commended by Him for the gift to be educated. They that have her for friend gain pure pleasure, infinite riches are in the works of her hands.”  

  6.   Her companionship gains prudence and a good name from associating and conversing with her.  For they who regard not wisdom not only suffer this loss that they did not know what is good, but they also leave behind to the living a memorial that they cannot remain hidden in that in which they wandered foolishly.”

  7. All this I also learned and took it to heart.  I know very well that the unwise will leave off and not take learning from my lips, nor is it for them that I composed this essay, but for such that do not look upon knowledge as an affliction, who in their heart are human. 

  8. Who not only desire to understand the world around them, but what is for the health of their soul as well.

  9. It for example is a fatal thing for any man to pronounce the word “evolution,” since when spoken on a positive tone; one is pronouncing his own death sentence. Not just the death of one’s body, but of his soul as well. 

  10. As then the soul cannot die, it being spirit, something that every single person comes to know the instant that they die in this world, why do we wish to dwell in fear and grief being cursed by everyone, and everyone cursing us?

  11. My friend said it well where he said: “All men are by nature vain who do not know God, and that make no attempt to come to know Him who is, who by considering the works - know not the Master thereof.”  

  12. And that applies especially to those that consider themselves scientists, that take to study nature, the things made, his world around him.


  1. I was teaching “matter in motion by coordination,” how all things in nature are by movement to movement, and further movement. And that there is but a single force by which all things have their being, and how beautiful that entity is. 

  2. The fundamentals of the sciences has been given me, and I did not become puffed-up, but remained in humility sharing all that was given me. Or near everything seeing certain things I was duty bound to withhold. 

  3. It now is not within me to hide from where I received my instructions, and it is my good pleasure to share that information. But the same is said so well of Solomon wherefore I will let him speak, quote:

  4. All such things as are either secret or manifest I know for the wisdom which is the master of all things, taught me. For in her is the Spirit of understanding, holy, single, manifold, subtle, lively, clear, undefiled, plain, gentle, friendly, serious, free, generous, loving men, firm, sure, certain, and safe

  5. She can do all things, sees all things, and goes through all spirits no matter how subtle, or clear, or sharp they may be. For wisdom is more moving than any motion, she passes and goes through all things by reason of her purity.

  6. For she is the breath of the power of God, and a pure image flowing from the glory of the Almighty. Nothing therefore which is defiled can come unto her, for she is the brightness of the everlasting light, the unspotted mirror of the power of God, and the image of his goodness

  7. She is but one, and yet does all things, she remains what she is, and yet renews all things.  If riches is a precious thing in life, what then can be more precious than the wisdom that brings forth all things?”


  1. In conclusion with all my spoken words I have made but a beginning into those fundamentals of nature by which all things are held. New as these may be to the world of science, they have been from ever since man began to look into the world around him how all these parts were put together. 

  2. Sadly enough man came to deceive himself by interpreting appearances for reality. Nor is that so sinful as to begin to deny the Maker of all that marvelous creation whereby for his foolishness he is left in the power of such spirits that are ignorant and vain, who cast themselves down before even man was placed upon the earth.

  3. Let the light that is light enter into us, lest we come to see darkness for light. The beginning of wisdom is this; Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.” 

  4. And that means “making an effort,” and once taken remember: “He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is Me not worthy.”



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