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  1. This essay is another journey in the magnetic nature of fundamental movement with emphasis on how and why magnets are attracted and repelled from one another. And the relation of how movement for its mode and direction comes to so many different outcomes. And a rehearsal in how and by what we come to interpret movement into all that exists for us.


  1. For years I have thought about magnets how and why these attract to one another, what the real secret is. And while I was well informed about magnetism I came close to that secret.  But today when I was attempting to take a nap, thank God that secret came to me when I was not even thinking about that, but I was thinking about Power by Rotation to make an essay out of it.

  2. And by correlation that dawned on me.  Then in hindsight I recall how I did know it, but never as yet thought of the right expression.  As then my intend was to speak of Power by Rotation, so it will remain, for that also is a factor of that illusive secret.


  1. But as I start I am a bit sad realizing how in revealing this - things may become rather complicated, and how will I make it un-complicated? How am I to go about making that which fashions itself within me correlating many factors at once - clear to everyone else?

  2. And to do so with evidence that everyone should be able to comprehend? I must write out every single factor of those correlations one at the time, And that comes to many words and illustrations along with my usual way of leading us up to where we want to be.

  3. And I might as well complete my original intend speaking in general of Power by Rotation.

  4. Let us start by what we do know in the way of question and answer. I will ask; Why do magnets attract to one another? Our answer; Because they are magnetic. But that is no answer but a repetition of my question.

  5. Then we reply; Because magnetic is a movement that in like directions join with each other. Or we might say "positives attract to negatives."  But now wait a minute I am attempting to have a friendly discussion, I did not ask for fantasy.

  6. For we all should very well know that positives never at all attract to any negatives, that is baloney. (Ref-1 and 2) So then we revise our answer to say that unlike polarities, like North to South will attract. But those answers in no way answer our quest in as to "how" and/or "why" these do so.

  7. Myself I came much further than that to reveal that this fundamental movement by which all magnetic movement comes about - is conductive, and at that directionally conductive. 

  8. Conductive whereby these lines of movement come to join. And directionally so - that the secret of conduction lies in directions, in direction of movement. And that magnetic is always by a pattern in eight.  But none of that explains just how and why one magnet should displace itself to the other.

  9. The fact that directions of movement in alike will join - is not really true, for one car following another do not join. Two birds flying together in the same direction do not join.  Nor even man and wife walking together, and these mind you are - in one sense of the word - conductive to each other.

  10. Then we come to reply; Yes, but in magnetic it is so. And so we come to a loss as I along with everyone else have been, not really understanding the how and why of it. And that mind you with the facts staring us in the face.

  11. For I indeed have reproved us for not apprehending facts with the evidence staring us in the face. (like just previous for negative to attract to positive that I cast aside as baloney)

  12. And here I am guilty of the same, and I do reprove myself.  But like everyone else I did not become aware of it until it was laid out to me, until it was granted.

  13. In order then to share that insight we are in need of some illustrations by which to explain that displacement by magnetic, after which more evidence should be presented.


Figure 1, and  1a  Equilibrium to main frame

  1. By figure 1 and 1a, the earth is illustrated showing its equatorial bulges, with its magnetic potential by a single circle in eight. The surface of the earth by its circular design then - magnetic wise - can also be called the "main frame", wherein the magnetic potential equalizes itself. 

  2. And that of course leaves the bulges outside of that main frame. Consequently the gravitational attraction at these bulges should be less, as indeed that is the case, by about one half of a pound, confirmed by our science.

  3. The cause for this lies in the fact that the figure eight of magnetic always seeks equilibrium. By the illustration 1a and 1b must equal, as 2 and 2b must equal, while 3 and 3b do not equal with 1 and 2 for which cause they fall out of the main frame. 

  4. This provides for one point in evidence in the nature of magnetic for its equilibrium, and power within its main frame, diminishing when it comes outside thereof.  


Figure 2 and 2a  Equilibrium to spheres.

  1. Then as we look at figure 2, a magnet by the shape of a square block, all its corners fall outside of the main frame.  There too the potential will be diminished, gravitational or otherwise. For why and how shall it be that all stars and planets are spheres? Everyone being magnetic, and sustained magnetically these cannot assume any other shape.

  2. Unless some of them were already hard and solid before their magnetic potential came upon them. But that is highly unlikely since it was in and by magnetic movement that they were constructed. Simple parts like rocks may assume any shape not being formed in the same way. 

  3. And so I admonish everyone to utilize the common sense God has placed in every man towards all that exist in the cause for it.

  4. From here let us define figure 3, where there are two magnets with their potential illustrated by just one of their many such lines of movement. Notice how the circular pattern between the two, C/A is larger than C/B and C/C. 

  5. And that does not make for equilibrium, wherefore both magnets take steps to rectify that situation that can only be by moving towards each other. Each magnet will attempt to come to equal proportions, and being locked within a material frame that can only happen by reducing the ones out of proportion. 

  6. This in short terms explains another factor in the secret to displacement.   The displacement being by the whole of the system attempting to equalize.  


 Figure 3.  Magnetic displacement by equilibrium

  1. By enhancement this is so because the movement of which all magnetic consists is of and by that one and only fundamental movement, that for directions of is conductive. But "how" conductive?  The line X from the right magnet as it reaches out to the left, with line Y from the left also reaching out, what happens when they meet? 

  2. Will these at Z slide along each other, and so adhere?  The answer is; No, these become as were they one and the same flowing into each other. If thus it were not as I have said by always coming to equalize, the only way to move would be if these lines of C/A were to shrink. 

  3. And while that is a factor in them - that can only come to pass when they are forced into that, like by their displacement, but not out of themselves.  

  4. But there is more to this secret of displacement, for as these lines of C/A pass from 1 to 2 and 3 as well as 4 to 5 and 6, they become an integral part of the whole, partially illustrated by the broken lines.

  5. And that holds in more secrets that comes to "rotation" as well as "equalization" and conductivity in and by directions. Conclusively there are a number of factors to correlate into a single prospect by which that displacement comes about. All the foregoing in addition to the nature of the eight, that for its forthcoming is most unique, without which no equilibrium would exist. 

  6. That eight as a pattern of force and motion in and by its directionally conductive nature first of all presents angular momentum.  And secondly Linear power without which no atom would join into grids, nor therefore would there be any substance of any kind.

  7. Linear power, and equilibrium, by an eight, These few words entail a realm of understanding, a subject that comes to virtually no end. But who from these few words can assay all the factors of it - except he were taught in wisdom? 

  8. That factor of eight in magnetic is more profound than what can be relished upon. It for its nature in league with its unique nature of movement brings forth the very cause to equilibrium. And it provides the power by which all things are held in check. 

  9. It is the power of gravity, as well as of the strength of a steel hook, and the softness in butter, and elasticity in rubber bands. And since the eight is a single circle always in rotation - power in part derives from rotation.


Figure 4 Difference between stationary and moving magnetic fields.

  1. By now we should have a first step into this illusive secret in nature, and to take a second step by which to come to a greater understanding so that this illusive secret may no longer be so illusive. 

  2. For this let us go to figure 4 to realize the difference between magnetic and electric, or more properly said, between stationary and moving magnetic fields of force.

  3. At the lower end from one magnet to the other, or from one atom to the next the magnetic lines having joined become as a part of the whole. The center loop between them to apparently join the two is but one part of a single circle of movement. 

  4. For in collecting upon one another these will always join center to center, with the lines passing over and coming around again by still others to form a single pattern of movement. 

  5. From M1 for example if we conceive that it may come back around to M2, noted by G, this is not so, it instead will pass by G1  following the direction of movement at hand. And H from M2 will shun G to join with H1

  6. In that illustration depicting stationary parts, with movements in place, the whole of the main trust is in one direction only. And that is in contrast to the electrical pattern on the top  where the direction of movements is always in two simultaneous opposite direction.

  7. The broken line over those figures of eight locked end on end at their equatorial regions illustrates how that one direction passes over all of those individual formats. With Y in the opposite direction.

  8. This is because that magnetic string of twists end on end was brought about by rotation, and as long as we maintain that rotation, the pattern will remain. 

  9. Only when we stop its rotation by stopping the armature of the generator, these will revert back into the straight or stationary lines of magnetic, or simply cease to be altogether. Two different types of magnetic force, one rotating, one stationary.

  10. As then we erroneously speak of a flow in electric, that is deception by eyesight. that rotating magnetic string of force always rotates in place, only its pattern - at the very start of it will extend itself down the line at near the speed of light.  

  11. The movement into two directions of the one, as also the movement of the one direction in the other always remain providing the power and maintain the very nature of the both of them.

  12. As then we have come to the cause of displacement by equilibrium, all magnets coming to cling closely to each other, as far as their surface area will permit. There are ways by which these can and will, as well as do remain aloof from one another. 

  13. For the proper understanding however how magnets displace themselves, it is not surface to surface but from center to center, even as we upon mother earth are never at all by gravity drawn to mother earth, but to the very center of the earth, to its magnetic center.

  14. There is no such thing as mass to mass in gravity, if there were we might have to crawl to get anywhere, but with the power to gravity of magnetic providing a single center, and all lines leading thereto, so it is that we can keep our balance remaining upright on the surface of the earth. 

  15. Obviously we all are in need of that unique potential of magnetic in everything, and  I do mean everything.

  16. From here we come to figure 5 where again there are two magnets, where the single figures eight have come to a duel figure eight. In this case it is the moon joined to mother earth. And why is that moon not coming into physical contact with the earth? 

  17. For both of them are at all times attempting to bring their whole to a equilibrium, to close up that distance between them, for that center loop between them is much larger than the bulk of their own?


Figure 5 Earth moon locked magnetically drawing tides.

  1. Here 'Velocity" comes in, as it does in so many ways, like water into steam, and gasoline in hydrocarbons. The moon at all times for its inertia wishes to move in a straight line towards ST. 

  2. But being very securely held to the earth that straight-on attempt  becomes a circular path, called an orbit around the earth, As long as the moon maintains velocity, its inertia outweighs the total of the magnetic pull.

  3. Also relevant to its radius, for we did learn that the velocity of any object in the centrifugal is to be squared. And it is in the square of the velocity along with its speed and inertia that the moon is able to remain in orbit.

  4. But the moon by the total of that inertia provides for quite a strong pull on the earth by which the magnetic tentacles directly between them under that strain become elongated, illustrated by the broken lines. 

  5. And that for the power of it comes to drive anything within the smaller area produced by that elongation to be raised, simply by collecting a volume normally in a larger area to a smaller area. And that by us comes forth as the tides.

  6. And that pattern of force being an eight into a dual eight, as the moon elongates those near to it, it will of course elongate those on the far side as well. And that not only upon the earth but upon the moon as well. 

  7. Only the moon does not rotate, and keeping its same side always to us - there are at all times two equal tides on the moon as well, the ones that never move. Take any volume of water on the moon placed near its poles, then for comparison on a location facing the earth, it will record a higher level. 

  8. We will not be able to see it in a cup of water, but on a sheet of water, duplicating what is factual on earth.


  1. An interesting endeavor might be to learn just how the pattern of a water molecule might be situated. Figure 6 here is one illustration how in one way these two of H bind to the one of O, and all three managing to shade their outer areas. 

  2. This is with all three atoms spinning, for at an idle I do not think this possible. It can be more refined yes, but how?

Figure 6. Water molecule with possible shading scheme.

  1. Then for the same when the spinning movement is reduced to what we call freezing these do lock to one another, illustrated by figure 7. This too may be refined, and if someone knows a means to observe this in both water and ice, let me know I am very interested. Also if the rate of spin can be established.

Figure 7. Water ice, pattern of magnetic lines, slow spin.

  1. One thing I do gather from a circle of ice how the general direction of movement is in the circular over all sixteen of these atoms. And if that is reversed for the circle next to it, with also the interior to alternates as I believe it does. I wish him or her good hunting.


Figure 8 and 8a  Ice under scrutiny.


ANGULAR TO LINEAR  & visa versa.

  1. Additionally there is angular to angular, and linear to linear, many variations to many different outcomes. But so it must be since there is but a single force in nature termed movement. Consequently, all things must come forth by that movement. And since movement comes in but two directions of these two make for all that we behold by interpretation.

  2. Light by figure 9, is a rotating agent at extremely high rate of revolutions, due to their lengths being so minute. (Ref-3) And these by that rotation as they strike upon the atoms of any substance along which they are not able to pass - come to accelerate the rotational movement of those atoms, illustrated by figure 9,A. That then comes to warmth, to warm the earth.

  3. Then at B there is heat, but that is a fib, since there is no such thing as heat. The high temperature of anything is simply a high rate of movement and not in any way heat other than by our interpretation of it, our invention of it by sensation.


Figure 9. Movement by directions

  1. The same applies to light.  Nature has no conception of light, it only presents movement, but we interpret such movement into light for us. Here too light is our invention - our interpretation of it. Illumination itself is our interpretation by lengths of movement, while color by the angular deviation of those lengths. 

  2. As then sound is by a back and forth movement of parts, warmth by just movement alone in the rate of it. So we have eyesight hearing and feelings all from and by movement. And that being so how did we miss it being the one and true force or energy in nature?

  3. Then by figure 9,C, is a diode, a substance that will allow only one direction of movement to pass. And why is that so? Foremost because fundamental movement is directionally conductive. And that particular substance is like a pole of a magnet that will only accept alike directions and repel unlike directions of movement.

  4. As therefore we apply an electrical potential to it, we in reality are inserting a rotating string of movement to be conducted through upon the magnetic movements of the atoms of that substance. 

  5. And these being proud and ridged of their rotation to the contrary will not allow a stranger to pass, a contrary rotating movement. But in alike direction of rotation will allow it to pas, or conduct as it really is.

  6. Motion to direction comes by only two ways, either straight on or by a turning, any other is a combination of the two. And that being so essential in the fundamentals is found by magnetic whereby all things come about. 

  7. As then that appears as a stationary entity like figure 10, it is so - but the pattern of the force upon it is at all times in motion, passing by a full circular pattern laid out in an eight. As therefore that is angular momentum, suited for gravity, it simultaneously produces linear movement whereby all things are joined into grids.


Figures 10, and 11. Stationary magnetic eight, and rotating eights.

  1. From that unique movement we came to extract the same type of force but in rotation instead of stationary, illustrated by figure 11. 

  2. Here by moving an insulated guide through the field of a stationary magnet we come to twist the lines over one another so collecting a rotating string of magnetic force, erroneously called electricity. It as we have seen earlier consists of figures of eight end on end as it would be on any braid.


  1. Then we come to turns of motion, found with transformers, that serve our electrical needs as transmissions in our vehicles. That rotating magnetic string as we discovered had a magnetic field on the exterior of the conductor. (Figure 12)  

  2. But what is one to expect of anything magnetic when that is seen with all magnets, stars, planets, and what else. There is no secret to that, but to assume as if that magnetic surrounding the conductor is something other than the interior is most illogical. 

  3. How much harm  J. J Thompson has done in the ignorance of his experiment as were it single sided coins?  It became a poison worse than any flu or virus, killing the minds of more people than any physical disease. I came to call it an outright vicious lie.


Figures 12 and 13.

  1. By figure 13, I wish to illustrate turns of movement, how electricity for all its worth is and consist of "turns of movement". With a movement of no more than 110 turns per second around a metal core - we instigate a linear, none rotating field of magnetic upon that core. 

  2. Then as we notice how the velocity at the other end has doubled to 220 rotations per second, that however can not be until and unless we turn that core into a pump, into what properly is called a electrical generator. 

  3. We must alternately reverse the rotation of movement within those first 110 turns so as to turn that metal core into a pump, a pump to pump rotation, similar to the pistons of an engine causing the crankshaft to rotate.

  4. As then we do so at a rate of 110 times each second, would it not make sense if in the output coil there will also come to be rotating at the rate of 110 each second?  Certainly, it does, that makes good sense. 

  5. But it is not so, not any fact with magnetic in its movement of rotations because electricity for its magnetic nature in rotation is based upon "turns of motion" and consists of 'Turns of movement."

  6. It is rather irrelevant as to how fast or how slow we cause that metal bar to pomp magnetic revolutions. The secret lies in - by how many turns we are pumping it into. 

  7. And since we placed twice as many turns in the output end the revolutions per second will come to twice the speed, to 220 turns each second. Turns per unit in time being called volts can also be used. 

  8. But it is deceptive to the nature of it, not revealing its reality. Therefore I am speaking with factual terms to for one thing remove the deception from us.

  9. Turns of motion to turns of motion, and into turns of motion is essentially what all generators are. And in speaking of electrical  as a magnetic braid is quite truthful, but its real nature lies in turns, in turns of movement regulating its own speed in rotation by the number of turns that it is forced into. 

  10. Place more turns and its rotational speed will increase proportionally, lower the number of turns and its velocity in the circular will decrease. With a mere 12volt we raise the rotations to 15.000 volt to create a spark at the top of our cylinders. 

  11. At our generating stations we up that to some 200.000 rotations each second in order to make it practical to transfer its power over long distances.

  12. Power by rotation is true in many ways. Light for its high speed linear movement has an even greater rate of rotations whereby for its minute power it by volume is still able to nudge the atoms of our skin to greater motion that we enjoy as warmth upon us. 

  13. A proper amount will warm us, an excessive amount will burn us. Too much of it will melt us, for while the power of each wave is but minor it makes up in volume of it. Light now for its high revolution does not and cannot expand, but magnetic in rotation will always expand. 

  14. That field of force illustrated by figure 10 when spun around will expand its field, and that can grow quite large as our power companies became aware of wherefore their high rotating electricity on their conductors is hung so far away from any grounding conductor, like their metal poles.

  15. If we took 100 ft of wire and laid it out straight, and attached a 110 volt current to it, completing the circuit, the wire would break as were it by short circuit.  But "why" did it do so? One of the reasons is illustrated by figure 12. 

  16. Our current rotates in but one direction of movement, it does not flow as the illustration in figure 12 shows.  But it does illustrate one truth, namely that in looking at the ends of a single rotating braid one from the other will have a reverse rotation. One will be in clockwise, the other in counter clockwise rotation.

  17. When therefore we applied that 110 volt upon that 100 ft length of wire without any turns in it, the two counter rotating agents simply twisted the wire to pieces at it weakest point. 

  18. If then we wrapped that wire around our finger 50 times and again applied our 100 volt potential, it will come to heat that wire till at last it will burn through again. 

  19. But we did make headway for by a couple hundred turns or more these two contrary turning movements have at least that many turns in which to equalize themselves without melting the wire.

  20. It all comes down to turns, to rotations, be they immaterial as the speed at which the potential turns, or physical turns, simple physical turns in a wire whereby the movement must take its path.  Fantastic is it not, and here figure 14 might be of some use.


  Figure 14 Rotating magnetic bound to turns

  1. Two rotating agents coming to appeasement by turns placed between them, because they themselves are turns. Everything in circulars to compensate for circulars. Fundamentally, those transformer to take up the difference in all essence act like transmission between the rotations of the engine to the drive-shaft. 

  2. In order to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom in water, those counter rotating agents of electricity do so simply by slicing them one from the other.

  3. And if ever we wish to start powering our internal combustion engines with water instead of carbon based liquids, we need to find a means to slice these two components of water from each other at the top of the cylinder, in sufficient quantities to immediately rejoin them by a spark. 

  4. It will make for a very clean engine, and at least three times more powerful. No doubt there are means to do so for each instant that the piston must be driven down.

  5. We put satellites into orbit, why not make a more advantageous commitment, to rid ourselves of oils. and of atomic power plants, for these things as a waste are also a hazard, that will never be allowed in the new world. 

  6. Nor will we have to use water for power, there are better means man is totally unaware of, and so let it remain for the balance of the time this world is to exist.

Angular to linear

  1. Electromagnetic is a bird that does not exist, nor can it exist, even as single sided coins (protons electrons) do not exist, and cannot exist. Only in the mind of the unwise are these possible, or at least these fancy themselves to exist. 

  2. None of them have of course ever produced any such thing, nor by way of education have shown how these none existent things, can or do exist. Therefore let us depart from the unwise that conceive their wisdom to outrank all other wisdom. 

  3. Conceiving themselves wiser than the Almighty Creator, yet are not able to bring even a single blade of grass from the earth.

  4. What folly of any sane person to pay heed to such folly, sadly enough there are many of those among us, that no doubt hate my guts and do not want to hear a word from my lips, not wishing their folly to be known. Electro is rotating, as in angular. 

  5. Magnetic is stationary as in linear. When one walks to the market he will do so straight on, and not walk into circles. One can do one or the other but not both simultaneously. Therefore there is no bird called electromagnetic, an invention lacking insight.


Figure 15 Angular with angular to linear and angular.

  1. But there are electro magnets, two words, two entities, as illustrated by figure 15. The ovals below and upon the metal bar depict the rotation of the conductor that encircles that bar. What in all essence, or reality may it be what is happening here?

  2. A bar of conductive metal to any magnetic potential. is surrounded a rotating braid of magnetic that by its rotation induces a linear field within the bar making it a stationary magnet. This is exactly the reverse of a generator. 

  3. By a generator the rotation produces rotation of the linear, here the linear is produced from rotational. An electrical motor is driven by an electrical potential, Drive the motor instead and it produces an electrical potential. All of these are magnetic to magnetic, as are all atoms and planets and stars.

  4. Nor is heat or gravity a stranger to magnetic, or inertia as well as linear movement in any piston. For any and all engines are driven magnetically, atoms expanding to present compression, and compression to push in the linear, and that again to angular, to again produce linear. 

  5. So nature subsists magnetically in and by a single power, a force of movement, and all our senses are by movements, no exceptions, not even in feeling ill.

  6. Equilibrium demands movement to come to it by a special movement that returns to itself in perfect proportions. Wherefore without an eight where would man be or have life? The seven comes to perfection leading to eight, while the six is for chastisement, and triple six to destruction. 

  7. Pestilence and death are for a warning, he who is without wisdom will meet both. Torment awaits all liars, and death those that make a covenant with it. Born of one or the other makes for a difference. Death is not a calamity but a blessing to a new beginning - he who understands both is already blessed. 

  8. Where wisdom fails one is sure to weep, and he who does not hate what is not right has not known love. To love is to hate evil; indifference is a road ending at a cliff, to follow it comes to a sudden end.

  9. Nature is for the beholding, to partake of it is to live by it. Beauty is vain, while virtue is dressed with it. Wisdom is for the righteous, the blind manufacture their own. Good sense is with them that make use of it. and logic follows common rules. 

  10. Life is for an education, and education comes to life. The welfare of others exceeds one's own, it will not be found by many. To enjoy oneself in his work is the gift of life, striving after riches brings to tears in a place not desired.

  11. There is no pain for those that read well and keep it. Folly comes to the whip, and the whip fears no-one. Seeking to rule a people comes to a painful death, the wisdom of it is not found with many. 

  12. He who searches for wisdom will not have to wait long, accept her rod, for without wounds no-one is in need of healing. Wisdom cannot be found, she meets him worthy of her. 

  13. And having been found keep wisdom my son, she will lead you to everlasting honor and riches.


  1. What may a conclusion be when we are as yet searching to come to it? Is there ever a conclusion when so much as yet evades us? My conclusion then ought to be to keep searching for what is as yet unknown. 

  2. And my judgment, that it is an evil thing never to be satisfied, to always search for more. And was not this what Solomon before me said; "How it is an evil thing that God has given man to therewith pain himself?"

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