By Leonard Van Zanten

Received Date: 30 December 2019 Accepted Date: 3, January 2020 Published Date: 6 January 2020

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  1. This essay comes to reveal to its fundamentals what the real power is that drives our internal combustion engines, and what the atoms in nature really are contrary to what the world of science has made of it. 

  2. This informative paper is not for everyone since it comes to show some of the fantasies in which the world of science and physics has engulfed itself in direct contradiction to any and all facts so easily seen in nature, and by every experiment ever performed.

  3. It in all respects shows a great many past and present to have failed in discernment as it was bound to happen that for all true knowledge and wisdom the Almighty Creator alone would receive the honor and glory of it.

     Key words

     Atom, Magnetic, Electric, Engines.


  1. Gasoline consists of two elements Carbon and hydrogen, while the air also consists of two elements, and when those four mix with a high velocity injected into them, these come to rearrange their molecular structures commonly known as combustion. The type of combustion that drives down the pistons of our engines.

  2. These four elements when burned within the cylinder then are never consumed. All the atoms involved in the combustion remain since it is impossible to bring any atom out of existence. Or as we might say destroy it. Even with atomic explosions where the unstable atoms are broken up, these too are merely broken up, never at all destroyed.

  3. And while that takes place at extreme temperatures, or high velocity (as the fundamentals of it), not a single other atom is broken up or destroyed.


Gasoline                  and                   Air


Carbon monoxide  Carbon dioxide   Nitric oxide     Hydrocarbons

  1. By illustration the 4 different elements converted to the same 4 elements in different configurations.

  2. All in all some of the carbon joins with the oxygen while the hydrogen remains mainly with the carbon in different configurations, and some of the oxygen of the air is forced together with the nitrogen of the air. When the water molecule is frozen it takes on a grid similar to the hydrocarbons shown here.  Six carbon atoms join in a circle like as the oxygen atoms do in ice.

  3. Never at all do we use up that which we presume to burn. In all things we merely rearrange molecular structure that can come to some powerful explosions as well as the slow process of decomposition or rusting. We have the notion that in burning anything it is the heat to performs the work, as I may quote: “Gasoline is mostly carbon that when burned releases energy in the form of heat.”  

  4. True now as that may be, it is also quite elementary. For then comes the question as to what heat really is?  And that in one way can be shown by what takes place within the cylinder at the instant of combustion.

  5. What for all reality is a spark? And by what phenomena do the atoms distance themselves from one another that as such becomes the pressure or compression to drive down the piston?  Our first answer would be to say “heat,” and while heat (as a high movement) is indeed the instigator it is not the factor to drive down the piston.

  6. When we rub our hands together in order to warm them, what are we doing? We are increasing the general movement of the atoms of our skin, for as these atoms increase in rpm it to our senses is felt as warmth or heat. And likewise with the high velocity of a spark imposed upon any other element it raises the velocity (rpm or otherwise) of these atoms.

  7. We ought to know that the sensation of heat in reality is a faculty of our spirit, nature itself as such has no conception of heat, it knows only movement and the degree thereof, high speed or low speed.  Just as there is no black, white, nor color in nature, we in our spirit interpret the movements in nature in that way.

  8. As therefore the atoms of that mixture of carbon with those of air are driven to a higher revolution, the process from one atom to the next is what we call "chain reaction" that in these cases proceeds at near the speed of light.

  9. Fundamental movement now is at all times conductive, easily seen with magnets one to the next. And what happens when all these atoms of that mixture come to spin faster and faster? 

  10. A number of things happen, first and foremost these atoms begin to expand their formation, and as they do their magnetic polarities also come to change whereby on the one hand they may lock more strongly to other atoms and/or disengage from other atoms. The pressure then that ultimately drives down the piston is exclusively by the expansion of the atoms in their magnetic formation.

  11. This can be while the mixture remains intact as with steam, and/or by the re-structuring as in gasoline, or gun powder. The true power of compression thus is magnetic and none other than magnetic. 

  12. And now that I have defined the whole in these short terms, we might enter into a more comprehensive explanation how this all comes about.

  13. First and foremost we must come to the atom for its true nature, and cast from us those childish fantasies that the world of science has made of it in direct contradiction of any and all facts and experiments in nature.

  14. Figures 1 and 2 illustrates the fantasy of man as if atoms are held, or can be held together by some electrical nature. As if the positive of electrical attracts to the negative of the electrical. But nothing can be further from the truth illustrated by figures 3 and 4. 

  15. Instead these when brought in contact destroy one another, the short circuit and all. Electricity is itself nothing more mysterious than a magnetic force that rotates, in contrast to the regular magnetic force that is stationary.

  16. To prove this to oneself, just hold a regular magnet next to a single conductor of electricity, and you will see the wire vibrate back and forth to any one of its poles. And why is that? Because electricity in its length is a series of figure eights, appearing as two waves that cross each other over and over. (Ref 1)

  17. This is perfectly logical for in generating we did so with a rotating armature twisting the straight magnetic lines into a frenzy of turns, just as when we twist two wires over one another. Each single twist then as they rotate displays that typical north and south polarity of any magnet. (Ref 2)


Figure 1                       Figure 2                 Figure 3             Figure 4 


Figure 5  Opposing directions                            Figure 5a Transmission

  1. Since then the direction of rotation upon the wire is the same from the negative end to the positive end, illustrated by figure 5, that when bend into a U shape, the ends coming to face each other - one of them will naturally be in clockwise direction with the other in counter clockwise direction. 

  2. Therefore when these make contact it is like two grinding wheels in opposite direction of rotation destroying each other. In order then to make use of those two opposing elements we insert turns of movement, that is turns of wire, in all essence a transmission to take up the difference in the two opposing directions of movement, like as we do with our automobiles. 

  3. For the electrical it is called transformers, a series of turns to compensate (take up the difference) for the two opposing rotations. 

  4. Obviously it is a fallacy to even think for electricity to exist within the atom whereby it would most certainly destroy itself. But as plain magnets every atom has the means to adhere to the next in line, as well as stay aloof from others depending on their relative position and polarity. 

  5. Like in figure 6 the formation of ice crystals how six oxygen atoms join to form a circle, all six of them in any one circle extending one and the same polarity to the inside with the hydrogen in between. The positioning of their polarities thus changed when it went from normal temperature to the lower temperature.

  6. As a liquid it is 1 oxygen with 2 hydrogen atoms all floating around one another, but with their rotational movement slowed down these readjust themselves to join in the grid as illustrated. 

  7. And in similar manner hydrocarbons (figure 7) come to join by six carbon atoms with their hydrogen atoms to the side. Here too the polarity of the six in a circle are all the same facing inward to create and maintain the circular openings

  8. Figure 8 illustrates how the atoms in metals are mostly situated. All of these balls in the illustration are real magnets forming a grid, just as all atoms are tiny magnets either round or oblong, and changing their spherical design by the rate of spin, also said as rate of general movement.


Figure 6                                      Figure 7                                 Figure 8

  1. And now for the next step we must rid ourselves of another fantasy that the world of science has accumulated to themselves, as if the atom consists of particles, and that mind you of single sided particles like single sided coins. 

  2. If then there is one thing we must learn from our electricity is the fact that the positive side of anything can never be separate from its other side.  

  3. Just as you cannot have a magnet with only a north and no south even so the rotational form of magnetic known as electricity always displays two ends, of which either one can be termed pos, or neg., since these are no more than a point of view,  the two terms attributed to the end of a single entity. Would you acclaim a man to have only a front and no back? If not - get wise to the errors of man.

  4. The reference to this is by figure 5, electricity for any length however short or long has of-course two ends. And these when brought to face each other are in opposite direction of rotation of one another, as they must be because the length as a whole is but of a single direction of rotation. Neither end therefore can possibly exist without the other.

  5. The positive exists because it is simultaneous with negative, Without a positive there can be no negative nor visa versa. This mind you is logical and simple common sense, that by all of our devices and experiments is proven to be so without a shadow of doubt.  

  6. To acclaim that some parts are only positive, with others only negative is not only in error but delusional to even think that way. Our dictionaries put it to us quite correctly as it states.:

  7. "An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder." 

  8. Or: Miriam Webster: "Delusion, illusion, hallucination, mirage mean something that is believed to be true or real but that is actually false or unreal. delusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real, often as the result of a disordered state of mind."

  9. We are in fact acclaiming ourselves to be delusional to speak of only positive or negative parts, or systems of, none of which exist, and all of which are disproved by everything in nature. Produce a single sided coin, or keep your fantasies to yourself -- so I say.

  10. The atom is not anything of what man has made of it, its theory is but an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the unwise with no understanding in the fundamentals of nature. And yet these fundamentals are so simple.

  11. The world may not like the wisdom that was imparted unto me whereby I came to understand all of nature. But if I remained silent how would the world ever come to understanding, to anything real in nature?

  12. Figure 9 here is yet more preposterous than to have invented single sided coins. High speed particles changing from their circular fix to leave and join another wheel, like a piece of rubber flying off from your tire that then fixes itself to another tire on another automobile at high speed on the road with you. 

  13. A likely story is it not? Even the most dull among us will not fall for that fantasy, or will they?. And figure 10 is another illustration how very wrong man can be; 

  14. Gravity for the example by our own laws and calculations (Ref 3) does not extend more than about 3200 miles from the center of the earth. This we know for more than a hundred years already, how therefore can we claim the solar system or the moon be held gravitational?


        Figure 9                                                  Figure 10 

        The errors of man disproved by everything in nature.

  1. Or how shall there be a strong force or weak force when there are no protons nor neutrons as single sided coins in the first place? There is but a single real force in nature, not four or more as man for his ignorance has come up with, (Ref 4)

  2. As for the electromagnetic force, if we scrap the electro we are left with what truly binds the atoms just as any magnet, planet or star is maintained.  Electro is rotating while magnetic is stationary, the evidence of which is found in all of nature. 

  3. How foolish therefore to couple a rotating shaft to a none rotating part as if the two were of a single nature, or could work together. That bird called "electromagnetic" has yet to be found. But we do have electro – magnets as two entities and not one and the same bird. 

  4. If my drift is not realized than let us remain as the Almighty Lord spoke of those unable to answer or reply to me, as being no more than a delusion.

  5. I am indeed ashamed of man how with all their advances these have yet to realize that the power by which their internal combustion engines are driven is magnetic force, and none other than magnetic force, even as all explosions are by magnetic force, and no less for the steam locomotive, it too is driven by magnetic power.

  6. And how may that be if not by illustration figure 11? When one rotates a disk in which its substance is loosely held, or pliable, that substance will begin to spin outwards. 

  7. In the same way when an atom is spun faster and faster its magnetic field becomes larger and larger. In that way atoms are driven from one another demanding more and more room. That thus is the true factor that creates what we call pressure, as the expansion that drives down the piston.

  8. And for the proof of what I am teaching just ask the power companies why they are hanging those high voltage wires so far from the poles. 

  9. They will answer you that as they increase the speed of rotation, usually called voltage, the magnetic field of that rotating magnetic entity expands larger and larger. We even show the Van Allen belts around the earth expanded by the rotation of the earth. 

  10. And note how large that field becomes at that rpm, (Figure 12) no wonder that explosions can be so powerful. How much more evidence then do we want when it comes from our own lips realized or not.


       Figure 11  The atom as it spins.                                      Figure 12

  1. The atom is a most intricate piece of machinery, simple, and yet not simple, all because the nature of magnetic is a single circle of movement twisted over by one half of a turn to resemble the figure of eight. (Ref 5) This is easily proven with two magnets and some steel filings, as well as a high speed camera, one to present the earth, the other the moon. 

  2. When the moon moves around the earth it elongates the magnetic lines between the two bodies, that in turn raises the water under the moon, Since then all magnetic force or potential is by that single circle in eight, when any one side is elongated the other side will likewise be elongated. 

  3. Wherefore there are always two equal tides on both sides of the earth. (Ref 6) Close the handles of a pair of scissors and the cutting edges will close likewise.

  4. As thus the moon can elongate magnetic lines of movement by its pull upon them, why not shall they expand when these in their whole formation are spun around faster and faster? For even as they spin at high rpm they bond very well at either end of their polar regions. 

  5. All this depends upon and varies with their positioning to one another and with their speed of rotation. At room temperature the two hydrogen atoms in H2O bond very well magnetically to their oxygen atom, but in such a way that it leaves little or no polar pull to the other ends of the two hydrogen atoms, wherefore these are able to float freely along one another.

  6. But with their movement slowed down to freezing, these formerly near neutral polar regions changes to full polar power. 

  7. And the oxygen atom likewise adapts a change in its polar regions adjusting to what is seen with standard magnets –north and south coming in a direct line with one another whereby through the intermediate of its hydrogen parts it comes to lock onto other oxygen atoms forming that typical grid found in ice. 

  8. As then each of these six parts at their sides have an identical direction of movement so the circular openings are formed and maintained whereby ice takes up more room than it does in its liquid state.

  9. All these coordinates in structuring then come to different variations depending on the typical element, verses its surroundings, and at what temperature, that is to say; at what rate of movement. 

  10. Hydrocarbons, as the illustration figure 7 shows do not utilize the hydrogen atoms as intermediate but bond directly carbon to carbon. And so there is a multitude of coordinates all held and/or varied by a rate of velocity.

  11. And why should it not be velocity, or movement as it might be said, seeing the very nature and power of the atom is none other than movement in the first place. Magnetic force is never at idle, its so called lines are at all times lines of movement. 

  12. If not so - no one atom would draw to any other atom. Nor would there be any light, nor explosions, nor compression.  When a man and a woman are standing at a distance of two feet from one another, and do not move even though they are attracted to one another, they will never be a pair unless they “do” move

  13. Hoping my reader will get my drift, if not explain why two magnets move towards or away from each other. With mere lines that do not move there can be no bonding.

  14. It is movement by which all waves come to what is called the speed of light. That particular movement then is the fundamental movement, an entity in itself that is everywhere always (Ref 7) And by that same movement in some intricate way that I will not divulge the atoms were born and are at all times maintained. 

  15. Without it there would be no nature, no atoms for any kind of construction. But this is as far as I by the integrity within me will bring us to the threshold of nature. It is enough for us to know this much, nor will man ever come to the understanding of fundamentals until first he realizes his foolishness in the fantasies that he has concocted to his own loss.

  16. Seeing now that all atoms are magnetic entities, some simple, with other more intricate, varying in size and quantity, some more powerful than others depending on the saturation of its magnetic field, how dense, or less dense. How come our air through which we move is not solid? 

  17. If the oxygen in the air were single magnets they would all bind to one another, air taking on a solid state. These however are not single but dual just as our men in the sciences have surmised, or observed correctly. 

  18. The most amazing part of the oxygen atom other than that it is essential for our bodies, is that it by pairs is able to shield or hide its polarity to the outer regions of their spherical design, whereby no one pair will bond with the other, but float free, And equally so with the Nitrogen atoms in pairs.

  19. And so you see how very intricate magnetic fields can be one to the other, all of that by rotation in the degree thereof, or velocity if you will. For if we reduce the speed of rotation of the nitrogen atoms down to freezing those pairs open up and will turn their polar regions outward to become a solid like unto ice or snow. 

  20. It is however not only by slower movement that things become solid, or come to bond, for at a very high movement hydrogen and oxygen will bond to become water. Or by higher than normal temperatures hydrocarbons come to their configuration. 

  21. And so there are a thousand and one different ways to different configurations, that I as such term coordinates.

  22. Nature is matter in motion by coordination. A simple statement yes, but very far reaching for an understanding of it. If the atoms in our skin did not have movement we would not be able to see them, since the wave of light must pass through it whereby to capture all but the skin color ones to remit. 

  23. Even to touch our skin is movement to movement whereby it is routed to the brain for us to have a sensation of it.

  24. That is how marvelous God has made all things, and to deny God is to become delusional whereby we come to construct fantasies, such as we have done. But in honoring Him He will grant us understanding as He did to me teaching me in wisdom by His Holy Spirit, the Counselor as She is called.  

  25. For that my dear reader is how I came to my awesome store of knowledge, the Lord granting me understanding as He did to Salomon, only Salomon received wisdom in still greater measure than me.

  26. This I am pronouncing for I will not deny nor ever hide from where knowledge is.  Nothing at all was by any discovery on my part, all was by revelation, the Lord granting me to conceive rightly according to the gift of wisdom. 

  27. How for example shall a man discover the foundations of the earth when that discovery would condemn all the race of man to extinction?  (Jeremiah 31:37)  No; but by the instruction of the Almighty One these foundations were granted me that I in turn may teach them to the world. 

  28. And so even my entry into the world is foreshown in the Scriptures. But without the gift of wisdom who is to comprehend the words of God to his own salvation? For so it is written; “They shall be taught of God.”

  29. By illustrations 13 and 14, these balls as they may depict atoms, are of course not atoms but each a great number of atoms that are not only held individual to one another, but there is an overall force of magnetic over them making each ball a full fledged overall magnet, and as such cling to one another. 

  30. What is missing from or upon these balls is that these are not regulated not maintained by nature’s prime fundamental movement that as such is an entity all in itself. Secondly therefore also they do not spin.


       Figure 13                              Figure 14                         Figure 15

  1. As then each atom within these balls serves to form and extend that “overall” field or force of magnetic, figure 15 is an illustration how in the interior that “overall” force is brought to a "permanent" hold, utilizing something that I call components, or as some others have it as domains.

  2. This is only so when something is permanently magnetized. In a nail for example magnetized electrically or by a magnet, there are no component factors, each atom merely serves to extend the lines of force. Therefore also when the magnet or electrical is removed the nail is no longer magnetic. 

  3. It in other words requires a substance suitable for component factors to be formed in order to have a permanent magnet. Copper for example is excellent to conduct magnetic lines of movement but not retain them for lack of the formation termed component factors illustrated by figure 15.


       Figure 16                                             Figure 17  Electrical coordinate

  1. The notion that when a steel bar is magnetized all the atoms turn to one direction to make for a magnet as illustrated by figure 16, is of course incorrect, and very poor in that the lines of magnetic are at all times by a figure eight where they come to a single center within the center of the bar. 

  2. The figure eight of force always seeks equilibrium within the confines that it is held.  Break a magnet in halves and each half will become a new magnet the force centering thereon.

  3. But what is this contradiction in man claiming atoms to join electrical, while also by figure 16 admitting that they are magnetic?  Electrical only exists when a magnetic potential rotates and that of course only with a specific coordinate where two wave-lines cross illustrated by figure 17.  

  4. Each of the figure eights then become like unto a magnet having their north and south polarity facing to the sides. That is why the wire will be push/pulled to the pole of another magnet.  

  5. And how then did J,J, Thomson discover the electron, or claiming it went only to only one side? Obviously he did not comprehend his own experiment, for to him no insight was give him of the Lord.

  6. Something like this now cannot, and does not exist with any one atom, but each atom can and will conduct such a line of movement to have as we would say; electricity go on over them. 

  7. Make sure that we understand this correctly now that this electrical is a force over forces, or a movements over and upon other movements, or as I termed it, the “overall” pattern of force. And why should magnets not conduct or extend electricity as magnetic lines, seeing it is no less magnetic than its stationary cousin.

  8. Just to consider a generator all in itself shows and proves electricity to be nothing more mysterious than a magnetic entity. For by it we are twisting the straight lines of magnetic of the field into a frenzy of turns, similar to twisting wires over one another. 

  9. The result is nothing more than a braid of magnetic lines that for lack of insight we have come to call electricity.  The idea of none existent particles as single sided coins named electrons to be moving through a metal grid of atoms is simply preposterous, that I summed up as an outright vicious lie.

  10. Try it out with any electron – I absolutely guarantee you that your electron would be arrested by the first atom in its path, never at all move anywhere. That grid known in metals consists of tiny magnets all bound together.

  11. And just as one cannot pass a vehicle through a maze of vehicles blocking the entire freeway, so no other atom, or any such part could possible pass. But a coordinate, a none material line of movement passes easily as it conducts itself upon every atom it passes. 

  12. We ought to know this from that mirage as if there were water on the road ahead of us, the light as it conducts itself upon every single atom in its path is redirected simply by a minute greater spacing of the atoms directly above that roadbed. Here too is more evidence in how and why and by what atoms expand their fields. 

  13. As the temperature rises, meaning as the velocity of rotation increases the atoms are driven from one another. Look at steam how the H2O molecules by a greater temperature drove themselves so far from one another as to become a vapor. 

  14. And when we compress that vapor we in effect are driving countless many magnets closer into each other, that when released drive the locomotive by none other than the many magnets allowed to again push themselves away from one another.

  15. And so it is in our internal combustion engines for which we must dig deep within the earth to find the oils to serve as fuel for these many dirty things to foul the air we breathe. 

  16. Do you now really think that this will continue that way, like as in the new world that will go into eternity? No not likely, for the Lord already revealed a means of power that is both free and clean, not anything that man has come up with. 

  17. But man would not hear me, they thought me a crackpot, therefore I swore never at all to reveal it to them. So I said; “For all I care let them work their fingers to the bone, but they will never have it of me.” And I destroyed all evidence to that effect.

     When darkness is seen for light

  1. So the Lord said: "The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light;  But if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!"

  2. The light in many of man is still darkness, for those in the sciences have yet to learn what energy is. Just about anything but what is correct is named for energy. When a 1000-lb vehicle is driven into a brick wall at 1-mph, it is a mere bump, but at 50-mph what shall the energy be if not movement? 

  3. But then - not having eyes - we reason; "Yes but it is the 1000 lb as well as its movement." Ok then answer me what the reality is of those 1000/lb? Is it not the multitude of the atoms of which it is constructed? And what do these atoms do, if not produce movement, or in fact being movement. 

  4. And do we not have that law stating; "Once in motion, stays in motion? If the atoms were not in motion that vehicle would come to zero lb, no weight at all, since weight is a measure of gravitational force, and gravity for its pull lays hold on that angular movement of these atoms (Ref 9)

  5. Or what is the energy of a bullet if not its motion in the degree thereof? Or an airplane coming head down, or in normal flight it is the expanding movement of its fuel along with the expanding air to drive it forward.

  6. Energy is never ever anything but movement, called motion, a displacement. I could name a thousand examples but why should I do so when we claim our light also being light? If on the other hand the common sense and reasoning within us is darkness then we will continue to be as babes on the breast.

  7. What is the energy of an particle if not its movement? Or light, the very waves thereof that warm the earth, and by which we interpret everything seen? Shall it be its velocity? And yes its velocity is a part of it, but more profoundly its high rotation whereby it comes to spin the atoms faster and faster as it collides upon them.

  8. And need I explain all this in detail? I shall leave that to the light within us, for those whose light is not darkness.


          Figure 18  Mass spectrometer

  1. The scientists have constructed for themselves what is called; "A mass spectrometer" wherewith to determine the mass of things. The idea is fine since it works the same as light passing through a prism. (Figure 18)

  2. But man has yet to learn how and why light refracts upon any prism, how then are we to believe upon their interpretation of a mass spectrometer? For light he acclaimed its refraction due to velocity. But what a crock that is since when the light does not refract - its velocity also changes.

  3. The velocity as such is a mere byproduct not any cause to refraction, wavelength in its varied lengths being the real culprit as to how and why light refracts into its colors. (Ref 8) One must read that essay to turn darkness into light,

  4. Atoms one to the other are of different coordinates, of different size, and of different density, that is to say, magnetic density. 

  5. If then we electrify any certain mass, that is to say, when we pass a rotating magnetic field upon the many magnets, these for their differences will behave equally different whereby in comparison to laboratory statistics (samples) we determine what the elements may be.

  6. And since these flare out by -so-called weight - that is not really weight, we attribute figures unto them. And so if man is determined to see Santa come through the chimney, why should I take away that cherished notion from him?

  7. If instead of weight we classify it by strength in - as magnetic or electrical potential, fine and dandy, for is not milk the first sustenance by which to grow up? 

  8. Once having come to more solid food we will come to the realization how that tool is fundamentally no different than any prism for light. And why not look at the xyz, the triangle whereby every different wavelength comes to any surface out of the normal, realizing that indeed it is length rather than velocity. Ref 7)

  9. How for example do we determine the velocity of light, how is it calculated? It has never been calculated other than by me since man's scientists have yet to learn how to do so. And so allow me to be a teacher once again for where the light is not darkness.


        Figure 19 Light calculated for its 'relative' velocity.

  1. Referring to figure 19, from "A" to "B" is a full wavelength, its nominal length. A wave then is never a straight line but a line with an angular moment upon it as illustrated. Therefore as the line starts out at "A" it passes over "B" to "C"

  2. If thus the distance from "A" to "C" is 7000 angstroms, a wave we interpret for red in color, that wave itself must pass a distance of more than 7000 angstroms as it is forced around the circular -- "A-B-C". 

  3. Since then nature's one and only real force is movement, and in this case the fundamental movement that at all times has an unwavering velocity at 300.000/km/sec, the wave passes from "A' to "B" and "C" at the velocity of 300.000km/sec., called the velocity of constant.

  4. What then would be the velocity of the whole as in - for distance in time - passing from "A' to "C"? Logically we must add in the circumference by which this single wavelet passes through air or space. The diameter being 1.54a times 3.14 comes to 4.8 angstroms in circumference.

  5. 7000 + 4.8 = 7004.8/angstroms. 300.000 divided by 7004.8 comes to 42.with 30 more numbers, and that times 7000 is 299,795/km/sec. A bit slower than the constant of 300.000 as it ought to be, and logically so since it traveled 4.8a more in the nominal length of 7000a.

  6. I determined the correct diameter by utilizing man's reading of light at 299.792-km/sec for the longest and fastest of lengths, the 700nm one.

  7. And so there is a constant of velocity, and a relative velocity, the relative being the term for distance in time, while the constant is the ever present fundamental movement, an entity all in itself whereby all physical things are sustained. Foolish of me to even reveal this fact of nature.

  8. I now am in real trouble here for writing seconds as sec, rather than just the c, something the world of science frowns upon. I once built an F18 model (9-ft long) down to perfection, spending a lot of time and energy on it, after which someone bought it. 

  9. As then having received it I asked him how he liked it, his remark was it had a tiny little dent in it. The point of a knife had fallen on it leaving an almost invisible nick in it. That was my reward for all my labor, to remark only upon that tiny nick.

  10. And here is man in the world of science finally learning what light is and how it travels as well as learning how to calculate the velocity of any wave for its distance in time, something they have not been able to do for more than a century, and what was my reward? To abbreviate seconds as sec.

  11. Ridicule, or silence, for which I cannot really blame them.  Should I therefore thank them, or ask how; "J.J Thomson discovered electrons in 1897" when no such things exist?


         Figure 20    .The circle in eight

  1. One last item, are we interested in knowing how and why magnets pull and push to and from each other? Our answer should not be to say; "Because they are magnetic," but rather how and why they are magnetic.

  2. By illustration figure 20 to help explain it, at "A" there is the circle of movement, the ever movement of the one and only real force in nature. In it there is no beginning and no end, nor even an entry since it is only angular movement always returning to where it came from.

  3. And so how do we obtain linear movement from only angular movement? We do so by twisting or turning that single circle into a half wave formation illustrated at "B". For now if we look closely at number 1, the north side the direction of that circular movement is now facing upwards, or outwards at both numbers 1, and it is incoming at both numbers 2.

  4. Our circular has now become as were it two circulars, but that is not so, it is still only one single movement but after the coordinate of a figure of eight. And that eight as always has a single center at its center. This is our typical magnetic force born forth from the one and only power in nature.

  5. This is why we are always pulled to the center of the earth, magnetic force pulling us. And why there are always two equal tides at both sides of the earth,

  6. From angular the linear is born, movement always coming in two fashions, linear as well as angular. But without the angular laid half way over no linear movement would exist. Nor therefore would there be any atoms nor any kind of substance or power or movement of any kind.

  7. "C" and "D" in the illustration shows how any two of these former circulars now in their new formation are perfectly suited to draw, that is to move towards or away from each other all because linear power is now born forth from angular power.

  8. But why should these move either towards or away from each other if not because this most unique fundamental movement is conductive, and at that it is directionally conductive. When the direction of movement is the same then these lock onto one another for their conductive nature, and only because it is a conductive movement.

  9. In opposing directions of movement these would never depart from one another if it were not for that unique quality of natures number one fundamental entity to be directionally conductive.

  10. This is how and why all magnets have the ability to push and to pull, to lock unto one another as well disengage, to keep aloof from one another. The beauty of this is, that in air they can all float around one another, so that we may breathe the stuff, and move through it.

  11. Yet also for locking together in a multitude of ways to make for all the substances in nature, or else we would have no bones, to be like the octopus. Or how shall we enjoy a T-bone steak if it were a mere vapor?

  12. When the one and only real force in nature spells movement, and every single atom has come forth from and by it, in a way that I must keep to myself - all of nature comes into view in all of its myriads diversity. What thus are atoms in their most fundamental being if not movement all the same along with what I termed 3W.

  13. For that is what is found in and upon every atom, the figure eight of force. And what may it inhibit, what so you will question me is 3W? The W stands for water, but not any water made up of H2O. And more I can not say, it is more than sufficient for us to know this much.


  1. Galileo said: "In questions of science - the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."

  2. Is this a lesson, or just something that belongs on the back burner? If by my words man is unable to smell the daisies, he will have to learn it by pain and anguish, for the truth will always take victory. 

  3. Once into adulthood we no longer believe upon the story of the stork to deliver babies. Only I would like to spare man the pains of coming into that adulthood, if only he would be so inclined.

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