By Leonard Van Zanten  Riverside Ca. 92505

An ESSAY  April 2019

(Accepted for publication by JAP on June 27/2019)


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  1. The men that ascended the slopes of Mount Everest experienced in no uncertain way that as one recedes from the center of gravity so his supply of essential air also diminishes, and that ascended into thinner and thinner air, their much needed warmth in temperature declined to accompany them. 

  2. But they had one advantage, or at least so they reasoned, that as they ascended the force of gravity diminished giving them less weight to carry.

  3. Quaint is it not, that we know all these things, yet we do not know just how or why it is colder up in these higher elevations, or by what factor of nature the air is so much thinner, and how even our reasoning concerning gravity


  1. The theme here is about magnetism and what is produced by it, looking at the sun, the earth, as well as the atom, and in general. It also shows magnetic for its nature of - with or without pressure to limit the velocity of the relative movement upon atoms and molecules. 

  2. Our interpretation for temperature as well as other factors related to the stars are updated to include such factors as we apparently are unaware of. And it goes into a summary view of gravity in how it relates to the power of magnetic. 

  3. And the unique nature of magnetic how it is in physics as well as mentally portrayed. One might say; “A look inside the mind of the author."

      Key words

       Magnetic, Waves. Atom, Sun, Temperature.


  1. Light from light, movement from movement, while fire is seen without a fire. Upon the sun there is no fire yet it appears to be for we associate fire with something hot.  Moses saw a fire that did not consume the bush; equally so when looking at the sun we behold a fire that likewise does not consume, in that respect our beholding is no different from what Moses saw. 

  2. Satan, known as the devil, said of himself, that he was “fire of fire,” and it is recorded that there are angels that use fire for a cloak upon themselves. That column of fire that held back the Egyptians from the Israelites at the Red sea also did not consume since it was none other than an angel with his cloak upon him.

  3. The power of magnetic forms everything in the physical world; even the sun for its existence and brightness is foremost by and of magnetic. For an understanding of the sun it is not as currently taught - a mass of hydrogen with a smaller percentage of helium. 

  4. These elements do not provide for the nomenclature of a magnet let alone the strongest of all magnets in our solar system. The atoms of metal and other heavy complex atoms are ideal for what makes for a magnet. Conclusively the primary mass of the sun can only consist of these elements in their molten state. 

  5. Magnets can enclose super heated plasma, but super heated plasma cannot support a magnet, wherefore we are in error about the nomenclature of the sun.

  6. If I am taken in error - let us see a magnet made of a gaseous element the lightest of all, that no doubt will not be shown even as single sided coins will never be shown.  But these words alone won’t convince us of our errors.  

  7. For in order to have a right understanding in any one phase of nature one must be knowledgably in all of the fundamentals of the sciences; nature being a single whole that at all times shows itself twofold in just about everything. And if the nature of nature were not magnetic I could not explain anything, nor define what takes place upon the sun or upon the earth.

  8. How for example does our weight as g force show on a scale, while our velocity in uniform circular movement cannot show itself upon a scale because gravity always augments anything and everything in the centrifugal? What therefore is that gravity to show up on a scale verses the gravity that cannot be read?  

  9. When I spoke of things being twofold we can name just about everything.  Inertia is both linear and angular, and so is movement, the fundamental one and the dynamic ones, even as direction in its singularity is two fold linear and angular.

  10. Our theme is magnetic and what is produced by it; therefore we are bound to speak of gravity and of pressure as well as heat since the power of it comes from magnetic. And in speaking of light or warmth from the sun it boils down to a combination of factors as to why the sun is what it is. Some of our data on the sun is correct while some is incorrect as it is with the fundamentals of all our sciences.

  11. Much too often we judge by sight deception and are led astray by it like as if the earth has its seasons by a fixed position instead of its precession whereby it really is. (Ref-1) And no less for the atom to fashion it after our solar system. (Ref-2)  And it is surely by lack of insight that we have given the sun a supply of fuel when for reality there is no fuel upon the sun.

  12. If for argument sake the sun in its interior had a large store of hydrogen to be turned into helium, nothing much would happen since for one thing the temperature at the core is not at all what it is claimed. Fusing hydrogen with oxygen already produces a great deal of expansion that cools rapidly. 

  13. Fusing hydrogen into helium likewise produces a great deal of expansion that cools rapidly, but once started the high rate of movement (heat) would transmits to the balance of the fuel creating the immense reaction as seen with the hydrogen bomb.

  14. The basic secret lies in chain reaction, not just in the explosive, but for its surroundings raising it also to a extremely high rate of movement from atom to atom at nearly the speed of light. Moreover with the conditions right to start the fusion, it all in itself would serve as the trigger for the rest of the hydrogen to fuse for the entire one million plus kilometers of it. 

  15. There are no limiting fuel pipes within the sun as used in the space shuttle. The main argument in evidence is however in the fact that these lighter elements do not make for a magnet.

  16. I rather doubt that I will be successful in changing our conception of the sun for there is nothing slower than man in his ways to change. Yet I will continue in my impossible mission if only for the young and future generations.

  17. We claim space to be devoid of substance, as then there are a number of ways to prove that wrong, the auroras at the polar regions in itself show it wrong, for these could not possibly exist if space were empty. These come about by the friction of the speed of the earth, and without substance there is no friction.  

  18. The light of the auroras then is indeed related to the wavelengths of hydrogen.  The solar wind of the sun is always outward as seen upon the tail of a comet, yet the sun is never depleted. And should there not be an inward funneling for any outward funneling?  Nuclear fusion as such is but wishful thinking, our crux to explain what we do not understand.

  19. That sun of ours now is truly a magnet, a very powerful one, as it need be to have its love affair with all the planets that are dedicated to it.  Then again the sun provides us with every wavelength in the spectrum long and short, if then it is primarily hydrogen that produce but 4 wavelengths where are all the others coming from? 

  20. Take butane for example when its atoms are at high rpm it produces the longer red waves, then as that rpm is increased the lengths become shorter and shorter to a blue flame. Or should I have said that – as it gets hotter and hotter? It’s all the same since heat “is” a rate of movement.

  21. Check a lighter or a match; notice how at the tip it is more red while at the base it is more blue, and why or how is that? The highest of rpm is at the base wherefore it produces the shorter waves, but as soon as it mixes with the slower air the rpm drops that then automatically produces longer waves. 

  22. And so it is not necessarily for elements to produce only their fixed wavelengths.  The fact that a spark is needed to make a start from one molecule to the next is seen with any lighter – how by a starting velocity butane for the example must vaporize before these molecules have the needed rpm of its atomic fields whereby to come apart..

  23. Almost all substances will produce waves when heated and that may be curious that for a mere higher velocity it begins to produce waves. That curiosity however lies in RAM meaning Relative Angular Movement as the primary cause by which waves are produced rather than the high movement in itself when there is no combustion.  

  24. The principle for wave production is to have a moving part verses a stationary part, like our generators a stationary field with a moving armature. Moving parts verses stationary parts then is not quite like RAM but similar, a subject in itself.

  25. A mere ten miles down in the ocean it is said that the pressure comes to more than 15.000 Psi, while there are 3.946 more miles to go to the center of the earth everything resting upon one another. Most of that pressure is by stacking rather than in the power of magnetic. What to me is more curious is how these atoms under such pressure actually survive intact. 

  26. At oceans bottom the molecules are not compressed into one another to make for some other molecular formation.  And how may that be at the center of a star or planet under extreme pressure? Yet when their internal movement is slowed down a bit to freezing they do come to lock onto one another forming ice.

  1. If then at fifty thousand/psi the atoms of cobalt or nickel remain as they are – how strong is their magnetic potential to at that pressure maintain themselves even to produce open spaces? No planetary system would survive. The format of magnetic is the most unique coordinate in all of nature, and its power is like none other, and I repeat: “Like none other.” 

  2. By it the sun comes to a sphere, by it the sun remains a molten mass, by it the sun shines, and by it all planets are held in check. It is by magnetic that the waters of our oceans do not float out into space, and whereby we are held to the earth. By magnetic the waters rise, even as it is also by magnetic that the waters are held down. (Ref-3) 

  3. When the atoms were constructed each to its specific purpose they were endowed with the format of magnetic, for only by it are they able to relate to one another. Since then that format can be simple as well as extremely complex it lends itself to all these variations. 

  4. The sun for one as a magnet is complex; our earth on the other hand shows a rather simple formation. As then we dive down to the atoms the whole array can be found. For only as a miniature magnet can any atom exist, nor does it need anything else for power and configuration. 

  5. It is able to show as well as mask its polarities all by a specific rate of movement – and another secret. And why should it not be movement when magnets for their power are but movement – and that of course by and in coordinates.

  6. We have the notion that each element has its own particular wavelength, and that is true. We then ought to realize how by faster movement we make something oscillate the shorter the waves will be. The secret for wavelength is in speed – as everything in nature is movement by movement and into movement. 

  7. I do not wish to duplicate what I clearly defined in other essays on which I furnished the journals with copyrights wherefore the references (Ref-4, and Ref-5).  Our atmosphere is made up of two primary elements Nitrogen and Oxygen, while the hydrogen surrounding the sun is not really of the sun, but of what so called empty space mainly consists of. 

  8. We speak of particles traveling at high speed in space, but what are these particles when their nature is gaseous? Are whole atoms also seen as particles that we accelerate in our particle generators? How can particles be taken from an atom when it cannot and does not consist of such particles?

What is a flame?

  1. When looking at a flame what do we see? We call it fire, but what we really see is no more than certain waves of the spectrum to which our eyes are tuned. 

  2. The factual break up of the molecules known as combustion can-not be seen since our eyes are only tuned to a certain octave of angular moments that register themselves upon us as rotating indents, like a code transfigured into an electrical code that in turn comes to resonance that we at last interpret into a beholding.

  3. For that is eyesight, a whole mechanism, a train of events starting out as movement and ending in movement. A flame is truly fire since it breaks down the molecular structure of things when therefore we see waves like unto a flame without restructuring - it is by heat in its twofold nature emanating waves. 

  4. There is much more to be said of the sun for its nomenclature but our primary subject here is magnetic, and so I must stick to it.

  5. Figure 1 illustrates the wavelets of light that leaves a lamp providing warmth, but it can not provide warmth at points A nor B, but only at C, and D. Those waves, better called wavelets are driven by the ever fundamental constant in a circular fashion around any and all atoms small enough to pass. 

  6. When however it strikes upon larger atoms along which it cannot pass - it as a mere coordinate of movement will be terminated, Meanwhile since it is a rotating entity at a much higher rpm than that of the spin of any atom, it deposits its rotational power upon those larger atoms increasing the rate of their rotational movement.

  7. And though it be minor of any one wavelet, warmth increases by the sheer volume of wavelets. Here too it is all in the nature of magnetic, this essay being but a first lesson into that marvelous phenomenon.

 Figure 1. Wavelets providing warmth by their rotation.

  1. In plain words the wavelets of light for any kind of increase in movement are only of value when they are struck upon something, never at all when they pass by. It is at the head of the wave where its primary service to mankind is found, also evident with micro-waves wherefore the plate rotates. (Ref-6) 

  2. At point D the glass enclosure is heated because the atoms in glass have several other atoms at their side, and those wavelets striking upon the connecting points will perform their service there and be terminated, never at all passing any further. If then we feel warmth at A and B, it is by convection emanating from the lamp or body.

Producing waves

  1. Figure 2 is an illustration of wave production not just by heat but how it is done in our everyday incandescent lamp the principle of which holds true for any wave production. The wavy lines represent the coordinate of electricity, figures of eight end on end. 

  2. Before we flipped the switch the atoms of that element within that glass enclosure were resting nicely, but the introduction of that electricity came to disturb them by pushing and pulling on them, that for one thing raises their internal movement becoming while hot.  

  3. That current of electricity - being a magnetic potential - lines twisted over one another, each figure of eight has a north and a south that rotate at the speed of its voltage. Consequently that current comes to push and pull upon those restful atoms causing them to vibrate, or resonate back and forth by which a whole range of wavelets are produced.

Figure 2. Incandescent lamp producing light by electrical stimulation.

  1. And so even light for its production is in and by magnetic. In order to evidence this to ourselves, take any magnet and hold it next to a single wire with electricity. At 9 volts it will push/pull on that wire at the rate of 9 times each second, at 120 volt it will vibrate at the rate of 120 rotations per second. 

  2. As thus the wire is push/pulled so the atoms in the element are push/pulled, driving certain atoms into other more fixed atoms whereby momentary impulses are setup that then are taken away by the ever constant of movement in nature. (Ref-7)

  3. The same thing is done without electricity by a process called combustion, the restructuring of molecules. And by any type of agitation, inclusive simple heating - where a moving atom is driven into other more fixed atoms, be it vibration, oscillation, or resonance. 

  4. The principle comes down to angular’s verses linear’s, something moving in relevance to something stationary.  Or two moving parts at a variance with each other in the nature of RAM. The same applies to our electrical generators; there is that stationary field within which a rotating armature is placed, the copper upon which serves as a guide for the twisted lines of magnetic to be contained. Therefore also electricity is always a rotating magnetic force.

  5. Light itself by its rotation has a neat way to generate an overall rotating magnetic field in conjunction with some elements, mainly silicon. The silicon wafers are full of magnetic figures of eight, each atom being one, and as light falls upon a particular crystalline structure of these atoms it causes those internal figures of eight to combine and rotate into greater formations of the same that as such becomes an overall pattern of figure eights end on end. 

  6. And that is electricity by the light of the sun, a string of rotating magnetic eights coupled end to end at their equatorial areas, leaving their polarities to face outward, as illustrated by figure 2

  7. The direction of movements of that string then is in both directions, always completing a full circle. With the switch in the off position the electricity seems to be none existent all because it is a magnetic potential that for its movement must always be complete.

  8. The circle of magnetic is after a figure of eight that may appear to be two circles, but is sight deception, it is at all times a single circuit, a single format of movement. One point in evidence to that effect is seen upon the earth how there are always two equal tides on both sides of the earth, with the moon on only one side. 

  9. If here we wonder about gravity, the law of Isaac Newton shows gravity to extend no further from the earth than about 3200 miles, while the moon is 240.000 miles away. Conclusively there is no doubt that the tides are by magnetic when everything else is likewise by magnetic. (Ref-3)

Magnets Quell

  1. Magnetic fields of force not only act linearly to push and pull in/and by their directionally conductive nature, but it equally comes to quell in/and by its typical format of eight, The circulars of the eight within their confines come to act as were it choke-holds, the harder the pull the tighter the hold. 

  2. But more precisely it comes to entwining and that by and in a rotational format whereby the atom/molecules come to a precessional format – as were the substance like a nut driven/pulled/quelled down on long bolts.  (Gravity Ref-8) 

  3. The direction to which everything within the magnetic loops proceeds therefore can only be to the center where the loops cross. Because magnetic is a format in eight - all substance by magnetic design must always be driven inward to the very center of their field.

Figure 3. Elements driven up on the sun and held in check by the eight of magnetic.

  1. Figure 3 is a picture of a sun flare clearly showing the outer-half of a local figure eight of force that exist upon the sun in addition to its main formation, the sun being a very complex magnet, one reason for its entire molten mass.  

  2. The substance of that flare is not like the lava that is seen shooting upwards from any volcano on earth, but something lighter that at the same instant is held in check by the magnetic potential. 

  3. And this is what I wished to show in the term of “quell.” The lines of magnetic are not only those obvious ones in the picture but above and below as well visible or not, all coming to quell.

  4. On earth at Yellowstone national park it is called “Old faithful” at the sun it is called flares. Old faithful puts out water, at the sun it are other elements rather than our invention of plasma.  On earth the lines of magnetic are not visible but these in their countless numbers hold all the water in our oceans to a circular form around the globe

  5. If magnetic were not an eight in design it could not possibly quell, nor hold anything to any center, nor therefore would there be any stars nor planets. Nor would there be such a thing as linear movement, nor for any one magnet to pull or push from any other magnet, nor therefore would there be any waves nor vision, nor hearing, nor man, nor even a universe.

  6. And that eight of magnetic does not consist of lines alone spaced apart from one another, but also like a field having its so called lines along every atom – that as such may be said –lines as close as a few angstroms from one another.  If not so how would these hold every single drop of water in our oceans neatly to the surface of the earth? 

  7. And so it is with all magnets inclusive electricity for its rotational magnetic nature. And likewise with gravity to draw on each and every atom however close these are to one another. To behold a force as were it by lines of – has its practical side, and it presents both.

  8. The eight of magnetic is most unique and unlike anything else in nature, other than what is yet more fundamental by which these come about inclusive all atoms.  And I should repeat this how “magnetic is unlike anything else in nature.” 

  9. Once therefore there are atoms - these are in need of the unique pattern of magnetic by which to form molecules, and these to whole structures. Nor would these be of much use without motion, in particular the rate of velocity.

The sun like unto an incandescent lamp.

  1. A regular incandescent lamp provides us with light on a continual basis without the need of oxygen. Nor does that filament ever depletes itself even though it being white hot and seems to be on fire, giving off light and heat. 

  2. Upon the sun there is no electricity to make for light by its push pull action but there is plenty of RAM and agitation upon the sun as it rotates together with the various local magnetic formations that most likely have their centers not upon the center of the whole sun.

  3. The sun is not lacking for variation in movement by which waves are formed. But why should it need that when the super heated lighter elements have sufficient RAM to produce waves at any length at the atomic and molecular level. It takes cooler more extensive regions to generate the very long waves. 

  4. We have it as resonance or oscillation, and that’s just what it is.  The light of the sun is primarily from elements at RAM and high movement - no combustion needed, no supply nor demand, no depletion, nor any electricity needed, nor any fusion. We however have never even heard of RAM, the second part of the twofold nature of heat.

  5. The power of the sun is foremost its magnetic field of force; secondly it provides mankind with codes (waves) to be interpreted for light and vision, as well as the warmth we crave by codes at high rotational speeds. Warmth or heat being a twofold movement, while light for color is recognized by angular moments.

  6. As then all waves of the magnetic spectrum must identify themselves by rotation for one half thereof their full lengths come by mathematics. That in turn regulates their velocity for distance in time. And yes I am speaking by way of summary not going into all the details lest this essay be without end.


  1. Temperature is not a simple subject; it varies, beside the fact that its nature is twofold, a lengthy subject in itself. Generally heat is in the rate of movement, and since most of that movement is in the angular it comes down to the rotational movement of the atoms and their fields of force. 

  2. Then there is also RAM, meaning Relative Angular Movement, that as such depicts the difference between parts in their movements relative to one another, mostly, at variance by which the temperature rises.  The heat generated by our nuclear power plants for example is mostly by RAM up to a fifth of it fission.

  3. Then in speaking of pressure that increases temperature, but to a point since pressure also comes to limit the rate of movement, limiting temperature. The water molecule being free to move around will expand its field of force becoming steam, while steel at even higher temperature does not expand yet it has the same type of field only more complex. 

  4. When the H2O molecule is vaporized into its components the atoms of steel, or nickel are still magnetically holding on to one another, but rather loosely to slide along one another. (Molten state) 

  5. Expansion for any atom is possible when their magnetic coordinate is a simple one. When however their coordinate comes to multiplication their ability to join with others is very high, but that same complexity also comes as a factor preventing or limiting their expansion

  6. That factor thus serves like a brake upon their rotational movement, although not upon RAM that will hold out to a much higher degree of so called temperature. This is usually seen by glowing white hot, and the corresponding waves emitted from it, like as it is on the sun.

  7. Next in speaking of pressure in the core of stars and planets in terms of heat: there is no straight-line calculation. For as pressure increases increasing the internal movement of the atoms under that pressure– that same pressure also comes to apply a brake upon the degree of heat, for as it serves for a brake upon expansion, it limits heat.  

  8. Something of that same nature is found with the tides upon the earth, for as the moon in its pull upon us comes to raise the water magnetically, it by that very same magnetic power comes to restrain the rising of those waters. The magnetic lines may lift it, but gravity will restrain the tides and the power of gravity for downward movement is equally magnetic.

  9. The amount of heat in any core also depends on the nature of its elements, most heavy atoms are not easily over-heated, these will come to a limit before the lighter elements will; heat being a rate of movement as well as RAM. We can accelerate hydrogen to extreme velocities expanding their fields, to register as high temperature, but not so with complex atoms.  But no element is beyond vaporization.  

  10. If per example the core in the earth or the sun would exceed 6000/Celsius its elements would vaporize. If then we argue that these elements there are under high pressure and therefore unable to vaporize, we have a point wherefore these may continue in a molten state, or to a solid state. But to say 15/million degree Celsius is rather insane.

  11. My point is that while pressure as well as heat are increased upon heavy atoms these very same factors also come to reduce, or as to say limit their actions - the ingenuity of magnetic so I will pronounce it, and there is ample evidence to that fact in nature.


  1. Man does not know what gravity is, God only knows for He created it. As then we have the habit of saying that all masses are held by gravity – how very wrong we are when the power to move things, as well as to hold on to and draw things - is by magnetic, and magnetic only - how then did we come to say gravity? 

  2. We came by it because it is God’s secret that He reveals only to those to whom it pleases Him to reveal.  He in fact spoke by Jeremiah (31:37) that if we were so capable to discover that secret from Him, He would leave all of us in death with no salvation. 

  3. Yet then He also spoke by His prophet Esdras (6:10) how before the return of Christ Jesus in this current millennium, He would reveal that secret, that it would be understood. And this day whosoever reads my words will hear of it also, since God gifted me with as He said; “A sevenfold knowledge and wisdom.”

  4. I know because He charged one of His angels to walk with me, and granted me His Spirit of wisdom whereby I was taught. Accordingly, many revelations were endowed upon me, inclusive the foundations of the earth, and an understanding in the fundamentals of physical nature. 

  5. Therefore I can speak of many things, but with man having his own ideals how am I to get through to him, to be educated as I was educated? Has it not been said; “That new wine is to be put in new wineskins”.  For in the old it would burst, these old having no taste for the new. And how well I know that by experience.

  6. I am pronouncing these words here because several reviewers that turned me down had the complaint that they did not know who the author was, like in; “Who is this guy to speak so contrary to our ideals?” Also when I showed astronomers how their calculations are wrong, and provided them with new ones, they did not want to hear of it, nor can I blame them for it.  

  7. And who will listen when in this essay I come to speak of gravity in words that I have not spoken before, or the fact that the sun is no longer what they thought it was? Man’s atoms have been replaced by magnets, (Ref-12) 

  8. And man’s four fundamental forces have been reduced to but a single fundamental force that like most all things is twofold as well, and how I did not speak of that twofold entity in still more fundamental terms. If then not for this generation my words will remain for the generations to come.

Gravity  ** Gravity

  1. There is but one gravity, as there is but one inertia, and motion is likewise one, yet each of them is twofold. There is a gravity as weight upon the scale and there is gravity that cannot be read on a scale but known mathematically. The reason for it is because the inertia upon which magnetic lays hold to an inclination into the effect of gravity – is twofold, linear as well as angular. 

  2. And so there is a gravity instigated by linear movement into what is called centrifugal, and a gravity that plies itself upon the angular inertia of all mass. Conclusively to know one from the other we reduce the linear to L, and angular to A.  And these constituting the factor of them it becomes “L/factor” and “A/factor” (of inertia, mass, or weight)

  3. In order to behold in detail how gravity comes about, there are 2 essays published in the Journal for the Advances in Physics Ref-8 and Ref-9.  Here I will add other data not as such in the former.

  4. To have a proper understanding of what the A/factor is, it is the movement of all the atoms and molecules in any way that make up our bodies or of any mass. It’s reference thus is to inertia, the inertia of the mass, and that being mostly in the angular it comes to the “A/factor.  As then mass increases in volume so the A/factor increases.

  5. The L/factor also refers to inertia, but by movement in the linear found by velocity. As then mass may equal the A/factor, it is not equal to the L/factor. A 1000/lb vehicle standing still has the inertia of its mass by no more than the A/factor.  

  6. When that vehicle is put into motion at the speed of 20/mph, the L/factor increases that compounds force to the factor of 4. Meaning the velocity of that normal weight (A/factor) is to be squared. At 40/mph the inertial force of that vehicle then does not double but becomes 4/fold.

  7. Newton’s second law for gravity is exclusive for the L/factor since it deals with linear movement – anything in the centrifugal - utilizing the A/factor (weight) as its base. And so when we take on a uniform circular movement – like going along with mother earth in its 24 hour rotation, or we decide to take a journey in space our velocity is to be squared. 

  8. The outcome of which is the total of our force in the centrifugal against the pull of gravity. That force is properly called, our “inertial force” or simply our inertia;  since earth’s magnetic force could care less about mass, if it did (as Newton made it) our force would never come to any greater amount than that which it came to weigh upon a scale, it’s A/factor. 

  9. If the moon were held by gravity we would be as flat as a pancake on the ground with no means to lift ourselves by even a single millimeter.

  10. And to provide us with some calculations, first in standing still upon the equator of the earth. There our velocity is 1,036.985/mi/hr, in feet per second that comes to 1.520.9/ft/sec. Our radius at 3,963/miles from center comes to 20,924,640/ft. The A/factor (our weight) is 180/lb, therefore -180 x 1520.9 x 1520.9 = 41636462519 divided by radius = 19.89/lb. 

  11. And so; gravity (which is an inclination towards downward movement with magnetic the power and mover of that downward movement) pulls on us with an additional 19.89/lb to our scale weight at 180/lb. Total g/force being 199.89/lb.

  12. Now let us put a suit on and go into space to travel at a radius of 300 miles above the earth. That will increase our radius to 4263 miles equal to 22,508,640/ft. Our velocity in order to escape from mother earth will need be 17500/m/hr. that is 25666.6/ft/sec Our 180/lb then x 25666.6 x 25666.6 = 118579384000.8 divided by radius comes to 5,268.1/lb.

  13. That is how much force there is upon our body against the pull of gravity, and if we at that radius feel ourselves weightless then the force of gravity upon us is indeed 5,268.1/lb. A body feeling itself weightless because its inertial value is equal to the gravitational pull.

  14. Then if we wish to know what the factor of gravity is at that radius we divide our full force by our A/factor. -  5,268.1: 180 then is 29.26. At sea level the g/factor was 32.174, at our current radius that is down to 29.26. This does not mean that the g/factor at that radius is in fact 29.26 unless we truly are weightless. 

  15. If not we will need slow down or speed up to come to an equal. We can of course find the real figures as I have done. (Ref-11) Or use the online calculator that will give us the wrong readings.

  16. If our velocity in the linear did not square the force upon us, we could never outrun gravity. If it merely multiplied weight times velocity, at 17500/m/hr 300 miles up our force would come into the minus, no more than 0.2 of a pound, and that against a gravitational pull of more than 5,000/lb. 

  17. The reason that the force always comes to a square is because we are compounding two different inertia’s on top of one another. Our first inertia by the angular motion within us for a first will come to multiply by the linear inertia in velocity. Additionally the linear itself comes to be added to the compound value of the angular resulting into a fourfold force.

  18. The same is not true when we stack weights upon one another, like a meter of water on top of every meter above it in the depth of the ocean. Magnetic is a force, a movement that acts upon movement be it angular or linear. It is rather oblivious to mass except when it seats itself upon it as we will discuss under the heading of “Magnetic equilibrium.

Gravity in Discussion

  1. Most people believe that as one moves inward of a mass the g/factor decreases as it does in moving away from the surface, wherefore so they reason the effect of gravity upon the center coming to zero. And failing to understand gravity they recruit Newton in their reasoning and computations. 

  2. These therefore are no help at all since Newton’s law applies only to the centrifugal, and his error in claiming mass to mass rather than inertia to force lands them in the dark. As we previously saw a person of 180/lb on the scale came to add only 19.89/lb by his linear movement. 

  3. The gravity on our A/factor without linear movement here is nine times as great. And that is what we are after those 180/lb on the scale, where did these come from?

  4. Newton’s law is easy; it applies to the 19.89/lb not the 180/lb. And we are not going to consider Newton’s interpretation for mass to mass. If the poor man were right he would be the death of all of us. In that respect he is wrong, too much evidence against it. In fact his very own law testifies against him by utilizing radius and speed in movements that computes “force” rather than mass.

  5. Nor do his calculations come to the true pull of gravity, the full 199.89/lb that the person really has instead of the mere 19.89 by Newton. It’s all because as I started out to say that inertia is twofold, whereby gravity becomes twofold, or in two ways. 

  6. There is no sense in calculating the density of any mass when configuring gravity, since our weight as the A/factor already includes all of that. A cube of water is lighter than a cube of lead, and so who cares about density when all we need to start out with is weight. If we compute the cube of water as our starting point in weight – it will be less than that of lead. 

  7. Moreover the gravity of the 180/lb vectors on the center of the earth, while Newton’s law vectors on the axis of the earth. At the equator we may be on the center of the axis. But in Toronto Canada, Newton’s vector lies on the axis below our feet, the center of that circular movement.

Discovering interior g/force

  1. Quote: “Pressure will rise all the way to the core, but the felt gravity will decrease. The "switching point" is the surface of the Earth.”

  2. I seem to agree with that, especially where he noted “switching point,” for like most everyone I also am inclined to believe that gravity decreases as one moves inward of a mass, but I have no proof, no confirmation, therefore I will say, perhaps yes perhaps no. I cannot state it as a fact. I may go into some reasoning, but without facts I am merely speculating.

  3. Our believes are of no value when we cannot establish evidence that gravity diminishes to the interior of mother earth. When therefore we make all sorts of calculations, and argue for days on end, we are merely spinning our wheels. The simple solution is – take a scale down into a mine, and make an accurate reading, then without any snack or taking off our coat, read it once again on some elevation on or above the surface. 

  4. And bingo we solved our problem. If then our instinct is correct the pressures at the cores of stars and planets is not anywhere near what these are claimed to be.

  5. It is apparent that the factor of gravitational pull is greater for a larger diameter mass in relevance to a smaller diameter of mass and to look into that. With the factor of gravity at the moon being 5.34 verses that of earth at 32.174, and the moon radius is 539/miles, with the earth at 3963 miles. If then like it is said: 

  6. The more mass an object has, the larger its gravitational pull,” and we count in the sun - things do not come out equal when for the moon that comes to 101, earth 123, and sun 481. Here the g/factor on the moon by proportion would be the strongest one with the sun for its mass but a quarter of it.  

  7. That thus makes no sense seeing how the sun is strongest. I know how others come to their calculations with only Newton at their side that they then apply to the interior. 

  8. But I am not fooled that easy, for taking his law to smaller and smaller radius of the interior, that is the same on any surface radius coming towards any pole. If therefore one takes a radius to within ten miles of any pole arriving at a small figure, that in no way is to within ten miles of center, but still 3963 miles from center of center.

  9. The A/factor all by itself pulls on us at 180/lb, our quest should thus be to discover how and why?  If we stay on the surface radius of 3963/miles to center and we increase our velocity so that instead of 19.89/lb we come equal to our 180/lb, how fast will that be?

  10. The 3963 radius is 20924640/ft; and with a velocity at 3120/mph equal to 4576/f/s. that comes to 180/lb. Now there is 360/lb of g/pull on us, 180 on the scale, and 180 augmented. The linear by compound measure put as much on us as the angular did by itself. 

  11. But where do we go from here? Then as I recall the limit to gravity away from the earth comes to about the same mileage. I utilized the data on the Hubble space telescope whereby to find that limit (Ref-11) that came to 3232/mph. And so I am wondering, is there something to this or mere coincidence? But before we dig into that let us behold how gravity comes about in a simple way to explain it.

Gravity born

  1. By figure 4 starting at number 1, there is our atom with the 3M (magnetic line) passing over it. At this point there is no gravity, for while the atom may spin that movement in itself does not make for a relation between the two, just as merely looking at a lady the man has no relation with her. 

  2. But then with a second movement (M4 - #2) to get that atom off balance, it starts to act like a gyro. That movement of M4 can be almost anything, for the earth it is its orbital as well as rotational movement.


Figure 4.  Magnetic to gravity  (3M to M7)

  1. Then in reference to #3, this precessional movement is something the magnetic line is able to respond to – by what is called entwining, that can also be seen as embracing, the 3M becomes entangled in such a manner whereby the atom in and by its rotational movements comes to impress upon that line. 

  2. It does not just fall nor is drawn like one magnet to another but precessional like unto a nut on a bolt. The direction of movement then is always inward to the center of force, the center of the 3M indicated by number 4. The power of gravity thus is of and by magnetic upon the inclination to precession of the rotational (angular) movement of all parts in any mass. The final result comes to M7; my notation for what we call gravity

  3. Without angular movement within the mass there can be no gravity, nor can gravity exist without magnetic. And even with mass at angular and the magnetic in place, there will be no gravity without an additional movement noted M4.that as such may be seen as a torque placed upon the parts of the mass. The speed at which all parts of any mass are drawn to center depends on how much torque is placed upon it.

  4. At sea level on earth that factor comes to 32.174. That factor being a factor of gravity is rightfully of inertia and doubles for the acceleration whereby the mass is nudged down. It is neither a push, nor a pull, but an angular notation.  

  5. If not so things would fall at the speed of light, whereas in this way all mass of any weight will move downward and accelerate at the same rate. As then there is a zero from where all things start, so there is a limit to all things on their high-end, and gravity is no exception to that rule.

  6. In order to enhance our understanding in how and why all mass is always driven to the center of the force, or center of their radius, our reference will be to Figure 5.  This at the same time will enhance our understanding of magnetic, of the eight of force. 

  7. Atom “A” is located at the western equatorial region of the eight of force where the 3M passes from north to south. Its M7, the direction of gravitational movement, is directly to center because the singular movement of that force is by an eight, its circles being like a hang-mans noose, to close or quell upon anything within it. Figure 3 also showing this by a photo of a sun-flare.

Figure 5.  Magnetic quell into M7.

  1. The same thing is true for part “B” wherever it may be within any one of the angular movements of eight. Here the “7” comes into the “8”, or the “8” creates the “7”. 

  2. It’s the latter that is first and factual, nor is the first untrue, for so is creation, the day of eternity was before the week of 7 came to its beginning. And from the “7” we will all come to the “8”. Words in wisdom if so one will accept them.

Magnetic’s equilibrium

  1. The sun comes to a perfect sphere because it is not a solid mass, and the format of magnetic always seeks equilibrium, to seat itself upon a mass with its center of force at equal distances from all directions all because it is an eight in force, a single circle of movement turned by one half of a turn to a coordinate that appears as the figure of eight having equal circulars on both sides.

  2. The earth on the other hand for its rotation bulges somewhat at its equator. The force of gravity for the greater mass there should be slightly more. Or so we might reason when in fact it comes to less. The cause lies in the fact that magnetic is a single circle, that always seeks equilibrium.  

  3. By illustration figure 6, the 3M (magnetic field) seats itself equally within the circle ignoring the bulge in favor of the greater mass, or general dimension of the mass.  The area of the bulge thus becomes like outside of its perimeter of equilibrium. The eight of force finds equal distances from 1a to 2a, and from 1b to 2b, but the 3a nor 3b equal with 1 nor 2, and since that is minor - the whole field balances itself within the circle as shown ignoring the bulges.


Figure 6. The equilibrium of natures most fundamental movement.

  1. If then there are local fields like upon the sun, then the lines of movement become deformed in respect to these local fields. Or for that matter any outside field, like our moon that with its magnetic field comes to pull upon it. 

  2. The moon for its movement serves us with evidence that the eight of force equals itself over its center to both sides, for as the moon elongates the circle on one side, so like a pair of scissors the other side is equally elongated seen by the tides of equal proportion on both sides of the earth. (Ref-3)

Gravity One verses Gravity Two

  1. At an altitude of about 3120 miles from the earth gravity comes to a factor of zero, its acceleration also being zero. This is for the “centrifugal” one, the one by velocity that is found in the mathematics utilizing the second law of Newton.

  2. It is the one by which a person of 180/lb is found to have an additional 19.89/lb in g/force upon him for his movement with the rotation of mother earth. The magnetic force by way of gravity counteracting the force of that inertia whereby that degree of g/force does not show up on the scale.

  3. The gravity that makes him weigh out at 180/lb on the scale is likewise by the magnetic potential of the earth in conjunction with the angular movements within his body without any linear movement of that person. That for all we know may be zero at the center of the earth, or not so.  

  4. It however does present those 180/lb of g/force at the surface of the earth; that then further out in space decreases in the factor thereof. This for him will come to a zero in gravity at the altitude of 3120/miles from center. This type of gravity is referred to as the “Inertial” one.

  5. Then backtracking to the centrifugal one, under the heading of “Discovering interior gravity,” we found that at the velocity of 3120/mi/hr we came equal to our A/factor (scale weight) doubling the g/force upon us. Is it then coincidence that our velocity in the linear came to the same mileage in distance from center where it comes to its zero?  

  6. This may be a debatable issue and yes I agree - gravity is gravity all the same it being twofold.  And the parts in our body are all the same for both, and no less for the power of magnetic.  For whether we move or not our body does not change, nor does the inertia in the force upon it. 

  7. By the inertial one (A/factor) our full weight comes by no linear movement.  In the centrifugal one (L/factor) we can come to the same value by velocity. And so what is the difference? Should not these two equal seeing gravity is gravity and atoms are atoms?  The only curious thing about it is that while both come to miles, (or km) one is in distance while the other is in speed.

In summary

  1. Knowing gravity is simple once known – otherwise it is impossible to know as is evident from the past. A magnetic potential being a unique movement acts upon movement, upon particular movements, those of its own unique design; the linear, like plain magnets.  And it acts upon any movement in the circular, the meaning of which comes to precession, even as little as the inclination thereto, known as angular

  2. Mass in the meaning of it is not just a pile or block, since it is made up of tiny individual parts that by their movements adhere to one another.  And that movement being magnetic - we as we well know – magnetic acts upon magnetic.

  3. The summary into gravity thus is, magnetic movement acting upon magnetic movement that for the angular comes to gravity seen on the scale, and for the linear to a compound gravity. The acceleration of gravity by its twofold forthcoming is the power and acceleration as well as the linear movement of it by magnetic.

  4. As then there is gravity and gravity, linear and angular; it is but single, none other than atoms being acted upon by magnetic that foremost is in the angular, all atoms having angular momentum. Those then when set into linear movement compound their angular movement with the linear to a four-fold force – a fourfold force in two ways, one to maintain a straight course unless acted upon to the contrary. (Law of motion) 

  5. The other to maintain its embracing to center. Notice how I did not say, push nor pull since that is exclusive of the linear, not of the angular.

  6. This is the secret to gravity as well as magnetic and the foundations of the earth that the Almighty Creator of all things awarded us with, by a single person as a son unto Him, who at all times honors his Father, not taking any credit to himself.


  1. I established the limit to gravity by the data from the Hubble space telescope. In a previous essay I came to 3232 miles, useful only for the example. Since not only that the data for that vehicle in space was rounded off as well as conflicting, I also rounded my figures. 

  2. But in order to do these things properly one needs accurate data, and to date the only accurate data is our person in the example at 180/lb. Instead of 4000/miles for radius 3963 is the accurate one, the rest is simple mathematics.

  3. We can establish the speed in the centrifugal one, the L/factor; that should then match for distance by which the inertial one comes to zero. Radius at earth’s surface 3963 miles is 20,924,640/ft.  Weight 180/lb. Velocity 3120/mi/hr = 4576/ft/sec = 180/lb.

  4. Hubble space telescope was: Weight 24500/lb. Radius 353/miles. Velocity given as 17000 to 17500/mi/hr. With no accurate info, nothing factual can be established. The online gravity calculator also is not worth a plug nickel; all objects currently in orbit disprove it.


  1. By our online calculation for gravity to the moon it is far in the minus, and claiming the moon to have but 1/6th of the earth – we cannot acclaim the moon or any body to be held gravitational – now can we, or the tides to occur by it?  

  2. In our own law, calculations, and statements we are indeed contradictory. And how is one to be a teacher with contradictions?

Magnetic field

  1. A magnet displays a field that we look at as were it lines. And yes how else are we to look at it all because it presents movement into a direction of wherefore we must draw lines with arrows. But how well is our understanding of magnetic, for if as lines these are spaced by more than 4 to 6/angstrom apart – in the way of gravity - the single atoms would fall between the lines, and part of our air might float out into space, or so we reason. 

  2. But this is not as far fetched, as it may seem since magnetic flux does come in lines. The waves of the spectrum is one example, and so do the fields of magnets and that of electricity. The reason that a field comes to lines is in its conjunction with the substance of nature, with the atoms and molecules.

  3. Example: A field is like an open space with water flowing over it, when therefore tracks or gullies are placed into it, the water of the field begins to flow like lines within the gullies. So are the atoms in nature, when an impression is made for a spiraling movement around atoms that impression as a concentration continues on around the atoms appearing like a line, a wavy line, known as wavelengths. 

  4. The water depicts the ever-fundamental movement; the field depicts the space in which everything resides. So it is that I said “in conjunction with.” The ever-fundamental movement is indeed like a field; the lines within it have to be made.

  5. If my method of explaining is not the best, blame me, but I am trying to utilize as realistic examples as I can find, and I often repeat things in different ways attempting to make it more clear. Electricity also displays lines, as they must being twisted in and around a conductor where the movement of its format is in both directions. 

  6. Logically that format (pattern) could not be like a field going down the line, also because the ever fundamental movement by the movement of the armature is not driven in the wide open, but in and upon metallic atoms with whom it must act in conjunction. 

  7. In similar manner the figure eight’s of force comes to life within and upon regular magnets with the addition of local fields within the interior of the magnet called components rather than domains. It is by these that magnets are able retain the force permanently, as well as lock onto others.

  8. The substance of copper for example is suited to conduct magnetic but not retain it nor even lock onto it. A common nail adapts the components when magnetized but is unable to retain them. Whereas plastics can neither conduct nor adapt, nor retain that type of magnetic. 

  9. My aim was to show how lines of force are as real as are the fields of force or movement.  The secret to obtain lines lies in two factors, it first and foremost must be instigated and secondly it must work in conjunction with the atoms in nature.

  10. By Figure 7; at “A” we ascribe magnetic fields of force by lines and taking a part of that at “B” in a cut-through view there are a multitude of lines in that little area alone – as it must be, for how else is every atom affected by it? 

  11. And that must come to our astonishment to realize how each and everyone of these lines cross over from east to west over south to north and from west to east also south to north. Its figure eight of movement.

Figure 7. Magnetic field under observation.

  1. But I am not being altogether correct, where I said; “How else is every atom affected by it.” The atoms being magnetic each have their field that is angular – to serve for the cause of gravity - as well as having the potential for power in the linear by which to join to one another. 

  2. And so these can and do act at a distance greater than their spherical formation that varies under different circumstances.

 “3M” (Fundamental motion)

  1. Up to now with all the magnets and super conducting magnets that we have made inclusive all that we have gathered in the nature of magnetic, we have yet to come to the first lesson in magnetic, the first of seventy six and one lessons before we will have gathered everything that is to be known about nature’s fundamental movement of which magnetic is one single aspect.

  2. On occasions I have spoken of magnetic as the second most fundamental force in nature, without naming the first. Yet I have spoken of that first in many ways but without any realization to anyone.  As then in my younger years I coined the notation “3M” whereby to depict that second most fundamental movement.

  3. And I spoke of that movement as being twofold. This is not altogether correct since it is like the notation – in three fold. “M” stands for movement with the “3” for the number of aspects in its forthcoming.

  4. I call them aspects rather than factors since the term factor is more fitting for the physical world while movement as such is none physical. Reality then is in both, all that we see is physical, but ourselves we are spirits, our body being nothing more than a home to live within. 

  5. And when we die; that term as such is a figure of speech, since spirits cannot die. When we leave our home in this world our spirits are taken to a place of incarceration that by Enoch is depicted as a very large hollow mountain that for its various kingdoms is divided in three parts.

  6. The only spirits that remained on this earth are those of the giants that were eradicated just before the great flood in which Noah and his family alone were saved. These spirits now best known as demons or ghosts were a mixed breed, fathered by some of the angels with human mothers. 

  7. With their fathers in prison the spirits of these children now do not eat nor drink nor find obstacles because spirits are not physical entities. And so is our fundamental movement a none physical entity, but real nonetheless even as we are real.

  8. As then there is motion of all sorts there is but one fundamental movement in 3 aspects, a movement that cannot be slowed, nor accelerated nor infringed upon, while all other movement can be started as well as stopped, and that includes the spin of atoms as well as all molecular movement, none of these rank among the fundamental movement. 

  9. And to our surprise to name the first of all movement by a term we can all understand it is called; “The Constant.”  For it is by the constant that all waves are propagated, light as well as all waves of the spectrum. And for good cause that spectrum is named the “magnetic spectrum.” 

  10. The addition of electro before magnetic was added for sheer ignorance in the knowledge of nature. Nor is there such a force as electromagnetic, it is either one or the other, two components, angular or linear.

  11. That constant as the first aspect of that three-fold movement has a fixed velocity whereby its term came to be “the constant.” The second aspect is known to us by the term of electrical, with the third as magnetic. I utilize these terms rather than what I would have called them since we are familiar with these terms, and my object is to bring knowledge into us, not to insist upon my own. The singular term or notation for all and each of them is 3M.

  12. And now the reality of that threefold entity that up to now I have concealed. The first is best understood as linear whereby the third aspect - an angular is born.  And in the combination of these two number two aspects came to its realization. 

  13. As therefore that third aspect named magnetic came to its birth by the linear in the none physical realm - that angular in turn gave birth to the linear in the physical realm.

  14. And yes I know the foregoing is difficult to understand, especially where I said “linear” for the first, when that term is but like a reflection in a mirror.  If then one is able to follow me, blessed be he, if not, wisdom is not for everyone except for a time to come.  

  15. I have never spoken of this before nor will I do so again. But I did explain something of the first how all waves are transported by it. But as to how - in and by the first our third aspect of magnetic comes to its nature I must leave to speculation.

  16. But for the second, our electrical, it is both linear and angular in addition to which it has rotation. Figure 2 illustrates the format of electrical, it came into being because we took those magnetic lines of that angular third aspect and twisted them over one another whereby these took on a combination of angular and linear. 

  17. Angular in that these came to cross over in the circular around the conductor, that as such came to retain their basic magnetic format. And in the linear came to couple them one to the other as were they parts of a single whole. Their coupling being at the equatorial sides, not the polar ends leaving them to face outwards.

  18. And so electricity is part of the fundamental entity in nature. The lines of magnetic then in electricity are – or is - its format that is driven by the first aspect, the constant of nature wherefore its velocity whereby it is extended down the line comes somewhere near that of light.

  19. The speed of light is not the constant, but always less than the constant. The speed of electricity is also not the constant but also always less than the constant. The real velocity of light and of electricity is always the velocity of constant since both are driven by the constant. 

  20. But because a wave has an angular moment having to pass by rotation around the atoms, its relative velocity for distance in time is always less. And equally so with electricity it also passing linearly by rotation in and around the conductor. Light’s velocity thus is a relative velocity, even as the speed of electric is relative to its angular moments, their velocity for distance in time.

  21. Conclusively there are always two velocities noted with all waves and with electricity both of which are driven by the first aspect, the constant. The difference in waves from electricity is that waves are driven singularly, a single line, while electricity for its format always has its movement in both directions. 

  22. When the format of electricity is extended at near the speed of light the direction of movement upon that format is in two simultaneous opposite directions. It must be so since electricity cannot exist except by a completed circle, wherefore also it is always connected to a source

  23. Without being connected to a source no electricity can be had except momentarily like a spark, and even then that is connected to a source, just as lightning is and any other electrical phenomena.

  24. We saw how the movement with electricity in its format is by the constant in the speed thereof. If then we look at each figure of eight individually – the velocity for its pattern in eight is the same as the speed of electricity for distance in time. 

  25. This then is not fully true for aspect number 3 of our magnetic entity, namely the figure eight’s of magnetic. In those the velocity varies for a number of reasons. 

  26. As then there is an additional rotational movement with electricity according to the number of turns it is forced to pass or the rpm of the generator, these movement are not any part of the fundamental. Just as the spin of the atoms is not any movement credited fundamental even though they are nudged into rotation by the first of all movement. Note here how I did not say, “driven” but nudged.

  27. The eights of force in magnetic are not driven like waves are nor like the format of electricity, nor are they nudged like atomic spin, but by a combination of factors that I leave to speculation. As then I have said how the spin of atoms is not a fundamental motion in itself - it is affected by a variety of factors not excluding the fundamental. The eight of magnetic itself however is fully fundamental but being angular these do not have a fixed velocity such as is the case with aspect number one.

  28. Seventy six and one lessons, so I began to say, for there is at least one more lesson for aspect one, and 5 more for aspect number two, with 70 more for aspect number three in order to come to a full understanding of nature in its most fundamental force and power in nature. 

  29. And though I was hesitant to plot down these words I had little choice if at all we are to come to the understanding of nature, and I would like for us to understand it, for that also is my due to share that which I received. Accordingly I have made a start.

3M Aspect three

  1. Absolutely unique so is magnetic, there is nothing like unto it in nature, nor is anything in nature as capable as magnetic for its power as well as design. And O how beautiful these come about by what is left for speculation. 

  2. If then we put on our thinking cap we might come to realize or discover how this unique feature in nature is so well able to bond anyone atom to the other, and at the same time conceal or mask its polarities to still others, like the 3 atoms of water bonding very well together yet act neutral to all other of the same floating among one another.  

  3. Or air that by pairs bond extremely well yet remain neutral to all other pairs.  If not so our air would be solid, like with water when the rotational velocity of the atoms in the water molecule is slowed down they become solid as in ice.

  4. I invited us to put on our thinking cap so that I might not be alone in discovering how atoms and molecules show as well as mask their polarities, some of the 70 plus lessons I will not have to write.  One of its secrets resides in the eight, consider how fundamentally that eight is but a single circle that came to be twisted over resembling what we perceive as the figure of eight. 

  5. And how by it linear movement came to be born, illustrated by figure 7 at “C” the arrow down the middle of the triangle. Formerly, or basically the magnetic flow is an angular, like any circle, that by an eight comes to a single outgoing movement at the north and ingoing at the south. And so linear movement is born from angular movement.

  6. Without magnetic the universe would not exist, no star nor planet could take on the shape of a sphere nor come to any kind of orbit, nor can galaxies be formed by it, nor would any kind of substance have its form. There is yet a lot to learn and write down in how all substances are joined, as well as held aloof from one another, and how many of these come about by changes in velocity, the rate of movement. 

  7. And having learned these things it will explain how and why some substances will not expand while others do. And how it is that some hold very well while others loosely, why some are ridged with others pliable. And how pressure raises as well as curtails temperature, and many such things.

  8. I am not one to hide that which is for the benefit of all men. Wisdom is like none other, nothing at all can be compared to her, She will teach what is right, and be for a companion to all that love her and keep her ways. Solomon was in love with her and so am I. As then this essay is about physical science it came to portray the mental one as well, the one greater than all.

Something infamous

  1. This is a nasty thing, but we must come to understand energy for its reality. Quote: Fusion occurs when two light atoms bond together, or fuse, to make a heavier one. The total mass of the new atom is less than that of the two that formed it; the "missing" mass is given off as energy, as described by Albert Einstein’s famous "E=mc2" equation.”

  2. We ought to know better that mass cannot ever be turned into energy, and so what is missing is simply not understood. And we likewise have a complete erroneous conception of energy as to what it constitutes for the nature thereof.

  3. We on the other hand - do know - but fail to comprehend our own words as I may quote the following: The property of matter and radiation which is manifest as a capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules).”

  4. The dictionary calls it motion, and who made up the dictionary? Wherefore we ought to know that energy is never anything but movement. And for the speed of movement we coined a law that nothing in the physical world can ever exceed 300.000/km/s. And right we are, but why then are we holding on to this nonsense of E=mc2?  

  5. It’s not a famous equation, but infamous. This thing has to be the most infamous thing ever to creep into the world of science. I truly do expect everyone to know better therefore did I term it infamous.

  6. Isaac Newton did it correctly as E=wv2.  Energy as weight (or weight as energy) times the square of its velocity. The speed of light’s constant can never at all be multiplied in any way whatsoever, because it is the maximum of all velocity in our physical world

  7. We ourselves hold it as a law, how then to square that speed?  Nor does any particle contain any energy, for energy being motion it can only be said to have energy when it is in motion.

  8. I now know what our answer will be - as if I had it wrong that it is not in the speed but in energy, the energy that it is supposed to contain. And so who is to convince us that a pig is not a swine, or a rooster a cock?  

  9. Energy is motion, and motion is energy wherefore any particle at idle is devoid of energy. That infamous equation may be versed to the energy of any part that for its proper terminology is called inertia. No part nor particle ever has or contains or subsists of any kind of energy.

  10. An atom, or a top, on a table is a dead atom and dead top with no energy, no capacity, but in spinning them around these present - or as such have energy, namely their movement. And so a particle does have energy – yes, but only when motion is upon it, be it linear or angular, for so all mass has energy – namely its angular internal movement that in the way of gravity holds us to the earth.  

  11. When therefore that angular energy is compounded with linear energy the force comes to a factor of 4. (The secret to Newton’s equation) Here we do have the square by adding the linear to the angular, compounding the two. 

  12. In other words; Sir Isaac Newton deserves honor for his law, while E=mc2 is none existent, Einstein being in dishonor.

Weight Fission

  1. Quote: “The missing mass given off as energy.” My answer was; “Simply not understood.”  Should we not know that weight is a measure of gravity? And do we not know that gravity is by movement in the inertia thereof? And how weight (as g/force) will increase as well as decrease by relative movement? 

  2. If then an apple is split its two halves will weight as much as the single. But when a drop of water is turned into steam it will weigh less (The missing energy) wherefore it rises as clouds - its factor of gravity having been reduced. But when the steam cools it will come to weigh more, (Finding its energy) falling as rain.

  3. Man has made the atomic bomb, but has yet to learn the fundamentals of it. Man has internal combustion engines – but he has yet to learn by what power the pistons are driven down. He calls it expansion, and yes when I take the car to the store I am moving, but these terms hardly define the fundamentals, nor the nomenclature.

  4. Before anything we must learn that the atom is not any planetary system, and that its parts as claimed are none existent, something that will take decades to be erased, it will have to die out with the generations that manufactured it.  The atom can be split, that indeed is true just as molecules are split something we do everyday in our internal combustion engines.  

  5. The atoms as magnets can likewise be broken up as magnets are broken up. It however is extremely difficult to break up any atom except the larger ones that are unstable in the first place. With an atomic explosion only the unstable elements in their atomic configuration were broken up, all of its force and heat was not sufficient to break up any other atomic element. (Fusion yes but fission no)

  6. We have yet to see how any other atom may be broken up, no force of any kind has yet been able to do so, not even in the interior of stars or planets. Breaking up molecules is easy, that is done everyday with or without heat, and with or without explosion.

  7. As then there is instability among man it is so among the atoms. And so without having a clue as to what gravity was, nor magnetic, we claimed something to be missing?  And how was that?  The claim of energy is self defeating since energy is never energy it is no more than movement, and movement is not conserved, at least not always, it can be yes, but mostly no.

  8. A turbine is sped up, angular movement to linear movement, then as the fuel is cut off the energy of the turbine comes to zero. Its movement to a halt with no conservation, or else the airline companies after a first flight would never again purchase fuel. For in conserving the energy of the first flight they would use it for the second, and the second for third etc. If energy could truly be conserved why are we digging for oil?

  9. There is of course a source of so called free energy that the Almighty One has concealed from man, but for me to introduce it would create chaos among nations with the oil companies and many others out of business and many people out of work. 

  10. Nor would I be too happy with a knife in my back, therefore it will remain hidden until our Creator provides us with a new world larger than this world, in which greed will be a thing of the past. Nor will we have those large power poles all over the countryside, nor hydro electric or atomic power plants, nor any of the rulers of this world - but in chains and disgrace. 

  11. Nor will there be the poor, nor the rich in any monetary terms, that then will be the time to introduce what is given me in trust.

  12. Weight as such is a figure of speech - it being a force, nor is mass devoid of atoms, and atoms are not without motion.  And thus where did the missing part go? It went to the store of warehouses that the atoms are concealing looking for a new life for itself.

  13. Mass is not weight, nor is weight mass, these are figures of speech. Its not my secret that it lies in movement, we all ought to know that secret, all our laws pointing thereto. We have heard of cornerstones, the spark in a cylinder is one of them, and so is the uranium in an explosive. 

  14. The spark did not push the piston down, nor does a hand full of uranium level a city, but what it triggers does. The two airplanes at 9/11 did not bring the 110 story buildings down, but they were the cornerstones.

  15. Particles never harmed anyone - they cannot even makes holes into anything, for how is one to make a hole into movement? How is that to be explained? But coordinates moving like waves can because these by their pattern rearrange other patterns deadly as well as beneficial. 

  16. Oxygen is one such transported by our bloodstream to maintain a thousand and one coordinates.  Send forth a coordinate that is detrimental to another coordinate, and we may have destroyed a cell structure. Most are beneficial, but there are harmful ones as well. Oxygen by one or two is beneficial, but in three it is harmful, and what then was so beneficial or harmful in them, if not the coordinates formed by them?

  17. Why should it be strange that the smell of things is by a coordinate, a slow moving pattern of movement to register upon our senses, when we know for a fact that light is likewise no more than a wave, a simple movement that we in our spirit interpret into a beholding? 

  18. Or sound for that matter, it too is no more than a movement as vibrations upon the eardrum. Or to feel, merely to touch the skin, instantly related to the brain. That instant may of course not be instant; it goes no faster than about 6 times around the earth in one second. 

  19. Even when we eat, the taste of things is by the coordinate of the element, or elements. We take it as chemicals, and yes a cup of tea also consists of elements, but what do these chemicals consist of? And if down to their fundamentals it are atoms by formation, and these formations have an expression, and that expression is what I call coordinates.

  20. The most fascinating part is how these many little magnets in conjunction with one another can make for a grain of sand, for a great number to bind together, yet be neutral to others around them. And still more fascinating is the magnet of oxygen how it by pairs is able to mask its polarities to other pairs lest our air would be solid. 

  21. But then the molecule of water does the same thing, floating free among one another yet those two smaller ones are not about to let loose of their host, unless driven to a high degree of internal movement. But they do show their polarities when slowed down to freezing.

By way of conversation 

  1. We define the atoms to bind one to the other by electrical charges, when nowhere in nature electrical charges have ever joined to one another, but quite the opposite, to without additional turns as a transmission between them they destroy one another. 

  2. It therefore is not of me to destroy man’s concept of the atom, but his own charges of electrical do. (Ref-13, 14, and 15)

  3. Nor with our electrical charges have we come to any explanation as to how or why the air that we breathe is not solid, how the charges in steel lock so well but in oxygen these fail to lock onto the other oxygen atoms. Is there a difference in the charges of electrical to pull together in one atom from the other? 

  4. Or how and why water molecules float among one another yet in ice the protons and electrons finally decided to perform their impossible function?   May it be that electrical charges have a preference in temperature?  In my book; “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Or is there a difference between male and female?

  5. All things set aside our current ideal of the atom with its charges does not leave much to be desired it leaves everything to be desired. What I do not understand, it being altogether alien to me is: Here Daniel at home had a short circuit, his appliance fried because the positive and negative came directly to one another. 

  6. Then the next day at school the teacher is explaining how the atoms attract to one another by their positive and negative charges. And Daniel just sits there and does not say a word even though by experience the day before he knows that the teacher is feeding him a bunch of baloney. 

  7. How thus Daniel allows himself to be brainwashed with what is contrary to any and all laws and his factual experience, to in all essence become a zombie, with a degree that is not worth the paper it is written on.

  8. Why does he not speak out? Why does he allow himself to be led astray? When I was at Forth Knox in the US army there was a teacher telling the class that to turn right on a tank one pulls on the left lever, and for the left on the right lever. 

  9. So I spoke up telling him that he had it wrong, that is was the other way around. He then got angry at me, telling me; “Van Zanten you are not to think for yourself but accept what the army teaches you.” My reply was; “No way.” But then I did shut up, while no-one else said a word. Was it my experience, being born on a farm that I knew better? Not hardly, for it was not until years later that I rented a caterpillar to grade the lot of my house.

  10. Ref- 14 and 15; are examples of how dull we can be to speak of charges when we do not have a clue as to what a charge is, calling it electrical yes, but having no clue as to what that electrical really is. It is fine to pronounce “charge” but then explain it also, or else one is merely groping in the dark. 

  11. We ought to know that a charge is nothing other than a movement, like a bull in the ring, and so is electrical nothing other than a movement. The bull a linear charge, the electrical a rotating charge.

Figure 8. Positive and negative are counter rotating movements.

  1. But worse than all the above we know for a fact by any and all things in nature that positive never draws to any negative. Daniel found that out by his appliance having a short circuit. Are “we” therefore also short-circuiting to blindly accept what we by experience know cannot and does not exist? 

  2. What is the foremost reason why positive to negative (electrons to protons) never attract to one another? The reference is to figure 8:  we do know it.

  3. Our own textbooks clearly show how positive to negative are at all times counter rotating movements, that when brought together are like two grinding wheels in opposite that can only destroy one another. Obviously our current theory of the atom can only destroy itself. 

  4. We were taught that electricity in a wire by figure 8, or 9, was by single sided coins (electrons) on the move.  And we discovered how there was a magnetic field around that conductor, one that rotated, and so we came to say; that there is a magnetic field associated with electricity. (Ref-16 and 17).

  5. If then we knew that much - how was it that we missed the fact that this field also pushed and pulled, that it had the polarities of a north and south going along in the rotation?

  6. And what is so strange about that - when all magnets show their field around their body. Be it a block, a wire, a star, or a planet inhibiting a magnetic field, that inner field always extends outward of it. Just because it rotates does not mean that these are circular lines, we are supposed to do our homework correctly, preferably with insight. 

  7. Obviously we did not do our homework as we should have done, the result of which might have brought us to the conclusion that our so-called flow of parts was not at all a flow of parts but lines of magnetic.


Figure 9:  Incorrect renderings of magnetic lines around a conductor

  1. Illustrations figures 9, and 10, also are not correct.  And how did we come to that erroneous conclusion if not by sight deception, by failing in our expertise in these matters. Adding 2 plus 2 to 4 is not always an easy task, it can be an impossible task. Did we ever observe that magnetic flow as illustrated by figure 9 or 10?  

  2. No not likely, because they never are. These are at all times in rotation like two magnets – shown by figure 11 - in opposite rotation of one another. Only for an instant can the lines be illustrated by figures 10 and 11 as the two rotate.

    Figure 10    Figure 11 Figure 12

  1. Am I in all these years the first to hold a magnet next to an electrical conductor? I knew what electricity was when I was yet a child, never having learned it – as if I always knew, that to many may seem inconceivable, but it being obvious in wisdom since “He” who taught me was the “Maker” of it, and therefore always knew before I was even born. 

  2. I placed it all in words when I was yet young, (Ref-18) yet it was not until some 50 years later that I physically held a magnet next to a conductor to see it being push/pulled to any pole of that magnet.

  3. And now I am surprised that to this day we do not know that simple fact in nature. And if someone wishes to correct me that when the magnet is held sideways to the conductor the wire will not vibrate back and forth. 

  4. The answer is; of course not – holding a magnet by its equatorial side counteracts the polar effects, similar to being weightless in space two forces pulling on us with equal power in opposing directions. And why do we not feel any force being weightless in space? Because the opposing forces are on every single atom in our bodies.

More discussion

  1. How is it for the water molecule to separate into its two components? It can be heated yes, but also without any heat simply by placing a positive and negative into a cup of water. The counter rotating movement of the current then slices the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom. If these movements were not counter rotating, it could not and would not slice the H2O molecule into its separate components.

  2. The young among us are brainwashed even with the truth staring them in the face – as if these do not have a mind of their own. That to me is beyond understanding. The police with their forensic evidence places the murderer at the scene of the crime; their tactic is correlation, to correlate one factor to the other.  Why cannot we in the field of science do the same thing?

  3. The devil managed to brainwash most of the German race during world war two to follow Hitler, and he seems to be doing well with the rest of the human race to believe upon fantasies in religion as well as the sciences. Should we not wake up and smell the daisies? 

  4. To the devil I am one of his worst enemies all because God granted me both knowledge and wisdom – to know and understand truth; that to my real enemy is most abominable, him being the father of the lie.  And it hurts me to see most of the world caught in his clutches. 

  5. But we can come free of him simply by accepting what is factual, what is truth, and why then don’t we? Daniel in the classroom also remained silent, and that I do not understand.  Understanding nature is like child’s-play to me, the mind of man in his refusal to accept truth is inconceivable.

  6. Currently the world of science does not have even a clue as to what electricity is, nor what magnetic is, nor what gravity is, nor what the atom consist of, nor what light is and how it travels, nor how to compute any of these for their velocities.  

  7. Six major items, yet I understand them all, and how may that be? I was taught, and I accepted what was taught by the Greatest of all Teachers, I was not rebellious. And as I gathered knowledge everything that I beheld came to serve for confirmation unto that which was implanted within me.

  8. The law came by one person named Moses, and so did salvation by Christ Jesus. And while Newton was gifted with the laws of motion, it was again by but a single person that God would reveal to man the fundamentals of His created works. 

  9. As then everyone heard of the law by Moses, man can only be instructed in the fundamentals of the sciences by his own Creator through the intermediate of again a single person.

  10. Now I have at last revealed myself although I was hesitant to do so, but I did so because too many are asking; “Who is this man, how does he know what he preaches?” 

  11. And yes I know more than what I have placed before us, also in how atoms are so well able to conceal, or mask their polarities, but in having given hints who is to hear of greater things when we are so well taught in our current ideals?


  1. The magnetic atom as a subject is a lengthy one. The sun by common sense cannot possibly be as claimed.  But we are awarded with a more comprehensive look in what magnetism procures and how gravity works. I then made for hints when they do not appear as hints. 

  2. As for the rest I am weary of attempting to erase fantasies. I dislike reprove, having to show myself different from everyone else. But I will not deny truth, nor boast in anything as were it mine in all that I received of my Father in heaven.


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