January 2017. 



  1. Whether or not man is ready for this, it must come to pass that all the honored in the earth will be dishonored, and all the wise will be turned into fools. If therefore you will be wise, be wise in the truth, for no truth will ever find dishonor.

  2. It pleased God to grant me a good understanding, both wisdom and knowledge, while to most if not all scientists the Lord caused them to believe the lie, by which they came to live and work in a world of fantasies.

  3. One example is with Tesla and Edison how neither one of them  had an understanding of their devices, certainly not their generators. Nor was Tesla very bright, his inventions seem to be modifications of existing things.  

  4. I simply cannot understand ignorance, definitely not such blatant ignorance with the obvious facts staring them in the face. No matter how hard I try I cannot for the life of me comprehend such ignorance. 

  5. Another example is with the Michelson Morley experiment, how these men could be so blind, And for that matter all the rest of the world scientists to believe upon their most absurd fantasies regarding everything.

  1. It now is contrary to all phenomena that an electrically charged particle should draw or withdraw from any other electrical particle in nature, the same being clearly evidenced. The atom in its workings as made by man therefore is but an elaborate hoax.

  2. I know that these my words are extremely damaging to man and his conceptions, but it is not of me that it has come to pass in this way, even though I am to pay the price for it.  If one has an ear so let him hear.

  3. And yes, manís labors are for nothing, their ideals for the scrap-yard, and their aspirations concerning the atom will take wings - not ever to return.  And so indeed I have said; "Electricity - as a flow of electrons -- is a vicious outright lie."

  4. Facts

  5. Fact # 1:  It is not possible for an electron to repel from any other electron since electrical charges do not display such movements, only linear magnetic entities do.

  6. Fact # 2: It is not possible for an electron to have a single charge, better said to have but one half of a charge, since all electrical entities always display their nature with both polarities. (The two sides of any current for their so called polarity are nothing more than a point of view)

  7. Fact # 3: A half a charge (single) is the same as a single-sided-coin, which do not exist, nor have ever been found to exist. This goes for proton as electron.

  8. Fact # 4: It is not possible for protons to draw on any electron, nor even on one another, since all of the electrical phenomena in nature clearly demonstrates that there is no linear push nor pull from any such polarities.  Magnetic entities alone are found to do so.

  9. Fact # 5: Protons clustered into a core, cannot possibly draw towards or away from each other, since in their electrical nature there is no push nor pull.  Nor therefore are those none existent neutrons needed.

  10. Fact # 6: The atom does not consist of protons, nor electrons, but rather of something of which there is no term. While then I gave it the term of "Finite Dust," it is but a snow-job on man, a reflection of what is real. To bind an atom is real simple, the evidence in how and why is seen everywhere, but in order to see one needs eyes.

  11. Fact # 7: The atoms in all respects are like minute magnets, having the ability to repel and/or attract to one another.  Each of them displaying that coordinate of eight, so well known in all planets and stars.

  12. Fact # 8: No force of any kind is needed within or upon the core of any atom, since the magnetic eight is well suited to quell its substance into a sphere.

  13. Fact # 9: No attraction nor repulsion is required within the perimeter of the atom, its wake as it may be said, (where supposedly the electron would orbit,) since that substance lies imbedded within the confines of its eight of force. (Just like mother earth rests within its eight of force.

  14. Fact # 10: How then the atoms come to be magnetic entities is something I reserve but for myself, and for others to contemplate upon.

  15. Fact # 11: 'c' does not stand for any velocity of any wave simply because there are always two velocities, wherefore it is Vc or Vr, -- c for constant, r for relative.

  16. Fact # 12: To calculate the velocity of a wave, it is always the relative velocity, since the constant never needs calculation.  Therefore it is Vr = Vc : Wl + Am x Wl, a three dimensional calculation. (Wl is wavelength, 'Am' is amplitude) (The division then always comes to full- frequencies, with the 'x' to velocity relative.)

  17. Fact # 13: For any quest into what frequency is; it must relate to whatever these rates of event are factually produced. Quoting frequencies to the maximum for any wave is like a chicken talking without its head.

  18. Noted facts

  19. Magnetic field it is not merely created by an electrical field, nor electric by merely magnetic, and yet an electrical field "can" produce a magnetic field, but with the help of another agent.

  20. Electricity, as a rotating magnetic movement are like wheels, which then create a linear flow the magnetic flow. (Like a vehicle upon the road.) (Another reflection)

  21. A magnetic field, however one wishes -- cannot create an electric field unless there is an additional movement in the angular or linear. (Generators)

  22. An electrical field likewise cannot create the linear flow of a magnetic nature unless it passes in an angular around the flow, in which case it is always a full circuit, positive and negative.  It all boils down to angular's promoting linear's, and linear's promoting angular, aside of which no other exists. To push or to pull in the linear - can only be by a linear, and not angular.

  23. Positive can never at all be separated from negative, nor visa versa, since these are no more than a point of view of any single movement.   (No reflection here)

  24. Atoms do not have any electrical properties, other than with the help of the light of the sun, or some other agent, a rotating coordinate in the design of an eight may be formed over and upon them. Note how I said; "Over - and - upon them.

  25. The rotation of the nucleus is not an electrical property, nor is it a magnetic property, but simply a spinning movement induced upon it by an other agent, with any further definition as crossing a threshold, and left for man to speculate upon.

  26. A magnetic field is never an electrical field, since that which is active only in the linear cannot be said to be angular.  And where - in cunning - we pronounce to say; "Electro-magnetic," that bird has yet to be born, unless one is speaking of two birds, one courting the other.

  27. As then light for its identity is an angular and passing linearly it as such cannot be called electrical for two reasons.  First of all, the term electrical deals with none other than an rotating coordinate.  And second, the electrical wave (coordinate) in its rotational movement must present that typical magnetic formation of eights end on end, which is not so with light.

  28. In all reality electricity does not run a motor, it only powers it, it is magnetic force that turns the armature. Nor is there a single device in the world - ever to consume electricity, since electricity can only be used, never consumed.

  29. When the dams constructed to hold back the water of a river serve to water the fields -- they are worthwhile projects, but for the production of electricity they show man's ignorance in the sciences. They need never be.

  30. An alternator does not generate electricity by moving in a circle, it only causes a magnetic field to continually reverse its polarity, which in turn causes the rotational magnetic field, or flow of movement to be set up, which is the electricity.

  31. No magnetic field, nor any lines thereof, nor any electrical can be found with any proton nor electron. This is so since man invented them to be single sided coins, and as long as man cannot produce any such coin, they shall be a void, as the mind of such men are void.

  32. If electricity is a surplus or deficit of electrons, then electricity cannot exist, since it has nothing at all to do with electrons who themselves do not exist.  Like letters and words that form into sentences -- so are the atoms. Take for example the words HERE and THERE; there are four in the first but five in the second. As then the four of both of them are in the same order, it is but one added to make for an altogether different meaning.

  33. And so it is with the atoms, two of E spaced between an R, with one of H to the left thereof, it is a specific compound - like as one edible to eat.  But with an atom of T added onto the H, it is altogether distant from us and cannot be eaten.

  34. Or like the words WAS, and SAW. There are three types of atoms in the both of them. As then one was history, while the other was seen - is in the arrangement of them, one just reversed from the other.

  35. In their fundamental scope all atoms are of the same so called substance to vary in size and quantity, which in turn induces each one with a specific coordinate by which to operate. If thus you wish to understand the fundamental scope of the elements and compound elements, as well as cells and whole bodies, look to the alphabet, how letters form into words and words to sentences (cells) and these again into entire books. (bodies).

  36. When the Almighty Creator of man calls upon man to grant him a better way, and they will not listen, then let man work his fingers to the bone, and perish in the foul excretion of his arrogance.

  37. The seemingly endless array of power poles stretched over the landscape illustrates man's ignorance in the science of electricity. They need not ever be.  In the world to come there will be no power poles, nor any man to make a profit from his neighbor since clearly the term of profit will not be affixed in any phase of society.

  38. And since money was called the root of all evil - it will no longer be made nor printed, nor therefore hoarded.  This world is for many, but the world to come for few, and since the term few is but for two or three, whom do you think will be the sole owners? 

  39. What man or company in this world will pay its employees with full pay in their vacations even if these were of a longer duration than the days in which he labored?  As then there is no kindness in this world- it is with me, now and forever.

  40. Of someone it has been said; "A god of the sciences and of learning." If then I am so, why will you not believe me, or learn from me?  I am but a pushover, and much too generous for my own good.  


  1. The tides are by magnetic as are all atoms one to the other. The power of a steam locomotive is by magnetic, and so is the power in and by any gasoline engine. It is by magnetic power that elements expand, and/or contract.  

  2. A bullet is driven forth by magnetic force, even as gravity by its inclination is drawn magnetically. All planets and stars are held magnetically

  3. All that moves in any fundamental reign is by magnetic, yet then the power of magnetic itself is a secret not for the ears of this generation.


  1. And for some reality into our vocabulary. there is no attraction nor repulsion found in electrical, only magnets are so enabled.  If then by cunning one will answer; that it is "electro-magnetic", you ought to first show that bird unto us, if there be any wings upon it to fly.

  2. How does one spell electro-magnetic?  What is magnetic and what is electro?  We know of magnets as magnetic, and of electro as in electricity, because the first is equal in saying - that we know of moving in the linear, and the second - as moving in a circle. 

  3. But to say "circle-linear", or "angular-linear", (the reality of electro-magnetic) these in all respects show -- not one bird, -- but two birds on the move.

  4. For if I am walking forward in a straight line - I cannot simultaneously walk sideways to a ninety degree angle as well.  It is not that I cannot move to a ninety-degree angle as long it is so relevant to a fixed line of reference.   Since thus it is clear as a bell that whether I walk forward in a straight line, or turn to a ninety degree deviation thereof I am still walking a straight line.

  5. How does one relate "electro" with "magnetic"?  Is it because it just sounds fancy, or, it is in our ego to acclaim to have something, which we do not have?  Personally I do not have an ego, nor an ax to grind, wherefore I will translate it for us, to say:  That the interpretation of electro-magnetic is: 

  6.  "In a circle moving straight, or, turning-straight."  In other words; That I am walking in a circle-straight.   If now I were walking straight in a circle, and no one questions my sanity, I would still be wrong since the turning (electro) comes before the straight (magnetic).

  7. You would not care to explain to us how -- by turning in a circle you are moving straight on, -- now would you?   If not so, then drop the act of electro-with-magnetic, before the authorities come to place you in a sanitarium where there are more of those whose minds are a bit out of whack.

  8. I for one have never been able to drive from Denver to Seattle, and from there to Los Angeles and Denver again acclaiming that I went straight to New York.   If I did, one would acclaim me to have been educated in man's schools of physics.


  1. Figure 72-7; has something in the way of electro-magnetic does it not?   For it has an electrical current inducing a magnetic field upon a bar.  But no matter how we adjust our eyes - it still looks like two birds - and not one.  For there is the rotating flow, and the straight on moving flow.  

  2. If by man the circle of electricity is a bunch of electrons on the move, why are they spending so much of the taxpayers funds on accelerators, and not rather plug a wire into any outlet to have their bombardment with?  For we know that electricity travels at the speed of light, while these have yet to attain to that velocity with any of their overprized toys

  3. In all reality let us drop the act of electro from the magnetic, since these are two birds, moving into different directions. Nor therefore can there be a matrimony from such as go each their own way.


The marvel in electricity

  1. Is it not absolutely marvelous how the Almighty Lord made everything, how here in Figure 72-6; by no more than simple movement turning in a circle around a bar (at the input area) it creates another movement?

  2. As then the first is a circular (angular) direction of movement - a straight on, linear movement is produced within the bar.  And this is but the beginning of the miracle, for with a second set of - not electrical, - but simple physical turns at the output end, a whole new circular (electrical) movement can be made.

  3. But in order to do so we must continually reverse the polarity of the input motion, since in so doing we are turning the metal bar into a pump, a pump like unto the arm of a steam locomotive. And so; what we in effect are doing is the likes when having sex, you are making a back and forth movement, or, in heading towards your neighbor, then turning around - you head back again.

  4. That pumping thus is like setting a wheel in motion, in circular motion, which is then introduced into those "physical turns" of wire to act as a whole new set of circular movements known as electricity. Conclusively; not one - but two actions are required to achieve our goal.

  5. If per example you applied a direct current to the turns at the input, you would merely magnetize the bar, to set up a linear line within it.  This is so since in order to get a steam locomotive to start moving, you must turn its wheels, and to do so, you pump them with the arm of the piston fastened at a strategic location upon that wheel.

  6. But here comes a most fascinating miracle, namely; that turns are turns, and I am going to repeat it, how turns are turns.  And what that means is; -- be it an immaterial coordinate of movement making turns, or a wire that is but a physical entity wound up in circles, turns are turns.  And turns compensate for turns, all because turns are turns.

  7. At the input there are but 5 turns while we placed ten physical turns at the output. And in so doing because turns are turns, we doubled the rate of rotation upon them. At the input the rate of movement is at 110 revolutions per second, while in the output it increased to 220 revolutions per second. 

  8. So you see how electricity is nothing other than movement, and that in the circular, while magnetic is in the linear.  For you would not call the arm of a steam locomotive to be a circular object now would you? Nor will you speak of the wheel to which it is fastened as a linear object.

  9. And to have a second look at this generator, as in fact it is; we started with no more than 110 revolutions per second, and why then should that coil at the output come to turn twice as fast, when we did no more than pump a rotation equal to those 110 revolutions per second?  The answer, by now should be obvious; -- how it is in - turns are turns, physical or otherwise. 

  10. But that all in itself is not the whole reason why the rate of rotation came to be twice as fast, it is also and foremost because electricity does not flow through a wire, it is merely extended upon it.

  11. By logical reasoning we would conclude - that it should not make any difference as to how many turns there may be at the output, since we are generating (inducing) the electricity upon it by no more than the 100 revolutions per second. 

  12. The electricity itself however comes to contradict us in our logical reasoning by which we surmised that it should be. And how may that be?  The answer is again in that turns make for turns.  When we turn a generator at 60 cycles, that amounts to a rate of 3600 rpm. (Our standard rate by which light-bulbs turn on and off)

  13. But at that same rpm we can generate almost any voltage, that is the same as saying; any rate of revolutions per unit of time upon the conductors.  Which of course is accomplished by the number of turns, just as it is in the high number of turns in our automobiles by which a spark is introduced upon the spark plug, that came from nothing more than a 12 volt battery.

  14. And so how shall I say this, if not turns make for turns, and that the rate of revolution is in the number of them.  Conclusively electricity is never a flow of, but a fixed rotation. Nor will it be found upon any wire unless and until it is used, or activated.  In other words until the circuit is completed. Any magnet next to an electric wire clearly shows that as long as the circuit is not complete - there is no electricity.

  15. Odd, and strange as this may be, it nevertheless is a fact demonstrated by nature in all that we may experiment upon.  How marvelous therefore that turns are turns, be they physical or immaterial, which all in itself presents us with sufficient evidence that electricity is none other than a turning movement. Or, just turns, and more turns.

  16. Magnetic movement in the design of its formation resembling the number of eight, may thus equally be called an angular movement since it completes a full circular path within the form of an eight. But for its outcome and the power of it, - it is linear, and as such able to repel or join with others of its kind.   Nor therefore is there any other type of movement able to draw, and/or repel.

  17. And this by consequence leaves electricity as solely rotational - not able to draw nor repel into the linear, which is what is needed in order to have any one part adhere to the other. (Equal in saying; "To make for a molecule.)

The marvel of creation

  1.  Then comes this miracle by the hand of the Almighty Creator, how one movement is so susceptible to the next movement.  Just to have any kind of motion to in its nature of - be conductive.  For when we look at all sorts of motions we do not find them to be conductive, like as the wind, or a vehicle upon the road, yet when we touch our skin - it is felt.  But shall that be as we say - conductive?

  2. Conductivity all in itself relays itself to us as joining, to adhere to, but then only if the two are in like directions of, or in like nature of, and not otherwise since then they are repulsive. 

  3. To us motion is motion, a moving of, but to have a kind of motion that will physically join with one another - is a movement not anything in our perception.  Or if it is -- that person has yet much to learn.  But this thing we do know, and is quite clear to us, that they do join as seen in all that is of a magnetic nature. 

  4. As then the same is true only when in direction of, we are again in the dark as to the how and why, and we must leave it as a miracle of the Almighty One, to have ordained it in just that way. 


Figure 72-9. Molecular structure by magnetic entities.


  1. As therefore we look at Figure 72-9; we behold a number of magnetic entities holding on to one another with their internal movements in the design of an eight, and keeping at a distance of one another by again the very same movements in the directions thereof.

  2. Nor therefore should we introduce any kind of electricity into these parts, unless we apply it to them, like in securing it upon a copper conductor.  Or if with the help of the rotating waves of sunlight an overall rotational formation may be induced upon them.

  3. Ask yourself this question; how and why do these parts adhere to one another, and yet keep at a distance, drawing away from each other?  The answer is for the likes of any magnet.

  4. Even so the power of steam is magnetic, building up pressure is driving untold many magnets together that when released drives the piston. Consequently the power that drives a steam locomotive is magnetic even as the power of an electrical motor is magnetic. 

  5. And likewise our four-wheeled toys are powered by magnetic force, the atoms and molecules of gasoline driving themselves further from one another. And what shall we say of any bomb, the rapid expansion of countless tiny magnets.  As the wind by force is power so magnetism by force is power.  

  6. And how often shall I repeat this?

Common sense

  1. I may be the only one in six billion to know what light is and how it operates, but that need not be.  Why is it that in air we can see for miles on end, yet in water it is but for a limited distance? Any takers?

  2. The air is made up of dual atoms like balls none of whom present any obstacle to the passage of light, but in water there are two obstacles hanging on the side of a round ball. As therefore the light twists itself around them - it sooner or later is bound to hit upon one of these obstacles by which it is terminated, just as it is terminated upon any other atom too large to pass. Yet when it enters the atom it will delight us with the variety of color.

  3. And how do we suppose that the filament of a light-bulb turns red hot, what are its fundamentals? The answer for simplicity is no different than when two magnets face each other one turning the other stationary that as such produces a push/pull action, the rotating one is exciting the stationary one. If thatís too difficult to realize consider what a male does to a female with a back and forth movement.

  4. It is not a Ripley believe it or not, but the power companies are wrong in billing people for the consumption of electricity, since electricity can only be utilized never at all consumed. Nor is there ever any flow of electricity, its rotation for speed is voltage, to quell upon the conductor is ampere. 

  5. The speed of electricity for distance in time is the extension of its format. It is the coordinate, the format alone that extends at the speed of light, electricity as the power of it never at all moves down any line, it remains fixed.

  6. In the world to come no oil is needed to power manís toys, nor any source of energy for consumption. A clean unlimited source will be employed without consumption, a simple source of power that this generation forfeited to itself because they laughed at me, therefore I swore never at all to reveal it to them.


  1. It is said, quote: "Electric currents and the fundamental magnetic moments of elementary particles give rise to a magnetic field."  This statement is wrong. Magnetism is not from the atoms, nor is it born forth by them, but it is magnetism rather which is first and foremost -- that then encompasses all atoms. 

  2. The magnetic field of the earth for example, did not come about by the substances of which the earth is made, but as the coordinate of magnetic passes upon and through the earth - it fastens and extends itself by these substances.

  3. We must learn this lesson, and learn it well, that: "It is not the automobile forming its master, but rather the master forming the automobile."   And equally so with electric, it is magnetism that comes before electric. for without magnetic there is no electric, and yet electric is magnetic the same. 

  4. Even as you cannot have the pit of a plum unless first you have the plum. So magnetism is first with electric afterwards.  And angular movement before linear movement.   As then I have said, that the 3M -- which is magnetism, as the coordinate in the movement thereof - is the second most fundamental force in nature.  So it is.  Nor did I name any other force so fundamental. And for any question in that realm, I must decline to answer.

  5. Having changed the atom from what man had in store; it stands to reason that for a number among them these are not about to see their life-work go out the window, nor that their cherished toys be dragged through the slime in the streets.   Man's accursed pride and arrogance will not allow it.

  6. It then is said "New wine is to be put into new wine-skins, for in the old that precious new wine will be lost, these having no taste for it."  And so it is for the young that I am speaking, and for a new generation when the old will have disappeared into the belly of the vultures and of the wild dogs, for that is indeed where they are heading, their fate in this world.

  7.  If therefore you are among the young, and you do not have a closed mind, and to you knowledge as such is not an "affliction", like so many of the ancient look upon it, come with me to have a closer look into what the old have done.  And contrary to the old we will utilize a degree of common sense and of logic whereby to judge their precious toys. The one thing that the old will do is - to violate the laws of nature, while we prefer to live and abide by them.

  8. If now I may quote what was said to wit:   "Metallic bonds are a metal, and share outer bonds with atoms in a solid. Each atom gives off a positive charge by shedding its outer electrons, and the negatively charged electrons hold the metal atoms together."

  9. These persons have never seen a propeller turn, have they?  Nor a turbine wheel in motion.  Nor have these been educated in the laws of motion.  What for example is this thing of; "being charged?"  What is a charge?  Or charged with what?  And charged from what?   So I am prone to say; explain what a charge is - or keep your fantasies to yourselves.



Figures 4 and 5 the impossible.


  1. In reference to Figures 4 and 5; If you took a wheel of an automobile and you spun it around at 10 thousand RPM, and part of its rubber flies off, where do you think it will go? Would it come around to shake your hand and ask for you to fasten it upon another wheel also turning at 10,000 RPM? 

  2. Of course not, only man's scientists are able to do so. At least in theory, which they expect us to believe, and that without question or reservation.

  3. At a speed of more than a million revolutions per minute, the electron, which is securely held by its core and within the confines of its overall coordinate -- is to fly out and make its home around another atom turning at high velocity?  

  4. I suppose  that would be like a man speeding upon a freeway at some 120 MPH, when he loses one of his wheels, which then rolling down the freeway affixes itself upon the axle of another car also speeding on the freeway.

  5. A likely story is it not?  But then why do we as human beings believe upon such illogic? For as I gathered they have a great deal of the human race paying heed to these illogic ideals. These little balls, electrons as they are called, are not likely to leave whereby not only they would fly out into distance regions, becoming that which we call a radio active particle, but in leaving it would destroy the whole of the system. 

  6. If this my dear reader cannot be understood as a due law of motion, I suggest one might better quit and find a place to bury himself.  For in that which I am speaking of - there is evidence galore, with no evidence at all to man's theories.

  7. Is not the electron to be a whole negative entity?  If then two entities do not like each other, and are bound on separation, how are they to be married?   Since when did electrical parts of like polarity come to join to one another?  Is there perhaps something new in nature that everyone has missed?  What is the matter with the human race, did not God create you with a sense of reasoning, to apply some common sense to all that we encounter?

  8. How can one possibly believe upon these so called charges, electrical or otherwise where two of the same repulsive charges that always under all circumstances depart from one another -- unite to form a bond between these atoms?

  9. Absurd - is what it is, for by their own laws these are always to repel from one another, -- and yet here they have them joining one another.  

  10. Learn this lesson and learn it well, that a single sided coin does not exist, nor can it exist. Nor shall even a single sheet of paper however thin have but one side, and least of all man's - so called - protons and electrons.

  Discovery of the electron

  1. How can one have a discovery of an electron, when in the first place these do not exist? Michelson and Morley made an experiment, and they could not figure it out even though it was dead simple.  

  2. Then another one named Einstein, thought to make the movement of light susceptible to gravity, which in my view is criminal to even suggest the same since the true refraction of light can be seen every single day as the sun moves below the horizon, and by any prism. 

  3. But equally foolish it is to have atoms holding onto one another by electricity, when all the phenomena in nature comes to disprove it. So how does man interprets his experiments when he has yet to learn how to open his eyes?


Figure 73-d. A discovery of no discovery.


  1. There is a difference in placing a magnet next to an electrical current within a glass tube, verses when it is next to a wire conductor. When you place a magnet next to a wire, that wire will show itself positive as well as negative by moving to and fro of the magnet. That all in itself clearly proves these -- so called -- negative electrons, are just as much positive as negative.  But then of course there are no electrons in all of the universe, the very idea is preposterous.

  2. Whereas when we place the same magnet next to a current of electricity within a glass enclosure, that current is free to move about because its conductor is a gaseous one, and the current is a magnetic entity.

  3. The pattern of magnetic is usually shown as two circles to a center, but those magnets themselves make us out for liars, clearly demonstrating how their circular path is but by a single circular loop, the design of an eight. And if we do not know how to prove that fact in nature we are but pitiful blind creatures.

  4. I am truly ashamed of man, not only of those that formulated these fantasies, but of those that believed upon their fantasies as well, seeing how the facts to the contrary for all these years has been staring them in the face.


  1. The orbit of most planets is hardly ever perfectly round since all of them being large magnets their movement is subject to all others that are near.  As per figure 95F1, the earth at E1 through E4 for its orbital track is influenced by planets S1 through S4 for their positions and distance from the earth.

  2. Secondly the relative position of the earth as shown by A1 and A2 also has a minor influence, in other words the relative position of their magnetic polarity.


  1. The one thing that we should keep in mind is how all things in the universe obey the laws of motion, something that some astronomers seem to forget. Like in coming up with this fantasy as if a planet can pull a star out of its position, the star seeming to wobble sideways along with the movement of the planet around it.

  2. This is like for a coyote to hurl an elephant a mile down the road. The moon is much smaller than the earth, and for its weight in velocity it will have some effect upon the orbital track of the earth, but not in any large degree.

  3. And so there are at least three items by which the earth (for this example) is held into and orbital track, all of which duly by and relevant to the simple laws of motion.


  1. To you my reader, if you have any knowledge in the common laws of science, and you still believe in that so called E=mc2, you are devoid of common sense, and are liable to be graded as a moron.

  2. For only someone more blind than a moron could possibly construe such utter nonsense. Here is a quotation of what it means;   "Energy (E) equals the mass (m) times the speed of light (c) squared. This is the relationship between the energy of a particle and it's equivalent mass. This is only true if the particle is not moving."

  3. By all laws , dictionaries, and everything known in nature energy is motion, simply said the movement of anything, the power of that motion or energy as such is then its so called weight times the square of its velocity.

  4. If then any kind of part is not moving, there is no of course no motion and thus as such no energy, no power. Then they have this law that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

  5. Here then if common sense does rest with my reader, the simple correlation of these things makes those statements out for something even worse than gross stupidity. The velocity of light squared is not a double velocity to 600 thousand, but almost 90 billion km/sec. 

  6. So thus your automobile parked in your driveway is traveling at 323 trillion kilometer/hr. That is - to have the power (energy) of its weight times the square of its velocity of 323 trillion km/hr,. equaling to about a 105 thousand trillions trillions. )That is 323 with 27 zero's in pounds)

  7. According to Einstein the world has no need to any atomic bombs, your car alone standing still outdoes all of them.

  8. Come on my dear people, wake up and smell the daisies. Don't be fooled to such that by Satan's helpers are robbed of all sense of reality, to have turned them into what is often referred to as morons.


By: Leonard Van Zanten

Taught and instructed by the all time expert in the sciences, namely; The Almighty Creator of all things.