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  1. For a lesson, to throw coins in a fountain is punishable by death, because it comes under the heading of idolatry, a violation of the first law.

  2. To be a pope you are born for perdition. To be man's priest there is no heaven. To allow yourself to be called father, you are condemned to the fires of hell.

  3. Another item for education is, to know and realize that fantasy is not only found in Hollywood and Disneyland, but even more so with man's so called physicists.

  4. And the reason for it is because the Almighty Creator of them has blinded their eyes, and withheld from them the understanding of fundamentals, as well as logical reasoning, and common sense.

  5. This these people have done to themselves by not giving God the honor that is due to Him, because they spoke evil and unbecoming words regarding His majesty, and denied His very being, even though His power and majesty is seen in all that exists, wherefore these are without excuse.

  6. By simply mentioning the word evolution they condemned themselves to the fires of regret where a man will weep and gnash his teeth because so he will say to himself.  "How stupid I was to speak these words, to deny Him by whose very power and grace I had my life and being."

  7. Because they denied Him therefore God gave them over into the power of the lord of this earth, and those evil spirits that roam the earth took them into their clutches.  These evil and ignorant spirits then fill their heads with fantasies and cause them to believe the lie.

  8. For so I say unto you my reader that God alone is life, and by Him alone we breathe upon this earth.  And having made us after His own image we are to remain as He remains.  And it is after a man dies that he realizes how he has lived.

  9. If then after death a person comes to understand what he procured upon the earth, the death of a man is but his body to turn again into the dust from which it was made, with his spirit taken by the creatures of heaven to its place of incarceration there to await the great day of judgment.

  10. Shall I them label these many as stupid and for fools for not having any understanding in fundamental, when it is obvious that such a thing is withheld from them?   It is not for that ignorance of them, but for their denial of the God who made them.

  11. Look at me if you have eyes to see, how is it that I know what is past, present, and in the future, with a store of knowledge that even I label as awesome. I do not have my education from any school, nor books, or any human teacher.

  12. I received wisdom and knowledge because I asked for it from the Lord, from the God of all knowledge, He alone it was who taught me. When I found myself in need I simply asked Him for it, and He forthwith gave it unto me in a rich measure, more than I even contemplated upon.

  13. For so it is written; "If you love Me and keep My commandments, ask whatsoever you will, and I will give it you?"   That is also why I said how these things are the first in education, for if the Lord is at your side, nothing at all can harm you.

  14. This is how and why I know so many things of what is, and of what will be. And that which I have written down is hardly the half of it.  For it pleased the Lord to make of me a prince of the very covenant that He made with man, that I should be named with the three highest kings of the earth.

  15. And for it He gave me wisdom and knowledge, for so He caused Enoch, the first lawgiver, to record it for all the generations of man.  As then my name can be Zerub'babel, or Nebuchadnezzar, as well as in the meaning of a lion, that can only be understood in wisdom.

  16. Zerub'babel, means from Babylon, and Babylon is synonymous with the world in its wickedness.  He was also a leader of those that returned, and the further meaning of his name is that he is begotten of God.

  17. Nebuchadnezzar then defines as a large wine bottle, a vessel with abundant sustenance. He is also known as a god of the sciences and of learning. And of all his many works, it is said that; "Nine-tenth of all the bricks amid the ruins of Babylon are stamped with his name."

  18. What then would you have me say to further define these things? It is as I said - in wisdom.

  19. If then from all that I have written and defined one cannot see the hand of God, he is as the blind,  Blessed are those that do see. Nor will I speak in any other terms but to glorify Him who taught me.

  20. Why will you be foolish and not acknowledge the Lord, to glorify Him who has given you life and breath? You will only harm yourself in not keeping with His word.  

  21. Ignore the Lord and I will also ignore you, scorn Him and I will scorn you. Speak evil of Him, and I will speak the truth regarding you.  In the day that you are given into my hand then you will know that the Lord is true, and I will do with you as it may please me.

  22. God is my Father and the life of my soul, by Him it is that I speak, and in Him that knowledge abounds in me. And I know my destiny.

  23. Do you not know that unless a seed is put under it cannot sprout to come forth? So is the first death to in due time be renewed by which to enter into life or the second death, it being a living death.

  24. If you were not to come forth in a newly formed body again, to what end is the law, or the judgment that awaits every man?


  1. First thing I should mention to you is that these writings of mine will remain and become the foundation of the sciences, and the sooner you pay heed to them so much the better it will be for you.

  2. I now have spoken on "light in space" before at pages 5 and 56, and to confirm upon it for such as wish to know the facts as shown to us by all things in nature I thought to clarify it some more.

  3. One of the things that one in the sciences should learn is the meaning of words, what the meaning is of any specific term.  Mass for example means a volume of something. it does not mean matter itself as such, but in general for the volume thereof.

  4. It is also referred to as the resistance of a body to any change in its movement, but that as such is "as inertial mass," inertia having this notable fact to remain fixed, or in place, the term itself defining its own meaning.

  5. Since then mass also points to the physical substance of anything, it becomes like matter.  As then in all reality the term matter is like a figure of speech for something that is not as such single, but a system of parts with and at movement with one another.

  6. As then we come to the term of "energy", it resides with the parts of any mass or matter, namely the movement  by which these parts exist and as such come to the term of mass or matter.

  7. In basic terms - energy is motion, and motion the ability to perform work. It may also be used in a number of expression, nor therefore shall these expression change the fundamental reality of what energy is, namely motion, and nothing more, nor anything less.

  8. We sometimes have the idea as if energy is some entity in itself, some mystical substance providing us with power. If then we pronounce that mystic by its factual term, namely motion or movement it would no longer be mystical.

  9. In physics they have it as a property of matter, and yes it is a property of matter namely its motion whereby it becomes matter. When therefore they refer to that energy as radiation, or the ability to perform work, both of these are motion.

  10. If and when therefore we have a proper understanding of these things our vocabulary will change to reality, to utilize the more appropriate terms for that so called energy.  Nor shall energy be anything other than motion in any and all things.

  11. And so we come to something man seems to hold very dear, while it is not only absurd, but a lie, and at best a dire fallacy of him, or of the one who taught him that stupidity.  This is what they call E=is-mc2.

  12. And to make a quotation of that stupidity it reads that it; "Means energy equals the mass of an object multiplied by the speed of light squared." Then with the other half of that forked tongue they proclaim, that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.

  13. If then you my reader can not see the obvious contradiction here, you are in sad shape, for even a mass of 1 times the speed of light - times the speed of light, does not come to twice the speed of light but to some 90 billion-km/sec.

  14. If then with that forked tongue these will argue as if it means energy and not movement for its motion into velocity, they are deserving of that forked tongue.  For they themselves - as I did - do interpret energy as movement, and since movement is a going somewhere it must have a speed of something.

  15. And seeing how they use a speed of 299.972-km/sec that then is to be squared, - have they no sense at all not to realize how that comes to a speed of something totally absurd?  I know of an even greater speed than that, but that is not anything in nor of the physical realm.

  16. And so - when are you people going to bury this dumb idol of yours which you worship, that person called Einstein and the likes of him? With his so called theories he is degrading you into what is even worse than zombies, he is making complete fools out of all of you.

  17. Bury that idol, let him be for disgrace, and a warning, as one of the most ignorant brutes to have come among you. And cast his so called theories from you as mere trash, and a poison guaranteed to destroy a man.

  18. When you look at the roman catholics how these bow down to worship a piece of wood that they made with their own hands, you might say to yourself, "How stupid these can be, that a mere piece of a tree shall have more power than the hands that fashioned it."

  19. But you in the sciences are no different to glorify that which does not exist, that which is contrary to all that one can see and touch upon, to believe upon the dreams and fantasies of the most stupid ones to have come upon the earth.

  20. It is said; quote; "His theory means that the mass of an object, no matter how small, can be transformed into a tremendous amount of energy."  And O yes in an instant we believe all this nonsense because it is a lie. If now it were a truth we would not believe it.

  21. If you go by your stupid idol, do not take a flight in an airplane, because as soon as it is set in motion, its mass may convert into movement, with this result that all who boarded the plane must vanish into what is invisible, never at all coming to their destination.

  22. You people really have no idea as to how stupid their words are, those of that quotation I made of the most blind among men, and for it you are indeed to be pitied. 

  23. Or shall I put the facts into another way, that when you fire a bullet to kill a man - it cannot harm him, because as soon as it takes to flight it turns into pure motion.  The mass of it disappeared turning into energy, into pure movement. And how is a movement, a thing without substance to kill a man? 

  24. Even the atomic bomb, man's scientists have no real conception as to how or why it works. they think they do because they live by fantasies and fantasies only, nor am I going to educate them in fundamentals. They will only believe lies, hating the truth since the truth makes the out for fools.

  25. Come on you people, wake up, don't be so blind, learn to be human rather than a mere rock that has no rational thought. Are you indeed so irrational that you cannot hear my word?

  26. Even the animals upon the earth are more rational than that, they do not harbor such stupid ideologies whereby to cast themselves into a burning fire, to ruin themselves on account of being that irrational.

  27. It is also said that by this stupidity it; "Serves to convert units of mass to units of energy." If now they had said that one can calculate the energy of the mass into velocity, or pounds of force upon a collision, that would be seen as rational.

  28. But you cannot convert mass into movement, not even the smallest fraction of it, for as soon as you do, there is no longer any mass, nor therefore any energy. The reality of the atom and of mass and energy is not anything the likes of what man conceives.

  29. Nor is it exactly as I have demonstrated it, for as I swore to withhold certain things from you, this I hold in store what is most marvelous and fascinating, the factual knowledge of nature.

  30. It is with your own lips that you destroy your own so called theories, and that comes under the heading of irrational conduct. And why should I not be silent on that which you for your silence forfeited to yourselves?

  31. You can put a mass in motion, but you cannot convert it, you can add movement to a mass, but not have its vanish into movement. Or in how many other ways must I pronounce the obvious?

  32. I really can't comprehend how any person can be so irrational in thought and being to believe upon such stupidities, such irrational concepts for a mass to be so converted into energy.


  1. But then people are that way in many different fashions, like the protestants taking the name of Christ upon their lips only to mock and scorn Him in every possible way, while they glorify the wood upon which he was nailed.

  2. It is no longer the Christ to be worshipped but a piece of wood that these irrational ones in the earth worship.  Or these muslims that in many ways are like your Einstein, glorifying a murderer of its own people.  For as Einstein worshipped stupidity so do these muslims.

  3. And so I say, you people are a joke, and unless you repent you are not fit to live.  To me, as well as to God, you are without rational thought, and bend on destroying yourself. And with it you will destroy yourselves.

  4. And you should not be destroying yourselves, since you can turn from your evil ways to become wise, for why should you want to dwell in a burning fire, always having regrets? Why should you wish to pound upon your breasts saying, "I should have listened to him, but no I choose to be stupid."

  5. Hell is a painful place in which to abide, believe me, I know how dreadful that place will be, and how for any arrogance within you it will be even more painful, for I will not condone any kind of arrogance, but punish it.

  6. Listen to me, listen to the voice of wisdom that you may not come into so much pain, and be for a people unto me, for with me there will be joy and perfect peace. Accept wisdom and I will love you with an eternal love.

  7. Realize the stupidity in man, in his sciences as well as in his so called religions, and you will be among the wise. Know and understand that there is but one religion, one law, with all others as being irreligious.

  8. There is no religion among the Jews, nor among the muslims, nor with any of the churches currently upon the face of the earth.  All of them are irreligious, practicing falsehood, and a mockery of what religion is.

  9. Some have the notion as if people should have freedom of religion, but that is a crock, since there is no such thing, no such freedom ever. It should be said and written to have freedom of persecution, but not for the law itself. The meaning of religion being law, and there is but one law, God's law and none other.

  10. People are most ignorant in what they can dream up like the following of which I will make a quotation:  "NASA (is) working on faster-than-light space travel, says warp drives are ‘plausible."  If then you think this is stupid wait till you hear the rest.

  11. "The design calls for an American football-shaped spacecraft with a flat ring attached to the ship. Space time would warp around it, accelerating the ship to as fast as 10 times the speed of light without the ship itself ever breaking the speed of light." 

  12. Where did this person get his degree in vocabulary? How can one not break the speed of light when he exceeds it by ten times over?  No person can stand the g forces of a velocity to 10.000 km/h, let alone to come to more than 1-billion km/h.

  13. And what is with this nonsense of "space-time"? A dog has more sense than that - as if time can be broken up or bend, or space to be wrapped around anything when it is nothing more than room, and as such not a physical phenomena.

  14. I mentioned these things here just to show how inconceivably blind and ignorant some people can be, with their illicit dreams and fantasies, worse than any zombie, or anything else that can be thought of.  And we are to consider such creatures as being human?

  15. I do not see them as human but as corrupt samples of what is supposed to be human. And unless these do become human there is no place for them anywhere but in the fire, for I most certainly will reject them. And if I reject them they will be rejected by all that are in my charge.

  16. Another example of how by the tongue of serpents the young among mankind are poisoned so that for their semblance they don't even look human anymore, but a pile of misery.

  17. Quote;  "Say someone has X amount of energy he/she wants to convert into mass, say, a group of atoms. How does one go about this conversion? Does simply compressing the energy do the job? Is mass simply more localized and compressed energy? i.e., "energy with structure"?

  18. The person asking this question has the notion as if energy is something other than plain movement, all because he has been poisoned with a deadly maze of lies.  The answer given to this was quote;

  19. "Best Answer:  You are correct when you say that mass in another form of energy and that energy is another form of mass. In other words, mass and energy are two sides of the same coin."

  20. The one answering that illogical question is himself even more illogical, in him the poison has done its job to the full of it. Sad as this may be, who is to rescue these individuals from the hangman's noose?  

  21. For in a short while both of these, the second even more than the first, will come to be very ashamed of themselves.   So much so that they would like to vomit it out if only in that way they could get rid of that poison. 

  22. If they want to save themselves - I am an antidote, but who will avail himself of that antidote? The time to avail oneself of it is now on this side of death, for once one passes on to the holding pens there is no return.

  23. One might break out of one of man's prisons, but these mean looking angels are in no way to let you escape. It would be their hide if you escaped from them. Moreover your body as your former home has already deteriorated, it is no longer suitable for a return.

  24. Repentance however is awarded to everyone, whereby the irrational become rational, and the blind receive eyesight, wherein the foolishness of a man will not be reckoned to him. 


  1. A quotation;  "In theory, the gravity of the earth reaches out to infinity, which is further than our imaginations can reach. Gravitation is a force present in every speck of matter, every object, every heavenly body. Every object is attracted to every other object by this force of gravitation."

  2. "Which is further than our imagination can reach"- such is not the extend of gravity, but gravity itself. Nor by gravity is every object attracted to others, but simply to a common center, or do they not know gravity goes to a center?

  3.  By my teaching one can have a perfect understanding of gravity, but only because it was given you by the Almighty One through me.

  4. There is no way in heaven or earth that any man could have discovered what I have written down, if there were such a person he in his lone person would be the death of all mankind. But the Lord so loved the world that He withheld that information from the minds of man.

  5. And to reveal it to but one single person, one of whom God knew that he would not act deceitfully, one not to take glory to himself, one not to claim that which he received as his own, nor to look for a reward in well-doing.

  6. One of whom God by Isaiah spoke, that He loved that single person, and how it would not be just him speaking, but so the Lord said, "I, even I have spoken, I have called him, and he will prosper in his way."

  7. It is not only that I love my Lord and Creator, but I am fully in love with Him, all because He loved me first, and revealed Himself unto me.   If there is any sense in you my people then believe me for my lips pronounce what is truthful.


  1. You have the law of Newton, and you know how to calculate the extend of gravity, and when you do - it shows that gravity does not extend out to even 3300 miles from earth. How therefore do you contend that gravity is everywhere? 

  2. Are you not therefore truly blind and ignorant by having that law and its computation and you still do not know?  Is mathematics so absolutely difficult for you?  Or did you even put yourself behind a calculator to come to its conclusion?

  3. How many years has it been that you had this information at your disposal, and you still do not know?  Is it so impossible for you to correlate one factor with another?  What are you made of to be so dull in understanding, to have no sense of logic?

  4. You honor Newton in his law of motion, and rightly so for that law of him is correct.  And for all the millions of persons since his day, no-one ever sat down to factually calculate the extend of gravity?  To me that makes all those of mankind out for - I don't know for even a bat knows where he is going, but man does not know.

  5. You put satellites into orbit, and never once calculated what the force of gravity may be on them?  And don't tell me that you have, for I have already enough of your lies.  Admit to the fact that you are blind and ignorant and it will be for the better to you.

  6. Your theories are more ignorant than the knowledge of an unborn child, and in this case that is an absolute fact, for ignorant indeed are all the wise in the earth, wherefore also the Lord said that He would turn all the wise into fools, and fools indeed they are.

  7. Am I overstating things? If I am then show me some understanding, show me how you did these calculation to come to infinity!  You will not answer me, because you are unable to answer.  I told you once that I could not be overcome, and it will account for wisdom to you to not even try.

  8. It was not me to discover the foundations of the earth, nor gravity as the lady thereof, but the Almighty One revealed it to me. It is by His word, and by His word alone that now the foundations of the earth are understood.

  9. And that being so - we will not be cast off - to die the death of no existence. And in His endless wisdom He raised up one to whom you might belong, lest the death of all deaths would be everlastingly upon you. Nor therefore do I spurn you, but rather furnish you with the truth of things that I may come to rejoice myself over you.

  10. You may think to know me, but you do not know him who wrote down the foundations of the earth for you, who gave it you without price, who in fact gives to you everything without price inclusive himself. 

  11. I in fact am paying the price for you, but who is to understand the mind of wisdom? I do not even know myself, nor by what name I shall be called, how thus will you know me? But that is enough of what will be, and let us concern ourselves with the day as it is.

  12. Stop talking about gravity and other things in the sciences as a chicken without its head. Make the calculations yourself to discover the truth of things, and when you do - you will not be looked upon as one of the foolish ones.

  13. For beyond this earth in the company of all of earth inhabitants everyone's deeds will become known to everyone, and like the members of a congregation will come to curse its false shepherd over and over for the lies that he ground into them, till he can stand it no more and - still they will curse and accuse him.

  14. So it will be for all, to become known for what they were.  The murderer who hid his vile acts can no longer hide his secrets, nor the thief, or slanderer, but all will be known for what they were.  And how will you be dealt with? If you showed no mercy, I will likewise show to you no mercy.

  15. My prayer to the Lord is that He wipe all corrupt individuals from the face of the earth, and if that includes me, then me as well, if only for the sake of the poor and needy that are oppressed by them without let-up.  For I love justice and mercy more than myself or anything.

    ENERGY >> Motion

  1. I know that you know what energy really is - yet you will not confess to it, you rather play with fantasies.  And why is that?  Is it because you are still children who like to play, rather than speak in a tongue of the mature, or is it ignorance?

  2. But how can it be ignorance when I know that you do know that which is mature? And so, rather than acting like children come to a mature status, as I admonish you - that like me - you likewise learn to speak with a mature tongue.

  3. Your contention is that quote;  "Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another." unquote.  I now do understand how you came-up with these words since for many their correlation to reality is very poor.

  4. And to make another quotation;  "Energy of motion is the energy an object possesses due to its motion, which is also called kinetic energy."  And so you did say that is was "due to its motion," and called "Kinetic."

  5. The term Kinetic then by your own dictionary means; "Pertaining to motion." And; "Caused by motion." And; "Characterized by movement." The reality of your speech thus is that motion can neither be created nor destroyed.

  6. But you are not thinking too well, now are you? For when you step in your car, it is at idle, but in gear and an opening of the throttle you are putting it in motion. You therefore as such are creating movement, and when you step on the brakes you are destroying that movement.

  7. Energy therefore can be created, and it can be destroyed, as well as raised and lowered. The truth thus comes to this that, energy kinetic or otherwise can always be raised and lowered for any velocity thereof, or no speed at all.

  8. You are the one to with the term of energy are deceitfully speaking of motion. And where did you learn this deceit? You did not learn it from me, but from that idol of yours, that most stupid one, by whom you are making a fool of yourself.

  9. Energy is not just motion, but all motion, and it is by motion that all parts of nature adhere to one another, and by which all power has its birth. It thus is by movement (your so called energy) that nature exist, for did I not say, how "Nature is matter in motion by coordination?"

  10. If then this was not perfectly so I would not have said so, for I do not lie, nor am I one to practice deceit, nor conceit, nor anything by which man may be harmed, seeing how very much I love them, and care for them.

  11. You cannot destroy movement to the point that it will no longer exist, for then there would be no earth, no people, nor any universe. 

  12. But it can be brought forth, and brought to a halt, as well as regulated for any velocity up to the maximum thereof, that for lack of any better information we have at the arbitrary rate of 300.000-km/sec.


  1. Quote: "A consequence of the law of conservation of energy is that a perpetual motion machine of the first kind cannot exist." unquote.  You might as well scrap your law of conservation, and it will be when you destroy that idol of yours, the one by whom you are making fools of yourselves.

  2. As for something having perpetual movement, I must curtail some of my speech not to reveal what man desires most.  As then at some place I have said, that all atoms are perpetual motion machines, there is a pro and con to this, a yes and a no.

  3. In themselves the atoms are not perpetual motion machines, even though their movement is perpetual. It then is by another entity that is perpetual whereby these atoms have their perpetual movement, not in themselves being as such.

  4. Nor is it impossible for us to construct something to deliver the power that we crave perpetually. But here again that is like the atom perpetually moving, but not in itself being perpetual.  

  5. Quote: "A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first and second law of thermodynamics." unquote

  6. "Impossible", so he said, while all the stars operate on that basis, and all of nature holds together on that basis. But he has it all wrong in assuming that what is perpetual to operate without a source.  For while these do not need an outside source, they have their internal source.

  7. But this is coming to close to what I swore not to reveal to the sons of the earth.

HEAT >> Motion

  1. Quote:  "Heat energy is a form of energy which transfers among particles in a substance (or system) by means of kinetic energy of those particle. In other words, under kinetic theory, the heat is transferred by particles bouncing into each other." unquote.

  2. Here again you do know what heat is, but by your wording you - like children - rather play hide and seek than to come straight out with it. But is it not for children to sooner or later become mature adults?  Well on, that time has arrived.

  3.  Why did you not just say; "Heat is a movement which transfers among particles?" If you had done so, I would have said' Hooray, here is one that is mature, let us decorate him.

  4. Heat is simply a rate of movement, nothing more, nor anything less than that.  You yourself are confirming this by your own immature statement quote; "A rise in the temperature of matter makes the particles vibrate faster."

  5. As then movement is movement, and effective all to one another, so the rate of movement known as heat, can be altered by any other kind or source of movement, such as  electrical mechanical chemical, nuclear, or what have you.

  6. Temperature therefore is also never conserved, for when you let it cool, the rate of movement has slowed. Or to raise it you do not create a new movement as such, but simply increase its velocity, or alter the rate of the general movement of and upon these parts of nature.

  7. Setting your car in motion may be said as creating energy (motion). But just sitting idle in your driveway it is moving at the speed of 15-km/sec around our sun, and at some speed in rotation with the earth. And so by driving it to your place of employment you are combining yet more movement upon it.

  8. And if you take it to a car-wash the magnetic potential of the H2O atoms for their movement is driving away the grime that is sitting there at a lower movement. And you know that a tug of war is won by the strongest.


  1. Quote:  "Not only do electrical currents produce magnetic fields, but changing magnetic fields induce electrical currents." unquote.

  2. This is the immature speaking, for the mature could have said that; "Rotating magnetic fields produce linear magnetic fields, and a moving linear magnetic field produces rotating magnetic fields."

  3. It all boils down to the two phases of movement, linear and angular,  straight to angular, and angular to straight.  And why did that magnet by its movement in Figure 90-1 produce a rotating magnetic field?


  1. It's because you put the turns there, you formed the rotation by placing the very turns thereof.  If the turns, the wire that is, was a straight line - the magnet would not produce a rotating flow, since you took away the rotations.'

  2. If you have read my other pages, recall how I said that - turns are turns - be they physical or not physical, be they a movement or stationary mechanical turns, all because that electricity is a rotating magnetic field of movement.

  3. To have a magnetic line of movement rotate for you, all you have to do is grab a hold of it and turn it. (like a generator) Or simply spin a conductor into coils and let the magnetic potential flow through it.

  4. The greater the number of turns, so much the greater the net result of the rotation will be, The fewer the turns so much the slower your turning magnetic field will have its revolutions per unit in time.

  5. If then you have your coil, and do not wish to apply an already rotating movement through it, you take a linear magnetic flow, like a magnet,  and simply move it through your coil.  For just as you get the wheels of a steam locomotive to turns by a linear push-pull, so your magnet produces rotation.

  6. Simple is it not? For yes we do this every day, and have been doing just that for many years with our transformers and all our electrical equipment.

  7. And so my dear people is it not about time for you guy's to wake up?  For you have been sleeping long enough with all of your illicit dreams. For like always once you do wake up the dreams are gone, and not real, because they were only dreams.

  8. And now that you are awake it is time to face reality, and reality is not quite like the dreams that we dream. But unless you are awake - you cannot come to reality.  And I am speaking of reality.


  1. When you have two magnets free to move about that are close enough together where their field of movement will make contact with one another - these two will cling to one another in a fashion whereby their movements are in a single direction of.

  2. Since then our air is also made up of magnets all of them resting one upon the other, - how come that we are able to move through them so easily? And equally so with water, and oil, and all liquids?

  3. A good question is it not? For we can be sure of this that the nature of all atoms is magnetic, but magnetic and magnetic can be two things, or in two fashions of, like being two-fold as are all things in nature. And that two-fold can be intertwined as were it in four.

  4. When we consider water those two atoms of hydrogen are not about to let go from their atom of oxygen, their magnetic hold on their host is so strong that when their movement is raised to 500-c  they will still not let go of their host, although by virtue of their high movement they are now at a much greater distance from one another.

  5. So we see how well magnetic movement can hold things together even at some distance. If then their movement is raised still higher these atoms will at last let go of one another, and when they do their degree of movements drops quickly, each of those components remaining aloof from one another.

  6. For while formerly these by their polarities held firmly to one another, it seems that now being separate and alone they are no longer able to lock together, as if all of a sudden they are no longer magnets.  And how may that be so?

  7. For one thing their rate of movement from the point where they separated has dropped greatly, and unless that movement is raised again, like by a spark in a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen - these will again join together as before, becoming water again

  8. Notice therefore how it took a high movement to separate them, and it takes again a high movement to recombine them.  And how typical it is of them that once they separate or recombine that high rate of movements drops extremely fast, like a speeding car with full brakes applied.

  9. As then a high rate of movements also interprets into an expansion of their fields that as such places a greater distance between parts, so it is that when the mixture is contained in a light vessel it will explode the vessel. Like I used to do by holding a plastic bag above a cup of water in which I placed a 110 volt lead.

  10. In this case rather than using a high temperature to separate the components, I used the twisting magnetic form of movements to in all essence shear them from one another. like using a sharp knife with half circular cuts.

  11. The mystery here is not in how these atoms may be bound or separated, but rather how these tiny magnets are able to remain on their own without locking on to one another.  For so is our air or any gas - made up of atoms maintaining their individual status.

  12. It may be compared to a man how with all the women around him he shows no interest, but when these ladies get excited to undress themselves then the man gets excited, and they can not keep from one another.  The secret here is in excitement, in a high rate of movement or adrenalin.

  13. How therefore does one magnet hide, or masks it polarity from the next to remain aloof? That mind you is the real question.  With a man it is said to take a cold shower, and yes there is a point to this, for by a low temperature, a low slow movement no joining takes place.

  14. But my point here is that a magnet is a magnet regardless of how small or how greatly its field is expanded. And so it show how only when their fields are not greatly expanded that they are able to mask their polarities in such a way as not to bind with one another.

  15. Our air has a neat way of doing so by combining two atoms into one, and perhaps hydrogen when on its own may like wise be two in one. By having them two in one the ability of mask their polarities is much greater than any one atom on its own, and I did illustrate this is one of my other pages.

  16. I do not believe that we ever constructed any two magnets in one like those of oxygen and nitrogen. I don't think that we can make them other than singular.  The magnetic field of our earth is not altogether singular either, although its main movements appears singular.

  17. And when we come to the sun, there appear to be a number of such coordinates in addition to the main overall magnetic pattern. This I conjecture is also true of the larger atoms although in a slightly different version.  What then is true for the larger atoms may work for the lighter ones as well - if not in singular - it works by duality.

  18. These then are the facts - how all atoms are like unto magnets, but not necessarily in the singular fashion as we normally know magnets to be. And that by their typical coordinates these are able to mask their polarity in such ways whereby to remain aloof from one another.

  19. The next fact is how speed or velocity, known as the rate of movement - plays a dominant role upon these things, and that in both ways up or down.  For when the free floating components of water so well able to mask their polarities in three from one another, they by a decrease in movement open up their polarities whereby to become ice.

  20. And as such we can no longer move through them as we did when their rate of movement was a bit higher. And so it is with air, if these atoms by some temperature came to lock onto one another like water to ice, we could no longer move through our air as well.

  21. In what all ways these atoms by their coordinate singular or duel, or three-fold or more are able to mask their polarities - is a subject and a half, and interesting to discover. Nor do I have all the answers, other than the principle ones.

  22. From full attraction to full repulsion there is also everything in between. A cookie will hold together but with a little pressure it crumbles. Rubber will hold itself magnetically together even when stretched, but with a lower rate of movement it will break like a cookie.

  23. This shows how important the rate of movement is in all things, for all things in nature are by movement into movement, nor can anything be touched upon except with movement upon movement.

  24. If each atom was a millimeter across you could physically observe how in a rubber bands these as magnets are being separated from one another yet not so far as to let go of one another, unless excessive force is applied.


  1. For those in the ten centuries yet to come, if they see my knowledge as I see it, something awesome, let it be known and known very well that it is not me, but of my Lord and Father.  Do not glorify me on account of it as man has the habit of doing, but rather the real source of it.

  2. If I am to be famous, it is but a word, for how as an everlasting prince shall I be hidden from my subjects? A king cannot hide himself, nor therefore can I. But I do not wish to be known for what is not real upon me. 

  3. Credit me without Him who gave it me, and for my thanks to you I will lower the boom on you.

  4. So am I, and so I will remain. Give credit where credit is due, and to whom it is due. If you fail to do so you will not be my friend, nor therefore will I look kindly upon you.