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  1. What happens when you turn a drive shaft? It is the power to turn the axle on which the wheels are fastened by which a vehicle moves down the road.  A rotating force is thus causing rotation to again other parts that in turn come to the movement of the vehicle.

  2. The very same thing is true with plants, it may not have axles as we have on our cars, but the principle is the same. If I make the statement that - the rotational force of sunlight activates movement upon all plant-life, it is no different from how - "Photosynthesis is the process that converts light energy into chemical energy."

  3. The latter is man's observation from appearances, and true as that is, my observation depicts fundamentals. 

  4. Atoms have rotation, and not all but many coordinates are rotating coordinates as well, and in order to maintain them, or speed them up, or to alter them, it are, or may again be rotating movements, such as light or electricity.  We can thus say how - light by its natural rotation will keep things moving.

  5. Be it called light, or the power of rotation, or the force of angular momentum, it all boils down to movement by movement, or photosynthesis as an other word for it. As then photosynthesis operates by coordinates, so movement to movement is by coordinates.

  6. Electricity as a rotating entity comes into being by rotations, be it a generator in the rotations of its armature, or light striking upon a particular pattern of molecules set into a grid whereby the same thing may be produced. and that is called solar power by photovoltaic.

  7. It is said that "the sun's light contains energy." A rather deceptive statement since the light of the sun is movement, nor is energy ever anything other than motion. And so why the coy disguises to in that way refer to a particular movement as energy?

  8. I can re-enter the principle in a reference to something familiar, namely the automobile, how from the expansion of a gas to the drive shaft - to the wheels we take ourselves from destination to destination.

  9. Rotations and rotations, there is more to rotations than what meets the eye. Waves are rotations, and so are galaxies and stars as well as atoms. For since all things are by movement, and it for directions of comes but in two ways, straight or by any angle, these two compliment each other in a multitude of ways.

  10. But what is rotation in one is also a rotation in the other.  These words however are cryptic and of no value unless I make a full explanation of it, a factor in nature of which to date man had no conception, yet he makes use of it every single day.

  11. It is simply so, that a turn is a turn, and counts as a turn, as well as shows itself as a turn.  By Figure 72-6 here an input of but 5 turns at a rate of 110 revolutions per minute may be raised to 220 revolutions per minute simply by adding turns.

  12. Turns add to turns, the electricity as it turns may be increased and/or decreased simply by adding or taking away some of its turns. It is like adding marbles, a handful will give you a certain weight, a barrel full will greatly increase the weight.


  1. The electricity in Figure 72-6 from the input to the output is not raised by any kind of rotating movement to increase its rate of rotation, but is done by what may be called mechanically.  By nothing more than circles, by forcing the coordinate to go around by more turns.

  2. Our internal combustion engines for the spark needed to ignite the fuel are based on that principle.  From a mere 12 volt of the battery, sufficient turns are added to raise it to some 17.000 volt.  The difference from 12 to 17.000 is not by adding a higher movement as it is done mechanically, simply by adding turns.

  3. By Figure 85-1, the number of turns determines what voltage may be applied. At the output then any rate of voltage or rotations may be obtained simply by the number of turns, because turns are turns and add as turns, be it moving turns or physical, as in stationary turns.

  4. By figure 85-2, from the generator if it be 3600 rpm, it by no more than adding physical turns can be raised to 36.000 rpm, or any rate of rotation. Such as is done with the transmission of high power lines.


  1. As then all independent waves are transposed by the 3M, their speed of rotation is fixed by their angular moments.  

  2. Electricity on the other hand as a dependent one, fixed to a base, is not able to travel independently, but is nonetheless driven forth by the 3M, and at the speed thereof, but for its rate of rotation - being fixed to a base - it depends upon that base for its speed of rotation, and it remains fixed.


  1. Man's vocabulary instantly reveals his ignorance in the sciences, like where it is said;  "Other ways of producing blue light from solid state sources involve doubling the frequency of red or infrared laser diodes."

  2. Why are lasers usually red? Because they utilize the long wavelengths of the visible spectrum. If therefore you wish to have a blue laser start utilizing the shorter lengths of that visible octave.

  3. What happens when you double the frequency of a 700-nm red laser wavelengths?  To any observation nothing at all will happen, the light will simply remain red, it will not turn blue as it is claimed by the above quotation. By it you are doing nothing more than increasing the number of events per unit of time.

  4. But what happens when you increase the speed at which you are forming these wavelengths?  Then you will begin to produce shorter wavelengths, like the blue's. And so it is by increased speed that blue light may be formed. The secret here lies in wavelength, not in how often these events come about.

  5. The number of events by which to fill a line of light runs into the trillions, while we with our devices come at best to a billion or less as the reality of it. And so what's the difference between ten or twenty million events per second?  For if as little as 60 events per second the light already looks continues, we could not tell the difference.

  6. So it is how man reveals his dire ignorance in anything fundamental in the sciences.  For not just his statement but his believe and understanding is like when one wishes to travel across the country by a 1000 miles per hour rather than 500 mph, like utilizing a supersonic jet instead of the conventional one. 

  7. The answer that man gives to this is, - "Instead of booking a flight take your bicycle." Stupid answer, so you will say. And yes indeed it is, for just so is the above quotation, man's gross ignorance in his understanding of light and waves in general.

  8. There is what is called a "diode", it is used to convert Ac current to Dc current.  But what does it really do? Ac current is a coordinate that constantly reverses its rotation. And so the diode filters out directions of rotation. It by example allows only a clockwise rotation to pass, blocking a counter clockwise rotation.

  9. A Dc current therefore is a coordinate of a none reversing rotation. And these things - being semi conductive - come in handy with other specific coordinates (patterns of movement) whereby to produce wavelengths to the tune of visible light, such a device is called a LED. (Light Emitting Diode)

  10. Figure 88-1 is an example, A and B represent two different substances with each their specific coordinate that when electrified comes to a clash with one another, to what I call RAD, a Relative Angular Deviation, by which light waves are produced.

  11. And how is this done? If I could explain that in detail - for the sum of that knowledge I would no longer fit  among man anymore, but I can provide us with the principle fashion of it. The electrical current as coordinate 3 (Co-3) is one pattern, and we know what that is, and what it looks like.

  12. But as to Co-1, and Co-2, at A-1 and B-1, (Co - for coordinates) that we do not know, nor do I, wherefore as to how these three interact to produce that luminescence remains illusive.  If then I am allowed to make a hypothetical version of it, by B-1 the rotation is clockwise, while at A-1 it is counter clockwise.


  1. Not that this explains it since that is primarily the version by which Ac is turned into Dc. Yet the fact remains that between the interactions, the patterns of movements one to the other, still another pattern of movement is produced, namely the angular moments of light.

  2. And so the whole thing boils down to this, that it is by patterns of movement, one to the other, or movement to movement since nature is matter in motion by coordination. As then I illustrated light by simply an arrow at angle with a little curve on it, the curve is to denote its rotation.

  3. I know how man has his none existent electrons and holes through which they may fall, but with a supersonic jet I will get across the country, long before they will get there with their broken down bicycles.

  4. Man's scientists have it all figured out right down to the details, how their bicycles are faster than a jet liner, but I am not one to claim what is beyond myself, nor do I give myself to deceit as they do.  

  5. Do you have any idea as to what it would mean if one knew all of these coordinates in nature, and how they interact with one another?    He would not be a genius, since such a thing does not exist, one cannot claim as his own that which he received from another. 

  6. Wherefore God alone is all-wise, and unless He grants it to man there is no way for man to know anything. If then God granted me to know and understand all these coordinates what would I be like in comparison to mankind?  

  7. That which He has given me is already awesome, far more than what man could even think of, or can gather from my writings. And so let me be humble, for that is my nature, and my aspiration.

  8. I can however be wicked to indulge in some speculation of patterns to patterns, coordinates to coordinates, like by Figure 88-2, something in the way of luminescence used in dials, exit signs, and paint that does not require the use of an electrical current whereby to have illumination.

  9. Like an altered version of Hydrogen called tritium that when it interacts which phosphor these together produce waves to the tune of visible light. A low intensity thereof, but on the order of the octave of visible light.

  10. Presume a coordinate pattern "A", to have an axis by which it turns into direction D, and another coordinate pattern "B".  As pattern "A" comes upon "B" at point "X"  it shears into an opposite direction of movement cutting it off, or cutting it short by which an angular moment into direction "W" may be produced.


  1. Fanciful is it not? But then I did say, that I was speculating.  This therefore is just an idea as to how we would have to go about defining one pattern of movement to the other by which a third may be born about.

  2. Then by Figure 88-3 to come to our solar panels, there is also one coordinate whose pattern is known, namely that of electricity, the rotating magnetic pattern of it. The other two designated "P" and "U"  of the two substances - we do not know.

  3. But we do know that when the rotating angular moments of light interact with these two coordinates that it sets up a rotating pattern of movement known as electricity.  Since then I cannot go into just how by movement in direction of to movement in direction of this comes to that rotating magnetic field, I do know that 'one' field of force.

  4. The whole circle of that field as it passes through the solar panel and out around is, of a single direction of rotation.  For the example I noted it as clockwise (cl-w).  If then we position ourselves to look straight at E, the rotation is still clockwise.

  5. But if we position ourselves to look straight at D, its rotation is counter clockwise.  And so what do we have?  Shall the positive end of a current be any different from the negative end? No it is not - since the whole circuit is but a movement of a single direction of rotation.

  1. Nor is it ever as a complete circle - but an open circle, or simply a straight line. And yet there is a difference in the two ends, but only when we bend the line around into a circular or U shape, for then the ends as they face each other are in opposite direction of rotation from one another, even though the whole line is of but a single direction of rotation.

  2. As therefore we attempt to couple the ends of this single line together so as to form a complete circle, we are going to have some commotion, since in doing so it is the likes of touching two grinding wheels in opposite direction of one another against one another.

  3. This commotion can however come to some very good use for us in that it provides us with all our electrical toys and devices.  When one desires to appease two entities in direct opposition of one another, we simply install a transmission, a means by which to take up the differences of the two.

  4. As then the armament of both of them resides in rotations, we of course utilize again rotations, (or simply turns) for the transmission between them.  Like in all things turns compensates for turns.

  5. Have I now clarified the nature and means, as well as the use of natures rotational magnetic force, also known as electricity a bit more?

  6. The angular moments that light is for its nature, can be made almost anywhere in a dozen or more ways simply by posting two movements to produce a third. These must of course be of a particular pattern one to the other in order to do so.

  7. As then there are more coordinates than can be counted, they in their variances will tally to what cannot be numbered. Our conventional ways to produce light has mostly been by velocity, by increasing the speed of the atomic and molecular movements, but it can equally be done without it.

  8. All we need are patterns specific to interact by which these will come about.  The smell of things is one such class or octave of coordinates that by any substance, or combinations of substances radiate patterns of movement that then by us is interpreted for being pleasant or unpleasant. 

  9. Like as the Almighty One limited our spiritual interpretation to but a single octave by which we might behold the marvels of His creation, He ordered it so that the difference in angular momentum would be for color unto us.

  10. And no less for the smell of things, or even the sensation of the touch. All of these are by interpretation.  For what is the difference in one pattern from decaying flesh that by a minor change comes to us in the elegance of perfume?

  11. Or the sensation upon our private parts that by a climax can come to a shaking or near fainting, as well as eye rolling, a mere movement mind you that we interpret as extremely pleasant. For it is not in the physical that it comes to us as such, but by interpretation in and by, and of - our spirit.

  12. For we are spirits with our bodies as nothing more than a home to abide with. Yet then by the specific patterns of or upon our flesh send to the brain - so we come to interpret these many different movement.

  13. For vision as well as smell and hearing comes from the outside upon us, while the patterns to the touch are conveyed to our brain by what we call electrical impulses. And so indeed most everything else is first converted into what is called electrical so that it may be channeled to the brain.

  14. How important thus the brain is since it is there where the electrical turns into another movement, that we as movements interpret for whatever life is to us.  No doubt this sentence may sound cryptic - to classify spirits as movement, and movement for life, but I did so for the very wise among us.

  15. It is by purification and by coating or mixing various substances that we acquire new or specific patterns (coordinates) that then are made use of in many different ways. It can be like matches, a combination of molecules that by a rapid movement instigates a chain reaction resulting into a burning (fire)

  16. Or gasoline to bring about a chain reaction into it, in which we not only need a rapid movement, like a spark, but the addition of a gas known as oxygen.  Even so with uranium to have a mass large enough to be critical - we still need to compress it - so as to give them a hint.

  17. That compression thus acts like the spark does in gasoline, or when semen is compelled upward it also is like a spark to ignite other emotions. A spark then translates into velocity, into a sudden increase in speed, and with all things being conductive and directionally conductive, so it is related to its surroundings.

  18. How fast therefore may these movements be, those that reside upon the atoms and molecules?  Take a look at your atomic bomb, how fast that chain reaction takes place. Or closer to home our internal combustion engines how rapidly the increase of movement is related to the next in line.

  19. If with gun powder we rate it as instant, for the whole mass of it to explode all at once, we are quite wrong since it too is by chain reaction. But the movement in and upon atoms being so high the reaction of one to the other is equally high.

  20. But then there are quite a number of variations in chain reaction, like a fire to burn, or meat as it decays, or the nail upon your finger, or the hair upon a man's face-  how slow these proceeds by chain reaction.

  21. Then there is our computer that starts by a chain reaction, one command initiating the next, something that we placed upon it. And so there are many examples.

  22. And how did we come to a number of these variations in patterns of movement? It is no secret that some of them came for the greed of man, always trying to turn something into gold. Some even advertise how they turned lead into gold.

  23. Well you stupid person if you really did, keep your mouth shut to have the gold to yourself, lest the government and others gets filthy rich by depleting our store of lead batteries. The fact that it is advertised all in itself proves it to be a hoax.


  1. And now for speed verses speed, turning a red laser to a blue laser is not in producing more events, but in shorter wavelengths, and in order to produce shorter wavelengths one needs to increase speed.

  2. And in order to gain speed one needs to increase voltage, for as voltage means speed of rotation, the increase thereof increases the rate of rotation. 

  3. Or, one can find himself a substance or combination of substances that have a higher rate of speed.  And what would that speed be for any specific wavelength? We know what the velocity of the 3M is, but how does that compare to the input velocity?

  4. By Illustration Figure 88-4, from right to left is the 3M at 300.000-km/s, while the input velocity is from H to K. As therefore we take this in slow motion beginning at H, as we drive ourselves to K, we are also taken to our left. 

  5. And thus by the time we would have gotten to K, we ended up at P.  Our half-wave thus is from H to P, that as such comprises itself to be our angular moment.

  6. Since then the amplitude here is about 0.5-nm, and the distance K to P about 500-nm, the ratio is 1 to 1000.  If thus we divide the 3M into 1000 the result is 300, meaning 300-km/sec. Our angular speed thus to produce this wavelength is but one thousand's of the speed of light's constant.

  7. As then there are 1 billion nanometers in a meter, or 1 trillion in a kilometer, it would come to 300 trillion nanometers a second.  But why bother with such high numbers when in kilometers it is equal to but 300, for the object here is not merely to determine velocity - but a ratio of velocity.

  1. If then we presume this to be a red light and we wish to have a blue light, if we double the input velocity to 600-km/sec our angular moment would come to a length of 250-nm, the ratio then is 1 to 500.

  2. Notice therefore how the waves of the spectrum are never anything that man pictures to himself.  He should be drawing near straight lines instead of his curves.  Nor am I wrong about the amplitude since that is what it came to for the velocity that he specified for light verses length.

  3. If something is 7000A long and travels at 299.792-km/sec its circumference (amplitude) cannot exceed 5A.  So it is man himself who specified his waves to be nearly straight lines. And why then does he always draw them so utterly far out of proportion?

  4. Because man is a creature that I do not understand. Understanding nature is easy compared to having any understanding of the mind of man that does not follow logic and contradicts himself even at the drop of a coin.

  5. But there is something wrong with our illustration, for if this length from K to P is the half length at 500-nm, then the full length is 1000-nm, wherefore it would not be a red line would it?  Nor would 500-nm be red. 

  6. If then this is taken merely for example to illustrate the ratio of velocity, fine, but there is something else that we seem to have overlooked. We specified an amplitude of 0.5-nm, but that is the full measure of its circumference, it is but one half as much (0.25-nm) by which the angular moment K-P comes about.

  7. I thought I mention this before someone takes note of it as if there is an error here.  The numbers for accuracy do not matter here since the illustration is for ratio, and be it a 1000, or a 500 part of the velocity of light, that velocity is after all much less than the constant.

  8. But there is more wrong with the illustration for if our pulsing unit from H to K is a rotating entity there will be no cut off, no pulse, it will simply continue to go around in a circle whereby no wavelet can be instigated, wherefore we need another factor, one to slice our rotating entity in halves or simply put a temporary halt to it.

  9. If the factor from H to K were itself an impulse, it would not be a rotational one in line with the amplitude, But if not, then a third factor is required by which to produce the fourth, the angular moment.

  10. We can also explain it by storage, like having a capacitor - to discharge itself upon a coil that as such produces a pulse, a momentary spike resulting into a wavelet being send forth.

  11. Since thus it is obvious how the speed in production is always much less than the speed at which these events are taken away, so it is that these come to lengths exceeding their amplitude by a rather very large margin.


  1. It would be educational for us if I also spoke a few words on storage, to store the phenomena of our rotational magnetic force, by such things as are called batteries. How for example is it stored, and how is it replenished?

  2. The conventional explanation is to have two metal ends separated by a semi conductive substance that is then charged by the force of electric.  But this sentence is anything but complete, and as such deceptive.

  3. For while we may claim the two ends to be separated, they are also very much joined to one another, if not than you could not utilize the power of that force, all because electricity is not a single sided coin but it displays both sides of one and the same single coin.

  4. That semi-conductive substance therefore to separate the two sides of that single coin will only keep the two apart as long as their ends are not physically connected, meaning to be joined into a full circle.

  5. The electricity inside of a battery is like a single coin that is split right down the middle, and in order to pay your bill with it you must reconnect the two halves by a conductor from the outside, from face to face.

  6. And how is that rotational magnetic force multiplied, to as we might say be stored in volume of?  If we have a long spring that we wind up in some of our toys, it will give us a duration by which to unwind itself. Or we could liken it to a stick upon which a long thread is wound.

  7. These of course, true as they may be are but elementary, the physics more to reality must be spoken after the very nature of that force, which is none other than a rotating series of figure eights of movement end to end.

  8. And so how do we store movement? How do we accumulate movement to a volume that can be tapped by a duration of time?  Shall we increase the rate of its rotation to a high degree?  No not likely since that would mean a higher and higher voltage, that for volume of would deplete itself in an instant.

  9. Evidence of this is with our thunderstorms, a high rate of circular movement instantly depleting itself. But our electricity is like two strings wound up around one another.  If thus we keep winding it tighter and tighter till it can no longer be wound any tighter, it in its unwinding will give us a duration.

  10. So it is that when fully wound, the battery is full, and can take no more, with its voltage remaining the same since we did not increase the rate of its rotation, but simply its pattern was wound tighter and tighter.

  11. When you apply a charging current to the battery you in all essence are adding turns and more turns until the battery can take no more turns, and since your coin is split in halves - these turns as such within that battery, between the two halves, cannot at that point discharge, or unwind themselves.

  12. This now as I have spoken, elementary as it is, is not a theory, nor any speculation.  The version that man has with none existent parts flowing back and forth - is even worse than for the stork to deliver babies.  

  13. For while that may be believed by children who do not know any better, and are too young for the truth to be told unto them, so is man with his theories.

  14. Since then sooner or later we are to come to maturity, grow up, and forget your childish notions, for as a mature person I am relating to you what is mature, the truth of things, how they do come about.

  15. You cherish such persons as Maxwell with his fancy equations that are not worth the paper it is written on, but that man is due for shame, to become known as one with zero knowledge of fundamentals, and as such he will be forgotten among the sons of man.


  1. If I am not mistaken I believe we are still using that horse and buggy style means by which to store and retrieve data on our computers, the binary code as it is called for which a half dozen or more bits are needed just to mark a single number or letter.

  2. And yes what else should we be using? When we take a picture, millions of bits of data are engraved, or deposited if you will on the photographic plate - all in an instant in time. There is no binary code here but simple magnetic wavelengths imbedded within the magnetic medium.

  3. We can read and write data with laser lights, and we convert the pattern of the wavelength of light for a picture also to  the computer style information, and so why not abandon that binary system to trade the buggy with its horse for a newer model that does not have to eat grass.

  4. Utilizing the short wavelength in the neighborhood of visible light we ought to be able to impress our data upon something other than magnetic films, to simply rearrange the atomic and/or molecular structure of a disk  into a pattern of our data.

  5. Or come to a means of reading data in the same way that we view a colored picture, anything to get away from the binary system.

  6. But to this day we are still ignorant of how the horse pulls that cart, by what physics those binary codes are imbedded.  The reason is of course man's stubbornness not to believe me when I tell them that it is not the stork to deliver its babies.

  7. How there are no electrons, nor protons, nor photons, but simple magnets, although not quite as simple as it may sound for the atom.  And how his electricity is anything at all of what he envisions it to be.

  8. And so I drew up an illustration Figure 88-5, to show the basics of it, and only the basics. Electricity as natures rotational magnetic force in its typical magnetic pattern of eight, illustrated here by Figure 83-4 is what resides upon the coil of the U shape bar in figure 88-5.


  1. This produces a linear magnetic flow between the open poles of that U shape bar, which can be altered by both the strength of the rotational magnetic force, as well as by its speed of rotation. And to convey this upon a moving disk I drew in a circle between these poles.

  2. That circle then is to illustrate how by a rotation we are alternately depositing or engraving patterns in opposite direction of movement of one another. This is typical of all electrical conductance since its pattern consist of magnetic figures of eight each having its north and south polarity.

  3. Any line with an arrow illustrates movement by direction of. And while the direction of movement right to left or left to right of any and all electrical potential is in both directions of - its angular (rotational) movement likewise comes to two directions of.

  4. The latter than as factually a single direction of movement comes to its twofold alternating directions by virtue of its rotation.  That twofold then in reality is for 360 directions of, there being 360 degrees in any circle.

  5. Once we come to a computer that will load 4 giga bytes in an instant, I would conclude that as finally having overcome our horse and buggy style ignorance.


  1. Our next subject is not something to eat, even though I am going to feed it into man, his own baloney, for we ought to know what that term as such implies.

  2. Quote:  "An accelerating charged particle produces an electromagnetic wave.  Electromagnetic waves are electric and magnetic fields traveling through empty space with the speed of light c.  A charged particle oscillating about an equilibrium position is an accelerating charged particle." unquote.

  3. It is not that these persons who teach such things had too much to drink, but they are mere children expressing that which they do not understand.  And why do I bother with such childish talk?  I do so that by it and by comparison I may furnish man with a proper understanding of things.

  4. I spoke of light and other waves how these cannot travel in a void by some previous pages, here then I will mention a few things not mentioned at other places.

  5. Where shall we start?  Let it be with electric, for an electrical field to travel.  From where is electricity? And how is it fastened?  Have you ever seen it on its own without being connected to something?  The lightning is, but it last only for a moment and is no more.

  6. Any other electricity must have a connection somewhere in order to exist, it is not the kind of wave like light to travel on its own.  Even the sparks flying from a conductor do not last, and did have a fixed source. And so - name me even one single instance where electricity was found without its host.

  7. It does not exist, nor is it for a magnetic field to exist or to travel without their host, the very entity upon which their pattern of movement is fastened.  Space is indeed full of magnetic movement, lines of movement, or field of, yes indeed but these emanate from a source and as such are fastened to that source.

  8. If we take a magnetic field like a spike or pulse of it to deposit it upon the normal magnetic field of the earth, we are in effect creating a change upon that normal pattern.  It may only be for a moment after which the normal pattern returns, but if any of our electronics is within that area, it may also be changed.

  9. All because the data that we place upon computers etc, is magnetically stored, and to saturate it with an altogether different pattern of magnetic will in fact destroy our data, it in all essence it rewrites our data.

  10. This by some is called EMP, although the correct name is MP, Magnetic Pulse rather than electromagnetic. The electric has nothing to do with that magnetic pattern, since it is purely magnetic. We may have used the electric to generate the magnetic, but that does not therefore make it electromagnetic.

  11. This term as one word does not exist, it is a bird that has never been found, but to put a dash between them denotes an magnetic potential producing an electrical potential. 

  12. This MP now as a weapon may be better than an atomic bomb, since we being so fond of computers, and being ignorant we have everything regulated and bound by horse and buggy computers.  If therefore in an instant with an MP the data on these computers is rewritten, we as such will find ourselves up a creek with nothing operational.

  13. Having a war in this way, is like cutting off the arms and legs of your opponent after which you come to stab him to death.  Or we could insulate our data within a metal container so as to protect it from an MP.

  14. Or construct a better way to make computers the data on which is not stored magnetically. CD and DVD are not prone to any magnetic or electrical inceptions, since the data on these is stored mechanically, by a long line of. 

  15. But to continue with the errors of the quotation, he makes use of the word; "accelerating."  No, not accelerated, but accelerating.

  16. And there is a huge difference in these words, for where he says; "is an accelerating charged particle." When may I ask will this end? Will it come to twice the speed of light, or ten times the speed of light? But no, as long as it is an "accelerating" thing - it will never stop going faster and faster.

  17. My aim here is to draw our attention to our vocabulary, for if we consider ourselves teachers, then let us first teach ourselves before we teach others, and learn to use proper vocabulary. To say that it is a moving particle is one thing, or that it was accelerated, but it cannot forever be accelerating.

  18. And yes anything put into motion from a stationary position must be accelerated, but then come to a fixed velocity. As then the waves of the spectrum are never at all accelerated - it is because the 3M is always at full momentum, all of its 300.000-km/sec.  And the waves as they are made are formed simultaneously with it.

  19. Thus for one thing there is never any talk of acceleration with magnetic waves. For even when they are expanded - and as such come to a higher relative velocity, it is not in acceleration. A mere contraction or expansion of the angular moments never at all slows any part of it down, nor does it accelerate.

  20. All this because it, the angular moments always moves with one single velocity, with the velocity of constant.  Since then the distance traveled is but for how many times it must turn in any single kilometer, the fewer the turns the greater its relative velocity will be.

  21. Velocity, and relative velocity thus are not one and the same, that is why I added the term relative to it, to denote its speed for distance in time in contrast to its real velocity that never at all wavers for anything as trivial as density.

  22. Then in the quotation there is the word; "charged," which brings us to ask - with what?  Shall it be Martians, or green cheese?  For as long as they refuse to define that term for what it is, it could very well be Martians.

  23. The reason then that none of them ever come with an answer, is because they themselves are without a clue as to its nature of.  But to make themselves appear intelligent they refer to a bird that has never been found, to call it electromagnetic. Or even just electric, or magnetic.

  24. But now take a good look at this sentence, quote;  "A charged particle oscillating about an equilibrium position is an accelerating charged particle." unquote.

  25. That's like me when a good looking lady smiles at me to turn my heart inside out, being so excited that I can no longer walk a straight line, making circles around her, to forever make myself go back and forth chaotically.

  26. I think that explains it pretty well, for I can hardly keep myself from a pretty lady when with a beautiful voice she is singing, and all I want to do is kiss those lips.  But that mind you - true as may be, - is not as bad as what the person of that quotation is breathing out.

  27. For it does convey that something is forever going faster and faster in a semi circle while happily fixed in its position of movement, with this conclusion that it never goes anywhere, that it has no linear momentum.  To what end therefore is the speed of light, when it does not exist, nor does it ever end?

  28. Hogwash you say? Of course it is, only I came to entitle it baloney.


  1. Many years ago on page 12 under "Displacement by coordination" I spoke saying: "Take a good look at my words you men of the earth, and consider to understand them.  For I reveal to you a secret that has not entered your mind, nor has it been heard before. It is fantastic, it is enormous, and it is grand, greater than your ability to reach."

  2. And yes so I did make a revelation, even as it came to me by revelation. But who is to understand the mind of wisdom, one to whom the Almighty One imparts understanding?  If men were wise as they claim to be, they would be at his side every moment to learn what cannot be discovered.

  3. Men still fumble over what magnetism is, as if it consist of particles, while others admit it as somewhat of a mystery. For convenience sake the force of magnetism was seen as imaginary lines by which to illustrate its pattern.

  4.  Oddly enough one came to say that the particles tend to become attached to the field lines on which they reside spiraling around them while sliding along them. That person then would not be far off - if only it would have been reversed.

  5. What is this mysterious force?  And from where is the power of magnetic?  What in all respect is the nature of it?  For each of these questions when directed to man's scientists, the person asking will receive no answer other than that childish notion of how babies are brought by the stork.

  6. Yet for me I cannot even recall how long ago it was that I knew the perfect truth of the matter, as if I always knew, like being born with it.  For it is also in such ways that the Almighty One instills His word within His sons.

  7. Am I therefore claiming to have a perfect knowledge?   There are many judges in the earth, but is there even one among them to understand  justice?  And yes so I am answering a question with a question, for did not the Spirit of wisdom pronounce saying.

  8. "Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely."  How therefore there is no justice in the courts, because these are evil, and being evil they are without understanding. But for me - I sought the Lord as I was found by Him, and by His word I came to know it perfectly.

  9. And being very much in love with truth and justice, when I was abused by them again and again, I came to curse them, past present and future, for none of them to ever judge again.

  10. What therefore is my point in pronouncing these words - if not to provide you with an assurance that in me you will have a faithful teacher, one who does not teach for gain, nor for glory. But what I received freely I will also grand freely.

  11. The Holy Spirit also said:  "A righteous man knows the rights of the poor; a wicked man does not understand such knowledge."  Among men therefore the poor will remain.  But with me there will be no poor, nor any unemployed, or take his rest on the streets, because I know the rights of the poor.

  12. One of the most profound revelations which the Lord granted me were the foundations of the earth to know and understand them. And imbedded within them is that which we call gravity as well as magnetism for its nature of being.

  13.  But who will take me upon my word when with the one hand I am cutting open the old wine-bag, and with the other hand give man a new one with new wine?   It will not be this generation to pay heed to my words, a generation slated for destruction, to be rooted out of the earth. 

  14. But my words will remain for those as yet to come when these will make a great bonfire of what their forebears accumulated to themselves.  These will take themselves upon my word, to learn a whole new science, a new foundation upon which to built. The ashes of their forebears will be for the better to them, and truth will flourish.

  15. When with the understanding given me I looked upon man, how all of his pursuits are for greed, to have more and more money, I concluded how in the day to come I would prohibit all of it, to never again have money, wherefore it could no longer be horded nor sought for.

  16. And for the I-pots made nowadays these will be outlawed, for I have seen what these do to people, therefore they will be a thing of the past.

  17. And what do I care for the rulers of the earth as if in any wise they could lift their heads to me? All of man's masters in the sciences will fade away as children, and while its preachers will lie down upon a bed of worms, its rulers one in all will be as the most stricken with no name nor heritage.

  18. Magnetism, a force of movement and being movement, and at that conductive movement into direction of.  And while as such it is like a fixed entity it is an all pervading and ever moving entity. But it is not alone even as man is never alone but with his mate as a single being.

  19. In conjunction with it is matter as substance forming together - like as a man is not a man without his woman, and the woman not a woman lest she is with her man, so the twain are one. For it is in such ways that the Lord made it, and much else.

  20. In like manner the power by which we are held to the earth is also twain, the inclination to gravity as the woman with the magnetic force of the earth to bring her home, and that in the embrace of her. And what are we to conclude of that magnetic in magnetism itself, it also in direction of is twain.

  21. For there is the linear and the angular, the second is first, and the first is second, both of them being the very collateral of magnetism. And by it two distinct forces are born, the linear magnetic and the angular magnetic.

  22. The linear then by which magnets and magnetism is generally known is again first, with electricity as the angular, or rotational magnetic force is second.  Nor are there any others, for besides a man with his woman to wife none other exist.

  23. Man with man does not exist, nor woman with woman, either and both are of the devil, and their lot will be with him, for as he is to dwell in an everlasting fire, so will these. Now of course man will sue me for having cursed the homosexuals. But what do I care for man, for them that are to be consumed by the fire and the sword?

  24. Then there is still this phenomena how with magnets as well as with electricity - those single entities display themselves in twain - to have a north and a south, a positive and a negative, to like the first-born push at one end and pull at the other.

  25. Or by the second born to have a rotation in one fashion - and in the opposite fashion, all because their single movement is directionally conductive.  

  26. And that conductivity is a quality of the 3M, of that motion and movement that is fundamental in all things, an entity in itself, and wedded with what cannot be understood by man, but he calls it nature, or matter as another term for what to him is incomprehensible.

  27. And so I have once again defined the second most fundamental force in nature with the first not mentioned, nor will I go any deeper into this. I shall hardly be understood in the things that I have spoken, how much less therefore if I spoke more.

  28. The Lord made all things in twain, one for the other, and the other for the one, nor is it of me to make a list thereof since that list would be endless, even as God's works are endless. Yet with an eye to see - the evidence thereof is all around us.

  29. In conclusion if you will be wise my son to know and understand many things, look to the Lord your Creator and honor Him in word and deed so that He may open your mind to the words of wisdom.

  30. Take yourself upon His word, and do not grow weary, nor be deceived by the precepts of men.  And if at first the Spirit of wisdom comes adverse to you, do not despair but endure, for the Spirit of truth and right counsel tries the soul of every man if they are worthy of Her.

  31. And knowing what this world is with all its deceptions, I admonish you again, endure, and be not deceived.

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