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  1. The one thing that man is good at is to dream up fantasies, to act with a mind that is like unto the beasts, and yes as such man is like unto the beast.

  2. He however should not be that way because he ate from the tree of life, he mistook himself upon the tree of knowledge whereby he became in the image of God to know right from wrong and good from evil.

  3. Therefore O man there is no excuse for you, no excuse at all to be irrational, for in having digested that fruit of life it was that a sense of common sense came into him as well, God having made man good and rational.

  4. And additionally He gave him a law of life, the kind of rules that follow common sense, like in not to kill, or to speak false witness, and foremost of all to honor and respect his Creator, the One by whom man obtained life and being.

  5. And while man himself approves of this axiom that it is wrong and foolish to bite the hand that feeds you, yet he continues to bite the hand that feeds him.  If then that is not irrational, what man will teach me right from wrong?

  6. If I were a man you would listen to me because my speech would be filled with lies and deceit, but because I am not really a man but more like my secretaries usually called me, a man's man, I am strange with man not knowing what to think of me.

  7. I now headed this page by the term of "Incomprehensive," by which to speak of what is irrational in man, it indeed being incomprehensive.  With this page I am proposing that which king Solomon and the prophet Jeremiah did in some of their speech.

  8. They showed man for their irrational conduct in making their own gods out of wood and stone, the kind of things that cannot even move nor defend themselves, nor do good nor bad to any person, because they are but inanimate things.

  9. And so these friends of mine spoke of how irrational it is to put one's hope or faith on such dead things that are no gods, showing man for his behavior that to all the righteous and the wise is incomprehensive.

  10. My theme here then is not any different except that I am not here speaking of the fallacy in worshipping wood or stone, but for man to worship his own fantasies. And how does one come to worship fantasies if not because he has cast off his sense of common sense.

  11. When one is without knowledge he is likely to fail in common sense, for this is what happens to the young when as yet they are uneducated, and they take their lessons from the most ignorant among men. And like he that plays with fire is likely to be burned by it, so these are burned.

  12. And to take lessons from a snake charmer bitten by its own deceptions one is not likely to receive anything but that poison. And so the young are poisoned, and grow up as a poison to everyone else. It then has its reward, a reward that I can best describe by what occurred not so long ago.

  13. The Creator of all warned the Israelites not to listen to their forebears, their parents and teachers and all. And that if they did the Lord would give them into the hands of cruel warriors so that death would be upon them.

  14. These Israelites then would not listen to any kind of reason, and as an example the Lord of late gave six million of them into the hands of death, the Holocaust as it is called, one of many that took place.

  15. That kind of reward now is stored up for every person and nation that fails for common sense, that live irrational and teach that which is irrational. Nor is there any escape from this, it merely awaits its time for each and everyone that is born human.

  16. If then in no uncertain ways I show man his irrational conduct verses what is plain common sense there may be some to take a lesson by accepting that plain common sense casting off his irrational thinking.

  17. I then quote:  "The weakness of the wave theory was that light waves, like sound waves, would need a medium for transmission. The existence of the hypothetical substance "aether" proposed by Huygens in 1678 was cast into strong doubt in the late nineteenth century by the Michelson-Morley experiment."

  18. The weakness is not in the wave theory, but in man himself. He reasons correctly as light refracts above a hot road-bed, and by a prism, and in a mirror, etc., all of these being a clear demonstration that these waves are very much affected by, and susceptible to this our medium, how therefore can they possibly even contemplate upon an aether?

  19. As then that aether was cast into doubt by an experiment of two persons that did not have the faintest idea as to what they were doing or working with, how can that doubt be a doubt? Their experiment clearly showed light to travel with the same velocity in any medium or direction of, all because - as obvious - those waves in a dozen other ways showed themselves to be fully susceptible and as such dependent upon this our medium.

  20. So you see how plain common sense overrides irrational thinking, for when 100 persons behold a mountain to rise up before them, and two others like Michelson and Morley acclaim that they cannot see any mountain, while that mountain is there, then who are the blind?

  21. For yes these two persons were blind with no eyesight at all - a fact confirmed by 100 others that did have eyes to see, those 100 others being the many other phenomena in nature showing light for its movement to be susceptible to all mediums, our medium, our bodily nature.

  22. It is just like that graven image of Christ or Mary that the blind hold sacred, kneeling before it and praying to it.  How very stupid of them to ignore the fact that anyone can break and burn that stupid image, nor is that image able to defend itself against being burned.

  23. As stupid therefore as these people are so stupid is everyone to believe upon these blind scientists. For these mind you may acclaim themselves to be scientists, but they are not scientists in any part of that term, but no more than blind bats heading straight into a wall falling headlong into their own dung.

  24. It is of the blind to make the most irrational statements with no definition to their irrational conduct, like quote:  "EM radiation is a form of energy that is all around us and takes many forms, such as radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and gamma rays." unquote.

  25. A form of energy he says, well then my dear fellow why not tell us that form.  First you say it is "a" form, as in one, then you conclude it as many forms. And so can't you make up your mind? And no he cannot make up his mind because his mind is irrational, a mind with no sense of common sense, nor of any reality.

  26. If he were rational he would explain what that energy is, or any energy and not merely its definition by a dictionary as the ability to perform work. For then again what is that ability?  And it being all around us - what is all around us?

  27. It is not of man, nor of any teacher born of man that we will have an answer, but from anyone of the sons of God since all these were taught of God, and of Him only.  Since then I am one of these I can teach because I am able to teach, nor therefore will you find me to be so stupid as to pray to or glorify a graven image.

  28. Energy as that energy spoken of, is nothing other than motion, the movement of things. At 1 mile an hour against a tree you will only feel a bump, but at 60 miles per hour its a different story - all because of what? Shall it not be motion in the rate thereof?

  29. And yes that energy as nothing other than motion is all around us, we live in it, we utilize it, and we are sustained by it, as well as the fact that our bodies subsist by it. If it were not for that fundamental movement to exist as an entity all in itself there would be no atoms, nor therefore any substance.

  30. Nor would the earth be turning, or move about at 15-km/sec, nor would there be light or any wave to go from one place to another since it - that fundamental magnetic movement - drives those waves from place to place. 

  31. And how would you possibly deny that movement to exist all around you when you know very well that the earth is a magnet and how we have our abiding within that magnetic field?

  32. Another quotation:  "EM radiation is created when an atomic particle, such as an electron, is accelerated by an electric field, causing it to move. The movement produces oscillating electric and magnetic fields, which travel at right angles to each other in a bundle of light energy called a photon."

  33. Most people will not see anything wrong with this since these are uneducated and a sense of common sense is not with them, but to me and every other person with common sense that sentence is most atrocious, and completely irrational.

  34. Ask yourself this; What is an electron? And again - what is a wave, like that of light? Come now use a bit of reason, have a bit of common sense. A wave like one of light spans over thousands of full size atoms, and that of radio over trillions of atoms just for but a half length of them.

  35. Is it then for an ant to tackle an elephant to hurl it a hundred meters down the road? Does that make any sense? If there is indeed any sense of common sense within you - you will immediately give up on man's most absurd theories, or fantasies as they really are.

  36. If however the poison of man is from the crown of your head to the toes on your feet, you will discard my teaching, and all that pertains to truth, because you are brainwashed by a poison that has worked its way all the way through.. 

  37. But like one who is a slave to drugs must take some pains to come free of it, so you must accept some pains, and if not you will remain a zombie with no intelligence of any kind.

  38. Read that stupid most irrational sentence again how he claims - "when" that minute so called particle is accelerated.  How stupid, how stupid, for is that little critter not always moving in circles, like they themselves concocted it to be that the atom subsist as such?

  39. How therefore can you cause it to move when it is always moving, and if you accelerate it, it just goes a bit faster. And where might that electric field be hidden? Is there any room left for electricity among all these atoms joined to one another?

  40. Man's irrational mind however will conclude, as they have, that it is for the electricity to move and or accelerate these none existent critters, or single sided coins as they have it. But when has anyone ever seen electricity to push or pull anything?  Electricity cannot push nor pull, only magnetic motion can.

  41. But then we not ever going to educate these minds that believe upon such gross stupidity, just as you cannot convince the roman catholics to destroy their graven images. 

  42. Single sided coins as these electrons and protons are. But what rational mind could possibly believe upon such gross stupidity other than them that are irrational?

  43. And notice how he mentions "energy" but with no definition thereof, while he knows very well that light moves, that it has motion, or is in motion. What therefore might that energy be if not motion? Has he never considered how or why people get hurt with a head-on collision?

  44. This is the commandment of our Creator that you must consider all things for their truth and reality, and that if you will not do so - you will come to pay a very dear price for it, namely your own hide in what is a living death, the kind where you will weep and gnash your teeth for having been so stupid not to consider truth and reality.

  45. There is a fire that burns forever, it is worse than those death-camps by which the Germans murdered so many persons. If then you abhor what took place in these camps - why are you running so swiftly to something even worse?

  46. Another quotation:  "Electromagnetic waves are the combination of electric and magnetic field waves produced by moving charges." unquote.

  47. That sentence is not just utterly childish and atrocious, it shows its maker as one that is without sense, one devoid of knowledge and common sense.  And how is that?

  48. Moving charges so it says, and yes we do understand the word moving, but what is a charge? Is it a bull or a Martian? but even a bull is not charging unless it is moving.  Is a charge green cheese, or a pudding?  For if you not not define that term of charge is has no meaning and ought to be removed from man's dictionaries.

  49. If you say it is something that electrifies than it must be tacking along a generator,  for by their so called logic it is not the electric nor magnetic that are the charges, since it is the charge to produce the magnetic and electric.

  50. And we always thought that a charge comes from electricity, but these have the cart before the horse, all because being irrational their speech is irrational.

  51. And of all things he is speaking of waves mind you, of entities that move freely and are never at all tied to their source, while both the electric and the magnetic are always tied to their source.

  52. It now is not for these people that I speak, for such as breathe out these kind of stupidities, but for that segment among man that have not been completely saturated with that kind of poison that turns men into less than zombies.  

  53. For once a person is so far gone by the poison of man's teachers he is like a rotten potato, one for whom there is no hope of becoming fresh again. But if the poison is only spotted one can cut off the bad parts to become whole again.

  54. There is no sense for me to educate such as are happy with the poison that they have consumed, the only way that these people will again come to life is not only for their hides to be burned of, but for the whole of them to be consumed by the fire.

  55.  Then being purified in fire their spirits may remain to at last receive a new body that is not tainted with the poison of this world, and of its teachers.  For so indeed it will be done to them, after which they will have only righteous teachers, to teach them what is truthful and according to common sense.

  56. I know very well that men would like me to give them a full description of what the atom really is and how and by what it is formed and subsist, for it is not anything that man formed in and by his illicit dreams.

  57. That part however in the sciences I have kept to myself, for as long as they cannot give me a sensible explanation of what those charges are of which they speak, and their energy I will not grant them what they wish.

  58. Give me a reasonable explanation, come to terms with reality, and perhaps I might consider your request. Get rid of your so called single sided coins, things only positive or negative, and you will be one step closer to what life is all about.

  59. Or if at all you are as smart as you claim to be - produce one of these single sided coins, or even a sheet of paper with only one side to it.  Since then you will never produce any such thing you will not be counted among the wise, nor in my book considered human.

  60. It is completely atrocious what all man has dreamed up in the sciences in the fundamentals thereof. And while he has been proven wrong in so many ways already, by me and by others, he is not about to let go of his illicit dreams, because he is blind and unable to distinguish light from darkness.

  61. Shall we therefore blame a blind man for not being able to see the light?  If he is physically impaired that will be one thing, but to be impaired by mind in one's spirit - that my dear fellow is inexcusable and punishable by death.

  62. For by the grace of God - I am a teacher, nor therefore has any man an excuse to discount my word.  And I could render this judgment - how a man stands already condemned because he would not believe me.

  63. Am I therefore taking the authority of God and of Christ Jesus His Son upon myself? It is not that I have taken anything, but He awarded me with that authority since it are His words upon my lips.  For did He not in that same way speak to all mankind by His prophets and Apostles, and others?

  64. But I was forewarned in the words that He spoke by Isaiah that in pronouncing such things as never been heard before, men would muse wondering if I be right or not, to which the Lord made this confirmation - that He as a first declared it unto me.

  65. But who pays attention to what is written in the Scriptures? The theologians of this day neither believe nor understand anything of what is written, to them it is no more than a crutch by which to fleece the people.

  66. The Bible says, the Bible says, so they speak, for of themselves they know nothing, a most Godless sect of people born for perdition. Or as the Lord Himself said, "A vipers-brood."

  67. It is not only the majority of man's scientists that I found to be in sad shape having their illicit dreams, but the clergy even worse. These however do not lie and steal out of ignorance, even though they are ignorant, but being born of the devil they practice what is most natural to them.

  68. Therefore also did the Lord Himself  say; "You brood of vipers how can you speak good, when you are evil?" And by John the Spirit of the Lord said to that clergy, "Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"

  69. There is no heaven for the clergy, and though I could have been one, they expelled me from their midst and then some, all because my lips spoke truth. And had I been installed as one of these my first act would have been to drive out all the hypocrites. And that in this day and age would have come to an empty building.

  70. For I would have given the law of the Lord to follow, and if not, do not return. I am indeed a light in the world but its inhabitants prefer darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil, and they do not want their evil to be seem.

  71. As then I could go on and on to expose man for his errors in fundamentals, my word thus far has been enough, for here again it is by the truth that I have abundantly shown in plain simple terms that those which do have a mind to be educated can acquire that truth to themselves.

  72. And like it is said how - "by the truth one is set free."  It then warrants you to accept truth and reality, for the Lord, the Almighty One who rules the whole of the universe is about to dishonor all the honored in the earth, all of them without exception, past and present.

  73. And He is about to turn all of them that are wise in the earth - into fools. And that He will do before the eyes of all mankind past, present and future, and likewise before the eyes of those in the heavens.

  74. For while many of those in the heavens had the rulers and the wise in the earth for friends and habitations unto them, these will also learn how very ignorant they were, and be as the fools of the earth.

  75. If now I were wise I would keep my mouth shut, because in this day and age in this world truth is the last thing anyone wishes to hear, wherefore I in effect am turning everyone against me, becoming man's enemy, and at that one of his worst enemies, one that will be on top of the most wanted list