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  1. What is a wave of the spectrum, and how are they brought forth? Man have it that, quote; "Waves are produced by exited electrons when they return to their normal state." unquote.

  2. And so allow me to humor the children of man by having a closer look at their theories if perhaps by chance some of them may come to maturity.

  3. First question; How do these very minute parts become exited? If you tell me that a good looking lady passed by I can relish that. Or if you tell me that they got a jolt of energy, first tell me what energy is and where it came from.

  4. Energy is of course nothing other than motion, and so what kind of motion will push Venus or mother Earth out of its orbit with a force so great as to jump? Shall it be an asteroid plowing into it? Or just it's wake in passing push us out of orbit?

  5. But that is preposterous since an asteroid is but very small compared to ourselves, and we as an electron are already the smallest part of that atom with the sun as our core.  It might put a dent in us, but in no way at all would it drive us out of orbit.

  6. If then the moon would come crashing into us, it might conceivably alter our orbital track, but it will take something like Jupiter crashing into us at some speed whereby to cause us to jump. And so where in the atom are there such solid parts to cause an electron to jump?

  7. You are not going to tell me that something from the outside of the atom invaded it striking upon one of its electrons now are you? For if so the whole atom would be destroyed or split apart as is done with atomic explosions. And while that would generated waves, light and radio waves are usually produced without such commotions.

  8. But we in utilizing our solar system have been using the wrong example, since its nine electrons do not nearly travel with the velocity that the parts in an atom do. And the higher the velocity of any object so much the more stable it will be in its path.

  9. Conclusively these electrons are not likely to alter their orbital tracks, and if so it would be by a gradual alteration rather than to jump. Moreover their change in positioning may very well alter that of others near to it.

  10. Secondly, assuming man's erroneous conception to be so, what would be the wavelength that such a rascal could possibly produce?  If it jumped to an orbit 1/10th the spacing of the diameter of that atom, and that being 1 angstrom, it comes to an alteration of 0.1 angstrom.

  11. And so that electron in its jumping fashion traced a wavy line to the tune of 0.1A presumably creating a full wavelength of 0.2A. Such a thing now does not even come to light for its shortest length, that electron will have to jump by a factor of at least 20.000 times more just to come to the measure of blue light.

  12. But it is utterly impossible for any electron to make a jump even by a measure of one half of an angstrom since that would put it clear out of the atom. And so my dear reader how long are we going to debate the impossible, and not rather leave that absurd fantasy to the blind, when in the first place electrons do not exist?

  13. Next, it is said that instead of a wave the electron produces a particle which they called photon, and that it is a wave. But now hold on, for how much Vodka did these consume to themselves to come up with such contradictions?

  14. A particle is a particle, and when it travels, it always travels in a straight line, never at all by any sine formation. The only entity able to travel by a sine formation is movement itself by a coordinate thereof.  I have never seen a bullet to weave have you?  Or an airplane traveling by a sine pattern?

  15. Since thus the waves of the spectrum are seen as waves these cannot possibly be any kind of particle.  Moreover the very idea of electrons sending out or producing particles is totally absurd. For where do they get these things, and how many of these do they carry around - in a back-pack or so?

  16. And seeing how these photons are even more minute than the electron itself, how do they make for an entity that spans itself over thousands and yes by some over billions of atom for a single turn of it.  Is it for a hyena to hurl an elephant ten miles down the road?

  17. For that my dear reader is the mentality of it. But you are still wondering about this wave nature how something that is immaterial can be transposed by a sine formation.  If then you will pay due attention to my words I will explain it satisfactory, for it is as I said - a coordinate on the move.

  18. Nor should this come as a surprise since people are always speaking of waves radiating from almost anything.  But when we speak of motion, there is motion and there is fundamental motion.

  19. The fundamental motion is the power and energy of anything and everything that may be called energy or charge.  Its designation is 3M, or as man has it - magnetism.  But what is this single fundamental force in nature?  It as such to our comprehension is movement, nor shall we come to any deeper understanding of it.

  20. There is more all around us than what is visible to the eye. Our own selves as spirits is one of them. Then there are the spirits of the giants roaming the earth to whom there are no obstacles as we know obstacles because our spirit is fastened to a body made up of atoms.

  21. Then there are the angels that for clothing put on fire, wherefore one of them standing on the sun, he as such could be wrapping a blanket around himself. 

  22. And why am I mentioning these things? It is to impress upon us that we are never alone, and that there is a nature other than our physical nature around us and everywhere, and that these co-exist with one another.

  23. We are at all times surrounded by heavenly creatures, Watchers are they are also called, poor fellows that they have to look upon us at all times day and night, upon a wicked generation. Yet they keep themselves occupied transporting the spirits of the dead at all times day and night.

  24. And so that 3M as a movement is a fundamental movement, something akin, and yet not akin to spirits. Nor is it anything that always travels by straight lines into one direction, but for all reality it is just there as were it a stationary entity, and it is everywhere in and throughout all things.

  25. Yet when it is impressed upon then it transposes that whatever impresses it away at the speed of 300.000 km/sec, and that into a direction of that impression. And while I held off revealing even this much of it, I must at least mention something relevant to our wave phenomena.

  26. Motion or movement is not only the power of all things, the energy and charge, or whatever other terms man may have invented, but it as such comes to life in conjunction with what is known as the substance of nature, substance in the term of matter.

  27. But you still do not understand me, you still do not have a proper understanding of what is immaterial verses material and how these two work in conjunction with one another. 

  28. If for example we take time, it is like endless, yet if you were to put your finger on it, that whole endless realm of time would be like a dot under your finger.

  29. All because you cannot take any parts of time, time as such is but a factor of mathematics, for while it is real it has no consistency, it is just there, and to have any of it you must pass through it, or impose yourself upon it.

  30. In similar fashion the 3M is like a stationary entity that for its nature is and produces movement. But that movement will only show itself when it is impressed upon, and it as such is the power, or becomes the power by and in its nature of displacement.

  31. As then time is without meaning unless we are there to pass into time, so the 3M as natures one and only fundamental force being essentially as much immaterial as time is - becomes real when in fact something is imposed upon it. 

  32. The 3M and the atoms in nature thus work in conjunction with one another, and neither one would have its cup of tea without the other.  All this is evident from a host of observations.

  33.   Have I now made it sufficiently clear for us to drink our cup of tea? For up to this point I have already spoken too much, nor will I go any deeper into this.  It is no secret that none of man's scientists are able to compete with me, nor am I competing with them, I am simply passing on that which has been given me.

  34. Our subject here being wave phenomena my intend is simply to show man the error of their ways, and if at times I seem harsh, it is to a child's own welfare when a father uses his belt upon him. For like the Preacher said, "He will not die."

  35. Is it not so that "They that love their children discipline them continually so that in the end they may have joy of them.?" And how is it not written,  "A wise regent disciplines his people."  My means then to discipline are words, and for correction I have but words showing forth the evidence such as they are.

  36. Mankind by nature always attempts to get higher upon the ladder, and most of his labors are for gain and more gain. But I am not so, I do not care for gain, nor to get higher upon any ladder.  I am that I am, so am I.

  37. I may sometimes be colorful in things, or show things by no more than a reflection to reality, but all these are by design to give what may be given and to withhold what is to be withheld. I am like the Lord spoke of me, "A tender soul," and as such I am easily hurt, but equally as much I will hold on to truth at all cost.

  38. If it is said of me, that I am a man very sure of himself, it is because I have been educated, and I not just believe, but I do believe all that the Lord has spoken, and I bank upon it.

  39. If thus we are to have a wave-like formation to the tune of light, it takes the efforts of several and more atoms to produce them. Which is like saying to pull a log out of the forest it will take an elephant and not a sparrow, wherefore we ought to forget about making waves with electrons.

  40. For the construction of a microwave that as such is many times larger than a light-wave no electrons are made to jump, but we employ billions upon billions of whole atoms to set up an oscillation within a hollow cavity, that then as such may heat our food.

  41. Shall it then be of a single minute electron to have more cloud and power than the combined efforts of many billions of atoms made to move by full fledged magnetic and electrical coordinates?  

  42. If at this point you still do not understand me, I may as well give up on you, and let you pull your logs out of the forest by mere ants.

  43. Only I wish for you to in future times before all the people of the earth, and before the creatures of heaven not to have such shame upon you, as were you but a dreamer and not a man of character. 

  44. I wish you to have some backbone, and show yourself a man. Therefore O my son grow up, become a man, so I may speak to you like a man.


  1. Shall I as yet go into the mentality of transverse waves?  For our question in the beginning was; "What is a wave of the spectrum?"  But do I really have to?  Does it even warrant me to do so? 

  2. I am asking these questions since I know that there are quite a few among us to have told the rest of us that these kind of waves cannot exist in any fluid.

  3. And why then have you not believed them, since they were speaking the truth?  These person had at least a sense of common sense, and yet how many from the race of man and students are still hung up on that absurd fantasy?

  4. I may quote one of their statements namely: "Transverse waves cannot propagate in a gas or a liquid because there is no mechanism for driving motion perpendicular to the propagation of the wave."  And how true that is.

  5. What do you expect for your bobbing sine formation to pass through all the myriads of atoms and molecules, even in the air? Shall they have a safe passage?  For do you not know that even in the air these molecules though free to move around all rest upon one another, and that with their fields of movement in the coordinates thereof?

  6. And yes I choose these words to bring us to some realization, for the fundamental parts of which the air is made up are spaced apart of one another making contact upon one another by their fields of movement, that as such are their coordinates of movement.

  7. Just look at water when turned into steam how far these parts drive themselves from each other, and when compressed their fields of movements acts like a spring with the speed and agility of any magnet.  For it are magnets, and their force is the magnetic force.

  8. It may be said that the steam locomotive is driven by the pressure of steam, but it can equally and more fundamentally be said how the locomotive is driven by magnetic power.

  9. Take two magnets and position them with alike polarities facing each other, then force them towards each other to nearly touching, and when you let go it is like a bullet fired from a rifle, or the piston in your engine driven down, or the cylinder of the steam locomotive pushing upon the wheels thereof.

  10. Your bobbing sine formation would quickly ceased to exist the instant it came upon the first atoms in their fields of movement as were it no more than a gnat to squash. But to instead be helped along by the atoms themselves in their fields of movement would give the wave its path by which to move onward.

  11. But still I have not as yet made myself sufficiently clear to gather the meaning of it all. And so let us take a million or so atoms and molecules bound within the confines of an electrical potential, and let us have a linear magnet that by its pattern also holds in millions or billions of atoms.

  12. We now have the two factors by which to produce a third. Since then an illustration would be helpful, let us do without it so that we are forced to picture all these things in mind. 

  13. As then the electrical potential is a rotating one, while the magnetic potential a stationary one, our vision for an impulse must be in a rotational fashion fixed against a stationary power.

  14. Take in mind a rotating entity turning to the right, (Clock-wise) and to do this in slow motion - when this rotating entity has proceeded by a spacing of 1-cm in diameter, we put a halt to it, and/or quickly turn back.  What in effect have we then created, or as we might say - procured or introduced?

  15. It is a right angle movement that is suddenly stopped, or cut off. But this right angle movement for the space of 1-cm in diameter, is greater by 3.14, namely the circumference of any diameter. Thus the full length of this angular moment is not completely around the full circle, but only by the half thereof since we in slow motion turned half way around at which point we made our cut off.

  16. We cannot very well allow that right angle thrust to complete a full circle for then it would merely be a continuation of its rotational movement, or perhaps a boost into its revolutions.  In order therefore to have an angular moment, a dent if you will, it must be cut off in its half circular measure.

  17. And so at this point what do we have? We have a moment, or line if you will, or variation into a otherwise circular or straight moving line. And that line as the angular moment is to our right at directly a ninety degree turn from us.  Or shall it be so?

  18. And yes if it were not for the 3M it would be so, for while we in slow motion made our right angle move half way around the circle, we as such in doing so made our impression upon the 3M. Or factually we cannot make any kind of move without impressing ourselves upon the 3M.

  19. That 3M then that for its nature in velocity exhibits no acceleration - instantly reacting upon that move of ours from beginning to its very end, however short that duration may be. 

  20. And so what happens when you cast a dime upon a moving vehicle before you? It of course will instantly be taken with that vehicle at no acceleration since that vehicle at all times moved with but a single velocity.

  21. If then in a mere fraction of a moment you look at your dime moving away from you, it in respect to you is no longer at ninety degree to your right, but at some distance that may come to anything between zero and ninety degree. The line between you and your dime is thus now at a slant.

  22. How then will this line, this angular moment as it is, (I say angular moment because it is after all but an angular moment, it had its start at one point in the circle and was cut off at exactly the other side of that same circle.) It in all reality is - one half of a circle of movement forced to exist on its own.

  23. What then is this half circular moment to do? Shall it sit there and decide what to do with itself, or what direction it shall take? No, not likely for it is already on the move at full velocity from the instant it began to be formed, to the very end of its procurement.

  24. It - as an angular moment - became a slanted line by and in the combination of two distinct movements, one sitting there and waiting to take it away, with the other imposing upon it by a right angle thrust, the result of which for its length and diameter all depends on how fast it was driven to the right, and at what magnitude.

  25. The 3M then always transposes anything and everything of its spectrum by a fixed velocity, but our right angle thrust can be by varying velocities, or different rates of revolutions.  If it is done slowly the angle would come near to the zero degrees, and as such be little more than a straight line, or a very long wavelength.

  26. When however it is done faster and faster it will come closer and closer to its original ninety degree turn, resulting into shorter and shorter wavelengths.  (In a previous page with a protractor I used zero for ninety degrees, and ninety for zero degree, we can of course look at it both ways.)

  27. And how then is this angular moment that from hereon in will come to be known as a wavelet, to travel into distant regions?  

  28. The answer to that is of course simplicity itself, for as it was formed in and by a circular fashion around an atom or around any number of atoms for magnitude - and taken away simultaneously while it was formed, it simply continues that way, as also the only way that it can continue.

  29. And so let us ask again; what is moving down the line, the wave as it is called?  It is the angular moment that for its angular measure always comes to what is called the half length of a wave.  And why shall it be the half length, and not the full length?

  30. Our angular moment on the move encircling all the atoms and/or molecules in its path is in effect the whole of the wave, wherefore the half length is in effect the full of the wave.  

  31. But since that full length for its measure is but half way around the circumference it will appear to have twice its full length when it has completed one full turn around the circumference.

  32. Our measure as such to scale it from crest to crest is thus mere sight deception, but useful in the mathematics for its velocity as well as frequencies.  In terms of mathematics it must have a full turn by which to compute events, and equally so for its velocity.

  33. For if 300.000.000 meter lengths pass in one second, we cannot very well say that 300.000.000 half meter lengths passed by a velocity of 600.000 km/sec, since of course these half lengths, the true and real lengths - cannot be transposed any faster seeing how the affixed maximum of the 3M is 300.000.000 meters per second in time.

  34. But what is factually moving at 300.000.000 m/sec? It is the angular moment, but that angular moment is not moving in a straight line, it is taking a longer route as it is taken around all these atoms for magnitude. (For light it is around atoms, for the larger ones of the spectrum it is around millions and billions of atoms, each octave having its own magnitude, for in the magnitude by which they were formed so they travel)

  35. As therefore the angular moment moves onward by a velocity of 300.000 km/sec, it for its longer route in passing a full 300.000 km will be found to take a bit more than just one second in time.  Or we can say that for its distance in time it traveled at a pace less than 300.000 km/sec.

  36. That sort of velocity then is properly called the Relative velocity, with its real velocity as the Constant in velocity.  If therefore we take meter lengths of which there are 300.000.000 in one second, and they traveled by a diameter of one centimeter, we then multiply that one 1-cm by 3.14 to come to the circumference as the distance that our angular moment must pass for each single one of its three hundred million turns.

  37. 3.14 cm then added to 100-cm, (the length of 1 meter) comes to 103.14 cm. We then take our constant of 300.000 and divide it by 103.14 after which the result is multiplied by the nominal length, the meter length, which is 100 cm. 

  38. The outcome then comes to 290.866 km/sec as the relative velocity of that wave, its speed for distance traveled in time. And what may be the factor of its revolutions in any one second of time?  

  39. Meter lengths will revolve to the tune of 300 million per second in time.  And there being 1000-millimeters in a meter that comes to 300 billion for anything that makes a full turn for every single millimeter - all in one second.

  40. My point here is to make us aware of the fact how stable any wave, and especially light waves are. For at such high revolutions it is quite suited to pass and keep itself to a straight trajectory. It as such has inertia, the factor of remaining stable and in place, or at speed.

  41. Have I now made myself clear? And have we now learned something of nature in the nature thereof?


  1. Then let us speak a few words on amplitude. I use it as a designation for the full volume of any wave in its circular being.  To any wave other than length there is a diameter, and that into the circumference with amplitude being the whole volume of these two.

  2. If I say amplitude I do not have to mention its diameter nor its circumference, unless I am making my reference to a certain dimension. And when so it would be by diameter rather than circumference, since the latter is incorporated with the term of amplitude.

  3. If then we affix a rope between two stationary points and produce a weaving motion upon that rope, we have indeed a transverse wave. The power factors for this transverse version are the two poles on which it is fastened without which no such wave formation could sustain itself.

  4. The rolling factor of a water wave, instigated by a shockwave is maintained by the volume of the water as it moves up, and by gravity as it is pulled down.  But gravity is not any factor with any of the waves known as the spectrum of waves, also called the magnetic spectrum, since of course all these are magnetic.

  5. As then man adds the term electro to it he is referring to a bird that is long extinct or has never at all existed. But to humor my fellow man it is erroneously called the EM spectrum.  If now that was their only error I might still serve man with his cup of tea, but they have the gall to refer to them as transverse in nature.

  6. And that in my book is not just an error but a lie, since any sense of common sense all in itself disproves that.   And to make matters worse they fashioned the amplitude of them after that most illogical conception.

  7. Therefore it is not only in the pattern of the wave in which they are false, but in amplitude as well. For who could come up with any scenario disproved by everything in nature? Shall we answer it, or shall we let the blind be the blind, for these poor creatures simply do not know better?

  8. But then again - if like they say - they are the teachers in the sciences - should we allow their students to go down into the gutter with them or not rather give them something to hold on too, lest these also disappear into oblivion?

  9. I will leave that decision up to you, for while it is not likely that these teachers will be held back from oblivion, my heart however goes out to these many young souls that are corrupted by them.  For I have duly seen what the poison of these blind ones does to these many young souls, and I feel for them.

  10. Amplitude thus is as I have said herein above. and in due time man's amplitude will disappear into oblivion, with only the right one remaining.  How much therefore of man's literature will have to be burned as mere trash? It will indeed make for a great bonfire to the demise of its inventors.

  11. In all wavelets for their linear movements remember how I spoke of magnitudes, that just as these are produced at any magnitude so they will travel at that magnitude. And as their lengths correspond to their magnitude, or visa versa so they are to be regarded.

  12. Then of course there is the expansion and contraction in the lengths of a wave, and my habit has been to in any of these alteration hold to their magnitude. But this judgment of mine may be questionable, as even I in former years and former pages did question these things if perhaps by such alteration the amplitude may change as well, or along with it.

  13. This is something I leave to others, and with some experiments in future years we might come to the right answer.  One thing that will not change is that amplitude is never a degree of intensity.

  14. For like transverse for all the magnetic waves is wrong, and their amplitude along with it, so it can neither be a measure of intensity. The whole idea about waves that these have is erroneous to begin with.

  15. If then you do not agree with me how all magnetic waves are transposed like a spring or a grove in a drill-bit, furnish us with an alternate that is in conformance with all the known facts in nature.

  16. In my book you will not find an alternate since our rotating waves fit in perfectly with all the factors of nature. If that were not so, I would not have said so in the first place, for I am not one to promote theories, but to define things as they show themselves to us.


  1. Reality, or should I say stupidity?  To make a quotation it reads as follows: "In electromagnetic waves no medium is required for the waves to travel through."

  2. If then that is not an observation of the totally blind, what can be more blind? If we start to enumerate the facts, these waves are known for different lengths to travel at different velocities, and how would that be possible if these were not very much susceptible to the medium in which they travel?

  3. If for their movement they were not absolutely bound to the medium, they would not vary in their velocity on account of it. Nor therefore would they refract for any prism, nor reflect from any mirror.

  4. If the blind among us were right than we could not shave ourselves before a mirror, nor observe ourselves in any mirror, seeing how light  requires no medium for its movement.

  5. If then these examples are a bit hard to understand how about the refraction of light above a hot road-bed? One thing is absolutely guaranteed that all such who pronounce such rubbish, are in no way capable to explain how and why there is that apparent water on the road. Nor for that matter anything in the sciences.

  6. For at the speed of light those waves shake hands with every single atom in their path, if even one of them is spaced but a little more than the last that wave instantly expands itself to accommodate that medium for the greater spacing of its parts.

  7. And when it sees a raindrop in the sky it reflects itself back to us by separate lengths, diverging itself in the circular form of that raindrop.

  8. But the people who speak such rubbish are hypocrites are they not?  They are contradictory in that they speak of an refractive index to the tune of 1 for space and 0.0003 for air.  And so with that index they in fact are stating that space is nearly as dense as our air is.

  9. Then there is this statement how; Quote, "The energy carried by an electromagnetic wave is proportional to the frequency of the wave."

  10. This person has no idea at all of what he is pronouncing, since of course he is completely deficient in the sciences, or else he would not pronounce such rubbish.

  11. First and foremost he has no conception as to what energy is, nor how to define it.  If then he is insinuating that the potential of a wave is proportional to its frequency, why not rather to its velocity and wavelength? 

  12. For this comes as an absolute fact that frequency is nothing more than a number, a tally of events, and has nothing in common with power. Nor shall the number 6 of six apples be edible, the apples themselves being the sustenance.

  13. Since now energy means motion - as in movement, it is movement that presents power. And for our waves it is their movement in velocity as well as in revolutions, and that coupled with the consistency of the angular moment.

  14. Then there is this statement how; quote; "An electromagnetic wave consists of vibrating electric and magnetic fields that move through space at the speed of light."

  15. We are not at this point going to deride him for using the words electric and magnetic, wrong as that may be, but vibrating borders on insanity.  For how fast must be the high points in its velocity when it is to come to a stop and go each time for each wavelet?

  16. We know for a fact that a vibrating wave does not come to any speed in excess of some 700 miles per hour, sound being one such. How thus for the tune of 300.000 km/sec must that wave be really moving after it has stopped and accelerated again to come to its other side, and so repeat its vibration?

  17. But why does it even have to move at all when as said - it is vibrating?  For it can just as well vibrate in place without going anywhere. 

  18. If then we are to give it a push so that it may go somewhere, we are also committed to push those two gorilla's along with it.  For without those two gorillas who is to put his hand up to stop that thing and push it back the other way?

  19. But are there sufficient gorillas in the air and in space to accommodate these countless many wavelets? And are we breathing these beasts, and how did these come to be so invisible to us?

  20. And if it vibrates it will make sounds, with the world so well illuminated how is that there is no sound? Need I say more to turn some of us into fools? I am not the one making fools of them, they are doing it to them selves, I am merely showing what can and cannot be.


  1. Having digested all this the fact remains that we know very little of light for its nature and movement.  How for example may it be that all the different substances in their different coordinates emit, or remit only specific angular moments whereby we interpret them into color?

  2. I could make some illustrations and go into speculation, the kind of speculation that in comparison to man may seem like facts to their fantasy. But no, I will not do so since I for one do not really know how all that is done.

  3. When we look at some flowers, like the tulip where its leaves form upwards into a cluster, or the sunflower that opens up, and the endless other varieties whereby flowers are known, I am completely awed at the inconceivable wisdom and ability of the Creator to have formed all these.

  4. That by merely placing a coordinate like a code upon each them in a million and more ways to not only multiply itself for parts of, but after such many different fashions.  For what inconceivable ingenuity it takes to know by what particular movement and order of movement these things will accomplish all these feats.

  5. The rotating angular moments of light then, and other angular moments are essential for that so called living tissue whereby they may be reproduced. Man has many different terms for it, all quite basic, for on fundamental levels these rotating angular moments known as light instigate movement into and upon these many parts and their coordinates.

  6. For it is by movement that they are formed after the specific order placed within them.  And this much is factual how it is by rotational movements that again movements are made, and by variances from a straight line that any code may be produced.

  7. Recall how I said;  "Nature is matter in motion by coordination," for so it is. And who but the Almighty Creator could have given each of them their specific order of movement, and their over-all order of movement, in code and every other way.

  8. This is not something we can come to an understanding of, for to do so we must correlate not a dozen factors at once, if even we can do that much, but untold many trillion of factors all at once, and direct them to proceed in just that manner.

  9. In our spirit we activate many factors at once, all those by which our bodies are kept intact, and by which we move all of our muscles, in addition to interpreting sounds and sights, as well as feelings.  So thus that spirit of ours is a marvelous entity that it can perform all these things at once.

  10. But as lofty as that spirit of ours is, it is nothing at all in comparison to the Almighty Creator. And I call Him Almighty, for so indeed He is - All-mighty, able to perform anything and everything that He wishes.  There is therefore no comparison to Him.

  11. To Him belongs all that is, and when we come to think of how He made all that is, we are as nothing at all, for only if and when He teaches us, to grant us a glimpse into His works will we have any understanding at all.

  12. And of all that I have written and explained in the nature of nature, or of light, I know very little, very, very little indeed seeing how there is as yet a whole ocean unexplored before me. But if I am never contend with what I have received - how will I live?

  13. Have I now explained it sufficiently? If not so, or if you doubt my insight, be my guest to provide us with a better explanation, one that compliments the reality as we know it, and is surely made evident to us.

  14. If it is bothersome that I write my thoughts out in parts, here a little there a little, with duplications here and there, that has been that way with me for fifty years, and at this point I am in no mood to rewrite 50 years of work. All I ask is - take a grain of salt and put up with my faults.


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