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    Carbon 14 dating

  1. The method of carbon dating is as flawed as man himself. Mass spectrometry may be a useful tool but the fundamentals by which he conceives its operation being partly correct still thrives upon fallacies as well.

  2. Man deceives himself regarding the atom consisting of positive and negative parts as well as neutral parts, a fallacy that is proved by everything in nature, and more profoundly in my demonstration of a simple magnet. 

  3. While then they contribute the atom to have electrical charges upon them by which they are bound to molecules is wrong seeing how electricity all in itself disproves that fallacy of them. (Ref page 72)

  4. For when looking at a grain of sand it looks quite stationary as a single grain that could only be procured upon it when the atoms thereof have - and as such exhibit - the linear magnetic nature.  If it were electrical, the rotational magnetic nature, that grain of sand would not be a grain, nor even visible to the eye, since of course none of its parts would stick together.

  5. But now try to tell a blind man how there is a moon reflecting the light of a sun. If he does not take the man's word for it, how will he believe, because he is blind and cannot possibly see that which he is told to exist?  I clearly dared them to show us those single sided coins which they invented for the nature of the atom. 

  6. But will we get an answer? Will they show them? Every person with a sense of common sense will conclude that to have or construct a coin with only one side on it - is irrevocably impossible. And what then am I speaking of?

  7. I am speaking of anything in the nature of magnetic and/or electrical how it never exists, nor can it ever exist or be found - but with both of its polarities, since quite obvious every coin must have two sides. The two polarities of any such thing is but, and none other than the two sides of a single issue.

  8. In how many other ways now must I put this? How can I possibly educate man when he refuses to be educated? How stupid therefore I am to even attempt to educate man. I am stupid alright, but perhaps there are those in the race of man that do have eyes, and who have not blocked their mind to anything but fantasies.

  9. And since I know that there are such persons to whom knowledge is not an affliction, it is therefore that I speak, and take up issue after issue. Do you wish to see a sample of man's ignorance?

  10. Quote: "When one of the carbon's neutrons decays into a proton and a high-energy electron that is emitted as a beta particle, that leaves a nitrogen atom of 7 protons, 7 neutrons and 6 electrons by my reckoning. Where does the 7th electron come from?"

  11. Don't blame this person now for pronouncing these words, for he does not know better, he has been poisoned by the venom of man's teachers, and the poison has accomplished its intended design.

  12. All these one sided coins that he is speaking of, can of course not possibly exist. But why should we take this with a grain of salt when there is an antidote to the poison within him, if only he will accept that antidote whereby he may rid himself of that poison?

  13. Any simple magnet held next to an electrical wire clearly demonstrates and proves that there are no such things as electrons, and how the push pull whereby anything may be held rigid is not of the electric but of the stationary or fixed magnetic pattern, and of that kind of magnetic only.

  14. Therefore I say man has no excuse. I am telling him that there is a sun, and that there is a moon. But they will continue to tell me that these do not exist, and hold me for a liar.  And why is that so?  It's the poison that is doing that to them. So rid yourself of it, and come with me to a real world, one that does exist.

  15. Edwin Hubble for example was not a very bright person, his explanation for the refraction of light is at best a childish observation lacking ingenuity, and devoid of insight. And as I showed in still other pages the masters in the sciences are not even able to compute any kind of wave into its velocity.  How competent therefore with carbon 14 shall they be at telling time?

  16. The pattern of the sine wave is right before their eyes, they themselves drew it, yet have no understanding of it, and that mind you in the least of it. The design all in itself shows how velocities are to be computed, yet these masters in the sciences in all this time had not an inkling as to how to go about it.

  17. And these brain- surgeons wish to compete with me, or even put me in the wrong? If they do not behave themselves, in a day to come I will deal with them in other ways, not to their wishes, and tears will flow.


  1. This is a device used to determine the mass of the atomic and/or molecular parts in nature. Fundamentally it is functional, but the interpretation of its outcome by man is flawed. This is like the interferometer that also was functional, but its designers as well as everyone afterwards had no idea how to interpret it.

  2. But before I speak a few words on that device allow me to put the facts straight.  The ones that concocted the idea as if the dinosaurs and other events date back into the millions of years had no evidence of any kind by which to substantiate their fantasies, not then nor now.

  3. And least of all their so called carbon dating, that by their own terms have but a half life of some 5 to 6 thousand years. How thus are they speaking of millions if not for their own glorification in the imagination of their minds?

  4. And so that is but a hoax as is most everything else of these minds.  The fact that large animals existed at the beginning of the earth was clearly revealed in the Scriptures, but it does not give us a time table. And to construct a time table for the Dinosaurs is as fleeting as any other truth is to them.

  5. To start out with the mass spectrometer a sample must first be turned into a gas by which it is then with the use of an electrical coordinate accelerated into a vacuum tube or chamber. 

  6. The term "ions" then that they use is but a hoax, for an atom is an atom always having and presenting both of its polarities without which it can not exist.

  7. And if it were not for the fact that atoms as well as molecules always present their dual polarities they could not be affected by nor accelerated by any electrical potential. Moreover, the design of all the molecular grids confirm it.

  8. Single sided coins cannot be viewed from two sides seeing how the masters in the sciences lacked the integrity and ingenuity to paste a second side to it.

  9. In order thus to drive forth and accelerate such parts, a push pull scenario is needed that of course is perfectly done with electricity, since it is a coordinate, a wave pattern of rotating magnetic entities having both polarities.

  10. As then by a linear magnet they are helped into a turn of their path it stands to reason that the parts with greater volume will take a longer turn compared to those of lesser volume. In this way the gaseous part are separated by what is sometimes called weight.

  11. Only of course it is not by weight as it is by volume, by their quantity of mass.  But mass comes in several ways, there are atoms of different mass, and atoms bound to one another representing a mass greater than the individual mass of each of them.

  12. And so "what" are these parts taking the longer turn, and those taking the shorter turn? Are it C12 in the middle with C14 on the outside?  Or may it be 2 of C12 acting as were they one of C14?   Or perhaps it are whole molecules refusing to let go of its more individual parts?

  13. For any reality these questions must be answered. But there is no question as how large the smallest of all parts are that take the shorter turn, these we know are full fledged atoms, and never at all anything less.  If thus full fledged atoms are seen for minute parts of an atom, how many atoms may be clinging together at the heavy end?

  14. Shall then carbon 14 be a series of atoms?  I am not going to join them in their laboratories to make any kind of experiment, for these things interest me in the least, but I will provide man with some guidelines in his search for greater knowledge.

  15. It is not my intention here to speak of the atomic bomb which man constructed to his own demise, but I must use it for illustration. The elements of Oxygen and Nitrogen for example cannot likely be split apart by man's doing, only the heavy atoms that are unstable in the first place may be at his disposal to break apart.

  16. Man has the notion as if the heat generated in his atomic power plants is by fission, wrong as he is - he is right in some degree since most of that heat is generated by RAM. (Relative angular movement) The primary source of fission is secured by and in an atomic explosion.

  17. Nor will all of the atoms in such an explosion be split, but the ones that do - set up such a degree of movement that affects everything around it, which as such serves as the power of an atomic bomb.  For it is not in the Uranium to level buildings, nor to burn a wide area, but in the super heated air that acts like a tsunami would in water.

  18. Just as a jolt in the middle of an ocean is not what destroys the shores of a nation, but its resultant, the tsunami generated by it, and that again with substance at hand, the water.

  19. Even so the power of an atomic bomb is like a high rise building that rests upon a cornerstone.  Take away the cornerstone and the whole building collapses.  So is the fission of Uranium, namely the cornerstone that then sets in action the collapse of the whole building.

  20. The event of Nine Eleven serves as an example, the single airplane in each of these towers was but the key to get things moving.

  21. There is O1, and O2 as well as O3, (O for Oxygen)  O1 is the oxygen in water, the O2 is what we breathe in the air, if the Oxygen becomes O3 it is toxic.  When it is at O1 it displays the specific coordinate by which it binds with other atoms, like those of hydrogen.  

  22. But as O2 it forms a pattern of seclusion internally as well as by its overall movement to remain by itself so that we may breathe it in - and utilize it for our growth, as well as allowing us to physically move through it with ease. (air)

  23. When however it is joined with still another, it is like a bastard sample of the air and called ozone that in effect is said to be harmful to man and beast alike.  And so it all depends on the pattern, the specific coordinate by which it operates and affects others around it.

  24. If then you have Nitrogen 12, 13 and 14. the 12 is the common Nitrogen and most abundant, but like the common cold is a twist in the coordinate by which our health is maintained, so nitrogen 13 and 14 is an alteration of the common nitrogen.  

  25. For in Nitrogen there is also N1, and N2.  The N2 is what our air is primarily made up of.  And so what would N3 look like? I do not know if there is an N3, or if it be C14.  But the degree of temperature also has a profound affect upon all these.

  26. Decrease its relative movement and Nitrogen will show forth its magnetic nature, otherwise it shields it so that we may move through it with ease, the parts not physically connecting to one another. The same is true for water, but in a different molecular fashion and of course more dense.

  27. If the N2 is so altered to have taken on a slightly larger volume, its coordinate, or patterns of internal and overall or molecular movement would also change. And while that may not be harmful to living tissue, it is not the effective nitrogen of which most of our air is made up.

  28. And it as such may be unstable, or as men call it radio active.  If then indeed it is unstable, it will continue to be so until in conjunction with other patterns of movement it can rid itself of the excess volume. 

  29. This may last a long time, or it may last only a very short time, it all depends on its environment to by its surroundings come to a pattern in association with others whereby that N12 may heal itself, or be healed of its N14 disease. (also called C12 and C14)

  30. The half life than that it is given to it is but a rough estimate made by volume. For like I said it can be cured within a minute, or an hour, a month, a year, or thousands of years, before all of them in any specimen may finally be healed back to their original. 

  31. It does not take a long time to from C14 to revert back to C12, that is done in an instant, but to come to the pattern in its surrounding by which this may proceed may take some time. Or in some cases never at all, for if and when within any specimen everything remains stable how are these atoms of Carbon, or Nitrogen as they really are, to as I might coin to say, upright itself?

  32. If therefore the dinosaurs roamed the earth one million years ago, and I am not saying that it was one million years ago, for it could very well be longer or no more than in the thousands of years. the so called carbon 14 may still be found within their remains.

  33. One thing is an absolute and unassailable fact - that man's presence upon this earth does not exceed six thousand years, and the first man from whom the whole race came was a perfect man, one like an angel of God in the flesh.

  34. But how or why should I go into the wisdom thereof, why for example his wife Eve was not brought unto him but in the second week, and why she was taken from the man, and why it was a rib and not some other part of the body. 

  35. These things are too much for the inhabitants of this age to digest, but they will come to understand it better in the day to come, in what by allegory may be called the second week.

  36. The half life of something than man has contrived to himself is thus to be taken with a grain of salt.  There is some value in it, but also sufficient fallacy.  Just like the manner by which the earth moves around the sun, man's conception has some value, but it is basically flawed. 

  37. All this because man has the habit of interpreting thing from appearances rather than reality. But then again, in order to come to reality one is in need of insight which can only be awarded him from his Creator.

  38. The fact now that man has his atomic bombs and his computer chips is not by virtue of many persons, but by only a few, with others learning from the few. Man now having an insight in nature's fundamentals is because of but a single person teaching them.  Before long there be many persons teaching the same to other students.

  39. As then it is spoken of Carbon 14 to be "Radio Active," does that mean that it sends out radio signals, or one sided coins of itself? If it be the first - put on a listening device to see what tune they are playing, if not a rock and roll.

  40. If it be the second how many single sided coins does any one atom have in its ware-houses?  With electricity each atom must have a series of warehouses a thousand times larger than itself to supply nature with its single sided coins. 

  41. How so I wonder do the masters in the sciences pack even three atoms in a square inch?  Or more than 4 light-waves in any one eyeball?

  42. Radio active is a deceptive term is it not?  To say that it is unstable would be the better term.  But then in being unstable what does it procure? It cannot be generating any rock and roll since Elvis is long gone, nor any single sided coins since these have never been found.

  43. So what does occur? The atom by some collision was forced to take on a little more volume to itself, not a half volume, nor anything to double its volume of mass, since 14 from 12 suggests only a minor amount.  If thus that atom is to be corrected, or repair itself from the collision, it must shed that minor amount of volume.

  44. And that is what we dare call radio activity?  What the atom needs is a ruler of a nation who when he gives you something with the one hand will take it back with the other.  Since then it cannot depend on any president it must wait for another collision in reverse.

  45. Or for an alternate; a typical pattern of movement in conjunction with its surroundings that will perform the reverse of the pattern that forced it upon it in the first place.   It simply has to lose some weight, it has gotten too fat for its own bridges, and as such it does not fit in with its normal surroundings.

  46. But like with mankind it may take a while to lose that weight, unless some drastic steps are taken. If then at long last it does get rid of that extra weight, or volume of mass as it is, what may that bit of extra mass look like? 

  47. For it cannot be a whole other atom - there is simply not enough volume for it, unless we rank it with the smallest of all, with Hydrogen.  But that may be far fetched, and I can't be like man to start dreaming as they dream. 

  48. There is no doubt that a commotion took place when it was shed -  just as when it was forced upon it. And that of course could speed it forth through the maze of other atoms and molecules.

  49. Then we have what we might call a part on the move rather than a wave on the move, and as waves can alter things - so parts on the move are guaranteed to do even more.  Their movement passing through the delicate balance of a molecular formation, or that of a living cell is bound to disrupt it to the demise of the cell, and/or molecule.

  50. For just as the wind through a spider web does not necessarily destroy it, so a wave may simply be arrested by the coordinate pattern of that cell, or molecule. But a larger solid object is guaranteed to put a hole in that web, if not destroy it beyond repair.

  51. This is the draw-back in nature when atoms and/or molecules are altered for their natural patterns of behavior, just as it is with man and beast for their health when altered by either a change in reactive patterns, like the poison of a mosquito, or a virus or bacteria to alter the normal healthy pattern of things.

  52. Be it therefore called radio activity it is like a virus to other patterns of movement by which a grain of sand is held together like a grain of sand. Or in plants and other living tissue that is constantly at work refining and reproducing itself, these things do put a spike in things.

  53. As then the pattern of movement with Oxygen 3 alone already reacts detrimental to us, it is even more so with the instability of the larger elements like Uranium, and plutonium. And the proper term for these is radiation, as in parts radiating out. Rogue parts that is, parts that do not fit with other atoms, and are driven from it.

  54. As then carbon 14 is not so severe, it is for two reasons, in the first place it is a lighter element by name Nitrogen, and secondly because it is found in extreme small quantities.

  55. But now there is an alternate to all this for our assumption has been for atoms, as if it were only atoms taking the turn in our mass spectrometer. And perhaps we are all wet behind the ears on that point.

  56. When the plants took on that carbon 14, it as such became part of their molecules, it did not as such remain on its own. To thus find it again it will be found in conjunction with others, and with a sample vaporized - it at the heavy end - will most likely be whole molecules.

  57. How thus do we say to have read an atom of carbon when it were a number of atoms arranged in a molecule?  For perhaps that rogue atom of Nitrogen may still be affixed in one or more of them. 

  58. If then it is found one in a hundred million what are you reading with your overprized mass spectrometer?  How do you possibly separate those few out of so many that register themselves with the same weight? 

  59. One single atom of any element more or less within a molecule will vary its mass. And by that you will tell the age of things? 

  60. Then as you contrive these so called ions to have a charge, a certain degree of energy, that all in itself is as flawed as man himself is flawed.  Energy or charge is nothing other than motion, the specific degree of movement in which they are found, or that is upon them, be it linear or rotational.

  61. For beside going straight on or by a circle there is no other movement.  If then the acceleration is the same for all components you might conclude them to have a charge, that is to say a velocity of +1. But you are compounding yourself by the use of the term acceleration.

  62. For in acceleration with a fixed entity driving parts of different mass, the greater mass will be sped forward with a lower velocity. Wherefore it is conclusive that not all these parts have an equal amount of so called charge upon them, that is to say for all of them to pass with the same degree of velocity.

  63. And that all in itself in addition to the mass affects the degree in which they will be redirected. Then there is that individual movement of each atom and of the molecule as a whole presenting a degree of movement that as such presents its own degree of push and pull towards any magnet.

  64. The variables in this scenario are so many that I would not likely take it to the bank.  But more than anything if man does not rid himself of his childish fantasies regarding the atom, he will never come to any good knowledge of it.

  65. Man looks into the sky and observes how we are part of a whole solar system, and because he does not know better he models his atom after it. And so when an asteroid comes along Venus is likely to become Saturn, or Mars changes into an all positive planet.

  66. With Jupiter flying into the sun because it is a neutral part, which does not belong where it is but within the sun itself so that it, the sun might not be blown apart, and we upon mother earth take too much of a charge upon ourselves.

  67. And when some electricity comes our way, we are to roam the heavens for a zillion asteroids by which that electricity might have its way with us. 

  68. Then of course there is that entire circle of rocks  encircling the sun that might serve us for electricity as well, if at all we can tow them our way with space shuttles.

  69. Fantasies - so you will say? Of course it is fantasy, a fantasy no less than our fantasy with the atom for its parts. 

  70. And while I could go into a more profound explanation of the atom after reality, I started once, and deleted it, and then again I started, but said to myself; "No Leonard, this is not for man's digestion, not as yet anyway."


  1. Mass is as the term reveals itself, the quantity of something. As then weight also reveals its own, it as such is more like a figure of speech, since in all reality there is no such thing as weight, it being a certain measure of force.

  2. That force then is none other than the magnetic power of any planet, or of any magnetic object. The rate at which this power applies varies with movement when as such it is in reference to what we call the gravitational pull.

  3. And yes it is a pull as well as a push, and as such it has one single degree of velocity that stands at 300.000 km/sec. That velocity then is curtailed by the degree of torque in the precession of all things to as such come to a rotational formation, better known as the inclination to gravity.

  4. The degree of that torque on earth is found to be 32.174 at sea level, and all of our mass is rated for its so called weight by that measure, as the factor of inertia, or factor of gravity. This means that when a mass is push pulled to the earth it will accelerate by no more nor less than 32.174 ft per sec/ per sec.

  5. For just as a nut upon a threaded bolt is driven down faster and faster, so we are held to the earth, that as such becomes known for the weight of any mass. 

  6. As then any and all mass of different quantities can not possibly be driven downward at any greater or lesser velocity, so we discovered a feather to fall as fast as a lead weight.

  7. As thus weight is a measure of force that is augmented by any movement into the linear, or circular formation around an axis, weight as such is never a fixed measure. Yet it appears as a fixed measure simply because when two forces are opposed to one another with equal strength, the measure of their net outcome is always zero.

  8. It cannot as such be measured, but it can be calculated. The so called weight of a person 200 miles out in space is somewhere in excess of 5000 lb, yet that person feels himself weightless because he is pulled with equal strength from two opposing directions.

  9. And so it is upon earth where mother earth with its magnetic power holds us down with a fixed measure at any and all locations upon the earth, other than a minor change at the equator of about one half of a pound. The reason for that is earth's rotational movement driving somewhat of a bulge at the equatorial region.

  10. But our reading of true weight, a true measure of power exerted upon any mass does in effect vary all over upon the earth, greater at the equator and none at all at any tip of earth's axis.  But that degree of power cannot be found with any spring nor any balancing act of any man made scale.

  11. At any tip of earth's axis one is merely twirling around, but at the equator he is moving as fast as a jet airplane, going for a 24 hour daily ride.  This for its so called linear movement effects a force upon him, just the same as when with some speed we make a sharp turn on the road.

  12. This is so because that factor of gravity set at 32.174 at sea level, is in effect a factor of inertia. In other words it is in the mass and effective into any and all directions, be it gravitational (downward) or any other direction.

  13. The measure of that so called centrifugal force thus which we all experience just standing upon the earth and going along for its 24 hour daily turn is the kind of power to pull us up and away from the scale. 

  14. Since then by virtue of our inertia gravity steps in to augment that degree of force we in that part are held in place by two powers in direct opposite direction of one another.

  15. That is how and why weight seems to remain the same all around the earth, yet as a measure of force, the true and full amount of force varies all around the earth.  Therefore I said, weight is but a lose term. Not that this matters much except to enhance our understanding of it.

  16. If thus we utilize weight in any of these experiments like the mass spectrometer, or the centrifuges whereby Uranium is enriched, it becomes a measure of movement that for its nature is defined in velocity, in speed of, or in strength of.

  17. All matter now has its coordinates, its typical pattern of movement, for all things in nature are by movement. It is exactly as God gave it me to pronounce, "Matter in Motion by Coordination." When therefore in dealing with any matter - never ever forget how it is so by coordinates.

  18. But the science of getting into coordinates is enormously complex, and very far reaching. And while I thought about it if perhaps I should ask of the Lord Almighty to grant me an understanding thereof, I decided against it.

  19. For if one is given to understand all these things his understanding would be so profound to reach a million miles above anything.  It would enlarge his understanding of nature by a thousand fold, if not more so, a most desirable understanding yes, but not necessary.

  20. And so I thought, this is not for children and certainly not for the sons of man for as long as they live by fantasies. Nor is it their fantasies that bug me, but their arrogance and their accursed pride in holding on to them, and not willing to listen to nor accept the truth of things.

  21. If thus I am to suffer on their account, well on let it be so, for to that end did I come into this world, and my love for them is such that I will do anything for them, anything within reason and to their health.

  22. The fact that I swore to withhold from them that which they would desire the most, a means to an unlimited source of power that is both free and clean, was on account of the fact that they did not answer, nor had any reply at my humble calling.

  23. Nor therefore when it is introduced will they have it from me.  For it must someday be brought to man's attention rather than for him to continue in the foul excretion of his internal combustion engines, the source for which is surely limited.

  24. Since then any magnet held next to any electrical wire shows the wire to be pushed and pulled towards and away from that magnet, how do you presume that electricity to be only one sided coins?  If you were right that wire would not move, or pull only to one side of that magnet.

  25. Since then these simple things proves man's ideals to be a hoax, when will he leave off from that hoax? When will he come to education?

  26. All that while I detest man's lies and deceit to the people regarding the age of the earth, and how long ago these large animals were supposed to be, and how they vanished, since as they very well know, it is by their vanity, and their accursed pride that they simply manufactured these things.

  27. As now I could go into more detail regarding man's tools and experiments, I do not believe that he want me to do so, since I have already pushed him far enough down the ladder for intelligence.


  1. Anything that is emitted from atoms and molecules is called radiation, be it particles or mere waves.  Just as people and animals can get sick so any element can be altered, since of course all sickness and disease is fundamentally an alteration in coordinates.

  2. But rather than calling it a sickness with individual elements they are called isotopes.  Any element then that for its alteration has become an unstable element, unstable in that its normal coordinate does not fit in with that of its surroundings.

  3. That element then will continue to labor until in some way it comes to a correction of its original and as such stable movement. This of course can be in a number of ways, just as its instability can be in a number of ways.

  4. There is for example an altered version of Hydrogen called tritium that when it interacts which phosphor these together produce waves to the tune of visible light. A low intensity thereof, but on the order of the octave of visible light.

  5. This is caused by each their typical coordinates that are as we might say not in harmony with one another, wherefore there is a continues hackling, or shifting, or interweaving, or Relative Angular Deviation between them. (RAD)  Or as it is also called "unstable."

  6. I used these other terms to shed a little more light on what I termed RAD. For at this point as well as in the future I have no intention of digging into it, as well as into the term of RAM, (Relative Angular Movement) which as such is known by the term of heat.

  7. If there is a better way to construct nuclear power-plants, as I am sure there is, it does not interest me in the least, since in my judgment all these are but a waste, also because I know of a better way, but since man thought me a crackpot, so let me be their crackpot.

  8. As I then spoke of coordinates in other places, it are the typical patterns of the movement in and by, as well as of the atoms in their individual state as well as in any molecular configuration, and that again to grids and cells. 

  9. For like so long ago it was given me to pronounce saying; "Nature is matter in motion by coordination." so it is.

  10. If now each atom was a millimeter in diameter, and by some means we could physically see movements we could then observe how these isotopes of hydrogen interacted with those of the phosphor to produce such wavelengths. 

  11. But in a single millimeter there can be as many as a hundred thousand atoms, far too small to be observed.  And even if we could observe them, we have yet to figure out how to observe and/or trace their typical pattern of movement. 

  12. We can do it with magnets by sprinkling metal shavings around it. But these - unlike that of the atoms - are stationary patterns. Thus we are at a loss.

  13. The reason then that I am not going into the details of RAM, nor of RAD other than the principle of which I spoke in other places, is because in order to properly do so one must know these many coordinates for their specific pattern and all the variations and/or alterations thereof by and with every other coordinate.

  14. And like I said elsewhere if I knew all that, my knowledge would rise a thousand fold above that of all men, far more than is fit for me, or any man, for it would grant me even more than just that in the nature of creation than anyone could possibly imagine.

  15. Therefore I choose against it, not to have it awarded me, if even the Lord "would have" granted it to me, or not rather reply to me, that such is not for the sons of men, and to be contend with what is already awarded me.

  16. And so I cannot point by point and line by line as well as direction to direction explain how these coordinates produce that line and coordinate, except that of waves like light etc. In some of my other pages utilizing the principle I however did go into some speculation, and as such it is to be seen.

  17. We know what light looks like, but we do not know what that coordinate of phosphor looks like, and much less that one of the diseased hydrogen that as such became an isotope. 

  18. And even then we are to know how and in what way these coordinates hackle with one another by which our well known wavelet comes forth.

  19. In other words we know the baby, and the name of the father and the mother, but not how they interacted to produce that baby. The blind among man know it all right down to the finest detail of course since these are so much smarter than me, how with all their fantasies they manufacture all sorts of single sided coins, but never once have the backbone to show a single one of them.

  20. As then RAM and RAD are the designations for the principle by which these results come about, that is about as far as I allow myself to go.

  21. With our luminescence dials and things these are not as such radioactive whereby particles are spun out, but nevertheless unstable in their coordinates to one another.  But then of course all unstable elements are so in their coordinates, even the heavy ones by which particles are spun out, or split to parts of.

  22. All substances radiate their coordinates, or other coordinates, better said - radiate and/or extend their coordinates. The smell of things is one example of radiation - coordinates extending, and/or radiating.  Or the taste of things by physical contact upon their coordinates

  23. As then I said how all substances radiate their coordinates, or other coordinates, it is in need of some explaining. Each individual atom in any molecule has its pattern, and that in conjunction with the others of the same molecule have an overall pattern, and by that pattern still another pattern may be radiated outwards,

  24. Or we could conceive to say that the atomic and molecular patterns are as such stationary, not revealing themselves but that they reveal their nature by still another specific pattern of movement that is radiated outwards. 

  25. If for example we could observe a single molecule of Oxygen or of Nitrogen how these are so well able to conceal their magnetic polarities that would most certainly be a boon.  The reason that these are paired is most likely for that purpose, and I at one time attempted to explain it. But that explanation of me may just be speculation.

  26. Or water for example how these two smaller ones are so much in love with that one of Oxygen to not let go, lest our water would no longer be water. 

  27. These atoms of Hydrogen then have short arms or none at all for when light comes to pass them by - most of them will - except such as strike right upon the connecting points, then the atoms of hydrogen acclaim; "I got ye." Therefore it is so dark deep down in the waters.

  28. Atoms are in effect tiny modules of magnetic movement that by their polarities unite to form molecules. Since then those polarities in their movement are directionally conductive, there is an attraction as well as a repulsion, that then in multiples form grids, the typical grids as fairly well illustrated by man.

  29. The grids by multiples then form the substances in nature as we know them. And/or the regenerating grids called cells in living tissue. And in order for us to physically see them, it is movement upon movement, never at all will our eyes connect to anything that is not in motion.

  30. The wavelets of light as they enter upon any substance by which they are unable to pass through, are funneled by the atomic and or molecular coordinate of that substance and emitted, but only by certain angular moments thereof that then to us appear as the color of it.

  31. Never at any time does any wave, or any other part of nature touch upon any other part, but upon the specific patterns of movement thereof. Therefore I said, movement upon movement.

  32. Since then radiation is understood by waves as well as particles, not all radiation is harmful. But what is and is not harmful spans a wide range, for to eat too much or drink too much can also be harmful, even as to talk too much or not enough.

  33. Most waves are harmless unless they arrive in too great a quantity, like a blinding light, or those that tan the skin can also burn the skin, and even cause cancer to develop.  With the unstable ones, the ill ones called isotopes are likewise mostly harmless since these come in extreme small quantities.

  34. And if and when some cells are damaged on account of their wavelengths or particles, these cells usually work to repair themselves, even as when we are cut to the skin, we have the motto to say; "It will heal itself." But like as we can be blinded by too much light even so too many of these at once can also harm us beyond repair.

  35. And so there is good and bad in everything. And as there is illness in man and beast as well as plants, so the fundamental parts of all these living things have their alterations.  These alterations then in fundamental terms come about by movement to movement.

  36. For like a poison carries an coordinate, to constrict or undo other coordinates, it is a coordinate to alter or destroy others. Or it can be other living tissue like bacteria to alter the stable patterns of living cells.

  37. For God in creating the earth, and man came to disobey Him, there is good as well as evil, the healthy as well as the ill, the high and the low, the edible and inedible, the stable and unstable, all of which are to be utilized to their measure and by measure of.

  38. For as long then as Satan is still lord of this earth, and has a degree of authority over our health, there will be sickness. And with his weight upon the mind of man there will be ignorance and pride, and many will fall unto him. But for the majority their ignorance is them to imprisonment, the kind that occurs after death.

  39. When Hitler referred to the Jews as creatures, and how he thought to exterminate them, and how he hated them, it was the devil speaking rather than a man. For since the Jews are to take in his reign, and by their authority upon the earth to imprison this Satan, how should he not hate them?

  40. But to refer to them as creatures, is an acknowledgment how indeed they were of God. And so the Satan mistook himself with his own lips. Nor is that the only time that he spoke amiss for others like me to reprove him. Nor therefore has he much use for me, and would like to see me dead or vanish from the earth.

  41. If not so, then he is still as blind and ignorant as he was in the time when he managed to kill the Son of God.  For had he truly believed that Jesus was indeed the very Son of God, he would not have laid his hand upon Him. 

  42. He was fearful enough to approach Adam, wherefore he went to Eve, but mostly I see him as a prince devoid of wisdom.

  43. I however should not let myself be carried away since our subject here concerns radiation yes, but even more so how that radiation is not in any way at all after the versions that man has accumulated to himself. It is therefore that in some manner I spoke of coordinates, how all these things proceed by and in movement

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