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  1. Let us again ask ourselves what in all reality a wave is, for which we must use some comparison to gain a better understanding.   Nature as I have said is "Matter in Motion by Coordination." The last one of these three terms is the easiest one to understand with the first as the most difficult of all.  Coordination is simply what is invoked by that term.

  2. When looking at the grid illustrated here by which ice is known that grid as such is a factor of coordination, many parts by their individual movements forming an overall movement that  as such is a coordinate of movement.

  1. Motion then is simply the movement of something in motion, and as such not an entity in itself. But there is a motion that is in fact an entity all in itself, namely the fundamental movement, known as 3M. (Also known as magnetism, and while there is a truth to that - it is not the full truth. 

  2. This particular movement as the second most fundamental force in nature is at all times everywhere, and into any and all directions with an unwavering velocity that we have at 300.000.000 meters per second.

  3. And so we ask; what is the nature of that fundamental force? The answer to that is  however not something for our comprehension, but it shows itself by and in coordinates.

  4. When therefore we come to the term of "Matter", that in fundamental terms is even more elusive than the former to have any comprehension of. Your coffee, and the cup that it is in, may be seen as matter, but that as such is some three magnitudes removed from what is most fundamental.

  5. And so speaking fundamentally - matter as matter cannot be understood since we, or I for one thing have no comparison by which to illustrate it, yet I did designate it as 3W. The parts of matter protons and electrons as man has fantasized to himself are just that - nothing more than fantasy.

  6. Waves then, as I termed them angular moments, are just that a coordinate by and of the 3M within and upon nature. 

  7. When for example we generate electricity, we are twisting the 3M lines of movement around one another, that then as such becomes a set of twisted lines, a coordinate where one line crosses the other forming the electrical pattern.

  8. An illustration of this is by figure 83-4. This pattern comes about because we are continually moving our armature into a circle.  If on the other hand we instigate a stop and go, or push pull, by and upon any rotating media, be it an atom, or any number of atoms we in all essence are creating what may be called indents.

  9. In that instance we do not continue the rotation, but are cutting it short to as such end up with fluctuations, resonance or oscillation as these are also called. With these therefore instead of twisting the magnetic lines we are placing indents into them.

  10. The indent then is what is properly known as angular moments, for they are as such moments driven into the line. And that as such is a wave, as any and all waves are. They as such are magnetic entities, a line moving forward by a circular pattern.

  11. And in order for any straight line to move by the circular, it must have its movement around something, that is also to have a specific diameter by which to come around into a circle.

  12. In any other way the lines of 3M without any indents upon them are straight lines, like as they are at night when it is dark, for without any indent there is no code for our eyes to decipher them into light and color.

  13. And yes what is light? The light to our eyes? For here is an eye opener to anyone that do have eyes to see, namely that -that by which we see is not light. 

  14. Light in all reality is no more than a code placed upon a rotating line of movement. For it is by these codes that we see, which is to say, by these codes we observe the surface of things, and/or no termination for such codes.

  15. We see through the air because there is no termination, the codes merely pass by, but where they terminate, they are selectively remitted to not only present us with color, but with the very vision of it. all this by angular moments driven in a circular pattern. Take out the angular and it will be a straight line and darkness to us,

  16. Driving a line of movement into a circular format now would be extremely difficult if it were to do so in an open area, a line like that needs something to hold on to, something that serves as a base of operation or movement.

  17. And there is just such an entity for it to move by, namely nature in all its atomic and molecular form. The evidence to this is when we behold that apparent water on a hot road bed, or any prism, or our face in the mirror. Light, and all other waves move with full dependence upon all matter.

  18. People like Schrödinger, Neils Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Maxwell, all made their evaluation in the nature of waves, they saw it as wavelike, and as quantities, and I no less made those same evaluations, but I frowned upon referring to the quantities as particles.

  19. When however anyone came to something called space-time by me they fell through the cracks. Aristotle for example saw it as a disturbance, nor therefore was he far off, and while I pictured the nature of waves in various ways, some of them were but to humor man.

  20. For all reality in the nature of nature my statements on it is silence, a silence that was forced upon me, other than what I have spoken of it. As then it is said how; "Electromagnetic radiation has both electric and magnetic properties," this in itself is not untrue, but very wrong when it comes to a further definition of it.

  21. Like quote; "The wave-like property of EM radiation is due to the periodic oscillations of these components." unquote. For yes all waves of the spectrum are magnetic waves as the spectrum is the spectrum of magnetic. And they exhibit something akin to electricity since of course these waves rotate even as electricity rotates.

  22. But the persons making these statements had no idea as to what electricity was, nor were they aware of the fact that all waves rotate as they proceed on their journey. This becomes obvious in the second part of the above quotation, for there are no oscillations once waves are on their way, nor are they oscillations at all.

  23. And speaking as in the nature of electricity as a rotating entity, shall we call a wheel on a vehicle as also having the property of electric, or when you turn around are you also after the nature of electric? Rotation is simply rotation not derived from electric, nor magnetic.

  24. Have I now made myself clear, for since most of this is and was unknown we are to use an open mind so that in fact we may be educated, not necessarily by my word, but the representation of the facts as they present themselves.


  1. Now let us go into "Modulation" to reveal what else there is in the nature of waves of which man as yet has no conception, nor ever did I speak of it before, nor was this said or heard before. 

  2. In the way of modulation there is what is called Amplitude Modulation, and Frequency Modulation. To modify frequencies is simply to alter the number of events (wavelets) per unit in time, and this is done with much of our equipment.

  3. But first I must issue a warning that in as much as it is a fallacy to conceive waves as continues formations, and how magnetic waves cannot exist transversely.  It warrants the reader to place these absolute facts firmly into your mind.  If not, then you might as well close the book, and get out of science altogether.

  4. In order now to send any message by any waveform one must first establish a carrier wave, that is like choosing a freeway by which to pass from coast to coast, a fixed wavelength upon which a series of events (frequencies) may be placed to serve as a code or message.

  5. To thus send a message by Frequency Modulation it is like a digital counter, any number of events per unit in time, like sound converted to electrical impulses that are then deposited upon that carrier wave. But even a carrier wave is never any sine formation - to have its full number of events.

  6. When for example we generate waves at a specific length, let's say - 50 million events per second in time.  And we do so upon a 1-mm wavelength, the maximum number of wavelets that could be produced is 300 billion in any one second. 

  7. But we are producing these 1-mm wavelets at a mere 50 million per second, all of them exactly 1-mm in length, all of them having an identical angular moment, and traveling at identical velocity, for if not so - it would not be a 1-mm wave, nor as such serve as a carrier wave.

  8. You must realize how any variation into the length of a wave varies its velocity as well. If therefore a 1-mm wave is followed by a 1.1-mm wave the 1.1-mm will advance upon the 1-mm wave, by consequence of which it cannot be a carrier. 

  9. Nor as such can it be analog, any sine formation, for as the second travels faster than the first there cannot be any bond between them, they are at all times independent wavelets, correctly termed angular moments.

  10. From hereon in let us modulate the number of events, it's so called frequency, I now said - so called frequency, - because it is not "it's" frequency, it's 300 billion, but "OUR" frequency the 50 million which we are depositing upon the line. If thus we alter the events from 30 to 70 million, we have a bandwidth of 40 million.

  11. If then we modulate these events so that our receiver may activate a certain switch at 30.5 million, and another switch that will be activated by 40 million, and again another by 50 million, we have what may be called a numerical code.

  12. The receiver thus will pick-up on that wavelength by a numerical order, or it will pick-up on a whole series of events as it was fed in electrically by a voice transmission each letter having its own number of events.

  13. And now for the reality of it all. Below is an illustration Figure 85-3 of how man conceives his frequency modulation, the fixed carrier wave, and the signal that he places upon it with the results thereof.


  1. Notice however that there is something very wrong here, for when we maintain a fixed wavelength of let's say 11.035 meters, the angular moments and the amplitude (diameter) all remain the same. And yes, so indeed the carrier wave is shown, except that it is shown at its maximum events, it's full 27.185 million events, and out of proportion.

  2. To then alter the number of events, called Frequency Modulation, you will have to cut down on the number of events while the lengths remain as they are.  The illustration here however shows the modulated signal by a whole series of different wavelengths. 

  3. And so what happened to the carrier wave?  It disappeared did it not?  Yes because the illustration is completely wrong, and depicts the fallacy of what is normally referred to as amplitude modulation.  And so let us investigate this matter without physical illustrations.

  4. If we have a carrier wave of 11.035 meters what shall its frequency be? The answer depends on what reference we are looking for.  If one wishes to know what the maximum frequency is of that length, the answer is 27.185 million. But we cannot modulate any such carrier wave, other than to go down, since there is no room to go up.

  5. Nor do we ever modulate the 11 meter band at such frequencies, but at a much lower rate so that for any signal we can go up as well as down in the number of events. Man's vocabulary therefore to specify that he is operating on 27.185 gigahertz on the 11 meter band is horribly atrocious, and reveals his gross ignorance in wave phenomena.

  6. But now let us look at another example to prove that waves are never continues.  A 1-mm band has room for 300 billion events, and so let it be our carrier wave. Then to modulate it, which of course can only be downwards, we alter our resonance to take away 1 billion of these events.

  7. We are now thus generating 299 billion events per second in time. What therefore will that wave look like? How will you illustrate that wave? Will you couple 299 together in a continues sine formation, with a break in it of 1 wavelength? 

  8. But what kind of equipment do you have to perform that feat?  For if 299 are on a single continues sine formation with a spacing there after, you would have to generate these 299 at the rate of 300 billion, not at 299 billion.

  9. This is not possible is it?  For you were cutting down your rate to 299 billion, wherefore it is utterly impossible to have or maintain a continues sine formation. What you really have is 299 billion individual wavelets that are spaced by 1/300 billionth of a millimeter.

  10. And so our continues sine formation as man is so font of portraying went out the door, it cannot exist, or it can yes but in practice it is never found or generated in that way.  

  11. It is completely impractical to modulate any wavelength at its full frequencies.  And since this is never done how long will man continue in his ignorance to call wavelengths by a frequency that is never generated, nor utilized?

  12. But I am wrong here, for in the above statement I am merely humoring man. The reality is that we are never at any time capable to modulate any wavelength at its full number of events. 

  13. This may sound like dropping a bomb on mankind, but so it is, and how that is so I have explained elsewhere, and if not I will as yet do so.

  14. As there are two terms for length, the full and the half, with the half being the real length of the wave, so there are two frequencies, the one found mathematically by the constant in velocity, and the real frequency, the number of events that are in fact produced.

  15. So there is F/t, meaning - Transmitted Frequency, and F/m, meaning - Mathematical Frequency. It's our ignorance in wave phenomena as to why we attribute the wrong frequency to wavelength, or the wrong wavelength to frequencies. And that vocabulary must change or else we will remain ill educated and atrocious.

  16. Not everyone however is as ignorant as it is generally seen, for here quote:  "The frequency band for FM radio is about 88 to 108 MHz. The information signal is music and voice which falls in the audio spectrum. The full audio spectrum ranges form 20 to 20,000 Hz, but FM radio limits the upper modulating frequency to 15 kHz." unquote

  17. A 100 MHz band has a wavelength of 3 meters upon which 100 million events can be placed. But like the quotation here, we are at most placing 15.000 events upon that line, meaning we are sending out only one wavelet for each 6,666 that can be send (that is to say "fit") upon that 100 MHz band.

  18. Does this out of the mouth of man himself not confirm that he is in no way sending out a continues sine formation, but only single wavelets here and there, only 1 in 6,666 for the FM radio signal here specified? He can thus modulate it anywhere from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 6666 by which to listen to our music.

  19. If then we are to illustrate such a wave you draw a short angle representing 1.5 meters in length, after which you must have an open spacing for about 5000 meters before you draw the next angular line representing the next 1.5 meter long wavelet.

  20. Figure 85-5 here thus is most likely the first time in the history of man that a true representation of a wave is illustrated. This one is of the 10 meter radio band at 15 KHz.



  1. There is also what is called "Amplitude modulation." The problem with this is that there is no such thing, or actually it can conceivably be done, but what man calls Amplitude Modulation in reality is Wavelength Modulation.  He is not changing amplitude, since these are difficult to change, but changing lengths is easy.

  2. When therefore you are sending out a code or message by altering wavelengths, you are in effect performing what light does on a continual basis, the various lengths corresponding to the various colors.

  3. Nor therefore can they be continues, one connected to the other, each one traveling at a different velocity. Or is this too complicated to realize? If therefore you are towing a car at 50 mph, and that which you are towing travels at only 45 mph, how can they be connected? Am I simple enough here?

  4. And so with a 1.5 mm centered wavelength to vary from 0.5-mm to 2.5-mm the same code can be produced like unto light from its 400 to 700 nm lengths. All these lengths then will come to travel at a different relative velocity. If then we are worried about interference, for one to catch up with the other, don't be.

  5. If however in our stubborn nature we insist upon the full mathematical number of events that can be placed upon any such line of movement, forget about wavelength modulation, or any kind of modulation for you will not be able to do so.  

  6. Once a line is full you cannot punch a hole in it so as to insert another length, all because it is full. Nor can man come to the velocity needed to create any kind of sine formation.

  7. And if as always you are using electricity to generate these 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm lengths you are not very likely to come to the tune of 300 billion, a 1 million, or even a 10 million is more than sufficient for any message.  Point in case is how we listen to radio music by only one in more than 6000. 

  8. For with the 3M at 300.000 km/sec, even one million in any second is enough to have an uninterrupted conversation with anyone half way across the world. For while such a wave can circumvent the whole world seven times in one second, and you are but one half of a world removed, these 1 million will arrive in 1/14th of a second.

  9. One could also say that at such rate one receives 14 letters each second, that is more than I normally pronounce in any one second. And from this point on it can be refined to a 10 million, or a billion, the latter being still a long way from full.

  10. To change amplitude one must change the circular diameter by which waves travel, and as he does - he is intentionally or inadvertently changing wavelengths as well, and can come to a large difference, nothing really by which to fine tune anything.

  11. As then I spoke of interference when waves travel at different velocities to perhaps catch up with one another, that is not likely to happen. For if we are sending out 1 billion on a line able to hold 300 billion, there is a spacing of 299 wavelength in between the first and second wave.

  12. As then for modulation-sake the margins for length vary only by small degrees, so the velocity varies by small degrees, wherefore wave number 2 is not likely to catch up with number 1 before it reaches its destination.  This then all in itself shows the fallacy of continues waves.

  13. For if we alter lengths - how can they possibly be connected to one another when each one of any different length must travel with a different velocity?  Would that not be interference in the worst degree? Yes because it is a fallacy in the worst degree.


  1. By the illustration Figure 85-4 the wavelet from A to AA must proceed by a certain circumference, but from AA to BB that circumference must be smaller. And how is that wavelet fixed in its rotation at not only such a high velocity, but at an even greater rate of revolutions per unit in time, to all of a sudden take on a different mode of travel?

  2. It by continuing on to CC must not only come to a different magnitude in nature, but alter it length as it goes. For anything like this to move there must be a break at all points 1, 2, and 3, and so forth. The line thus as drawn simply does not exist, nor can it exist, even as all of man's illustrations after this manner are wrong.

  3. Realize that as each different length travels at a different relative velocity, it also rotates at a different rate of revolutions per unit in time. Nor therefore can two wheels at different rpm, be coupled to act as one.

  4. Modulating wavelengths is a simple matter, all we have to do is duplicate light for its octave but on a larger scale. When with our oscillations we are maintaining a carrier base by a certain amplitude, that is a fixed diameter into the circumference, we can then by increasing and decreasing the speed at which we form the waves bring them to different lengths.

  5. The carrier in this case is not a fixed wavelength, but a fixed amplitude while we modulate the lengths upon it.  In reality thus there is no such thing as amplitude modulation, its reality being wavelength modulation.  What is called AM, is in fact WM, (Wavelength Modulation) with Amplitude the carrier.

  6. It is not impossible to change amplitude, but it is most senseless to do so, and not anything by which to have a clear or clean signal. In any attempt to modulate upon amplitude one is continually changing wavelengths as well as their velocities, and so why not just stick to lengths on a firm base?

  7.  In short there is FM, and there is WM, with AM on its way out. With frequencies as F/t, and F/m.  The F/t, stands for transmitted with F/m the number of events found mathematically.


  1. Finally a term more realistic to the modulation of wavelengths.  There is what is called; the "Analog signal," and the digital signals.  The term digital stands for sections or numerical, while the term analog means, like unto, or resembling.

  2. Whoever then dreamed up the term analog must have a screw loose, for as soon as that is mentioned, the first question is; Analog to what?  We of course know that it refers to something continues, while digitals refers to cut offs.

  3. Since then all man's signals are always cut offs, analog is like transverse, as the one does not exist so the other does not exist.  Pulse code modulation is simply an improvement in digital transmission.

  4. Even as continues waves for lengths are never found, so analog is in the same boat with amplitude modulation, something only found in the dream world.  

  5. What bothers me is man's vocabulary, how at best it is horribly atrocious.


  1. But are we convinced how in fact we have been ignorant in so many things and that it is time for us to awaken to the truth, to be educated, and to accept that education? Or do we wish to remain blind and ignorant because it suites us better than the truth?

  2. A good question is it not, and whether this generation will or will not be so educated - future generations when they have seen the demise of their forebears, meaning you, - these will accept it.

  3. One made a statement quote; "When talking on a cell phone, a transmitter takes the sound of your voice and encodes it onto a continuous sine wave."  If now that is not a crock, what will be, for no one can talk fast enough to even fill one percent of any meter band.

  4. What man must learn is how a race between a turtle and a hare is never fair. Yet man seems to think that the turtle will always tie with the hare. 

  5. O, you think that this is not so, that I made it up? No my dear reader, I am speaking of facts for this is in reference to the above quotation.

  6. There is yet another saying, "how a chain is never stronger than its weakest link," and while we know it, granting it as a fact, yet we turn around and contradict ourselves for the opposite.  And so what am I speaking of?  I am making my comments on the above quotation, that's what I am doing.

  7. Notice how when anyone asks what wavelength cell phones and other such equipment operate on, he never gets an answer, but he is bombarded with the gibberish of frequencies. It is always frequencies, and frequencies, always lies, and more lies.

  8. And how is that so - that the quoting of these frequencies are lies? It is because their figures are not true figures, they are in effect saying how the turtle ties with the hare.  Man speaks lies simply because he does not know the truth, nor does he have an understanding of what is truthful.

  9. What man must most likely learn the hard way is - that I am proficient in the sciences, that he must learn from me, or forever remain ignorant, and be like unto a beast. 

  10. And so let us get to the point for which we will use an illustration Figure 85-6. At the left is a lady talking on the phone, her voice is carried as sound waves to the phone. Within the phone these vibrations are converted into an electrical code that is then converted to magnetic wavelengths after which by way of an antenna these are send on their way through the air.

  11. The speed at which these sound waves travel from her lips to the phone is about 343 meters per second, (the turtle at its slow pace). The speed at which the magnetic waves move through the air is near to 300.000.000 meters per second, (the hare, or our road runner). 

  12. The frequency at which our lady is transmitting her lovely voice at the high end is at best 20 KHz. As then the electricity within the cell phone has the capacity to transmit at a rate of 20 MHz or more it is only receiving them at 20 KHz, wherefore it cannot deposit these events at any higher rate upon the magnetic lines of movement.

  13. (I know that 20-KHz is a bit high for voice communication since the average voice frequency is but from 50 to 500Hz, but I am using these as an example.)


  1. How therefore is it said that these devices operate on 800 MHz and 1900 MHz, when the true frequency does not exceed 20 KHz? And yes feast yourself on that fact.

  2. Does it not make perfect sense that when someone hands you two apples a minute to pass on, you cannot hand over any more apples in that space of time?

  3. When there is a row of men handing boxes to one another down the line - one at the time - to unload a cargo vessel, and you are to be placed somewhere, and you are told to take in the spot where ten boxes at once are handed down. You of course will look at that person as if he has lost his marbles, and so I look at these men as well.

  4. When they say 800-MHz, it boils down to the fact that they transmitting on a wavelength to the tune of 375-mm. Or the 1900-MHz band at 158-mm. When these wavelengths are computed into how many events they can transpose in any one second of time it comes to the 800-million and 1900 million respectively.

  5. These figures for events are therefore only mathematical figures, and in no way real figures.  For at no time will you be handing over a million apples per minute when you are handed only two of them a minute. Its the story of the turtle and the hare, it simply is not possible for the turtle to keep up with the hare. 

  6. And how many times do we have to be hit on the head for that to sink into us, how that very same thing applies to other factors as well? It seems childish to say that frequencies are never generated nor transmitted, only wavelengths are generated and transmitted.

  7. When it is spoken of wavelengths and frequencies, many seem to think of them as parts of a wave. But the only real part of a wave is its angular moment, that then may be found to length, while frequencies refers to the number of events.

  8. And so what do we know of what is real in waves?  Nothing really since neither length nor frequency are as real as the angular moment is, and while length by its angular moment is the only reality in any wave, there is nothing to modulate upon except lengths, and these by size or by number.

  9. Frankly speaking we could rate it as insanity of the FCC or any government body to assign companies that deal with voice transmission any kind of frequency by which to transmit, since all voice transmissions have but one and the same number of frequencies. 

  10. If thus the frequency at which one must transmit is the same for all, what is the logic in assigning different companies with different frequencies? And yes think about this, think about how - unlike other men I am speaking of facts..

  11. If there be 100 companies wishes their own highway in the sky by which to transmit voice communication - then allocate each one of them a different wavelength by which to transmit the common set of frequencies.

  12. For it sounds ludicrous to say that they must operate on a certain frequency, since each and every one of them without any choice in the matter must transmit by the same frequency, namely the frequency at which voice and musical impulses are brought about.

  13. Any and all voice communication cannot be deposited faster than the speed of sound, or set for a number of frequencies greater than what it is spoken, the maximum at about 15KHz.

  14. Therefore, if the FCC tells you that you must transmit your voice communications at 800 million events per second, have them committed to the asylum for the insane. 

  15. If however they tell you to use the 37.5-cm band then consider them educated, and allow them to leave the asylum.

  16. For to insist that one transmits a voice at 800-MHz is totally insane, and insanity proceeds from minds that are not sane.

  17. It is the same as to have the turtle move as fast as the hare, or to have sound move at the speed of light.  If then these persons cannot realize this fallacy - they do belong in the asylum.

  18. No I am not going to excuse any person, government or otherwise for this, since these ought certainly to know better, how the frequency of any voice never comes near to the millions.

  19. I of course know that in assigning communication bands by frequencies - a fixed wavelength is issued upon which they may place their turtles. For in any such transmission it is the hare to carry the turtle, so that it may arrive at the same instance that the hare arrives.

  20. My beef is - man's vocabulary, how he never seems to have been educated in proper vocabulary.

  21. The reason that in the illustration the velocity of the 3M (road runner) is given as 296.177 km/sec is because that is the relative velocity of the 37.5-cm band. Another fact of which man had no conception, nor was he ever educated in how to calculate wave velocity.

  22. If now from this day onward we decide that we are going to be honest persons, and educated ones, scrap your ideal about those frequencies, and start utilizing wavelengths. Give someone an honest answer instead of a deceitful one, or lies as they can also be rated for.

  23. If you want to fill a 375-mm wavelength to the full you will have to speak 40.000 times as fast as you do now, and that is provided the air for its number of vibrations per second in time will accommodate you.

  24. No doubt there will be those to assert that we can transmit sound at the speed of light. And yes we do, but not at any frequency other than that of the voice. Or will you construct a device to store a minute worth of voice frequencies, and then send it on its way in a single second?

  25. If you do the person at the other end will only hear a whine. And so we ought to get this through our thick skull, that the speed of sound, is the speed of sound which cannot be changed, even as the velocity of light cannot be changed, nor can I change.

  26. Have I now clarified how the statement reading; "When talking on a cell phone, a transmitter takes the sound of your voice and encodes it onto a continuous sine wave," is but a crock?  On the 1900-MHz band (158-mm) there is but less than one wavelet for every 95.000 possible wavelets.

  27. That is how slow the turtle is to the hare. We are the turtles, the 3M is the hare, or our famous road runner. 

  28. If then by this we are not duly educated to leave off from our folly, I give up, for like it is said; "You cannot get blood out of a turnip." And I hate to see us as turnips.


  1. In air no sound-wave can exist without bordering onto, or connecting to others, because the driving force was an impulse causing the parts to move, and as such vibrate.  Movement of such a wave is sustained by the physical movement of the parts one against the next in line.   With magnetic waves however the movement is by the 3M and sustained by it.

  2. A water wave is like as it is in air, parts moving up against one another. An impulse or spike in water will move the parts of which the water is made up.  As then gravity will keep them down, the waves movement is a play between the initial spike and gravity.

  3. Magnetic waves however move by an altogether different entity.  If for example you pronounce the letter H, that as you deposit its spike (or impulse) upon  the 3M by a specific wavelength, like a carrier wave. 

  4. And the impulse of that letter H comes to you at the velocity of 1000-km/sec, with the 3M, the band upon which you are depositing it - moves at 300.000-km/sec, the factor in your deposit thus is 1/300.  

  5. You will thus have one single indent or single spike or impulse in the space of 300 km.

  6. If then as you say they are continues, (analog) formations, your sine formation of that letter H would be 300 km long, that in all reality is nothing more than a straight line 300 km long.

  7. You must realize how the carrier, the 3M, is like a belt moving at high speed, and at a specific wavelength you have like a belt with a certain width. 

  8. As then that which you are depositing is also a movement at right angles to that belt, a movement to drive a mark upon that belt, that brings it to two factors.

  9. If then you take that impulse that came to you at 1000-km/sec, and you multiply that factor by ten, to make a marking upon the width of that moving belt at the speed of 10.000-km/sec, the factor is now 1 to 30.

  10. By illustration Figure 85-7 the moving belt depicts a carrier wave at the width of 10, as therefore you start depositing your letter H at point X  to Y, at the speed of 10.000 while the belt moves at 300.000, the net result  becomes a line from X to Z.


  1. You tried to go from X to Y, but because of the difference in the velocity of two movements, by the time you got across the belt the head of your impulse came to point Z, the factor being 1 to 30. And so with the belt being at 10, you are now at 30.

  2. What you have now is an angular moment that by a circumference in diameter is 10, having a half length of 30, to a full length of 60, all this upon a carrier wave having a fixed amplitude of 10.

  3. If then for the next letter like an A, you are to make for a difference, so that the A can be distinguish from the H, increase the speed of your resonance to 20.000, that in turn will give you a length of 15, a wavelength half as long.

  4. Then to do the V, and the E, of the word "have", you alter the resonance to 14,000 and 18,000 each one giving you again a different length.  As then your equipment at the other end reverses these movements back into a audible voice, you will hear the word "have".

  5. If on the other hand you wish to have your letter H as a continues line, with the difference in the velocities it will no longer be a wavelength of 60, but a line that cannot be read.  

  6. For to hold on to it for one half of a second you line would be 150.000 km long.  If thus man insists upon waves being continues then come to terms by never drawing anything but a straight line.

  7. If a carrier width is 10-cm, and the belt moves at 3-billion cm/sec, the speed of your oscillation will have to be at 300-billion cm/sec, at which point you will still have a wavelength 10-cm, long and 10-cm in diameter.

  8. This means that you will have to make your deposit at the speed of light, and in the air you cannot even come to that speed, and much less when passing through metal conductors. Here is your answer as to why man can never at all create a sine formation.

  9. You cannot tell me that your oscillation of magnetic or electrical waves proceed at the speed of light,  since oscillations are made with man-made equipment, and for it they use electricity whose primary rate of revolutions is but 60 turns per second. 

  10. As then high power lines can bring it to a 200.000 revolutions per second, it is still a long ways off.  A 1 cm wave for example turns at 3 billion revolutions /sec. Only a 1-km wave will turn at 300.000 rev/sec.

  11. And its velocity by which its coordinate is extended (the speed of electricity) is a relative velocity computed down from 300.000-km/sec by its angular moment.

  12. By Figure 85-8 in a three dimensional view the circular amplitude may be seen as a cut-through view of electricity as it rotates, when therefore it turns upon a moving belt it will strike an angle proceeding from K, to L.

  13. Then having come to L, by a reversing of its rotation that circular moment will be cut in half and return proceeding from M to L.  The wave thus as the angular moment is now on its way as illustrated K2 to L2, a half circular angle that is now driven forth by nature's 3M.

  14. And it will continue to bore its way in that circular pattern to its destination, being not only dependent on the 3M for its movement and velocity, but equally as much dependent upon the substance of nature by which it may be fixed in its rotational nature.

  15. In all essence magnetic waves are like drill-bits, and like all drill-bits their cutting end is at the head, or most forward end of it. Evidence of this is found with our microwave ovens.


  1.  All magnetic waves travel by rotation simply because - they are produced and come forth in that manner. If you fasten the wheel of a vehicle for a turning, to then set it in motion it will continue to turn, or as we say, go by revolutions.

  2. Man errs in just about everything regarding waves all because he manufactures them for transverse in nature, something that is utterly impossible with the waves of the spectrum.

  3. Some have the idea as if they are just going to create some frequencies, but you cannot create events, because it has to be events of something, frequency itself is just a number.  

  4. What you create are waves by number of events.  And how else must I word this so that it may enter into that thick skull of ours?

  5. And there is still another problem with man's sine formation, namely that which takes place upon his antennas. Your antenna is at all times receiving thousand of different lengths, if then all of these were of a continues formation there would be a great deal of interference.

  6. So many different lines all upon one and the same stick is not only worse than a traffic congestion but harmful in that they are prone to cancel each other out and/or alter their lengths.  For that is like having four lanes on a freeway all conversing on a single lane.

  7. On a freeway these cars would not fit, but on the antenna with all of them rotating entities at varying velocities there is bound to be a commotion, and your radio will sound like it often does -  with static, parts of the message garbled.

  8. But if they come upon your antenna 1 in 6000 there is much less chance of having a commotion, or interference as it is called. This is like the four lanes of cars conversing one behind one another, decreasing the chance of one colliding with the other.

  9. And if we choose to make use of the shorter lengths, the 1 in 6000 will come more likely 1 in 60 thousand. For even at 60 thousand or 60 million to one - that alone is more than sufficient to have an unbroken conversation.

  10. Consider light for example how at no more than 60 events per second it already seems continues to us, while upon the line of a 550-nm wavelength there are more than 545 trillion possible. That comes to 1 wavelet in 9 billion. How happy therefore your antenna would be at so much freedom.


  1. If we look at a light-wave passing through air the so called half-length being 3500A, and the atoms are at a spacing of 7A,  it has to circumvent itself around 500 atoms just to complete one half of a single rotation.

  2. That single half turn for the length of 3500A is and comprises to be its angular moment. It is by and in that factor by which it will refract to a smaller degree as compared to an angular moment that for its length is 2000A when it strikes a rounded ball like the atmosphere of our earth, or any prism out of the normal.

  3. When it strikes in the normal at a medium where the atoms are spaced by only 3.5A that angular moment is then automatically pushed (compressed) backwards, and as such its angular moment now must circumvent those 500 atoms at a shorter distance.

  4. For the example here, its angular moment is thus reduced by one half. Shall this therefore mean that the whole former length of 3500A will now be found by a full turn around the total of 500 atoms, twice 1750A?

  5. For this compressed wave that formerly had its angle relevant to 3500A, is now relevant to only 1750A. The answer here is - No, it does not, with the "why" because it not a length, but as I so often said - an angular moment.  

  6. It therefore is that moment that is compressed, and it will now - when out of the normal - be refracted one half as much as before. And I wish all men to take a lesson on how I am using proper vocabulary, like when a wave enters upon a change in density - it is either compressed or expanded.

  7. The refraction of any wave only comes about when it strikes any change in density - out of the normal. And so our vocabulary should be.  If this cannot be learned - by me - you will not graduate to get your degree. And this goes for others terms as well which are used out of context.

  8. And yes I know that to refract also means to alter or distort, and since compression is also an alteration - so there may be those to argue with me. But in general to refract goes with to bend or change direction. More I will not argue.

  9. It is thus the angular moment that is a sort of physical and none physical (W3) entity driving itself and being driven forward. And yes I know how cryptic these words are, or even contradictory as some may see it. But try to understand how the term "angular moment" in all essence reveals itself.

  10. My reason for calling any and all waves by these words, is because they are as such moments, and they not only proceed by an angle, but in themselves are as such angles.  Or what other words shall I use to clarify myself, for like I once said, "Understanding nature is easy while to teach it is another matter."

  11. To drive and be driven may seem contradictory, even as being physical and not physical, and yet for lack of any better wording it is so, but how do I put that in words, that is the problem. Since then I know and do not know I coined the term of 3W, the explanation of which is on page 76

  12. When you are in an automobile, you are the one driving, directing it where to go, and to go or pass by any intersection that you wish to pass.  And yet you are being driven as well, for it - the automobile in its power and movement - taking you there.  

  13. Have I now with these words clarified the apparent contradictions? 


  1. Like the animated illustration here - so waves travel, only they are not as such continues but by segments spaced apart by whatever the rate of events these may have been produced. 

  2. The likes of this is similar to the familiar DNA, nor is it without reason why the DNA is that way. If then we view that DNA how there are billions of atoms grouped together picture yourself a microwave or radio wave to pass around them in the same manner.


  1. The reason that light waves are stopped by any atom larger than its circumference while radio waves pass through almost anything is because they travel on a different circular diameters, that can properly be called its amplitude.

  2. Light for example, because of its small amplitude will only pass through such media where the atoms float freely around one another, or where the grid of any solid structure allows for an unobstructed passage.   

  3. Unobstructed then means where the head, the most forward point of any angular moment, does not make contact upon any of the 2 to 6 connecting points that may be found in those structures. It will pass through water for some distance since there are but 2 connecting points upon which the head of the wave may strike.

  4. In glass or similar structures it will not go that far since there are anywhere from 4 to 6 connecting points upon which it can strike. Since then there are equally or more unobstructed areas on these atoms within these grids light will pass through all of these up to a point.

  5. It goes through our windows without any perceptive loss in light simply because they are so thin, and thin means less chances of striking upon connecting points. But these factors, - size and connecting points - are not the only reasons how and why waves may be stopped in their track.

  6. There is also such a thing as adverse, or reverse movement to cancel out the angle of the angular moment, I believe it is called interference.  These movements need not necessarily be other waves interfering with the first, since it can also be in coordinates to be acting adversely.

  7. One example is with light entering upon the surface area of a plant that then as such cannot be thought of as coming upon atoms. but rather as coming upon a series of atoms into molecules and greater.  As then these molecules in their combined effort display a certain coordinate it becomes selective as to which angular moment it will arrest, and which one, or ones it will pass on.

  8. Even the smallest of alterations in their molecular structure will alter their specific coordinate, and accordingly display that surface area to our eyesight for its change in color.

  9. But not all of the angular moments will factually enter into the surface area of things, for since these areas consists of grids, there are open areas as well as none open areas. Nor are these surface areas necessarily smooth, to say that their surface is a perfectly straight smooth line.

  10. For while to us a surface may look smooth, if there be a one thousand's of a millimeter unevenness in it, that could mean a row of 100 atoms stacked on top of one another. And that for the size of light is a large area, or a large dip whereby light can be scattered or reflected.

  11. And even the movement in direction of a coordinate when it is confronted with the drilling format of a light wave may just reflect it rather than taking it in - after which it makes a selection of its various angular moments. 

  12. If we shine a red light on a green leaf, all the red that is then seen are reflected waves, only the greens are those that came from within.

  13. When we print a picture with all those different colors in it, it in all reality does not have any color in it, nor is it black, nor is it white. The light as it shone upon it made an imprint of its many angular moments into the substance of that background, be it a negative, or converted into an electrical code.

  14. When therefore we look at a picture there is absolutely nothing to see, and only when it is again struck by light waves to remit these coordinates, these many angular moments at the location where they were deposited will we be able to see that picture.

  15. Even a printed picture with different colors of ink, is but an imprint with no color at all until we hold it in the light so that the mechanism of light may re-introduce these many imprints for the color to our senses.

  16. All because for the light coming into our eyes we again sort out all these different angles placing them each at their specific location. Remove the light, like at night in full darkness, no picture can be seen, all because we need a mechanism to illustrate every single angular moment to our perception.

  17. And light for its octave is such a mechanism, and only at that octave for as much as it concerns vision. It is a good thing that the Almighty Creator limited us to but that octave, lest at shorter angles we would observe the bones in our bodies.

  18. Or for longer waves to see right through the wall, stucco, wood or metal, not leaving us any privacy.  The angels all around us, the Watchers as they are called, do not see as we see, nor are there any obstructions for them. And so to their view we have no privacy because they see and hear everything, even the unspoken thoughts of your mind are known to them.

  19. When in the privacy of our bedroom we have sex, we are in full view of these creatures, like as we behold the animals having sex with one another.

  20. A world within a world, so I could pronounce to say, or a nature within a nature. But who is to speak of these things when it is but for the wise, and for them only?

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