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               MATTER AND MOTION

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  1. I am not boldly going to contradict those which are called "the great minds of the world" as if such a thing required much daring. For to speak what is true and correct is to me on the natural order of things. 

  2. We need not say that there are flaws in the theories of energy and mass, or in the theory of conservation of energy. A wrinkled surface has flaws, something that is not - simply is not.

  3. The world contains many things. The meat of an apple appears to be a substance different to that of rock, and both appear different to that which is fire as if perhaps these are of different natures. But on the contrary they are all of the one same substance, of one and the same material parts which are in motion.

  4. It is in their coordinate factors that each element is its own substance. We in one sense of the word, live in a world without physical substance. The world and nature in which we live, to put it bluntly, is a masterful coordination of values set upon something which we in essence only presume to be real matter.

  5. The Almighty God who by His inestimable wisdom and ability created all these, was indeed very wise to construct all these things in the manner as He did. And having given me a glimpse into that marvelous creation - I was astounded, yea more than astounded for such absolute perfection in everything.

  6. And having been given an eye into such depths, I for me am only beginning to understand how the Almighty Lord in His infinite wisdom made the world, that grand coordination of systems by systems upon systems which in their fundamentals come down to a single footing. 

  7. Which I in turn, for sake of clarity, termed "material" taking space. Or how else shall I define that which cannot otherwise be known?

  8.   As for energy, there are all types of energies, and yet there is but one kind of energy. For energy is "motion", and motion is often defined as energy. Motion then is motion all the same, from the smallest bacteria to the largest star. 

  9. There are indeed many forms of things, but there is only one foundation. There are many different motions, to direction as well as in appearances, yet all are nonetheless motion the same. 

  10. We ourselves are of a nature invisible to the human eye, while our bodies are akin to that of the stars and the dust of the earth. Still, we live so comfortable with what is a masterly created systems of plumbing, electrical, and meat hung on bones. And all of this came from nothing, which to many - if not to all that are born of the earth - may be difficult to comprehend.

  11. Knowledge now - is not always realization. Concerning perpetual motion for example, we claim that such a thing is impossible, yet how then is it that there are more perpetual motion machines than any other machine? 

  12. For every atom is a system of perpetual motion, systems that operate without supply or demand, which do not consume anything, nor trade for their continuation. All these powered in "eight", all these by God's mighty word, such wisdom wholly un-searchable.


  1. We being human tend to conserve energy since we must labor for it, and to speak of a shortage thereof is not speaking in wisdom. But to speak of energy as if it is always conserved and never destroyed, slowed, or brought down, is to speak foolishly. 

  2. If for example the energy of the light of the sun were conserved for a mere ten minutes I would not be writing about it, nor would you be reading my words, for neither we nor anything on the earth would exist after these ten minutes. 

  3. Man beheld that awesome blast of the atomic bomb and instantly believed what some took as matter converted into energy. And why do we imagine vain things and also believe upon them? Man has yet to learn how that bomb operates.

  4.   Let us be reasonable. How shall that which is material be changed into simple movement to say that matter is changed into energy? It is not only illogic but grossly stupid from stupid minds.  

  5. What did we conceive it to be? A fluid or something? But how shall a fluid produce power? Did we consider the wind how - when it blows there is power, and that such motion is expressed - as energy, wherefore motion "was" the energy?

  6. We dug into the atom establishing its fundamental parts and placed motion unto them, how then did we ignore that motion to find something that has no nature of being? Such things are plainly seen in nature. Nor were we able to find any substance to have lost any mass on account of the energy it had presented.

  7. In reality, energy is the motion of any mass in motion. Burning gasoline in a cylinder is nothing more than molecules moving to make more room for their new state of being. The energy of decomposition likewise is nothing more than simple motion, atoms and molecules rearranging their structures.

  8.   The power of the atomic bomb has us in a fix; we cannot visualize how such a small amount of substance is able to produce such a vast amount of destruction. 

  9. This however is not all that difficult since with that type of explosive we are removing the very cornerstone of the building, consequently, when it is removed the whole building collapses. Let us not therefore think that within the atom there is any more force or motion than what is factually there.

      Playing pool

  1. On a flat world a ship disappears over the horizon and falls down into space. On a round world however that ship merely passes out of sight by the curvature of the earth.

  2. This same phenomenon applies also to the world of atoms and test probes. When our probes fail to register that something has come to a stop, we are deceived in thinking that it may have been used up or annihilated. 

  3. Since then it is impossible to annihilate matter we ought to duly consider the natural law that - only when movements are at contrast are we able to detect them.  

  4. I am not saying that we cannot learn from our overpriced accelerators, but as I see it, we require a foothold, a fundamental platform from which to work. Let us define weights and measures to parts and energy according to standard terms of motion or in abstract. And let us not forget that magnetic flow and inertia complicates all these factors.

  5. Adapt a scale of velocity, a scale of ten, and then proceed with a game or two. Keep in mind that all things are from a single footing and from a single base of substance, and that all matter in any other term is systems of parts in motion. 

  6. And furthermore that we can never touch upon matter in its fundamental state, but that all our attempts are with systems upon systems, coordinates to coordinates.

Displacement by coordination

  1. Take a good look at my words you men of the earth, and consider to understand them. For I reveal to you a secret that has not entered your mind, nor has it been heard before. It is fantastic, it is enormous, and it is grand, greater than your ability to reach.

  2. My speech is to you scientist, and to you physicist, and to all who take to learning the things of nature. This I pronounce to you; Displacement by coordination, a marvelous creation, beyond understanding.

  3. Systematic formation of many parts in motion creating systems and greater systems of systems in motion by coordinates, such is nature and the nature of nature.  

  4. Come to a reckoning you men, it is grand to search coordination, this marvelous realm of values, yes marvelous indeed. It will be many years before what I have spoken will come to be understood.

  5. How would you have found it on your own you children of men? What will you give in return? What is it worth to you? He nor I count return in dollars and cents, such things have no value. Instead it is yours free of charge by Him whom you have denied, by "Him" whom this very day grants you the breath in your mouth.  

  6. "He" is the source of this knowledge, by "His" word these coordinates were formed.  By my Lord I received to grant to you - without charge. 

  7. And why should you question how it is that I know so many things man had no conception of?  Was it not prophesied from long ago that in this day one was to come with sevenfold knowledge and wisdom?  So it is that I know The Almighty Lord, the Creator of all teaching me.

  8. The nature of light, the nature of energy, and the nature of that mysterious force called magnetic, whole realms are now at your disposal. You have labored hard and spend fortunes gathering grains, grains of sand. These now are also grains, grains of value. 

  9. As for me, I am easy to deal with, but I demand integrity. I may be a pushover, but I will not condone the folly of ignorance. Find me right answers, these will get you somewhere.  

  10. Bring me folly, and you yourself shall bear it. Right answers kisses lips, it can save a man his life, and also treasures are obtained by right answers.


  1. What possible value can there be in fantasies? Why work on something without a foundation? This theory of relativity is degrading you; it makes you look bad.  And you have been blowing this hot balloon ever larger. Some even refuse to listen to reason, nor accept correction from anyone. 

  2. A man named Henry A Hill correctly found an error, yet you are about to crucify him for it. Or a man named Phillip Goode, who found an error sufficient to question the validity of that balloon, but no, you will not accept criticism, nor that anyone should question you.

  3. As for me, why should I criticize? The sun has dried up your balloon, and what will you do to Him for it? You will not question Him, and you best let this suffice. You will question me as if I have the right to speak as I do.   

  4. My answer to you is; Yes, I have the right and that from Him who taught me.  Consider then that for as much as I am to be, you shall abide by a law that I have of my Father, for He only is to rule.

  5. I heard one mention the word "genius", as if such even existed. I now have not seen anyone as such, for is it not a fact that he which receives cannot claim to have fetched for himself?   One will claim Einstein as the genius of this age, yet take now a thousand of your Einstein's and together they would not suffice to come to stand in the shadow of the knowledge that has been granted me. 

  6. And so now you will accuse me of boasting. But I did not say that the knowledge was mine. I certainly am not genius nor even wise in man, for I received, I am nothing on my own.

  7. Newton at least got something to his name, the laws of motion, while that poor fellow you call Einstein never got anything right in his entire life.  If there is anyone among you that was truly stupid it was your Einstein, a man miserably ignorant.  

  8. And on such folly you built your foundations? You have been building a structure on quicksand, which is about to vanish, and you that thrive on it - along with it.

  9. To this day you have not been able to gather a single blade of evidence to your balloon, yet you continue to try? . That which I have spoken is confirmed upon the evidence of your own labors, I searched for them in order that I might be as one of you.  

  10. If therefore you will falsely attest that my labors are in error, what shall that be to me? The rule is given me into everlasting, nor are you able to prove me wrong no matter what you try.

  11. I say to you now; that a new generation will built upon confirmed knowledge. You actually shortchanged yourselves you know, since it was not of me to cut short what I had purposed all along. I became disenchanted in you; 

  12. I searched in vain for integrity. And so I held back, withholding things, being confounded in the lack of man. I therefore shall be held guilty; this indeed shall be my sin.

  13. What is this force called gravity? So Einstein asked himself. And he set out to destroy himself together with the whole human race. Indeed, he worked hard at a futile attempt to destroy mankind; blind to realize that he indeed was working towards that destruction.  

  14. Nor was he aware of the forces working on him towards this seduction of men. For he set out to define the foundations of the earth, to know gravity. 

  15. But how very silly such a gesture is, since indeed such is a mistake with catastrophic consequences. What foolish pride therefore beheld the man to even think that he could steal such secrets of his Creator?

  1. Adolph Hitler also thought to rule, and to blot out the Israelites. He also was unaware of the unseen master working on him to destroy both himself and all men with him the instant he would have succeeded in his extermination. 

  2. Both Hitler therefore and Einstein were like little children sitting at the end of a branch determined to cut off that branch, not realizing that the instant they succeeded they too would fall into oblivion. And now both he as well as the other are in oblivion.

  3. How shall I paint a portrait, set words in array to make clear what must be obvious? The eye is blurred, for the thing itself has been clear from the start. Consider how costly ignorance can be, and how well pleasing knowledge can be to the soul.

  4. Men working to establish their ruin, will you classify me wrong for calling this abominable stupidity? Einstein was not a prince, and thus did he not consider the consequences of what his acts might mean for all mankind.  

  5. For a prince must judge for many, for all concerned and with compassion.

   Creating a universe

  1. The Biblical record reads that God created all the worlds out of nothing. Afterwards the Lord set for himself a period of seven months in which He was to create the world and the men He wished to have being. And thus it stood.

  2. Who now from among all of you that deal with the knowledge of the creation will proclaim this, or acknowledge the same? I heard you say that it is not so, instead the worlds came by themselves, for it seems illogical to you that something be made out of nothing, and that One with great wisdom and power should form such things. It is more likely to you that masterpieces fall together by accident.

  3. But O how very much you hurt yourselves with such thoughts, and O how contradictory you show yourselves. Here you go assuming that if there were a universe of only two planets in relative motion, that observer A in perceiving his motion relative to observer B, that both presume themselves to be idle. For indeed they may presume so, but that does in no way make them wise nor cunning.

  4. On this illogic then you will justify relativity? But in the first place, such a universe does not exist.   Secondly, it behooves both A and B to find points of reference, any refusal to labor for such reference in favor of speculation simply is not allowed. 

  5. Looking out of a window of a train in motion, beholding another train at rest giving the illusion that the other train instead is moving is in fact a deception by appearances. 

  6. My point to you then is why are such illusions taken to fundamentals? Such things are never taken for any standard, one has to get his lazy butt out of that seat and find himself some reference to certify what is factual.

   Atomic science

  1. Space time curvature. What are we brewing?   Space is nothing; it is empty room,  just plain room, a void if you will since you are not as yet able to comprehend it differently for its greater understanding.   And "time", well on allow me to show something reflecting time, for time is being.

  2. Take in mind a line or a string that reaches endlessly from beginning to end. And you being in time, you wish to place your finger on just a part thereof to have a part of time, or to be joined as such, to have a bearing thereon. And so you reach forth, but as soon as you do - the line as you touched it instantly became a dot under your fingertip.  

  3. And thus you did not touch any part of time, but all of time, for there are no parts of time to be taken of.

  4. Time is not as we account time by mathematics in the motions that revolve before us. For time is like being, time is ageless, like a circle in which there is neither a beginning nor an end, nor even an entrance. 

  5. Time cannot be sped-up nor slowed, nor be bend, nor cut, nor imposed upon, time is unreachable.

  6. Can you understand eternity? But why not? . You claim to be able to impose upon time, to have systems devaluate at the speed of light, if then indeed you can do so - you should very well know eternity.   

  7. We know that God is from eternity and into eternity. And thus we reason that He made us in the middle of all eternities since we know ourselves to have a beginning. But you reason in vain, for tell me; where then is that middle of that ring?

  8. We then knowing that once we are, we also remain into eternity, and so in about a thousand centuries from now will you look back at these words of mine? And looking ahead, there are endlessly more centuries to come. Of what use therefore shall time be in that age? It will not be accounted. 

  9. You can take a thousand-year vacation and decide to check back home to feed the dog, or to see if your neighbor still rides his horses. Time thus is not anything physical.

  Matter and ???

  1. In what way shall I put it? Matter, and anti-matter, one being the opposite of the other. If matter now takes up space, what will anti-matter do? How will there be anything in that simple atom that shall not be in harmony therewith? . . 

  2. It having been my good fortune to have been to the borders of nature, to stand at the very threshold thereof, I have yet to find "matter", let alone that I have found anything to oppose it.

  3. Or how was it again? As you said . . . First there was this vacuum with a bit of energy. Then there were these quantum fluctuations that formed this pair of matter. These of course did quickly separate in order to save them from each other. All this now you say was in a rest state. Yet how in their rest state did they become unsettled to separate?

  4. Thus far I have gathered from you - that energy and vacuum, to say, two voids were the platform. Quantum fluctuations then can only be understood as the realm of mathematics having the jitters, and this trio of nothingness formed what became substance, with a few uncertainties here and there.

  5. It is sadness that overcomes me, for my heart is pierced for the foolishness of my people. O that they would realize their speech. For are not you those who scorn my Maker and my Teacher for having made something out of nothing? Yes and here you are - you hypocrites, making something out of nothing yourselves.

  6. Will you make the simplicity of force naive? Perhaps not everyone knows what I am talking about, but you do.  I put it to you then: It existed before you did, and a fourth dimension added, is to add nothing, for nothing added to three cups remains at three cups. And though you may have heard me speak of a nature beyond nature, I have not spoken of another dimension.

  7. I grant you however that you are cunning like foxes. This thing of action at a distance, (which I intentionally ignore to define) seems to bother you more than you are willing to admit. But then we must foxtail something together, like perhaps "photons".

  8. But now the onlooker remarks to us, "ho there, I don't see any light, you ain't got no proof, there is nothing there". But of course, what does the onlooker know. We'll just fix this, we'll make those photons "virtual" giving them lifetimes so short they cannot be detected by any physical means, lest those onlookers dig in to see. For after all, we must protect ourselves.

  9. And so I looked and thought, but Leonard these fellows cannot all be wrong. And thus I increased the velocity of my eyesight to be altogether instant so as to find the same. But there was none, nor could they have escaped my insight by any means of velocity or period of event.

  10. Then, going back into time again before I did this extra-ordinary thing, we realize of course that we are violating our law of energy-conservation, and how to account for that?   But violating entire laws seems to you a mere discrepancy, when your automobiles disintegrate before the buyers eyes, this is a mere discrepancy quite natural with your products . . . 

  O what web we weave in order to deceive.

  1. There are famous questions for which there are no answers. Who for example said: 

  2. "Natural processes tend to proceed in the direction so that order on the macroscopic scale tends to be replaced by disorder. And that to construct a great cathedral requires a lot more information than to create rubble of rocks and stone. And that natural processes always proceed to reduce cathedrals to rubble?" 

  3. Not I did say so, but I agree . . . How then does man speak of evolution?

  4. But now hear this all you so called scientists and every other person guilty of the same; For this very word (evolution) for you to have used it on a positive tone - I will most assuredly punish you severely, nor will you as you may presume escape from my hand. 

  5. In the day that the vengeance takes place you will understand this perfectly.

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