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  1.  So many persons have written about gravity as if they knew something of it. As ignorant then as they were of it, even so ignorant these were that for knowing it these would be the death of all mankind.

  2. Some claim that gravity is everywhere, which is a statement out of ignorance.  Others claim it as a gift of God, like unto something spiritual. 

  3. As then all things are indeed of God, and He granted us a spirit, He made that spirit to live within a physical body subject to physical entities, of which gravity is one such.

  4. No matter what man may dream up, or concoct, he is not about to discover the very nature of gravity, since it as such reveals the foundations of the earth, the knowledge of which could not possibly come from any man.  And yet man is to have that knowledge.

  5. What does it entail to say; "Gravity, Foundations of the world, or "Earth's Foundations?"  The world is a sphere floating in a void with no pillars for support, how then is it supported?  Our answer might be to say, "gravity".  But shall gravity really be the foundations of the earth?  

  6. What about the space in which the earth floats and the universe in which it is a speck of dust - are these to be included?  What are foundations when there are no pillars to look at?

  7.   The answer is the very forces and motions whereby the earth has its being and whereby it is fixed in its place in the universe.  And, it shall include such forces and motions whereby it has its shape and movement.  

  8. Gravity is thus indeed part of the foundations of the world, and all the forces and movements by which this gravity comes about, such as centrifugal force, orbital motion, and magnetic force. 

  9. Our quest therefore to come to understand the foundations of the world is to learn what all of these factors have in relation to - what will be the foundations.

      Bringing things up to date

  1.   Sir Isaac Newton gave us his definition of gravity, stating that: "Bodies attract to one another by their whole volume of mass".  He did not however define just what that force was, nor how it came about.  Then Einstein, and others also came with theories, but not one of them did ever define just what that force of gravity was, nor how it came about. 

  2.   Our textbooks however did come up with a law of gravity, since in them is a law of "centripetal," which appears as gravity, it being a force that drives inward.  Centripetal now may be viewed as a direction of movement, but it is never a force.

  3. Am I therefore now stating that in fact we do have a law of gravity, while all along we thought we did not have any?  The answer to which is, yes, and, no!  We indeed have one, but it is was not so related.  If I quote the law how;

  4. "The weight of an object under centripetal force is proportional to the square of its speed, and inversely proportional to the radius of its path."   

  5. We in saying this  instantly imply the motion of the earth to be relevant to its force of gravity.

  6. And that mind you, is embarrassing, to have this law all along, and never once did any man other than myself come to realize its relevance and implication.        

  7. The above law is of course incorrect, since there is no such thing as a "centripetal" force. There is gravity, but even it is not a force in itself, yet the direction of the flow of gravity is always (as it must be) inward. So is centripetal no more than a crux for them of little knowledge, it should be centrifugal.

  8. There now has to be more to the foundations of the earth, for it is easy to say; "the earth moves", but how does it move, and continues to move?  For an answer, I suspect we gathered to say;  “Once in motion stays in motion".  

  9. And so mother earth is to continue its travels on that basis.  This of course does not explain any loss due to resistance, but then we shall look into that.

  10.   Then there is the time factor - as to how to account our orbit for the space of one year.  Shall it be one turn around the sun, or four seasons?  It is four seasons, which is nearly equal to one turn around the sun.  But then again, how do these seasons come and go?  Our scientists have said that this is by a permanent tilt of the earth as it floats around like a rock.  

  11. By appearances now this may be so, it is however not the first time that men were deceived by appearances.  In reality and by law of nature the earth is not fixed in its incline like a rock, but its inclination is due to a movement of precession whereby thus we have our seasons.  

  12. I realize that such is easy to state, just as it is easy for our scientist to speak, but I have evidence, they have none. Man plays with theories, I enumerate facts. Man follows his imagination, I rely upon the Creator of all things for wisdom unto me.

  13.   Summer and winter now in their temperatures are defined correctly.  But the explanation of the rise and fall of the waters known as "the tides", leaves much to be desired.  Also the center of earth's magnetic force known as "magnetic north" must be moved to true north - if we are to correct our textbooks. 

  14.   This is a realm of new understanding which in due time will become the new foundation of science.  The earth with its forces is truly a magnificent piece of machinery, the complexity of its engines alone is a masterly work of God's creation in every way shape and form, to say the least - most perfect.

    The foundations of the earth

  1.   Ah yes, the foundations of the earth.  Man has walked upon it for centuries, but it was not for him to discover them even though the knowledge thereto was granted him.  But who would have thought that this very thing - to know the foundations of the earth - might become to him a matter - for life or for death? 

  2. Who might possibly have conceived that to acquire a certain knowledge - would turn into extinction for all mankind?

  3.   Ah yes, but what am I speaking of?  What is it that I know which others do not know?  It is this very thing, that I am about to define namely;   the Foundations of the Earth,   something which - if I, or any man - was able to discover, it would mean the death of all of us.  

  4. We speak of nuclear annihilation as if that would be catastrophic, but this thing that I am about to proclaim has far greater reaching consequences. 

  5. For it written:  "If any man can discover the foundations below, or measure the heavens above, I will cast off Jacob for all his sins."

  6.   And “who" was He that said that?  It was the Lord Almighty, by His prophet Jeremiah.  It was "He" who formed the earth and created man upon it.  It was "He" who has the power to do anything and everything that pleases Him.  

  7. It is "He" who faithfully keeps His word, and who will not turn from anything that He has spoken.

  8. And thus be assured that - if it were not for Jacob and God's love for him - none of us would have our abiding.  If therefore Jacob falls, we all fall. 

  9. How stupid therefore for anyone to attempt to eradicate Israel.  How stupid indeed to even think that man could counter-act his Creator. 

  10. And so by knowing me, yes even me, - you men of the earth are going to be walking on thin ice.   

  11. I am indeed going to test you - to see which of you is worthy to abide in my courts, and just how many of you shall be wise, and which of you shall be caught in a web of which there is no escape.

  12. Let us see now, to be cast into a pit of death for crimes of perversion, that we call simple justice, but for gaining knowledge, for to acquire understanding, - for that to be cast into death, - now that as we would say, is quite out of the ordinary.  

  13. But then what I proclaim to you is not ordinary, but truth nonetheless.  And so, there must be a lesson here, a line between the lines.  

  14. For when in all of history has such a thing come to us to mean for life or for death?  --- Why should our merciful Creator withhold His grace from us for coming to discover something? 

  15. What is so special in the foundations of the earth - that to discover them would mean the death of not only the billions which are today, but extinction for all those many who were before us, as well as those to come after us? 

  16. Accordingly, I think we ought to investigate this closer, to know just why and how this may be.

  17. First of all, you may be apt to say.  "Ah, this guy does not know what he is speaking of, he does not know the foundations, he has not discovered them".  

  18. You then are right in one part, but wrong in two.  I for one know very well what I speak of, and I do know these foundations, but no I did not discover them.  

  19. Make no mistake my fellow human beings to assume that no one will proclaim these foundations.  For again it is written, the Almighty Lord speaking by the prophet Esdras said; 

  20. “That these foundations shall be understood before the end of things, before the day of judgment, before He would come to render judgment on the nations."  And this very moment I am indeed pronouncing these foundations.

  21. And so now what?  Will you hold back the day of judgment?  Kill me before I get a chance to proclaim them, and you will postpone that day.  Or just plain ignore me as so many have, so they may not be heard.  

  22. But heard or not heard what difference does that make when I as one among the race of man do know these foundations? You therefore ought to know just “Whom” it is that you are opposing.

  23.   Shall it now really be so - that I have discovered the foundations of the earth, or that any man shall be able to such a task?  Descartes thought so, but he was not wise.  No, on the contrary, the Lord spoke these words knowing that no man would be able to such a task, wherefore also He did not send His Son in vain.  

  24. Nor did He die on the cross in vain, nor shall Jacob be cast off, since even I - who am proclaiming them - did not discover them.  Nor (to put you at ease) are the measures of the heavens known to any man, not even to me.  

  25. I am here to tell you that not even a single measure of the heavens is known to man.  While for the foundations below, - yes, these are understood, I have revealed them.  

  26. You therefore as citizens of the world, you had better hope that I am not pronouncing these secrets on my own, but that indeed the Almighty Lord is with me, and instructed me.

  27.   What then may be the lesson here for us?  Would God indeed destroy all mankind for something as noble as to inquire into and discover knowledge?  What do you think?  Yes indeed, God most certainly would, and He will, as He also did once before with a flood when the children of men got knowledge of abstract things.  The Lord must do so, for He has spoken, and He cannot lie, nor go back on His word.

  28.   But no - this is not the lesson - that we would be destroyed for something noble, but rather for something that is not at all noble.  The lesson is, - that we should very well know and realize that all knowledge is of God. That, understanding, to know or to discover a thing, shall be of Him alone.  

  29. It is not for man to go forth and proclaim; "that he has knowledge in himself," nor that he is able in himself to open the secrets of God, - for such is a "lie," it is corrupt, and of the pride in man.  

  30. Not therefore for knowledge, but for a corrupt knowledge God will assuredly destroy man.  Not for the truth which reads; "We cannot know lest God grants us," but for the lie in man that says; "there is nothing so hidden that we cannot discover it".  It is for the latter that God will destroy man altogether.

  31.   But what of this statement that God made by Jeremiah, and also giving man to know the foundations below? We would say; don't be silly, no one could know this lest the Lord granted the same to him.  

  32. I then agree with you, but let me also assure you that God did not give these words to be spoken by Jeremiah in vain.  

  33. On the contrary, the Lord placed man quite on the spot to make knowledge for him a certain object of life or death.

  34. Once before knowledge was an object of life or death, which was with Adam and the tree of knowledge, and him and his whole race after him came into death, the proof of this is before your eyes, for why should any person die, if it were not for death?

  35.   So hear me now, and pay attention you inhabitants in all the earth.   Authority is granted me, but I speak to you as a friend.  You had better be assured that I do indeed not have these foundations on my own.

  36. For in my single person, indeed, all in myself, like Adam was to us all, I would be the death of you, of all of you, your forefathers inclusive. 

  37.   I may be one small person among the many of you, yet the words you hear of me this day - are for your life or your death. as also my being is for life or death.

  38. Your very welfare depends on - how you judge me, whether you will acknowledge me to speak the truth or not.  If you say, “There is no God” - and, “ that I shall be cunning in my own", - with these words and these thoughts you have signed your own death warrant, you are then guilty of crimes against humanity.  

  39. Or, if you acknowledge God to be, but you still attribute my cunning as of my own, you again sign your own death warrant.  But if you are wise - granting the Almighty God to have been my Teacher - you shall indeed be wise.

  40.   The Lord indeed has made me a stumbling block to men.  The words of Jeremiah cannot be removed, nor can anyone make them of no account, nor alter them, nor can my speech be removed.  

  41. Wherefore I shall say to you - these foundations were truly delivered to me by the Lord our Creator.  He Himself revealed them to me.  

  42. Jacob therefore shall live, and so shall the nations blessed in him. Still, person for person, like as the words of Jeremiah remains, and I remain, so judgment remains.

  43. He who denies me, does not deny me but Him who has send me, and he who believes on my word - does not believe upon my word - but upon the word of the Almighty Lord.

  44.   Seeing thus how I am a stumbling-block, and how - judgment is in my hand, you have indeed a right to know and inquire of me how I obtained this knowledge. For this reason I shall quote a few parts of what was said of me in days long ago.  The Lord spoke by Isaiah:

  45. "My hand laid the foundations of the earth, My right hand spanned the heavens.  When I call unto them, they stand forth together.  (You men therefore)  All of you assemble yourselves and listen: Who among you has declared these things?  (Do you know of any?)

  46. The Lord loves him, he shall perform his purpose on the world, and his arm shall be against the strong.  I, even I have spoken, I have called him, I have brought him, and he shall prosper in his way."

  47. Do men wonder why in all things I honor God for the foundations of the earth, and all that is created? Was it not prophesied that a single person would come to acknowledge the Almighty One for these foundations?  For does it not read; "The Lord loves him?"  As in "HIM," a single person?  Indeed so.

  48. And in another place (Isaiah).

  49. Who declared it from the beginning that we might know?  Or before time, that we may say, ... "He is right"?  There was no one who declared it; no one who proclaimed it (from before) no one who heard your words before.  I first have declared it to Zion, and I give to Jerusalem a herald of good tidings."

  50. How pitiful of men that for an answer all they can come up with is;   "We can't tell if he is right."

  51. And why should it be so strange that no-one paid me heed, or had any counsel at my word, when that very thing was foretold from long ago, that so it would be?

  52. And at still another place when the prophet asked for the token of the end, how to recognize it, to know when the beginning of the end had taken effect, it was said to him; 

  53. "Stand upon your feet and hear a mighty sounding voice and it shall be as were it a great motion, but the place where you stand shall not be moved.  Therefore when it speaks be not afraid, for the word is of the end and the foundations of the earth are understood.  For at the sound of these things they will tremble and be moved, for they know that the end entails change."

  54. Thus have I quoted you a few words spoken concerning me, for He anointed me with the fire of life, and with the oil of understanding.  Daniel foretold the day of my coming, and Ezra revealed my name.  

  55. For what have I to do with lies, or that I should seek my own glory?  I am merely the pen wherewith it is written, the mouth by which you hear the declaration of your Creator.

  56. The Lord "Himself" declares foundations.  Did He not say; "I, even I have spoken?" And that it was "He" who first declared it to me, me a son in Zion?  

  57. Be therefore not disregarding of the human race.  If the world shall have knowledge - as they say, being reasonable men and all - then I am unto the world a token that God is, and that He is soon to come. 

  58.   Come, let us be reasonable.  Neither Newton nor Einstein spoke as I speak.  Nor did they toy with fundamentals as I toy with them.  They gave it their all, while I am like a child, here a little there a little.  

  59. Did they confirm upon experiment, or even understood their experiment?  Did logic follow upon their path?  And where may I ask did reason find a firm conviction in their shallow waters?  

  60. I spoke a curse, which I cannot retract, nor do I desire anyone caught therein.  Should even one of all my people be caught therein, I shall be guiltless, since I forewarned you "let no man set a standard."

  61.   No doubt some may find it strange that I mix what they call "religion" in with science, wishing to maintain science divorced from religion.  And indeed they do, they wish "law" to be divorced from what came forth by law, - law, meaning religion, and religion meaning law.  

  62. I indeed bring science upon a platter, upon the platter of law and order, upon the platter from where science is indeed the science that it has always been the knowledge and handy work of the Lord Most High.

  63.   Thus I have spoken to you these words, let no man say he was not warned, and let not ignorance be an excuse for those who choose to be ignorant.

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