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  1. In conclusion to my essays on the sciences, these are the words that I will speak to the inhabitants of the earth.  I have been too long with you, but it was the will of the Lord that I should remain for these many years in my exile among you.

  2. This was to the end that I should come to know you, and to complete the record that I was to leave for the generations.  My friend Enoch, the seventh from Adam, wrote out and left his record for all the generations of the earth.

  3. And while for many years the evil ones took it upon themselves to corrupt these records, I was honored to reintroduce that record so that again it might be read and feasted upon by those that are wise in the earth.

  4. And while in the last centuries the Almighty One renewed many things in the earth He gave it unto me by whom the foundations of the earth might be understood - to show that it is not in man but in God alone where knowledge may be found, and how all things are of Him.

  5. As therefore I labored to educate the sons of man in the most simplest manner, to lay out for him the foundations of things with sure evidence, it was for his sake. It was to that end that I utilized simple common sense and logic by which to explain things.

  6. Therefore now this day I say that man has no excuse not to understands the words that I have spoken. My teaching has been like what is used in an elementary way, and that with man's own evidence displayed before him.

  7. If thus a man contends that he cannot understand it, his mental faculties are on the elementary level, not as yet having graduated from what is elementary. By not understanding me man makes a fool of himself.

  8. This is in reference to what I have spoken on his level, for I have also spoken of such things that are not for the ears of those whose dwelling is the earth, such things as I have spoken for the wise and the very wise also in exile among the sons of man.

  9. Often times I said to myself; man is too stupid even to live, and unless education becomes him, there is no place for him, for in all things he shows himself unable to discern the way before him.

  10. I presented a number of essays that were a giant step forward in the sciences, and having been published and read in the various journals none had the guts or the wisdom or the courtesy to reply or even speak a word. Therefore both the Almighty Lord and myself came to look upon man as no more than a illusion.

  11. The fact that I in so many ways have reproved the sons of men is also on their own account. By their accursed pride and arrogance they brought that upon themselves.  Nor am I one to sell out the truth for their ignorance.

  12. As man is wrong about the atom so he is wrong about waves, and wrong about most everything pertaining to the fundamentals of the sciences, all because man choose to be irrational and must learn by chastisement, or as we say - the hard way.

  13.   The prophet Isaiah recorded the following words, the Lord Himself speaking; "Set forth your case, says the Lord; bring your proofs, says the King of Jacob.  Let them bring them, and tell us what is to happen. Tell us the former things, what they are, that we may consider them, that we may know their outcome; or declare to us the things to come.

  14. Tell us what is to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods; do good, or do harm, that we may be dismayed and terrified." (Isaiah 41:21-23)

  15. "Tell us the things to come hereafter."  And yes I have made many prophecies, and spoken of many things to come hereafter, of what will be in the next hour as well as in the day to come and how it will be. And as a guardian I set forth rules for that day some of which I made mention of.

  16. I have warned men that in a day to come I will break their bones, and that with me there will be great posterity. And how their freedom will be a thing of the past, in body as well as in soul.

  17. And how then shall I know these things lest indeed I am a god, but not a god as God, but of His making. For He himself calls us gods, as true gods, the ones that have the power over life and death, to do with any person as they see fit.

  18. There have been many rulers as gods with the power of life and death, yet who among them was truly any god to proclaim what would be in the day of tomorrow?  I know only because the One and only God revealed such things to me.

  19. And so who or what am I, that men may know me? I am what the Lord God my Father has made of me, a prince of many peoples, as well as a messiah for them, if now only they could understand these things. But this also is a revelation that will not be until the day of tomorrow before they will understand it perfectly.

  20. In that day, the Lord their Creator having said that "He will no longer have mercy on them," (a word in wisdom), at which time many will turn their eyes towards me, and to those with me for mercy, to be delivered from the fire burning their hides from them.

  21. And so you see I am continuing to proclaim as to what will be hereafter, and how it will be. If therefore I am no god how horrible that would be for those many born in the earth.  Nor am I revealing all that will be known.

  22.    In many different ways I gave myself to be known as it was proper for me to do so.  As then my Father in Heaven said, that "though you are gods yet you shall die like any prince," I likewise am to be put under. But for death that has passed since I died once already, and the Lord having renewed me, death is no longer.

  23. But like Daniel in his record recorded the passing of an anointed one, so that semblance is to occur once more. When armies from the north and the east are heading south, many will be killed, then also that prince of the covenant will be killed.

  24. Understand therefore what is said; how in that day, that prince is not just any prince, but one of the Covenant which the Lord made with Abraham, and with Isaac and Jacob.  A prince towards the redemption of man, one of three princes.

  25. Enoch made an accurate record of this as he spoke of the elected ones of righteousness, and like it is recorded so also it will be. There is but One to cleanse that which is unclean, for only the clean, one who is holy, is able to clean that which is unclean.

  26. Therefore also the Father of all said, how "He would not accept any bull nor he-goat from the folds of man," meaning none from among man, that no man could in in any way suffice for a Messiah.  Therefore it was that God offered His own Son for our welfare.

  27. But the Father of all mentioning a he-goat along with a bull was not speaking of a single Messiah now was he? Nor did He command Moses in the foreshadowing to kill only a bull for the sins of the people, but a second one, a male goat was also to be offered for sins.

  28. As thus that male goat was likewise ordained to act as a messiah, so it was that Daniel referred to him as a prince of the very covenant of God.  And though I have spoken all these words yet in this day it will remain a mystery.

  29. Did not the apostles of our Lord made mention of this, that Christ Jesus came for the salvation of all men?  And yet who is to deny that by Him the whole world may be saved? 

  30. In a day to come O my dear people all these things will be clarified, and not until that day. Meanwhile you will wonder and not know what to think, since I have spoken of things that have not been heard before, nor do I speak like other men, but by a speech all its own.

  31.   The Scriptures then are for confirmation unto me, like Isaiah 41:25-29. Take verse 26 where it reads: "Who declared it from the beginning that we might know, or in times before that we might say; "He is right"?"

  32. And yes what man has spoken as I have spoken? Who has revealed foundations as I have done? To whom did the Lord impart knowledge and wisdom by which to make a record of these things?

  33.  "There was none who declared it, none who proclaimed it, none who heard your words."  So the record by Isaiah reads, and how true indeed that no-one heard my words, for while they were open to all the world none would give me a second thought.

  34. The Almighty Creator of all the universe made us a certain promise, that if any from among man were able to discover the fundamentals upon which the earth rests, He would cast off the entire race of man, with not a single one remaining.

  35. If therefore my words - are my words - the whole human race past present and future will perish, and Christ Jesus the Son of God would have given Himself in vain.  

  36. Since then the Almighty Son of God did not die in vain, realize whom that I am, and from where I have come, and by whom my words have come forth.  I am one who was taught, and to whom revelations were made.

  37. As now men pride themselves in their discoveries, I never did, nor ever will I do such an abominable thing. And for the sake of men it is that the Lord continues saying how; "I first have declared it to Zion."   Zion then means holy, and so it was to a holy one.

  38. I did not write anything of what I have written in order to obtain the praise of men, but for the truth of them, for I love truth more than anything.  My glory is of the Lord, such as He will grant me.

  39. Nor is it of any surprise to me that men wonder about me, not knowing what to think, and not to understand even the simple concrete things of which I speak, for in having their love for darkness rather than the light so they have themselves for a delusion, and as a delusion they are unable to answer.

  40. In my status with the knowledge and wisdom granted me, I do not fit in, I am as one that is alone, very much alone, so much in fact that I came to say; "I have no wife nor children, nor any family, but God only is my family, and those that are born of Him.

  41. Men go out to vote, a foolish thing to have their desire in any of these rulers of the earth. Nor are their rulers any wiser to vie for a rule over these people.  For any man that desires to rule this people is a blind person and abominable, a stench to all that come near.

  42. In that respect I am like the Lord who said; "An abomination is he who chooses you." Nor will that guilt be found in me, for while the Lord appointed me a prince of these people, I came to refuse it. I cannot think of anything more disgusting than to have a people the likes of this generation as subjects unto me.

  43. Therefore did I refuse it, nor will anyone move me to do otherwise.  I found none of them fit to be ruled but disgusting even to consider.  None but the sons of God are fit to rule, and these only will rule. And no I do not vote in this world because I love the law of the Lord where He said; "To love your neighbor."

  44.   I do not have any use for earth's governors of any status, nor for the judges in the earth, the whole lot of them are a stench into my nostrils, and by me lawyers rank as the lowest, while a pimp is less to me than a dead cockroach.

  45. Nor will that trash that causes the explorer to freeze up on the internet outrun their reward in the fires of hell. Foul liars and hypocrites as they are, telling the people to have a virus, when they are the virus, and that for nothing more than to swindle the people of their money.

  46. And why have the authorities not done anything about it? Because these sleep in the same bed with them - with no regard for truth nor justice.  All these person that perform this on the internet are worthy of death.

  47. Anyone that vies for public office stinks to the high heavens. If then you say; But someone must be in office! Well-on my dear fellow, the answer to that is; that there are plenty of dead trees ready for the fire.

  48. Everyone that is haughty is an abomination, and the arrogant will come to pay a dear price for their accursed pride. And what shall I pronounce for the teachers of men, like the shepherds of the flocks, or those many that roam the earth to make proselytes?

  49. The Lord labeled them as a brood of vipers.  Along with their fangs and double tongue thus their habitat will be in the everlasting fire just as their father the devil will have his dwelling in the everlasting fire. Nor will I accept any excuse from the scientists, that taught man the fantasies of their illicit dreams.

  50. But like my Father said, "He will dishonor all the honored in the earth, and make fools out of all that thought themselves wise." No my dear fellow you do not have any right to do as you will, nor to believe as you will - since there is but one law for all the inhabitants of the earth.

  51.  That law is the law of the Lord, of the Creator of all, and every person will abide by it, or they will weep and gnash their teeth in agony. No man has the right to believe as he sees fit, nor does any person have the right to persecute anyone for not believing as it is commanded him.

  52. God alone has the right to punish and or execute everyone for their disobedience of His Word, like He said; "Vengeance is Mine I will repay." All these therefore now or in the past that persecuted anyone for his faith, or that even looked amiss at anyone for his philosophy in no uncertain way will experience that vengeance upon him.

  53. And if you do not believe me you are already condemned because you would not believe me at my word. You do not have any right to dismiss my word,  but with it by word or silence you are writing your own condemnation.

  54. Have you never learned how a bad tree cannot possibly bring forth good fruit? And so are all the many dry trees sick to the core.  Nor is it possible for any good tree to bring forth any bad fruit. Learn this lesson, and learn it well.

  55. Will you dare to acclaim how you have never seen any son of the devil? Were not the pope and Obama just now sitting together?  Well on, you saw at least two of them.

  56. You wish to know what is in the future, what the day of tomorrow will bring for you? Then listen and listen well all you that inhabit the earth, and pay attention at my every word.

  57. I shall make you a quotation, to speak to you by the lips of the Lord, the words of Him who formed you, and that grants you the rain, and food for your stomach, and air for your lungs.

  58. "Draw near, O nations, to hear, and hearken, O peoples! Let the earth listen, and all that fills it; the world, and all that comes from it.  For the Lord is enraged against all the nations, and furious against all their host, He has doomed them, has given them over for slaughter."

  59. Go and visit your slaughterhouses to see how efficiently all these animals are done in, for so it will be to you O you inhabitants of the earth.  Nor is it far off, but the hour grows near, it is at your doorsteps ready to enter.

  60. And so the Lord spoke further saying; "Their slain shall be cast out, and the stench of their corpses shall rise; the mountains shall flow with their blood."

  61. And why do you suppose that corpses are left to rot in the open? It is because of the multitude of them, with not enough survivors to bury them.  For like the Lord said; "The meek will inherit the earth."  Only these will remain with the rest of the multitude as food for the vultures.

  62.     All you rich and you mighty you look so earnestly for a heritage, to leave for yourself a name in the earth. Well this will be your heritage to serve as food for the vultures, with your names to be forgotten for all eternity.

  63. This will be your reward for all your doings in the earth, and for all that came forth from your lips. You will never be known again but for a disgrace upon you.

  64. Nor is it only upon the earth where judgment will be executed, for so spoke the Lord my God and my Father;  "All the host of heaven shall rot away, and the skies roll up like a scroll. All their host shall fall, as leaves fall from the vine, like leaves falling from the fig tree.  

  65. For My sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; behold, it descends for judgment upon Edom, upon the people I have doomed."

  66. You did not know that - did you -that your very Creator had doomed you? No because you consider yourself so good and righteous, as if your lies are the truth, and your falsehood is the right, and your foul injustice that you hold for justice. Therefore the Lord has doomed you.

  67. But she who is scorned by the people and spoken of in every way, the sons of Zion, these shall not perish, for thus spoke the Lord:  

  68. "But you, Israel, My servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, the offspring of Abraham, My friend.  You whom I took from the ends of the earth, and called from its farthest corners, saying to you, "You are My servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off, fear not, for I am with you.

  69. Be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.

  70. Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.  

  71. You shall seek those who contend with you, but you shall not find them; those who war against you shall be as nothing at all.  For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, "Fear not, I will help you."

  72. What a pity for those Palestinians and those Iranians, as well as all the other nations that at one time had Israel in derision, these nations will not have flesh for their enemy, but the Lord God Himself will be their enemy to destroy them.

  73. And so you see how wrong it is for you not to love your neighbor, and to harbor ill will towards anyone. For by cause of it you will have great pains. The Lord who formed you gave you a law by which you were to abide. But you thought yourself wiser, therefore you will be the fools.

  74.   This is your due, as it is everyone's due - that you love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your strength and with all your mind. And the second, that you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  75. Do you love your wife? Do you love your children? Would you do just about anything for them?  If so - with loving your neighbor as well, and your enemies to do good unto them, will that warrant you to obtain a salvation to yourself?

  76. Think again you that have such love, for that all in itself is not sufficient whereby to inherit salvation. You therefore ought to read the words of that law once again, and again, until you truly come to an understanding of it.  For so spoke the Lord by whom salvation is made possible;

  77. "If you love father, mother, wife, or children more than Me, - you are Me not worthy." Conclusively you are to love the Lord your Creator even more than all of these if at all you vie for the salvation of your soul.

  78. You may have heard of that law, and consider it just.  But do you really understand it? And if so, are you living according to it? For even then you are still not there - since the Lord enhanced that law by giving us this commandment, - "To love your neighbor - as I have loved you."

  79. And so now that law has nearly become an impossibility. You are in fact to have a love like that of the Lord Himself, to in all respects become into the image of Him. And is not this what He said when He made us, namely - "To have made us after His own image?"

  80. It would do you well to read the messages which the Lord the Messiah gave to the seven churches, as recorded in the book of Revelation. The sum therein is, that we must be perfect as He is perfect.

  81. And why is it that Israel is singled out as the head of all nations, as the firstborn among men, and how and why the Lord will establish her as the crown of all nations?  But should I really acquaint you with it? Should I reveal what is but for the wise to comprehend?

  82. Yet since it is written and open to all the world I will quote the words as they were spoken; "Thus says the Lord: "In a time of favor I have answered you, in a day of salvation I have helped you; I have kept you and given you as a covenant to the people, to establish the land, to apportion the desolate heritages.

  83. And so what are these Israelites to us - if not our means to joy and salvation? And how stupid of anyone to revile those that are for his well being.  They may be a byword in the mouth of many, but they are God's very covenant with us.

  84. Without them, none of us would live. If the Iranians had their way, to obliterate The Jews, these stupid Iranians would foremost obliterate themselves, and every other person in the world with them. 

  85. It is a crime against all humanity even for these wicked Iranians to wish to, or to pronounce the very idea in obliterating Israel. By their own words they have sentenced themselves for crimes against humanity. And what took place in Nuremberg must be assayed upon them in sevenfold.

  86.   And what are the duties of those sons of Zion, or shall I hide what their duties are, and for what cause the Lord made them a covenant for us?  Since then that also is written I shall make a quotation of it.

  87. They are to; "Say to the prisoners, come forth, to those who are in darkness to appear. And, They shall feed along the ways, on all bare heights shall be their pasture; they shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching wind nor sun shall smite them.

  88. For He who has pity on them will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them. And I will make all My mountains a way, and My highways shall be raised up."

  89. But how or why should I elaborate on these words, for I have not found such as are competent to understand these things. But it is obvious how they are for the welfare of those that are imprisoned, whose deeds were them for incarceration.

  90. If now you doubt my word, as if there is no truth with me, you will be speaking evil of the truth itself, for is it not written;  "All your sons shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the prosperity of your sons."

  91. I then by the words that I have spoken you cannot see the hand of God, you are as the blind, And so spoke the Lord"I the Lord speak the truth, I declare what is right."

  92.   This then will be my final word to all that wonder about me and that which I have spoken;  When I called you did not answer, when I spoke you did not listen, therefore thus spoke the Lord; "Therefore I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter."

  93. And so also it is with me; "Let the faithful exult in glory; let them sing for joy on their couches.  Let the high praises of God be in their throats and two-edged swords in their hands, to wreak vengeance on the nations and chastisement on the peoples.

  94. To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron, to execute on them the judgment written! This is glory for all His faithful ones.  

  95. Do not wonder how or why no-one gave any answer to me or replied upon my publication the wisdom of which exceeds that of all the world. 

  96. For (John)  "this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light lest his deeds should be exposed."

  97. And speaking foolishly, for all the strides in the sciences I could have had a half dozen Nobel prizes, and for that source of energy even a trillion dollars would have been a bargain. Yet now hear this fact, I would not have accepted a single penny of it.  All because I was taught of God, and my love is for righteousness.


  1. The Lord gave Solomon great knowledge and wisdom, more than any man before or after him, and He gave me that I also might understand rightly. But as a fox is smaller to an elephant so much the greater was the knowledge and wisdom of Solomon.

  2. The Lord gave me to know what light is and how it travels, as well as the absent of light, and how and what magnetism is, and the nature of electricity, the turning of the earth, and how the seasons come about. what the atom is and how they come about.

  3. What gravity is and how to calculate the same, the foundations of the earth and how all the stars and galaxies are held in heir circuits, how to determine the speed and distance of the heavenly bodies, how the tides occur, and many such things in the sciences.

  4. None of which were known to this generation, for though they may acclaim to know them, it are no more than fantasies, living in a world of make belief, living in the ignorance of their mind, as they were destined to do that all of them might be put to shame and to dishonor.

  5. The Lord gave me that in any writing I might perceive the spirit of it, to see through the guile and deceit of men, even so much that from their corruptions I might perceive the original. He gave me to understand His word, for only the Spirit that wrote the same is able to make it known to whomsoever He will.

  6. As now by comparison the rays of the sun for their number upon the earth are but a fraction of the light of the sun, and that in itself being endless for quantity, how much the greater that quantity shall be for the whole of the sun.

  7. As then the Lord the Almighty One for His thoughts all at once is yet greater than the vast number that issues from any star He is beyond comparison. And He thought it good to grant at least a few rays of His light, that for the quantity thereof even I call awesome, how much the greater His wisdom be for the endless number of rays of all the stars.

  8. And as for these few rays of light endowed upon me it is said to have received a sevenfold wisdom and knowledge, how poor man is in comparison, to have either none or barely a fraction of those few rays.

  9. In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and honor Him, for by Him and in Him we abide.


  1. How is it that the children of man became so irrational in heart and mind? For it is a fact that God made every person good with no harmful effects within him.

  2. But like so many of the angels in the heavens around us became proud in themselves, as if their ability is of themselves, so man is no different. Neither wickedness nor the lie were ever created, but many men along with the angels imported it to themselves, their own invention contrary to what was good and right.

  3. The sons of man had not a clue as to what the fundamentals were of that of which God had constructed their bodies, nor the operation thereof. But with many experiments he did discover how nature is made up of minute parts, and how these form grids.

  4. Since then he had no clue as to what these minute parts, atoms as he called them, were made of, nor how they formed into molecules and the grid of things, he looked at the solar system and for his irrational thought made the atom after it.

  5. And having come this far - he was now to descend deeper and deeper into the fantasies of his mind. And by it he manufactured single sided coins conceiving them as the parts of an atom like as planets are part of the sun. And with it he came to a whole series of fantasies whereby to make everything work.

  6. Like for example the weight of them, for as the measure of each atom is by the gravitational draw upon them, it is by the whole of any atom, and cannot possibly be measured in parts. And so instead of classifying them by the gravity upon them he came to number them by the fantasy of a number of parts.

  7. He could simply have rated them by "gv" meaning gravitational volume, from a number 1 on up to the largest of them. But when the mind is irrational, no rational conclusions are likely to take place. And so with its parts he went deeper and deeper into his bottomless pit where no light of any kind is ever found.

  8. How thus did man come to this with his fantasies to be so irrational? It my dear reader is because of his wicked mind and heart. For being wicked and even denying that God exists, God, for a punishment upon them, left them to their own devices. He as such did not furnish them with a measure of His Spirit.

  9. And thus these individuals were left empty, and at the mercy of the many wicked spirits of the giants and of those that serve Satan. And since these spirits love nothing better than to corrupt all that they can, they made their home with these individuals.

  10. To them wickedness is a pious act, and so by having these sons of men in their power, with their gravity upon them they turn them into slaves to think and act after their desires. As then these spirits are themselves irrational in all that they think and do, so their subjects become irrational.

  11. But the righteous souls, those that do not deny the presence of God, and who know Him to be for the many works of His hand, and that as such honor Him, it is to these that the Lord God does not withdraw Himself, and by the knowledge of His Spirit these come to rational thoughts.

  12. And so it is; Deny God and you will become irrational, for in the first place it is irrational to deny Him. The Lord planted a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of what is right and what is wrong. And we choose to eat of it, therefore did knowledge come into us.

  13. And now that it is within us we are to choose, we are to judge, we are to make for a difference between what is right and what is wrong. Since then there are those among us to choose the right, many more from among us make for a different choice, and that by the Law of God is the wrong choice.

  14. For He in giving us life and being - gave us a law of life. If then we choose to disobey that law of life, do not expect that you shall continue to live, but rather find death for yourself, since that is what you desired for yourself, namely to die.

  15. If on the other hand you keep His law of life, He will grant you life. For though you may have cast yourself down by taking from that tree of knowledge, God in His endless mercy appointed a means to save you from your fall into death.

  16. God indeed forbade us to take from that tree of knowledge - knowing that in acquiring knowledge we would come to a point where we would have to judge. We in all essence would be in the image of God, to know right from wrong, and to choose accordingly.

  17. And for us being nothing more than a creation, a piece of handiworks, something made out of the dust of the earth, how are we to compare to Him, or be like unto Him? How is it for a wooden spoon to teach him that made it?

  18. The sum of things thus is simply this:  Being made of God, one ought to honor his Maker. And having received life and being from Him, one must keep to His law of life.  For your life is of Him, and your well being is of Him. How dreadful therefore it will be for you to deny Him.

  19. And this is what so many from among have done, and still do, wherefore their end is not only in the fire where their accursed hides may be burned from them, but meanwhile in being empty they are filled with what is irrational, that then leads to many errors and fantasies.

  20. As for me at this time I will not reveal how nor what the atom is or how it came about, let man have his fantasies for as long as wickedness remains with them they are not able to comprehend a right spirit.


  1. If we question what the fundamental power is that pushes down the cylinders of our internal combustion engines the answer will be; "That it is the power of magnetic." 

  2. But will I be the only one to come with such an answer, correct as it may be?  It is not that I should be wiser than anyone, but I "was" taught by the Most Wise in all the universe.

  3. When you heat water into steam it is not a re-arranging of the molecular structure, the molecules consisting of 3 atoms each (H2O) remain intact. The expansion in the water is each atom and each molecule being driven to a greater distance from the next, caused by the increase in the speed of each their rotational movement.

  4. To look at an example, when we turn a ball in water it creates a circular wake around it, and the faster that ball is turned so much the greater the circular wake will be.  So it is with any and all atoms, each one of them

  5. The same thing is true with electricity, the higher the speed of rotation, called voltage, the greater its magnetic wake will be around the conductor of that electricity.  You want proof, just ask the power companies or look at the power poles how far these high voltage cables are from any conducting surfaces.

  6. Atoms, as essentially tiny magnets, will and must cling to one another as well as draw away from one another relevant to the positioning of their polarities. And the coordinates to accomplice all that is quite manifold.

  7. Compressing the molecules of steam is the same as driving magnets closer to one another with like polarities, which when released produces a lot of force,  With gasoline it is the restructuring of the molecules, that by the introduction of a spark  raises the momentum of all the atoms involved in the same way that an atomic explosion has its means, namely chain reaction.

  8. All chain reaction now for its normal speed is equal to the speed of magnetic, which is like unto the speed of light. But there are equally many chain reactions that proceed much slower, like decomposition, and the hair and nails upon our bodies, or a flower upon vegetation, or for that matter a child being formed within the womb of a woman.

  9. All material substance subsists by magnetic motion, and that in its many forms rests upon a single footing. It therefore is consequential that all the power of movement is by magnetic motion. Nor is magnetic first and motion second, but the other way around, motion comes before magnetic, the ideal of magnetic being a derivative of movement.

  10. The question on the mind of many might be how any atom comes, or came to be an atom, But that must remain a question since man in his ignorance is much too comfortable with his current ideal about the atom, as were it to consist of impossible and none existent parts.

  11. And as long as he continues to hold on to these absurd fantasies who is to teach them of a truth? I have provided man with a great deal of new knowledge such as never been heard before, or spoken of by any person. And because all these things being so new and unheard of by them, they wonder if I be right or wrong,

  12. That all in itself now is incomprehensible to me since I did provide man with the evidence, even with their own evidence that cannot possibly be denied, how therefore can they wonder? Yet they do, and for that I came to look upon man as a delusion, as creatures without insight, and/or common logical reasoning if you will.

  13. Man has to come to a reckoning, he has to be taught.  And on whose shoulders shall that come to rest if not on those whom were taught first of the Almighty One.  And so I am performing that task as I have been for years, but who is to listen, who is willing to be taught?

  14. Are fantasies more tasty than the truth? Idolatry more to our likens than integrity? I truly do not comprehend how any person can be so adverse to his or her Creator, to be so blind of the facts staring them in the face.

  15. It is truly magnetic power by which our automobiles receive their power, and no less for the gravity by which we are held to earth's surface, gravity the inclination, while the power is no less magnetic. and so are the planets to the stars, and the moons to their home bodies.

  16. And how perfect was not my solution to the tides, not that it was my solution since I was taught by the greatest of all Teachers, that magnetic figure of eight providing equal tides on both sides of the earth.

  17. New and unheard facts - so these things are, yes indeed, but it's not merely my word, but man's own laws conclude them to be so. How thus can one say, "We can't tell if he be right."  Man's own law regarding earth shows gravity to extend less than 4000 miles out into space, while the moon is near 200.000 miles, how then shall it be gravity?

  18. How can one possibly wonder about me, or question me - when they themselves are proving my word to be correct? That my dear fellow I do not understand. Yet I am not ignorant as to how and why it is that way, all because God's word cannot be broken, and once spoken it remains.

  19. And that word is found by Isaiah in his forty first chapter, quote: "Who declared it from the beginning that we might know? Or from times previous that we might say, "He is right"? There was none who declared it, none who proclaimed, none who heard your words."

  20. And so I am as some have called me, namely unique, speaking of things never heard before. But they are not of my discovery, like the Lord by Isaiah said, quote;  "I first have declared it to Zion." 

  21. It is for the welfare of all mankind that my knowledge and wisdom is not my own, anyone who even thinks to discover what the  foundations of the earth might be will be the death of all the human race.

  22. Has there been any man to declare foundations, like those of the earth and the stars? Many have spoken, but were their words of a truth?  The Almighty One again by Isaiah speaks of but a single person to have declared them as He said:

  23. (Isaiah 48) "My hand laid the foundations of the earth, and My hand spread out the heavens; when I call to them they stand forth together.  And now hear, assemble all of you! Who among them has declared these things? The Lord loves him, he shall perform his purpose on the world of wickedness and his arm shall be against the strong."

  24. Does it not say; "The Lord loves "him," as in a single person? And does He not clearly announce to us how all of it is by His revelation unto us; as he further said;  "I, even I have spoken and called him, I have brought him."

  25. How is it that through the air and space we can clearly see the sun and the moon, and while light also passes through the medium of water how come we cannot observe the bottom of the oceans?  Shall it be because of impurities in the water? Hardly so for with the water crystal clear the light still does not penetrate any further than about 600 feet.

  26. And so what is the difference in water to air whereby light may be arrested? The atom of Oxygen is Oxygen, be it in air or in water, with this difference that in the latter there are a few Hydrogen atoms clinging to it.  Two connecting points then translate into at least two points where the light will be stopped dead in its track, meanwhile passing all other rounded areas.

  27. But why do I have to be the first to announce these things, should we not have realized these things of ourselves long ago?  And with our law of circular motion we should have known that the planets and the stars are not held gravitational.

  28. What difference therefore is there with me verses man in general? Why do I have to be the one to reveal to man that he has two hands and two feet, he himself not knowing nor realizing that obvious fact?

  29. Man beholds the different lengths of light waves to diverse into a rainbow of colors, and yet he has the unmitigated gall to show the nature of separate waves as being continues. If then that is not blindness what shall blindness be? Who will reprove me for stating that man does not know how many hands and feet that he has?  Only the blind will do so.

  30. Atoms can only perform their functions when they are of a single whole. They cannot cling to one another like those of steel or wood or anything unless each one is a magnetic unit.  The ideal or fantasy of electrons bussing around a core would construe the atom as a useless piece of nothing, and much less if they were of a negative nature, since that does not exist anywhere, nor could it exist.

  31. The atom as man has construed it is nothing more than a fantasy, and at that a most ignorant fantasy.  The body of any and all atoms Ė if construed as substance is of a single nature and a single mass, And what that so called substance might be is not for revealing.

  32. Destroy first your atom, and erase its fantasy from all literature and perhaps I might be inclined to reveal what is not suitable for the mind of man.

  33. But manís scientists are not likely to give up on their fantasies regarding the atom, they do not want to be taught by anyone whom according to them is without education, namely their education, one who did not attend the curriculum  of their fantasies, or experimental research as they call it.

  34. To most everyone ignorance is a blessing, and to live in a world of fantasy is preferable to having to admit to oneís failures.

  35. Just as the rich man hates them that are poor, the fool despises him that is wise.  And being born of the father of the lie why should they come to accept truth?  Its not in their nature to love truth, as it is in my nature being born of the truth.  As I hate and despise the lie, so they hate and despise the truth.

  36. Their shame has to go down into the grave with them, and their hides being stripped from them they at last will have to acknowledge that they were in error and how it is for the truth to reign.


  1. I purchased a new automobile and financed it. After a few weeks the contract duly signed by both parties I received a notice to an adverse action from the dealer. So I went in person to ask why?  

  2. The answer was, that they were not planning any action, and that they did not send it. As then I showed them their letterhead, their reply was it was not them but the computer that send it, and that they send this to all their customers, to which I replied; "You insult all your customers?  

  3. But computers do not write in and print out insults and then walk to the mailbox since obviously computers do not have legs nor hands nor feet.

  4. But I would have done better to talk to a wall, since no wall is ever as stupid as the human person can be, he would not at any instant admit having send the letter, At long last I simply left since indeed a dumb wall is more intelligent than such persons, it at least will not bombard me with the most stupid of lies.

  5. I came back from there realizing how pitiful  indeed the human race is, with not a grain of integrity within them, and that because I found the same stupidity in a great number of persons. 

  6. In all respects I love mankind and at the same time I loathe and despise the whole lot of them. Of all that the Almighty has given me, this is fully inconceivable, namely the stupidity of man, or as the Lord my Father said; "They have corrupted themselves by an inscrutable law."

  7. If thus the Lord cannot comprehend their law how shall I?


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