Motion to Motion 

 into perception  

An essay March 2021



     One of the most rewardingarticulars, seeing nature no less is in-and-by movement. Accordingly we come to a revelation in movements to  things in the sciences is to learn how things are put together, and how they operate. Our senses are not the only ones to come by movements in its pmovement, a revelation that shows nature for its reality.  Additionally; by illustration, the coordinates of movement are furnished to wit, magnetic, electric, light's velocity, and radial velocity.



  1. This knowledge in the norm of the sciences is clearly a revelation bound to replace man's current conceptions in many of his cherished theories.  And it is man's due to rid himself of his fantasies waking up to reality. 

  2. This however will not be accomplished until truth has become acceptable, which will not be until man is duly put to shame.  When his offspring in the centuries ahead come to look at their forebears as having lived in a world of fantasy.

  3. Not very commendable to this generation.  But then how is one to escape from the powers of ignorance, to whom lies are most holy, with truth an abomination? Not until the Lord Christ Jesus judges the nations and takes His seat in Jerusalem, then lies will be put out, and truth flourish.

  4. And so I speak here and now that this knowledge is for a new generation, when this current generation shall be no more, and only the meek are left to inheret the earth.  Then the knowledge of God will go through all the earth, and peace is the statute of the day. 

  5. By these I will be honored. And so do not speak of me as "traveling a lonely road," but rather the right road.


      Wisdom, Insight, Movement, Magnetic, Electric.



  1. I do know what light is, how it travels, and by what, and how and why it refracts. What magnetism is, how it comes about, that as such includes what erroneously is called electricity, it being magnetic all the same.  And the nature of gravity that comprises the foundations of the earth. 

  2. How the earth moves through space, and its seasons, as well as the God given calendar that is fixed in the movements of the earth.  And many such things. 

  3. None of which has been discovered nor understood by the sons of man, the Lord in that respect having closed their eyes and their mind, lest they would come to glory in a knowledge not their own. For all knowledge and all expertise is of the Lord.  

  4. Movement by movement into perception now, as well as into being may indeed be difficult to the mind of man, but rewarding to the wise, All of nature subsists of movement into movement. And our whole being to behold the earth and abide within it - is by movement all the same.  All things become real to us by and in movement.

  5.  Consider how it is that we can see, and see in color. How does that come about, and by what? For our hearing we know that it is by nothing more than vibrations, by a back and forth movement of the parts of the air one to the next, that then is interpreted by us as sounds. 

  6. Nature itself being devoid of sound, it exists only by our interpretation of movements. A most marvelous innovation by the hand of our Creator.

  7.  Equally so for light, we interpret discrete rotational movements (erroneously called waves) into a beholding. When they are not send to our receptors everything appears dark, as in not being. Then for the color of things, when these discrete entities come to us by different angles in rotation we interpret them for color. Another marvel of creation.

  8. And so how is a mere angle in a movement seen for green or yellow? Nature displays no colors; these exist only in the spiritual realm. The only living things are spiritual, and nature becomes us by interpretations of simple movement.

  9. As then each different angular moment makes for a different length, so we came with lengths. And each length presenting its own unique angle so they refract into different angular directions whereby the rainbow is seen.   

  10. As then each different angle for length determines how many times it must rotate within any given distance, so the relative velocity of each of these have each their own unique velocity. (Relative meaning; speed for distance in time.) 

  11.  This is effected because the agent that is the power of, and transport all these so-called waves, has a fixed velocity called "velocity of constant." It being reckoned at 300.000-km/sec.

  12. All the angular moments that make for light (or any so called wave) are thus driven at a single fixed velocity with each angular moment forced into a relative velocity that at all times is less than the constant, and easily calculated.  And it appears for me to be the first in history to calculate the speed of light. A very simple thing really. (listed below). 

  13. These angular moments then for their mode of travel are fully dependent on a media. But rather than saying "a" media, we should say "the" media, there being but one media throughout all the universe. Space therefore (contrary to the errors of man) is never empty. And all light for its different length's travel at each their own unique velocity all throughout the universe.

  14. To state that all different waves travel at the same velocity in space, in my book is not an error, but a lie and deception, if so no radial velocity could be found. And for an example. Man has it that from space to our atmosphere the reduction in velocity is 90-km/sec.  

  15. That part then being correct, it by consequence concludes that there can be only one velocity so relative within our atmosphere. Since then each wave must of necessity travel at its own unique velocity in order to have color, that in turn concludes there to be only one color in all of our light.   

  16. The prism therefore as well as the rainbow are making man's scientists out for liars. Or if not liars, these in that respect pronounce them to be devoid of common sense.

  17. As then it is said how light slows down in denser media's, this also is in error, the speed at which light travels is the same in all densities.  Light itself, the angular moments, as they rotate forward are at all times at the velocity of constant. 

  18. But since these proceed angularly they must pass by a circumference – that then for its distance in time reduces the observed velocity. 

  19. Consequently there is a fixed velocity and a relative velocity of light. In a straight line at 60-mph one will pass 60 miles in one minute, but swaying back and forth to double the distance it will take 2 minutes to complete the 60 mile journey.  So is light and all that are erroneously called waves of the spectrum.

  20. Movement into perception, so I said; and how is it that we see if not by interpretation of discrete movement?  And no less are our senses of taste and smell by interpretation of unique coordinates.  Here we do not speak of waves, nor of angular moments - as the reality of waves, but of unique patterns of movement properly called coordinates. Each element and each cell having its own unique pattern of movement that by us is interpreted for taste and smell.

  21. Then there is temperature as also nothing more than movement but in the speed of it, that by us is interpreted for warmth. Consider water when the atomic (not molecular) movement is slowed down, the molecules rearrange their magnetic polarities to lock onto one another, water becoming a rigid substance known as ice. 

  22. All this by the speed of the internal movements that in turn determines the magnetic patterns.  At high speed the water molecule will lose its magnetic hold to one another to become free agents, hydrogen and oxygen as separate gasses.  

  23. As then steam comes by the expansion of the magnetic fields of those atoms, There is a very great expansion of them momentarily when the two gasses combine again into a water molecule. (Hydrogen bomb)

  24. All this by movement in the speed of it. We for example can warm our hands by rubbing them together, for in so doing we increase the internal speed of the atoms in their magnetic fields. 

  25. The light of the sun as it makes contact upon our earth, increases the speed of the atomic magnetic fields.  That is rotation to rotation, the light being rotational entities at high revolution impinging upon the atomic rotations so increasing the speed thereof, interpreted by man and beast for warmth.

  26. The air is not heated since light finds no terminal upon these molecules, they being too small wherefore it passes around them. Otherwise the air would be as opaque as anything. The same is true for the water molecule. 

  27. Hundreds of light waves may encircle safely around one, but sooner or later as it comes to strike upon one of the connecting points of the two Hydrogen atom bonded to that atom of Oxygen, at which point it will be terminated, In the Ocean that may come to some 600 ft down, the shorter lengths  having the advantage.

  28. One of the most astounding miracles of movement by rotation and velocity of rotation is found with the rotational format of that magnetic force known as electricity. It we turn a generator at 3600 rpm; and we feed that into a wire laid out straight, the speed of rotation remains at 3600-rpm all along that wire.  

  29. But when we insert - for the example - 1000 turns into that wire for the electricity to pass, we at the end of that wire will discover how the speed from 3600 has increased to 4600-rpm.  This tells us that the nature of electricity is in effect turns of movement.

  30. The number of turns per unit of time in electricity is not only determined by how fast we turn an armature, but equally as much by how many turns (circles) we force it to pass through, as well as by how many turns we place upon the armature.  Speed therefore can be regulated by physical as well as none physical turns.

  31. The 12 rotations per second in our car batteries are raised to some 15,000 rotations per second by nothing more than physical turns in the wire by which we force it to pass. For at 15.000 turns per second the field expands far enough to jump a gap at the plug. And it will come to a quarter million on our high voltage power lines.

  32. Transformers of electricity thus are like generators, and like voltage regulators by their turns in the wiring.  There is nothing super natural in any of this. It is simple movement of movement at speeds in varying degrees. For nature is movement by movement into coordinates that are regulated by speed of.  

  33. And so what is electricity other than a magnetic potential, the cousin to the normally known magnetic as the fixed, or linear magnetic?  It is a movement, and at that a coordinate of movement. Not anything fanciful, even as any regular magnet is a coordinate of movement. The power of any magnet to attract or repel is of and by nature's fundamental movement in a unique coordinate, that to us resembles the figure of eight. 

  34. And in all respects is an eight, that when we or the moon compress, or elongate any one side of that eight, (like a pair of scissors) so will the other side, wherefore there are always two equal tides on both sides of the earth.

  35. The magnet is termed linear, the electrical angular. The power of the both of them is none other than the fundamental movement at its full constant velocity. This for distance in time comes to less than the constant by the angular moment in the circumference thereof. 

  36. Such then also exists with gravity, the power in velocity being the constant; that then is reduced by the angular momentum of all substance under gravitational duress. That I for our sake have likened to a nut turning on a long bolt, the factor of gravity being like the number of threads per given length. 

  37. When the threads are at 32 per inch, the object is driven down at 32/sec/sec. When the factor is reduced to 20 per inch the velocity of downward movement will be 20/sec/sec, regardless of any weight, size, or volume.

  38. And the reason that objects under the duress of gravity accelerate is from and by the earth's magnetic power in velocity.  Maximum acceleration then of any object in freefall has its limits. The factor of acceleration then is easily obtained by Newton's law of motion. For example:

  39. The factor of inertia, which is also the factor of gravity, at sea level, in acceleration is 32.174 ft/sec/sec.  How much may this be for the Hubble Space telescope at 353 miles above the earth?  The data is: Gross weight 24.500 lb.  Orbital altitude 353 miles.  Orbital velocity 17.500 mph.

  40. The radius thus will be 4353 miles from the center of the earth.  That times 5280 comes to 22.983.840 ft.  Its velocity at 17.500 : 60 : 60 x 5280 comes to 25.666-ft/sec.  And to do this in whole numbers:  24.500 x 25.666 = 628,817.000 x 25,666 = 16,139,217,122.000 divided by 22,983,840 = 702,198.46 lb, divided by 24.500 = 28.66.

  41. This makes the Hubble telescope to have a g/force on it 28.66 times as much as it read upon the scale upon earth, since 702.198.46 divided by its scale weight comes to 28.66.  The factor of gravity 353 miles above the earth therefore is 28.66 and its acceleration if it were to fall would be 28.66 ft/sec/sec, increasing as it nears the earth's surface.

  42. And now consider what you are hearing: For when we deduct the 28.66 from 32.174 (at sea level) it comes to a decrease of 3.514 in those 353 miles, and this divided by the 353 comes to 0.009.954.674 per mile.  Then by dividing the sea level factor of 32.174 by the decrease per mile, comes to 3.232 miles, at which point the factor of gravity is zero, and the acceleration would be zero ft/sec/sec. 

  43. I posted this as a question on a forum, "What the g-force is at 3232 miles above earth utilizing the data of the Hubble telescope. the replies received were, that such could not be discovered nor calculated. How poor therefore the mathematics and correlation is of people calling themselves scientists.

  44. But not only that it proves gravity to have its limit, but likewise that it is not gravity by which a solar system is held, nor any planet to any star.  This law by Isaac Newton now  has been with us for more than three centuries. 

  45. And I have the be the first in all these many years to actually utilize that law, to place myself behind a calculator? To discover how gravity is limited? Did no-one have any insight in this before the Lord brought me into this world? It does indeed show the masters in the sciences for these centuries as blind ones.

  46. The power of gravity then - is the earth's magnetic potential. 

  47. The instigation to gravity - is earth's movements.

  48. The factor upon which it affixes itself - is the angular movements of all atoms. 

  49. So you see how all this is movement to movement and upon movement. The magnetic potential is pure motion by the fundamental one. The angular movement of the atomic realm is likewise pure motion, and the instigator as none other than earth's orbital movement, and rotational movement are likewise pure motion.

  50. By motion to motion into motion - so all things are held to the earth and to any star or planet. Earth's movements then are instigated by the sun; magnetic fields interweaving, even as gravity comes to its reality by magnetic interweaving. Magnetic movement (3M) being directionally conductive.

  51. Movement to movement now for its outcome is not only by interpretation, as is evident by gravity, where the rotational movement of atoms is imposed upon by again another movement that inflicts precession, for one movement to become entwined with another to form yet a third movement called gravity, or rather than moving it is an inclination to movement, to move only when it is free to move.

  52. This gravity as a movement is like an imposition, applying its duress upon all substances, and is limited in distance from any center of force.  Its implementation is upon every single atom, wherefore nothing at all is excluded from it.  For our earth that limit - as we saw earlier came to  3232 miles. But it serves the earth well to keep down the rise of the waters known as tides. 

  53. The velocity of the moon in orbit dictates the height in the rise of the waters in conjunction with gravity keeping it downward. And also the sun lending a helping hand.

  54. In ignorance man has attributed the rise of the waters to a force not anywhere near the earth.  Yet the gravity of the earth keeping down its rise in waters - also plays a role in helping to raise the waters, the nomenclature of which is as yet too complex for man to follow.  

  55. My primary aim is to show how not only movement affects movement, but effects it as well, and that it is by simple movement how we are bound to the earth.  And at that I can say - how it is by the very movements of the earth that we are held to it.  

  56. And so you see I cannot go too deeply into these things lest I loose man altogether. I now did not give a name to that fundamental movement as the one and only true force in nature. For what shall we name it if not motion? But then there is motion and there is motion, my designation of 3M is but for a secondary, and hardly suitable whereby to name that one and only force in nature. Therefore for our sake the word fundamental is added to it.

  57. And how marvelous that grandiose seven of eight in my book is, to have its single being in all the universe. And so I did name it, its designation as M78. But who is to understand my mind in that way, wherefore let us remain with fundamental.   666 and what might its meaning be? Or the 7, and the 8 as well as zero, each to have a meaning of its own. 

  58. And yes I agree that values by numbers is less cumbersome than anything; but to whom may I be speaking? Is it not for the creature of man that I am speaking? Must I not therefore remain on his level, or else I speak in vain to grant him a view into movement by movement by which he plows forth upon the earth.

  59. In electricity, the coordinate for its movement down the line is always momentary extended at near the speed of light. And calculated in the same way as light is.   As then the physical rotation of that magnetic string, like unto a braided wire can be at any revolution, the so-called flow is imaginary. 

  60. But that whole string of magnetic is at all times a none physical entity, pure movement utilizing material substances upon which to bear itself, as well as to extend itself. In other words, like as light requires a media to travel by, and travel upon, so it is with electricity.

  61. That movement then that makes for the motion of electricity, being magnetic is none other than the fundamental movement that at all times travels at the full velocity of constant. And being braided that movement is at all times into both directions of the string, passing up and down in the circular along the figures of eight, as any braid will appear.

  62. That first movement then is not, and can-not be regulated, it being the fundamental movement by which all other movements come about. That first of all movement then as movement is an entity in itself.  In other words - it is real, and unlike any other movement, yet contrives every other movement that are not entities.  

  63. The none real being just movement of and by movement and upon something we claim to be matter. Those movements once stopped no longer exist, while the fundamental power cannot be slowed, nor sped up, nor infringed upon. But it can be imposed upon whereby all the so-called waves have their mode of transportation.

  64. I came to say; "Matter in motion by coordination." This is a general statement contriving all movements suitable to man, otherwise I might have said; "Motion to motion in coordinates."  Matter as such being a loose term, a crux for what cannot be digested by the sons of the earth.

  65. The first of all movement is a creation of the Almighty One, and the one and only power in nature, or as man is wont to say, "force in nature," of whom they invented four different ones. But my lips do not lie. Deception is an abomination to me, while truth is my delight. 

  66. So there is but one force in all of the universe, the moveable power created by the hand of God. Anything else is sheer fantasy, and most childish to speak of.  

  67. All secondary movements come forth either by our doings, or instigated by the fundamental one. We instigate movement by turning armatures, or placing turns in a wire, or by utilizing the expansion of the fundamental movement upon the atom by increasing its rate of rotation.  In that way we operate internal combustion engines.

  68. Or with the steam locomotive, to compress the expanded fields of the water molecules, that when released into a cylinder powers the locomotive by the repulsive magnetic force of all these molecules. The same being true for gas engines, the power of restructuring molecules comes of and by magnetic.

  69. Magnetic fields in rotation come to expand by any increase in the speed of rotation, while their velocity of constant, remains constant. So it is that our gas engines run from the very atoms of the elements. And the power companies string their high voltage wires far from any conducting surface. 

  70. That electricity is after all a magnetic string in rotation, that at higher and higher revolutions will likewise expand more and more. Its movement being the same that makes for all atoms; namely the fundamental one. The one and only force and power in nature.

  71. And for an eye opener AC current as a reversal current does not go forth and turn back like a atom in sound, but it rotates around exactly the same as one would trace out a figure of eight. In other words it comes back upon its own opposite direction

  72. That current always consisting of movement into both directions, in a reversal it merely for direction of completes upon a part of the figure of eight. It is therefore that it can be raised to such high rotations (voltage) and never at all come to a stop, or any reduction in its velocity, at all times maintaining its constant at 300.000-km/sec.

  73. The law for any true back and forth movement is that it must first stop, then accelerate in the return, whereas with electricity as with light, there is never any acceleration, all movement is instantaneous, with not the least amount of acceleration nor deceleration. That we can take to the bank, good as gold.

  74. And what now shall I say to those reading my words, to hear of things never heard before..  Things not spoken by any person before me. For while my brother Solomon knew what I know, he did not record them on paper, nor left a record thereof, though he spoke of it. Isaiah the prophet speaks of it saying; "That we might say; "He is right." (Chap. 41) 

  75. In my mind however, I cannot fathom ignorance, seeing how all the evidence is before the eyes of all. What nerve is it to question me, or place doubt upon my words? Are they blind to come with that sort of statement, for me to be right or not? And yes blindness it is, and that also of the hand of God, lest these would come to pride in themselves, so as to have a boast before God, not realizing how all knowledge is of God.

  76. And for their wicked heart having left them to their own devices, He did not give them eyes to see, nor hearts to look into His secrets. But rather to shame them, like He said: "To make fools out of all the wise, and to dishonor all the honored in the earth." Man is to learn how there is but one source of knowledge and wisdom, and that it is not in themselves, they being nothing more than created things. 

  77. Like as the angel said; "No one of the flesh can be just before the Lord, for they are merely His creation." And again so spoke the angel: "Human beings are not created for such purposes to take up their beliefs with pen and ink, for indeed human beings were not created but to be like angels permanently to maintain pure and righteous lives." 

  78. How vain for the pastors and theologians to find life for themselves in the written word, and to teach their victims in that way. Do they not know that the written word was made for judgment, by which their destruction would be imminent, as well as justified? If the Scriptures had not been written, they would have no fault, but now there is no escape.

  79. Motion to motion into perception. So also is feeling, to with your finger touch any part of your body is not something collateral upon collateral, but motion upon motion.  The movements of the outer atoms of your finger interact with the movement of those atoms they make contact with, and as such trigger an impulse to the brain that by us as spiritual entities is interpreted for feeling.

  80. Does not the field of a block magnet extends outwards of the material?  So it is with all atoms. What therefore is the first part one will encounter when he places his finger upon his face? Obviously it will be the movement of the atomic extensions, wherefore to touch is movement upon movement, and for that cause and reason it is sensed by us, a spike as a signal send to the brain. 

  81. The atom then being so very tiny the extension of its field is likewise small, except when driven to high revolution when these in the lighter elements come to much greater dimension.

  82. Movement now can trigger just about anything. You can be a generator of electricity simply by scuffing your feet on a carpet, for in so doing you are creating rolling motions. And rolling movements of the fundamental movement interprets into an electrical potential. 

  83. It has to be a high voltage, high speed of rotation in order to spark across any conducting surface, like a doorknob. The fundamentals of that high revolution then lies primarily in the nature of that fundamental movement.

  84. The clouds in the sky are not seen to be rotating. Yet there is a very high rotational movement within and upon these clouds for the lightning to create such long arcs. If a quarter million volts (rotations per second) will jump across a two feet gap on those high voltage power lines, what speed in rotation might there be in any thunder storm to arc across a half mile or more? 

  85. The secret lies in the very nature of that most fundamental force of movement whose velocity is at all times the full constant, the full 300.000-km/second. As therefore its inborn or basic velocity remains constant, the rotation as a whole can be at near any revolution, endowed by the circumstances.

  86. No doubt it is in and by the magnetic potential of the earth that the highest of all velocity is obtained by thunder-storms. Our endeavors come far short of that goal. The large diameter of these rolling motion then adds to the velocity to create that lightning. 

  87. How utterly marvelous of the Almighty One to create all things in that manner, to create visible from invisible, and being from none being. Visibility then does not come from anything we term material; it only exists spiritually, we being spirits dwelling in a home held together by movements.

  88. Nothing visible would appear except by our interpretation of it, and that by what in all reality is none material, namely the angular moments, as they twist themselves through our eyeballs, where by our receptors these are converted and reconverted terminating in our brain, there to be interpreted for what is called vision.

  89. Vision thus is a marvel of ingenuity all in itself, for here again all that is seen is in and by movement upon movement; with no material essence in any of it. But to us all of it appears to be material, yet in that way the world becomes real to us. 

  90. That immaterial now to arrive at our senses must have a road to travel upon, and for that all the atoms make for the pavement, be they gaseous or solids.

  91. I at one time spoke of ourselves as nothing more than "A ripple upon the waters," A ripple to exist because something moving was cast upon the waters. And slowly dying out we are no more. 

  92. But one thing remains forever, our spirits that cannot die, not being formed of any dust, but given in the grace and endless power of the Creator, who for our sake made us after His image. 

  93. And He being forever, so we must be. He then having knowledge of good and evil, so we must acquire the same, and live by it.

  94. It is written: "When one dies, then he realizes how he has lived." By that statement alone it is obvious how we as spirits never die. Our death being taken from our home; to no longer have our dwelling in our created form.  

  95. And that as such is a death, to no longer be warmed by the sun, to instead be laid down in darkness guarded by mean looking angels whose job it is to keep us confined for a while, for which they collect credits. These too are paid for their labors.

  96. How thus there is material, and none material, the visible and none visible. Motion being none visible, and yet by it the visible appears. But then again that visible is only so by interpretation of it. Matter as substance, being formed and held to form by movement, how in fundamental terms can even it be classified being material, being substance? 

  97. The answer is far reaching, and more to our confusion than to wisdom. Therefore let it be as is. For earth we are, and earth will be our home; our dwelling in the grant scheme of things. Only we must live pure lives, and in due time that will come to pass for all mankind. 

  98. Movement effects power in the rate thereof. And how many examples thereof can we sum up. A vehicle at 5-mph into a brick wall, or at 60-mph.  At moderate power (rate of movement) water remains as a liquid, but at low rate turns into a solid. 

  99. Then we come to say; "The rate of movement effects polarity." For at nearly any temperature our air remains as neutrals, as a gas. But at a very low rate even that air becomes a solid, as snowflakes upon a magnet.  And now what have I said? 

  100. Did we not see that Nitrogen as snowflakes upon what was a magnet? And why a magnet, why not upon a pint of butter, or a plastic glove? What is in those molecules to favor something magnetic?

  101. Answer: Because these are magnetic all the same. But at a certain rate of movement these conceal their magnetic polarity, so as to remain neutral to one another. The same being true for that water molecule in liquid form.  

  102. While at a freezing rate of movement the three atoms of that molecule restructure themselves to become full fledged magnets adhering to one another. That same magnetic coordinate then at higher rate of movement changes not to free atom from atom, but molecule from molecule. 

  103. Separating atom from atom comes at still higher rates of movement. And what is it with these individual coordinates that when a spike of very high movement is directed at them to unite again?

  104. A spark is nothing other than a high rate of movement, and when directed at those happy go lucky atoms of Oxygen and Hydrogen at rest, these instantly raise their rate of rotation whereby that great expansion comes about. But more curious than all is it to reunite. 

  105. Curious in this that it took a high rate to separate atom from atom; and here at again a high speed of movement to reunite. How marvelous motion is, the movement of all things to act in that way, and no less marvelous that coordinate pattern in eight known as magnetic to redefine its pattern by rates of movement.

  106. We fight off diseases with chemicals to chemicals, cells to cells, that in fundamental terms comes to patterns of movement to patterns of movement. Our DNA is a spectrum of those movements, and there being countless many of them. Each element thus having its unique pattern of movement, we interpret them for taste as well as smell. All this in and by movement, and movement alone. 

  107. For why is sugar sweet if not for its coordinate by which it contrives itself in that form. And why does a skunk smell so bad if not for the wavelike coordinates it ejects coming unto the receptors within our nostrils. A wavelike coordinate so I said, not to be confused with that of light, nor to travel at the speed of light.

  108. And who but God alone knows every single coordinate for its design and nomenclature, while we know of but a few, namely those of magnetic in the linear as well as angular, and the one of gravity for its duress upon us. Other than that I can only guess at the multitude of others. 

  109. And while I thought upon it to ask for a greater understanding in these, I refrained from doing so. Enough is enough so I reasoned, I am already beyond the norm of man, and such knowledge in coordinates would no longer make me to be man.

  110. Movement into perception, it is so with all our senses, to our delight as well as pain. But what to me is most astronomical; how all of nature is bound by movement; nor only formed but maintained as well. How marvelous indeed that from a first linear the angular is born. That then contrives the first magnitude, after which comes the second magnitude where from angular a, or the linear is born forth.  

  111. And what shall be a third magnitude when that does not exist, but spells as the power and movement of the first as well as second.  There are indeed three dimensions, and perhaps magnitudes, but there is no fourth in anything.

  112. When we spell gravity or magnetic or atomic; the force of these is all one and the same. Nor did I mention nuclear as if that were something other than atomic. The core of an apple may have the pits but it is still the apple.  Likewise the cores of the atom may contain the intersection, and be more dense, but dense with what? 

  113. Definitely not anything man has dreamed up. And to say "finite dust," what is dust however finite, or substance, or material if in any way at all a definition can be given to it? Riddles, perhaps?  But the words of my lips were to reality, however illusive that reality may appear to us. For here again; to say "solid." What is solid? Is there anything in nature we could classify as solid?

  114. Motion as the prefix to all physical creation. Be realistic, what is the nomenclature of the atom if not its magnetic potential? And by what are these joined if not by the conductive linear movement these promote that comprises linear from its angular; in normal terms north to south, and south to north, or simply; Polarities. 

  115. Where in all this may substance be found? If there is a substance, as I believe there is something of that nature, we have no conception of it. Nor have I been able to find it, nor factually classify it. And my suspicion in that realm is not for the taking.

  116. Far too much of our science is pronounced by appearances rather than reality. The seasons are classified by appearances, so are waves and electricity, and no less is substance thought of in how it appears rather than reality. We are stonewalled by our own eyesight, deceiving ourselves by what appears, for all things are to us by interpretation, factors brought to us by movements.  

  117. And it are but movements that we interpret into what it seems to us. Nothing solid comes to our senses, if even there is anything solid to speak of.

  118. As then solid is an innovation by interpretation, how are appearances sorted out from reality? There is an answer to this written as "insight," for by insight one has the means to sort reality from appearances. Insight however is not everyone's dish, and few attain to it. Solomon said" "The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.

  119. And now dwell on this, for if you desire a goldmine, insight alone is far more precious than all the gold that can be found. Did he not say; "Whatever you get"?  And was it not; "Insight"?

  120. With insight one does not come to fantasies. If the light within a man is darkness - how far shall he be from insight to sort reality from appearances? I too therefore caution he who wishes to be wise to get insight.  And how is one to go about it to know truth from fiction, and reality from what appears?  

  121. It is best said in the words from the lips of Solomon; Quote:  "If you cry out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures."

  122. Man breaks his back and scars his hand for a little silver, or a nugget of gold, and what has he gained, if only to be robbed, while the gift of insight is secure with anyone that treasures her.  Insight in wisdom sorts out one thing from the next, and correlates one factor from another, to understand not only how precious life is, but what she is, and to what end she is heading.

  123. The reason why I am at the subject of wisdom is because nearly all that I am teaching is new and unheard of, and for most persons looked at as; "We really can't tell if he is right or wrong, seeing how no-one before has ever spoken words like him." Therefore the question on the mind of man is: "Who is this fellow, and how did he obtain all that knowledge?" This was foretold by Isaiah, and so it comes to pass.

  124. Right or wrong, with all the words spoken how well have I done to outline the reality of nature unto our senses rather than to our eyes, since the latter are prone to deception. But for reality it must come to understanding.  

  125. But what is understanding?  For just to be understanding is not the tally of it. The dictionary has it correct as: "having insight or good judgment." Accordingly we are back to Solomon. 

  126. "Do not believe your eyes but what your heart tells you." So it may be said. But in most instances does not the heart follow the eyes? What then is worse - is to have no correlation, to have no eyesight at all. For example: 

  127. A teacher tells his students that the atoms are held together by electrical charges, and a force he has no conception of to call it strong; while everyone knows that electrical charges, positive to negative, always come to destroy one another, and never at all adhere. Any short circuit will tell us that.

  128. Yet the pupils believe every word of the lies and fantasies given them. What therefore is to be said of those pupils? Blind in eyesight, and without understanding is but a modest judgment. Whereas for the teacher, he is not fit even to dig ditches let alone teach. 

  129. If then my pupils are like those pupils to believe everything said to them sight unseen. What a poor audience I have collected.  Eyesight must come with correlation, and with understanding or you will be at a loss, one without eyesight.

  130. Or E=M/c2. from you know who. That has to be the most infamous piece of trash ever to creep into the sciences - with so many people giving heed to what is self contradictory. The law even of the blind is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, how then multiply light-speed with light-speed?  Or for substance to disintegrate into pure movement.  How utterly dull man can be.

  131. Motion to motion to perception. Or word to word to perception. I am not a scientist, but I know it better than all scientists. I am not a physicist, but like a child's toy-box so is physics to me. And when it comes to theology I outrank all preachers, and how might that be if not for the gift in me. 

  132. Wherefore I came to say; "Word to word to perception." It is Jeremiah 31:37. Here the Almighty Lord and Creator of all things certifies that if anyone of us can explore the foundations of the earth, to be that cunning, or wise, He will cast off the entire human race.

  133. I now did not explore them but I do know them perfectly. Shall I therefore be the downfall of the human race? And the Lord Christ Jesus; have died in vain upon the cross? Hardly so, for I did not give credit to myself, never did, nor ever will. I credit my Father and the Lord my God for all that he has bestowed on me.

  134. But now comes the punch line.  Who among the race of man has eyesight, or understanding to believe upon my word? For to dis-believe me is as good as a death sentence upon any person

  135. I most certainly know how and by what gravity comes about, and upon what powers the earth rests and has its movements in this grant universe. But for everyone's sake I did not discover them. Nor is it possible for the Lord Jesus to have died in vain.

  136. If then there is eyesight, a word to perception, everyone ought to know and realize that my entry into this world is of God, and by His teaching alone I was blessed with wisdom and with knowledge, to comprehend the foundations of the earth. And did not the prophet Esdras pronounce that before the return of Christ Jesus, the foundations of the earth would be understood? Indeed he did, and so it has come to pass.

  137. In the above, like motion to perception, is understanding to perception, how by simple correlation it is unmistakable that I indeed have been taught of God, and for anyone to reject that obvious fact he is unwise.  

  138. Like my Lord once said; "How he was already condemned because he did not believe upon His word." So I speak here and now.  Be so kind therefore not to reject the word of truth, for why should you wish to die? 

  139. In my many kingdoms everyone rejoices, nor will there be any poverty seeing I at all times will care for all. There will be no taxes, no interest, no rent, no mortgages, and all transportation will be free to all, public and otherwise. And as much vacation as work. I for one do know how to govern for I was taught by The All-time Governor.

Illustration to calculations

  1. I spoke all those previous words without illustrations in order for the reader to make mental images. Yet it behooves me to illustrate how the velocity of any angular moment may be calculated. The reference to this will be Figure 1.  

  2. Here the angular moments, better known as "magnetic waves," and not electromagnetic waves, since that bird has yet to be found. Magnetic being linear, electric being angular; who can simultaneously walk a straight line in a circle? Therefore it is either one or the other, not both together.


  1. From A to C in the illustration is the full length of a wave, termed the "Nominal length."  What thus shall the velocity be from A to C, when our angular moment rotates itself around the circumference of the atoms?  That moment as an apparent wave driven by the momentum of the one and only fundamental force in nature; must, and can only travel at the full 300.00-km/sec. 

  2. And as it passes from A over B to C, its distance is greater than the distance in a straight line from A to C.  Accordingly there are always two distinct velocities, the real velocity A/B/C, and the apparent, or relative velocity A/C.  We therefore must add the angular distance to the nominal distance, that then is inserted into the calculation.

  3. As then the diameter (for light alone) by which it rotates is found at 1.5414a  that comes to a circumference of 4.84a. Assuming a nominal length of 7000a, with the additional angular distance of 4.84, tallies to 7004.84a. And that into the constant of 300.000 tallies to 42.8, etc. times the 7000 nominal comes to 299,792-km/sec. 

  4. In other words, the velocity of constant is DIVIDED by the FULL length, then MULTIPLIED by the NOMINAL length to furnish us with the factual velocity for distance in time, termed Relative. Very simple indeed.

  5. Here as that red light passes through this media its true velocity is 300.000-km/sec, with its relative velocity at 299,792-km/sec. When passing through glass where the factor of retardation is 1.5, the relative velocity comes to 199,861-km/sec.  

  6. The real velocity of the light passing through that glass is still at 300.000-km/sec. Since however it was forced to travel by a compression; into shorter lengths, it took more time, it was forced to travel a greater angular distance that by consequence reduced its relative velocity to the tune of 199.861-km/sec.

  7. By the illustration I show but three atoms, but even a single short blue wave at 4000-angstroms long, will span over some 400 atoms when these are spaced 10-angstroms apart. That means 200 atoms in its half length, having traversed but one half of the circumference. 

  8. On paper thus it is the half length in its angular that determines speed as well as color and refraction. The remaining half of any wave is mere gingerbread, a continuation of its foremost nomenclature. With frequencies as a mister Dunsel. Dunsel meaning; "Part of something that serves no useful purpose." Therefore also everyone that uses frequencies for any use is unwise and un-educated.

  9. If man's astronomers ever wish to find a radial velocity of any light in the universe, (for to date they have not a single one), they must not only use this calculation, and discard Hubble altogether, but equally adapt themselves to the protractor listed here below. I at one time did furnish them with the information to perform that function. 

  10. But they were angry at me, refusing to publish it, and instead found fault with me, to write seconds as sec, rather than only the s. And their complaint was that they did not know whom that I was.

  11. But my dear fellow it is hardly possible for you to know me. One of the angels of the Lord made it quite clear saying; "Those of the earth may only know what is of the earth, and those of heaven only what is of heaven." 

  12. Since then my birth was from heaven placed among those of the earth for their benefit, I know something of both. And so of what value will it be to reveal myself, when there is no faith nor understanding?  Yet I plow forth for the few that do have faith and understanding.

Angular "MOMENTS."

  1. Another grave fallacy of man is to assume as if the so called waves of the spectrum are continues. Truth of the matter is that no such wave is ever continues. And to impress this upon us, I headed this section as "Angular moments, with the emphasis on "moments". 

  2. When for example a red wave is on the move having a length of 7000a, as per figure 1. That which you see from A to C over B is more than what is, since the factual entity is from A to B, nothing more, namely its half length.

  3. The rest from B to C is simply the continuation of the A/B section as it moves around the remainder of the circumference. So it is that I named them "Moments" and at that "Angular Moments."  Nor therefore are they waves, but rotating spikes, (as they can also be called) that by our deception in eyesight appear as waves. 

  4. Here too Insight comes to the truth, with eyesight to deceptions. Nor does that mean that each spike is the length of one half of the circumference, but can very well be a quarter or less, since it is a spike on the move. The length therefore that we give to it is rather - its pattern in direction of movement.

  5.  Our antennas also are but half or quarter lengths, more than enough to capture the moment, or spike if you will.  These then are never ever continues, as in one coupled to the next.  Be realistic will you, adapt a little insight and understanding as well as common sense. 

  6. When you speak, how fast can you pronounce words or letters? If it be 10.000 per second, and you place these on the air at what you claim - waves on a continual basis at 800-Mhz. What a liar you are, attempting to tell us that you spoke at the rate of 800.000.000 events/sec. You cannot even get to one thousand, let alone eight hundred million.

  7. And so when are we going to wake up to reality?  If you are telling us that you are broadcasting on a wavelength of 375-mm, that divided into the constant does indeed come to 800 million. But assuming you spoke fast enough to deliver 8.000 moments/per/second in time. 

  8. That means your voice impulses are spaced 100.000 events apart. How therefore can they be continues? For it does mean that there are 100 thousand empty spaces between each single impulse (angular moment) that you placed on line.

  9. The manufacturers of microwaves always lie about their products, specifying a number of frequencies it never at all comes anywhere near to. Even light as it comes to us from the sun, when any a wavelength is generated at - lets say - one million a second, that for the red one at 7000a, is but one in the space of more than 428 million. 

  10. For a continues wave can hold more than 428 trillion frequencies. Or am I the only one on the face of the earth competent in mathematics?  No wave (so-called) of the spectrum is ever continues. Therefore also the number of events is a mister Dunsel, You spoke at a wavelength of 375-mm, NOT 800 MILLION events/per second. That is the truth, and that is proper vocabulary.

  11. As then each angular moment for its angular deviation determines length as well as relative velocity, we by now ought to know how is that so.  300.000-km is equal to 300 million meters, that for a one meter wavelength means it rotates at the speed of 300 million revolutions each second. 

  12. Cut it down to one half of a meter and it must rotate at 600 million revolutions/sec. Consider therefore how astronomical fast the angular moments of light are driven in the circular when their lengths are less than 1-mm.

  13. With ten billion angstroms in one meter, and that times 300 million comes to a 3 with 18 zero's, some 300 million trillions in each second.  If you thought light to be fast to encircle the earth 6 to 7 times in one second, its revolutions in seconds is even more astounding.  

  14. No wonder that it travels in such straight lines, its rotation gives it rigidity, just as a spinning top will remain upright for its angular moment, so light maintains a perfectly straight line on account of it.

  15. And even more astounding is found upon a hot roadbed, that at some distance appears wet. Here those high speed moments ride extremely dependent upon the media, to turn from their straight line trajectory for no other reason than a little greater spacing between atoms, as if they depend upon them for their life, their linear and angular movement, as indeed they do. 

  16. I now could go into what the actual velocity is of any such moment being far less than what it appears, since in revolutions we are not speaking of meters but of angstroms, and there being ten billion of them in one meter. 428 trillion divided by ten billion comes to 42.8-km/sec. 

  17. That seems like a snail pace though its revolutions were into the trillions. What it amounts to is – light linear velocity being 300.000-km/sec, with its angular velocity at some 40 to 50-km/sec.

Wave Production

  1. Obviously for any reality man must also adapt himself into how, and in what manner all so-called waves are formed. For this our reference is to Figure 2.  All so-called waves being "angular moments" it is in the angular that they are created. By illustration from Y to Z is the ever present fundamental movement at its ever unwavering velocity at 300.000-km/sec.

  1. As then we instigate pulses like from X to Y these will always be in the circular, because all atoms have rotation, that is - their fields consist of rotation, even when themselves these to not spin.  When therefore the diameter across which we are creating our drive is 10/mm, and we did so at the speed of 10.000/km/s., X to Y; our belt moving at 300.000/km/s, the forward point of our impulse instead of arriving at Y; came to Z. This may be compared to a transport belt at which packages are places going down the line.

  2. Our wave would then have a half-length of 30/mm with its full length at 60/mm passing around the circumference of 31.4/mm. The faster the impulse is driven so much the shorter the wave becomes. Then for a bucket of worms to man's astronomers attempting to discover the radial velocity of any object moving in space our reference will be to figure 3, the Protractor.

  3.  When these angular moments are formed as previously discussed, these for the varying speed of the impulse come to different lengths. When therefore an angular moment is driven at 20 degrees, verses one at 30 degrees there is a velocity shift (for example only) of 5.  While from 40 to 50 degrees the velocity shift increased to 9. And from 60 to 70 degrees that increased to 40. Radial velocities therefore are varied by the specific length that is utilized.

  1. Any calculation into radial velocities must therefore coincide with the difference in compression or expansion, (red or blue shifts) as the protractor will dictate. A bucket of worms for all astronomers in that respect.  

  2. For a full answer and explanation then to any of these factors one ought to consult the appropriate pages (chapters) of my website. (  Simply by typing in my name on the internet one will arrive at a number of essays by me in the various journals.


  1. Movement now is simply going from one place to another, with at idle to no longer exist. But here by Figure 4 we are not speaking of any kind of movement, not of anything that can be brought forth and cease to exist again. 

  2. Here I am speaking of an entity classified as movement, something very real, and named fundamental movement. An entity we can not touch upon, nor infringe upon, but we are sustained by it, and we do utilize it since it can be imposed upon. Hence we have our feet upon the earth by its very power. And by imposing upon it we run our gas engines.

Figure 4

  1. Light also comes to us by its movement in transportation. And no less is it the very power by which our waters come to rise to a tide. Then again the whole of our earth is held in orbit by it. And by its unique formation that it forms in eight together with those of the sun we have our seasons. And how many more examples can be brought forth? Are we therefore not curious as to how that most unique movement came about?

  2. No doubt we are, but that I cannot tell you, other than by the power of the word of God, so it came into existence, and by His Almighty power it remains. How then for curiosity sake did it start out to come to the illustration that I made of it here in Figure 4?  

  3. For this illustration only depicts a single coordinate that is formed by it. No doubt one of the main ones; but still only one of them. Then there is this secret how the atoms came to their nature with this unique entity of movement. But that secret must remain a secret, something I will not elaborate upon.  Our magnetic figure of eight however as a pattern of force is not any secret and easily observed with any magnet. Therefore I will speak of it

  4. First and foremost, man for his lack in insight beheld that magnetic pattern as two circles to a center.  As then most of man's theories come by sight deception, so here by sight deception man comes to his errors. It is a single circle, with its movement tracing a figure of eight. The clear evidence to this is seen with the dual tides, as well by experiment with any magnet.  

  5. If for the example it were not a figure of eight, nothing would exist, no atom, no magnets, no bodies, no stars, no planets. Since all of these depend upon movement in this pattern.

  6. For all the years that we have magnets, how come we have learned so little from them? Here again; "Whatever you get, get Insight."  And how may that be, for we are in need of linear movement as well as angular movement.

  7. As then angular movement comes to its existence, how may linear movement be brought forth?  Obviously I am not telling all that can be said,. And so to skip a ways, having come to the angular to a circle in which there is no end, nor any beginning, it being a circle, ever coming back where it started, how may linear movement be brought forth?

  8. The answer is easily seen from the illustration, for as that circle of fundamental movement is laid over by one half of a turn coming to a figure eight in its mode of travel from Y it proceeds to P on the left, and from X it proceeds to P on the right. Accordingly now there is an additional movement from South to North, a linear movement, as we know so well from any magnet. The design of the figure of eight thus produces "linear" movement from its angular being.

  9. And for this cause all atoms having this pattern of movement are now able to join to one another, as well as repel from one another by positioning. And there is much more to this for the power to attract and/or repel is regulated, or graduated by how far that circle is twisted over into an full fledged eight. 

  10. Moreover, as we have already learned the speed at which atoms spin also regulates the magnetic pattern. And by unison two or more atoms together have the unique ability to shade their polarity to any one direction, while holding on in other directions.

  11. That is how the molecules in air bind together by pairs, remaining neutral to other pairs. And in water it are three atoms binding together in a trio, the trio remaining neutral to all others. And so there are a thousand different patterns if not millions.  Here then by Figure 5, I am providing an example of the water molecule how these unite to one another at the low rate of movement called freezing.

  1. Six atoms of Oxygen combine with six of Hydrogen in a hexagon circle. These having shifted their magnetic polarities adhere themselves very well through any hydrogen atom, while the circular opening comes about by repulsion, each of the six Oxygen atoms have their north polarity facing inward.  

  2. Then as this single block locks onto others again through more Hydrogen atoms, the one to the left and right of this one have their south polarities facing inward for repulsion. And so it alternates between blocks.

  3. Nifty is it not how by a mere rate of movement these molecules restructure their polarities to float free among each other, or bind together into a solid. Then at some 700 degrees or more the magnetic polarities have changed to such a degree no longer able to hold (as in attract) together. 

  4. If one ever wondered how and why there are these openings in the structure of many substances, the answer by now should be obvious, magnetic having the ability to attract as well as repel, and/or be neutral.


  1. Electricity as it is normally referred to is none other than magnetic force twisted into a string that rotates. We ought to know this from our generators, where we pass a conducting guide (copper wire) through a magnetic field. And as we turn that armature we in all essence are twisting the field lines into a frenzy of turns. In no way at all is electricity anything that man has contrived of it, sheer fantasy, and he should have known better.

  2. As illustrated, take any magnet and hold it next to a conductor of electricity, and you will discover that the wire will vibrate back and forth to that magnet at a rate equal to its voltage. This tells us that the string of electricity consists of individual magnetic entities having north and south polarities, and that these rotate, alternately presenting those poles to the magnet for attraction and repulsion.

  3. The reason that there are no electrons involved is because in the first place these do not exist, even as no single sided coin has ever been found.  These theories of man's scientists are but fantasies. And this experiment can be done by anyone proving that I am truthful in my words.

  Figure 6

  1. The movement within and upon this conductor of electricity now is at all times into both directions, as they must be because it consists of nothing other than magnetic figures of eight end-on-end locked together by the movement at their outer equatorial region. As thus the movement traces by a figure eight in each of them, and those joined together there is like a continues line of movement into both direction along the conductor.

  2. Once you flip the switch for the current to proceed, this pattern so shown is extended down the line at near the speed of light. After that it simply remains rotating at its given revolutions. Pass this through a series of physical turns in a wire, like the coil to our spark plugs, and its rate of revolutions will increase accordingly.  

  3. Then to make use of it by applying a load, this string of magnetic begins to quell upon the wire. This may be seen as if it were moving, but that too is sight deception. To quell then has the tendency to constrict the figures of eight rather than to expand them.

  4. And since all magnetic potentials within any solid substance has the means to conduct themselves in the air as well outside of the solid; so the patterns of its movement is shown around it. With any regular magnet that shows up as circles to a center. 

  5. With electricity that shows as circular lines around the wire all because it rotates, and is none other than a rotating entity, or rotating coordinate. The magnetic lines of movement around any conductor is not anything separate from what the electricity itself is. These lines are merely the extension of its field, no different from any other magnet.

  6. If the air could not conduct the flow of magnetic, no compass would work, nor would we keep our feet upon the ground. Or if space were unable to conduct the magnetic flow of force, no planet would be bound to any star.  

  7. Obviously, as I have said earlier, all magnetic lines of movement are of and by nature's fundamental movement, that in its nature of being is conductive, and at that "directionally conductive."  Without that nature of being no magnet would exist, or could exist.

Man Verses Myself

  1. Have I been convincing? Have I done my job? Do we wish to compare man's theories verses my facts?  I said "facts" because I do not deal in theories. But how do my facts and man's theories appear to everyone else? Which one of us is making sense? Who is keeping himself to known laws, and what even nature teaches?

  2. Here below are three illustrations of man's theories as to how atoms bond to one another. By Fig-7a; a none existent single sided coin by the name of electron - decides to leave its home and start buzzing around another atomic core. 

  3. This is like a wheel coming off from a race-car at 200-mph, that then affixes itself on the axle of another race-car.  The idea behind this fantasy is that now those two race-cars are joined together, one without a wheel, the other not having one of its wheels to begin with, who did not even qualify for the race.


Figures 7a, 7b, 7c.

  1. By Fig-7b: The single sided coins are having a feast joining with others on the perimeter of the atoms as if that could hold them together.  Looks to me they are a bit out of balance.   And feasting negative to negative like enemies to slay each other.  Some feast that is; only we would like to have a kook in man's factories to see one those single sided coins.

  2. No magnet has ever been found with only a single pole, nor any electricity with a single polarity. By man's physicist an arrow shot from a bow has no trailing movement, these only go towards their goal, never displacing themselves from the bow.  

  3. Our reply would be; "Present a sheet of paper with only one side - or keep your fantasies to yourself."  Fig-7c now is worse than any single sided coin, how these rascals prefer their neighbor's wife rather than their own. Shame on you, shame on all of you.

  4. Nor is there any such thing as an em-force, it is either electric or magnetic, one linear the other rotating, If then one can have an axle rotate while it is bolted and welded to a solid frame, have your em, otherwise adapt knowledge.  One can have electro--magnets, but never electromagnetic.

  5. By quotation; "EM waves are composed of oscillating magnetic and electric fields. Waves are formed when an electric field comes in contact with a magnetic field. They are hence known as ‘electromagnetic’ waves." A statement of one who has not the slightest  conception of what either magnetic or electric is. And by their own peers these have been put to shame. 

  6. But like Domald Trump a born liar cannot conceive defeat, so these. Since then the highest of all speeds is at 300.000-km for distance in one second it is so only in a straight line. A zig zag, (oscillating) must exceed those laws of nature by which light is known to travel. And so I caution those asleep to wake up to reality.

  7. None of man's theories are worth the paper they are smudged upon. No one atom can even remotely bind with any other atom by their versions; all of which being in violation of natural law; and that with none existent parts. Conclusively; man's science has not the faintest conception of what the atom is, nor how it operates. The ancient with their eyes and hooks made more sense.

  8.  Consider how it was that man recorded the velocity of light at 299.972-km/sec, and not at 300.000. The first to arrive were the longest, the 7000A, and how from 300.000 did it come to 299.972? Why and by what did it slow down? Refer to Figure 1, for so indeed light travels and comes to its relative velocities down from the 300.000 constant.

  9. I now being honest  must by comparison abide by natural law, and apply common sense into all that I encounter. For in looking at nature what one thing or item shows itself to us having the ability to attract whereby things may be joined, atom to atom, etc? Do you know of anything other than magnetic?  

  10. Electricity certainly does not, we know for a fact that positive and negative are at all times opposing movements, rotating in opposite direction from one another. Wherefore touching a positive end to a negative end is like two grinding wheels bound to destroy each other as we very well know from short circuits. (Figure 9d)

  11. And when looking at any magnet, as well as electricity these displays movement by the lines formed around it. Figures 8a, and 8b.  And so what might that attracting something be if not plain movement. For it does move things. But how did it get that movement? And by what trick in nature do these lines of movement join?


  1. That my dear reader can only be because that entity of fundamental movement which the Lord made is "conductive", and at that "directionally conductive," since in opposing directions these repel. And so here is the perfect agent for all parts in nature to join and/or disjoin. And how powerful these can be to drive a locomotive with all its boxcars, or any engine.

  2. By figures 8c, and 8d, these little rascals, magnetic atoms that is, always show up as spheres, or fat disks and able to form just about anything than can be thought of, any kind of structure. And why should they not show up as spheres, they being magnetic like any star or planet that also come to spheres. 

  3. The secret of which lies in the pattern of that unique coordinate, resembling the figure of eight. That eight for its nature always seeks its own center, for by its eight - it demands equilibrium.



  1. And how much more can be said in evidence to the atom devoid of particles, and the perfect eight of force that is formed upon them by a secret (quite simple really) in and by that ever fundamental movement as an entity in itself.   

  2. I now know what my reader may be thinking, but why should I place a delicate treasure in hands that are stained to mar its image?  What I know, I know all too well, and what good will it do to acclaim that matter is in its pronunciation, with substance an ideal by association?

T.O.M  to T.O.M

  1. Turns of movement to turns of movement. We spoke of placing a load upon electricity, for it is utilized and that without short circuits. And how may that be? Quite simple; as it consist of turn in movement it is appeased by turns in movement. By Figure 9a, with five turns at the input, at 110 volts a whole new current is generated at the output to the tune of 220 volts, by having ten turns of wire.

  2. The way this is done, is by rotation, we turn armatures that are seen to be rotating, here there is rotation all the same, but unseen. The rotation is in placing an reversing current (AC) at the input, that by alternately magnetizing the bar for direction of movement - act as a flywheel, no different from the crankshaft in piston engine.


Figures 9a and 9b

  1. Then by figure 9b, a tungsten wire in a lamp is placed as a load. Here we truly have turns of movement appeasing turns of movement. With the plus and minus of the source directly connected each of these will attempt to convert the other to its mode of rotation, resulting into the destruction of both ends. 

  2. Since however this current for its fundamental being is turns of movement, we appease it by turns of movement. In simple terms, we do as we do with our automobiles placing a transmission, between the power of the engine and the axle upon which the wheels are fastened.

  3. In the case of our household lamp it is the rotational movement upon the atoms of that tungsten element. Figure 9c, illustrates the same, all we need to do is to place turns of movement between the turns of movement. 

  4. The number of them then depends on how fast the source rotates, and just how much we expect from our transmission for the job at hand.  Too many turns decreases power, too few will overheat the transmission.


Figures 9c and 9d

  1. Take a good look now at figure 9c, and 9d, note the plus side rotates counter clockwise, while the minus side rotates clockwise. And those turns of movement in between must appease those two sides at war with one another. And we do so all the time with transformers, that act as transmission, and can also serve as generators, as well as voltage (speed in revolution) regulators.

  2. Place both plus and minus is a glass of water and those opposing directions of rotational movement will slice the hydrogen atoms from the Oxygen atom, as were it knifes. Only watch yourself in any such experiment. 

  3. I ran a lawnmower engine on it once, but at the second trial the source blew apart, a heavy lid clear over a three bedroom home. At which point I ended my affair with the power of hydrogen.


  1. At times I may present a mirror image, nor is it of any use for me to hide what shows through.  Truthfully I am not happy with man, nor with their works, nor their speeches, until first of all their hides have been burned off of them. Then I will direct my sight to them for their welfare.

  2. Did not Solomon say: "If a man desires to know much, he will be able to discern what is past, as well as what is to come. She has knowledge of hidden words, and expounds riddles, signs and marvels she knows beforehand, and how it will be in certain seasons and hours."

  3. With me it is likewise in the Spirit of wisdom to know what will be and how it will be in the day to come, and how in that day it will be of me to set boundaries for all to have seen the light of day. 

  4. As then the reader wonders how and where the wisdom of my speech, as well as the riddle of my speech, and my expertise in the sciences has come from, I will not hide the way unto Her. Nor am I one to take credit for what has been said by others before me. Wherefore I will quote the words of my friend.   

  5. Wisdom: so Solomon said: "Is more moving than any motion, she passes and goes through all things by reason of her purity.  For she is the breath of the power of God, and a pure image flowing from the glory of the Almighty.  Nothing therefore which is defiled can come unto her, for she is the brightness of the everlasting light, the unspotted mirror of the power of God, and the image of his goodness.  

  6. She is but one, and yet does all things, she remains what she is, and yet renews all things.  God loves no one except such as dwell with wisdom, for she is more beautiful than the sun or all stars. And compared to light, she is far above it, for light must move over for darkness, while evil shall not ever prevail against wisdom."

  7.  I then spoke of movement as one and everywhere as the one and only power in nature, in all of physical nature that is, not to be confused with anything spiritual. For there is a realm, and there is a realm, nor is one without the other, nor the latter before the first. For did not my friend conclude saying that She, the wisdom; "Is the breath of the power of God.?"  And God is Spirit even as we are spirit but made to dwell in the dust, that even the dust might glorify Him, who is worthy of all glory.

  8. What man now is wise enough to prove me in error, whose wisdom is greater than what is granted me?  By Wisdom alone, by the breath of the Almighty a man has the means, and when so he will do so in meekness, for I too am a man, and suckled a breast. My entry into this world was like any man, yet He destined me for a princely rule. By me also rulers will tremble.


  1. What is there to enumerate for a conclusion if not that motion affects motion, and movement effects movement. And how all physical nature is born forth and maintained by movement into movement.  New as thus is to all rational minds, what harm is there to man in gaining understanding, to come ever closer to wisdom by which to enrich oneself?  But far too often knowledge appears as an affliction.  Sad but true.

  2. Quote: "But who will remain with wisdom - except him that fears the Lord?  For it is he who keeps himself to His word who will find her.  She will meet him like a mother, receive him as a young bridesmaid, and feed him with the bread of understanding, giving him to drink of the waters of wisdom. 

  3. By Her he will be strengthened so that he will stand firm and he will keep himself to her - so that he will not be put to shame.  She will exalt him above his fellows, and open his mouth in the congregation.  She will crown him with joy and gladness, and give him an everlasting name."

  4. The foolish however will not come to wisdom, for to them it is an hidden treasure, not to be found.  The value of wisdom however can not be overstated, reach for her, she will be found by those that love her, and place themselves into her yoke.


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