Movement into Water


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  1. This essay is a revelation in how movement comes to water, and how essential movement is to bring forth all that is known for substance.  In effect a study in magnetic as none other than movement in and by coordinates. Nature in all reality being matter in motion by coordination.


  1. There is motion, and then there is motion. There is velocity, and then there is velocity. There is water and then there is water. The difference in these is in what context we are speaking.  Moreover there is magnetic, and then there is magnetic. 

  2. And what nerve of me to suggest that we are going to make water out of movement, as if I am off my rocker. But hardly so, since I am taking us for a journey into the fundamentals of nature that is unknown. Something no man as yet has heard of, or thought of.

  3. My word therefore will be as prophesied by Isaiah (41:26-27)  Where the Lord acclaims for someone to speak of things never heard before, that no man previously has ever spoken of. And that He as a first revealed to one of His own.  

  4. But these things being so new, never as yet heard of, the Lord also acclaims for man to wonder about him, not rightly knowing if he is right or wrong.

  5. I therefore know before hand that most everyone will be skeptical wondering whom that I am, for how will he make water out of movement, - is that not rather preposterous? Well on my dear reader come with me with an open mind as I define how that comes about, for it is as I have said, or else I would not have said so.

  6. To start with, what is matter? What is a table top, or a chair, or the skin upon our hand?  Let's take these apart to see what they are made-of and how. Wood is just wood yes, but with a good look comes to appear like figure 1, its molecular structure. And our skin like unto figure 2, with figure 3 a close-up view.


      Figure 1 through 3 Molecular structure

  1. These molecules as they are called, are made up of what is called atoms, the smallest individual parts in nature, of which all physical nature is constructed. Utterly countless as the number of them are in just a single body, let alone its number to form the earth, or the whole of a galaxy. 

  2. As thus all things come down to atoms let's have a better look at those atoms. Your dining room table may appear very solid, and very material, but shall it really be so? For when we look at that atomic grid illustrated by figure 3, it appears to have more open space than substance, and no less for figure 1.

  3. How neat for these atoms to arrange themselves into circles or heptagons. And how do these accomplish that all by themselves? This must come by revelation, by a higher education, since man for all his wisdom has made a complete shambles of his atom. 

  4. He has no conception at all of what any atom is, nor how it subsists. None at all

  5. We therefore must digest what is unheard of, and new to our mind. Those atoms in all reality are tiny systems of movement, similar to magnets, that by some filings around them displays their pattern of force, or movement. 

  6. For how in your mind would you conceive for these atoms to form that type of grid? Take a look at figure 4, - If they were not magnetic entities how would six of those Oxygen atoms drive themselves into a circle as illustrated?


      Figure 4 Structural grid of ice, and other substances.

  1. It is by their magnetic potential, their fields as such - since all magnets inhibit a pattern of movement resembling the figure of eight. A movement that is most fundamental and directionally conductive. Therefore these will join to one another as well as repel from one another. 

  2. By the illustration figure 4, at the left all six of the atoms are projecting a direction of movement that is opposite to one another wherefore these distance themselves creating that opening. 

  3. This is simultaneous and in conjunction with their alike directions of movement whereby they lock unto one another. And these six Oxygen atoms do so with a link in between them, a link know as the atom of Hydrogen, the simplest of all atoms wherefore their optimum service is to serve as links.

  4. That repulsive movement within the one at the left is then reversed in the middle, next to it, after which the one on the right is again like the first, alternating for each circular opening.  

  5. Only magnets now are able to perform these kinds of grids, no other force, nor movement, nor phenomena, or entity of any kind is able to perform what that unique pattern of magnetic is capable of.  It for its nature is of a movement in the angular, that by its pattern in eight produces linear movement as well. 

  6. And it is by linear movement that all things, atoms, etc, may join or disjoin. The angular as the first derivative serves for what we call gravity, while the second derivative of nature's fundamental movement called magnetic serves to form and bind all that is known by us for substance.

  7. How very well the Lord our Creator made all things, all those many different substances from absolutely nothing, being from none being.  And movement is the main ingredient towards that end.  

  8. For I did say that we were going to make water out of movement, and that water, as all else as a substance, was also made out of nothing, to have its being from none being. 

  9. Things do not just fall out of the sky as our scientists are so fond of teaching, because these as blind ones, were blinded by our very Creator so that they could never at all acclaim as if they were so intelligent to discover things of themselves, to take a false pride, and false claim unto themselves.

  10. As for us let us start at the derivatives from that most fundamental movement that the Lord set as the prefix for His physical creation. The circle at "A" in figure 5, is the first termed angular momentum, a pattern of movement that always returns to itself wherefore also it serves for stability, like a spinning top remaining upright. 

  11. But aside of angular we are in need of linear movement as well. And that is formed by that circle when it by a means I will not elaborate upon, is turned half way over - by which it comes to resemble the figure of eight, that then is called magnetic as the second derivative of fundamental movement. (FM)


   Figures  5 through 7. Angular to Linear movement.

  1. What then is so special about this is the fact that by and in that pattern of eight linear movement is born forth - the power of it passing from south to north. 

  2. When for example we take a rubber band and begin to twist it over by degrees from zero to a full 180 degrees that - circle into eight - takes on various shapes somewhat illustrated by figures 6 and 7.  

  3. At 180 degree twist it is at full linear power, and reduced in linear power when its twist comes to less than that.  For this there is another illustration figure 8, that I drew up to that effect.  

  4. Here from zero by degrees in the circular, a single circle comes to our pattern of eight, that for the linear power of it is listed below from zero to 100 percent

  Figures 8 Scale/formula of power to degrees in magnetic.

  1. And why is all this so necessary, or factual? Consider the air that we walk through made up of tiny magnetic entities that do not adhere to one another. Or water consisting of molecules, three atoms holding very well together, but those molecules do not bind to one another.

  2. Except when the rate of their movement is brought down to freezing, then these as magnetic entities do adhere and are called ice, illustrated by figure 4. Or our air both Oxygen as well as Nitrogen when cooled come to open up on their polarities to cling to each other and other magnets.

  3. And so how is this done for three atoms to bind very well, yet not bind to others making for water at room temperature? And we do know that this depends on what is called velocity, the rate of speed.  For at low speed these adhere, while at high speed to expand into steam, and at still higher speed to come lose of one another.

  4.  And for our air these atoms are what is called diatomic, meaning two atoms into one.  And as such none of these at normal speed (temperature) will join, but float free. How therefore do these atoms by and in velocity have the means to shade their linear power, or as we might say, shade their polarity, all of which regulated by a rate of speed, a rate of movement upon them?

  5. The answer for a first is what I showed earlier for the eight of force to come to a full cross-over or a partial cross-over that by degrees determines the amount of linear power, that is also called its binding power. And for a second our reference would be to figure 9. 

  6. Here  at "A" when the direction of movement is in opposite no linear trust is produced, while at "B"  with like directions a linear trust is produced.  

  7. Here the shading of linear power is regulated by directions of, while in the first it was by and in degrees - by turning a circle into an eight of power. And both of these are again regulated by velocity, by a rate of movement. And there is yet a fourth, termed association.


     Figure 9. Atoms one to the other from angular to linear power.

  1. One now might remark to me that I got it wrong how by "A' it are like directions, and at "B" opposing directions. But do not let appearances by eyesight deceive us. For I am right in my first deduction. Each direction follows the typical hand-rule for rotation into electromotive force as it is called.

  2. My real object in showing this is to make us aware of the fact that diatomic atoms by no more than direction of - also have the means to shade their polarity. 

  3. All this is in addition to the rate of movement, as well as the degree of twist in and towards that magnetic figure of eight. Three to four factors to regulate linear power by which all things are held together.

  4. And for another example how the rate of movement changes (regulates) things, I will make a quotation.  "At room temperature, there are five diatomic elements, all of which exist in the gas form: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine. 

  5. If the temperature is raised slightly higher, two additional elements will be present: bromine and iodine. At room temperature, bromine and iodine commonly exist in the liquid form. However, with that higher temperature they will also exist as gases."

  6. Notice how I am not alone in providing relevant data to the fundamentals of nature, and I honor and congratulate the men that are endowed with that knowledge and wisdom, for we all in one way or another are taught of our Creator.

  7. When we put a metal bar into a lathe to shape it, we cut off thin slices. Those thin slices consists of magnetic atoms and as such these hold themselves to the whole by movements that is rightfully classified magnetic. 

  8. Yet once sliced off these will no longer hold themselves magnetically to the whole. And so what happened to them in slicing them from the bar? For we do know that magnets once broken in pieces will again join to one another, and why then not so with regular steel or wood, or plastic, bread, etc?

  9.  For a second answer, the regular magnetic pieces do because these still have within them what are called magnetic components, which is not so with these other substances. But firstly in the beginning I coined to say; "There is magnetic and then there is magnetic" Something for us to come back at.

  10. Thirdly those atoms of metal at the outer edges of the bar had their linear power directed to the ones more inward, and as such com to shade their tail ends. As long as other atoms are at their these ends they will join with them, as all the rest does to each other. 

  11. But once shaved off, or broken off all the outside ones readjusted their linear polarity to those to which they are held, not being able to cling to any of those atoms of the air or of the same to which they are exposed. This I called "association."

  12. If however we increase the rate of movement upon those of metal for example to the point of melting these will then come to join again magnetically. We do so with welding etc. Here we again observe how important the rate of movement is to all substances by which they may adhere, or not so, and/or shade their linear power.

  13. As then we come to confusion how all things are held magnetically, and yet we did not find nor record anything magnetic on a piece of wood, how may that be? 

  14. When we look for some gold or other metal under the surface, we use a metal detector, for with our nose we can not smell that, nor with our eyes see it. So it is with all things, the proper tool for the proper job. 

  15. Only a full figure of eight as our compass - will detect the eight of force of the earth and align with it. The atoms in a piece of plastic will hold well together, but at its outer edges where there are no more atoms to join with  (associate with) their polarities are shaded.  

  16. As do the molecules in water, even when that which is all around them are molecules of the same.

  17. As then the rate of movement makes for a difference in closing or opening up on their linear polarity, so the atoms of plastic when heated to its melting point will come to join again. And ice when heated will instead come to let loose of its structure. 

  18. So there are many variations by all three of the factors that regulate the magnetic polarity of all substances. All of them movement, and by movement - and so I might coin to say - to remain movement. With an added fourth termed association that does not appear to be by and in movement, yet is very much relevant to it

  19. How inconceivable is it not when we look at all things, so rigid, and so solid and yet all that by movement?  And right you are even though it is factually incomprehensive to us. But then do not forget the magnitude of things, how these atoms are so minute. 

  20. Just have a look at figure 2, the thickness of our skin, how many atoms are in that alone along with everything else in it, to grow hairs and have its fibers for feeling, etc, etc. 

  21. And how well a small cut will heal itself, all because there is movement, to movement, to form after its coordinate - which as such at these places is to form skin, and skin it forms, that for the larger cuts may leave scars.

  22. Who then told these atoms to heal that cut in our skin?  It were coordinates as movement by movement into movement to form it in the first place, and as such the coordinates existing will continue to perform their functions infused upon them. 

  23. And how is a coordinate a coordinate? It is a pattern by which movement is to proceed, like as the helix of the DNA.  And of course that absolute unique figure eight of movement establishing angular as well as linear movement to all things, and I do mean all things.

  24. Shall it now be time to confirm our title, to make water out of nothing but movement? Almost, for we must understand this much in magnetic, that "there is magnetic - and then there is magnetic." 

  25. And to expand upon that, we normally rate magnetic by full fledged magnets, or by anything that deflects our compass. But then as we must recall there are four factors involved whereby magnetic comes to its full linear power, and whereby its linear power seems to be none existent, as by shading. 

  26. And of course by the many variations wherein and whereby the linear power (That as such is the real reference to magnetic) comes to a partial power, partial in this that its linear factor is reduced.

  27. Are we giving me more credit now that we have seen how other men by their words come to confirm my unheard of explanation of things? I hope so, I do not want everyone to always wonder whether or not I am right. 

  28. When things are in the angular we do not classify it as magnetic, and yet magnetic exists in the angular following a complete circular loop. But only when that loop comes to cross over itself to a pattern of eight do we term it magnetic. 

  29. But what then of all the partials as that loop graduates into that pattern of eight? Shall that be any less magnetic? That angular circle in figure 5 "A" does not classify as magnetic -yet that very same circle, that very same movement, turned into an eight at part "B" is classified magnetic.

  30. And so as there is magnetic, and there is magnetic - all because we must retain that term for the nature of the movement by which all things are formed. It cannot possibly be classified as electrical since  that is a rotating magnetic string of movement. 

  31. And while atoms rotate that is properly termed the spin of them, while its field of force - be it the full of an eight or partially - if not called magnetic - what shall we call it?  Its very power and movement relates to magnetic.  

  32. And so why not retain that term throughout all of nature since it by all its variations comes to any and all substances known to us.

  33. But this is not what I came to in reference when at the start I said; "There is magnetic, and then there is magnetic."  For at that point it was in reference to magnitudes, the three magnitudes of nature. 

  34. The atom with its range towards figure eights in every degree is our first magnitude. while that grant magnetic potential of the earth or any star belongs in the third magnitude. 

  35. And what is magnetic in the first is not as refined as what exists in the third. They are based on one and the same principle yes, and their movement is one and the same from that one fundamental movement.  Yet there are differences by which we come to classify something to be magnetic or not magnetic.

  36. It is all in our mind, and for our primitive being that I must speak so many words to outline what is - so as for us not to be confused in one thing from another. And if I have succeeded in doing so - to evade confusion - that stands to be seen, if not rather I have created more than what was at the start. 

  37. How very simple nature is once known, and to correlate all that in one - is not to me in any way time consuming, but education is, to come to it - is time consuming. 

  38. But then what am I saying, seeing I been in that class-room for more than fifty years already, and what school among us has that many grades to go through? Yet I did - each year, each grade coming to the next higher grade till at long last I might actually be crowned teacher. 

  39. As for me, though I teach, yet it seems so little, to have acquired so little, with so much more yet to be conquered. Or is it just that my thirst for all my years has been unquenchable?

  40. At this point let us construct some water shall we, but not from nothing as our Creator did, but utilizing what He created.  Question: What is the atom for its nomenclature?  It is a tiny point in nature, and as such the building block of all substances. 

  41. But that we already did know, and while we are all wrong about particles, and even more so in them being single sided coins - we do admit or confess that there is movement within them, or as such by them. 

  42. And we even went as far to confess that there is something of attraction within them. As then we classified that by electrical - we clearly made fools of ourselves, since electrical never attracts nor repels but as counter rotating agents would rather destroy each other.

  43. And so we better look for a new teacher to for a change hear something truthful about that atom in what it indeed consists of, and what that movement within and upon it factually is.   A movement capable of both attraction and repulsion - as these must become an integral part of greater systems by and in grids of. 

  44. And since there is but "one" such pattern of movement in all of nature, that atom without ever having been observed by any eyes - by logical conclusion, as well as by its association to all other parts in nature, can only subsist by what we have come to call "magnetic".

  45. Am I making sense?  By figure 10, I made an illustration of what cannot be seen by the eyes of flesh. That atomic movement must, and can only be of any value when it is by angular movement into a pattern of eight, since as such it has the means to attract as well as repel, presenting the two factors of motion, angular and linear.


   Figure 10. The atom in its magnetic nature.

  1. This illustration displays a number of eights upon a single point in nature, to us very minute that thousands of them will fit within a single millimeter. And how marvelous indeed that something of this nature can subsist at what to us is less than a minute dot in nature. 

  2. We know that it is, yet to all of us the reality remains incomprehensive, as does the grandeur of the universe, or the quantity of these points in nature.

  3. This then is indeed all there is within that atom, no planetary movement, nor any kind of particles. For how would a planetary system come to attract and repel? No way, but the magnetic eight is the perfect agent.

  4. And that is the only movement within and upon that atom, having its reaches outwards from its main body, just as any magnet, if at least that form of a sphere or disk can be called a body. Then of course we wish to know what its inner substance might be upon which that movement in eight has its bearing? 

  5. But with that we are opening a bucket of worms with all the worms crawling out leaving us with little or nothing to catch fish with.

  6. If it were not for the fact that we must know something I would not commend upon this, since it for one thing crosses a threshold, secondly I do not rightly know what it is. I know what it is not, like nothing in the way by which we associate substance, or material, it being neither.  

  7. I then cannot very well name something that I do not know its true nature of, in consequence of which for our sake I came to call it "finite dust". And gave it a designation of W3. (Ref-?)  Shall I therefore acquaint it as material or immaterial? The answer for material is a definite No, and for immaterial a yes with reservations. 

  8. And at that we ought to drop that subject with this for knowledge that the substance upon which that eight has its bearing is not anything material as we understand material.

  9. But then the same can be said for what we do hold for material, since that material is made up of atoms, and atoms not being material, how is our material - material? How therefore shall water for its three atoms to a single molecule be anything but an immaterial something that by our perception becomes material?  

  10. I now hit the nail square on its head, and we ought to rehearse that in our mind, for so is all of nature. Are not all our senses by movement, by interpretation in speed or length? 

  11. Indeed these are and by angular deviation as well as by pattern of, all of which are and come by movement that we in our spiritual being interpret into reality, a reality to ourselves, to our mind, rather than to that which is interpreted.

  12. And here again that which is interpreted is clearly immaterial it being movements. And so where is nature for its substance - if not in our mind by interpretation of it? That solid table in our dining room for its grid shows as much open space as atoms. 

  13. And those atoms themselves consisting of what is clearly immaterial, how in all fundamental reality can that table be anything material? To our mind it is.  Absolutely fantastic as the Lord made His physical creation from nothing, and that nothing by movement coming to what is physical to again that which is not physical, namely our spirit.

  14. Only when we die can we see spirits, the ones coming for us to take us from this earth to a place of incarceration, or for some to paradise. For at that instant we no longer have eyes to see by deviations in movement, our body, our temporary home no longer having it resident. 

  15. As thus the Lord said; "Dust you are, and to dust you will return." He spoke of our home, not of our spirit. And what good is a resident without a home to dwell within?  

  16. As then our spirit remains that can never cease to exist, so in good time the Lord will again furnish us with homes to dwell within. For like a seed of grain must be placed under in order for it to bear upwards to the sun in many folds.

  17. So God has destined it for us, for all His creatures of flesh and blood, since these cannot possibly be righteous in themselves, they being nothing more than His creation.

  18. The only good way to look at any atom is to view it as a minute system of angular movement that for its particular pattern bears forth linear power in addition to its angular stability. I now worded this carefully to be accurate in my teaching.  

  19. Wherefore we may as well trash our current theories for our children's children in a few centuries from now will come to have a dim view of their forebears - as being most blind. And how truth and reality proceeds only from our Creator, as the One and Only Teacher of truth. 

  20. And with only the meek to remain upon the earth to replenish it, righteousness as well as knowledge and wisdom will flourish.  It happened once with Noah, as the one and only family left of the then whole race of man.

  21. It is not of me to scare anyone, we do enough of that of ourselves like with this beneficial warning called Corona virus. If then we look at that as a calamity what will we do when that which is around the corner comes?  Something far more horrendous to make everyone tremble?

  22. Movement into water, for it is in and by movement in coordinates that those three atoms make for a single unit - magnetically held - yet these for their coordinate of, their typical pattern, will not join molecule to molecule as normal magnets would. 

  23. Except of course when the speed of their movement is slowed down to a point we call freezing, then these do come to act as full magnets. How thus shall water not be a substance made up of movement and by movement?

  24. Figure 11, might be of benefit, as water the three units bind well, the M to an 8, while its outer edges rate at m-0.3, a slight residue of magnetic. While as ice it is in 8 but with a rating of 3, that for the atoms of steel come to 8 and bread only 1.


    Figure 11 Water and ice by linear power.



  1. By figure 5 "B: and 10. my designation is M4, That full fledged movement in stars and planets as well as our regular magnets then are known by M8. Consequently from the atom to a star there are 3 steps in between. And before the M4 there are also 3 steps to come to it. M7 is the designation for gravity. 

  2. And M1, or FM for the one and only power in nature - movement fundamentally. If we wish to see a designation for electricity it would be Mr, no number at all since it ranks with M8.

  3. Uranium for its unstable coordinate whereby its heat is mostly from RAM (Relative Angular Movement) might be designated M6. And the consistency of the atom as W3. 

  4. That then leaves us with the many variations in the M4 for what is best understood by us as "saturation" to have an atom of steel with many so called lines of, or at the other end those of Hydrogen and Helium presenting the eight but in its most simplest coordinate. 

  5. Most atoms will appear as balls, as spheres, with the lighter ones as disks, but not any simple disk since these are mostly diatomic, existing by pairs of.

  6. And from here there are many variations in all of the atoms. Any small difference in the atoms of Oxygen for example will come to what we perceive as a different element. And here is a note to consider - how each element is in fact a distinct coordinate. 

  7. The basic coordinate (pattern of movement) of some of our lighter elements by a slight change in it register to us for new elements. Elements in that essence are coordinates of movement, as is the atom for its main part.


  1. Miracles indeed is what we are speaking of, and what we ourselves are, and everything around us. If we get any inkling of what all the Lord has created and how - it must leave us dumb founded, incomprehensible.  And all that formed by movement?

  2. If not so there is no other conclusion, no other way to explain it.  I however should revise my words to say - by "coordinate" movement. And O how marvelous that the Lord made all these things like automated machines.


Figure 12 and 13    Wheat - grain.

  1. Take a grain of wheat, it has a body within which is the kernel, the DNA, the code by which it reproduces itself. Put it underground with a little warmth (rate of movement) and some H2O, that as such triggers it to become undone, opening up reaching for the sun, for light that is.

  2. Its information then build into each one of these grains, tells it to construct and reproduce cells for its stem upwards. After which having made a given number of cells for a height to reach it branches out to form new grains in 10, 20 or 50 fold, each one neatly in a sack. And each one having a copy of their mothers DNA, to start the cycle all over again.

  3. But from where does it get all these many atoms to form those many cells in its stem and leaf's? It at the first - programmed within it - sends out (construct) roots by which to extract water molecules and atoms of other nutrients, that are driven upwards by the pull of gravity.

  4. And how can a downward force as gravity send things upwards all the way to the top of high trees? By capitulary tubes where the water rises for the pressure at its base, as well as suction at the top.  Most marvelous how each grain has the complete code in movement from one to the next.

  5. In a way that is similar to our computers, when it has accomplished one task - that triggers the next and so forth. For so we make our computers work as well. There are no green Martians in our computers telling it what to do, but one instruction triggers the next.

  6. If then after 200 or so tasks the code calls to flare out into 3 or more directions, leaves will begin to grow that require a code of their own that are send up from the base, and when completed leave off.

  7. For at certain stages the code informs the reproductive ones to start forming whole new grains, and inserting within them the complete code of the mother by which it all started.  This then mind you is done by coordinates, by coordinate movement one to the next.

  8. There really are no Martians to tell it when to do what, nor is anything as substance, meaning material, capable of giving orders.

  9. It is movement in and by the coordinates of that main DNA, a type of Helix containing all the information. A vast array of atoms that by combination produce particular patterns of movement that trigger other formations, and that in thousand fold all to a single outcome, like a grain of wheat, or an apple on the tree.

  10. We cannot even begin to decipher what all in that helix is the code for what end, or what purpose. Yet someone had to arrange all these many atoms with their typical magnetic movement in such order by which to form that single grain of wheat. Or for a blade of grass to sprout forth from the ground.

  11. And who could possibly do that if not the Lord our Creator, and Creator of all things? Utterly endless so are His works, and much too marvelous for our mind to fathom. Even wheat is not of one kind but with various sorts, as are all things.

  12. If now we recall how solid that dining room table of ours appeared, as were it solid material, take a look at figure 14, that is a small section of Douglas Fir lumber, the type of wood mostly used to construct homes. 

  13. With a good look it seems like there is as much open space in that wood than material substance, and all of these by cells one joined to the other. How many cells does it take to make for a 2 by 4 eight foot long?

  14. Astronomical so it is, and it took that tree years to build up that many, for so its instructions were implanted in that little twig planted in the ground. And all of these countless many atoms had to be brought up through the roots.

  15. First to form cells by magnetically joining, as well as keeping away from one another whereby the openings come about. And it having been completed to start the next firmly joined unto the first.


Figure 14 and 15   Wood and virus.

  1. Then by figure 15 is an illustration of a cell that is an unwanted cell, one we call a virus. And these are like the Trojan horse, harmless on the outside but once within a host, their soldiers come out to murder the good and wanted cells within its host.

  2. Observe therefore how many atoms there are in that single cell, and how well it is protected by an outer shell with all it's feelers looking out. That cell then also contains a complete helix of information as to what to perform and when to perform it.

  3. And since its instructions are like unto the priests of this earth, a vipers-brood as the Lord calls them - furnishing men with erroneous information that of course destroys the good information.

  4. So that cell with its instructions, its typical coordinates works to rearrange and consequently destroy those type of coordinates by which people maintain their health.

  5. Who now could possibly have arranged these atoms in such manner that for their outcome these would be harmful to the many good coordinates?

  6. There are at least thousands of atoms in that cell whose diameter is about the length of a blue wavelet, with perhaps a thousand different coordinates to trigger their ultimate function. Like man of his own will sought out many devices not to his prosperity.

  7. So these too are like a virus to all men; (for whom the leaders in the earth do not make a fuss) and to them that do hold themselves to the word of their Creator. Whosoever then is too frail to counteract their wicked instructions will fall for them.

  8. And in like manner the Lord constructs such Trojan horses by which to warn, as well as test men for their resolve, and to eradicate the wicked from the earth. And just so the reader will not get the wrong impression from this.

  9. Those which do die from such or other illnesses are not anymore wicked than those many others. But unless all these others still breathing mend their ways they will also all die to be eradicated from the face of the earth, till only the meek are left to inheret it.

  10. Then I wished to place two more illustrations here Figures 16 and 17. Notice how plants are completely made up of cells, and how these cells in many cases leave open areas. And each of them having a coat, a harder surface as a container that are modestly magnetic to hold one to the other.

  11. But not anything like copper, nor like bread, nor like plastics, their atoms also consisting of lighter elements, simpler coordinates, or less dense in their magnetic coordinates.


Figure 16  and 17   Plant cells and blood cells.

  1. Then there is blood appearing as a liquid made up of cells as well, the good cells to bring oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of a body, each one containing the coordinates to that function.

  2. For there are no little men telling each blood cell what to do, and how to do it, since the instructions are build within them, all of which can be triggered by quite a number of different resident coordinates.

  3. If for example a cell has its direction of movement in opposite of where it is driven to adhere with, it will not work and be pushed away. But in like directions these will come to join and accordingly perform their function. 

  4. Here I outlined but one of a number of ways by which two or more cells will join or not join after which together these will form what is laid forth in their instructions.

  5. All of this is far beyond our cunning, in that such by number of parts for a simple set of instructions is astronomical. We do it with our computers like when we start it up, each instruction triggers the next, like hyperlinks.

  6. In like manner God instructed the plants and trees as well as human bodies to be formed.  Only with human bodies as well animals a spirit must be attached to make it a living body.

  7. As then we look around at everything there is no end to the many plants and creatures, as well as stars and planets that He formed by the power of His word alone. Something no-on else can do, not has the power to do so.

  8. But most fascinating of all is the fact that this whole nature boils down to "Matter in Motion by Coordination." With motion in coordinates as the main part of it, while matter has its forthcoming by interpretation, our interpretation. And as such I termed matter to exist by classification.

  9. And what now is my heart to pronounce, seeing these miracles in endless quantities? My appreciation of the Lord has grown greatly, and I am awed at His greatness, and at the same time - how utterly small and insignificant I am.

  10. Yet among the sons of men He raised my horn, and shall I not therefore pursue right dealings at all times? It is not only therefore but foremost for the love and admiration I have for Him, for one who is my Father, and who granted me a knowledge greater than many.

  11. Only I asked of Him to also grand me an exceedingly great compassion, and that has come to my hurt many times. Yet I do not wish to be without it.

  12. There are so many things I could speak of, the most illustrious and fascinating ones are those of the first fundamentals - how and by which all things have come about. But in these I am curtailed, because as of yet I am in a world not my own, and those of my own are not near.


  1. Have I now made us wiser in the norm of nature, or have I been too technical, or am I too new to be understood? Perhaps I did not speak enough of what I know so well assuming us to have the same. Without people questioning me how am I rightly to know what it is they desire?

  2. I am like a spring of water that must come forth, likens or not. And often times it is not likens, yet then I relish in what is, to have an understanding of it - that by my human nature one wishes to share. And so I speak, and speak some more.

  3. For it is like our Lord said: "He who believes in Me, as the Scriptures have said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water." And;  "Every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old."  So am I, bringing forth new and old, like a river.

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