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  1. No building will last if not set upon a foundation, and if that foundation is on quicksand our building will collapse. So is the foundation upon which science and physics has its theories, upon quicksand, and its building an eyesore.

  2. And here the Lord send me into this world that I might build for them a foundation whereupon a real building may be constructed. As then I entered into this world it seemed in bad shape, but I took hope, that I could be of service to them.

  3. But as I began to speak I was met with ridicule, and unbelief, other than a few that appeared wise. And as the years went on, beside my coat I would have given them my shirt as well.

  4. They however became right down angry with me, scorning me so much so that they roused my anger by which I came to pronounce an oath, not to reveal what would be most dear to them, nor that which is most spectacular.

  5. And so these did themselves a grievous hurt, only they had no idea what it was that I withheld, and therein I was contend.

  6. It is not only that man is completely wrong in his atom, but in waves as well, and in the powers below his feet, as also all his measures in the heavens, not having any idea how to calculate any of it correctly.

  7. The only laws of any value are those set forth by one that lived some three hundred years ago, Sir Isaac Newton, at least part of his teachings. Ever since him no man of any grid has arisen, no masters in the sciences, nor anyone with knowledge of foundations.

  8. Man is totally devoid of fundamentals, and devoid of any building as no more than appearance shrouded in fantasy. And for much of his experiments these he was unable to decipher, even though much of the evidence was staring him in the face, only for the majority these had no eyes to see.

  9. And the few that did have eyes and did attempt to educate them - these would not listen nor take any education from their own kind.

  10. And so I contemplated within my heart how this could be - for virtually the race of man to be held in the shackles of ignorance. And I recalled my enemy the Satan how he loves discord and ignorance, always wishes to destroy if possibly the whole race of man.

  11. And so I reproved that Satan for keeping man ignorant of the truth, but he knows no shame, nor is he willing to accept defeat. And he installs that same ignorance in his captains that he manages to rule the nations, and governing the ill believes in man. 

  12. But he is not the only cause, for man himself also brings forth what is most unbecoming and most abominable. His greed and his loves for vain glory leads him upon paths to destruction, but being blind he does not realize that he is walking over a cliff to his own well deserved end.

  13. As then my Lord said; "Dust you are and to dust you will return," so He turned many against many to eradicate them from the face of the earth, for a wicked life bring to death. And how the sons must account for the sins of the fathers even into the third generation.

  14. It is not only the foundations of the earth that were awarded me, but He taught me in all the fundamentals of His physical realm, teaching me what is most profitable for men by which to keep their lives, and by which to inheret an everlasting abiding.

  15. But in that I found the whole of mankind to be in even greater perils. How dearly these are in love with what is idolous, with what is most ignorant and to their destruction. Extremely ignorant as can-not be understood, destroying themselves by as the Lord said, by an inscrutable law.

  16. As then it was that way in the past by all the nations, while the Lord delivered His own from among them, from their cruel grasp at which they were confounded and not at all happy.

  17. So I came to look upon man - how he not only commits evil for his ignorance but for many it is their good pleasure to do so, hating all that is righteous. These of course so I came to conclude within my heart, were born of the devil, for it is beyond me how such vile crimes can be committed by one that is human.

  18. But I have come in a generation that is the last before the start of the Sabbath of whom it is said; "That all their deeds would be criminal and oppression."

  19. And as I looked to see where truth or righteousness may be found, I found for almost the entire population of the world to worships either the devil and/or their own imagination, living with idolatry.

  20. All their religions being none but idol worship, even by those that vainly pronounce the name of Christ Jesus. Both the roman catholic as well as protestants worshiping a piece of wood, having no knowledge of God nor of Christ Jesus.

  21. Only these blind bats do not know it. Yet so it was foretold by numerous prophets that in this day and age all these would not be doing anything but worship a piece of wood. 

  22. As then no wood can save any man, all of them are destined for the pool of fire. That is virtually a whole race to go to destruction. And those many that worship stone or animals, even the most revolting of animals will come to many tears and great pains, in the torments to their destruction.

  23. And who is to teach them? They refused to listen to the wise that were before them nor to the prophets, nor even to the very Son of God, nor to His written word, how then will they listen to me?

  24. And so it is with the world of science and of physics. The knowledge of fundamentals is virtually none existent, and without that foundation that which man has built upon fantasy is none but more fantasy.

  25. So the world of science for all of its foundations dwell in ignorance,  most pathetic and abominable to even look upon. Since then all these that labor in it conceive themselves to be right or even wise, all of them will come to shame and regret, as all of them will come to be known for fools and more blind than bats.

  26. All that are honored in the earth will come to dishonor, no wise man will remain among the sons of man. Only the sons of God, few as they are will be known for wisdom.

  27. In my book coming into this world I have come into a nursery where education has yet to begin. The problem being these seem to think to know what they are doing.

  28. And that much must be cut from them, in the way as the Lord has in mind, that He will perform, namely to burn their hides completely from them, leaving them nothing for cover.  When the Lord said to me. 

  29. "These are your people, now and forever, you will rule over them."  The first thing I answered was, "I do not want these people, they are a contempt unto me, in my eyes they are not fit even to live let alone be ruled." Nonetheless so the Lord said. "They are yours, account for them."  

  30. Since thus I was between a rock and a hard spot for I despise having them for subjects, I on the other hand cannot resist the Almighty One, wherefore again I prayed to Him saying;

  31. "I do not want these people, but if these must come into my name, do this O Lord, grind them to powder O Lord, into fine powder, not leaving a single grain that is not ground to powder, and from the powder raise nations to me.

  32. For I have no desire in these people, to Thee they are an abomination, so also to me these are an abomination."

  33. And the Lord heard my prayer and granted me my request. Therefore O you people unless you come into the image of righteousness you will not enter upon my borders. And whomsoever is not allowed upon my borders will not have life nor living but a living death, for the curse to rest on him or her.

  34. I will not condone idolatry, not in the least of anyone, not even a single word - or the curse will remain upon them.  Nor will I condone ignorance wherefore everyone will be taught.  It is with an iron hand that I will rule, no one will come to over-reach his neighbor.

  35. No one will be able to enrich himself at the cost of others, nor will anyone be poor, or be without his or her labors. No one will be without a roof over his head nor without his or her needs.

  36. For I will care for each and everyone that enters upon my borders, and none will be sad, but ever rejoicing. Labor will be light and with great dignity. Those that have come in my name will have more free time than labor at full pay, for I am compassioned and most generous, and so I will be referred to as a king of peace, a loving prince.

  37. It is not without cause that the Lord imparted unto me a knowledge and wisdom in sevenfold, for it was to serve man for his well being, even if at first it would come to his shame and ill glory. 

  38. I have revealed myself, but who has understood? Or who is able to understand? And so I am a mystery, and will remain a mystery until the day that it will be made clear to all concerned.

  39. But for the wicked, like your rulers and your rich, these will be in sad shape, for while they in tears and anguish will beg me for mercy, I will have no mercy on them. For as they had no mercy so no mercy will be awarded them.

  40. It is a grave mistake for anyone to seek to be a ruler, for the prize of it will be horrendous. These will cry out with many tears in great torment as is fitting upon them. 

  41. Just have a look at how these many in the death-camps were tortured, what pains these were forced to suffer. In the day to come it will be to them in sevenfold. And I will rejoice at their destruction, as the Lord will rejoice at their destruction.

        Atom  Atom

  1. As we discovered physical nature to be made up of very small parts that we came to call atoms. And that the atoms form into molecules and grids that make up the many different substances.

  2. And that mind you is the extend of our discovery, for as to the nature of that atom and what it consist of we as a race do not have a clue, not even the smallest of clues.

  3. But it was not enough of us to be ignorant, we must show ourselves as if we had knowledge and so out of our vain imagination we came up with whole fantasies about that atom, and taught the same to all our fellows everyone becoming grossly ignorant about the atom, so much so I came to call it a hoax.

  4. And indeed in regards to the atom our knowledge and interpretation is nothing more than an elaborate hoax, and mean as well as criminal.

  5. As thus I am accusing the whole of mankind in its teachers and scientists as criminals I have a sound reason for it, nor will I retract it, for done is done, and now all these many among us must pay the price, a very dear price.

  6. The start of which will be for all of them to become known for fools by all the generations yet to come, as well as by all that were before us. I at one time spoke saying; "Ignorance is punishable by death."

  7. And now it will be because I pronounced it, nor can it be retracted.  Ignorance then is one thing that can be forgiven and I will do so for those whose hides have been burned off of them, when with tears and anguish of heart these come to repentance willing to accept truth and be educated in it.

  8. For that will be my standing order for everyone that enters upon my borders to be educated or else they will have no place in my kingdom. Nor will there be any other kingdom for anyone to enter into.

  9. Such indeed is my authority given me of the Almighty Lord, my Father of whose Son I was born. The many abortions as man figures are in oblivion, but how wrong man is, since these are mine, all mine to do with as it may please me. 

  10. And this will please me, I will grant them parents, new parents to raise them up. Except for each and everyone that killed his or her own offspring, these will not be granted to have children.

  11. And likewise with the rulers, the lawmakers and those performing the abortions, none of them will be granted children.

  12. This will serve for shame and punishment upon them - all their deeds will be as open as the light of the sun before everyone and these will be shamed in being deprived of children.

  13. This is but one example of what everyone will come to understand in the day to come. it will be like as my brother Solomon said.  "We have a little sister, and she has no breasts.

  14. What shall we do for our sister, on the day when she is spoken for? If she is a wall, we will build upon her a battlement of silver; but if she is a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar. I was a wall, and my breasts were like towers; then I was in his eyes as one who brings peace."

  15. As Solomon will do in his kingdom so I will do in mine. Let it be for warning and contemplation. Did not our Creator command us, to split the hoof, and chew the cut?

  16. Why then do we not reckon everything for what is, and was, and for what is to come, and for all things to meditate on what is right from wrong before speaking a word.

  17. It is not only the sciences in which the Lord gave me expertise, but in most all things. In my younger years my employer Fred Stern used to tell everyone that Leonard can do anything, as also I did, only that came to much jealousy among my fellow workers.

  18. And why was that? It was because my Father the Lord of all ages gave me that expertise granting me wisdom and knowledge because being born of Him He destined me for a great rule, that I should be for a star to all Gentiles.

  19. How in the day to come the everlasting day the tally of those subject to me would be without number, nor will I ever number them as David once did.

  20. It is fit for me that in part I should reveal myself, likens or no likens, for who in his right mind would not wonder about one with such knowledge of foundations, and knowing what is and what will be in such vast quantity? 

  21. My expertise breads jealousy among the many thinking themselves to be wise.  If then I will gather more enemies than any man, so let it be, for all my enemies will be put to shame, nor can I be overcome, not even by Satan however much he would like to bring death upon me.

  22. I now did grant man how and in what way the atoms work together and that the whole of it boils down to matter in motion by coordination. I indeed furnished him with much information to improve his mind in all of these things.

  23. But as to how the atom came to be and such other most fundamental knowledge I withheld, and for much of it I will continue to do so. First and foremost there was no big bang, no fantasy of man, but all that is visible came from the invisible, and that from none being, as are all things from none being.

  24. What then was first and what came second and so forth? It is not for our mind to apprehend seeing we prefer fantasies to any truth. Therefore I cut short when it was not of me to do so.

  25. From none being came being, and O how marvelous that being showed itself, and how marvelous its operation, its birth and all to come forth from the womb in that manner. 

  26. It is God's secret, there not being anything at all that the Lord cannot do, nor form to bring forth, and I marvel in it. 

  27. The atom then as the building block of al matter is indeed the building block, but no block would adhere to any other block lest we cement them together. Is not that a fact? Is not that something we can relate to?

  28.  Consider therefore what I am pronouncing. I showed much of that cement how and in what way atoms relate to one another. As then these in combination and interacting put forth certain patterns, coordinates as the proper term.  

  29. These account for all that we see for health or sickness, for pleasant or pain, for hard or soft, for edible or none edible,

  30. When it comes to light and magnetism the Lord has not given man the understanding of it, but most distressing man is without correlation to see the logic of one factor to another. 

  31. In the field of medicine he is very well at it, and likewise when solving crimes and for his everyday labors and constructions,  why then not in the sciences? Man seem to be well instructed in many things, but for his science and physics he is most poor.


  1. By classification is what all substance is. Meaning it is not what we conceive it to be.  It is not material as we have the habit of referring to it. But what then may that tree in our yard be, or our sofa, these do look quite solid as in definite substance?

  2. And indeed they appear that way, since everything in nature is by appearance by what we interpret it to be.  What then is interpreted can be quite different from what it may really is. Therefore I said; substance is by classification.

  3. When we start going down the latter into the fundamentals of everything, we first encounter cells, then components factors that are made up of many parts, And from there it comes to molecules, fewer parts that are affixed to other parts. 

  4. Then to break down on the molecules, it comes to atoms. And what are these atoms? Shall they be something solid?  If they were how would these join to one another, and/or send forth something like waves or coordinates for us to interpret?

  5. By figure of speech we can call them tiny magnets, and that being partially true, the magnetic upon the atom is not quite like those we play with. The ones we play with are in the third magnitude of nature, while our atoms reside in the first magnitude.

  6. The primary part of any atom is its movement, its magnetic type movement by which it joins to others, and forms grids also utilizing its ability to repel. If by example those molecules in steam had no repulsion in them, no steam locomotive would work.

  7. For by pressuring steam we are driving countless many molecules into one another - like pushing two magnets together against their repulsive force, that when released drives the piston. It therefore is by magnetic power that the pistons are driven down,

  8. And so comes our question what else is there in the atom other than that motion of magnetic, that second derivative of that one and only fundamental movement that God created?

  9. For we in our mind can conceive motion as it is upon something, and what might that something be? It for one thing cannot be particles, nor anything solid, but what then? For an answer it will be that God only knows, He created it.

  10. As for us we will not know, not now nor so I conjecture at any time for its real nature. I may have given it a term designating it 3W, and referring to it as finite dust. But that is only for our sake as something to hold on to. 

  11. For as long as I do not, or can define that finite dust for its real nature it will remain as speculation. How therefore all that we behold for being solid is so by classification rather than for reality.

  12. And I call it a most marvelous creation of the Lord that everything appears as it does. To have created such a world for us to dwell in out of nothing, and to bring the invisible as visible before us.


  1. There is motion, and then there is motion. There is velocity, and then there is velocity. The difference in them for the latter is at what speed that be, and for the first in what it relates to. 

  2. One of the most fatal errors in the sciences is - their so called velocity of light, or any wave. Only a babe as yet on the breast with no knowledge nor education could possibly specify light to travel at what science has it as 299.792-km/s.

  3. A bold statement no doubt to classify all our sciences as yet on the breast with no real education.  Bold yes, but factual as far as fundamentals are concerned. That however is putting it mildly since we also fail horribly in common sense as well as logic, and wisdom being virtually none existent.

  4. Man no doubt recorded that velocity at 299.792-km/s but he failed to specify at what wavelength that was, and for that omission alone he made a complete fool of himself as if he were yet on the breast with no education in any kind of what we all ought to have, namely common sense.

  5. We know very well do we not that all wavelengths travel at a different velocity, we know so by its refraction through a prism. If then that is a fact, as indeed it is, how did we come up with only one single velocity? The same can be said as - how did man come to be so utterly lacking in common sense?

  6. That velocity at 299.792-km/s less the 90-km/s reduction into air - can only fit one wavelength, and one wavelength only, it being the one at 488nm. and that is closer to blue than to red, and how then does a prism show all colors? 

  7. Our scientists in no uncertain way - in their gross ignorance - are telling us that there is no such thing as green, nor red, nor yellow, but nothing more in our air than one single wavelength found at 488nm.

  8. Nature however, in everything is making liars out of our scientists and educators, with not a one of them fit to teach anything.  But then we being as blind as these are, we love it don't we? 

  9. All because out of ourselves we do not know any better, and lies or stupidity seems to be a tasty treat. While a true educator like me, I am a nuisance and at best unwelcome to have the nerve to put clean water into our muddy pools contaminating our precious pools with fresh clean water. 

  10. Shall I therefore quit? For by the wisdom imparted within me we can only be reduced to babes yet on the breast. And that with all our studies and labors is insulting is it not?

  11. I however do not mean to insult us, but rather bring us to education for which cause the Almighty Creator brought me forth, and I do not have the means nor power to oppose Him, He is the stronger to me. 

  12. If one then has the power to make the sun and all its planets disappear he may have a fighting change to make me disappear. Although he will fight a losing battle since what the Lord made of me no man can begin to comprehend, as even I can barely fathom its extend.

  13. But if I am not allowed to speak anything that might be insulting to man - why is man insulting me on a daily basis?

  14. Like telling me that all waves travel at the same velocity in space, and setting forth an index for air at 0.0003, to slow the speed of all light by only one 90-km measure? For that is grossly insulting - to consequently suggest that in our air there is but a single color when with our own eyes we see a great number of colors.

  15. Man in fact is so grossly insulting to me that I complained to my Almighty Teacher, saying - that I do not want these people for subjects, to me they are an abomination, a stench to my nostrils. But I found myself between a rock and a hard spot, seeing the Almighty One replied how I have no choice in the matter.

  16. Therefore I prayed again saying, since then it must be so, do this for me - grind them all into powder, into fine powder. Let their hides be burned from them, to leave them no hide at all, and from the powder raise nations to me. For in that way alone I will take pleasure in them.

  17. And the Almighty Lord granted me my request as He had purposed all along knowing that with the knowledge of Him in me I would come to detest the people, for their lack of discernment and consideration, along with all the evil that they practice on a continual basis.

  18. I now have made a prophecy that is already prophesied throughout the Scriptures. But who bothers to read those Scriptures? Or who among them all has even the eyes to read that he or she may be rightly educated?

  19. Do you think it is without cause or reason that the Almighty One granted me so much knowledge and wisdom to exceed all men by sevenfold? Hardly so. How did I came to speak of future days to pronounce what will be when our heading was velocity verses velocity?

  20. Did I get carried away? I am insulted yes by just about everything that man pronounces, and that not only in the sciences,

  21. But now for man's insults lavished on me. The prism refracts all wavelengths of light by different angles according to their individual lengths, that we in error attribute to different velocities, how the shorter lengths travel slower than the longer lengths.

  22. And knowing this why do we insult every intelligent mind by specifying a single velocity for light?  Light for an absolute proven fact travels in space and in air by thousands of different velocities. 3000 from 4000A to 7000A, and 30.000 different velocity when broken down into tenths.

  23. It is grossly unprofessional to specify any velocity of any wave without specifying the length to which that velocity applies.

  24. Every different length can only travel at its own unique velocity.

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