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  1. This essay is about magnetic, in what is unknown nor understood as one of the most fundamental entities in nature. And since electric is magnetic all the same it deals with that as well. As then nature provides us with ample evidence into so much that is seen - I am putting our educators on the spot for some of their teaching that is in direct opposition to what nature in no uncertain way teaches.

Key words

Magnetic  Electric  Motion.



  1. One of the least understood phenomena in nature is magnetism. We know only that which we see - that it pushes as well as pulls.  For the rest we are in the dark; only we do not think so. as if we knew more. Only that more - as we will learn - is anything but correct.  

  2. I on the other hand know it perfectly - but not out of my own, since it was the Almighty Creator who taught me in the fundamentals of the sciences. If then one does not look upon knowledge as an affliction, hear what it is that our Creator taught me for your sake as well as mine.

  3. First and foremost however I have no choice but to show us our ignorance - how we can possibly believe upon our so called masters as if the moon and other planets do not have a magnetic force upon them.  

  4. I must acclaim that as ignorance, for how then did all these stars and planets become like spheres? And how are they held in orbit? Did they just fell out of the sky, like your automobile fell out of the sky?  Ford Motor Company and GMC do not think so.  

  5. Or that they float by themselves? Do balls form themselves, or do they stay in orbits without any strings attached?

  6. As to the secret for magnetic - believe me when I say that the whole of the universe is bound by it.  All of the stars hold-on to their planets by magnetic force, and that force only.   No educated person could possibly claim any planet to be held gravitational.  

  7. To do so is training the young minds with fantasy.  Nor is there any defense because for more than 300 years we have that law by Newton by which to calculate the extend of gravity.  And why then in all that time has no-one used a calculator that are a plenty to discover that the power of gravity as it extends outward is limited

  8. That it for the earth comes to no more than some 3200 miles out, while our moon is more than 200.000 miles removed from us. The evidence clearly shows that no star nor planet is ever held gravitational.

  9. . Also do not believe as if the lines of magnetic were two circles connected to a center. It is a single circle that when laid half way over resembles the figure of eight. And it at all times operates that way.  As then we look at this illustration we are looking at one of the most marvelous creations of our Creator. 

  10. I now do know how and why magnetic came to its figure eight of force, but that part I leave to speculation, an insight man has forfeited to himself.

  11. The Lord by creating His universe now set movement as the prefix for it. And it is by and in that movement that all things are formed as well as upheld.  Most of us looking at this illustration have however  as of yet no conception as to the grand reality of it. It will take centuries before that comes to pass.

Figure 1. Magnetic, the second derivative of Fundamental Movement.

  1. Do not for a moment believe as were there a strong or weak force.  For there is but "one" force, and that by name as well as nomenclature is what we can all relate to, namely movement. And that as an entity in itself, which the Lord commanded to come forth, and that by His command came to affix itself for a foundation to all the lower things. 

  2. Our teachers may not provide us with any nomenclature of their ill invented forces, but I bear no comparison to them.

  3. This magnetic now seen in figure 1; is a derivative of that one and only force in nature. And for its nature is most unique - for it presents angular, as well as linear movement. How for example would it be if there were no force where no one atom could adhere to the other, or light be transported from place to place? Without movement as the most fundamental entity, no world would exist.

  4. This unique derivative then in its whole is angular by its pattern in eight, and also angular in both of its sides to serve for the cause of gravity. 

  5. And, it presents that equally needed linear movement. For without it, without a linear being born of this magnetic eight - no one atom could adhere to the other. And the fact that the Lord made that movement directionally conductive, so it is that it will attract as well as repel relevant to directions.

Magnetic to magnetic

  1. But we are not as yet done yet with figure 1, since it is but an illustration of a single figure of eight, and that for a few may be typical for the hydrogen atom, but not any block magnet, nor any sphere in and by which these are all around by the full 360 degrees. 

  2. Full fledged magnets as I call them, where its potential does not just pass in all of 360 degrees around its axis, or equatorial region, but north to south as well, the full sphere of it. With every single eight passing at center, a combined center. (That is how all stars and planets came to be spheres)

  3. As then most all magnets are that way, this is not so for the many different atoms that vary from a few in the lighter elements -  to many in the heavier elements. Nor is that magnetic potential the same in atoms as it is in full fledged magnets. 

  4. There is a distinct difference here in several ways that I will come to as we go along. By illustration figure 2 is a graph illustrating the power curve in magnetic.

Figure 2. Power to ratio scale.

  1. When the flux (lines of) are few the power is minimal, and as they increase in number the power increases, that is to say, how its power in the linear increases, its binding power. This should be seen in the way of saturation.  

  2. A particular atom for the example may only present half the number of lines that a full fledged atom may present. Yet these are nonetheless spaced in all of the 360 degrees, since all magnetic potentials always seek equilibrium. 

  3. This is natural for all movement that proceeds by an eight in coordinate, the eight as such being the factor of it, always being equal over itself. The more flux one can impress upon a magnet - so much the stronger it will become. Much of that then also depends upon the composition of it.

  4. It is common practice to illustrate magnetic flux by lines of, Nor is there any error in that since in many ways these are indeed lines, very distinct lines composed and set forth by what may be called domains, the individual sections in the composition that procure these lines, whereby indeed they come forth as lines.

The Moon Magnetic

  1.  Someone on the internet had the nerve to say quote: "The Moon has an external magnetic field."  There is of course no such thing, for if the external field is not based upon what is in and by the interior, it cannot possibly exist.  

  2. And quote: "When Apollo astronauts brought back samples of moon rocks, scientists were surprised to find that some of them were magnetic. Scientists had no idea that the moon had ever had a magnetic field, and were at a loss to explain why it apparently once had one."

  3. The question seems to be if man ever really did go to the moon, or if that was no more than an elaborate hoax. 

  4. Myself I can-not tell either way though there are many inconsistencies, one of these is where with Armstrong half way to the moon they counted out 4 seconds before he was to reply, all because of the distance that he was from earth. 

  5. But what a crock that is, for him to be 192.000-km out, and radio waves traveling near 300.000-km/s, his voice communication takes only one half of a second to reach earth. Whoever came up with that nonsense had no knowledge of any science.

  6. And for any scientist to be surprised that the moon was magnetic shows their gross ignorance in the facts of nature.  To me almost unbelievable.  Did that moon ever leave? It has been there for a long time and is still with us.  

  7. And how would that be possible if it were not duly magnetic? Or is it that I know so much more, that contrary to most I did receive education, and accepted the same?  Or for that matter the tides upon the earth, did these stop? If our tides are still with us that moon must have a potent magnetic potential to lift all these many tons of water.  

  8. As a race we are uneducated to for example suggest that electricity is a flow of none existent negative parts. For how can these be a flow of when in the first place no such single sided coins exist, nor does any flow exist.

  9. That poison is worse than any flu, or any other disease seeing it has contaminated the whole of the world.  And we are ignorant enough to allow ourselves to be bitten with such poison.

  10. The evidence to this is illustrated by figure 3, as if the magnetic flow around a wire is separate or independent of the current within the wire. As if that were an external magnetic force. 

  11. How blind, for take another look at figure 1, it mind you is as I have drawn, and just so magnetic exists and in no other way, it is unique, and one of a kind, no other kind exist. 

  12. That field on the exterior in figure 3, is the extension of the inner field. And that field is as magnetic as anything is magnetic, consisting of figure eights of force end on end.

  13.  If one does not believe me try it out for yourself (Ref-1) and you will discover how you were lied unto. That it is a magnetic field that attracts as well as repels, that it displays a north as well as a south rotating as it goes.  

  14. Here is the  unmistakable evidence anyone can explore for himself, full evidence, how therefore will anyone doubt me?


Figure 3. The external rotations of the inner field of magnetic, erroneously drawn,

This illustration together with the evidence provided by Ref-1 places the world of science to shame. It is not me doing so, but the truth does, the truth by and with clear unmistakable evidence.

  1. That eternal fields rotates because the current upon the wire is a rotating magnetic field, that we ourselves brought into rotation with our armature - twisting the magnetic lines around one another - so creating figures of eight end on end each one having a north and south polarity.  

  2. J, J Thompson with his supposed discovery of the electron is therefore nothing but a hoax. That man did not know what he was doing, how to interpret the operation of his toy. He should have known that single sided coins cannot exist, why then did he create them?  

  3. And that poison infected the whole race of man even to this day. And it is a poison, a mental poison for which I am providing the antidote for anyone willing and able to accept it.

  4. Have another look at figure 1, that is magnetic, its pattern without which no star nor planet would be found. It is also by that pattern of force that all stars and planets have the shape of a sphere because that magnetic by its eight always seeks equilibrium, always centering itself on whatever mass it inhibits. 

  5. And if that mass is not a perfect sphere it equalizes itself on the main frame where all sides are equal. And do we want some simple proof of that?

  6.  Does not our earth for its rotation bulges somewhat at its equator?  That bulge then extends outward of the main frame wherefore the pull of gravity there should be somewhat less than elsewhere.  And so indeed it is, it is about one half of a pound less. Here thus is further evidence.

  7. But we are still not half way in understanding magnetic or what all it provides. It for another in conjunction with the moon provides us with the tides. If the moon did not have a full magnetic field, it would not be orbiting earth, nor ever be seen, nor cause our waters to rise.  

  8. For this I inserted figure 4, but before explaining it, recruit Newton in his law whereby to calculate the factor (extend) of gravity, something no one seem to have done in 300 plus years, to discover that our gravity ends with its null result still more than 200.000 miles short of reaching the moon. (Ref-2) Magnetic however with its virtually unlimited reach is the perfect agent to bring about our tides.

  9. As thus the moon is fully locked together with mother earth like any two magnets.  It however wishes to go by a linear movement in respect to mother earth - that for the combined magnetic hold causes it to instead orbit around us. 

  10. That moon then being quite a strain upon those magnetic tentacles causes the normally rounded design to elongate those lines that are directly between the moon and mother earth. Picking up new ones as it travels and dropping down the ones behind it. 

  11. And what happens when you take a sheet with a bucket of water spread over it, and you pull up on that sheet creating a smaller area for the water to reside in? Will that water not collect itself in that smaller area to rise like the tides rise? Of course it does, to all of us that should be common sense.

  12. For anyone skeptical about this - why not prove it to yourself before coming to doubt me, one can do so with any two magnets and some steel filings duplicating the path of the moon (one magnet) around the earth, (the other magnet)  

  13. You will find how the filings for its pattern will be elongated, and how that occurs simultaneously on both sides.

  14. And so we could ask a question,  how it is that the moon actually orbits earth, and not collide upon it, or takes off into space away from us, both of them being magnets? Would we say gravity? No, not likely that kind of answer insults our intelligence. 

  15. Two magnets would always come to join, but if one of them traveling at high speed is bound to a star, like our earth.  And it has a satellite that is also traveling at sufficient velocity, at all times attempting to depart from earth, but held in check by their combined magnetic strings interweaving - it comes to an orbit. 

  16. As long as the earth moves providing stability, and that moon moves, the two will remain as they are, all because they are in motion and joined magnetically.

  17. The same is true for our satellites, as long as they maintain velocity these will orbit, slow them down these will fall to earth.


Figure 4. Tides by elongation of magnetic flux.

  1. So thus it is that the waters rise upon the earth under the moon, and since all magnetic is by the pattern of an eight - as a single circle in eight - when one side is elongated so the other side must of necessity also be elongated, and that by equal amounts

  2. Therefore there are always two equal tides on both sides of the earth, all by magnetic, the moon pulling on them.  This is a far cry from what is taught in any classroom, but then you are not learning it from me as you are learning it from our very Creator, who taught me to in turn teach all of us. And anyone can prove this to himself with two magnets.

  3. Here I should quote what was said:  "O foolish men, pay attention. Hear, for I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right; for my mouth will utter truth; wickedness is an abomination to my lips"

  4.  Not only that I was taught well, but all the evidence is before us, therefore to disbelieve me with the simple facts staring us in the face - is the same as making a mockery of God, to scorn His word and His teaching, Besides, what man is able to disprove me? 

  5. Do I not make perfect sense? Do not the facts prove every single word that I am speaking? The Lord did not furnish me with wisdom and knowledge without cause. It was and is to our benefit, if not so I would not have said so.


Figure 5. Patterns by magnetic, by push/pull.

  1. For the next lesson, have another look at figure 1, the pattern of magnetic for its single angular movement that comes to a twain angular as well as linear, an absolute perfect system to perform all that is needed in nature.  

  2. Make use of the common sense that God granted to His creatures, and take a good look at figure 5.  How do you suppose these atoms formed that particular grid? How and why are there these openings with six to 12 atoms in a circle around those openings?  Any takers?

  3. If all these atoms were not magnets they in the first place would not join with one another. Nor in the second place simultaneously keep each other at bay whereby to create these openings. 

  4. For only magnets are able to push and to pull all at the same instant, their movement being in eight having the capacity to form thing linearly as well as angularly.

  5. Here we see again how unique that magnetic is by its directionally conductive nature, - the second derivative of the one and only force in nature. And why can it not be electrical as our men in the sciences poison us with?  

  6. They can only hate me for classifying their teaching as poison, and poison it is as they of themselves should very well know. The nonsense of telling everyone that positives attracts to negatives, and visa versa.  

  7. Poison indeed since everything in nature, and I do mean everything in nature teaches us in no uncertain way that these never attract to one another, but on the contrary will come to destroy one another.

  8. And that obviously so by their own illustration as they drew it by figure 3. Do they not show those positive and negative in opposite direction of rotation from one another? And what happens when we touch two grinding wheels in opposite direction of one another? Need I explain it?

  9. That magnetic string of force is in a single direction of rotation, but when that single braid is bend around to face each other, one of necessity must be in clockwise with the other in counter clockwise rotation. 

  10. And that mind you never works when coupled together as we well know from short circuits.  We then make use of it by placing what we call a transmission in between, a transmission of many turns of wire better known as transformers to make up for the difference between them. (Ref-3)

  11. How thus man made his atoms and molecules from parts that can only destroy, and never adhere nor repel.  For is not this a fact that all things in nature disproves man's theories, yet he continues to corrupt the minds of the young with what he knows cannot and does not exist?  

  12. That single wire as we see in figure 3, has two ends does it not? As then one end is in opposite of the other one is called positive with the other negative. Either end can be called either, since both are the same except for the direction of rotation at its ends as they appear when viewed. 

  13. And yet that rotation is one and the same for the whole length of the wire, as it must be, for our armature can only turn into one direction at the time.

  14. If on the other hand we construct alternators that we use in our vehicles we are continually reversing the direction of rotation. But whether we know it or not we are doing the same thing with any other generator, as the armature turns, as we push the north side of the magnetic produced by the electrical against the south.  

  15. In so doing we are reversing the direction of rotation again and again .  A very poor way of doing things. showing how in that respect we are as yet in the stone-age.

  16. Then for a quotation:  "It takes approximately 27 days for the moon to rotate once on its axis. As a result, the moon does not seem to be spinning but appears to observers on Earth to be keeping almost perfectly still. Scientists call this synchronous rotation."  

  17. And quote: " Synchronous - a celestial body in which one revolution is completed in the period taken for the body to rotate about its axis."

  18. How can we even speak that way? Whatever happen to common sense deduction? The moon does not rotate on its axis, it has no axis, for only a rotating body can have an axis. When you put a nail in a potato with a string and swing it around you, does the potato spin? 

  19. Of course not. Or  a race-car around a circular track, does it spin on an axis? Also of course not.  Does that space shuttle in figure 6 spin on its axis as it revolves around the earth? Of course not. But it is keeping its under belly a all times facing us.

  20. So it is with the moon. If then we say; yes but at "A" its nose as we look at it from earth is to our right, but at "B", it is reversed. 

  21. NO, It is not.  At "B" from earth the nose is still to our right as it was at "A", or anywhere else.  It never changes, just like a potato on a nail when swung around does not wrap itself around our string. 

  22. Just because it makes a full rotation - that is nothing more than deception by eyesight, not anything real in the way of spinning about an axis.

Figure 6. Moving in a circle without change.

  1. Did I not put it  quite correct as it reads; "Moving in a Circle Without Change."? Our scientists may call it synchronous rotation, but in my book they are still wet behind the ears. There is a simple way to prove that there is no axis on the moon, (Ref-4) but why should we go through all that trouble - when common sense should be the better side of us?  

  2. Instead of synchronous rotation it should be said - moving in a circle, there is nothing synchronous about it. Any single orbit is a single circle - plain and simple, nothing fancy to elevate our ego.

  3. In reference to figure 7, that I found, I did not draw it, but boy how close that person was getting to gravity for its cause.  It states; "Gravitational torque produces precession." 

  4. The truth now is just the other way around, but in this I cannot blame us, seeing this factor cannot possibly be discovered by any man lest he be the death of all the race of man. (Ref-5) 

Figure 7 Something towards gravity.

  1. It is just that whoever drew this hit a note into the cause by which our feet are held to the ground, namely that angular momentum that - not by gravity - but rather by - a linear impact - will come to precession - that then leads to gravity  

  2. Then - that gyro/atom so inclined becomes entwined with the magnetic lines of the earth wherefore al things come to be draw - not to the earth as such - but rather to that magnetic center within the earth. (Ref-6)  

  3. Since then that magnetic center resides at the center of the earth so we are found to be walking upright wherever we may be on this globe.

  4. Then for another lesson the reference will be to figure 8. How far does a magnetic potential reach out? The answer depends on what magnet we are speaking of, are we speaking of the Oxygen atom, or a carbon atom, or a star?  If it be a star like our sun its reach is to beyond Pluto passing all the planets in our solar system.  

  5. While atom H, as one of the lighter elements is greatly curtailed, with atom C having a slightly longer reach. And why is our sun able to extend its lines so far out? That secret rests in its very base from which it is extended.   

  6. It for its large size consists of untold many component factors, all of them serving to conduct those long lines of magnetic. Whereas in the two atoms, C and H, there are no components.  These are at the very start of magnetic, and that makes all the difference..

Figure 8. Magnetic reach

  1. This may be visualized by adding atoms to atoms into an endless number of them, around which light has its unlimited reach from one end of the universe to the other. While those so called lines of the stars are bound to their source limiting their ultimate reach. 

  2. Although these can reach through entire galaxies by way of conduction, from one star to the next. Like as it is within our sun, from component to component each lending and adding to the power of each single line.

  3. As then the fields of the atoms  are at all times devoid of anything within their interior to boost their power. These nonetheless serve one another whereby greater coordinates are formed.  I at one time spoke of the interior of atoms that the so called substance within them consisted of finite dust. 

  4. But what is finite dust to define it for its nature? Since then that is something not for our perception, I came to classify it as W3. (Ref-7).  I know it is our nature to visualize matter as some sort of substance, not being able to rationalize what else it could be.

  5. And yes here we must abstain from going much further, and simply accept what is. Only this to our confusion I will say; that in truth substance is not what we conceive for substance, but that it is so by classification, and by classification only.

Figure 9  Full fledged magnet  

How can magnetic be two circles, this illustration alone contradicts it. The open area in the middle is because the field lines go downward out of sight.

  1. God gave us to comprehend the outskirts of His creation, and he granted me a knowledge for its fundamentals. But these fundamentals are by what is yet more fundamental, like as I said that magnetic is a derivative of that fundamental power, and that it was second of it. 

  2. Anything deeper is simply not for our perception, nor will I speak any further of it, other than what I may have mentioned in other essays, or chapters of.

  3. Figure 9, here illustrates what is called; "a full fledged magnet," having a great many patterns of eight all around its 360 degrees. This will not be found by any single atom, those of steel and the likes are quite dense whereby they come to adhere so strongly. 

  4. But that all in itself does not make for the strength of steel - their typical grid adding to that factor as well. Then as we behold the atom of Hydrogen with its simple formation hardly coming to any kind of sphere.  It nonetheless serves a good purpose, even if only to serve for a line, or link between other atoms. Then there is oxygen as the most unique atom of all.

  5. But there is one more unique feature in fundamental movement from its first angular derivative to its second called magnetic in the pattern of eight. And that is in how far, or in what degree a circle is twisted over by all of 180 degree into an eight of force. 

  6. It is a fact in nature that when you cut a piece of wood off from a tree it will no longer cling to that tree as it did before it was cut off. Yet it is also a fact that when we remove one magnet from another, or cut off a piece of it, that magnet or piece of a magnet will again cling to its host. 

  7. And with all atoms being magnets why is that piece of wood once cut off no longer able to affix itself upon that tree?

  8. With cutting metal the same is true, that will only come to lock on again when heated - when the  movement of both is raised high enough for those atomic magnets to rejoin.  The secret here is that atomic magnets singular and by combination have the capacity to shade their polarities. 

  9. Like for example water consisting of 3 atoms to a molecule that at normal rate of movement (temperature) float around one another, but with their rate of movement brought down these open up on their polarities to cling together forming ice. 

  10. Or on the high end expand greatly forming steam. And at still higher rate of movement let loose of one another.

  11. This is one example how atoms show and/or shade the linear power that proceeds from them,. And that by a rather simple procedure that is affected by speed, by the rate of movement.  And here we come back to our first illustration figure 1, when movements proceeds in the angular there is no linear. 

  12. But by turning that circle over coming to resemble the fire of eight linear power comes forth.

  13. The amount of that linear power then is adjustable depending on how far that circle comes to a full cross over, the full of the eight. If/and/when that fundamental movement by its first derivative acts to produce the second derivative, and that comes to - lets say - only a 90 degree turn, instead of the full 180, the linear power is greatly curtailed. 

  14. Or as we would conclude, that its power of magnetic is either minor or virtually gone.  One example of these is with the Oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the air, all of them free to move around - because none of them present enough polarity to join one to the other. 

  15. When however we greatly reduce the rate of movement upon them (freezing) they come to full figures of eight, the full 180 degree turn, showing up as ice or snow.

  16. Here we see how important velocity as the rate of movement is to the production of any and all magnetic polarity. All that by simple movement in patterns of, from angular to linear, from none magnetic to magnetic. And from partially magnetic to greater magnetic.  

  17. And that in a thousand ways, wherefore there are also so many different substances at different consistencies, from light to heavy, from thick to thin, from hard to soft. And when these come to multiple molecular formations all that is added a thousand times over. And from there to cells to bring it to a million times over for variety.

  18. How many different cells are there in the human body alone, each cell being like a book to read for its many atoms organized to perform a particular function?  All of that by magnetic movement in coordinates. And how should it not be magnetic in nature, even when it does not appear to us as we rate magnets by, since each one of its atoms consists of and is sustained by what is shown in figure 1.

  19. I now know fundamentals, but I cannot begin to read all these many books, deciphering each different cell for its function. This is best left to those many that study these things, making for medicines, and antidotes, and that read DNA. 

  20. Or who among us is able to even read a DNA, the code by which a baby may be formed in the womb of its mother? What is in that DNA to place nails on each finger, and the ears onto the head in the right places. 

  21. Do we have any conception at all as to what the astronomical data is just to form a flower on its stem, or a baby tiger in its mothers womb?  Or even an apple on a tree, on nothing more than a piece of wood, or for that matter a blade of grass, how much data is involved just to form that alone.

  22. Who or what tells the grape vine to go dormant and start again sprouting leafs and grapes? And what is there in these many coordinates to deposit just so many droplets of liquid in each grape? Everything around us is a miracle, completely incomprehensive to us. 

  23. We see it, but do not know how. The conceited among us of course know everything how all these things come about. And yes we hear their versions but these do not begin to explain how it really comes about. 

  24. Like the nail upon our fingers to grow slowly, yet not so with the hairs upon our arms, but I do need to shave my face once or twice a week. And how and why is all that?

  25. This much I do know how all of this comes forth by coordinates implanted within and upon all these many tiny parts called atoms. But to figure these out is for our Creator alone who does so by no more than the power of His word at not a million nor a billion or a trillion but by so many thoughts at once that cannot be numbered. 

  26. Just like King David said, "so vast like the sand at the seashore."  His works are at all times everywhere each one a miracle, of which we have no perception. How then shall anyone deny Him who is able to pronounce the coordinates for all of these to come forth and serve us.

  27. We are at all times surrounded by angels, all of them invisible to our eyes of flesh, nor will these show themselves lest they too end up in prison, like those that did.  Every soul that dies is collected by them, and transported from the earth, and how much else are they ordered to perform?  

  28. Not a single word nor a single deeds escapes from those that at all times have their eye and ears on us, none of which are visible, and of a nature not classified physical as our bodies are, yet also not far from it.

  29. Motion to motion, and that in and by coordinates, as also motion to matter in and by coordinates. And that motion from its start comes to what we at one point come to interpret for being magnetic. 

  30. Yet for its reality from its start it fans out into a thousand and more ways, some called magnetic, some electric, some heat, some cold, some flesh, some bone, and a thousand more.


  1. Magnetic, magnetic what all is magnetic?  It is a derivative of what exists, but not all of what is - is seen for magnetic - but to its fundamentals traces itself back to magnetic, or what has the appearances of it. We cannot begin to outline all the many variations,  it makes us dizzy even to think of them, how then pronounce them.

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