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  1. There are at least a half dozen of my essay's on gravity available for reading in the several journals, mostly in the "Journal of the Advances in Physics."  In this essay I took a different approach to the same subject that reveals more of what may not be found in others. 

  2. I therefore attempted as much as I could not to go into any repetition, or duplication of what has already been published. This is not an easy thing to do since to make it worthwhile to the reader I must put in sufficient data to allow the issue to be understood. 

  3. Some parts then as one may discover - inevitable in one way or another are duplication.


  1. The abbreviation M7 is my notation for gravity, not the force of it as we have in mind, but that part of the machinery that leads to gravity.  It can also be spelled as "The inclination to downward movement." 

  2. Gravity is not a force, but part of a greater system whereby our feet are held to the ground. And inertia is a major part of that system, therefore our title "Inertia to M7."


  1. A perfect example of inertia is illustrated by figure 1, The fact that the tops remain upright when in angular motion is not gravity as we may erroneously conclude, nor is it in defiance of gravity. But it is inertia - the factor of being fixed or remaining in place. 

  2. Even as it is said by others quote: "The tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force."


       Figure 1  Inertia, inertia.

  1. But what in more fundamental terms is inertia, how does inertia become inertia? The  rotation here is classified as angular momentum, a factor of movement that always returns to itself, always coming back where it started, for which cause it becomes fixed in place. 

  2. If it did not come back where it started it would not remain fixed, so it is that this type of movement never leaving - appears to us as being fixed in place, as in fact it is. 

  3. Here it is not as such a physical entity that once placed before us stays unless moved by another, but something no more, nor less than motion, something we perceive as being immaterial. 

  4. And so how does something with no real substance become so real, for it is not in the substance of the top to remain upright, but its movement is the factor keeping it upright.

  5. Movement is an entity, but not all movement, only that which is most fundamental is an entity in itself, all other movements are derivatives, and yet here this angular momentum displays itself as were it something of an entity in itself, that once it exists it stays claiming itself to have being. 

  6. And so in fact it is, but my wording to explain the beauty and reality of its very existence does not do it justice, all because understanding nature for me is easy, to present it however - is an altogether different matter, simpler said than done. 

  7. And it will lead us into many words when I take us into the wisdom of it all. Often times then I do so to share that wisdom.

  8. Allow me thus to relate that these tops, or gyro's as we perceive them fixed in place have nothing to do with gravity, yet like a major part in the making of a vehicle so these are used in the making of gravity

  9. And to make a quotation; "Inertia is not a defined physics term. - because it is not a physical quantity."  

  10. I however beg to differ, for being physical or not physical - depends upon our point of view. If the whole of nature is called physical then motion itself is classified as well to be physical, since that is what nature is Matter and Motion. 

  11. And yet we make a distinction between that which can be seen verses that which cannot be observed by our eyes, by which motion comes to be an immaterial innovation. It nonetheless is for good cause that in one I classified motion as an "entity" since in its fundamental being it is an entity, it is physical, as real as matter is real.

  12. And so here we go: There is but one single force in nature, and that is movement, coming forth by what by the same name is most fundamental as an entity in itself, with no other movement being any entity. 

  13. For when a bird flies through the air and comes to rest on a branch of a tree, it had motion, that bird was in motion, but now resting that motion is gone, wherefore that can never be fundamental. 

  14. But that which is motion fundamental, an entity in itself - can never be slowed down nor sped up, nor cease to be, nor taken any part of, but it can be imposed upon. 

  15. Here we see the difference. wherefore forget about strong force, weak force, or henry what his name force, none of which exist, these have their origin by fantasy, and I for one do not deal in fantasy.

  16. But I can confuse us. We speak of physical nature as matter, as substance, and that indeed its parts go from place to place by moving, wherefore movement is a part of physical nature. 

  17. If then I were to tell you that you have never in your life laid eyes on anything physical, you might question my sanity. But in that respect you are wrong  since I am correct in that we have our beholding by movement upon movement. 

  18. And so our eyes never went any further than what in all respect is motion and motion only. And to make matters worse we never even touch upon matter, for even the touch of things is movement upon movement. 

  19. When you place the finger of one hand upon the other you feel it - do you not? And how could that possibly be if it were not for movement to movement to send a code to the brain?

  20. Or to place your hand upon a table, it feels like substance, yet if the atoms at its surface did not have movement all about it, you would be able to see that table. What then did you touch upon if not by the movement of the atoms of your hand to those of the table top?

  21. I at one time speaking in wisdom said; "We are like a ripple upon the waters." And what then was I speaking of? I was beholding man as he really is, him being a spirit, this whole nature in all of its being exists but by our interpretation. 

  22. Color does not exist, we create it by interpretation. Light as we have it does not exist, we bring movements into illumination. Nether does sound, or smell, or taste exist, each of them comes by interpretation.  

  23. And so are we - a mere ripple upon the waters. And still I have not revealed unto us what nature really is, nor how we are passing through it, lest I would confuse our minds still more or trouble our hearts for what it really is and how that is so.

  24. It is actually for our best, our comfort - not to have too much knowledge, not to realize too much of these kind of things.  How for one example that substance which we perceive as matter - is not at all the matter that we perceive it to be - but that it is only so by classification. 

  25. And more I should not say lest I remove what for us is to our comfort.  You know that the universe appears endless, and that its span one end to the other cannot even be imagined. Yet so spoke Solomon saying; "He who contains all things." What then was he pronouncing? 

  26. It is also said that this whole universe is but like a tent for the Almighty One to dwell in. And Solomon, as well as myself we are taking it a step further to acclaim - that all things are contained by Him. 

  27. Our vessel simply cannot digest all these marvelous things, and so it is with our own nature as well in what it really is that we place our hand upon, something we may have an inkling of, but otherwise I should forego upon it. It is enough for us to come to the awareness how everything before us exists by our interpretation of it.

     BASIS TO M7

  1. Now however to educate us in the M7, (Motion7) by Figure 3, that atom/gyro represents all of the atoms in mother earth as well as all things upon its surface inclusive ourselves. And the line that goes over it is just one of the untold many lines of earth's magnetic flux. 

  2. As then that atom/gyro spins our magnetic lines merely pass by without interference. That magnetic is conductive to the fields of the atoms alright, but not really to that movement called the spin of the atom. 

  3. The fields of the atoms then are also magnetic fields, very tiny ones that serve to conduct any other magnetic lines, just like electricity utilizes the fields of the copper atoms by which to conduct itself, while those of plastic being of another pattern refuse to conduct that electricity, - not being suited to conduct its rotating formation of magnetic. (Ref-1)


      Figure 3 Atom/Gyro of all substance.

  1. The magnetic lines of mother earth however will pass through anything, and leave them in place as long as that atom/gyro stays perfectly upright without anything in the way of precession. (the magnetic man (arrow) passes on.) 

  2. Nor will that atom/gyro move from its fixed position other than when it is forced to also travel in the linear. (to add movement to movement)  And that as we know is easily done, although it takes a force to do so, and that is why we have engines in our vehicles.

  3. But I should add more here to furnish us with the evidence of what I am speaking of. Magnetic movement is usually depicted by lines, but are it lines? The answer comes to a yes and a no. 

  4. By figure 3, I used a narrow line to illustrate that magnetic flux, as it is also called. But I could just as well have made that line as wide as the whole gyro, it is only for clarity sake to use a narrow line. 

  5. It is rather advantageous for use to depict magnetic by lines of, since lines simultaneously illustrate directions of, and magnetic does exists by directions - lines or otherwise. 

  6. In generating electricity we show lines into a direction, that when twisted together by the rotation of our armature come to braided lines, as the very norm of that electricity which again in itself illustrates lines in direction of. 

  7. And so in what possible way is there for us to illustrate magnetic other than by lines that simultaneously illustrate the direction of its movement?

  8. By figure 3, the magnetic movement passes that gyro because it is in a state of completely stability in its angular momentum.  Not that the magnetic line should not be conductive to it, as in fact it is very much conductive to it.  

  9. But the man of magnetic - as the linear - making contact upon that perfectly stable angular - cannot as such take any hold of it. An example may be given by a man passing a woman simply greeting each other, But if and when she is inclined to him she may shake his hand at which point the man may draw on her to an embrace. 

  10. And yes now I am getting ahead of myself, for at this point I am still attempting to make us understand how all the atoms in mother nature are subject to the man of magnetic, and that in a number of ways that spans all of the three magnitudes of nature

  11. Wherefore things may become complicated in what happens at the first fundamental magnitude verses that which takes place in the second or third magnitude of nature. together with the how thereof. 

  12. The atoms then rest within the first magnitude, while that grand magnetic potential of the earth belongs to the third magnitude, with the so called domains or components made up of many atoms in the second magnitude.


  1. Now that we have seen the basis to M7, it's time to reveal the secret of it. And yes the magnetic potential of any sphere is truly the man of force, wherefore at times I refer to it as the man of magnetic.

  2. Its females then are all the atoms in nature with whom he labors in a number of different ways. Previously that man merely greeted the lady in question, but by figure 4, to illustrate the union, what happens to a gyro when from its fixed angular position it is nudged into the linear? 

  3. It, as we known, comes to precess, and it is by her precession that the man of magnetic comes into her embracement. And you know what happens when man and women embrace each other, he is likely to take her home with him.


    Figure 4

  1. Perhaps a bit odd to explain the norm of science in that way, but it strikes the nail square on the head. For that angular movement now in precession, or so inclined into a precession, becomes entangled with that man of magnetic in its movement. 

  2. And once entwined the magnetic man will drive her inward to his center of force, since all of his movements are at all times to a center of.

  3. That my dear reader is how gravity comes about, the force being none other than magnetic, with the precession into the embrace of the magnetic as M7, the inclination to downward movement.

  4. From here the further details coming to our question as to how those many atoms in mother earth come to incline themselves into what we relate to as precession. That as we know occurs by a linear push upon that happy go lucky precessional motion. 

  5. And there is plenty of it, primarily by the rotation of the earth, placing every single atom in a centrifugal mode, like as we do when we venture out into space. And the faster we go so much the more torque is placed upon them.

  6. At the surface of the earth (sea level) that comes to a factor of 32.174 in lb. The grand total of all the atoms in a body at the scale weight of 180-lb thus by that factor of 32.174 is 180-lb. 

  7. If then we know how many atoms there are in that body and divide that in the 180, it will come to how much torque there is on each single atom - as also how much weight the man of magnetic is impressing upon her.  Minute as it may be for each atom the quantity of atoms make up for it.


    Figure 5. Precession into g/factor

  1. Another illustration to help us visualize how the torque comes to its g/factor is by figure 5, at P1 showing the angular motion, with P2 a side view. Then at P3 and P4 depending on the speed in the linear - that comes to the degree of torque - with the magnetic man placing its weight upon that lady of movement - resulting into the degree by which she will be driven down. 

  2. Since then that is by a precessional mode its downward velocity will be relevant to that factor. If the atom is resting on other atoms and is unable to move - it will remain like P2, the atoms remaining in place with the weight or impression of the magnetic man remaining on her. 

  3. When however she is free to move then P3, and P4 become active. At sea level on earth, that would be 32.174-ft/sec/sec. At any higher or lower altitude where the factor is reduced to 16, its rate of acceleration would be down to 16-ft/sec/sec.

  4. Most of the time it is no more than a impression of earth's magnetic field bearing down upon the atoms keeping them in place against a resistance. The amount of each atom being so slight they come to nothing more than a minute degree of weight resting upon others of the same. 

  5. They have to be in free fall before P3 and P4 come into play for their downward movement. That free fall movement then can be likened unto a nut turning on a bolt, with their acceleration as well as velocity directly proportional to that factor bearing upon them. 

  6. All things of any weight therefore can only fall at the same rate. The velocity of the man of magnetic is all of 300.000-km/s, but no precession is subject to that velocity as it is to its own torque in precession,

  7. This is gravity for its nature and power of being as the Almighty Creator gave it into my heart and mind, and everything in nature bears witness to it.  

  8. We therefore ought to be grateful to Him for granting us this much knowledge in His mighty works. For not only that it reveals the power by which we are held to the earth, and in what manner that comes about.  

  9. But also in what way the planets are held to their star, and how the earth comes to the shape of a sphere. And from it with simple calculations we came to know how far from earth, or any planet that gravitational innovation extends outward. 

  10. And from it we also learned how the tides came about, and more such secrets the Lord graciously awarded us with.

  11. And I indeed am greatly blessed to have been the instrument by which all this came to us. For the Lord has given me an undying name and honor, not only in the world to come where rulers will come to tremble before me, but even so in the ages yet to come where my honor will outrank ten million Einstein's. 

  12. Not that I glory in it, for the Lord alone is my glory, He answers my prayers, I need but ask, and He answers. And what man has more to be thankful for than me? And I have seen but a minute part of the glory that He has in store for me, I know it. 

  13. I know very well what He has in store for me, having revealed Himself, but my vessel as it is among the sons of man cannot comprehend the extend of it. And so I rest in Him.

  14. Will now my words be understood by this generation in the ending of the sixth day of creation when the Lord is about to exterminate better than ninety percent of them from the face of the earth? I rather doubt it. 

  15. It was prophesied how the foundations of the earth would be understood before the Lord, the Christ would return to put all the wicked to the sword. And so indeed they are understood even if it is only by me, but why me alone when I have made most of it as clear as I can make it for the sons of man. 

  16. My words are not difficult, I may be able to accomplish in a short time what takes a very long time for others to accomplish. Or be quick in learning, but that was not appreciated in my school giving me a failing rate for my quick aptitude. (Ref-??)

  17. But what have I omitted that could have been to our best interest? I am much too compassioned, or that I should withhold from him whereby he may be better educated. But Wisdom also teaches what will be in days to come, and how it will be.

  18. Wherefore because the words that I am speaking are as those that have never been heard before - so man will muse in himself saying; "I cannot tell him to be right or wrong." For he speaks like no man I have heard, and his teaching is unlike that of those of the earth.

  19. On account of this perhaps I am not really a good teacher for man.   For as I observed people learn from each other, for one to learn physics he is educated in its laws, and these come with questions and go to great lengths in a way that to me seems strange.

  20. Very strange, like alien to obtain anything from books or laws by any man. For by me it is mostly the other way around, I already know before opening any book, I utilize books and the internet to see just how far man has gotten, or what his version might be. Mostly I am disappointed, but he does have many good things as well.

  21. Shall we now go into mathematics to illustrate how all these factors in nature work together? I better not since that would become duplication that I do not wish to infringe upon. (Ref-??) Or we could speak of gravity beyond earth, but that too would be duplication (Ref-??)

  22. But it might be handy for us to find some means by which to disprove this guy who seems to know so much, and is so contrary to our teachings and the theories that we have developed. As for me - by all means the more the better, find me in error that I may conceive to have erred, for I after all am human like unto us. But be honest about it as I have been with you.

  23. At a midway point between a pole and the equator with our scale-weight we are drawn directly to the center of the earth, while the additional g upon us is in line to the axis the earth. And so our upright position is always to two vectors.  

  24. And that can be tested by experiment - how our upright position on the earth is tilted to that effect. And while we are at it we must not forget how our position is also effected by the moon upon us, for as the magnetic lines between the moon and earth become elongated raising the waters to a tide, we ourselves are drawn with that same elongation.

  25. And this can be done at either or both sides of the earth, under and away from the moon, since all magnetic fabric is by a coordinate resembling the figure of eight.

  26. Here thus is the means to find me wrong - if not right. 


  1.  Gravity, is indeed gravity, our term for what keeps our feet upon the ground, and to that only it should have its reference, never at all as force, the true force being magnetic, and magnetic only.

  2. Angular movement then into inertia - together with a linear movement into a torque of precession, as also centrifugal by velocity in the circular comes to incline all atoms into a ready state for precessional movement,

  3. that by the magnetic man comes to an embrace resulting into a centralized directional linear movement.  Here we see how I came to the seven, as in "Movements in/and/by Seven factors." (M7)

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