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  1. What is gravity? How does it come about? And what approach shall we use to that topic when I have already written on it in several ways? This is what this essay is all about, informative and realistic, some of which as yet unspoken. 

  2. And so here I am once more to grant us a greater understanding in the norm of gravity, and of magnetic as well.


  1. The smallest of raindrops will fall down to the earth, and even the smallest particle of dust. And how can that be if not for gravity to draw on every single atom? And more comprehensive every single part of our air is held by gravity, even the atoms of hydrogen that may float singularly in the air. 

  2. We assume to be drawn by our weight as being drawn by our whole body. And right we are, but that force lays hold on every single atom in our body, and on every single atom everywhere. When therefore we are to look for a cause to gravity where shall we look if not directly at the atom?

  3. Does not this make good sense? And so let's get to it, let's ask those atoms what it is that pulls on them so we may come to understand how the Lord arranged it for us to be confined to the earth.  And so how it is held in check to mother earth?  

  4. It makes good sense to go directly to the atom rather than to ask our scientists or physicists about how gravity comes about, for in their view gravity consists of waves. But how is a wave to lay hold of an atom to draw it down?

  5. But worse than that, I have yet to see waves other than at waters shore. Sound is by waves, but other than that no other waves exist.  

  6. By quotation: "When really big space events happen, like neutron stars or black holes running into each other, this space-bending results in massive gravitational waves like sound waves but for gravity. These gravitational waves also bend space. They move at the speed of light."

  7. Black holes do not even exist in the fantasy of Startrek, and since there are no such things as neutrons - how can any star exist as such? And it is only for human beings to run into each other. 

  8. As then space is something empty, how does one bend what has neither substance nor composition?  And for its speed - very poor thinking when everyone knows that gravity at sea level moves at no more than 32-ft/sec/sec. 

  9. With that kind of thinking one will never get anywhere. Then as we come to the next quotation:

  10. "An energy-carrying wave propagating through a gravitational field, produced when a massive body is accelerated or otherwise disturbed. Gravitational waves were first postulated by Einstein in 1916 and were first observed directly in September 2015."

  11. Why do we come to something not true to say that they were observed when these in no way exist anywhere? Nor were these observed by anyone, these are no more than lies by ignorance.  But before we go much further I must reprove us for being lacks in those things that we do know, and very well at that.

  12. This comes in reference to the following quotation: "On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects, and the Moon's gravity causes the ocean tides. The gravitational attraction of the original gaseous matter present in the Universe caused it to begin coalescing, forming stars—and for the stars to group together into galaxies."

  13. The moons gravity to cause our tides? ??  Come now, when by our own words the moon's gravity is 1/6th that of the earth.  How therefore is a tug of war won by the weakest? Moreover we have a law by which to calculate gravity, and when we actually make use of that law, it shows gravity to extend no further from earth than about 3200 miles. 

  14. How then is the moon held by gravity, or our tides by gravity?  Our teachers in the sciences will have no defense, for it is so by all evidence without debate or reservation.

  15. But then there are honest persons among us also, quote; "Nobody fully understands how gravity works, or even why gravity exists. One way of looking at gravity is to think of it not as a force like magnetism but instead as a natural result of the way mass bends space."

  16. Well now, we must surely know why gravity exists, since space devoid of oxygen leaves us nothing to breathe.  While about the bending of space, that poor fellow must have been bit by a serpent, the name of whom we ought to know, whose poison has dulled his senses, and that also came up with those none existent waves.

  17. I now have explained gravity in a number of ways, that have been published, only this time with many asking me to send more essays, when there are but so many that I can write without duplication, I though to do this in another approach.  

  18. I am going to probe our mind by asking questions - for us to answer by logical reasoning before we get to the final answer.

  19. Think very hard, concentrate, and let logic take hold; When we send people out into space and they feel themselves weightless, how did they get to that? On earth their weight was less than 200-lb traveling in a circle with mother earth in its 24 hour rotation. 

  20. Then as they accelerated themselves to near 18,000-miles/h, they seem to have lost all their weight, and what could that cause be? What did they do?  On earth they were moving at only about 1000-M/h, where weightlessness did not come about until their movement came to some 17.500-Mph. 

  21. Could it be that motion has something to do with it? That movement to velocity had a hand in it?

  22. And what does our laws say about movement? Or what do we experience when we drive at 80-mph verses standing still? Once in motion stays in motion, is not that a law? 

  23. And to divert from our direction of movement we need a force that we place upon our tires burning the rubber off of them in a high speed turn.  And in space we are at a high speed turn are we not? 

  24. There we do not burn up our tires because gravity is holding on to us preventing us from flying out in a straight line whereby we might visit Jupiter to shake hands with the ladies there.  What is our verdict?  

  25. With all that movement and our turning we must have a verdict, for we know very well that going faster and faster we build up inertia upon ourselves, an impact that in a turn is often erroneously called a force of centrifugal.

  26. At our high speed in space our inertia to centrifugal has come equal to the pull of gravity, that is how we feel weightless, even though we are anything but weightless, the mathematics alone show us to have a gravitational pull in excess of 5,000-lb, but with our inertia also in excess of 5,000-lb, we feel nothing of either force upon us.

  27.  Only don't let any seagulls fly in our path for at our velocity that poor bird would be mince-cake.

  28. Here then we come to logic, to logical thinking.  Might movement in speed by velocity have some bearing on gravity? Newton thought so, that's why he coined the law by which to calculate gravity. 

  29. And what is the matter with us, will we do under for Newton, or put him where no-one searches?  Shall it not be obvious, as also logical that by our inertia we can outrun gravity? For to increase our velocity we will depart from earth. 

  30. Only the Lord did not grant Newton the wisdom that He endowed upon me, wherefore his law of gravity itself was all wrong. If however he had employed his own law he would have discovered that his law for gravity itself was wrong. 

  31. But then in his days they did not have contraptions orbiting around earth by which in their weight and velocity we can accurately discover just how far gravity will reach out from earth.

  32. And so it is a confirmed fact that there is a limit to gravity, or else there be no way for us to plant a flag on the moon. All in all everything spells motion is it not? It is movement that brought us to come equal with gravity, and that being so with inertia, could that perhaps also be relevant to gravity itself?

  33. And yes we hit the nail right on its head, but don't leave yet, it is going to be a little more involved, more interesting too, and more rewarding, so stick with me even if it becomes a bit more confusing, something that I will rectify as we go on. 

  34. To me all this is child's-play, for the Lord taught me well. But since that is not true for most, I am bound to use many words whereby to turn something difficult into what is child's-play for all of us.

  35. Here we go, Number one: On earth when our weight is 165-lb, we call it the amount of gravitational pull upon us, and correct we are. 

  36. But then we see the sun rise each morning because we are in rotation with mother earth, and that by the law of Newton must place a force of gravity upon us also, just as our neighbor in space came to more than 5,000-lb of g/force on him. 

  37. We however at only 1,000, or less miles/hour cannot come to that much. and recruiting Newton once more that g/force came to only about 18-lb.

  38. What therefore shall the gross g/force be on us standing on a scale? The scale says 165-lb, the law says 18-lb, who is right and who is wrong? Neither. Both are correct. The scale shows 165, because it cannot read the 18-lb, it being a quantity of g/force alright, 

  39. but also our inertia by our movement in circular with the earth drives us away from earth by those 18-lb. Unless of course we go to one of the poles to stand right on the axis of the earth, then our only g/force would be the 165, not any 18 anymore seeing we are no longer in circular movement with mother earth.

  40. And now our brain is working overtime, how there can be two types of gravity, one read upon the scale, the other by calculation, both very real as anyone that went into space will tell us, as also any Jet pilot in a tight turn. 

  41. The scale does not tell us that gravity is augmented by movement, but our movement does, that for as much as movement counteracts gravity that same factor must be inheret in gravity itself as well.  

  42. And so indeed it is but to realize how all that is - will not be until the end of this essay, seeing I must do this for us one step at the time.

  43. At this point let us give a name to both of these kinds of gravity. The one at 18-lb shall be called, the inertial one, or the centrifugal one, since it comes about by centrifugal movement as well as inertia. The other, the one at 165-lb, more difficult to grasp, shall be called the "Nominal" one. 

  44. I named it that way for if I named it by the nature whereby it comes about it will sound confusing.

  45. This is so because both have an identical cause. An so we are still confused, because I am getting ahead of myself.  The main topic at this point is to comprehend how gravity as it relates to movement, is indeed by movement, as are all things by movement.  

  46. The atoms exist by movement as they are formed by movement. O, O, this is something I do not wish to go deeply into, I made a vow that I intend to keep. But it is as I said, and these atoms as supposedly substance, (at least to us they appear as substance), have movement upon them namely 

  47. that magnetic movement seen in all magnets, by which they come to molecules and cells, and whole bodies as well as stars and planets. 

  48. And as these atoms form to formations so by their individual movements greater patterns of movements are formed that we classify for smell and taste, as well as sound, and even light.

  49.  Electricity is one such, as is that grand magnetic pattern of any star or planet, as well as our homemade magnets - as greater formations from smaller individual formation, all in movement to movement.

  50. I did not mention gravity in the above, but it is no less a movement by movement. For what is it when we drop a coin to the floor? It is not green cheese, nor any wave, nor even a Martian, but simply motion as movement. 

  51. It fell down, it moved, and motion is motion, not anything super natural, nor anything some among us like to fantasize upon.  Be simple, be realistic, be truthful, gravity is not any kind of wave just as that coin when it fell was not any wave, nor by waves. Everything so far has shown to come by movement.

  52. Our inertia to venture out in space was movement, and it counteracted movement, a movement called gravity, just as the fall of the coin was motion in gravity, or gravity in motion. (silly terms, but then sometimes I must be like unto us)

  53. We like to think of waves, and we are stonewalled that gravity consists of waves, even telling us that gravity travels at the speed of light, when we know better. Yet in no uncertain ways I in other essays have shown that even our waves of the spectrum, are not at all in the nature of waves, not even in the least. (Ref-1) 

  54. The only visible waves are water waves, with sound-waves invisible, nor do I know of any other waves, and the Lord made sure that I do know physics better than any man, for all the centuries of man.

  55. Now let's get down to business, when we drive ourselves to go faster and faster we as such build up what is called inertia, something that has a meaning of being fixed, or stay in place. And so what really is it to become as such, to have inertia? 

  56. For it should now be obvious to us that gravity acts upon inertia - as well as counteracts upon inertia, either that or I have not done my job in being plain enough.

  57. And so let us step in our four wheeled toy, that contraption then has weight, that as such accounts for its inertia, because it takes a certain degree of power to get it moving, all regulated by our various laws. 

  58. Then in motion upon the road when at 5-mph we bump into a bumper it is a mere scratch, but at 80-mph we are liable to end up in the hospital.  Speed therefore adds to the inertia of our weight, and that - so we are told - is in four fold.

  59. And how or why might that be in fourfold? Well, first of all our four wheeled contraptions are made up of atoms, of countless many of them, and these being in rotational or angular movement present what by our laws is called, once in motion, it stays that way, and once fixed, it stays fixed, and that we need a force to make it move. 

  60. So also it is with the movements of these many atoms that have inertia - to stays fixed. the example of which is illustrated by figure 1, our well known top that stays upright in place as long as it turns.

  61. Here it is not gravity keeping it upright, but rather it is counteracting gravity, or so it seems.  It is rather its own motion what really keeps it upright, and so motion comes to inertia.  

  62. For not only that our vehicle is full of atoms presenting inertia - but set in motion more inertia is added, as more movement is brought to the vehicle. So it is that inertia compounds inertia, or movements compounds by movement to a fourfold force. 

  63. That is good for us or else we could never get into space to get up enough inertia to counteract that motion of gravity.

  64. Another term for inertia would thus be "movement", and that in both ways. And why do I say "both"? Because in movement there are but two ways, or two versions either straight on linear, or going in circles angular

  65. The atoms present the angular, our movement on the road the linear. Both adds, as all movement adds.  Equally so standing on earth or moving in our space shuttles. 

  66. Our weight by standing still is by the many atoms of our bodies, while the added movement of riding with mother earth in its 24 hour rotation is linear movement, that becomes orbital only because gravity is much too happy with us and will not let us go, until we come to exceed its potential.

  67. The Lord instructed Sir Isaac Newton well in having him square the force in the centrifugal. .But let us have this understanding of gravity and of inertia, as movement, if not so - tell me what that top is doing staying upright against the impact of gravity. 

  68. And tell me what we are procuring by accelerating us into space if not moving faster and faster? And what of our own teaching about gravity how when subject to it, it comes to acceleration, like ft in/sec/sec? Or have we forgotten what the coin did when we dropped it?


     Figure 1. The gyro.

  1. The whole secret lies in motion to motion, not waves to any fantasy, nor fantasy to fantasy, we ought to be far beyond the story of the stork, or Santa down the chimney. I do not play with lies, nor with fantasy.  

  2. And though I commend myself in that way many will not accept what is to their benefit. Or perhaps they have an ax to grind. I on the other hand do not have an ax to grind, that came about because the Counselor said, quote;

  3. Hear, for I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right; for my mouth will utter truth; wickedness is an abomination to my lips. All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them. They are all straight to him who understands and right to those who find knowledge.

  4. Have I now convinced us that I deal with truth, and truth alone?  And have we now gathered how it is that on the scale our weight remained fixed all over the earth, but in traversing from equator to pole 

  5. The gross amount of g/force in the centrifugal varies depending on where we are in distance from the axis of the earth that is greatest at the equator declining as we come near to any pole where the axis comes to the surface?  

  6. And how may that be for those two different g/forces, one called Nominal, with the other Centrifugal?

  7. The centrifugal has its center all along the axis of the earth, while the nominal centers on the center of the earth, and that center only. The centrifugal finds its power to downward movement (gravity) by movement in the linear. With the nominal that comes to the angular, for as all the atoms in the earth make for mother earth and consist of angular movement these come to our weight upon the scale.

  8. But I have to do better than that for now no doubt we are a bit confused on how that nominal may come about.  We began to have an understanding in how by the linear moving into space and all that it was movement to movement by which inertia as well as gravity came about.

  9. Or at least I hope we are beginning to get the picture, but we need to define that nominal for it to light up.

  10. And so it will be, but here I must take us into the next grade, into the other aspect of gravity to find the power for it. It may indeed be motion, but motion by what? What is the power of gravity, the real power of it, when as such I refuse to call gravity in itself as being any force, but rather no more than an inclination towards force? 

  11. Centrifugal is not really a force, it is rather a resistance to force. We have figures of speech but we ought to know the difference. Centripetal is also often called a force, while it is neither any force, but no more than an inward movement by a power drawing it inward. 

  12. That then what is being pulled should not be classified as force, as that which pulls it.

  13. I really opened a bucket of worms to again speak of gravity, for now I must educate us in magnetic as well - it being the power of gravity, the real power by which everything is drawn and by which all things in nature move. 

  14. Is this perhaps becoming too much to handle? All that unheard of knowledge, all so new and never having been preached before, by which we come to look at me wondering if I am right or wrong?

  15. We all know what magnetism is. Really? Or am I pronouncing a fib? It is a fib alright, for we only think to know what magnetism is, its reality is somewhat different from what is taught in any classroom. 

  16. Therefore for clarity we must use some illustrations. By figure 1, that gyro presents angular movement, as do all atoms. That gyro stays fixed by virtue of its movement, and so do atoms, the gyro as a presentation of any atom thus illustrates inertia. 

  17. Then we come to figure 2, that illustrates a magnet, as also the atom and any star as well as planet. But more than that it serves to illustrate movement to its coordinates, that is to say - fundamental movement for which there is no illustration I can come up with. 

  18. It however by imposition takes anything  by which it becomes entangled into a direction of movement.

  19. One of the first creations of nature's fundamental movement was to produce angular momentum, pure angular as illustrated by the gyro in figure 1. the full circle.  From here in a way I must omit to enhance how it drives atoms into the coordinate as seen here in figure 2 that is not in any way two circles joined at a center.

  20. But our one and only full circular, full angular movement, into what resembles our figure of eight. And while it is an eight, it is still the single circle - but twisted half over by which any circle comes to an eight.


    Figure 2. Motion to coordinate --- Angular to linear.

  1. Here I am not questioning us since till now we had no knowledge of it. Therefore do yourself a favor, forget your teachers, forget anyone who teaches you any different.  Prefer wisdom, take Her at Her word. 

  2. For even when I presented clear unmistakable evidence, those who claimed themselves masters still had the gall to say that I was wrong, when I am not wrong, nor can I be wrong in this - all nature bearing evidence to it.

  3. By our gyro there is but one type of movement, the angular, but with all movement being angular how are things to move in the linear? And/or how is any one part to be attracted or driven away from any other part unless there was linear movement?  

  4. And this is what is procured by that single angular circle in movement by eight, in as forever as we also have it. As the circle proceeds it from the X at south proceeds to the Y in the north crossing over, presenting a center, a real center of center.

  5. Then as it goes around to P at the south it crosses over to R at the north, and so it repeats itself as any circle would.

  6. But look what has happened, at the north the movement from both sides is into one and the same direction outwards, with the south equally so but inwards. This single angular circle of movement has thus created linear movement proceeding from south to north. 

  7. And since the Lord made that fundamental force of nature conductive one motion will join with the other. But not only conductive but directionally conductive, so that when alikes face each other they join, but un-like movements in opposite direction of one another will repel to distance themselves.

  8. Fascinating is it not how the Almighty One by calling forth movement to exist He made is directionally conductive so that two or more atoms might join in one way as well as keep apart in other ways.

  9. And how that principle may keep all things in check, from the smallest of atoms to the largest of stars as well as whole galaxies. Most fascinating indeed that from something without illustration all that is visible took aim.  

  10. From here I must leave the greater understanding to speculation, seeing man by his ill nature forced me into an oath. But what comes hereafter is for wisdom unto us. Only I should present another illustration as proof of that circle in eight.

  11. We know that when the tides occur there are always two equal tides on both side of the earth, not just under the moon alone. And I hope by now we ought to know better than to claim gravity for any cause to any tide. 

  12. If anything is straight within us we know very well that gravity is a downward force, while the tides are an upwards movement. If then by reaching up to touch the ceiling you touched the floor below your feet, there must be a few screws loose, or you would not speak that way.  

  13. And since Isaac Newton by his law whereby the factor of gravity is calculated clearly limits our gravity to no more than some 3200 miles above the earth, (Ref-2) how can we suggest for that minor amount of gravity on the moon to possibly reach us?


Figure 3. Tides by magnetic elongation

  1. So how do the tides occur? You tell me, you have heard that there is but one power in nature, and how all power comes about by motion, and motion to motion, and that gravity even if it were a power in itself would draw the waters down - not up, or else someone will begin to question our sanity.  

  2. But magnets have power, and lots of it, a metal hook alone will support many tons of weight, so strong are these magnetic atoms in steel. And the sun holding nine planets with its magnetic tentacles, how should not our earth hold our moon in check by the same power?

  3. But that moon moves, and from our laws we know that if mother earth did not have a good hold of it, that moon would depart into space somewhere.  That good hold then we spoke of is quite a strain, that moon is fairly heavy for our moderate earth. 

  4. And so it places a strain upon those magnetic tentacles - those of mother earth as well as its own, and these as we learned being conductive join as any two magnets will.

  5. That strain then comes to elongate those tentacles that are directly between the moon and the earth, and as they do these come to raise anything that is not securely fastened, by creating a smaller area for the water to reside within.  

  6. This because all substance in the earth, and upon the earth lies embedded within and upon those tentacles by what we call gravity, that for the - how so - we have yet to bring to full detail. 

  7. The waters of the earth then being liquid, as well as our air being a gas are affected by that elongation, even as we in our upright position to earth's center are affected by it. 

  8. Here is a way to prove me right or wrong for we can construct a device to check that out, and man will find me to be right, that I assure you, or else I would not have said so, nor even taken the trouble to explain all this, I despise lies, as well as deceptions.

  9. And why the tide on the side away from the moon? And why equal? We ought to know in when we close a pair of scissors by its handles so the cutting edges will be closed. For our eight of magnetic is never ever two separate circles. 

  10. If it were - there would be no linear movement, I would not be able to go to Starbuck for my coffee, all because Starbuck would not exist even as none of us would exist. As then the moon keeps on moving all the lines of magnetic ahead of it come to elongation with the ones at its rear dropping down to their more circular pattern.

  11. Simple? Of course it is simple once we know, and so we gather when the moon comes in line between us and the sun - that sun comes to lend a hand raising the tides to a still higher level. 

  12. Good thing the moon takes all of 29 days to encircle us, can you imagine if it did so in ten days or less, how high our tides would be?  For we must realize that those tides are nudged like as -- 

  13. Yes I will go, but that gravity will pull me down again, so it is that speed becomes a factor in it as well, like in - push me up quickly for if you push me slowly, I am liquid you know, and I will flow down again. Hoping one gets the picture with this unorthodox way of wording it?


  1. This heading is like another term for gravity, or we could say; Magnetic to angular torque. With gravity not being a power in itself there is only one power left by which substance might be drawn down. 

  2. And not just down but to a center, to a very unique center. And what might that be if not the magnetic potential of the earth, since it alone provides for a center on center. 

  3. We should have gathered that much should we not - seeing we are all walking upright directly in line with the center of center of the earth no matter where we are upon mother earth. 

  4. If then we know that much - how is it that we failed to triangulate that into our ideal of gravity? 

  5. Wisdom my dear friend, wisdom is the answer, as it was formed by that Spirit of Wisdom that is the Lord's. And how very marvelous that effect of gravity really is, the way in which it is constructed so that every single part in nature will be subject to it.

  6. And for that I will attempt to make it as simple as I can for us, with or without illustration so that we may all relish in that marvelous phenomena.

  7. Magnets as we now know very well - for their power consists of a movement that is directionally conductive. And so is that magnetic power of mother earth. But that all in itself does not make for gravity even though all magnets faced in like direction of movement will draw towards one another. 

  8. That draw of them is in the linear, a straight on movement, while for gravity that comes to the angular. And so I am indeed making this implication that gravity for its nature is very much based on the same principle whereby any and all magnets join, and whereby all atoms join to molecules.

  9. When we look at a gyro here by figure 4, its angular (spinning) movement  keeps it fixed in place or in position. That is not gravity, nor is it any counter action against gravity as we are fond to conclude. 

  10. But its action is relative to that by which gravity comes about. That gyro stays in place with or without gravity, since it is by its own angular movement that fixes it in place. As then that gyro here is shown to proceed by a circle, this has its relation to what we call precession. 

  11. But here in this illustration it is not as yet that precession where gravity looks upon.  The  factor to that end being something we call torque, that comes about when anything in the angular is forced to also proceed by the linear.

  Figure 4. Atom/gyro tracing circles

  1. And now that we got that much under our belt, do not forget what we have learned for to really comprehend gravity we need to correlate quite a number of factors into a single outcome. 

  Figure 5 Atomic movement entwined with magnetic movement.

  1. Accordingly by Figure 5 we have mother earth with its countless many magnetic tentacles, of which only one is shown.  The gyro represents a single atom of any and all substance, and all atoms being made up of and by angular motion it is rightfully depicted as one would illustrate a gyro.  

  2. When therefore a gyro turns without any kind of torque upon it, it merely spins, and our magnetic line looking at such a gyro merely passes it, like as magnetic waves pass the atoms of nature.  

  3. As then these waves in passing still connect to them in some way, like exchanging a greeting - if you will, no real hold is laid upon them.

  4. Then comes the secret where gravity begins. As soon as that happy go lucky gyro spins holding itself in place it merely greets the magnetic line, even shaking hands (to put it that way). 

  5. But the instant when any linear impulse, or movement of any kind comes to drive or nudge it into a linear movement as well - that gyro on account of it begins to spiral, called precession. And as it does that so called spiraling movement comes to entangle itself with that magnetic line of the earth. 

  6. This is illustrated by and at point R in the illustration - very much like when two magnets face one another with like directions whereby they come to join, because their movement is conductive and at that directionally conductive.

  7. Here we ought to envision our magnetic line while it extends passed that gyro to look for more gyro's to also join with them in the angular, it at R is going around with the precession. This may also be seen as the union between man and his woman. 

  8. Magnetic is the man, the precession the woman presenting the whole atom/gyro as the woman.  For in joining starting out at R, and proceeding to X, the man has as were it his weight upon her. 

  9. In this way that all magnetic entities always draw or force anything within its embrace to the center of its being, in this case the center at the center of the earth, a single solitary point where all its lines pass.

  10. And how then does that man of magnetic deal with his virgin lady? She is embraced by him in the angular, the word, entwine can also be used. And so she is brought home by him twirling as she goes

  11. First it was R to X, then for the next it became Y, with the next to Z, like as if she were turning around a bolt having threads. In that way she is push/pulled or drawn to his center straight down. 

  12. That is why the speed at which things fall, or move down to earth is reduced to so many ft/per second/per second, accelerating as she goes. That does however come to a limit in velocity. but not anything like the speed at which the magnetic man extends himself, namely his speed of constant.

  13. Now we have seen gravity being born forth, and indeed it is so, but we are still at first grade, with a lot more to learn. And since it seems to be nearly impossible for most of us to correlate a dozen factors all at once simultaneously to a single outcome. 

  14. Therefore I am coming to so many words leading us step by step, one at the time. I did explain how the interaction of that magnetic line with that precession was like unto magnets joining, that the principle of it is the same. while then with magnets it is in the linear with our lady gravity it is in the angular.

  15. And now at this point to dive into how and why all atoms have angular momentum, our reference will bring us back to figure 2. Notice how that single circle of movement laid over into an eight of movement - also comes to two angular's, as in two circles? 

  16. Each of these circles then do indeed also act like the  movement of a gyro that by its spin holds itself in place.  That eight of magnetic therefore within itself presents itself as twin gyro's. And when these atoms come to spin -  becoming triple gyro's. 

  17. Or also said, triple inertia, as well as triple angular. So it is that no atom can ever be free of gravity, nor be free of magnetic. Since then the square of any speed must always be divided by the radius so there are limits to how far gravity will reach out. 

  18. Or putting it in another way - when anyone comes equal to, or exceeds the norm of the other - limits come about.

  19. All things fall at the same rate so we say. And yes partly correct, since it is all things at the same factor will fall at the same rate. That factor then that we just spoke of also holds in a realm of understanding. 

  20. If we are to give that factor another term, it would be "torque." At sea level that torque is 32.714 expressed in pounds. At any other altitude that factor comes to a decrease as the inertia comes to a decrease, as also velocity verses radius works to decrease that factor of gravity that for all reality is - the or a factor of inertia. 

  21. For it is by inertia, by the fixed nature of any gyro that weight comes about, or rigidity as we might say.

  22. Okay, I am getting us confused, so let us do this a bit different. The earth is held to its spherical shape by its magnetic potential upon the angular momentum of all its many atoms that we came to call gravity. 

  23. And to make it more easy for us, assume the earth at a stand-still, not rotating, but moving in orbit. Here the power by which things are drawn is greatest at the surface of the earth, the whole volume of the earth acting to that effect. 

  24. This at that level comes to our scale weight, by the factor in torque upon us, not just relevant to the radius from which we are from center, but also by and in the linear velocity by which the earth is driven in orbit around the sun. 

  25. For that linear (orbital) movement affects the torque by which anything in the angular comes to spiral.

  26. Then as we put the earth into a rotational motion as well, to make one turn in one 24 hours, it effects an additional linear movement greatest at its equator, declining towards the poles, That linear movement as we saw earlier for a person at about 170-lb scale weight comes to an additional 18-lb of g/force in the centrifugal. 

  27. How thus did that really come about? What may that relevant factor be?  The answer is "torque,"  additional torque, for our gyro in figure 5, with earth's magnetic weight driving it downward doing so in the angular, not linear.  

  28. And the speed of that angular in downwards movement depends on how much strength is given to that lady, how hard we press upon her.  Within the earth at earth's stand-still that comes to a certain factor by earth's orbital movement, that with the additional rotation of the earth comes to a greater factor.

  29. But there is a distinct difference here is there not?  Our orbital movement only affects everything directly in line with earth's center, while the additional rotational movement is not in line with the center of the earth, but to its axis, its 8000 mile long axis

  30. Other than directly at the equator where earth's axis and center happen to be at the same place.  Our weight in g/force thus comes forth from movement - by movement and - into movement, by and in the combined efforts of angular to linear, and linear to angular. A marvelous creation to say the least.

  31. The more torque is placed upon the angular by the linear so much the stronger our lady will be drawn down. When therefore we are up in space at some 500 miles out our factor to torque may have dropped down to 21, instead of the 32.174 at sea level. 

  32. At that altitude one would start to fall at 21-ft/sec/sec, increasing as he nears sea level. And for curiosity sake let us calculate what the real figures are.

  33. A person at 165-lb at the equator.  Earth's radius at 3963-miles comes to 20.924,640-ft. Velocity is diameter at 7926-miles X 3.14 = 24,887.84 circumference : 24 is 1037-mph  X 5280 : 60 : 60 = 1521-ft/sec.  Then; 165 X 1521 X 1521 = 381,717,765 : radius = 18.2-lb of g/force in the centrifugal.

  34. 165-lb at 350 miles above earth is radius 4313 miles = 22,772,640-ft. Velocity 17,500-mph X 5280 : 60 : 60 = 25,666-ft/sec. Then 165 X 25,666 X 25,666 = 108,692,686,740  divided by radius = 4773-lb.  Here his weight has multiplied by a factor of 28.9, as the new factor of gravity at that altitude. (4773 : 165) While his velocity increased by a factor of 17,500 : 1037 = 16.87.

  35. The decrease in the factor of gravity for these 350 miles is thus 32.174 minus 28.9 = 3.274. and that divided by the 350 miles is 0.009,354,285 per mile. Then the sea level figure divided by that figure for each mile comes to  3,439 miles at which altitude the factor of gravity comes to zero.

  36. The year 1686 was 334 years ago, and in all those years we have yet to learn how the laws of Isaac Newton are to be used and applied? Don't tell me that we have, as if we knew for we never did learn that his law of gravity does not apply anywhere anytime.

  37. And while we use his general laws of motion that are according to common sense.  Has NASA, or anyone ever used Newton's calculation as I have done here above? 

  38. 334 years and no-one has woke up to reality?  That is what it amounts to. I am duly ashamed of man, and of his educators, If any of them had ever woke up from his sleep he would have discovered that no planet is held by gravity.  

  39. It is a shame that I as the first in 334 years is awake among the sons of man. And an even greater shame that now with the facts staring us in the face, we will have the unmitigated gall to question whether or not I am right.

  40. But enough of that. What makes the scale weight as the pull of gravity the same all around the earth? For one thing at every place on earth - omitting mountains - we are at the same distance from its center, not the axis. 

  41. And magnetic always equalizes itself on the whole of the body that it inhibits, with but small variations for greater or lesser distance from the general scope of that body, like at the equator where the earth bulges. Shall our scale weight then in its effect be related to our distance from center? Or shall it be for the mass of it?

  42. The answer to mass is a definite no, since gravity as also its power to movement is in and by and of movement. Mass only adds or subtracts to the quantity of the angular movement at hand at which the man of magnetic takes hold. 

  43. The degree to which that angular then comes to bear down for a direction in the linear to the vector to which it applies is manifold. That being expressed in the term of torque is foremost relevant to the linear aspect of that angular, that in turn comes by and is regulated by velocity and radius.

  44. But where is the velocity and the radius inside of the earth that at its sea level's surface it should come to the peak thereof? For when at that level that factor comes to 32.174 why should it be less at 10, 50, or 100-ft above that level, or below that level? 

  45. The answer of course lies in speed verses radius both having increased or decreased by fractions, too many numbers to read on the calculator.

  46. If then we assume that the sea level factor is the peak at mother earth, it should decrease inward as well as outward, and how will we know?  If we calculate the centrifugal at the radius of 2000 miles it comes to 9.2-lb, down from 18.2-lb. 

  47. But how does that apply to the nominal? My consensus on that matter is, for as much as the torque (factor) that deep into the earth went down by almost half in the centrifugal how or why should the nominal have any greater torque? 

  48. By that reasoning the factor of gravity decreases inward as well as outward.  And that confirms my suspicion, as also the believe  of others.

  49. But the believe of others is often not worth much when they make statements without any kind of evidence, and even contrary to evidence. In order to be sure the weight of one cubic foot of water is recorded to be at 62.4271-lb and that times 5280 : 144 is 2,288.99-lb/square inch. 

  50. This would be a random figure for the pressure one mile down in the ocean. Random in this way, that weight varies with temperature. Once we have come to a real accurate figure, and gone down in the ocean depth for one mile to record what the real pressure there is.

  51. And that comes to less than what our calculations show, I would construe that as real evidence for gravity to diminish inward. My centrifugal evidence is only probable evidence.

  52. From here if that proves to be so, a cubic foot of molten mass at and near the center of the earth has no weight at all, but is under pressure. and the weight as we ascend upwards some 4000 miles to the surface must gradually increase from zero to surface weight. 

  53. We cannot therefore calculate pressure by any straight line, as I did by the water here above, but each cubic measure must be downgraded to its factual weight. Then there is another probability if high pressure affects the torque by which the gravitational factor may be reduced.

  54. Leaving that as it may be, for someone in the future to work on, figure 6 provides for a better illustration to the effect of torque. With the man of magnetic bearing down on the precessional behavior of the atomic lady, there are four columns. 

  55. To the right depicts the factor of gravity, to the left the number of threads per inch. Middle left the relative spacing, and middle right the 5 examples, all figures being for the example only.

  Figure 6  Torque to the factor of g.

  1. When the factor is 11.4 at number 2, the velocity of downward movement is the slowest, at number 5 that velocity by fewer threads per inch has increased to our sea level factor at 32.174. 

  2. This illustrates thus shows gravity for its operation and nomenclature by which to keep us on the ground, wherefore I often likened its movement unto a nut turning on a bolt.

  3. That scenario however is only valid when things are falling, once that atom has come to a stand-still, by our feet upon the ground, or that oxygen atom resting upon others in the air above the ground. 

  4. These are no longer able to move down illustrated by number 1 in the illustration where the magnetic man continues to weight upon her.  Here the line of the precession returns - or remains at its original under the pressure of her man verses the pressure or blockage below her feet.

  5. Another illustration figure 7 may enhance our understanding in gravity. By 1 the magnetic man passes through all space and by all atoms. By 2 , a movement designated M4 is a linear imposing a torque upon the angular momentum. 

  6. By 3, the lady like precession becomes entwined with her man of magnetic. By 4 she is drawn towards home, whenever free to move by way of acceleration.

  Figure 7. Gravity born.

  1. Then there is another illustration for those with a keen mind, figure 8. Here I am showing magnetic lines as wide as the atom itself. And at the right at it passes over the atom/gyro, that atom for its precessional torque upon it entwines itself with the magnetic driving itself down H to M to R as G.  

  2. At the left the impulse towards XX forming an angular momentum around the atoms is taken away to Y at the speed of constant. For there that line at the full width of the atoms is not a 3M line. 

  3. Not one of a magnetic entity, but the power and movement of natures fundamental movement that exists everywhere. And of course at left it depicts waves, those of light, while at right it is gravity.


Figure 8. Directionally conductive movement.

  1. It then remains at rest until it is imposed upon as done by the impulse in conjunction with the atoms. At the right in contrast to this our 3M line also having its momentum at the velocity of constant, in this case does not act after its velocity seeing it is fixed to a center (center of its magnetic eight) whereby the atom gyro comes to whirl (precess) itself around it.

  2. But even as it acts as were it stationary, for that angular scenario that indeed being so, it equally employs its movement in velocity. That as the atom/gyro becomes free to move it begins to spiral around driving her straight downward when consequently it comes to accelerate faster and faster, the magnetic movement in its velocity procuring that upon her. 

  3. Here is where my terms come in, it is for the atom/gyro to drive herself into the embrace of the magnetic, yes, but not exclusively.  Then for its downward movement as well its acceleration it is the magnetic driving her.

  4.   So it is that I said, for magnetic to be the power while gravity itself as such the inclination to downward movement.

  5. Then for the tricky part the way by which the atom by precession locks on to the magnetic in principle - that is the same by which two magnets join to one another. 

  6. And likewise for the angular momentum at the left to spin itself around the atoms on its way to far destinations - comes to that same principle whereby any and all magnets come to join, as well as stay aloof from one another - once their direction of movement are in opposite of one another.

  7. I said tricky part since this may not be all that easy to understand. What is in my mind may be clear and simple, but to place the beauty of it into words is easier said than done, and I never seem to be able to do it justice, at least not in my mind.

  8. It always being more comprehensive than what my words express. Like where the 3M appears and acts stationary, and yet at the same time has its velocity at which it will instantly take down our atom/gyro when free to move. 

  9. It is just as the motion between two magnets how these relate to one another, not just for direction, but in their nature of being. And same applies with all waves when formed,  waves that are not at all waves, but angular moment. And angular does not mean linear, if one gets my drift.

  10. Most astounding, so is that fundamental movement that the Lord commanded to come forth at the power of His word, it becoming the one and only power in nature in manifold ways, whereby all of nature comes to its forthcoming. And much more I could have defined - but for an oath no longer. 

  11. A shame indeed, but so it is. "Spectacular", so I once began to speak, but for the integrity within my heart I held off.


  1. Perhaps I was convincing, or perhaps I did not do my job right. As then I have spoken of this and other subjects in many ways by other published papers as well as my own website my listeners might actually classify me fit for a teacher. And for that I will be thankful, as to my Lord I am always thankful.

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