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  1. If light were able to travel without a medium, why does it refract in it?  If light were not fully dependent on a media why does it impair the velocity by any change in density? How when every wave has its own unique velocity do we fail to classify them correctly? 

  2. And why are simple rotations interpreted into waves that are not in the least waves of any kind?  And this being a major step in the advancement of the sciences it shows that as yet we have been living in a world of fantasy. 


  1. The title here specifies “M/wave” rather than EM/wave, and why is that? Because contrary to most I do not believe in what does not exist as if it existed. The air has magnetic flux as lines from mother earth, indeed so it does. 

  2. But the only electrical that ever invades our air is when there is a thunderstorm, while light and our telephones still transmit out text messages. When we sprinkle steel particles around a magnet.

  3.  I never saw them pushing light or any wave, how therefore did we come to the electro with any kind of wave? And so indeed in our sciences we live in a world of fantasy, a fantasy that can be trashed for what in fact is real.


  1. We have it firm within ourselves that the speed of light in space stands at 299.792 km/sec, and that in coming upon our atmosphere it slows down by a margin of 90 km/sec, an index set at 1.0003. But how may that be done? 

  2. How does that take place? What does a wave look like at any time before and after any shift to the red or blue?  Extremely difficult is it not?  And yes it is virtually impossible for most everyone to visualize what these waves of the spectrum would appear.

  3. As then I searched the internet to see if anyone had an inkling as to their appearance nothing was shown nor defined, the world of science being totally devoid in the knowledge of waves in how they appear, and what they are. 

  4. We behold its colors and the streaks appear straight on. We then form pictures in our mind as to how they travel or what they might appear, but to no avail, even though we found means to measure its velocity.

  5. And discovered that it consisted of segments of discrete lengths whereby as such by sight deception we came to interpret them for waves, and even as particles.

  6. We of course know better than the masters in the sciences, when at best these come with what is most illogical. We think of light as vibrations as something that zig/zag’s, but how can it vibrate in air or space with nothing to push it back and forth? Whatever happened to our logic? 

  7. Or how would it come to its grand velocity if it did not move straight on - of which there is ample evidence? Some experts already told us that such is impossible. Why then do we ignore their sound advice? Fantasies are more tasty, are they not?

  8. We know that light warms the earth, but the 'how' of it we do not know, although we should know when for example we rub our hands together. Correlation then to apply one factor to another is not our best side. 

  9. In order now to know how the sun warms the earth we must first know what warmth is, and how shall we discover that? Shall we apply the logic of rubbing our hands, or look at water how it turns into steam?  In my judgment correlation is not enough for us to discover almost anything.  

  10. I on the other hand never did discover anything, I knew before hand, not from any man, nor from books, my education came from the very Spirit of truth, that is how I am qualified in the fundamentals of nature.

  11. There is always an order by which things must proceed. Therefore to learn how light warms the earth we must understand the nature of warmth itself, then that of light. One good example is that mirage above a hot roadbed as were it wet. 

  12. What causes that mirage other than what we have been taught of it already? We have it that the thin layer above that pavement is warmer than the rest, and warm air so we are told, expands wherefore a boundary layer comes to exist upon which the light refracts. 

  13. All good and well but that does not tell us even the half of it. For how does that light warm the air? And by what does it expand? So we come to - what is warmth, and what is light?

  14. Warmth is a movement, with temperature in the rate of movement, the faster the atoms in our skin move about, so much the warmer we will feel. We come to rub our hands together to warm them, for by rubbing we increase the rate of the atomic movement. 

  15. And so it is that the light upon the atoms of that pavement comes to increase their rate of movement that then conducts itself to those air molecules above it. Conduction as we should know is by physical touching, the higher movement of one increasing the other.  

  16. Simply a rate of movement so is heat everywhere, be it rotational or angular, but mostly, or almost exclusively angular, as also the spin of the atoms, not that of molecules, since these hardly ever spin.

  17. Shall I once again enumerate how everything to our senses comes by movement, and I do mean everything? It will clarify itself as we proceed, for next in line comes the quest as to how and why that layer of warmer air came to its expansion before we even come to the light in how it warmed that air. 

  18. That my dear reader came about by something man has been wrong about for all his years, namely the nature of the atom. He has it as electrical, while no electrical has ever been seen to pull things together. (Ref-2 and 3).  

  19. It is only for magnets to join, and/or disjoin, and so are all atoms, all of them tiny magnets.

  20. And what happens when a magnet spins faster and faster?  Ask the power companies why they hang their wires so far from the poles, for at some quarter million rotations per second the magnetic fields of those wires expands. 

  21. I now did not say "around" the wires, but "of" the wires.  Take any magnet and spin it at high speed you will discover that even our toy magnets expand their fields. (Even though I never tried it) 

  22. How long therefore will it take us to realize that the magnetic field around a conductor, is not anything produced by that electrical, but that it is the extension of that current, that current itself being none other than itself a magnetic field of force, and that in rotation, as it can only exist by rotation. 

  23. Show me electricity without rotation, and I will bow to you. You will not find it, therefore give me an ear in what is truthful. For just as any magnet illustrates its field all around itself, so that wrongly named rotating string of magnetic - termed electrical - shows its field. 

  24. And why is it found to rotate around that conductor? Because that current is always in rotation - it can never be found otherwise. No man can prove this wrong, I know science much too well.

  25. Even before knowing warmth and light we have to admit to ourselves that the atom is not anything of what man has made of it.   All atoms are magnets, tiny magnets, for only in that way can they join into molecules, or any steel hook lift many tons of weight. 

  26. And so it is that the power companies hang those wires so far from the poles, magnetic fields in rotation will expand, that is how water comes to steam, and the locomotive to its power, as also that mirage upon a roadbed as were it wet.

  27. And now knowing the nature of heat we come to light for its nature of being, and in what way it comes to increase the spin of these atoms. It can be done by rubbing, by a back and forth movement. 

  28. And it can be done by a hammer causing them to jump for pain, but it can also be done in the way we drive our turbines into higher rotation, or for any one wheel at high revolution to touch upon another wheel at a lower speed of rotation.

  29.  For this an illustration would be handy.  Figure 1, shows an atom in rotation, and from the left comes one of our illogical conceptions to strike upon it. Ask then yourself if by driving a rod into a rotating bicycle wheel, that bicycle will go faster, if not rather harm the wheel?


    Figure 1. Power of light by rotation.

  1. From the right however, I illustrated the proven way in and by which light travels. Light is never a wave, even as a nut turning on a bolt is not a wavelike motion but a rotation. Anything now that turns, or even moves by a wavelike formation now must have a diameter as well as circumference. 

  2. And what is that diameter?  Did we ever come up with a diameter for any wave?  And why not, how is one to make any kind of calculation, be it for length or speed when we fail to provide for a diameter?  

  3. When we specify the number of threads on a bolt by which the nut must turn we also specify the diameter, like 6/32, or 8/32, or 10./24. 

  4. The same thing must be done for light that when it moves linearly at nearly the speed of constant making contact upon every single atom in its path, it does not just go straight over those spinning things, but itself rotates around them.

  5. Light thus for its movement rotates as it is driven forward.  Here is where the earth receives its heat from the sun, The diameter by which light rotates is slightly larger than the atoms of which the air is made up, while the atoms of most substances being larger in diameter, light is unable to pass.  

  6. But as it strikes upon them with its high speed of rotation it nudges the rotational speed of those atoms to increase – that to us means warmth. We sense warmth from the relative movement of things in a rate thereof, even as we see by relative movement, and determine color by the angular deviation of movement. 

  7. And even our feeling is from and by movement as those impulses are send to the brain for us as spirits to interpret. And likewise with hearing, it is not sound by which we hear but by the vibrations upon the media, these we interpret into sound.

  8. Do we not at times use a rotating wheel or disc to drive another wheel, rotation upon rotation? So it is that light by its momentary pulses nudges the spin of the atoms to increase. 

  9. Note how I said; "momentary" for these so called waves, are not really waves but rotations, and arrive as individuals, never at all in any continues formation (another fallacy on man’s account)

  10. For the 180 plus billion rotations that could fit upon a line that is 300.000-km long, the sun may only produce or deposit one million of them at any one time, or line. 

  11. That means for any one crest to crest measure (nominal length as the proper terminology) there are 187,000 openings. That is 1 to 187,000. If then by an atomic bomb it comes to 1870 openings that comes to 100 millions wave/rotation each second, enough to burn anything

     Figure 2

  1. By wave we conceive a line that incorporates an up and down, or back and forth movement. As then that may be true for a rope whipped up and down, it is not true for what - in fact - only rotates illustrated by figure 2, something that only appears to be moving by a wavy path. 

  2. We then having knowledge must at all times make a difference between that which is real from that which appears to be. God gave us a mind by which to judge right from wrong, as well as what is, verses what appears to be.

  3. No wave of the spectrum is ever a real wave, these at all times everywhere are rotating entities, angular momentums as I call them that pass like the coils of a spring. Therefore did I illustrate the spring for comparison. 

  4. There is no back and forth movement, no vibration, no oscillation.  Most of our terminology in the sciences seem to be applied by appearances. As then it is awkward to say; "the rotations of the magnetic spectrum, we best keep by our figures of speech but knowing  right from wrong, reality from appearances.

  5. We have it as if a single orbit around our sun accounts for a year, but that too is mere appearance, a single year comes about by a single turn of the precession of the earth. (Ref-4) 

  6. Not that it matters much except for knowledge, and equally so with the - so called waves of the spectrum, that are not waves. It should however matter to the educators in the earth if at all these want to be true to their profession

  7. Therefore I teach truth not fantasy as most educators for their ignorance in the sciences are guilty of.

  8. Have we ever seen a nut to turn without the bolt to turn upon? There are those among us that claim they have, as if light could rotate around nothing, not to require a medium.  

  9. Very blind really since anything and everything in nature shows these types of waves to be extremely susceptible and dependent upon any and all media. So it is truly out of ignorance to speak that way, an ignorance that can be rectified by education.  

  10. But education does not appear to be for everyone, an open mind is a blessing, a closed mind is to destruction.  My teaching is light as well as warmth unto the soul, but where there are no eyes to see no light can enter, nor any info to be interpreted for light. 

  11. My teaching is not only physics, but philosophy as well, and no less what is called theology, in which the Almighty one instructed me to perfection as we ought to be instructed. Like the Lord said; "Unless you come to perfection I will spit you out."

  12. That mirage upon a hot roadbed ought to convince us how light takes notice of every single atom in its path. If even one atom is spaced a fraction further away the light instantly reacts thereto by red shifting, and/or by angular deviation takes a turn away from its straight trajectory, by which the mirage comes about. 

  13. The angular moments called the waves of light thus are extremely dependent on the media, and travel by virtue of the media. These can only pass down the line when there is something to pass around, to have their bearing upon.

  14. All because they are angular moments and must move as free agents, as agents no longer connected to their source - that must have a bearing.

  15. This is in contrast to the standard magnetic lines that pass through space without the need of a medium, namely those that are part of any magnet, that are set forth by a magnetic entity like stars and planets. For these have their base within and upon those spheres. 

  16. Therefore these can extend outward irrelevant of the media outside of those spheres. Single wavelets however would have nothing to go by if it were not for the media. It is just like a nut, you may spin the nut but without a bolt for it to turn upon it could not go anywhere, nor move or pass by any straight line.

  17. And while a nut may remain a nut without its bolt, this is not so for our angular momentum, for this term as I spoke namely "Momentum" all in itself reveals its nature, how it is a none material entity of a momentary being, a spike into an existing line of movement. 

  18. And no spike can exist upon nothing, it cannot even be a movement unless there is something to push it, and something to have its bearing upon. Common sense ought to give us a handle here.

  19. And that spike can be taken out quite easily, as we well know from interference etc. If then there were no media to turn about - it could not be made in the first place. 

  20. There is indeed motion as an entity that powers everything, and there is what we call matter, or media, neither one can be without the other. 

  21. Matter by itself is useless, it would have no appearance, no real being without the movement upon it by which it may be formed into little parts like atoms, and these to greater formations like whole human bodies.

  22. Let us employ some logical reasoning, we have come up with, strong force and weak force without ever specifying what these might be. What good therefore are these with no conception as to the nature of them? 

  23. We coin the word electromagnetic also without having any conception as to what that entails. We even attribute that most erroneous term to the waves of the spectrum when there is no such thing as electrical in them, nor by them. 

  24. They are related to magnetic yes, in that we are partly correct, since these waves in themselves are not at all magnetic. And I know that this is in need of definition, and we will come to that as we go along getting acquainted with the fundamentals of nature.

  25. Remember how so many years ago when the Lord first began to teach me I spoke saying; "Matter in Motion by Coordination." And are not all things that way? For without coordination, without patterns how is matter to come to its many designs, and that by movement?  

  26. For no two atoms would join into a molecule if it were not for the magnetic movement upon them. It is not of matter to pull itself together, nor for electrical to join since these always attempt to destroy each other, as we know from short circuits. 

  27. Nor could any magnet draw away from others - if not of and by that first created entity called movement to reside upon them. And so you see when I name a force of nature as the one and only true force in nature, I spell out what it is, something all of us can relate to.

  28. We may not want it to be that way, preferring to hold on to our fantasies, but neither you nor I have any choice in the matter, for what is - is, and I am relating what is verses what is not along with the evidence supporting it.  

  29. Is not this evidence how we see things and hear things? No-one whispers in our ear "Go there" for it are minute vibrations that we interpret into those words, it factually are movements, And no less for eyesight and color, all by movement. 

  30. Or what about our magnets, from where is that magnetic power as movement within and upon those blocks of metal? It did not fall out of the sky, it did not manufacture itself.

  31. It came forth from something most fundamental, namely "movement." But not just any movement, but the kind that is an entity all in itself, and as such became a power of, as the one and only power in nature, that is to say  physical nature. 

  32. We can scrap all our so called forces, strong, weak, nuclear, atomic, henry ford, Dirk what's his name, or whatever we have come up with.   All of nature spells movement as the power to anything,  For again all that is classified as energy is nothing other than movement. 

  33. But movement must be upon something must it not? So it is that without matter, motion is in vain, and without movement matter is in vain.

  34. Since then not all movement is the same we call it fundamental movement, with no other kind of movement like unto it, nor as such being an entity. It was the first thing that the Almighty Creator procured for His physical realm, whereby it may be made and at all times uphold all that is physical.

  35. In one of my chapters when I was yet in my twenties, some sixty years ago I wrote: "My speech is to you scientist, and to you physicist, and to all who take to learning the things of nature. This I pronounce to you; Displacement by coordination, a marvelous creation, beyond understanding. Systematic formation of many parts in motion creating systems and greater systems of systems in motion by coordinates, such is nature and the nature of nature.  

  36. Come to a reckoning you men, it is grand to search coordination, this marvelous realm of values, yes marvelous indeed. It will be many years before what I have spoken will come to be understood." (Ref-5)

  37. And those years have yet to come like a number of centuries from now before all of the sciences will be based upon the fundamentals that I was blessed to pronounce. 

  38. So it is that the media supports the angular moments while they are being driven forth by that ever present fundamental movement at its fixed velocity so well known at 300.000-km/s.

  39. Have I now made it clear and unmistakably evident that no wave of the spectrum can move without a media? And that there is but a single true fundamental force in nature, something that by its name we can relate to? God forbid that I should be sloppy, or fail to do my homework.  Or should I continue with more examples? 

  40. Here is a fact - when Einstein relates to us the stupidity of his mind contrary to all evidence, we accept it almost immediately and glory in it, But when I bring forth the truth confirmed by and in all of nature, we take a dim view of it, and look at me as a freak, or come to ask "if I can be right?   

  41. Are then lies so much more tasty than the truth? 

  42. Figure 2 explains itself. Then by figure 3, there is an expanded and a compressed spring to depict our waves. If then we pass along the coils of those springs rotating as we go at a fixed velocity like 10-ft/s which one would come first to the top? 

  43. The X/Y has a longer way to go is it not?  But No, that is not thinking too well, for as both coils are made up of 14 turns of the same diameter the timing will be the same for both. When distance and speed are the same there is no difference.  

  44. And the distance here are those 14 turns for each.  And yet for distance in time when we view them by length the S/R is a shorter distance in space. Assuming X/Y to be 100-cm with S/R 60-cm, the S/R beat the X/Y for distance.

  45. But looking at it from the side at the eye, S/R may appear to be moving slower. Or would X/Y appear to us to be moving slower? It is a matter of opinion, the clock will show them to arrive simultaneously.


  1. I am not just playing a game here but to train our mind there being good reason for it at which we are to come back later in defining waves for their movement in and by compression and expansion in more ways than we at this point may realize. But its bedtime for me and I will continue tomorrow.

  2. I slept well, with silly dreams and let us behold figure 4, in three sections A/B/C. Each single circle represents 1000 atoms. The diameter here is 2A that for circumference comes to 6.28A. 

  3. Section A being 12-cm contains 3 wavelets at 4-cm each, the velocity for that distance in time would come to. 4+6.28 = 10.28. Accordingly 10.000: 10.28 = 972etc times 4 is velocity at 3891. Instead of the constant for the example here I am using velocity at 10.000.

  4. At section B the wave comes to a compression. And here we must pay due attention, for it does not come to its full compression the instant when it strikes upon the surface of that greater density, but more gradually as it connects upon the atoms spaced closer together. 

  5. As the wave moves it is set in its angular impact, and with all the atoms in its path at equal spacing that angular impact or notation remains unchanged. But the instant it reaches out for the next atom closer than the last it readjusts its angular notation.


     Figure 4. Compression verses expansion by rotating entities

  1. And why my dear reader would it do so? Yes why? Think about, use your wits, employ logic and correlation.  If light as such can move without a media - why does it show itself so extremely dependent on the media?  

  2. Dwell on this so we may rid ourselves of that silly notion where light moves free of a media? It is the light itself in its behavior that is making liars out of us - is it not? It indeed does in no uncertain way.

  3. I know that my instructions are by revelation. And that such is a blessing not many among us are gifted with, nor therefore should we be jealous, but rather thankful that all of us can come to the same truth.  You do not really want to be in my shoes, the price for the shoes that I am wearing is very high, very high indeed.

  4. In reference to our so called waves of the spectrum, there are two things to consider. In one the speed of their factual movement - how that is irrelevant to the density of the media, it being taken along or driven by the ever constant. But its angular movement is in and by the design imposed upon it when it was formed. 

  5. That design was and is an angular moment, an impulse into rotation around a fixed base, in this case for light that comes to atoms and nothing larger. Consequently that angle in rotation now becomes more acute - for it must contact itself upon the next in line, which being spaced closer than the previous it comes to what is called a shorter wavelength, or a compression of its angular deviation.

  6. At B therefore in the space of 9-cm the 3 wavelets come to 3-cm each. The velocity then will be 3+6.28 = 9.28 into the 10.000 is 1077etc X 3= 3232 velocity. Then at the expansion in section C, at 21-cm, the 3 wavelets become 7-cm long, and 7 +6.28= 13.28 into 10,000 =753etc X 7 = 5271 in velocity

  7. All the way from beginning to end through all media the velocity at which our wavelet was driven around all the turns never changed - it remained at 300.000-km/s But at section B it was forced to make its 3 turns in a shorter distance compared to the distance of "A".  

  8. While at C, the next atom being further away it was forced to reach out further in order to make contact upon the next wherefore its angular deviation readjusted itself to what is less angular. 

  9. When therefore we measure the speed of that angular moment in each of these media's  for distance in time C went the fastest at 5271, then A at 3891. with only 3232 at B.

  10. If then we still do not have an answer to our 64 thousand dollar question, how that wave really contracted and expanded - how plain must we make it?  Attempt to explain that wet roadbed on a hot day if one thinks that I am not correct.  

  11. By figure 2 those coiled springs would begin to compress as soon as any one end is pushed up against a surface to block its path, all its coils coming towards each other.  

  12. And so it is similar with the waves of the spectrum, only - if we were to have a line of lets say ten wavelets coupled together, and the first 3 were already in the denser media, the remaining 7 would still be unchanged.  

  13. These do not change, nor can they change until they have come upon a greater or lesser spacing of the components of the media.  Since then the waves of the spectrum are never at all continues, these are properly termed wavelets, one momentum at the time. 

  14. For those single moments when produced - the first is long gone by the ever present fundamental movement before the next impulse is driven forth.

  15. At the rate of 10 thousand pulses each second, to the tune of 2-cm to 10-m - that leaves 3000 meters between pulses. Or number one wave has already traveled 3-km before the next came on line. 

  16. As thus these waves appear to travel like unto a coiled spring they are not made of rigid metal, nor is it supported on its own as the springs are, but are supported by the media, by rotating agents in their magnetic fields around them. 

  17. And these can be far apart before that angular moment shall be unable to reach it. (A subject to large to enter here) Understand however that here I am speaking at the atomic level, where a wavelength of 15000A can support itself (as I envision it) over as few as 4 atoms. 

  18. The R/velocity of that wave in space would then be 299.903-km/sec. And with space as thin or as dense as one wishes to see it, this is sufficient for the longer waves at their greater amplitude. The most critical in space are those on the atomic level, while the much longer ones are more easily taken out.

  19. And so there is always a higher relative velocity for any expanded wave verses any shorter wave, a velocity dictated upon them by the media, by the density of the media. By the atoms in their spacing upon which the wave must make contact.  

  20. This may be likened to a train riding upon a track, remove part of its track and it will crash.  A train without a track is nothing more than scrap iron, and a track without a train to ride upon is likewise no more than scrap iron, but together these serve each other to transpose our needs from one place to another.  

  21. Not only light but all waves of the spectrum are bound to this principle. Therefore also space can never be empty.  And there more ways to substantiate that fact, only it will take us beyond a threshold I do not wish to pass.

  22. And for a good measure returning to figure 3 assuming both springs to be endless as space is endless the velocity of the X /Y at 7000A in nominal length will have a R/velocity of 299.972-km/s. And that compressed to the tune of 4880A -  how fast would it be traveling?  

  23. Or when reduced by the index of 0.0003 coming to 90-km/s the new velocity at 299.702-km/s - to what wavelength would that apply?

  24. Here I am testing us while outlining the calculations how to find length and/or velocity.  But we have our own calculations do we not; quote; 

  25. "This wavelength calculator determines the distance between two wave peaks when you know the frequency and the wave velocity or speed."  Or: "For any given wave, the product of wavelength and frequency gives the velocity. It is mathematically given by wave velocity formula."

  26. An extremely poor way of doing things, like as if we are still in the stone-age, that never existed. For what then if I only had a velocity?  Or only length? For no one knows what the frequency is, the real number of events that is, other than what can be computed to possibly fit within a length.  

  27. Are we therefore going to play with error - like those that simply do not know any better?  Or do we prefer to stick with truth and the right way of doing things? 

  28. What if a blue wave of 4000A has a frequency of 10 million what will its velocity be? Our calculators would not work would they? No because we are attempting to employ something by Startrek called; a Mr. Dunsel, the meaning of which is - a part of something that serves no useful purpose.  

  29. For so is frequency, it never comes to the full value of events that we may come up with mathematically. A sample proof of this will be seen a bit later on. 

  30. In answer to our question that no formula by man is able to answer, with only 4 meters of waves in 300.million meters its R/velocity will still be 299,637-km/s. And even at a frequency of 10 billion its velocity will still remain at 299.637-km/s. 

  31. And so of what use is frequency? ???  It truly is a Mr. Dunsel. The 4000A wave can only travel at that velocity and that velocity only, never at all at any other R/velocity.  

  32. Our microwaves for example where we pump 10 thousand events per second. Its real frequency stands at 10 thousand not the 2.4-billion that is claimed for it.

  33. Our formulas are thus very much in error, as is our thinking. We have been stonewalled as if the waves of the spectrum come in continues formation, while we ought to know better since we are pumping these events.  

  34. And for any light-wave we have no means to pump them into the trillions each second.  Take 300 million meters times 10 billion for angstroms and divide that by 4000A of the blue wave, that mind you comes to 750-trillion - enough to blind anyone in an instant, or to put a hole right through our head. 

  35. Can we raise a voltage to 750 trillion volts that by on/off we get at least 375 trillion wavelets? Why not? We claim to be doing so. How far would a voltage at 750 trillion ark over?  Our power poles would have to be 500 ft high, and still I would not walk under them.

  36. Our question was when a 299.792-km wave were reduced by 90-km down to 299.702-km to what wavelength would that apply? Here we have nothing more than a velocity, no frequency. no length. 

  37. And since there can only be one length that will ever travel at that velocity, how do we find it?  If this cannot be understood that each wave has its own unique velocity - we better head back to square one, to start our schooling all over again.

  38. The answer for that velocity stands at 4880A, even as the 299.792-km wave will only fit the 7000A wave. Shall it not be obvious as well as logical that for the 3000 different lengths between 4000 to 7000 each single one has its own velocity, that cannot possibly apply to any other length? 

  39. Look at figure 3 and 4, and consider how as the angular deviation increases it must travel faster and faster. and the number 200 can never be 201, or else it will not be 200. How simple thus must it be explained that 2 plus 2 always add to 4 and never any other outcome?

  40. Forget your wavelength and velocity counters, and forget about frequencies since we usually have no idea at what events any wave stands. Below here by figure 5, is the proper way by which to find what we are in need of.  

  41. When you go to the store to purchase a bolt to pass through a certain hole, we will need to know the diameter of the hole do we not? As then light travels by a diameter whereby it can pass all those many atoms in the air, how large must it be?  

  42. And don't even think of anything traverse in the passage of any wave, there is enough ignorance in the world. Or shall air be as empty as space so that there will be no obstructions to the light of the sun? 

  43. No!  But just as a 1.25-inch tube will fit around a 1-inch rod so light passes all air molecules, but is stopped dead in its track when the rod becomes 1.5-Inches in diameter. That is how we see things, how for one thing we see through the air, but not through dust nor clouds.


    Figure 5  Wave to velocity formula'

  1. The foremost thing to discover is by what diameter the waves relevant to light will travel. Once we have that, its multiplication by 3.14 will give us the circumference, that at the same time tells us exactly how much distance there is in the angular. 

  2. Consequently we will then have everything we need to find the correct R/velocity of any and all waves. Or if we only have a velocity - to find the length for it. From A in figure 5 to C over B is the full correct distance around any one coil of the spring, or any one rotation around the perimeter of the atoms. 

  3. That diameter by my calculations came to 1.5414A rounded off to 4.84A in circumference. 4880A thus plus 4.84 = 4884.84 into 300.000 = Fr times 4880 comes to 299,702-km/s. 

  4. And 7000 plus 4.84 = 7004.84 into 300.000 = Fr times 7000 comes to 299.792-km/s. Notice how I did not supply a number for the frequency, but simply Fr. I did so since frequency is a Mr. Dunsel, a part of something that serves no useful purpose.

  5. If thus we wish to hold on to our space velocity as noted, and our 90-km reduction in air. We in effect are claiming that the only wavelength in our air is 4880A something near blue in color

  6. But the rainbow as well as the prism is making us out for liars. And before I believe man, I will believe the prism, it at least is incapable of promoting lies. How much does it take for us to realize how wrong we have been? 

  7. How will we possibly come to a green wave, or yellow line, when there is but "one" space velocity, and a single 90-km reduction?  It is impossible, it is fantasy, it is ignorance to say the least.

  8. Our index at 0.0003 may be fine, and even the rest of that index to some degrees, but never accurate, since there is a lot more to the science of waves than we have ever thought of. 

  9. At this point we are as yet in the first grade of our schooling, the protractor all in itself makes hogwash of our radial readings, and other formula's. But we have never even heard of a protractor in relation to waves. 

  10. That is why I said, we are as yet in the first grade, with much more to be learned.

  11. Foremost there is but one way and one way only to be correct about any velocity radial or otherwise which is to utilize the above formula. 

  12. It is not just 3000 different R/velocities in light alone, but by a factor of 10 that comes to 30.000 different wavelengths with each their own R/velocity. If this cannot be realized why do we even bother to learn?

  13. We have to quit taking those sleeping pills issued by our teachers in the sciences. These will indeed put us to sleep, I on the other hand must come with a bucket of water, or with a whip if I have to.  I was made a teacher, I have no choice in the matter, likens or no likens I must perform what I was born to. 

  14. I cannot resist Him who leads me. With many tears when I was 24 years of age I begged Him to take my spirit from me, and I was not about to take any no for an answer. I wanted to get out of this world with no ifs nor buts, and I still do.

  15. But He was the stronger to me, and yes He did hear my fervent cry in the cold of the night, He did in fact take my spirit from me - but only to renew me with a new Spirit, with a Spirit that came forth from His throne, a Holy Spirit full of wisdom and knowledge. 

  16. And so He led me out from the mountains where I had hid myself back into a world I knew not, as if just then I came into the world. And from that day forward knowledge and wisdom grew in me by leaps and bounds. 

  17. And now in my old age I am recalling that day when His angel with me was the stronger to me. And O how I recall that day September 11 1961, when death came to life.

  18. Now that we have seen the rotating entities erroneously called waves of the spectrum traveling like unto the coils of a spring every single wavelet connected to the other as also we have the bad habit of showing them to the minds of our young. 

  19. We have yet to see how they really are.  If not by the dimensions in our previous illustrations we have surmised what these must really look like, below is an illustration figure 6 that across the page comes to no more than a little more than half of its nominal length. 

  20. Nor is that illustration anywhere near reality. If I were to draw it realistically it would to our eyes appear as no more than a straight line.  All because its length verses it width comes to a factor of 4000 to 1.54, and by rotation as the half length 2000 to 2.42.


   Figure 6   4000A wave in rotation by half length as the angular moment of it.

  1. The index of 1 is space, the 0.0003 is air, that is 3333/part of 1. For every 1 million atoms in air that would then come down to some 300 in space.  Nor is for me to fill space with that many atoms, it is our index, and who made that index?  

  2. Ask a question as to how a wave may blue shift to 400nm from space where the velocity is never more nor less than 299.792-kn/s - at a 90/km reduction?  And you will get no answer. And that is a shame for man not to realize that such is impossible by any mathematics or explanation.

  3. To insert a few quotations;  "Free-space wavelength (L) is the wavelength of a wave propagating freely in a vacuum. It is related to the frequency of the wave (f) and the speed of light in vacuum (c) in this way: L = c/f."

  4. And: "Wavelength is the distance between two crests of a wave. It is related to frequency and period by the equations wave speed = frequency x wavelength and wave speed = wavelength / period. wavelength."

  5. Related to the frequency? ???  How sad, how sad, for man and how sad for me to have come in a world as this, and that I am forced to open my mouth while - if there were any sanity in me I would keep it shut. Solomon, Solomon, how right you were, that with knowledge comes equally pain. But you spoke - however painful that may have been, and so I have neither any choice in the matter.

  6. From our lips I gather we have no conception that when we speak of frequencies that we are speaking of events. The tally of events that we claim to procure with our stone-age equipment. How very fond indeed we are of something called Dunsel. 

  7. Come now my dear people tell the people that run the FCC that all of them will be confined to a sanitarium for the insane if they continue to spell frequencies by which one is to broadcast.

  8. If they resist, tell them to raffle off even as little as ten million letters in one second, If they can - give them a medal, if not - lock them up. If on the other hand they come to spell out wavelengths, let them free.

  9. But will the wisdom of my speech change anything in man? In some it will who acknowledged wisdom, but most will not because, just as greed runs the world so pride comes before the fall of man. And that my dear reader is not far off, or else I would not have said so here and now.

  10. How is one to convince the mind of man that the change in velocity as light passes from one density to another - is a byproduct, not any cause?

  11. The length of the wave did not change because it decided to move faster or slower, but rather it never did change its forward momentum, not even by the smallest of fractions.

  12. The speed of light's constant is completely oblivious to any and all densities, it will at all times travel at 300.000-km/s, not a fraction less. If then we go straight from Los Angeles to New York at 80mph we will get there in about 38 hours.

  13. But if we swerve from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, and from there to Dallas, and a few more turns like that, how many hours at 80mph will it take to visit the Empire State Building?

  14. What thus was the cause? Was it not our sidetracks by which our timing to New York came to so many more hours? How in truth velocity for distance in time is at all times a byproduct, not any cause.

  15. If this cannot be understood to mend our ways, I give up, I have come in a wrong world, where I have no place nor longings.  

  16. Let us ask, quote: "How do you make a radio wave?"

  17. Answer:  "When a direct electrical current is applied to a wire the current flow builds an electromagnetic field around the wire. This field sends a wave outward from the wire. When the current is removed, the field collapses which again sends a wave. If the current is applied and removed over and over for a period of time, a series of waves is propagated at a discrete frequency.

  18. If the current changes polarity, or direction repeatedly, that could make waves, too. This phenomenon is the basis of electromagnetivity and basically describes how radio waves are created within transmitters.  At 300 GHz"

  19. For a first grader it is hardly an educated statement. The current flow does not build an magnetic field around it, since in the first place, it does not flow, but rotates in place.

  20. Secondly, the magnetic field around the wire is nothing in the term of electromagnetic, it being magnetic and magnetic only.

  21. The electro part makes us out for as yet being at the breast. Thirdly, that magnetic field - is the current, it is that part of the current extending outwards of it, as all magnets do.

  22. That current is none other than a magnetic string of movement, lines of magnetic twisted over one another - as we should well know doing so everyday. 

  23. Shall we thus in looking at a block magnet acclaim that everything within the block is the magnet, with its field extending outwards as something different? As if something other is build by it? 

  24. And how might it possibly be that a wave is send outwards?  All that is poppycock, it is no more than a field turned on or off. And as the current is turned on, so it shows its extension.

  25. And when turned off it does not send a wave but simply disappears, its twisted formation reverting back to regular lines of magnetic. That turning off and on of these magnetic field lines does nothing in itself in the air, as it does upon the atoms on which that current is based boosting them against one another.

  26. I need to show us again mind you how light is generated in our every day incandescent lamp, sad as it may be. For now assume that we raise the voltage, that is the speed in rotation of that current to 100.000 rotations each second, (100.000 volt) and cut that off and on.

  27. How much will our rate be? Will it not be 100.000?  And events means frequency, since frequency means - how often in unit of time. Where then in the quotation it states - 300-Ghz, that has to be an outright lie, or someone found a means to turn electricity up to 300 billion volts.

  28. And boy, what kind of wavelength would he get at that rate? Even our power companies at their high voltage lines hardly ever exceed one quarter million rotations.

  29. What therefore is to be said of our first graders how they have yet to be educated in fundamentals and in logical reasoning.  300 billion as a possible frequency comes to a 1-mm wavelength there being that many millimeters in 300.000-km.

  30. And that is rather easy to create at even twenty four volt rotations/s, all we need is to drive some molecules to a oscillation where its cut/off comes to about 0.024-mm for the 1-mm wave to be send on its way through an antenna.

  31. Those particular waves thus cannot come any faster than 100.000 events per second. Meaning there are 3.000.000 open spaces between wavelets.

  32. And so I did say, did I not that frequency is a Mr. Dunsel, not anything to base anything upon. The surname for Mr. Hertz to have invented it - is Mr. Dunsel. From here let us go to figure 7, our common light-bulb.

  33. Above are the atoms of the tungsten element, and below is our electrical current, its term for what is none other than a rotating magnetic string of movement. That magnetic string consists of countless many magnetic patterns in eight coupled to one another.

  34. The eight in design is rather automatic like braiding two wires, only this braid consist of magnetic lines of movement that comes to figures of eight end on end. And the 8 of movement as we should know is typical for all magnets, that by its angular movement produces a linear movement passing from what we call south to north.


   Figure 7. Our common light-bulb.

  1. And if anyone doubt my word, daring to call me a liar check it out for yourself, with any magnet, you will find how J,J Thompson in his so called discovery of the electron was a hoax, a very painful and elaborate hoax - by the incompetent among us. And he dared to accept a Nobel prize for that hoax?

  2. What therefore will that electricity do to the atoms of that metal element, when at every section of eight in the middle there is a north and a south polarity coming around and around at whatever voltage that may be induced? 

  3. It comes to push and pull. Right? But the atoms are no less magnetic and by alternately pushing and pulling on them they are turning these atoms into a frenzy, bucking up against one another. And since this is in the circular, it drives circular indents into the ever magnetic movement, we call the fundamental movement of all nature.

  4. This of course is besides the fact that our air is at all times full of magnetic lines from the sun as it holds us in orbit.  And full of magnetic lines of the earth itself whereby we are held to the earth. For this also is a fallacy of us to claim that we are held by gravity. 

  5. It is gravity alright, but the power of that gravity is the magnetic potential of the earth. For that there are a number of essays published by the Journal in the Advances of Physics, (Ref-6 and 7)

  6. And so it is not that waves are send out from the field around a conductor switching it on and off, but by what those cut/off's procure upon the atoms of the elements. This ought to explain it. 

  7. Here too we ought to perceive more evidence as to how and why the media is so essential to all waves, in their propagation as well as production.  Attempt to get some light from a bulb without its element.

  8. We do not just take them out of the air as many among us wish to believe.  For that Grand Caravan in my garage was not made in any factory, nor by Dodge, no, not at all so,  it just fell out of the sky. Likely story is it not?

  9. But why then do we mess with evolution, with placing a death sentence upon ourselves? For not only the Lord - but even I will punish everyone for the very mentioning of that term on a positive tone.  I cannot think of anything more stupid as Chrysler Corporation will confirm that my vehicle was manufactured by them.

RAM  -- Relative Angular Movement.

  1. I do not wish anyone to get the wrong idea about what I said of heat, in where I said that warmth is a rate of movement. It is indeed so, but not only by angular movements but equally so by Relative Angular Movement.

  2. The atoms of any gaseous substance are usually free to rotate by which their field expands, But when metals are heated these do not expand like unto gas or liquids. The reason for it lies in their nature of being.

  3. Extremely dense in their magnetic nature, verses those of many other substances wherefore also these hold so well together, like tungsten and even diamond. 

  4. When these atoms bond to one another it is with multiple magnetic design that when connected to 2 or more others, and these attempt to rotate their own pattern of movement serves as a brake to that extend. That is why metals etc, are not likely to expand.

  5. For an illustration to this by figure 8 the atoms of hydrogen to their oxygen host present simple formations, whereas those of metals present multiple formations. Those hydrogen atoms are able to rotate along with their fields even when connected with that most unique atom of oxygen.

  6. While the two metal atoms when bonded to several more are prevented from doing so by the density of their field. This is also the reason why they are more strongly driven into a gravitational pull, normally expressed as weight.

  7. Relative angular movement then is when atoms such as of metals are exited by an electrical current or any source of heat, where their internal movements come to act in contrast to one another, not such as to produce waves, but a sensation that to us appears as heat.

  8. Therefore I called it in the term of angular, and these relative to one another as in at odds with one another. So I came to that term.


   Figure 8  Magnetic strength

  1. By this that relative angular movement usually produce the longer lengths in the atomic range, wherefore the red glow upon them. The wiring in our toaster and heating elements are at RAM without producing the white light of an incandescent lamp.

  2. It takes a higher atomic resonance before that will take place. A higher rate will always come to shorter wavelengths.

  3. At the question of how one could get a blue laser rather than the red, it was answered to increase the rate of frequencies. But that as we know will not change the red to any blue, but only make it brighter red with more waves arriving at any one moment.

  4. The proper answer would be to shorten the wavelength, to start producing 400-nm, instead of 700-nm.

  5. It is not easy to by a drawing illustrate angular's at odds with one another, to move at variance, or impinge at variance whereby excitement comes about. So I drew two angular's with an arrow, as some notation towards that end.


  1. As it is difficult to draw relative angular movement, it is even more difficult to illustrate fundamental movement, nevertheless by figure 9 is an all in one derivative.  Magnetic inhibits all planets and stars, and since these are in motion or have movement upon them so gravity is born forth.

  2. The electrical only comes about when magnetic lines are twisted over one another, or when the clouds come to their invisible rotations on over them. And of course when we scuff upon a carpet to create these invisible rotations of magnetic lines of movement upon ourselves.          


   Figure 9 Fundamental movement. The power in nature.

  1. From and by this fundamental power never at idle we have our smell and taste by coordinates,  And our vision by angular deviation from again angular moments set forth by and in the media in unison with movement.

  2. Nor is sound by anything less than movement to vibration. And by what did the media come about? Visible from invisible, and that which is, from what was not. So it came to Matter in Motion by Coordination. And so it will remain into forever by the One who is from ever into forever.

  3. Let us be kind to our neighbor for we will forever have to look them in the eyes, and hear their voices. And honor Him in all things who formed each and everyone of us.


  1. Shall we pronounce the conclusion as it really is, to get away from our errors in waves, in waves that are no waves? And in most everything that is fundamental in nature wherein we err, so indeed is the conclusion.

  2. And for a word in wisdom; Why do we listen to the noise of those dead trees all of whom seek to be a ruler, as if they knew something, when they are but an abomination to God and to all the righteous?

  3. Behold, it is at our doorstep, the fire will consume them as dry grass before a flame. Accursed is every one that seeks to be a ruler of this people, they are a stench in my nostrils, and as such these will be cast down, because they loved to have the rule of this people.

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