Chapter One of a manuscript - "The foundations of the World".  By:  Leonard Van Zanten.


             CHAPTER 1                      INDEX TO OTHER PAGES


  1.   How precious is the wisdom, how good its fruits, nothing at all can be compared to her, she is life and always in Godís counsel, what man has ever reached her to take her to his own?

  2. I begin with the subject of wisdom in the subject of the ďUniverseĒ if man has at all the wisdom to make the universe a subject to himself.  For while man is upon the earth - the universe is far beyond, and who can venture where wisdom alone can venture?  

  3. Let us not deceive ourselves in thinking that with the increase in knowledge in this 20th century that man has acquired a know-how into the things beyond himself, or even into the things that are unto him, for while knowledge has increased - wisdom has not.

  4. Man looks upon the sky, and upon the works of his hand, and the advances given him, and he becomes proud in his heart.  For "we shall at last conquer the stars, yes the universe, just give us the time and the money". 

  5. Foolish?  Yes indeed!  For he does not comprehend the power of Him who gave the earth to man for a home, and who limited man's eyesight to but the surface of things.  

  6. Man has not learned from times passed nor will he gain insight from the multitude of plagues upon him, he sets them aside as if they are just things to be overcome.  Even to this day they speak with Descartes who said: "There is nothing so far removed from us as to be beyond our reach, or so hidden that we cannot discover it"

  7. And thus Descartes own friends enlarge his folly upon him, for shortly both Descartes and his friends will be greatly ashamed of such words finding themselves to be very foolish creatures.  They will make Solomon out for a liar who said:   "Unreachable is what exists"  

  8. And now one will reply, but who is expected to understand riddles, to comprehend a perfect spirit?"  But O man, Solomon's words are not the only education given, for nature also in its whole teaches the contrary. 

  9. Hear me therefore, for we cannot know what is hidden lest our Creator be pleased to reveal it.  And of a truth, every single thing great or small is beyond our reach.  Yet we do reach, and we do gather, for in measure by measure it is given us. 

  10. The angel Uriel, a prince among many, said to Esdras, "Like as the ground is given to the woods, and the sea to its floods, even so they that dwell upon the earth may understand nothing but what is upon the earth.  And he that dwells above the heavens may only understand the things that are above the heights of the heavens."

  11. And ignorant as we are we had to send a spacecraft out as if to give someone knowledge of our being, while a great multitude of heavenly creatures watched us launch the same, shaking their heads over the ignorance of man.  

  12. Let no man include me in that word "we" which Descartes spoke, for I have discovered nothing, and although many secrets are revealed by my mouth yet have I not found out what is hidden. 

  13. It has been said that the sun was formed from great interstellar dust clouds, and they add some reasonable process unto it.  There now is some truth perhaps, but the real truth is that they do not know, they are merely speculating.   

  14. Again it is said that this began millions of years ago, which also contains a truth, but here again the same is mere speculation.  Man does not know a single measure in the heavens, nor is he assured of a single exact location of any part thereof.  How then will he set measures and interpret things as if they were facts?  It is speculation and nothing more. 

  15. This universe had a beginning yes, and also was it made out of nothing, which foremost is God's word; moreover it is scientifically sound.  And even the scientists ventured for themselves to create something from nothing as if that was the thing to do - hypocrites.  

  16. And so it is stated  - "In the beginning".  And this is what it reveals us; "Incomprehensible", for such is the true age of the universe, and its measures as well as what it contains.

  17. The creation of the universe proceeded in the space of a single day, or if you so will, in six weeks.  These six days now have yet to end, there are yet children to be born, and the years are yet to be completed.  

  18. If now after thus many centuries that God hung the world and set man upon it that creation has yet to be fulfilled, do I speak of days like sun-up, and sundown, the rotation of the earth?  And yet the six days of creation were long ago completed, for how else shall there be a seventh day? 

  19. Do I speak in riddles?  Or might it be perhaps that I do not understand?  As for me, I understand perfectly, and as for riddles, indeed, to the unwise wisdom and understanding is always in riddles, but perfection and harmony to the wise.  

  20. I was born in the year 1937 and today I stand before you, yet over two thousand years ago it was said of me "that I had come," a sentence in past tense, as if it had already passed.  How is it therefore that "I was" and "yet to come?"  

  21. And in excess of five thousand years ago someone beheld me "entering into this world", how then is that to be correlated with me having come recently?

  22.   For an understanding if you will - we are locked in something we call "time" What is ahead of us is yet to come, and we are not able to recall the past.  Still, forever is one age, in riddles, yet clear.  

  23. Whatsoever God commands - "is" - even though it may not be brought until much later by our accounting.  And lest we understand in wisdom, these apparent contradictions cannot be understood for their harmony.  

  24. For tell me, is to you a single revolution of a gear in a gearbox the very essence of time?  And do you regard your age and habits unto the moments of each such turn?  

  25. If you will answer me with a "yes", you are being truthful, but this same truth marks you as a creature bound in dust where the essence of timeless being is far beyond your scope.

  26.   Time now is for a difference, and for a difference we are timed.  O yes wisdom is grand beyond compare.  Seven days being an endless time, how will one perfect his account on the time of six?  

  27. Wills one read it as six days, so be it, and wills a man read it in another way, so be it for there is more than one understanding.  For words of wisdom are like spiritual letters upon stones of dust, as also Moses gave the law. 

  28.   "In the beginning" thus is In-comprehensive" and likewise with heavens measure, and what it contains.

  29. The grandeur of Godís grand creation is something for us to marvel at indeed, but understanding the endless distances and the very multitude of even the galaxies alone with their billions of stars each is incomprehensive.  And so we are humbled to know that within all that grand existence we are as nothing.  

  30. But unto the Almighty Lord it is not that way, for even though He may speak of the whole of man as dust upon the scales, He takes account of man.   He in fact builds and guides each and everyone one them, giving each of them their wives and their children. 

  31. With all His grand creation He cares dearly for man giving each of them their work, their ups and downs, and their habitats together with the trinkets thereof. 

  32. He jealousy yearns for the Spirit, His Spirit that He placed into them by which they might live and have existence and to again return to him.  And so with all this grand universe man as nothing more than the dust - is very much in the care of his Creator. 

  33. While we therefore can not comprehend the grandeur of His works, He who is greater than all His works is well able to care for His works down to the smallest detail thereof. And He does so with great care setting a space of time, like unto a moment by which His sons might be born, and numbering the people according thereto.  

  34. Realize therefore how immensely great He is, the Creator of all that grand universe with its many legions of angels, and the many other creatures. And all these many planets on which He bestowed life.

  35.  As well as the innumerable number of human persons on one of them, to know and remember each and everyone of them, and caring for them. How great indeed He is, so inconceivable to our minds.


  1.   Big bang theories whisper theories, black holes, white holes, a universe expanding, or whatever suits the imagination.  Truly truly, these are children at a manís game knowing not the way nor beholding the markers upon its path.  

  2. These blind ones imagine to know how the universe began, and while the Lord reveals such and other things to His sons, this is not for the arrogant nor for the blind to know, wherefore I will not teach them, but I will show how stupid indeed these are.

  3. Our sun is supposed to collapse by something called, "gravitational collapse", as if such a thing even existed.  For without having knowledge as to what even gravity is, you will make such statements?  

  4. I tell you, it does not exist.  And if you had read your schoolbooks correctly you might at least have known the reason as to why, together with the law that prohibits it.

  5. You proclaim this fantastically ignorant notion that the sun is made up mostly of Hydrogen and a small amount of Helium. How ignorant indeed when you have nothing more than the light which proceeds from the surface thereof, and by that you think to define the nomenclature of the sun?

  6. O how very childish these are, the sun is a very large magnet, with a great deal of magnetic power which can not proceed from the very lightest of the elements, for while you are so certain that it is the stork to deliver your babies, we that are mature know better. 

  7. The fact that you scientists and astronomers are not competent to add one and one to two, is something I will not forgive you, nor your blindness in the correlation of things.

  8. You expect that this sun is someday going to deplete itself, as were it to run out of fuel. But what makes you think it runs on any kind of fuel? Your childish concoction perhaps?  It does not run on fuel, but is ever regenerative within itself.  

  9. And more I will not say for I deplore your pride and your arrogance, therefore I held back on many things in the fields of science.

  10. This I will tell you - of a surprise in store for you.  That the Sun will come down upon you long before your calculations have time to start, and all your knowledge and your glory will vanish as if it had never existed.  And contrary to you, I do not speak of fantasies, but of facts.  

  11. Before long this sun will become dark in its rising, and you will be astonished, fear and trembling will take hold of you, then you will know that your end has come, and all your aspirations will vanish together with your wisdom and your cunning, for you are a wicked seed and I mean to bring your deeds upon you.

  12.   One foolish one proclaimed that the earth at its oceans would come to boil in about 200 years preceded by floods etc.  All this by some fantasy credited to Einstein, namely; "that energy is never destroyed but only transferred".  

  13. If now you had known the nature of energy, the fundamentals of which look you daily into the eye, you would not have believed such fantasies.  But you do not know them!  How then do you speak thus concerning it?  

  14. Whatever calculations you now employed - anyone with a pencil and paper is quite able to compute how even a tenth of the sun's energy conserved would make man a thing of the past.  

  15. Moreover, it simply is not possible for the oceans to boil since that would kill the life on land as well.  And if the creatures fail, then the waters boil in vain to teach man for a difference.

  16.   Did I not say somewhere; "that it is for a difference that we venture through this world?"  If then this were not so, I would not have said so.  And as to fantasies of what is out there in space by man's imagination, let us rather become men.   


  1. The speed of light is mostly more or less than what man came to call the speed of light.  His so called light-speed termed (c),  the stupidity - as it is mostly glorified to be of Einstein, is supposed to be at 299.792 km/sec in free space.  

  2. This however is no more than a relative velocity of light, a relative velocity found within our backyard, within our solar system that is.  It mind you is not the velocity of light in space.  

  3. And that nothing can move faster than man's ill conceived speed of light is likewise a crock by the ignorance of babes, by those known as man's physicist. 

  4. If then I overstep my boundary, I will tell you that your speed of light that you call so fast, is but a snails pace to what factually exist, like unto what the speed of light to you is compared to that of sound.  But this knowledge is not for the ears of man, nor will I therefore elaborate on it any further.

  5. Nor am I going to speak on those idiotic things they call space-time or worm-holes, or other such insanity, since these are indeed fantasies, not fit for any human consumption.

  6. In these pages here I have revealed the how, why, and nature of gravity, a priceless gem, and more such priceless gems, but I venture to say that the very simplicity which I used to reveal the same is as yet far too advanced for the physicist of this day, and perhaps even so for most scientists of this day.  

  7. Since in order to comprehend what I have placed on paper, one is in need of knowledge, in need of understanding reality, and of logic and common sense which for most of the learned of this world does not appear to be, but is in fact lacking.


  1.   As large as our earth may seem it is but a tiny ball seemingly lost in a very large universe.  And what is man therein, the minute creatures that they are?  Do we consider the minute creatures upon which we step and crush them to powder?  

  2. Look at the ants, they slave and labor hard.  Yet in a single moment with a single step we wipe out what would be miles and miles of city blocks with hundreds or thousands maimed in the rubble, and we pass on as if nothing had happened, not giving it a second thought. 

  3.   What is man therefore in a universe so filled with life, with innumerable multitudes of creatures that are not bound by gravitational forces, beings that look upon a galaxy as we upon a cluster of towns?  Is it then wise to ask if there is life out there having intelligence?  

  4. For as for the universe it is filled with intelligent creatures, and I do not mean the ugly monsters which some among you take to your imagination, nor the dis-proportioned images man presents of extra terrestrials, to his own demise as he will soon learn. 

  5. For in that respect, man is not at all intelligent. Moreover he demeans himself, for while you may look well now, or even handsome, wait till the Lord turns you into ugliness, such monstrous things as you yourself invented, and how terrible that will be upon you.  Yet you yourself asked for it with your accursed blasphemy of His glorious and Holy Name.

  6.   We now are nothing more than like the fish that adorns our homes in tanks.  We are bound to a small ring around a small globe.  Ten miles up, may seem a long distance, yet it is minute compared to the whole earth.  We are imprisoned within a small ring called "a sphere" the just and the unjust, the good and the bad.  

  7. We are altogether imprisoned in this small space around this globe to learn to live with one another before we turn to dust again.  To reach below or above is like the fish to leave their tank, and lest we enclose ourselves like sardines as the airlines are won't to do, we cannot venture far. 

  8.   This ring then serves as a life-support, and is preciously kept in stable bounds, the removal or alteration of which would be fatal.  Yet we rarely think of these things, or the care of the Watchers that are continually upon us, caring for us by day and by night, the nature of whom I cannot comprehend, beings that move through space without life support. 

  9. Yet it is still more wondrous to me to behold man made to depend on such a nature of dust, the stirring of which would obliterate him as were he in-despicable dust.  

  10. And yet this dust is accounted with great value by the Maker of this universe, so much so that He gave some power over such as are wont to travel the universe, whose nature we cannot comprehend, and whose power is greater than entire nations. 

  11.   It has been said; "That at first no-one believed that there was life beyond the earth, but that now with our rapidly growing understanding of the universe has dawned the profound belief that we are not alone" This statement is not only foolish, but a lie as well.  The books and all of history confirm it.  

  12. Man ensnares himself, he judges by his nature, the nature of dust, imagining as if there is some life-ring, some area not too far or too close to a sun where life might evolve.  

  13. But even their own deceiver contradicts them as he said of himself; "I am fire of fire".   How then will they still say that "life" cannot be "in fire" while he is of a fire greater than fire and puts on fire for a garment? 

  14.   Yourselves, you are of a nature greater than the nature of your bodies, and yet you will look for life in the dust?  Foolish yes, for you cannot find yourself there.  And as to fire, how or why shall it be so deadly to life as you say?  For I have yet to behold a single life perish on account of it.

  15. You will imagine that I speak foolishly since I speak by way of understanding.  But define to me the nature of fire, how its fundamentals are turned, and then come to speak to me of life and creation. 

  16.   There is fire born of fire, and light born of light.  But each time you speak of life, you refer to mere dead and deaf parts, things nothing more than moving rocks, and still you will make standards as to how or what life exists in the universe?  

  17. If you were to say that you are merely speculating, then I would give you credit for honesty.  But you built standards of what you do not know, of that of which you have no evidence however small.  

  18. As for me, I do not believe that there are such extra terrestrials as you contrive, but then I am speculating for I have no evidence to that effect, at least not such as you would understand.  On the other hand, the universe is filled with life.  And such many planets as you may conceive to exist, are at their pleasure.

  19.   Let us however not be childish in this matter, but consider the facts.  You will not have visitors from outer space as you conceive.  Yet we have been visited many times by many creatures from beyond the earth, and the Son of our Almighty Creator also came and visited us, and before long He will return to take charge of the earth.  

  20. Yea even before men shall have understood what I have written, He shall have come.

  21.   You look upon the sky beholding the stars, behold then also to consider the multitude of unseen eyes that are upon us from above.  For we are surrounded by a multitude of creatures that are sworn not to reveal their selves, nor to make themselves visible to us except when ordered to do so.  

  22. And it has been told - that in our days - some would be allowed to form apparitions, and terrify man in his own imagination.  Note then how foolish it was of man to send forth a spacecraft to notify someone of our presence.

  23.   Marvel at the life in the universe if you will, in that for one thing they are invisible to you.  And that they do not eat nor drink like we do, nor are there any obstacles to them like we encounter.  

  24. And when you shall have come to marvel at the fact that we are nothing more than the animals and that even such lowly creatures are given knowledge to the end that they might come to know Him who formed them.  Then knowledge has begun in you, and you shall marvel yet more. 

  25.   Again I heard it said; "But would it not be limiting to God to assume that our earth only holds people and not other planets?"  You however show yourself falsely in that you feign to honor God as Creator while you despise His word to you.  Will you call a universe filled with life limiting?  

  26. Will you even call the universe itself as something limited?  Have you ever found the end thereof?  And who are we to say that beyond it there is nothing more?  My words to any such point are mere speculation, and so should you conduct yourself.

  27.   Have you considered God's purpose with one thing and another?  Have you truly considered what man really is, and why he is born one at the time?  Have you truly considered his frailties, his abstinence, and his meekness?  

  28. Have you considered the days of his life, and how he returns to dust again, and what purpose there may be in all this?   

  29. Why does one man rob another, and one kill another?  Why do so many perish as children and others as young men, while again others grow old?  Have you ever really truly considered the wisdom of these things?

  30.   You speak with words like "I think, I think," May I not then ask, when will you ever know something more than just to think?  Why must everything be speculation?  Let us forget all this foolishness and come to know what is factual.  

  31. Monuments should not be build on speculation, they are without foundation and will topple at the first testing of its resolve.  You who deal in science are guilty of such things, as also the hirelings who serve themselves in the stead of God.  In my eye this is abominable.

  32.   Can a tablespoon create itself?  And man being made in the image of God, will he imagine that our creator is a person of flesh?  Such an image is not even the image of man.  

  33. And we thought we were only specs of dust upon a speck of dust within the expanse we call universe.  We however are well known by the inhabitants of the universe and with great awe do these inhabitants speak of the King of this earth who will set His throne upon the navel thereof.

  34.   I now speak all these words to you in some way to shame you and in another for education.  And in still another to reprove if per chance you might come to grasp what it is to be practical, to be realistic and not continually live in a dream world, in the imaginations of your heart.  

  35. Face facts, be realistic, you have not been brought into this world for just a moment of time.  For if you were, then I would have been anointed in vain, and my entrance into this world would be without purpose.  Yet I will not be without purpose, as neither you were brought forth without purpose. 


  1.   Black holes, big bang, quasars, a universe expanding or contracting, how did it all begin, and where will it end?  You wish answers to these questions?  Black holes are only to be found on the earth; given a chance they will swallow everything. 

  2. For your information these black holes as you erroneously call them, are not holes at all, and that which resides at the center of galaxies is more than capable to hold the whole of the circle thereof in gravitational bounds. 

  3. Nor is there any need for such childish things as you call black matter, your imagination indeed runs wild with fantasies, that at least is a fact.

  4. You have not even been able to find matter in the first place, you are much too incompetent to define the very matter of which your own bodies are constructed.  You may call it atoms, but you are as far from understanding the atom as you are from the ends of the universe, how then your inventions of anti-matter, or black matter?

  5. But you are too childish to realize how wrong you are, and that you are but less than babes in all these things, how then am I to educate the likes of you?   

  6. And no less ignorant you are regarding that which you call energy, and while I may speak of these things, it is of no avail to you since one needs to come to maturity before my word is of any use to him.

  7. As for a universe expanding or contracting, I would be careful if I were you, for man seems to have a habit of mis-interpreting what he beholds, and with the stroke of a pen such can be disclaimed.  

  8. You make those ill statements that this or that set of stars is a billion or ten of billions of light-years away.   But on what supposition, or fantasy of your mind do you attribute that?  

  9. Will you claim red shifts and Doppler effects as in any wise evidence thereto? You have yet to figure out what a red shift is, or how it works - besides the fact that you are lousy in mathematics, how then do you say to have evidence?

  10. As to the ending of the universe, that is not possible since the Creator gave me to live into everlasting, and you will be there that I may take vengeance on you for the mockery of His person.  

  11. And so you may only wish that the universe ends along with me, so as to free yourself of me.

  12.   And do not at this point in time tell me that you have only been speculating, for we both know better.  Table talk is one thing, but statutes are something else.  And what profit is there in vanity anyway?  

  13. The knowledge to the nature of light, and how the same moves about ought to give man a handle at which to work.  And with it, much of what he has imagined will cease to be.

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